Prague tickets to go on sale soon


While you continue to fret over the Rangers most recent performance, a somewhat unrelated update:

A number of you have contacted me about tickets for the Rangers’ two-game set in Prague next fall. Thanks to Zdenek Janda, a reporter from the Daily Sport in Prague who was kind enough to get back to me on this, we know that tickets for the two games will go on sale in mid-April.

They’ll run between $124-$550, and there’ll be about 8,500 available to the generabl public (with the other half going to NHL execs, VIPs and others).

Of course the next big question is how people go about buying those tickets. More on that when I have it, but I figured I’d pass along what I have.

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  1. Caps beat the Bruins in shootous. So we’ve got another wonderful three point game. Buttman must be creaming himself.

  2. A friend of mine ran into Girardi today in Westchester… When my friend asked him what the hell happened the last two games he said “We left our legs in NY”.

    Thought that was very accurate.

    I hope they find them.

  3. Can we send Backman, Strudwick and Malik to Prague early (like now) to scope things out?

  4. formerly formerlyjagrforgovernor on


    Thanks for working some Czech into your blog posting: “generabl”

    You know what? Watching last night’s game made me long for the days when Malik would (generally) start the rush up ice for the Jagr line with a (usually on target) pass to Jagr or whoever. Watching Backman and Studs trying to make exit passes out of the d-zone was agonizing.

    I’m still trying to forget my wasted Saturday evening…. Well not entirely wasted, I did go out for steak before the game….

  5. No Rangers hockey tonight,and thats good because tonight we’ve got an all new HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER AND THE BIG BANG THEORY.Both very funny.One more thing I’ll be at the game tomarrow with my 2 sons sec.370 I think about 5 rows under where Sam and Joe are.
    So if any of you are there stop by.Until later…….

  6. $125? Geez! I feel bad for Czech hockey fans, that’s like eight times what a ticket to see a game in that arena usually costs.

  7. Funny how on Friday afternoon I was dying to see a Ranger game, and I was upset that I had obligations that would limit me to only a few minutes of BOTH games this weekend. Now, I’m really glad that I had to do, what I had to do.

    The REALLY funny thing is that the only few minutes of either game I saw was Backman heading to the penalty box.

    Really sux to have dropped both of those games. But I’d still rather give those 2 teams points than any other team we’ve played since the western teams.

    Now comes the long-awaited 10-game divisional stretch. It ain’t over yet. But I’ll admit that #1 in the conference will take a miracle.

  8. I only went back to read the previous threads comments…

    doodie – I want to compliment you on your somewhat positive outlook. I didn’t expect to see much from anyone.

  9. Hey acd,

    my twin sister and I wil be at the game too. We are in the 200’s somewhere (I know not helpful right… we got the tix from my Mom’s boss) I hope its a great game!! the boys can bounce back agaisnt Pitts.

    Prague tix, eh? I was trying to save for Prague, now I guess I will focus on Yankee Stadium. Stinks cause the season opens on our birthday and we have gone to the last few openers… oh well..

    and… Happy St Paddy’s Day!!

    Everyone’s Irish on St Patrick’s Day.

    Have a happy and safe day.

  10. Anthony (Abev) on

    Sam, re: the info about Prague tickets – the big variable is was that US$ or Euro?

  11. Does it sicken anyone else deep in their stomach to consider that these first 2 games in an 82 game season could potentialy weigh heavily on the decision of whether or not to resign Jagr? That *really* bothers me, just something so wrong about that.

    And to pre-empt those of you who will try to say “Daaaar slatherr already said he wanted him already so teh gaymes in pr0g dont mean anything already already already daaaaar….”

    Don’t believe a word from Slats, ever. It’s still all positioning at this point.

  12. longtimerangersfan on

    Salty, I’m starting to think of the old “snowball/hell” axiom. Hope I’m wrong and they get their collective heads out of their nether regions.

