Slumping Rangers go back to Lundqvist


Ah, sarcasm. It is the air I breathe.

No, I don’t think you should be overly concerned about your Rangers after last night’s streak-snapping loss to a Panthers team that has now won six straight.

But a little bit of concern? Sure. After all, nothing is yet a given with 11 games remaining.

Truth is, the Rangers haven’t been airtight for a few games now, and the last thing you want is to drop two straight to two teams on the outside of the playoff picture. This time of year is all about momentum. The Rangers had it going one way for more than a month. They can’t afford to now have it swing back in the other direction.

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  1. RE POST !!!!!!

    Please tell me you all saw when Joe Michaletti accidentally drew the Penis and Balls on the Panther player when he was trying to show the viewers where the puck was. He said “sorry for that” or something like that, cause he knew exactly what people would think it was. Lol of all the luck the guy has, he didnt draw it on his face or his stomach, it had to be down there where it belongs. This guy is so fuggin funny, he is the perfect replacement for JD, especially last season when a Ranger broke his stick, and he said “he broke his shit” by accident.

    And Lets go Rangers !

  2. IMO, the rangers d-men are to slow and to soft, this will be there down fall in the playoffs against teams like Carolina, Ottawa, montreal. The rangers better decide to play better because the teams that are in the 9th, 10yh and 11th spot are only 7 points behind the rangers. The rangers go in a losing streak and the next thing you know there out of the playoffs.

  3. First off… we all know the Rangers have a soft D. That’s not new.
    But I have to say this pairing of Struds and Backman has got to be the worst in the NHL. They scare the crap out of me when they are on the ice…. especially when they are out there with the 4th line…which happens a lot! I know Betts is good in the D zone…but Orr really isnt.
    Rozival had a good game yesterday…

    And I can’t believe I am saying this…but I want Malik back in the lineup….haha

  4. Looks like I was proven right…Again. To those who said we’re scoring enough, we obviously aren’t. When I said you’re only as good as your last week and someone pointed out that Florida had a great week, does that make them the best team in the East? Well they beat the Rangers, didn’t they?

    A nice smack in the face to you morons who thought that winning and playing well were the same thing. Smarten up.

  5. Hahah.. on Michelleti…..anyone remember earlier in the year when the Rangers played Colo and same said something about that d-man they have named finger to the extent of “Finger bangs Shanahan into the boards” I thought it was pretty funny.

    Why do Panthers games in Miamia have the atmosphere of an 8-year-old’s birthday party?

    At least when the Rangers took a penalty you heard the “wah wah wah wah waaah” sound.

  6. OMG, fix the f’n power play! Fire the special teams’ coach, because this is ridiculous!

  7. Funny how much I hated Malik and Mara at various times this season (and with good reason) and now I can’t wait for them to get back into the lineup.

    I guess irony can be pretty ironic sometimes.

  8. the atmosphere probably had something to do with All the empty seats in that place! I couldn’t believe how many unoccupied seats there were. What a waste.

  9. Yea I would rather go with five defensemen then have backman in right now, he had 33 seconds or pk time (he SHOULDN’T have had any) and in that time a goal was scored (I am fairly certain, I suppose I should check…)

    I can’t wait for Malik (proverbial elephant afraid of a mouse) and Mara (I can’t hit hte net to save my life) to be back in.

    Rozsival had a string of bad games, starting with that goal that went off his skates. But last night he was one of our top d-men. He broke up a bunch of rushes and had several key keep in. The biggest complaint I have is that he won’t shoot!!!!!! and I wish he would.

    thnaks for the videos, I wanted a laugh…

    oh yea… Prucha I want him in to spell Straka and Shanny, but it is luck of the draw that the boys started melding when he came out. He must re earn his spot in the lineup. WOn’t happen tonight and I doubt we will see it against our rivals so he may be looking forward to next year, but I don’t think I would trust him on the pk (which are key parts of Shanny and Straka’s games) I would slide Sjostrem in there.

