There’s a thin line between confident and comfortable


When Brendan Shanahan walked off the ice and saw a large group of media around his locker today, he correctly guessed that the conversation around the team had changed.

“Let me guess: today you’re not going to ask when a good time is to start resting everybody,” he said.

Sure enough, it took only two games for the Rangers to go from a team that may have already been looking ahead to the post-season to one that now absolutely has to live in the moment. The team was reminded of that when it was called in for an unscheduled team meeting on Sunday — canceling a day off — and it was reminded of it again when it saw its opponent tomorrow light up the Flyers for seven goals later that afternoon.

In other words, gone is the euphoria of a 13-game point streak, and in its place is the sober reality of a playoff race.

Meanwhile, some notes:

<li>The forward lines were the same in practice today, but Tom Renney was coy when asked if possible changes were in the works for tomorrow. My guess is if he was seriously thinking about it, we’d see as much today.

<li>Meanwhile, Marek Malik has been cleared to return even if he was the only player wearing a green jersey in practice (was he the only one celebrating St. Patrick’s Day?). Look for Malik to be back in tomorrow alongside Michal Rozsival, while Marc Staal will go back to skating with Christian Backman.

<li>As for Paul Mara, apparently the defenseman has a different view of his availability than Tom Renney. Cleared for full contact today, Mara after practice said he felt good enough to return. But when Renney was asked the same question, he  said Mara was “a ways off” and that he needs to work on his conditioning.

<li>The Rangers-Pens game on March 30 has been switched to 12:30 and will be broadcast on NBC.


Finally, one last note: I have been roped into an “online college basketball bracket contest sponsored by”: I suggest you do the same for a couple of reasons: one, if you’re perfect, you will win $10,000. At worst, though, you will most likely easily beat me, which should be a thrill in itself.

I have a long history with college hoops brackets. Once I filled one out using only which was the superior academic school as the guiding rule. I believe I had Princeton edging Georgetown in the final. Another time I went by which school probably had better looking girls. It was Arizona State over Miami in a nail-biter!

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  1. REPOST:

    I don’t even think it’s a combination of things. I think it’s one singular trait that this team lacks more than anything else: Accountability.

    Let’s just keep the debate revolving around the Devils, for a minute. Sutter didn’t appreciate the way Elias came to camp and didn’t play well, so he stripped him of the C (not saying we SHOULD do that, just using it as an example). Renney would never do that type of thing. There are no consequences for veterans on this team.

    I can name at least 5 vets who, over the course of this season and last, should have either lost a shift or 2, lost PP time, or sat out altogether. There are no consequences at all for poor play, mistakes, laziness, etc.

    Renney didn’t want to tinker with the lineup because the team was winning…Well, the team’s not winning anymore, guy. Be a man, pull the trigger, and show the team that ice time is to be earned.

  2. “Well, the team’s not winning anymore, guy.”

    OMG…2 games. let’s just give up and get a better draft pick.

    You don’t tear a team apart b/c you lost 2 games.

  3. REPOST:
    Staal Wart March 17th, 2008 at 1:04 pm

    I actually agree with you on your accountability comment…
    I would like to see a little more.
    I think we need more leadership and a take no sh$% attitude. Renney is like the commander in cheif…not JJ not Shanny.
    Perfect example, Shanny took that knee to knee hit about 2 months ago and didn’t take any time off and wasn’t forced to but because he thought he should play…he did. Renney should have brought down the hammer and made him sit for 2 weeks…instead, we fans were treated to watch Shannahan literally do nothing for 2 weeks before he just couldn’t go anymore…
    Its not Renneys fault but he needs to step up and smack down every once in a while

  4. Who said tear the team apart? I didn’t.

    I said Renney needs to think about changes, which is dead on. I don’t care if it’s Prucha in…Bring up Parenteau…Korpikoski…Potter…DO something to apark the team. Change the PP lines.

    Relax Beer, you’re making it like what I said is so far fetched. When you keep parading the same players out night in and night out, when you keep the saem PP lines night in and night out, with no production…That’s insanity.

    And yea, we lost 2 games, but haven’t played well for at LEAST 5 games, probably more. The last time I thought the team played great hockey was the first game Renney changes the lines against Buffalo. The hockey has been far from perfect since that game.

  5. The answer is clearly that we need Hollweg back in the line-up. Heha I am drunk already and I miss my friend Ryan after the games at Local.

    I would have gone with Princeton over Stanford and then Missouri over Florida for the broad brackets.

  6. it funny when fans take the pulse of the team after every single game. It’s an 82 game grind. The sky is not falling, all is still well with the world.

  7. Beer: When I said “Be a man, pull the trigger, and show the team that ice time is to be earned.”

    Show me where I said to tear the team apart or go for a better draft pick…

  8. And if all you’re saying is that he should ‘think about changes’. Don’t you think that every coach in every city ‘thinks’ of changes. I’d say yes, probably every minute of every game.

    What you said was to ‘pull the trigger’.

    Not the same as ‘thinking’. Actually the complete opposite.

    We’ll be fine. I actually want the 6th seed.

  9. “show the team that ice time is to be earned”

    He is. That’s why ‘your boy’ isn’t in the lineup.

    “Show me where I said to tear the team apart or go for a better draft pick…”

    Sarcasm pal.

  10. Whatever you say, Beer. You’re 100%, completely, totally wrong, but if you think we’ll be fine, then I guess we have to take your word for it.

    Let’s not change the PP at all either. That’ll be fine, too.

    I love the ostrich mentality: Let me bury my head in the sand, and my problem will go away.

  11. Beer: You can talk about “my boy” all you want, but the fact is that you’re doing the same thing to Renney that you accuse me of doing to Prucha.

    If you can’t see that Renney is a terrible coach for this particular team, then I don’t know what to tell you. You haven’t paid attention for the past 2 seasons.

  12. Beer: You don’t have to read or respond to my posts, so you’re bringing it on yourself. Really are delusional, aren’t you.

  13. You mean the past 2 seasons that he coached the team to the playoffs? Something no coach had done for nearly a decade?

    Or the coach that will be one of the top 3 winningest in Ranger history when all is said and done?

    Peter Flucha is not a 30-goal scorer. He’s a guy that scored 30 goals once.

  14. yeah. I am.

    I’m walking away from this one. It’s amazing we follow the same team. But I’m not getting into a pissing match with you today.

  15. timay – I know I’m not alone when I say that I’ve typed Malkin instead of Malik. Then I laugh and say ‘no f’n way.’

  16. Beer: Good strategy, because you show more and more that you don’t watch games. If you did, you wouldn’t be referencing wins and losses, because the team hasn’t been playing weel for awhile and the weekend losses were just a manifestation of trends that the team had been moving towards for weeks.

    The only year that Renney did a good job was 05-06. The last 10 games + playoffs he was terrible. Lat year the team was frighteningly inconsistent, same story this year. If Renney were truly a great coach, there’d be nothing to debate. Obviously, he’s doing things to make people scratch their heads, and not just fans, media, too.