  13. Yes we do Salty! As long as the boys pull themselves up by their boot straps and play with the same passion they ahd in the early part of that stretch. I think they will, but next year Renney better be real concerned with their inability to compete in games which they should dominate…

  14. Guys,
    I like Jagr will be watching the game…but my question is…why have the game in Prague when 99.9999% or maybe 100% of the people there are going to be from the US and Can-a-dia?
    Its so stupid…why not just play the game in Prague, Oklahoma? Also if Jagr isn’t on the team, who in Prague would want to go to the game? Especially for that kind of money.

    As far as our Beloved NYR…
    guys its not the end of the world…we will make the playoffs…the team still has time to pull it together. For most of the 13 game pt. streak this team was flying. I think if this team gets it together and gets back on track they could go pretty far in the playoffs…don’t forget…its a new season once the playoffs start and certain players really turn it on…others fade…but…
    the Rangers have proven playoff performers.

    I also want to say that dispite the Devils seemingly unstoppable play of late…I think, like last year they are burning out Brodeur…and I love it. What do you guys think?

  15. “I said even when we were winning that I didn’t think we were playing very good hockey,” Jagr said with a healthy degree of perspective.
    O, wow, was this not exactly what I said last week? Hmmmm. Curious.

  16. “but next year Renney better be real concerned with their inability to compete in games which they should dominate…”

    why not this year?? why has he not been held accountable for this since the late slide of ’06?

    “For most of the 13 game pt. streak this team was flying.”

    ehh, not true really. although they had some convincing moments, they left a lot to be desired and at NO POINT loooked like a “cup team”, well besides the point that they were up 5-0 in MTL…


    good call on Brodeur though…

    Atalantic is going to come down to which teams want it less than it is going to come down to who wants it more. I predict a pretty boring eastern playoffs honestly…what a disasterous joke of a season its been over here.

    What’s the timetable on Marion Hossa? What are the chances he plays NHL hockey before october?

  17. “I said even when we were winning that I didn’t think we were playing very good hockey,” Jagr said with a healthy degree of perspective.——————————————————————————————————O, wow, was this not exactly what I said last week? Hmmmm. Curious.


    Was this not what I was saying since day 1? If you’ve been here for most of the season, you *know* it is.

  18. salty – I’ve never agreed more with any of your comments more than your 8:58 posting. (really 9:58, but who cares)

    It’s just one more page in the NHL trying to screw the Rangers book of conspiracies.

  19. Oh, I do know.

    But when you say it on this blog, you get flamed for it, and people talk to you like you’re a moron.

  20. What I meant by flying was…they were scoring goals, and if the defense wasn’t stellar, they were still scoring…which they are not doing much of right now…
    In no way did I mean they were flying on all cylinders…
    offensively flying
    man does this post sound stupid.LMAO

  21. But when you say it on this blog, you get flamed for it, and people talk to you like you’re a moron.

    You shouldn’t let that bother you, although I think people flame you for being a Petr Prucha fanboy more than calling the team out as underachievers.

    I say if you support Prucha you should stick to your guns though.

  22. I said he has to worry about it next year becuase there are no more games that aren’t either divisional or playoff games. Next year is when they will play somewhat appearing meaningless games. Thats all. Yea he should be accountable for it this year to (as should the boys, they are professionals after all) but I was looking ahead as in I want him to fix it for next year,

    must go out and get buttermilk so I can make some Irish soda bread! I ould just sour some milk, but it tastes better when using real buttermilk…

  23. “playing good” doesn’t always determine if a team is “good”. I don’t know if I can totally explain that, but it goes along with: “good teams can win games even when they don’t play good”. That sorta thing. I know that this team is exactly what was advertised in the preseason, but I also don’t think it’s terrible either. I would say its a ‘good’ team. “Good” in the terms of potential.