    ANd Pronger got an eight game suspension, tame when you think Simon had 30 games…

  10. Icing,

    I wish he would shoot more, on the pp it might help to seperate him form Jagr or something… but he was shooting earlier in the season, don’t know why he has stopped.

  11. I’m really surprised the PP is still an issue…

    You’d think that by this time they’d have figured SOMETHING out… anything!!!

    I mean the best it’s looked was when a few weeks back they started moving their feet a bit more… switching position and rotating around more. It didn’t really yeild any goals but it looked a heck of a lot better. Now they’re back to square 1 and just standing there passing the puck around the outside.

  12. Some people have mentioned sitting Straka for Prucha. I agree that Straka isn’t killing it on the power play but in his role on the 3rd line and on the penalty kill, he’s been good. He is an excellent forechecker and while Prucha might have more scoring upside, he doesn’t compare in terms of his skating or defensive game.

  13. Hey Everybody,

    Maybe we should ease of on the Straka talk…
    First off, I agree he needs to shoot the puck more…
    Beyond that, I didn’t hear anybody complaining about him playing the point the past two seasons when he had 76 and 70 points. Why don’t you look at his linemates… Drury and Callahan… totally different mentality of the way the game should be played… Straka needs to be played with players who see the game the same way… he played his best with Nylander and Jagr in NY and Kovalev and Lang in Pittsburgh… and why swap Straka for Prucha… Prucha is useless… can’t play D and get knocked around like a rag doll… Straka hustles, plays PK… it’s obvious that line with Drury and Callahan can’t make 2 passes in one shift… How many times does Callahan fumble that puck… I feel embarassed for him… Callahan has 8 pts in 41 games? Give me a break… Straka is a world class player.

  14. Agravaine~ Rozsival was shooting a lot more & they were going in – remember the streak of just d-men scoring he was one of the front ones.

    now he just passes it when he gets close to the net & the angle is not as direct as if he just let it rip.

  15. iicing

    I do remmeber, I keep defending him in other places and the people who say we should dump him always bring back that he isn’t scroing now. I wish he was shooting the puck more and scoring because then it would be alot easier to defend him. I want the Rangers to resign him and I am arguing with folks who want him dumped (I know selfish of me but what can I say)

    On Dellapina’s blog it said that Renney is practicing to have Backman on the pp with Girardi instead of Tyutin…

    No one is questioning whether Straka or SHanahan have been great player in the past and whether they are important to our lineup right now. Everyone (Except Prucha2 I forget the rest of the numbers) just wants to put rucha in for Straka and Shanny for a few games to give them both a rest. THey have slowed down a bit and we all want them ready for the divisional play and playoff push, which is why we wanted them to rest a game each over this weekedn, whcih would have given them a week off about…

  16. I missed the game but from watching highlights on Nhl on the Fly it looked like The Dawes-Gomez-Shanny line was creating most of the scoring chances and Blueshirts Bulletin ripped the Backman-Strickwick pairing. Would you guys say the that line was the best and did Strudwick AND bACKMAN STINK IT UP MORE THAN USUAL?

  17. Strudwick and BAckman were the worst…

    I thought our top line was the best, they had chances but disn’t finsih (which I know makes them worse) but they controlled the puck better. Shanny didn’t go into the corners (which is why we want to rest him) and Gomez had a string of turnovers and real bad passes…

  18. Thanks. Renney continues to talk about the pp struggles yet won’t play Prucha(who was a top pp scorer his first two years here)

  19. Yea, the PP I wish Rozi would take more shots, like, I think, Icing said if he shoots anyone can get the rebound. THat is a big part of the problme, the opposing team barely worries baout our point men becasue they won’t shoot. But I don’t know what Renney can do to get through to them…

    Prucha will get a chance eventually to rest Shanny and Straka I think… it would really make sense. But he suffered bad luck this year, he had bad minutes and then got hurt.

  20. straka has no effin business being on the point on any PP. it is to make the czech clique happy. forget everybody else. it’s all about them and what they want. pathetic.