    Say what you want about Prucha, it’s so obvious that his numbers suffered and his development was severely derailed when the Rangers got Shanahan and he decided he wanted to play RW, not LW. The ut 2 Hall of Fame players above Prucha on the depth chart. Of course Shanahan is a better player than Prucha, no denying it, but Prucha’s definitely not a fluke, just a casualty of a numbers game. With 2 or 3 wingers coming off the roster next season, I fully expect him to get on track.

    You’re just another front-running, flavor of the day fan. I bet you love Dawes and Dubi right now. God forbid they slump next season and you’ll be calling them flukes, too.

  17. Sorry, Staal…But it’s a little retarded when you’re talking about Renney and someone mindlessly answers “Prucha sucks”. As if one had anything to do with another.

  18. Beer, I don’t think you can argue with Prucha27 because, after all, he actually is Prucha we found out.

    I have found myself screaming at Renney often when he stands there in MUTE nostril anger and does nothing when we get hosed by the zebras, but you really cannot argue with the numbers. He is a very good coach and the number prove it.

  19. 1) There’s been 100’s of flukes in the NHL.
    2) The collapse in ’05-’06 had a lot to due with Hank’s migraines. And the playoffs, without the seasons REAL Hart Trophy winner.
    3) There’s no column in the standings for ‘how well you played’. Theres a reason for that too.
    4) Calling people ‘front-runners’ is childish. I’m not even sure what it means. Maybe I’m too old, I don’t know. If I said I had season tickets in the midst of a 7-year playoff drought, does that make me a front-runner? Or if my first game was when I was 6, does that make me one?
    5) I’m assuming that we will win at least 3 more games this season. Which will make the first time we’ve had 3(or more) consecutive seasons with 40-wins or more since the end of the 1973-’74 season. Which makes Renney STATISTICALLY the best coach we’ve had in over 30 years.

    I’m happy that I’ve said my peace. Let’s just agree to move on.

  20. Now that that’s said, I’ll say this. There have been lots and lots of players mis-managed by the rangers. I don’t like to see it anymore than any of you. But we’re not the only team that it happens to.

  21. And just to make something else clear and show I’m not 100% bias…

    I don’t think that Renney is the best coach in the NHL.
    (But do think that he’s the right one for us. Especially when you take jags/shanny out of the room next season)

  22. 1) There’s been 100’s of flukes in the NHL.
    OK, that proves nothing.

    2) The collapse in ‘05-’06 had a lot to due with Hank’s migraines. And the playoffs, without the seasons REAL Hart Trophy winner.
    And playing Ozolinsh was a great move, right?

    3) There’s no column in the standings for ‘how well you played’. Theres a reason for that too.
    Would you also not agree that teams sometimes “steal points”? Get wins or ties when they don’t really deserve them? Can you play a whole season that way and be successful?

    4) Calling people ‘front-runners’ is childish. I’m not even sure what it means. Maybe I’m too old, I don’t know. If I said I had season tickets in the midst of a 7-year playoff drought, does that make me a front-runner? Or if my first game was when I was 6, does that make me one?
    Front-running is a simple term. If you don’t get it, I can’t help you.

    5) I’m assuming that we will win at least 3 more games this season. Which will make the first time we’ve had 3(or more) consecutive seasons with 40-wins or more since the end of the 1973-’74 season. Which makes Renney STATISTICALLY the best coach we’ve had in over 30 years.
    Which is fine, but if you think the team has been playing well, then I really can’t help you with that, either. The only thing that consistent about this team is that night in and night out, for every game, the only thing you can count on is that you don’t know what you’re getting.

    I’m happy that I’ve said my peace. Let’s just agree to move on.

  23. Beer: For the record, I agree with your last 2 posts. I just don’t think Renney is a good coach for certain vets because he rides them too much, at the cost of other players developing.

  24. “And playing Ozolinsh was a great move, right?”
    Did Renney make that trade?

    “Can you play a whole season that way and be successful?”

    Does it matter?

    “but if you think the team has been playing well, then I really can’t help you with that”

    Don’t think it, and never said it.

    RE: last post…

    Well, at least we can agree on something. But don’t EVER think that ANY coach of the NY Rangers has full and final say what players will be in or out of the lineup. Especially when you have 2 former players/coaches in the GM & Asst GM seat. Any player not in the lineup is not always the coaches call. Never forget who the GM is.

  25. Case in point…Bryan Trottier….guy lasted how long? All because Messier was Reggie Dunlap.

    And btw, far too many people not being held accountable on the ice. I can’t say if that is Renney’s or Sather’s fault, but it certainly isn’t my fault.

  26. I just can’t imagine some other NHL coaches (Hitchcock, Ruff, Babcock and in the past Arbour, Bowman or Brooks) ever letting a GM tell them who to play.

  27. Anyone else particularly annoyed with the headline on the official Rangers site about the Tampa loss? The Rangers weren’t stopped by Mike Smith, and he certainly didn’t have a “brilliant goaltending performance”… He didn’t need to, and he certainly didn’t “out-duel” Lundqvist… the rest of the Rangers did… Hank TRIED to keep his team in the game, and they out-dueled him to take themselves out of it, hence it was the Rangers themselves that “out-dueled Lundqvist”

  28. Sam- Any reason the Rangers didn’t nominate anyone for the Masterson? A little odd considering every other team did and word is the nominations are going in with no NYR nominee.- Thanks.

  29. Things get contentious quickly around here, eh? Especially after a couple of (terrible) losses.

    I went into the weekend thinking a split would have been fine. But when they lost to Florida on Friday night, I knew that wasn’t going to happen. I could see that Tampa game coming from a mile away any boy, was it painful to watch.

    That said, I think the team will rebound and will be really amped up to be playing division opponents down the stretch here. To me, it’s just a question of maintaining sharpness, something that no one does every game over the course of 82. It seems a bit hasty to blame Renney and yell about accounability and all that. Different coaches have different styles. Renney isn’t one to bench key players. He seems to evaluate on a game-by-game basis. I expect at least one lineup change for tomorrow night, though I can’t say what that is.

    The power play is the main concern, I think. It’s time to figure out how to fix it. I think Prucha could help on the power play, and I wouldn’t mind seeing Straka taken out of the lineup for a few games. Still, the problem lies on the blue line. Someone needs to step up and play the point (I’m looking at you, Michal Roszival).

  30. no backcheck, no pay czech on

    it just shows the bs spin that is put on everything by the Dolan PR machine. in fact Smith did everything he could to give away goals to the rangers, but they were too lousy to cash in, especially jagr

    that is why it is pathetic about the ticket crap about prague. who cares, except Dolan who wants to make money off of it.

    I agree with the comments of the poster who said that it is outrageous that 2 games to start next season are going to influence heavily the makeup of the roster for the whole season. guys will be signed depending on their marketability for 2 games in crapville, not for the longterm betterment of the team.

    that is on Dolan and sather, the 2 pompous asses who run the czech national team, er, rangers.

  31. prucha – None of them worked for Slats. Also, in some cases the GM’s of those teams actually built terrific teams. In a different league, in a different time. Apples to oranges on that one.

    Rob C – really dude. If Rozy’s #’s were spread out over the season, it’d be a different story. He takes nights off constantly.