    I think we’ll see more success and more of a TEAM when the current vets are gone. Remember how hard working that ’05-’06 team was? Where the hell did it go? Throw $20 some odd million on top of that team and we get worse? I think some of the guys got too comfortable, thinking that they earned their spot on the team for life. Some of the guys that have been scratched, or sent to htfd have responded well. Those are the ones you keep. The one’s that come back and play the same game…goodbye. The names aren’t important. If you pay attention you know who they are anyway. Unfortunately, you can’t send guys down or scratch different guys every day/week and expect your lines, or team for that matter, to form any kind of chemistry.

    I’m not as frustrated with the losses as I would be if it were pitt/nj that we lost to. All season we’ve gotten lazy when we knew we were playing teams below us in the standings. So I’m not shocked with the weekend performance.

    I didn’t copy/paste it, but I really liked Gomez’s honestly in the quotes that Zipay had on him. I think it was dated 3/15.

  24. Andy,

    when the boys are scoring they are fplaying a loose offensive game where they skate and forecheck and create chances

    When they aren’t they sit back on their heels and try to stop players form crossing the blueline (no more forechecking), however due to size lacking they never do and so they end up trapped in our own zone and scrambling.

    thats quick but I gotta go right now,

    the only trap we play is when we trap ourselves…

  25. Thanks Salt, I definitely will.

    Just wanted to point out that the Captain of the team thinks that the team hasn’t played well, but half the people here seem to think the team is wildly successful.

    Also would live to know how they feel that the media is questioning why Prucha and Hollweg aren’t in the lineup at all this weekend. Half the people here would rather have Straka play and contribute nothing at all than have Prucha dress for a game or 2.

  26. One thing thats not even really up for argument though is that the New York Rangers have indeed been underachievers all season, and the further they go from this point on, only further illustrates the fact(Although I don’t expect them to go much further….and while it may take 7 games, I’d think a Round 1 exit is most likely)

    And actually, another thing thats not arguable is that Henrik Lundqvist has had his 3rd straight season in which he has been unable to compete at a consistent level. Make what you will of that.

    that Henrik Lundqvist has had his 3rd season in which he was unable to compete at a consistent level.

  27. Last 2 games Agravine…No system…system of a down…uh
    does that answer your question?

  28. Western Canada Survivor on

    I and others have taken a lot of heat on this board for being “fairweather fans” because we rip the team, coach, and personnel on a fairly regular basis. I’ve always said that we rip the team because we’re passionate and probably spend too much time thinking about the Rangers. I’m including a link to a soccer article written about some of the best, most dedicated, yet most angry fans in the world-it sounded familiar:

  29. I didn’t catch the FL game but for 1 period on the radio. I caught the TB game but had to go puke a few times during the game based on their awful play.

    1) Shanny said it a while back and I am just reflecting on this aloud…I will paraphrase: The team does not get up for non-important, non-rivalry, non-intradivision games. (Again, I paraphrased.) DAMN I HOPE THAT WAS THE CASE FRIDAY AND SATURDAY. They didn’t even show up, from what I saw. Then I think to myself, they had a chance to take 4 pts from two of the weaker teams and improve their chances on taking the division. But NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO….

    2) The next 10 games make or break the season. So hopefully we got two clunkers out of our system. No hitting. No physicality. No forechecking. No attacking. A bunch of open nets missed. They didn’t even show up. And is it me or should Lundqvist NEVER be allowed out of the net until the period is over? I mean, not even during TV timeouts. The guy is a disaster when he leaves the crease.

    3) I think you swap Shoe for Callahan. Cally can play the bumping and grinding 4th line hockey. Shoe is a bull with the puck and never stops crashing the net. He would play well with Straka and Drury, I think. The Drucalaka line is not doing it.

    4) The D remains a problem physically. Rosy cannot put 2 games in a row together. Backman needs to sit. I never thought I would say this but I miss Malik. Strudwick is a nice guy but we need Mara in his place. Hopefully those guys get back soon.