  21. debbies can’t beat the Rangers, but they still get on top of the whole conference by 3 pts

  22. talk about a double standard. Pronger gets only 8 games for stomping on a players leg. simon got 30 games for the same thing. and Pronger has 7 previous suspensions.

    it was done to keep him in the playoffs, to help Burke, and that is not excusable.

  23. Prongers suspension list…

    Career suspensions for defenseman Chris Pronger:

    With Anaheim, eight regular-season games for stomping on the leg of Vancouver F Ryan Kesler.

    With Anaheim, one playoff game for hit to the head of Ottawa C Dean McAmmond.

    With Anaheim, one playoff game for elbow to the head of Detroit F Tomas Holmstrom.

    With St. Louis, one regular-season game for kicking Calgary F Ville Nieminen.

    With St. Louis, two regular-season games for cross-checking Dallas F Brenden Morrow.

    With St. Louis, one game for leaving bench for altercation for Atlanta F Kelly Buchberger.

    With St. Louis, four games for high-sticking Phoenix C Jeremy Roenick.

    With St. Louis, four games for slashing Washington F Pat Peake.

  24. Great save by Hank on that re-direct.

    Why is it that we can’t find any ice all of a sudden?

  25. Not to bad, but not great, we better come out flying in the second…

    Backman wasn’t bad on the PP, but I still close my eyes when he is on defense…

  26. It’s a good thing lundqvist was sharp in the first period or the rangers would be down at least 1-0.

  27. Ok, when are the rangers going to start playing, the only ranger player to show up tonight is lundqvist.

  28. Doodie Machetto on

    Henrik is playing great. The team is playing lousy. Welcome back to the beginning of the season.

  29. wow, big deal, we are getting a power play. Doodie already said it in the post above, this team can’t even put one pass together, this is truly pathetic hockey at it’s best.

  30. rosival should never be on the same pp unit as jagr. he looks to pass to jagr no matter who else is open, and even when he has a wide open shot.

  31. worse period of the yr. 2 PP, no goal and 1 penalty.


    Gomez try another back pass.. Dawes has been asleep for 2 days along with Straka and others..


  32. i hate this always playing down to the teams below them in the standings, if the rangers would just win the games they are supposed to there would be no worry of the playoffs right now, we are lucky they always respond against the teams at the top of the conference

  33. smart move by your boy Avery.. 4 yrs for that moron, moron penalty.

    who will support mr avery on that stupidity??????

    like a little child frustrated, terrible……

    this game is disgusting

  34. I take back what I said about Straka on the penalty kill, twice tonight he’s stopped skating, challenging and just stood there….

  35. longtimerangersfan on

    Tampa Bay scores a goal and with 13:00 left Renney sends out the Betts line?????

  36. longtimerangersfan on

    Sjostrum is the best Ranger out there now. He shouldn’t be on the checking line!

  37. doodie,

    Dead on. This team looks just like they did early in the year. So many of the same flaws and weaknesses. Frustrating.

  38. Obviously they went to Florida to vacation. A very disappointing two games played by guys who are already counting chickens. The sign of a bunch who are pretenders rather than contenders.

  39. longtimerangersfan on

    Well folks, don’t buy your play-off tix just yet. Beer, Nasty…everything is just fine.

  40. I agree. Where is the Callahan who was relentless when he got called back up?

    Free Peter Prucha! I know he’s not the savior but let him play.

  41. Chris

    everyone did from Gomez to Cally to Backman to Rozi… everyone… it was a team effort, they need to shake it off and come back with fire.

  42. 2 losses to the Lighting, 1 to the Kings, 1 to Phoenix. 8 points that any decent team picks up, no problem.

  43. Staal Mart — still a hunch??? As I said Rangers are in trouble … they needed to make lineup tweeks … they did not … hence two game losing streak and 6 of last 7 opponents have gotten points against us …

    Newman- you still confident … you still seeing things being rosy??? I hope not.

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