  32. no backcheck no pay czech – 1st, that’s a good one. 2nd, that was Salty that said it, and he’s right. 3rd, even slats is handcuffed sometimes by that midget Dolan.

  33. I just think, numbers aside, that Roszival has the right skill set to play the point. He handles the puck well, is an above-average passer and has a hell of a one-time shot.

    He’s a really strange player, though. Definitely not as consistent as one would want, but he seems to have the makings of a really good defenseman on both sides of the puck, and has shown as much in his 3 seasons in New York.

    I think Mara can also play the point, but he isn’t as talented as Roszival, despite having a cannon of a shot.

  34. Beer: Hitchcock worked for Clarke, who I think is on Sather’s level on the prick-o-meter, but I do get your point. I just don’t think it’s the way to run a successful organization.

    But it does seem to work for the Devils…Lamoriello has some serious control issues there.

  35. Rob – The simple solution is to take Rozsival off the Jagr unit. Rozy has some serious hero-worship going on, plus Jagr screams at him if he doesn’t get the puck. Play MAra with the Jagr unit and Rozy with the Gomez unit. Also, get Shanny off Jagr’s unit, as well.

  36. prucha27 – I can’t disagree with any of that. I hate Clarke as well. And Lou definitely has control issues. Why does it work there? I don’t know. BUT, my belief is that they took the time to build from within.

    Mara or Rozy at the point on the PP…I’d flip a coin. They both bring something. But none of our dmen bring any QB ability.

  37. seriously after reading Renney’s comments I’m pissed off. No changes? No PP changes at all? Malik being the one minor change?

    How about DUMPING the entire Power PLay units and build new ones? What the hell are they waiting for?
    LEt’s see, 2 power play units with no goals in however many games. Yeah let’s keep them just as they are. COME ON!!!!

    Look if they were somtimes scoring Id say give it a chance, but theres 10 games left. What the hell is wrong with Pearn and Renney?

    How about this:
    Dubi, Cally, Dawes, Drury and Stall – First unit
    Prucha, Sjostrom, Gomez, Girardi, Rosi. – Second Unit

    Whats the worst that could happen, they dont get any goals?
    That would be a huge change from the current PP lines.

    NO JAgr, Shanny, and Straka and get them OFF the fucking PP


  38. Mikey – I’d swap Cally and Prucha, just because Prucha has already shown chemistry with Dubi and Dawes. Other than that, I’m up for anything.

  39. That would work. And like I said, I’d like to see Prucha out there as well. How about these units:

    Unit 1: Roszival, Staal, Gomez, Dawes, Shanahan
    Unit 2: Mara (when healthy), Girardi, Jagr, Dubinsky, Prucha

    So each unit has a playmaking center, finisher, garbage guy, and 2 decent point men (Staal’s offensive game is still developing, but why not give him some PP time.)

  40. BEER ME and PUCHA27: The reason our system here does not work likes Clarke’s and Lou’s: DOLAN plain and simple is a stupid M – fer. He and Slats should just STFU. DOLAN does not know his ass from his elbow and SLATS still thinks this is the 1987 “style” NHL.

  41. I dont mind any of those except getting rid of JAgr and Shanny
    MAYBE keep shanny on one line, but for right now, the way it’s been, they’ve both been horrible on the PP
    I would love to see teo units with NEITHER on each one
    Again, what would be the harm?
    But I wont hold my breath. I’ve been a Renney supporter, but his refusal to do ANYTHINg with the PP personel is beyond me.

  42. Here’s why no real changes, in my view:

    We are in 6th place right now. We are within striking distance of the conf title (believe it or not, but based on our schedule it is possible).

    If he makes all these changes and puts some rookies in there or the young kids, and then we get shellacked in the final 10 and miss the playoffs, everyone will scream bloody murder. “Why all the changes? Why all the rookies? How coudl you take Jags, Shanny, etc etc out into the final run? Etc Etc.”

    So I think the risk/reward is not there. Now if we were out of a spot, in 11th place by 5 points, then I could see making the big changes.

    For now, Renney has to go with what he’s got, the proven guys. )Granted they have not proven too much of anything other than many of them are overpaid and cannot mesh.) But he will be s**tcanned if he takes out the Hall of Famers and they REALLY go down in flames.

  43. it works in NJ because Lou makes it clear that if you want star money, you are gone. that is why Brodeur signed for less than his market worth.
    Lou does not care if you are Niedermayer, Gomez, rafalski, or whoever. you play within the system, and you get paid within the system, or you are gone.

    and with coaches, it does not matter if there are only 3 games left in the season. if the team starts to stray from the Lou system, the coach is gone.

    the Rangers are just the opposite. they have a star system to sell to corporate execs. they overpay big names, and they get big money and pub from honoring retired bigshots once a year.

    and their system on the ice depends on what line is on. it is a mishmash.

  44. You know…I don’t even think it’s the personel on the PP. The only thing we know is what we see on the ice. We’ve all seen Jags or Shanny or whoever on the bench pointing and trying to explain to the other guys what they want them to do, and where they are going to be. Why do they go out there and look like they’re lost? Seriously why? WHY!?

    Anyone care to look up where our PP was ranked the last 2 seasons…I’m curious.

  45. newman – nice post man. You are truly one of the 4 or 5 positive thinkers here. The point you made there is EXACTLY what people DON’T consider when speaking of the PP personel.

  46. Joe – You’re somewhat right, but not entirely. He shelled out money for Elias, and has been handicapped at times by the cap.

    But he definitely doesn’t hesitate to cut players or coaches who arent’ getting it done.

  47. Hahaha, so much overreaction here. Who proposed that we pull all the vets and start all of the kids over the final 10 games? that would obviously be ludicrous. This is a PLAYOFF HOCKEY TEAM. Remember that.

    Doom and gloom after 2 losses? On the road? On bad ice?

    I’m not making excuses…not at all. Florida and Tampa are shitty teams and the Rangers should have at least had a split on the Florida swing. But what’s done is done. they have been very good against the Atlantic Division, which, might I remind has been one of the best in hockey over the course of the entire season. Yes, the Icelanders have fallen off, but at one point it was possible that all 5 teams in the division could have qualified for the playoffs.

    If the Rangers get back on form, which I believe they will, and win 5 or 6 of the last 10 (with an OTL or two thrown in), they’ll finish 5th or 6th and be right in position.

    Suggestions of treating this like a lost season are just farfetched and wrong. Wake up, people. The team is in 6th and can still move UP. Take a deep breah, watch the games and root.

  48. I agree with New Newman and BEER ME!. I have for while. They are the 4 to 5 guys on here that might say something negative about a game but they never sh^t in there franchise and bad mouth what has gotten us here.

    We are in great shape to make a good run. The real season starts on April 10th and it is not the golf season. Unless, you are an Islander fan. The second season is the oone when you have to show up and this teams does when it counts. So they had a few bad games. We are still in the picture.

    As for making changes. You are all crazy. If you are going to go out, go out with you best.

  49. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    I get the feeling that alot of people don’t actually watch the games and if they do, perhaps they just don’t really understand or play hockey themselves.