    5) I was a little giddy last week thinking that this team is all that and a bag of chips. Maybe I was a little too excited but to say again, I want to try and get people thinking positive on this blog. OK, I was a little overzealous. I still think this team will make the playoffs and will be a handful for anyone they play. But one or two more games like the past two and I will forced to change my stance.

    6) I still don’t see Prucha cracking this lineup with any impact.

  30. Newman: Had a frustrating week last week, so first off I want to apologize for getting all bent out of shape. Whether or not I find you irritating, I shouldn’t have flipped.

    But RE: Prucha…I’m not saying putting him in the lineup will spark a 6 goal output, or fix the PP immediately to where it will go 4-5. I’m saying that earlier in the year, when Straka was hurt, he said he learned a lot by watching from the press box. When he got back into the lineup, he clicked for a few games with Gomez and Jagr. I think he fell back into some bad habits (not shooting? ever?), and maybe a rest for him and being able to watch from the box wuld help him again.

    It isn’t about Prucha being to remedy for what ails the team, it’s just about getting him some playing time and maybe having Straka see the game from a different perspective.

  31. Too many times this season we’ve seen the team out-hustled by a hungrier, faster team – now we’re into the home stretch and the last 10 games we can’t afford to let the Pens, Debs and Flyers take more than a few points. Renney’s got to wield the axe if someone is under-performing. What’s Mara’s status? I never thought i’d miss him this much.

    As for the soccer article – thats just an average game, you can go to almost any ground in England and the fans will have language just as colourful – some for the players and the rest for the opposing fans.
    My favourite chant(to the tune of “go west” by the village people) is: “You’re sh*t, and you know you are!”

  32. Yes, the next 10 make or break the season.

    Yes, Hank is towards the end of his 3rd consecutive 30-win season that he’s been inconsistent. Can you imagine if he WAS consistent?

    Yes, if he IS consistent and the rest of the guys 26 and under have time to gel and learn this team could be nasty for quite some time. THAT’s the real goal here. Making the playoffs and gaining some experience for those guys is a small success.

    If you put the team up against the goal of winning the cup, then the season is a failure. If you put the team up against the goal of building a team from within…it’s another year better than last. Hey, I hate to wait as much as the next guy. But every season since the lockout, we’ve added youth, continued to build from within, and continue to evaluate what personel we have and make changes accordingly.

    Just remember how bad Detroit was for a long time, and had a loooong cup-drought until they took the time and showed the patience to build from within.

    This team’s success this year can be measured in many more ways than just winning it all.

  33. good post Beer,
    I agree…slowly but surely we are seeing the organization drop the older players…
    Before the lockout this team would have even thought of a young Backman or Sjostrom…they would have looked for a 34 year old vet with “playoff experience” this year we saw Sather get rid of an unproven 1st round pick goaltender and a 4th line winger in Hossa that “only played good on the 1st line”
    Look at the growth we’ve seen since the lockout… Hank, Dubinski, Staal, Callahan, Girardi, Tyutin, Dawes…
    and last summer instead of going for old wasted up 34 year olds like Peca, the team went out and grabbed 2 IMO great players in Gomez and Drury who haven’t hit there prime yet.
    Folks…Whether or not this team goes deep into the playoffs, we are set for the future, and its only gonna get better.

  34. Salty, I can’t figure out if that was sarcasm or not….tough to gauge, but I will surmise it wasn’t. We have 4 versus the Isles and the Flyers who we should really beat. We have 6 versus the Debs and the Pens. If this team is worth their Salt (ahem), they should beat both the Isles and the Flyers and at least split with the Devs and Pens. If not, then we dash our hopes for anything in the postseason whether we get in or not.

    Prucha…understood man. No worries. Believe me, if I thought Pru could be the spark to start this team hitting, forechecking, finishing plays, and having the hunger to win, I would say put him in. Sadly, this team needs a firecracker D man to start leveling people and clearing the front of the net. The team needs a puck moving D man to QB the power play. The team needs a muscleman forward to camp in front of the other team’s net and hack everyone, swat at loose pucks, and create mayhem in the offensive zone. I wish that guy was Prucha.

