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Just think, if the Rangers played the Tampa Bays and the L.A. Kings of the league the way they’ve played against the Devils, they’d be in first place in the conference, Brendan Shanahan would be on a beach somewhere resting up for the playoffs, and all of you would have a lot less gray hair.

But what’s the fun in making things easy?

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  1. about the brodeur interview how about hes not a man becaus ehe cant admit the fact that


  2. Priceless banter:

    He got Brodeur this time with a sliding shot between the pads. It was a lucky one, according to the Devils goalie.

    “Well, he missed the shot,” he said. “He was going to shoot it, I think low blocker and it kind of hit and went off his heel low. My stick was off the ice because I was reading something else.”

    Dawes chuckled and politely disagreed.

    “I might not have gotten as much on it as I wanted to, but my intention was to go 5-hole,” Dawes said. “I wanted to try to get him to freeze a little bit, and I got him with a good fake. Then I wanted to get him as he was trying to reset.”

    And then buried in the notes section was this gem of a retort from Dawes:

    ….Dawes said he was 0-for-4 on shootouts at Hartford (AHL).

  3. I watched the highlights on nhl.com and even the tsn guys said “what a move by dawes to fake stick side and go 5 hole.”

  4. Tampa loss was more understandable than Florida which pretty much was giving it to Rangers, but they did not take it.
    Aanyway, the win tonight was in many respects more important than that whole strick of 13 games. What a plesure to see this classless punk Brodeur giving as always clasless interview.

  5. Shanny needs to be bench for the final 8 games before the playoffs…PLEASE.


  6. Tom, I can’t even begin to comment on your lack of grammar, style, or understanding of the game. Please hang it up on all counts before I become seriously ill. You are utterly, completely, and profoundly clueless.
    Do you understand what any of the foregoing words mean? I doubt it.
    To respond in language that you might possibly comprehend: “You stink. You are illiterate. Go away.”
    PS–Do tell us all about your tremendous accomplishments that outstrip Shanahan; I am trembling with anticipation.

  7. Certainly some “keystone cops” moments tonight but I’ll take the win for sure.

    Hank looked awesome and it’s always nice when Captain Clutch shows up at the right time.

    Great game… I really wish we scored the evener with more time to go… once that happened I thought we were moments away from getting the go ahead.

  8. BTW, there is no more 23 man roster limit as pwe the last post. As long as everyone fits under the Cap, there can be as many players as they want on the roster.

  9. boobsensausage on

    NYCEditor ….

    what the hell do you think your doing?????

    you come on here being a teacher, man id kill to blow shit outta my ass in your face right about now…i mean comon, dont act like a little asshead……so you can pucker those lips up and suck my ass….

  10. Why do the Rangers need to “realize” it’s a mistake-free game? Wouldn’t it make sense to play that way anyway? One thing’s for sure, the Devils are among the best-coached teams in the league. And while I’d say it a bit more tactfully, Jagr and Shanny have both seen better days.

  11. Good game. Clearly showed the affects of back to back games against a team that had not played since Saturday. NYR showed some stones to continue to work hard for the point and then the 2nd point.

    Jagr line clicked a little and the 4th line played well. Sjostrom another strong game. The best line was the Drury line for sure. That is two in a row for them. My concern is the 3rd line.

    I would rest Shanny for the next week. We play the Flyers Friday and then have 3 days off. Tell Shanny to come back Tuesday for the morning skate.

    For the Flyer game IMO, Hollywood should come back and be reunited with the Betts and Orr. Sjostrom should take Shanny’s place on the Gomez line. You just can’t break up the Drury or Jagr line. Shanny needs the break for sure.

    If you want to see Prucha instead of Sjostrom on the Gomez line okay, it would give us another look on the PP. If the PP does not start clicking teams will not be afraid to take penalties. It stinks.

    4 points out of first, nice one.

