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If Jaromir Jagr has any desire to be a Ranger next season, why wouldn’t he just say so when we asked him about it yesterday?

That was one reaction “I took away from a conversation”: in which the captain was otherwise perfectly vague. It appears the only other person present for it “had the same take”:

Again, there is the chance that Jagr simply doesn’t want his contract status to be a distraction at such a pivotal time, which is understandable and even admirable. But the other side to consider is the issue loses steam the moment Jagr declares he wants to be back.

Stay tuned…

In other news, I got this e-mail from the NHL this morning:

The National Hockey League (NHL) and the National Hockey League Players’ Association (NHLPA) today announced a new global multi-year partnership with Bridgestone Firestone North American Tire, LLC (BFNT) and Bridgestone Firestone Canada Inc. (BFCA) in which the Bridgestone brand will serve as the “Official Tire of the NHL, NHLPA and the Hockey Hall of Fame.”

Oh, thank heavens at least that’s been resolved. The lack of an Official Tire for the league has been gnawing at me for months….

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  1. Did Bridgestone buy ESPN?

    Salty – agreed on your last comment from the prev thread. I don’t see Jags taking a lesser role in the NHL either. Shanny, maybe.

  2. It’s amazing. Instead of trying to get a national network contract in place after crappy Versus is up, the NHL feems this to be a big move.

    I hope they sign with Dixie so we can have official disposble forks, knives and spoons of the NHL.

    Ranger Nation

  3. longtimerangersfan on

    Thanks for that tidbit, Sam…I’ve been on pins and needles for some time now too. Um, I have Bridgestone tires on my Marauder.

  4. Isn’t this more of a distraction then if he just let you know his intentions? Or does he just not want to be booed for already deciding that he’s leaving?

  5. At least now we don’t have to deal with the vagaries of tire promotion. Thank God for that.

    If Slats had sad he wasn’t sure that Jagr would be back when he was in Prague, socialism may not have had a kind face. He had to say this, but he should have warned Jagr that he was going to say this. So there is no communication between GM and captain about something as important as this? Maybe Jagr didn’t get the email?

  6. Salty – agreed on your last comment from the prev thread. I don’t see Jags taking a lesser role in the NHL either.


    It actually says so much about him. He also says he knows he wants to go play in Kladnow or whatever when he’s done here.

    Translation: Well I’m no longer the big fish in this pond, so I’m just gonna go to a smaller pond where I can be the best guy around.

    See ya Jagr… who’s on deck?

  7. It appears to me that jagr knows he is older now and declining
    and has a hard time keeping up playing in the nhl and rather finish his career playing for his countrymen’s team where he can do more and be more productive. It doesn’t appear to me that jagr wants to come back. It appears that in his mind this is his last shot at the cup but nobody knows for sure.

  8. My personal opinion is i think the rangers should move on anyway and not resign jagr or shanahan and fill those spots with younger players with size and ability and that also includes straka, malik and mara.

  9. Doodie Machetto on

    “As long as the wheels don’t fall off the Rangers…”

    How long did it take you to come up with that gem?

    My take on the Jagr thing is he is going to test the market, try and leverage whatever money he can get against Slats, and if he doesn’t get it, he’ll decide what to do from there. He doesn’t want to commit to NY because he has no idea what some teams might offer him.

  10. jagr has already won two cups but I think he wants to see guys like straka and some others finally win one. He might not be saying anything so the team is more motivated to win knowing he might not be back next year.

  11. Doodie Machetto,
    How did you come up with that conclusion. Did you read his comment about wanting to finish his career in prague? Jagr also stated he didn’t want to play for another nhl team. It was stated at the trade deadline that there wasn’t a market for jagr.

  12. There’s a market for every player. We missed our chance to deal him. That doesn’t fall on Jagr though. It falls on the GM to make the team better and build for the future. Instead of losing players to free agency. Well, I hope we do well in the playoffs. It’s looking like it’ll be his last go-around. Jagr should be THE most motivated player in the league right now.

    salty – I was going to use the ‘pond’ reference too. I don’t think that should be a surprise to anyone.