    And I know we have all talked about the increase in clutching and grabbing and stuff….but has anyone noticed that the stick horizontal to the ice hitting Jagr’s hands and stick (clearly a hook or a slash in the post-lockout NHL) is just NOT getting called anymore? Total BS.

  35. Beer Me!, good post.

    Here is the question, and I think it goes a long way to explaining a lot of the frustration on this blog:

    Is this season (so far) a better or worse one than last year? In that light, pick an outcome that would change that view.

    For me, last year was a fantastic year and this year has stunk. Last season the expectations were low. We played like a real quality team in the final stretches. We crushed ATL in the opening series. To me, sweeping the Thrash was the peak of the season. We got close against Buffalo and if we had gone up 3-2 and taken the series, I would have said it was the best season since 1994. (In fact, it might have been regardless.) Compare that to the year before and the collapse followed by the sweep by the Devils…UGGHH.

    This year has been horrible, except for a reasonable flash of excitement in the last 6 weeks, outside of this past weekend. I think it is because of the expectations. That is what it is all about. On paper we have so many strong points. It is unfathomable that we don’t have a top 5 PP with the guns we have. This is the exact kind of thing that disappoints the hell out of all of us.

    So yes, the future looks good. But I think we are all a little disappointed that we don’t have more to show for it this year.

  36. yeah. those ‘stick parallel to the ice’ calls have all but vanished.

    newman – those types of players you mentioned are what the team has struggled to find(or at least sign) since the exits of Gravey & Beuk. We’ve seen flashes of it from Avery & Drury. But those players take a beating, and sometimes end up missing serious time. And certainly shorten their careers. I can’t say I want to have a guy making $7+mil standing there taking a beating.

  37. newman – I don’t think I could totally answer that question until the next 10 games are played. We went what, like 17-6-6 down the stretch last year? And our last stretch of the same amount of games is extremely close to that. BUT…there’s 10 left. So even if we play .500, we’d end around 23-11-6 give or take. That’s not a bad way to play the 2nd 1/2 of the season.

    It took Gomer & Dru the 1st 1/2 to get their game going and everyone around them to adjust too. And next year we’re going to face another lineup if shanny, straks, & jags are all gone. No one should expect anything too different from this season really. But, again, still building.

  38. Name a season that the Rangers have ever overachieved? The media and the fans always overrate this team. Usually its because they make a big splash in the free agent market. Fact is, what player on this team has underperformed? Jagr, yes, but the guy is getting older and naturally production decreases. This is hockey not baseball (see Barry Bonds).

  39. Overachieved 05-06, agree with Beer Me! We all felt it was a disastrous season cuz of the collapse. But reality is, they were picked dead last that season and when they were in first with 20g to go (or whatever it was) we all got starry eyed.

    Also, would have to say that 1994 they overachieved. But that is obvious. Even if they were picked to win (and I don’t remember if they were) the fact that they won it was an overachievment.

  40. Jagr and Straka have underachieved even taken into affect there ages. the only oveachievers are; staal(real solid), girardi(continue to improve), Dubinsky firther along then expected, but Prucha has also underachieved. Drury and Gomez are about where they could have been expected to be.

    this team except for Jagr and Straka’s significant underperformance is about where they should have been.

    Jagr has 18 goals and he is there # 1 minutes guy, on the top line, etc. I think he has 4 PP goals for the yr.!!!!I like Jagr he is just getting to much defernce from the coach’s and his teammates.. If he had 30 goal(not a stretch instead of 18) they would have 6 or 8 more points, that is where they should be…
    I hope I see some new players in the lineup tuesday… Malik in and Backman out, put Malik back with Roszival and then they have 3 decent D pairings, and Prucha needs to play somehow and someway, he may get knocked down but he will provide effort…….

  41. “The team does not get up for non-important, non-rivalry, non-intradivision games.”