    The Rangers have played poorly for almost 3 weeks now. Blueshirt Bulletin won’t tell you that, Sam hints at it, but the only guy that I’ve found who says it out-right is the Hockey Rodent. This team has played like crap, even in their wins (Renney admitted that of their past 8 games, they only played one well).

    So all of you guys saying “Don’t worry, its’ just two games” – I hope your right but the trend isn’t going that way. Don’t listen to what the idiots tell you (Joe & Sam, some of the other sports talk-show hosts). All you need to do is watch the game…
    1) Count the turnovers the Rangers allow vs. how many they get.
    2) Count the odd-man rushes and breakaways they allow vs. how many they get
    3) Count the QUALITY scoring chances they allow vs. how many they get.

    These team, defensively, is AWFUL! They are lucky to have Lundqvist back to form and giving them a chance – I just wish people would realize that…and when I say “people,” i mean above all the Rangers themselves.

  50. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Sorry, “This team, defensively, is awful!”

    And – to add. I can’t wait for Rozsival to test the free-agent market and find work elsewhere, he’s getting worse by the turnover…and for him, that’s brutally fast!

  51. negative nelly on

    come on with the “look at the rangers, they have finished in the playoffs the last 3 years, whoopee”

    but, they have won ONE playoff series vs a pathetically weak Atl team in ten years.

    and their record the past 3 seasons is …

    in 06 their record, counting playoffs, 44 wins 42 losses

    in 07, 48 wins, 44 losses

    in 08 so far, 37 wins, 35 losses

    (I count OT and SO the same way. a win is counted as such, and so is a loss)

    since when is just above .500 something to crow about

    that shows good reason for posters not to get too carried away positive about things, if you look at the long term since ’98, or the short term.

    they have more kids, yes, more homegrown talent, but they also still have too many washed up big names, and too many guys there because they are in the big names posse.

    and clueless Dolan and loathsome Sather still pull the strings

    so, there is still plenty to be negative about.

  52. There’s a difference between being optimistic, pessimistic and realistic.

    The PP units have been largely the same personnel for 72 games, and it hasn’t worked for 72 games. SO it’s not like he’d be changing something that works with 10 games left. He’d be trying to fix it for the playoffs.

  53. Ah, yes, “The euphoria of the 13-game point streak,” which included the 5-0 collapse in Montreal. But, hey – a point is a point, right? Everyone around here felt so euphoric following that game it was like New Year’s 2000 in Rio de Janeiro on Broadway. LOL.

  54. This team, defensively, has given up the 5th fewest goals in the league, and second fewest in the Eastern Conference by almost 20 goals. “Awful”…really?

    Funny, not too long ago, people were complaining about Lundqvist. Now, he’ll be cited as the reason that the Rangers have the 5th best defense in terms of total goals against. Perhaps rightfully so. But this just exemplifies the hypocrisy often found on this and other boards/blogs.

    And yes. I watch the games. I’ve seen plenty of suspect defense. I’ve also seen quite a bit of suspect finishing on scoring chances.

    Look, this isn’t a perfect hockey team. But don’t use 2 poor games to crucify it and bury it for the entire season. If there’s one thing the Rangers have an abundance of, it’s character and resolve, and that comes from the coach.

  55. If the Rangers get back on form, which I believe they will, and win 5 or 6 of the last 10 (with an OTL or two thrown in), they’ll finish 5th or 6th and be right in position.


    And that position folks, is bent over a school desk, ready to be taught another big, hard lesson.

    RW&B, I’m with you brah, I don’t know why it’s really that hard for people to see the glaring errors even in a victory, or if the temptation to get excited about something is just that strong… (I admit even I got kinda excited before this weekend)

  56. I proposed puling the vets in favor of about half the Hartford roster. What about it? Trying to get far with the Mara – Malik – Strudwick – Betts – Backman crowd will take you about as far as riding a broomstick in the Kentucky Derby. What have you got to lose with opting for the future when you have no chance to win in the present. NO CHANCE, Jack. (See Tampa Bay game tape for your reality check.)

  57. negative nelly on

    “if there’s one thing the Rangers have an abundance of, it’s character and resolve, and that comes from the coach.”


    that is so laughable. character and resolve, that might come from Renney’s little dic-tionary, but not from him.

    he was fired in vancouver for being incompetent. and now he is all of a sudden a genius. HA. only if you read his press clippings from the slobbering ranger media who favor him because he co-operates with them for quotes.

  58. If there’s one thing the Rangers have an abundance of, it’s character and resolve, and that comes from the coach.

    you ****ing kidding me right? RIGHT?

  59. Nelly –

    I guess you’re one of those guys that wants this team to go 81-1 and win every game 6-0.

    Look, like I said, it’s not a perfect hockey team. I give Renney a lot of credit for two things.

    1. A defense, which came into the season lacking the big, shut-down type guy, is FIFTH IN THE LEAGUE IN GOALS AGAINST. and again, Lundqvist has gone through some bad stretches, so the defense has been really pretty good, all told.

    2. He’s found a nice blend of young players and veterans and created a situation where they can feed off one another. Jagr bashers should shut up and pay attention when they show him on the bench tutoring Dubinsky. Or when they show him, Shanahan and Avery working on one-timers after practice. Translation…this team has chemistry, and I think that has a lot to do with coaching. They play hard for one another.

    Yes, they make mistakes. Every hockey team does. We were all jealous of Ottawa in the beginning of the year and look, they’ve fallen apart. Even Detroit is beatable. The league has parity. That’s what that idiot Bettman wanted, and that’s what he got.

    To count the Rangers out now is ridiculous…especially with 10 divison games remaining.

  60. After seeing what I’ve seen this season from the team, I have a hard time being convinced that they have a playoff spot locked up.

    Furthermore, even if they do make it, I give them less of s shot of making it out of the 1st round.

    Now, if they rattle off 10 wins in a row, like the Devils did in 05-06, then that’ll be a different story…

  61. negative nelly on

    jagr bashers? he friggin has 18 goals, 4 on the PP, despite getting more ice time than any forward in offensive situations.

    he is a friggin flop

    and tutoring? give us a break. that was Dubi telling HIM where he was going to carry the puck in certain situations , and telling HIM to go to the net, and get his ass off the perimeter.

    and oh yeah, you say the defensemen are superb, and Lundy is a sieve. right. and you’ve got a bridge in Brooklyn for us too.

  62. I guess you’re one of those guys that wants this team to go 81-1 and win every game 6-0.

    Dude, shut up. You know what *damn well* what’s expected. Stop defending this team because “it didn’t go 81-1”. You are exactly what we are talking about when we say fans that arent’t paying attention to whats actually happening on ice. You literally define that person. You (some of you guys)take *any path possible* to defend the team/coach/gm… so much that you get to a point where you are grasping at straws trying anything you can to paint the team in a certain light.