  13. Bridgestone Tires aced Michelin Tires a couple years ago to lock up exclusive usage in Formula-1 races. At least the Rangers are on the winning side. The Formula-1 season starts next weekend in Australia. Maybe they can freeze the infield and have a hockey game there during pit stops.

  14. Salty wrote, “You are just not going to get a “quality” playing surface on a one-off rink constructed on a ballfield.” Quality ice you say. Have you seen the ice at MSG lately and history. It sucks. The ballfield could actually be better.

    This means all the Zambonis have Bridgestone tires? What a relief.

  15. jagr has already won two cups but I think he wants to see guys like straka and some others finally win one.


    what kind of disney cartoon do you think this is? are you xxcking kidding?

  16. Yes to signing younger players with size and ability. Sather nixed a Steve Bernier – Sean Avery trade at the deadline, I see at Yahoo Sports. Oh, God, what a terrible blunder. Bernier (RW) is 6-2, uses his muscle, and scores. With Jagr and Shanahan on borrowed time, it was the perfect trade at the perfect time for this club. This could be another disaster we have to look back on with regret. Remember, Gordie Howe at 16 was cut by the Rangers. Rick Middleton at 23 was traded by the Rangers for junk. Bernier is no Gordie Howe but, then, Sean Avery is no Steve Bernier. Sather must be drinking too much Irish Coffee or something. Just sickening it is to learn that he turned down a steal of a deal.

  17. Doodie Machetto on

    tomg, I think I’d like Jagr back for one more season, but not Straka or Shanahan. But highly incentivized, like I had posted in the last thread. Just to recap, the idea was 2.5 base, with 1 million bonus for 25 goals, 1 mil for 50 assists, 1 mil for 90 points, 1 mil for conference finals, 1 mil for stanley cup. Potentially a total of 7.5 million, but if he scores 25g and 90 pts, and we win the cup, isn’t 7.5 million worth it?

    But I would definitely be active for wings during free agency. Ryan Malone would be my top priority. 6’4″ 225 lbs., with offensive upside. Also Vrbata in Phoenix, although I’m fairly certain he’ll resign there.

    Other than those two guys, there aren’t any wings that I would want to sign as more than a placeholder for some kids in Hartford. But to say no more Jagr is a mistake. The thing is, I don’t think our offense would be as good if we were to drop Jagr. Even in his decline, he still is 2nd on the team in points. And we don’t really have any NHL caliber scoring wings in Hartford. Dawes may one day be a top line wing, but certainly not yet. Same goes for Prucha and Callahan. Avery is NOT a first line wing, nor will he ever be. I mean, suppose these were our lines:


    Does that really instill any offensive threat in anyone? Furthermore, how are our wings not STEAMROLLED every night if they’re that shrimpy?

    Also who would you suggest take that spot on Dubinsky’s wing? Parenteau? Moore?

    That’s why I think you’ve gotta resign Jagr, and go after Ryan Malone or Radim Vrbata (preferably Malone). Your lines could be this:

    Avery-Dubinsky-Jagr (it seems to be working)

    And don’t even get me started on Defense.

  18. I think Jagr has his mind made up…and is going to leave at the end of the season. I could be wrong but look at it this way, he’s what, 35 so if he sticks around the NHL for another few years, its less likely he’ll be motivated to play in Czech Rep. If he leaves now he still has a few good years in him over there.

    I honestly don’t care one way or the other. If he stays…good, but it better be for alot less money and if he goes…good, we now have the parts to carry on and be a great team for a while.

  19. Beer Me!,
    my point about jagr was that sather was asked if he ever thought of trading jagr and he said no. Sather was also asked if he got calls from any teams about jagr and he said no. That shows me that teams aren’t interested in jagr so to me there isn’t another team that will throw money at jagr in the off season. IMO I just think jagr knows he can’t perform in the nhl anymore like he used to and he rather go play in a league where he will be able to skate around more freely and score more goals.

  20. Doodie Machetto on

    Buckmeister, don’t remind me of the Bernier for Avery deal, it makes me too upset that he passed.

    Tom, I get that from his comments because it seemed to say to me that the Czech league isn’t as good as the NHL, so he can go back there when he’s done here and still be competitive. I think it sounded like he still wanted to be in the NHL for one or two more years in his comments yesterday. In those comments, he didn’t say NY was the only team he wanted to play for (note Sam’s entire post). But something he did say in the post was that he was OK with free agency. I think he’s planning on testing the market and seeing what happens from there.