    Yes, and here’s why this is a problem: While I recognize it’s difficult to “get up” for every game, if this team could have “gotten up” for this weekend’s games, both of them were eminently winnable games and they could have walked away with 2 points. Similarly against LA and Phoenix at home. So there’s 8 points. Give this team 8 points and they’re first in the Conference and probably playing with a lot more confidence. Not only that, but now with 6 games left against Pitt and NJ, there’s little question (or should be) that the team will “get up” for these games. But even at the top of their game, the Rangers aren’t going to take all six of those games – they could easily play very well and only take 3 of them! And then they “might not get up” for the Islanders or the Flyers.

    Bottom line is you’re paid millions to show up and at least leave everything you have on the ice every night. If you’re not doing that you won’t be successful in the league. In 05-06, the team had far less talent than now but outworked everybody all year long. Last year people look at as a good year but frankly the first 3/4 of it were terrible – the team played nowhere near it’s capability. Then at the end, they overacheived in the other direction and led people into thinking they were just a few steps from greatness when maybe they were not really a great team but playing great hockey. This year, I think they have a great team outside of the defense (which both lacks a physical go-to guy and is injured at the moment) but have too often mailed it in. I always wind up blaming the coach for hat because I see Brent Sutter’s team sitting atop the Confernece and their defense is good only by AHL standards. But his guys are all accountable to him and they always come ready to play. If we were New Jersey, if Renney hadn’t been fired long ago (he probably would have been several times) he would have been canned after this weekend. There’s just no excuse and no valid explanation for a team-wide, systematic mail-it-in job at this time of the year. completely inexcusable.

  42. You know…speaking of under/overacheiving…

    What about Hank?

    It’s real hard to say a guy that wins 30 games(gonna be close to 40wins) underacheived. But our expectations were that he would improve upon his last 2 seasons. I don’t think he really has. His level of play is good enough to get us to where we are. But it’s gotta be better if the team is to finish better in the standings and be consistent.

  43. Funny how one post can say the losses are the coaches fault, then the next looks at the highest paid goalie in the league. Even funnier is that the post that spoke of the coach referrenced the team with (who will be) the winningest goalie in league history.

    It’s funny to me anyway.

  44. Nice post Peter, I agree 100%.

    As far as the goalie/coaching contradiction… I see it but the fact of the matter is that Brodeur has not been that “winningest” goalie by chance, I’d have to say that alot of that has of course come from the “defense first” system/coaching around him.

    Beer Me I understand supporting the coach an dall but it comes to a point I really wonder if you even believe in it anymore. How can you NOT blame Renney and a pretty high level for what went on this weekend? He was just as absent as anyone else…it’s absurd.

    Look across the river…thats an ORGANIZATION. I am truly jealous of what those fans are given year in, year out.

  45. Oh, I’m not saying that the Devils aren’t a better run franchise. There’s no denying it. And Brodeur surely has accrued many of his wins due to a ‘defense first’ system. A system that is in the process of being instilled in NY as we speak. When the core of an organization’s players learn how to do that season in and season out, you have yourself a winner. And it takes lots of time to develop.

    If my memory is correct, and it may not be, the last time we had a coach with that type of mindset, it was Roger Neilson. That’s a long time to go in between and lots of players to come through. Hard to develop a defensive team when you have different direction every year.

    I have absolutely no details to draw from for the weekend games. The only thing I saw that I could even try to draw from was Gomer’s statement: “We just didn’t come prepared like we should have. That’s just the players, the coaches get us ready and we don’t respond to it.”
    And from Renney: “Trying to play safe, maybe not spending what exactly what needs to be spent to win. Even ego to a point.”

    That sounds like calling out the players to an extent. And I’ll admit that we haven’t seen that much at all from Renney.

    But I don’t think I could ever ‘blame’ one person for a loss. Even back to back vs non-playoff teams. Just doesn’t make sense. It’s a cop-out, and nothing more.