  12. I only skimmed over the 96 or so comments that I missed last evening. So excuse me if I repeat anything.

    Capt. Clutch. I want to start today by patting myself on the back. Not only for supporting Chris all season, but for saying just a few days ago, that HIS season is starting right now. THIS is why he makes $7mil and was brought to NY. Thank you Mr. Drury.

    Dawesy…bad-a$$ dude. Take it to Marty. He makes me sick. Though I’ll never discredit his value to his team, or plain old skill for the game…he’s a little f’n beotch when he gets beat.

    Hank played a solid game. I DO think that we should go with Vally in philthy tomorrow night. Even if it means Hank gets 5/6 days off. He’s coming off back to back, and there’s plenty of tough games left. But I wouldn’t complain either way.

    On the early Avery fight…Completely necessary. I wish kelly clarkson there didn’t get the grip on Avery’s back that he did, but whata ya gonna do. At least he didn’t lose. That said, I really wish that a player on the 1st line wouldn’t take himself off the ice in the first minute of a very important game like that. It wouldn’t be so bad if he took someone of importance on the other side with him, and not some scrub goon. Remember when Iginla duked it out with Vinny a few years back in the Finals? THAT’S how you do it! But I digress.

    Lookin forward to reading the articles in the neighborhood this a.m.

    Also – non-hockey related. I bought a Blackberry Pearl 8130 yesterday. If anyone owns one and could share some (quick)tips or tricks, they’d be much appreciated. Especially if they refer to viewing this site.

  13. hockeymanrangers # 2 on

    I AGREE SHANNY NEEDS TO SIT AWHILE, IT’S NOT THAT I DON’T LOVE THE GUY. AND LOVE WHAT IT DOES FOR THE TEAM BUT HE IS NOT SKATING AT ALL. Just bring in Prucha for awhile, you know Pruch’s will be on a utter and complete terror when he gets to play again. great game but we really have to do something on the PP. If we could get the pp going these games would not be close. I don’t know what the answer is to get it going but something needs to change there. keep it up Rangers DON’T LET UP.

  14. hockeymanrangers # 2 on

    JOE JOE;
    It’s a great day in the neighborhood. Are we asking to much if we ask for 2 MORE points tomorrow night???

  15. joejoe – I couldn’t have said that any better. I’m walkin around with a semi all day.

    hockeyman2 – agreed on shanny. I love, love, love having him as a blueshirt. And there’s no getting around what he’s accomplished in his career, or what he’s provided NY. But he’s turning into a ‘bubble hockey’ player. He glides up and down the ice in a straight line and swings his stick around. And when he gets in the O-zone, he cocks his stick back waiting to fire a one-timer(which he obviously excels in) and then turns around and goes to the bench.

    Again, he fits NY so well, and I wish we had him when he was 29 instead of 39, but it wouldn’t hurt for him to get some rest before the playoffs.

  16. I think Shanny needs to come up with another move for the shootout. Even my 3 year old kids know he’s going to shoot high glove side.

    Beer..I have a Pearl. I’ve got the blog bookmarked and I am signed up for email updates. That’s really all you need to do.

  17. you sign up for the updates here?

    I think(hope) I can figure out how to bookmark it.

  18. First, everyone who said Cally and Straka were stinking up the joint recently….Huh? Best line on the ice 2 nights in a row. Cally hustling and nailing people and making it happen.

    Salty or Spiderpig…I can’t remember which one of you was bashing Drury all season…but are you starting to come around to Captain Clutch?

    What’s funny is that last night’s game was exactly the kind of game that the Devs would have beaten the Rangers with in the past.

    Richard S. said it well on most accounts above.

    Shoe played another great game.

    Shanny played another horrible game, save for one or two OK plays on the PK. I think Shanny should rest.

    Hollweg should be back in the lineup on the 4th line for Philly. Shoe should take Shanny’s spot on the 2nd line.

    I guess Prucha could get a shot in place of Shanny, but against the more physical Flyers I prefer Shoe.

