Conference title? At this point, how about eighth place?


OK, you officially have reason to be throwing your shoes at the TV scratching your head.

Because other than a couple of Swedes — sorry Christian Backman, but we’re talking about Fred Sjostrom and Henrik Lundqvist — the Rangers pulled a complete no-show tonight in Tampa, and now are just four points ahead of ninth place Buffalo.

Maybe it’s just a two-game hiccup, or maybe it’s worse than that. But like it or not, this Florida misstep has added an extra layer of tension to these final 10 games.

And you thought this would be easy…

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  1. right well,

    we’ll see if the boys come back when we get to divisional play. I hope this shocks them awake liek the debacle in Montreal did…

    They are better then this

  2. longtimerangersfan on

    I have to agree with a couple of other posters…can’t wait for Malikenstein to come back…God, I can’t believe I just wrote that.

  3. craptain pout on

    jagr is more interested in chin fuzz than winning games. what is it now, 2 goals in 20 games?

  4. reginald dunlop on

    What a complete horrific effort… guts tonight…continually try to carry puck in instead of dumping it and working to get it….no work ethic…….yeah lets pay avery the money, he’s been invisible like his two pretty linemates….sit callahan and dawes, supposed to be young and energetic on second night… life from either……and how bad is girardi, take the easy way out Dan…..stiff…..if it wasnt for rozsival and backman he would be the worst defenseman on the team, definitely the laziest, swipe at another puck instead of moving your feet you bum……….should get off the plane and skate their asses…good old fashioned two hour, no puck practice…….send the message that the effort was unacceptable………..Malik looks pretty good now doesnt he????????

  5. Wake Up Sean Avery!!!! on


    Avery missing the puck entirely in the beginning of the game with a wide open net set the tone. He has been GOD AWFUL since the b.s. about his contract dispute. Stupid penalties, offsides at least 3-4 times per game, and no concentration on the puck. WAKE UP!

    Backman is a disaster. I am just thankful when he gets off the ice without taking a penalty or giving up a goal. Cut him. Period.

    Straka has been invisible for at least the last 20 games.

    Rosvival has looked as bad as he ever has for the Rangers in the past handful of games. Don’t know what is wrong with him.

    As for the rest of the guys, with possibly Gomez, Staal, Drury, Dubinsky and Callahan excepted, I can’t remember back-to-back strong games. No consistency at all.

    I fault Sather mostly for the fact that this team is destined to be mediocre at best this year. Everyone knew the Rangers needed a big stay at home defenseman at the trade deadline and he got … Backman???? Could have also used a goal scorer, and he picked up a 4th liner. Brilliant.

  6. Dr. Ogrodnick bows to Leetch on

    That might have been the worst effort all season. Not good with 10 games to go. Although, truth be told, we haven’t really played well most of the last 7.

    On a side note, down by 2, starting to get late into the 3rd, and Renney double shifts the 4th line.

  7. children what about your other child Avery, smart penalty from the child……..

    why no moaning about Avery’s play.. Yeah give him 4 yrs at $ 4 mill, what a joke.. He is a good player but immature is a insult to immature…

    quite an effort, drury, straka, dawes, others were not even ther tonight..

    what a forecheck, it was non existent…

  8. no, you just show your ignorance when you think piece of shit malik has anything to do with it.

    he walks out on his team, then pouts after a win, then he pansies out as soon as he gets hit. what the eff is wrong with the idiots on this board. try having a memory.

  9. Man. Am I pissed. What a freeken disgrace. The Rangers have a chance to distance themselves in the standings against two lesser teams and they don’t even show up. Jagr sucks. Offense sucks, defense sucks. How can you play (2) games like this without passion. No hitting, no forechecking, no backchecking. They seem to get into a comfort zone where they feel they just have to wear their uniforms and show up. Give me a break. Bench the veterans. What the hell are they doing. Poor Lunquist. He’s the only player who showed up. I don’t want Jagr back next year. (4) points a good playoff bound team should not lose.

  10. I have a memory. I also have eyes and see how BAckman is playing! Think that is good. MAlik could do better than Backman.