    This team could so easily be at the absolute bottom of the barrel, just as easily they could be far and away the best in the East. The fact that they are in the middle after playing like such absolute baby spew most of the season should make everyone on this board, everyone in the garden, want to bite throats out. Seriously. Someone said it best, and I want this to really sink into your minds, because it is the most obvious thing you’re ever gonna see: *The Rangers went to Florida for a vacation after their “hot streak”..they actually somewhere deep down thought they could phone that trip in, after that “stellar performance of not completely losing” 13 times in a row.*

    If you defend this team after this season, after this weekend, youre a pretty *bad fan* that has no discern over good and bad hockey. Blind cheering dudes, good for you guys, you’re real fans because you stand by a band, an organization that continues to feed you handfuls of hot creamy crap. You should be outraged dudes, look at our line up and look elsewhere. Talking about a 2008 Cup run was *not crazy*. It’s just been blown by complacency with mediocrity and “playing not to lose”. I’m just digusted by it all, and I have been all year with a few lapses of reason where I thought…maybe theyre right.. maybe they’re a diamond in the rough, etc.

    What a joke man. I’m honestly just really angry and really sad, because I know deep down that there is really just nothing to be excited about… and please believe me when I say I really wish I was wrong about that, but I know in my soul that I’m dead on, and have been all year. (Despite a few things, namely Drury who has rounded out to be *pretty decent* Ranger and shown glimmers of leadership).
    Renney is a joke, and you all deserve him.

  63. Jagr has 4 PP goals on the season!!!!!!!!

    they need to sit Backman instead of Strudwick and again Prucha needs a chance.o
    Straka is playing half asleep, he never shoots the damn puck.

  64. Someone above said this team’s defense is awful. I would have to completely disagree with that comment. We have one of the best goals against in the entire league. Hank didn’t even have that good a year and we still are in the top 5 in goals against. To say that we suck defensively is just a stupid comment. I’m sorry, but it is.

  65. I will say this though. If, by some chance, we don’t make the playoffs, we can’t just point to this last weekend for the reason. There were way too many parts of the season that were just like this past weekend. That being said, I do think we make the playoffs. I don’t know about a lot of people on this board, but I like our chances against anyone in the league in a 7 game series. I just do. I think we have some good people with great experience to battle out a 7 game series with anyone. If the playoffs were all 3 game series I would be more worried, but I feel like this team is built more for the playoffs than it is for the regular season. Can anyone see what I am trying to say here?

  66. I am not stroking this team off either. I am as pissed as anyone that the season has gone the way it has. But I do know that if this team has the chance to win the cup that I want them to win it. The way I look at it is any team that makes the dance has a chance to score with head cheerleader. So Let’s Go Rangers! Whether you agree or disagree, as a fan, if your team has a snowballs chance in hell of winning the cup, you have to want them to. Even if you wanted them to fold and get a high draft pick that isn’t even a real possibility now. We wouldn’t finish low enough to get the best pick of the litter. I hope we regroup after this past weekend, finish strong, and give it the best run we can. Hate this team or love them, anything is possible if we get in the playoffs.

  67. Anyone notice that as soon as people around the league started to praise the rangers the team goes and Sh*ts the bed? People that predicted them to win the cup or come out of the East were all sticking to their pre season predictions last week, and then the team completely sh*ts all over the bed and the entire bedroom. I do think that they got cocky and this team can not afford to do that, at all.

  68. there is a big difference between TEAM defense, and individual defensemen.

    the better the forwards backcheck, the better the TEAM defense, and the more it covers up for the weaknesses of individual Dmen.

    the addition of Gomez & Drury with solid 2way reps, and hustlers like Dubi and dawes etc have improved the backchecking

    so, both are correct. the team defense is decent overall,yes, but several individual dmen are bad.

  69. OK, I can agree with that. But any team in this league is not going anywhere without good team defense.

  70. I think a lot of it stems from the well-founded notion that if they are successful in winning a couple rounds, but not the cup, then a lot of washed up vets and posse crapheads will be brought back with new contracts. and that is just not good. this org needs to turn the corner, move in more homegrown kids, and become the real NYR, not the mercenaries in blue unis.

  71. The d isn’t great. If you want ot be honest, then really look at how we’ve amassed 5th best GAA in the league:

    1) Renney has everyone (including Jagr) playing defense 1st hockey. This means that the scoring droughts we go through are mainly due to the fact that risks aren’t taken and keeping the pucks out of the net come first. (Not to mention that an NHL calibre team playing defense first better f-in have an above average GAA).

    2) Hank (while being inconsistent) has played well at various times and has earned 9 shutouts (Valley getting another two). These 11 games without giving up a single goal pad the stats effectively making the 10 times we give up lots of goals cut in half.

    Still, if you watch how these guys play positional defense (or don’t), how they block shots and how many times the centers make the defensive plays you’ll realize the 5th best defense is tenuous at best.


  72. renney doesn’t have them doing it. it is simply the new forwards that are adding to the backchecking.

    case in point. Jagr still overstays his shift a lot of times, and that is just plain selfish, and not a defense first philosophy. and Renney stands for it. so, it has more to do with the new forward personnel that is more north south and defensively responsible than last years group.

  73. Regarding EMOTION

    I watch the 2005-06 Rangers play and I swear the first positive thing I thought about this team in a decade was “they don’t panic”…I mean on the ice AND from behind the bench. This I took to be a positive and, for the most part, I still do


    That same “calm” that keeps them from going “all the way down” seems to be a deterrent from “taking a next step up”

    Maybe I’m just Krazy but these have been my thoughts for three years and were all this lost weekend when I strangled and buried 4th cat of season

    Hey Comrade Doodie you OK? I don’t see you listed…c’mon man its just two losses!!

  74. This team is neither as bad as the last two games make it appear nor as good as that streak made it appear. They live consistently on the line of mediocre, where one goal can change a whole game’s momentum, or the team’s emotional headspace, and where one win or loss can mean a streak or plunge. That is why the PP is so important. If we scored more often when given the chances we get on the PP our season would be so much more solid and we would have so many more points and we wouldn’t need to be panicking or predicting a cup run or a collapse every week.

    The PP is a disgrace and no amount of “things are fine, we’re getting to the playoffs” will change that. Still…we aren’t as bad as we were under Mess II, so that’s nice.

  75. I need a favor, any of you defending Rozsival (even if its simply saying he has potential and has shown capability of improvement) Can you come over to and go to the forums and just help me out a little… in the blogs section there is a link to an article saying we should just get rid of him… anyway there are a few threads about Rozi too… I am just getting tired of defending him, and frankly he has had some stinkers recently and been inconsistent during the season, but I still think he is better for his price then the free agent market will be.

    In fairness those of you you who think we should be rid of him are welcome to come on over too, I just want to ask help of you here, since I defer often to your hockey knowledge.

    If you don’t want to then thats fine too. Cheers, and thanks.

    I like the idea of changing up the PP lines, someone mentioned (actually several did) I would put Dawes Dubi and Prucha together too ANd seperate Rozi from Jagr on the PP.

    Cheers again…

  76. The conversations has turned to our GAA being fifth in the league. And frankly, that’s where it’s been for the last three years. And the truth of the matter is: that is essentially not a meaningful statistic. Very clearly. Because having the fifth-best defense in the league right now means you’ve got the tenth or eleventh or twelfth best team. What matters is not how many goals you score, or how many are scored against you. You actually need to, in each individual game, score more than the opposition. It ends up having very little to do with GF/GA.