    Guys the playoffs started Tuesday night. We are 2-0 so far.


    Shoe played solid.

  19. Oh yeah, one or two other things:

    Malik again played VERY solidly. I am telling you…since he tussled with Avery he has been sharper.

    Also, Backman played reasonably well too. I don’t think he is the next Leetch or anything, and in fact when Mara is conditioned and ready to go he should slide in there for him probably, but Backman’s grade has gone from D- to C+ in the past week in my view. Beer Me!, what sayeth you?

  20. I got really hammered after the game last night, but am still feelin pretty good. Thank you for the post game comments of Dawes and that French Canadian idiot who really would not have had the career that he did had it not been for the Draconian defensive system in front of him, the 5 extra goalies in front of him, and when exposed a bit, bring out the true nature of the the idiot behind the system and the mask exposing the true nature of his sour grapes personna when beaten in the big games.

  21. Gotta admit it, Drury has slowly yet surely fed me my own words. His goal last night was a thing of beauty, 9/10 guys put that right into Marty’s glove. Sean Avery puts that into his glove for sure, if he even manages to lift it.

    I still think $7M is a LOT for a player like Drury… I mean I consider that pretty Elite money… but I am really *proud* that he’ll be around for a while. He really is a winner, I’m excited about his role here becoming greater in the absense of Jagr/Shanny. The guy is a true *threat* at the crucial moment… I can’t wait to see how this guy plays down the stretch.. that line looks solid, and is the style of play I’ve been hoping to see all year.

  22. Adam and his Apple on

    shanny boy oh shanny boy the pipes the pipes are calling!!

    ok for real though if shanny looks slower and more “out of it” lately it is probably the realization by the coaches and himself that he should take it easy out there and not hurt himself or over exhaust himself, he is definitely saving himself for the playoffs and while one might say that renney should just have him ride the pine for a few games, i think an old shanny brings more to the team in terms of leadership and intangibles than prucha

    like a 17 year old high school girl waiting for prom night shanny is just saving himself =D

  23. ALSO:

    “man id kill to blow sh1t outta my a*s in your face right about now…”

    yo…that is *really* funny

  24. Another thing on drury. I don’t know if anybody missed this but there was a juicy rebound that came out three feet in front of lundqvist and the devil player had a easy shot to score but for some reason he fanned on the shot. When they showed the replay, wouldn’t you know it, it was drury who came up from behind and lifted the devil players stick just in time to caust the devil player to miss the puck. Drury not only scores the big goal but is a very good two way player.

  25. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    The Shanny points been killed, time to give Prucha or Hollywood a chance.

    On Drury, he really is overpaid and last night Joe yells “who else is going to score the big goals”… as if Drury’s done it all year. Drury’s good, he’s played better the past 2-3 months. But I remember two big goals he’s scored this year, game one against the Panthers to get a 3-2 lead and last night. Perhaps the season is actually his exhibition and he’s just showing up now…we’ll see. Nonetheless, it was a gorgeous goal of which I hope to see more.

    Malik may have been the Rangers best defensman last night. Roszival got caught and gave up two odd man rushes and got a dumb penalty (leading to the Devils goal). But that’s Rozy’s thing lately. Girardi was surprising flat-footed and out of position too, I don’t know what’s happened to him. The rest of the defense was fairly un-noticable, which is good for a defensive unit.

  26. Hahahaha, well said Timay! Though it does work both way. I doubt the Devils win 3 Cups without Brodeur. Still, they killed hockey with the trap. There was no intensity in those games. 5 constantly behind the puck, no forecheck…ugh.

    Good call on Malik, Newman, he was very good again. His best season was 05-06, and he’s starting to play like that again. He even threw a couple of hits last night.