  21. I was going to post something but I found the post above me to have said the dumbest things I’ve heard in awhile. Bernier has been having great games of late…..o wait hes injured!

    LETS GO RANGERS!!!!!!!

  22. I have a feeling Slats will go for another winger in the offseason… probably via trade because I can’t think of any UFA wingers other than Hossa (please no) and Rolston.

  23. Doodie Machetto,
    I agree with your last post, I just didn’t agree with you that jagr wants to test the free agency market. It’s either resign with the rangers or play in prague. From reading between the lines on what jagr said it appears he feels he has to work allot harder now in the nhl than ever before and it appears he rather finish his career playing in prague where it
    will be easier for him to play and score.

  24. Have you seen the ice at MSG lately and history. It sucks. The ballfield could actually be better.


    No one ever said MSG had good ice. But to compare it to a one-time use outdoor rink (I’m judging by the game in buffalo this year) is retarded. If you watched the game, you know it had awful gameplay. Complete novelty act, geared for people that normally don’t care about the sport. But the reality is its still new enough to still be kinda cool.

    rangers @ yankee stadium…. unreal.

  25. longtimerangersfan on

    These are stats on Gordie Howe…don’t see anywhere about him being with the Rangers. Was Omaha a Ranger farm club?
    Career Notes
    Brother of Vic Father of Marty and Mark USHL Second All-Star Team (1946) NHL Second All-Star Team (1949, 1950, 1956, 1959, 1961, 1962, 1964, 1965, 1967) NHL First All-Star Team (1951, 1952, 1953, 1954, 1957, 1958, 1960, 1963, 1966, 1968, 1969, 1970) Art Ross Trophy (1951, 1952, 1953, 1954, 1957, 1963) Hart Trophy (1952, 1953, 1957, 1958, 1960, 1963) Lester Patrick Trophy (1967) WHA First All-Star Team (1974, 1975) Gary Davidson Trophy (Most Valuable Player WHA) (1974) Played in NHL All-Star Game (1948, 1949, 1950, 1951, 1952, 1953, 1954, 1955, 1957, 1958, 1959, 1960, 1961, 1962, 1963, 1964, 1965, 1967, 1968, 1969, 1970, 1971, 1980) Played exhibition schedule only with Galt Red Wings (OHA-Jr.) in 1944-45 season after OHA rejected transfer request. Signed as a free agent by Omaha (USHL), November 1, 1945. Signed as a free agent by Detroit, October 8, 1946. Signed as a free agent by Houston (WHA), June 5, 1973. Signed as a free agent by New England (WHA), June, 1977. Rights retained by Hartford prior to Expansion Draft, June 9, 1979. Oldest player (52 years, 10 days) to play in a NHL game, April 11, 1980. (Montreal 4, Hartford 3). Signed to a one-game contract by Detroit (IHL), September, 1997.

  26. RobZ, I’m reading but not seeing…
    I know I’m not blind but unless your reading into someones post…
    I don’t see that stated anywhere unless its in a previous thread

  27. I can only hope that sather doesn’t get plyed again and throw to much money at jagr and shanahan. God knows we need to bring in more physical d-men to replace malik, strudwig, mara, unfortunately where stuck with backman.

  28. Adam and his Apple on

    doodie- “Avery is NOT a first line wing, nor will he ever be.”

    ummm dood, hes on our first line right now and was on a crazy goal scoring pace

    he has the speed, shot, playmaking ability, hockey IQ and juevos to be a first line player, the only thing i think he lacks is the breakaway moves but those will come

    he is finally realizing that he can get teams off their game when he just plays the smart heady game that he always knew he could play

    he is definitely a first liner in my book

  29. Back from vacation and I missed alot. Bernier for Avery was passed up on?? Interesting- The only way it is really bad is if Avery walks and we get nothing, otherwise Avery provides alot of heart to this team and I wouldn’t mind seeing him stay, for the right $$$$.

    Why doesn’t Sather talk to the NY media???? Sam can you do a reverse Avery boycott and have all of the writers just refuse to even ask him anything until he learns to respect the media in his hometown.