  11. czechthemout!!!!! on


    As usual you have no clue.Avery is entitled to take a bad penalty now and then.Jagr certainly has.He’s taken MANY MANY MORE this year.The Bottom line is that with Avery in the lineup they are a much better team.Without him but with Jagr they suck!There is no denying this fact.Even a simple minded fool like you can see that.

  12. longtimerangersfan on

    Maybe we could get Leetch to come out of retirement…Greshner…Maloney………………………..

  13. didn’t you hear what they said. dumbass malik is not on the trip. he is out with a widdle bwuse on him

  14. fu,

    Malik didn’t come on the trip but he is still possible for next week, Mara is still as of today a week to ten days away…

    dumbass grow up.

  15. Avery has 8 goals in recent games, 4 times as many as jagr has in 20. stu is short for stu-pid

  16. and fu is short for- oh well thats obvious.

    Avery took a dumb penalty- he is entitled to it and we are entitled to compalin about it.

  17. at least Jagr’s moron penalties have some hockey related to it… why did avery hit the guys stiCk? he was frustrated and he is a immature child like many of you morons who post here.

    Jagr stinkS that is not the question the question is can you give a child like ver y a 4 yr contract? the answer is no WAY………NO…….

  18. Look at the bright side: when in the last game of the season we are oficially eliminated from play-offs by moronic Devils, there will be no way Sater keeps Renney as a coach.

  19. czechthemout!!!!! on


    As childish as your last post?Jagr’s penalties are hockey related?What are you smoking?He takes more lazy hooking penalties then anyone else on the team not named Malik.And based on their record with him in the lineup and his production last year and this year,he’s damn well worth that money,particularly if you factor in the fact that shit like Straka,Backman,Malik,Strudwick(ECHL PLAYER WITH NHL CONTRACTT)are way overpaid and under produce.

  20. stu-ey wah! wah! on

    I will stamp my feet and throw a tantrum. my name is stuart. my mommy took my rattle away from me. and now I blame it on Avery. he knocked my rattle out of my hand. WAH ! WAH !

  21. CHECHTHEMOUT YOU ARE A BROKEN RECORD MORON.. THE EURO TOUGHNESS that is all you talk about and watching fighting video’s on you tube..

    are you 21 or 22???

    Enoguh for tonight all this intelletual converstion is more then I can handle, talk about some other mindless Bullshit.. Your bu==oy Avery did jack the last 2 nights and took and moron penalty that cost them big time…

    Jagr does stink, they c=guy gets half his shots blocked if not more and straka stinks also, and the last 2 games; dawes, cally, dubi, etc have played like crap…..

    stall is a keeper and so is Girarid, Tyutin is a step behind those and should not be on the PP… No bithcin about Henrik the last 2 nights from all the Ken Hollands on this site!!!!!!

    Drury played terrible this weekend. Gomez and Shanny played good against Florida but were terrible tonight……The dumped the puck in at least twice tonight…..

    And because Renny does not have a fit can you children figure out he still cares and has more hockey sense in his foot then you mental midget s have in you itty bitty minds…

    good night fools.

  22. Anthony (Abev) on

    Jeez Sam whats with the doomsday scenario? No matter how bad the Rangers play, there are at least 3 other teams in playoff contention who will choke worse.

  23. Avery is far greater stimulus to this team right now than Jagr who’s an absolute waste. Next game bench Jagr, Straka who’s done crap lately and Backman. Bring up Baranka and dress Prucha. SOS

  24. czechthemout!!!!! on


    Actually I’m 41.What the hell are you babbling about fool.You really need to chill man.Try and pay attention when people post you asshole.Also maybe you should try to not make ALL YOUR POSTS SO PERSONAL.

  25. how about this. rangers are purposely trying to finish 6th because that is the easiest matchup, the weak southeast winner. they will beat Canes in 4 games. it is good that tampa is not the opponent after tonight’s debacle

  26. Only 20 shots on goal is a joke…a bigger joke than ice hockey in the sunshine state.

    Thank God the Flyers are worse, with two games against them coming up.

  27. Doodie Machetto on

    They turned in two stinkers in a row. Let’s see if they can turn it around. No need to panic yet.