    On Backman: I thought he was OKAY. Offensively, he serviceable. He moves the puck fairly well in the offensive half and has a good shot. He forced Marrrrtttyyyy to make a pretty decent kick save late in the game. My problem with him is in the defensive zone. He won’t hit. AT ALL. Even when he’s got the guy lined up, he doesn’t even bother with a shoulder or anything. Fine, that’s all well and good…if you’re at least DECENT with your stick, which he is not. When he’s trying to clear the zone, he just doesn’t move the puck quickly enough. It’s tough to watch him.

  27. salty – Takes guts to admit it. And $7mil IS alot for players like that. But I’m glad he’s here. And I’d like to see the GWG stats for NYR this year. Makes me sick to think that 23 goals LEADS THE TEAM with 8 games to play.

    newman – On Backman…He’s hasn’t impressed me since day one. But in the last 4-5 games he hasn’t stood out as a poor player either. That’s in part to Toots/Girardi playing like crap though. And Malik playing better. It’s the old, ‘hot chicks hang out with ugly chicks to look better’ thing. He’s grossly overpaid, but he’s not the only one. And that always makes it look worse as we know. Overall I’d say a C+ is more than fair. But post-lockout in st louis, and post-lockout in NY have been different stories. I’m not a professional athlete, but can you get ‘used to losing’? It may be hard to change your mindset and believe that you can actually win and be extremely competitive. Easily replaceable, but I don’t want to run the guy out of town either.

    “I think Shanny should rest.”
    I hope its really not a matter of being tired. The guy sat for 2 weeks, just a short time ago. I think it’s just age. I think we’re seeing the last stretch run for him.

    “Hollweg should be back in the lineup on the 4th line for Philly. Shoe should take Shanny’s spot on the 2nd line.
    I guess Prucha could get a shot in place of Shanny, but against the more physical Flyers I prefer Shoe.”


  28. I love the contributions that Shanny has made since he signed with the Rangers but he has definitely hit the wall. The smart thing would be for Renney to sit him for the balance of the regular season in favor of a fresh Prucha. Bring a rested Shanny back for the playoffs. Obviously this is #14’s last go-around with the Rangers and maybe the NHL. He’s had a great career. Too bad we didn’t get him in his prime.

  29. Truefan – I think that’s being a little hard on Drury. Like I said, 23 goals to lead the team at this point is sad. But as far as goal production goes…he’s been the most consistent. He’s not a streaky scorer, or even a consistent 30-goal guy. So his production combined with his play in all zones and all situations … earns his keep.

  30. While I do *kind of* see how someone could say it… It does strike me as funny to see so many people so adamant about resting/sitting/retiring/euthanising Shanny, while a majority of posters are also all about Jagr coming back next year. I mean, you want to discuss a player “hitting the wall”? That’s Jagr. he’s trying harder than ever and he’s got nothing to show for it. Even burned out Shanny is contributing more.

  31. Having a 30+ goal-scorer does not guarantee play-offs and championships. Good defense, balanced scoring and goal-tending historically win championships in this day and age.
    The only stats that matter are points and wins, but hey we’re joint-5th i guess you have to find something to moan about don’t you..!!

  32. Salty – i think Avery said it all the other night, he scored his 2 goals because the defenders were double and triple-teaming Jagr leaving Avery free in front to score.
    Jagr is being effective in different ways – my only worry is if the defenders stop swarming Jags and leave him one-on-one does he still have it?

  33. bs pal. if you didn’t notice, they did not even bother having Pandolfo shadow jagr like they used to. in fact, he was not even used against him many times, and on d they had vishnevski, one of their weakest, play vs jagr instead of white many shifts. so, the fact that the opp does not have to respect him any more is the clearest signal that jagr is washed up.

    more ice time than anybody in an offensive role, and he has a measly 18 goals, and a pathetic 4 on the PP.

    good riddance to him

  34. NYCEditor ….

    what the hell do you think your doing?????

    you come on here being a teacher, man id kill to blow shit outta my ass in your face right about now…i mean comon, dont act like a little asshead……so you can pucker those lips up and suck my ass….
    I am a woman who would happily stick her spike heels up your ass, that’s who I am.

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