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After some sort of protest rally along the West Side Highway delayed my arrival at the Garden, I ended up taking the elevator upstairs with Sean Avery.

For some reason it popped into my head that a few weeks ago I had seen a woman at a game wearing an Avery No. 16 jersey with an “A” above the breast — odd, of course, since the real Avery jersey sports no such letter.

When I told Avery this, he smiled, then asked, “Was that ‘A’ for assistant captain or for a–hole?”

In other news, thanks to reader and fellow blogger Steven for a link to “this scientific breakdown of the Rangers playoff chances”: Like I said to Steven, the chart is a little confusing to me. But then again, I never made it past 10th grade math in high school…

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  1. what does Straka need to do to get rested???

    Prucha needs to get in there sooner or later. No Laroque why can’t the Rangers play a little more skilled lineup???

    Again Backman is more skilled then Strudwick but I do not think they need skill, they need good play in there own zone from there 5th or 6th D man…..

  2. REPOST:

    There’s zero risk in changing the powerplay. None at all.

    We currently aren’t getting any goals on it, so to say that “if we change it, and it doesn’t work, we may miss the playoffs”, really doesn’t apply.

    It can’t possibly work any less than it does now, unless we start giving up shorties.

  3. SeamusORiley on

    the power play won’t be changed. It is not working. That is how Renney does things.

    When our defense was first in the NHL, he brought back malik. He changes that which is not broken, and leaves the broken alone.

    he is a mad genius, or just someone in need of a new job.

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