  28. reginald dunlop on

    hey read in one of the papers today that all of the hierarchy went on the fla trip……even jimmy dolan……..keep him away, look what he did to the Knicks….he’s like the guy in A Bronx Tale…the MUSH

  29. Totally put Prucha in for Shanny and sit Shanny. Move Shoe up into Straka’s spot. Either move Callahan down to the fourth line or put Hollweg in for a few games. I would also be up for benching Jagr for a game or two…but that’s not gonna happen. And get Backman the hell out of there….bring up a Hartford player….ANYONE!!!!!

  30. if Backman plays on tuesday im canceling my playoff tickets he sucks. he is a waste. Also Straka what is his deal gives the puck up way to many times. they better get there heads on straight before tuesday

  31. It was a bad showing for sure…on a “+” note…3 players played well…King Hank, Staal, and Sjostrom.
    Sjostrom could easy be playing on the 2nd or 3rd line. He’s fast, crashes the net and seemed to be the only player taking the body…
    Our 4th line played like they usually do.
    Was it me or was the ice so bad last night making the game even harder to watch.
    After a few bad showings now…I agree with some of you that a minor shakeup is needed. Its time to put our rested players in.
    The only entertainment last night was watching Tampas goalie make stupid playes that we could’nt capitalize on.

  32. joejoe315…
    I highly doubt your gonna cancel your playoff tix…I know your frustrated but I mean comeon…you think anyone here is gonna believe that

  33. that game was awful last night here in sunny tampa, florida. sjostring looked good and i felt like lundqvist was the only reason the team had a chance through the first two. they couldn’t keep the puck in the offensive zone for more than three seconds (approximately).

  34. Uf they make the playoffs, they are not going anywhere. Maybe two rounds. No chance of winning with this backline. Roszival is poor defensively. Malik is a bum. Strudwick is slow. Backman won’t hit. Tutin still makes dumb mistakes. Mara is not even average. Not one of their 6 D men is a 1 or a possibly even a 2. I would pair Staal with Girardi and play them 25 minutes. They seriously need an off-season upgrade.

  35. jdon,
    I totally agree and have posted basically the same statement.
    At this point screw the division or the eastern conference title, I would be very happy for the rangers to just make the playoffs. I watched the Mets have a 7 game lead last year in September and down the stretch the mets couldn’t win a single game. If the rangers fall apart here and don’t make the playoffs it would be devastating.

  36. Doodie Machetto on

    Look at everyone panic after 2 losses. Earlier in the season, I would have been panicking as well. I’m going to remain calm. Do I think this team can win a cup? No. Do I think they can make it to the Cup finals? Possibly, providing for fortunate matchups and a string of good play(ie, Devils, Flyers). But I’m fairly certain that they will make the playoffs. Since I know that they’re not going to win the cup, I am just happy that some of our younger players will get some playoff experience, making them better for the future. Dawes especially could use a good playoffs after being thrown to the wolves in game 6 last year.

    People bashing Jagr, just stop. He put 2 or 3 passes to Avery with a wide open net and Avery couldn’t do anything with them. Jagr is skating his ass off every shift, and if you don’t see it, you’re just biased against him. I’ve said it before and it bears repeating: Jagr is working harder now than he has over his entire tenure with the Rangers. His skills aren’t there anymore. But to say he isn’t working is ludicrous.

    Re: Backman and Strudwick, that pair needs to stop, immediatley. I never though I would clamor for a Malk-Mara pairing, but I am. Man, I feel dirty for saying that.

    Re: Prucha, I don’t know how you possibly could think that he could be worth two “Sugar Honey Ice Teas” right now. The guy isn’t even remotely close to game shape. He hasn’t played in over a month. He and Renney should change their minds about Hartford and send him there for two weeks. This way, he’ll be in shape for the playoffs. But how you think he could ADD anything at this point, I don’t understand. At least Straka and Shanahan kill penalties. The only way I can see it being beneficial is if you sit Straka, you get him off of the point on the PP. Addition by subtraction? OK, I’ll actually buy that argument. I’ve convinced myself. Swap Prucha for Straka just to get Straka off of the point on the PP, because as much as I don’t think Prucha is ready at this point to play any NHL hockey, I want Straka off of the point on the PP a million times more.

  37. Doodie Machetto,
    I wouldn’t say I am panicking yet but with strudwig, backman and rosi playing defense it is a concern.