    Not to be the master of the obvious or anything, but this was reflected by the comments above – the entire reason the Rangers need to play “team defense” is because the defense corps is generally inept. And if you are going to build a team in today’s NHL that plays defense first, then that team actually needs to be super fast and have lots of guys who can make quick passes and snipe quick goals, all off the transition game. The Rangers aren’t built that way, not at all, but they’re certainly building it from the goal out. Lundqvist certainly has the potential to be a top goalie but needs consistency. girardi, tyutin and Staal just need experience, and their ranks are soon to be joined. Gomez, Drury, Avery, Dawes, Dubinsky, Callahan, and Prucha all have wheels and can either pass or shoot efffectively. Truth be told, it’s the old guard – Shanahan, Jagr, Straka – whose style doesn’t mesh with a defense-first system. So either they’re building that and we just have to wait, or they’re using that type of system until we can replace some of the other dreck we have on defense.

    Either way, the GA means very little.

  77. Signing out guys,

    Cheers I will e at the game tomorrow, and so no computer ccess because I wil go into Manhattan early.

    Here’s to a well played game hopefully!

  78. Peter, can you post here more often please? You have a great way of saying and illustrating the things I can never find the right explanation for… cheers dude…

  79. WOW so Hossa on Phoenix had a total of less than 5 min of playing time in the game against vancouver tonight…he still hasnt even got a point since being traded….nice to see him gone!

  80. Peter – very good point.
    We have speedy players who play the game the new way and a few players who slow the game down and play a completely different way. I still think one or two of the senior players will be back, but as their numbers wane they will have to adapt to the team play and not try and force their style on the team.
    I think next year we need a true #1 defenseman, someone who fits with the younger element of the team, so far Tyutin, Girardi, Staal, Pock and Backman are signed for next season. Although Roszy has shown flashes this year i’m not convinced he should be our #1 D – we need to explore the trade and free agent markets.
    Here’s a list of UFA defensemen this summer:

  81. ivrydov – thanks for the stats on the PP.

    Salty: “I’m honestly just really angry and really sad, because I know deep down that there is really just nothing to be excited about.”

    Finally after all this time I’ve found what the difference in points of view is between salty and beer me. I get excited as soon as I see the Ranger Sheild on the tv screen. Win, lose or lose in a shootout, I’d rather watch a Ranger game than do anything else in the world(with my clothes on).

    Kinda glad I missed these posts yesterday. My thoughts would have been so incoherent, it may have been pretty funny though.

    Like always, I can only state my opinion on the topic of the momement. So here goes the short version on the topic of the ‘5th best team GAA’ & ‘not losing 13 straight’.

    Its important depending on what you’re comparing it too. You shouldn’t be proud to be 5th best at anything first of all. HOWEVER, and I don’t know the #’s, (just follow the thought) if your team was one of the leagues worst 5 years ago, then 3 years ago you had the 10th best gaa and worked your way to being the 5th best this year, well then the IMPROVEMENT is something to be proud of. Your #’s are going in the right direction. And your ‘rebuild’ is starting to work.

    Not losing 13 straight should be stated just that way. Some may call it a point streak and it is that too, but either way, it’s the longest of any team this season. And our longest streak in a long long time. Like I said yesterday, there’s no column in the standing for how well you played when you got your W’s. I just want to win.

  82. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Peter and Salty, thank you for making some great points.

    If you simply rate this team by the GAA or the shots against average (which are both pretty low) you’re truly doing a disservice to Lundqvist and the forwards. The forwards have alot to do with back-checking and playing smart in the d-zone and obviously Lundqvist has a lot to do with covering up for the defenses mistakes and saving 3-6 odd-man rushes EVERY GAME!

    My question still stands (and I don’t know if this stat is tracked by any sports bureau where we can get access) — but if the Rangers’ defense is so good why has there been 2 breakaways a game (against them) for at least the last 4 games? Why is there at least 4 odd-man rushes against them every game?! Montreal allows those kinds of rushes, because they don’t play a defensive style. But in a team which plays a defensive trap system, why do they allow so many odd-man rushes and breakaways?

    It’s because the defense is porous, flat-footed, and suffers from alot of turnovers. Simple.

  83. RWB – Lack of speed will kill any team. Especially when it’s on the blueline. Compound that with poor decision making, and you’ve got trouble. The only pass you can give is to staal, and a small one to girardi. And even smaller to toots. I won’t mention the rest of the d-corp. There’s nothing left to say about them.
    Slats has a real tough job ahead of him this summer, and the entire staff will have tough decisions come camp-time in sept.

    Question to all: Which would make you more upset? Losing in the 1st round of the playoffs or signing Malik to a 2-3yr deal this summer?

  84. Beer Me – “I get excited as soon as I see the Ranger Sheild on the tv screen. Win, lose or lose in a shootout, I’d rather watch a Ranger game than do anything else in the world(with my clothes on).”

    This is all I’m trying to say, that I love watching this team play and will root as loud and fervently as I can until the clock runs out on the final game, whether that be in April or June.

    I’m getting killed for trying to point out some positive things here and it’s really ridiculous. I also get accused of “not paying attention to what’s happening on the ice” or “not understanding hockey” That’s pretty funny since I’ve played, reffed and coached the sport. I see the odd-man rushes against. I see the turnovers. I see the anemic power play. I hear the complaints, I understand them, and agree with most of them.

    But I also see (until two games ago) three forward lines buzzing and creating chances. I see young players turning into potential stars (Dubinsky and Staal). I see a guy who, despite all the criticism, plays the most exciting brand of hockey this city has seen in a long time (Sean Avery).

    I think for as much criticism there is, most of which is deserved, there are positives. I think what the Rangers need to find is consistency over the last 10 games. They need to play like they did at the front end of the 13-game point stretch.

    Here’s a complaint of mine that comes from the stink-fest in Tampa on Saturday night: can some please throw a mother-friggin’ BODYCHECK tonight? It’s time to come out with energy at home, ram some people into the glass and get a couple of early goals.

    I’ll be in my usual spot tonight, in the blue seats: first row, behind the goal the Rangers attack in the 1st and 3rd periods. Let’s Go Blue!

  85. Little naties on

    Beer Me!!,
    I personally would be pissed if sather resigned malik but than I would be pissed if he brought back mara, strudwig, backman and rosi. I’ve seen enough of these guys playing defense.

  86. rob, dude, I don’t know what to tell you man. I’ve been around the game in the same facets that you have(except reffing). I’ve even scouted H.S. hockey. Anyway, I think that the criticism is sometimes called for, but poorly presented. The negative posts wouldn’t be so bad if they weren’t so redundant and simple-minded. Not all of them are that way, and there’s a few that you can see the passion jumping off your monitor. Then there are the other one’s that are broken records and look like blog trolls saying that the team is destined to fail and that everyone in the organization “sucks”. And they actually ARE Ranger fans. THOSE are the ones I don’t get.

    We all know we’re each entitled to our own opinions, and some are better at stating them than others. Some are out for an argument. Some are casual fans, some are life-long die hards. Some look at the progress that the organization is making and are happy with even the smallest strides in the RIGHT direction. I don’t believe there is a right or wrong in most cases here.