  30. “my point about jagr was that sather was asked if he ever thought of trading jagr and he said no.”

    Don’t believe everything you hear. I have ZERO doubt there were discussions.

  31. beer me!!,
    “I have ZERO doubt there were discussions.” If I am understanding you correctly, that is what I am saying, that there was no discussion at anytime in trading jagr and there was never a time when a team called sather inquiring about jagr. That’s why i don’t think there will be a team interested in giving jagr money and a contract, of course all this is hear say and nobody really knows what jagr is going to do until july 1st.

  32. I said I have zero/NO doubt that there WERE discussions. Meaning: Slats spoke to other GM’s about a deal involving Jags. I wouldn’t doubt Hank’s name being brought up either. Or any other player on the team either.

  33. I watched the Boston vs. lightning game last night through streaming video on my pc and i have to say that the lightning are playing much better than they have the entire season. The rangers do not respond well to a second game from the night before, it’s going to be a rough game for the rangers to win so they better win against the panthers tonight.

  34. Longtimefan – I remember hearing about Howe and the Rangers also. It was on tv awhile back. I have no idea what show it was, but it definitely took place. Howe AT LEAST had a try-out with the Rangers. I don’t think you can find that info anywhere though.

  35. longtime

    I think the Rangers owned the rights to Gordie’s brother Vic and Gordie tried out with the team when he was 18 or so…..and ,unbelievably, the Rangers apparently were not impressed and declined to sign him.

  36. beer me!!,
    in all fairness you said zero, didn’t see any “no”, ok, so that is settle, next post.

  37. adam – I don’t think that the ‘avery 1st line’ thing is as literal as you think. On the other 29 NHL teams, I really don’t think you’d see Avery on the 1st line. He’s on the NYR first line due to balancing and chemistry. And to tell you the truth, the only guy on our 1st line that plays like a 1st liner has been Dubi.

  38. Doodie Machetto on

    Avery had a hot streak. And he doesn’t score half of those goals if he isn’t left wide open due to the defenders that Jagr draws. The guy is a second line talent, tops.

    Without Dubinsky and Jagr, he was nothing this season, a complete non-factor.

    And for the person who made the argument that Avery for Bernier would have been a bad deal because Bernier is injured, I’m sorry, but that’s just the WORST argument I’ve ever heard. If he wasn’t playing for Buffalo, then he might not have gotten injured. You have no idea about that whatsoever. Furthermore, if we traded Avery, what’s to say his wrist injury didn’t come up or some other injury occurred to him while he was in SJ. But forgetting all of that, so the guy is going to be injured for a little while. That doesn’t erase the near decade that he could have been a STUD for us.

    God, can we play a “fudgin” game already!??!

  39. Doodie Machetto on

    via wikipedia:

    “Howe received his first taste of pro experience when he was invited to a New York Rangers training camp; however, Howe made his NHL debut in 1946 at the age of 18, playing right wing for the Detroit Red Wings.”

  40. I couldn’t believe that the devils came back and beat the wild last night in a shootout. If my memory serves me correctly wasn’t that the team where one of the wild players scored 5 goals against the rangers this year.

  41. Thanks beer me,
    and I agree, where not the same team as we were that night but it pisses me off that the devils keep winning. I don’t get it. I look at that team and I’m not impressed but year after year not only do they win but they battle for the top spot in our division.

  42. To change topics here to a league perspective.

    Head Shots.

    Here’s my idea… If you deliver a head shot to any player, and that player misses significant time due to head trauma. The agressor should miss the same amount of time. Going back to Bertuzzi…that should have ended both players’ career.

    Too harsh? Are the current rules acceptable?

  43. Adam and his Apple on


    You can say that about a lot of first liners that without their other linemates they wouldnt be first liners -michael renberg on the Legion of Doom line anybody?-

    and yes on some occassions jagr has created space for avery and doobie, but avery often times creates a ton of offense just by himself, and its not like jagr is always being double teamed

    i dont know why people especially rangers fans question his ability, the guys entering his prime and is showing untapped potential

  44. Can I just say that I got the NHL Network last night and I now no longer feel afraid of having hockey withdrawal over the summer. I absolutely love that channel.