  38. Doodie Machetto on

    Rozsi can be good if used correctly. I’d like to see him never play with Jagr. I bet his play would improve dramatically.

  39. Doodie Machetto on

    I would also be a lot more concerned about Tyutin than Rozsival. Tyutin has been just god awful for 3/4s of the season.

    So he gets the highest contract on our blueline! Good ‘ole Sather.

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  41. Not trying to stir the “negative” pot but this team is currently playing the way they have all season…

    Realistically… they have had stretches where they played above average but overall this IS THE TEAM.

    If they make the play-offs they’ll be lucky.

    Panic? No.

    Glass half empty? No.

    Honest? Yup.

    I hope they prove me wrong.

  42. no backcheck, no pay czech on

    f u doodie pants. jagr could not even score on an open net with the goalie out last night .

    he says he wants to play in kladno. good, don’t let the door hit you on the way out

    the team knows it has to depend on Shanny if there is a shootout, or if there is a fight, or if there is something that needs to be said in the media, or etc etc etc . IOW, the real leader.

    jagr is good for nothing but czech nepotism

  43. Doodie,

    I agree re: the defense (in fact I was one of the folks that said a day or so ago that I can’t wait for Malik/Mara to return… brrrrrr scary)… however, I’m now more concerned about the offense which has completely dried up (AGAIN) as of late.

    Sure we beat Boston in the phony balogne shootout but two shutouts in the last 4 games is telling. Also, if memory serves, the two goals against buffalo last monday night were not highlight calibre.

    This squad is in a bad way and are due to lose to some intradivision opponents.

    By this time next week we’ll be thinking about how we’ll need to beat the Isles on April 3rd and 4th to make the post season.

    I’m not fooled by their division record thus far.

  44. Not to mention that the two shutouts were not against anyone named Brodeur or DiPietro.

  45. The Pens just raped the Flyers 7 – 1. Sykora, and Malkin had 2 goals, 2 assists each, and Hossa had a goal in his first game back. Malone fought Cote which i didnt see but can only imagine how that went, lol i hope Malone got knocked out. But anyway, when they get Crosby back, its gonna suck. I dont wanna face these guys in the playoffs at all.


    Lol, last nights game sucked, but you all sound like a bunch of moronic Isles fans.

  46. Sorry to be overly negative, but I believe that we are in big trouble. Sure, the point streak was great as far as the standings were concerned, but I think that the numbers were not accurately reflecting the Rangers’ often lackluster performance during that stretch. There were a few OTLs where the Rangers should have won in regulation, but they sat on their heels once they had the lead. Most notably, there was the awful OTL to Montreal after a 5-0 lead, which was conveniently sandwiched in the middle of the “point streak.”

    The most recent two games, in my opinion, more accurately reflect the way the Rangers have been playing as of late. Sure, they have had their moments, but all season, they’ve suffered from the same problems, even when playing at their best…to name a few: inability to score, foolish penalties, poor defense, and at times, inconsistent goaltending. I think that Renney really needs to shuffle things up and not rely solely on results when it is clear to an objective viewer that this team has some major issues to work out if they’re going to be a legitimate contender in the playoffs (if they get there)….

  47. Please get Prucha back into the lineup and on the power play.

    The PP is putrid! Please Coach Renney get them to screen and shoot and shoot. Stop overpassing around the box. Get the puck to the net and go get the rebound. It’s very simple.

  48. What i wanna know is why do they play Backman on the PP over Staal ? Staal is the ONLY D man on this team that always wants to shoot the puck. More then anyone, even Danny, and Toots aren’t shooting as much as they used to. Im not saying Staal is gonna go crazy and fix the PP, but its a whole hell of a lot better then Backman. Sit out Straka, and put Pruchs in. Hopefully that will light a fire under his ass and he gets going.

    The Caps gotta beat the B’s today, it’s 1 – 1 right now. Right now i am worried cause the Sabs are winning, the B’s are getting back on track, and every other team is either gaining on us, or pulling away. Nyr needs to get there shit together, cause you can not have a game like that this late in the year. Its putrid !!!