    There’s no doubt in my mind that there are some ‘negative posters’ that are still stuck in the ‘win right now’ mind-set, and it’s not entirely their fault. We were force fed that crap for years and years. And it never worked. Now that we’re trying to build a team to be competitive for an extended period, there’s an adjustment that some aren’t adapting to very quickly.

  87. But I also see (until two games ago) three forward lines buzzing and creating chances. I see young players turning into potential stars (Dubinsky and Staal). I see a guy who, despite all the criticism, plays the most exciting brand of hockey this city has seen in a long time (Sean Avery).


    I see this too, and the thing is that even with all that, and then some…. I just don’t consider the Rangers a real threat. It’s funny, Nasty says he likes our chances against anyone in a 7 game series. I’d have my money on the other team.

    The Rangers have proven it all season. ANY TEAM can SMOKE the Rangers…all you have to do is show up and play hard. The skill of your actual team is a non-factor vs the Rangers, you can beat them, badly, on will power alone.

    There’s not one team in the league I’d put money on the Rangers beating in 7 games, there just isn’t. Go ahead, pick an “easy target”, odds are they’ve already given us a hard time this year. I think that’s my point.

    The Devils are the only team we’ve had our way with so far this year… but look at them in the standings, and god forbid we meet them in the playoffs.
    (okay actually i would enjoy that but they would finally get their sweet revenge on us after this year)

  88. Personally I think this team has potential, because it hasn’t yet played to it.

    But, this is gonna be a super tough way to end the season.

    We better get “up” for these intradivision games… because at this time of the season… everyone else will too AND they’re playing better and better hockey every game(Isles aside).

  89. Two things:

    9x out of 10 with this team, you can tell in the first period what kind of game it will be. Either they are energized and determined and controlling the puck or they are sitting on their heels, not chasing, not hitting. It is pretty clear. The lines feed off each other. If one line is hustling and going, they all sort of do. If their lead dogs are sluggish and wimpy, the whole team plays that way. It’s kind of irritating actually. Sadly, it has been a lot more of the latter too.

    The second thing: This whole f-ing Pronger thing stinks to high heaven. Did anyone catch Versus last night when that dopey mofo Engblom was opining on the suspension? When asked if the Simon versus Pronger delineation was acceptable he was like, “Yes, I think it’s OK. Hockey games in October/November don’t mean as much as they do this time of year. So suspending Simon for 30 back then is OK because this time of year games mean that much more so 8 games is enough.”

    Is that not the biggest pile of horsedung ever? WTF! What am I missing? How stupid is Engblom? Pronger is a guy who’s past is littered with infractions (someone listed them here yesterday) and they still allow him to get away with this stuff. If it was Simon who did this again, he’d probably get a life ban. If it was Hollweg, he would have gotten 15 games. I cannot believe the double standard.

    I think Brian Burke and Colin Campbell are lovers or something. I can’t see any other reason why this suspension was this light.

    Pronger should have his legs broken. He is the epitome of a scumbag.

  90. salty – I wouldn’t put my $ on the team that will win the pres trophy…again either. Even mighty Detroit struggles in round 1. It seems every year, doesn’t it?

    I think that this year, more than the past 2, we have a better playoff roster. Obviously it hasn’t translated from paper to the regular season, but that wasn’t the focus when it was constructed. The focus was on the post season. And the press, players, coaching staff allowed us to think that making the finals were a given. And the cup was a few wins away. People can say you never bought into any of that, but then they’d have no reason to be upset.

  91. “I think Brian Burke and Colin Campbell are lovers or something. I can’t see any other reason why this suspension was this light.”

    Me neither. But wouldn’t it be nice to have a GM that knew how to get in good with the league?

  92. Adam and his Apple on

    i think it really all comes down to MAREK MALIK


    you heard it here first

  93. Newman – I totally agree on Pronger and Engblom. What kind of justification is that? So I guess in a playoff game you should be allowed to do basically anything short of killing your opponent because those are the most important games of the year. What an idiot.

    Beer Me – Yes, I agree that this roster was built largely with the playoffs in mind. As good as Drury and Gomez have been, I see them stepping up BIG TIME when it counts. I also really think Hank is capable of stealing some games for the Blueshirts in the playoffs.

  94. For the record (and this will obviously change in the next 2 weeks), our records versus the top 4 teams in the conference:

    Pitt 3-2
    Mont 3-1
    NJD 5-0
    Ott 1-3

    This is why in a 7g series, I don’t think you can count us out.

    That being said, if we go 3-7 in our next 10 then stick a fork in us.

  95. Renney’s comments today re the powerplay in brooks article are pretty bad. i don’t get how you would not change up the personnel on the powerplay. jagr and shanny should not be together and straka should be off the powerplay. i was out of the country last week so i cant comment on their play, but from what i have read i think its time prucha gets back in the mix with straka possibly sitting.

    beer you commented above that many fans are stuck in the win now mindset and as such are negative, but Id argue that sather/dolan/renney are still in that mindset based on continuing to reward the mediocre play of veterans with more icetime. I would love to see this team do well in the playoffs, but my biggest fear is that if this happens it means we have jagr, shanny, straka, rosi and maybe malik all back for next year. These are our guys for this year so I’ll root for them, but if this organization really wanted to turn the corner, almost all of those players should be cut loose after the season. None of the free agent defenseman are that attractive but we need a solid defensive defenseman who can hit if we want to be a real contender. ill be at the game tnte rooting for the blueshirts as always

  96. …and a brief comment on the title of this thread,

    There’s a very fine line between clever and stupid.

    Y’all better know where that’s from….

  97. pete – it’s a fear of mine also. But I think looking at ice-time is a bit to detailed to speak to the point I was trying to make. It was more of a big picture assessment. More of ‘roster’ view opposed to statistical.

    Newman – but if it’s 7-3…watch out!

  98. And that is EXACTLY what I am looking for Beer Me!, believe me.

    It all comes down to whether we want to hit people, forecheck, and finish checks. Sadly I don’t see guys like Jags, Straka, Gomer, Shanny, Drury doing this really. Which is fine as long as Cally, Dubi, Avery, Shoe, Orr, Betts, and Dawes can and do.

    Again, in the first 5 mins tonight I think you will know how the game will go. If they come out hitting and banging and forechecking and moving their legs, we have a shot.

  99. salty – I wouldn’t put my $ on the team that will win the pres trophy…again either. Even mighty Detroit struggles in round 1. It seems every year, doesn’t it?

    I’m not talking about DET, or anyone else, I’m talking about the Rangers. And it actually pisses me off you tried to use that angle to make your arguement, I expected more from you… that is a joke though. They AINT winning a round unless the other team literally hands it to them. On th eother hand, I could easily see them to go up 3-0 and still blow it. I don’t care about Pres Trophy winners going out in the first round, I’m talking about a team with lots of talent and no f*cking soul getting SMOKED by a team full of overachieving 3rd liners with a thirst for the next round. THAT is your 2008 NYRangers, and that is ALL there is to it. If you deny that, you are not only lying us, you are lying to yourself. You saw the essence of the team this weekend…and if you didn’t, you’re “lucky”.