  45. and I agree, where not the same team as we were that night but it pisses me off that the devils keep winning. *I don’t get it. I look at that team and I’m not impressed but year after year not only do they win but they battle for the top spot in our division.*


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  46. Why make a controversy out of something when there is none. He doesn’t want to distract from what the team is doing right now. Also with Jags he doesn’t want to say he wants to be back if he feels he’s not sure the team wants him back. From his comments about what Sather said in Prague. Jagr has always stated how much he likes it here and how much it means to him to be the captain. I say bring Jagr back. :)

  47. hockeymanrangers # 2 on

    If this is Jags last year, I wish he would get on his high horse and bust out scoring. AND WIN THE CUP. That would be one hell of way to leave the NHL.

  48. I think it’s admirable that Jagr is trying not to be forced into lying to the fans that he’s dying to come back to NY next year. He doesn’t seem to know what he wants, and is in the position to decide post-season. I’d rather he be honest and focus on this year then lie and rave about how he’s dreaming of his career ending in a Blueshirt.

    He’s looking to finish, probably when he’s irrelevant in the NHL, in his smaller hometown of Kladno, about 20 miles outside Prague. I think that’s cool.

  49. Jagr does not say anything because he is an upstanding guy and does not want to tell a lie … he probably does not 100% know what he is going to do and does not want to say something and then 3 months later do something else… He does not want to do a Saban or a Jr. Seau or a Peter Forsberg saying he is done or staying and then going a little while later.

  50. Great article on the Rodent website. I agree 100%. He says not to get too excited on the recent Ranger hot streak. He correalates it to October/Nov when Henke was stealing games but team not playing well … then they hit the skids … same thing here — team is winning but not really playing well … 3 of the last 4 teams have gotten points off of the Rangers … the powerplay is still bad … no scoring from lines 3 and 4 … territorially they have been dominated …he suggests resting Shanahan and Straka … that would be OK … I would also like to see Prucha play … and play on the powerplay … Avery could go with Betts for a great sandpaper line with offensive potential and Prucha or Callahan can play with Jagr …

  51. hockeymanrangers # 2 on

    Really, I am ok either way with or with out Jags. We seem to have enough offence, maybe repalce him with a big deal d-man. But then again, I really like watching him when he is at his best. I think if he really does go I will be bumed for awhile.

  52. Koffy…I don’t get it why must the lines aways change…NO!
    Fine the team may not be playing great hockey but they are finding ways to win…
    Last night the Devils played terrible defense and gave up 2 quick goals…then with that same bad defense…tied the game then before the end of the second the Wild scored. So I was happy…but no the Devs came back tied it again and won in the shootout…
    Point is good teams find a way to win whether the goalie steals one or the game is a shootout and is won 6-5.
    The last thing we need is to shuffle the lines

  53. hockeymanrangers # 2 on

    Yea I kind of have been thinking the same thing as what THE RODENT is saying. Although I didn’t read and going by what Koffy is saying. But yea we are not really scoring a LOT of goals. I don’t think we are in a scoring slump, but we are just not scoring a lot of goals. But I think we can turn that around pretty easily though, the closer we get to the playoffs. The more players will step up and start scoring for us. And if Henrik can keep it up we should really do well. Hopefully we will find out tonight, lets see some nice passing and some nice goals. I know we can do it.

  54. I’ve been saying what “Rodent” said, all season. Winning does not automatically = good, strong hockey.

    Also, they are not a playoff team. I’m on board with them, but I’m not dumb. They are going nowhere special.

  55. salty,
    who do you think is the team in the eastern conference that will make it to the stanely cup this year?

  56. “Also, they are not a playoff team. I’m on board with them, but I’m not dumb. They are going nowhere special.”

    Salty, I hope you eat those words

    I like what Stan is saying better…

    In particular…”Renney notes that his lads have slipped in terms of their “defensive conscience” and that only proves that the coach is paying attention. Perfection doesn’t come with every win.”

  57. I’d be interested, salty, to know what team from the east you think will reach the final. If you could also add what the difference in that team compared to the Rangers.

    You also said all year this team won’t make the playoffs.