  49. Other than Lundqvist they played like dog crap. When you look at how the Lightning’s top offensive players played( Boyle , Lecavlier and St. Louis) vs Shanny, Gomez, Jagr and Drury being complete no shows. The pp is beyond a farce at this point. Imo the team had started to slip in their last point games of the points streak. Pretty sad that their best scoring chances by far were Due to Smith’s comical stickhandling. Get Prucha back in the lineup and use him on the pp. Hell even get Hollweg back in he’ll add energy at least. The Dubinsky line and the Drury lines chemistry seems way off lately. Gomez has turned back into the pumpkin from October all of a sudden. I hope when Mara returns he’ll get more pp time because at least he’s willing to shoot. Next ten vs division foes the effort and instensity must pick up.

  50. Since his acquisition, Chris Backman has been hit with 16 penalty minutes, while drawing ZERO penalty minutes vs. Rangers opponents. Christ, Sather got taken to the cleaners (again). He STILL thinks the farm has nothhing better to offer than Backman, Mara, Strudwick, and Malik. UGH! And some here, as well as Sather, think this team will make a playoff impact. Go watch “Wizard Of Oz”, again, or “Mr. Rogers Neighborhood” reruns, children. Reality doesn’t seem to phase you.

    I have NEVER seen a more disorganized “power play” than what the Rangers offered vs. Tampa Bay, Saturday night. The Tampa Bay penalty killing unit looked more potent.

  51. Gomez a pumpkin? You’re kidding or you’re blind. Since the trade deadline he is winning 58% of his faceoffs (57-98), and has a 14-5 takeaway-giveaway ratio, which indicates he is really working his ass off. Jagr, takeaway-givaway ratio is 2-7, par for the entire season for him; Shanahan 2-4; Avery 2-4.

    It’s been a long season for the old guys so many here were giddy about,last summer, and they just want to go home for the summer and drink coolers. “Let’s keep Nylander, let’s sign this old RFA; let’s keep Straka, Shanahan, and Jagr around till they are 50 and imprison the talented kids in the minors until they are 25 and become Tomas Pock journeyman clones,” you whined. You jerks have egg all over your face now. This next off-season, which is coming up soon, we don’t need to hear the Sather-mentality stick-in-the-mud mantra, again. Go root for that other choke-up team, the Mets.

  52. Buck Re- read the post I said the last few games read before jumping thanks in advance. As far as Hollweg after this many games out he’ll come back extra motivated and throwing the body and agitating imo.

  53. Btb Buck nobody and I mean nobody has suggested keeping guys like Shanny and Straka after this season. I’d rather watch that ”choke-up team the Mets” than jumping on the Stankees bandwagon(you know the team that blew a 3-0 lead in the a series 3 years ago)

  54. You have an entire posse coming after the Rangers. The Sabres are doing it on will power, the Panthers are doing it by hitting everything in sight, the Caps are doing it following Ovechkin. The Bruins are working their asses off and only the Flyers are in a tailspin. When the Rangers were going good, they played hard-nose hockey. Since Backman came, everyone has come down to his level, doing figure 8s and pirouettes, including Avery, and waving meekly as the other teams swarm the net. They got this far by momentum, but now there is no more momentum. Hollweg is not a complete solution to this situation, but at least he won’t go down like they did against Tampa Bay without a fight.

  55. Last night was an absolute disgrace. How can “professionals” take a complete game off? I’ve seen more physicality in Olympic figure skating competions. I’ve seen more determination in a miniature golf match. I’ve seen more spirit in a high school chess club tournament. What a bunch of lazy bums!!! If they don’t pull their collective heads out of their backsides real quick they’ll get buried the next two weeks. Oh yeah, that Backman trade was a great deal, right? Wonder what his penalty vs ice time ratio is at this point? What a stiff.

  56. Jagr phone home….he has no passion, is he saving it for the playoffs or something?
    Or is this guy just finished?

  57. Yes, Avery does and can bring energy to the Rangers but he is not a first liner; he does have a tendency to miss good set-ups. Move Freddy to the 3rd line and sit Straka and insert Prucha on the 4th. The weekend was an embarassing disaster and having to watch Strudwick on the ice made me cringe all during the 2 games. Except for Freddy and Henrik, this team looked as if there was no motivation to win 4 points towards the end of the season. Ugh, and Tuesday the Pens come to town. I still want to think the cup is half full…maybe some optimism will help. But there is no excuse for highly paid professionals to perform so poorly.

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