  46. I don’t even think it’s a combination of things. I think it’s one singular trait that this team lacks more than anything else: Accountability.

    Let’s just keep the debate revolving around the Devils, for a minute. Sutter didn’t appreciate the way Elias came to camp and didn’t play well, so he stripped him of the C (not saying we SHOULD do that, just using it as an example). Renney would never do that type of thing. There are no consequences for veterans on this team.

    I can name at least 5 vets who, over the course of this season and last, should have either lost a shift or 2, lost PP time, or sat out altogether. There are no consequences at all for poor play, mistakes, laziness, etc.

    Renney didn’t want to tinker with the lineup because the team was winning…Well, the team’s not winning anymore, guy. Be a man, pull the trigger, and show the team that ice time is to be earned.

  47. Speaking of the Defense First approach across the river. My brother in law hates when the Devils get involved in a shootout. He would rather they win a game 2-1 than 5-4. Its all about Defense to him. Drives me nuts! I’d rather see a back and forth game with lots of chances…he’d rather see a defense first game, with lots of clutching and grabbing and an all out trap system, which IMO has crept back into the game.
    And the Devils with their 53 fans are an “organization” in the truest sense of the word. Which is why they can loose a Neidermeyer, Gomez and Rafalski and keep right on going.

  48. P27…
    I actually agree with you on your accountability comment…
    I would like to see a little more.
    I think we need more leadership and a take no sh$% attitude. Renney is like the commander in cheif…not JJ not Shanny.
    Perfect example, Shanny took that knee to knee hit about 2 months ago and didn’t take any time off and wasn’t forced to but because he thought he should play…he did. Renney should have brought down the hammer and made him sit for 2 weeks…instead, we fans were treated to watch Shannahan literally do nothing for 2 weeks before he just couldn’t go anymore…
    Its not Renneys fault but he needs to step up and smack down every once in a while

  49. Selected quotes on Backman from Blues’ forums since the lockout. Did Davidson throw in the deed to the Brooklyn Bridge to convince Sather to take this guy? And what happened to bringing up guys like Baranka to fill in during injuries which worked well all year.

    “When you don’t hear Backman’s name during the course of a game THAT is a good thing.”

    “I’ve seen him screw up so many times I am mind-boggled.”

    “I call him Swiss cheese because is a very soft player and has a lot of holes in his overall game.”

    “A strange sidenote to my theory of ‘St Louis fans love our own drafted players more than others’, we don’t feel that way at all about Sister Christian Backman. Is that because he’s just never done anything good.”

    “The most frustrating evidence came when Dan Cleary tried to put a rebound past Legace. After the whistle was blown, Cleary poked at Legace a few times while Christian Backman pretty much just stood there and watched. Keith Tkachuk eventually came up and pushed Cleary out of the way.”

    “He is very easy to knock off the puck when behind our net. He is below average in knocking the puck off of an opponent’s stick. He may be one of our one to two worst d-men in making the simple play and quickly shooting the puck out of our zone when he briefly has puck possession. He’s OK .. but his level of play drops when playing versus physical players.”

    FAN ONE: Christian Freaking Backman alone in the slot and put it wide
    FAN TWO Sister Christian Backman almost redeemed himself
    FAN THREE: I once almost won the lottery. That’s how close we’ll be to both those particular things again…me the lottery and Backman-redeeming himself.”


    “I watched that 4th round pick play this year. He’s easily knocked off that puck turnover sissy Backman. Oh wait….they haven’t drafted him yet and its not a first round pick.”

    RANGERS FAN: “Christian Backman is the worst hockey player I have ever seen.”
    BLUES FAN: “I agree on Backman, as do most Blues fans on here. I just wonder if they actually sent a scout to watch him, or if JD was on the phone with Sather saying “he’s a great prospect…OHHHH BABY!!”

  50. Anthony (Abev) on

    Nobody wanted to correct me that the Czech Republic is not on the Euro? Just leaving me out there letting me look like an idiot while everyone giggles behind my back?

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