  58. Montreal will win the East because they are the only team with consistent special teams. 5 on 5 play is so even, that MTL is the team with an edge because of their PP. Pitts PP is good, but their D and goaltending are suspect.

  59. Prucha27,
    I watched the senators last night beat the candiens 3-0 in the bell centre. The senators look like they got there game back on. If I had to pick i would pick the senators.

  60. hockeymanrangers # 2 on

    I don’t think anyone can say they or any other team are not going to do well in the playoffs. You just NEVER KNOW, when a team will light fire. IT COULD HAPPEN, Henrik could stay hot and the boys could start scoring goals. BUT COME FELLOW BLOGGERS WHY WOULDN’T YOU HAVE A POSITVE ATTITUDE????

  61. tomg – Ottawa’s goaltending is just too inconsistent. They have also shown they they can be as brutal as they are superb. Montreal has steadily clicked along betwenn good and great all year, no significant team slumps to speak of.

    They are fast, they are mean, they have a great goalie who’s probably too young to understand the pressure (a la Cam Ward). They’re backup isn’t that bad either.

    I just see it being extremely difficult for any team in the east to beat Montreal 4 times before they lose 4 times.

  62. hockeymanrangers # 2,
    I agree, there is usually a team that gets hot in the playoffs and makes a run at the cup and the way the eastern conference has played out this year you never know what team will make it to the cup. The only problem I have with the rangers making it to the cup is there blue line. In the playoffs the stakes are much higher and more physical play is the results of the stakes being higher. I just don’t think the rangers have the d-men to get to the cup. The rangers have to soft of a blue line to play 4 rounds of hockey.

  63. Doodie Machetto on

    Guys, I suggest you watch the highlights from last night’s Devils game. The 3rd Minnesota goal was RIDICULOUS!

  64. Doodie Machetto,
    I watched the game, I saw it, it was a nice setup and easy goal but the devils still found a way to come back and win, urgh!!!!

  65. hockeymanrangers # 2 on

    Tomg Yea I kind of agree, lets just hope we are wrong. And IF WE CAN go aways it will give some of our young players some playoff experiance for seasons to come.

  66. Doodie Machetto on

    I want the Rangers to finish 2nd in the conference and to play Philly, whom I hope will be in 7th.

    The Rangers should try and avoid Ottawa and Boston at all costs.

  67. Blows my mind that people keep saying our Defense sucks, yet we have consistently been in the top 5 in the league in D all year long!!

  68. hockeymanrangers # 2 on

    Doodie Machetto
    Hey that sounds good, being as I live in PA and have several Flyer fans around here. We are always at each (all in fun) when we play the Flyers. And it’s been a good year for the Rangers against them, I always like to see them lose.

  69. hockeymanrangers # 2 on

    Gerry D
    I don’t think anyone said they sucked. I think some people are concerned to see if our D can hold up in the gruelling playoff run. We all should know the playoffs are a whole other game. The speed and hitting, game in and game out it is a LONG HAUL. The other thing we have been a pretty good defensive TEAM as whole MOST, OK SOME of the time.

  70. At this point ANY corporation that is willing to give the league money is a good thing. Support those that support our favorite sport and go out and buy Bridgestone Tires.

  71. I would not want to play Ottawa, Boston or Philly in that order …yes we have beat Philly pretty easily this year but I think they can intimidate us — actually intimidate Renney … Renney is not a good ‘game’ coach … in-game adjustments … that is not his strength … Julien has outcoached him every Bruin game .. I see no reason we cannot catch the Devils … the Penguins will be the harder catch.

  72. Such friekin negativity. Salty needs some meds and soon. I bet if we had 26 of 26 pts instead of 23 of 26 pts you dopes would still be complaining.

    “This is not a playoff team.” Salty I give you the benefit of the doubt by tolerating things you say and chalking it up to you being a glass half empty guy. Then you say something like that and it borders on plain old stupidity. I am not saying you are stupid. I am saying that statement reeks of stupidity.

    Name 8 other teams in the conference who are “playoff” teams if the Blueshirts are not.