    “And the press, players, coaching staff allowed us to think that making the finals were a given. And the cup was a few wins away. People can say you never bought into any of that, but then they’d have no reason to be upset”

    I dunno about you, or anyone else, bro … but I really don’t need the media, press, experts, players, staff, or anyone else to paint me any picture of what I should expect out of the squad we had this year. I know enough to know that this team is chock full of talent… and I also know enough to recognize that this has been one of the most embarrassing Ranger seasons *ever*… and that is saying A LOT. I’m upset because there is really no reason for this team to not have been absolutely DOMINANT after a few months, atop the weakass Altantic at the very least, and heaven forbid the Conference.

    The hardest part is, if you wanted to see the finals… I hate to say it, but this was your chance kittens. This season would have been a CAKEWALK in the East under a coach with a clue.


    It’s been squandered fans. You know it and I know it, this was supposed to be a very very special season, cup or not, this was supposed to be a winning, threatening, division leading team. Instead, we have lived hoping that teams would show up without their fulls squads so we could “catch a break”. *Tom Renney* was given every crayon in the box (save maybe a true #1 D, but how many are there anyway really).

    It’s one thing to support and talk positive and all that jazz… but if youre not disgusted on the inside with this team, if thinking back on all the games you watched this season doesn’t truly churn your stomach… you’re not a real Ranger fan.

  100. To tell people they’re not “real Ranger fans” if they don’t share your opinion of the team is ludicrous and just wrong. Part of fandom is having an opinion.

    The power play is awful. Yes. We all agree. You’re yelling and yelling about it and preaching to the choir. It’s disgustingly bad. It’s terrible. We get it. Now stop.

    I shared your high expectations going into the year, but obviously it took time for chemistry to develop. Couple that with some games where Lundqvist was out of form, and you have a mediocre start. Why not credit the team for having the guts to at least turn this thing around and get in playoff position? A lot of teams with lesser coaches could have lied down, but at least the Rangers are playing meaningful hockey, and even though they’re in a precarious position, they still are in playoff position. And anything can happen in the post-season.

    You’re free to criticize the team here. But stop criticizing other fans. That’s not right.

  101. salt – usually I like going head to head on stuff like this. But I’m not in the mood for your f’n garbage today. You’d be so much happier if you followed a different team. If you’re so dissapointed with everything Rangers, then just give up and let the rest of us enjoy the rest of the season.

  102. At one point you actually brought something to the forum here. But none of it has changed since day one. You bring the same crap day in and day out.

  103. I shared your high expectations going into the year, but obviously it took time for chemistry to develop. Couple that with some games where Lundqvist was out of form, and you have a mediocre start. Why not credit the team for having the guts to at least turn this thing around and get in playoff position? A lot of teams with lesser coaches could have lied down, but at least the Rangers are playing meaningful hockey, and even though they’re in a precarious position, they still are in playoff position. And anything can happen in the post-season.


    I critcise you for essentially giving them a pass. That is way too much credit. Time for chemistry to develop? Wrong. There’s no chemistry anywhere, or there would be an effective power play.

    Guts? CREDITING THIS TEAM FOR “Getting into a playoff position”? You MUST be joking me. YOU MUST BE JOKING ME!!!!! Yes, I’m calling you “bad fans”. Someone satisfied with a team that will squeak into the playoffs “just because *magic* might happen”. Someone who has absolutely zero concern for substance…it’s like you don’t use your minds to say “hmm…something is just not right with this team, playoffs or not”. Dude that is so pathetic to actually front like you think this team is gonna come alive and Renney has been hiding his tricks up his sleeve all along. Ugh.. I wish I could be so deluded, seriously, that would be bliss.

    I feel like the guy in the movie who realizes everyone else around him is turning into zombies and no one believes him…and he goes to the sherriff and tells him everything and then sees that kooky look in the sherriffs eyes too and knows he’s in on it too…. what the hell happened here?

    Oh yah, I know what happened… people are so desperate for something good to come out of this team after all these years that they are unwilling to recognize that perhaps we did indeed absolutley waste this season with weasel Renney behind the bench letting his players play shinny during the day and bang NYC’s finest tail all night while collecting RW&B paychecks with more O’s in them than my cheerios …. and in turn we will accept hot brown diaper mess thinly veiled as professional hockey players that “want to compete for a stanley cup”. Disgusting.

    Have a little respect for yourselves and know when you are getting taken for a ride fans. The time has come. If you are actually a Ranger fan you should be very upset at this point.

    And then they will win tonight. They will struggle a little, and it will essentially look pretty good. And then we can all come back here and milk eachothers prostates while forgetting PIT was missing Crosby and Hossa and that still we barely won but “2 pts is 2 pts” and anything can happen in the playoffs. Yeah, it sure can, like some hack team with 3 players like BOS totally exposing NYR for the frauds they are in 5 games.

  104. Hey Saltard – chill the f out bro. Of all the negative cr@p I have read on this blog that takes the cake. Well done you cynical dooshbag.

  105. salt – This is a completely honest question. I know I don’t even have to ask for a completely honest answer.

    If you have so much distaste for the Rangers this season. And so much ‘disgust’ for the ‘bad fans’. Then why do you even bother watching the games if you know that we’re going to lose? And why do you come back here every day to read how people take pride in their team?

  106. hey the Giants won the superbowl this year as a wild card with a 10-6 record. Thought that was pretty magical.

  107. I’m offended that you’ve called me a bad fan. I don’t shell out money for season tix, rush home to watch the games I can’t go to/road games on TV, read endlessly about the team in the papers and on blogs to be called a “bad fan”. you’re wrong. you’re just dead wrong.

    “Taken for a ride” Hah. You make it sound like the Rangers struggle on purpose. You make it sound like Renney’s trying to lead a medicore squad to torture the fans. Get a grip, man. Sure there have been off nights…probably more than there should have been. But that’s the season through 72 games and I won’t waste me breath pissing and moaning about it. I’m interested in what this team does going forward over the next 10 games plus playoffs.

    Why don’t you just try not watching the games. It would probably make you a happier person.

    Also, don’t believe anything can happen in the playoffs? Ask the Giants.

  108. Beer Me, you bring the same happy go lucky sh*t everday yourself, digging for numbers and twisted angles so you can tell yourself the team is good. I mean to a point, I understand that…but it gets to a point where it just doesn’t hold water anymore.

    Excuse me for having a problem with the team, and calling out people that oppose my views. I bring the fire to my side of the argument. That’s what I do, no one has to like it, no one has to read it. I believe in what I say 1000%, and I mean it from my heart.

    I just refreshed and saw your question. Why do I come back here despite it all? Because I *am* still a fan. I want this team to be good. I enjoy picking them apart, discussing the good and bad…and hoping that they will magically stop being pussies. It’s not as if I wasn’t here praising last season when they legitimately looked like a really strong team that just couldn’t “work out the kinks”…and in that final stretch lats year… man that was awesome… they earned that with hard work.

    But thats why I’m here. I like it. You guys are free to keep milking eachother off about illusions and hallucinations you have about this team, but you can count on me to call BS when I see it… and theres plennnnnty this year.

  109. Guys, we already determined that Salty is unstable. Let him rant. The lights are on but there is no one home….

    Us “bad fans” will just have to live with that.

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