    All the parity in this league and we are 10-0-3 in our last 13 and everyone thinks we still suck. Some Hockey Rodent aka a Rat has some stupid opinion and everyone is like, “Oh yeah, we suck.” Do some statistics work you idiots. And I don’t mean GAA and GF and stuff like that. Just think about probabilities of going 10-0-3 with all the parity in this league. For most of you the probability stuff (again, not talking about goals for, goals against stats), is above your heads. The odds are huge. In fact, I challenge anyone out there to tell me how many teams in this league have put a streak like that together this year. I am guessing that the Sharks have one right now, Detroit maybe did it once, Ottawa did it once at the beginning of the season, and that is probably it.

    Yeah, the Rangers suck right now. Yep, you guys are right.

    Umm, we beat Montreal more than they beat us this year. We are playing better hockey than they are right now. We had on period and a half of brainfart against them. Big friekin deal.

    Doodie you said you would not want to play Boston right now. They are like 4-4-2 and in their last 10 and we beat them while playing bad hockey. They lost 6 of their last 7 (2 in OT but still) and would have lost 7 of 7 if Donald Brashear wasn’t a dumbass.

    Ottawa was just shut out back to back in late Feb and espite winning their last 3, lost 6 of 7 before that.

    I watched the Devils game last night and they looked very beatable. In fact, Minnesota doesn’t even have that good a record against good teams this year and the Devs got outplayed by them. (BTW, I hate listening to Chico and Emrick. They sit there and fellate each other and the Devs all night. Yuck!)

    There is a lot of parity out there and the fact that the NYR are undefeated in their last 13 speaks volumes.

    All you crackerjacks are saying, “This sucks. That sucks. Change the lineup. Etc. Etc.,” I think just like to see your names in print. Pathetic.

    Changing the lineup to rest some guys is a fair call. But changing it just to change it and put Prucha in because someone has a mancrush on the guy is the dumbest thing I have heard. Taking Avery off the 1st line to play with Cally and Betts…again, just stupid.

    The team I would least want to play right now is probably Carolina.

    Beer Me! help me out here….

  73. I don’t know who will win the East. Montreal, NJ, and even Ottawa still all come to mind. I do know it won’t be a New York team. The New York Rangers simply don’t have it, personally I think many of you should be ashamed for being so certain a conference final is in our future, let alone challenging for the cup. (though I’m cheering) I know that once the playoffs roll around this team is going to be severely exposed and ultimately DOA. We’re playing strong lately but we are so far from dominant… there is such a glaring difference since last year.

    And the thing all those teams have is that “5th gear” to shift into when the going gets tough. *The New York Rangers do not have that.* Coming from behind, like, *once* all season does not spell “winner”. Even down this last stretch of points…. we don’t have that gunners dream to just get that late goal and crush another teams hopes of OT.

  74. I’m negative because it’s impossible to forget 1997-2004. I think we have everything necessary for a successful post season run, EXCEPT for special teams success… Look at Montreal.. Markov and Kovalev are pretty much their PP.. and they have a GREAT PP…

    Our PP is a joke, and there’s no excuse for going 0-5 every game!

    20% PP + Vezina-worthy Lundqvist = Cup.

  75. Salty…go smoke some dope or something. Drink some tequila. Get laid. Rub one out. Watch a porn. Do something. You are just captain negative.

    Don’t cheer for the NYR. We don’t need your one foot out the door cheers and then your the first one saying Rah Rah when we get to the conference finals.


  76. “This team will ultimately be exposed…”

    Yes, I know Jagr, Shanny, Gomer, Drury, Straka….those guys are all known to be flash in the pan guys with no playoff experience.

  77. Name 8 other teams in the conference who are “playoff” teams if the Blueshirts are not.

    ATL “made the playoffs”… did you really consider them a “playoff team”? Getting to the dance doesn’t mean you can break it down.

    I’m sorry guys. I think the Rangers are on a hot streak but from my observation they are not playing like they are after the conference or anything like that. They are still teetering by teams that they should be SMOKING, and it’s just not very convincing. I could not agree more with the Rodent on this one.

    That said, I havent been as psyched for a game as I am tonight… I would love to see some DOMINANT play. Believe me, I want to be genuinely excited and confident in the Rangers more than anyone but I will not allow myself to buy into fools gold! Not my style.

    Lets go RAGZ

  78. Fair point on Atlanta Salty. But that was one team who deservedly should not have been there. We swept them!

    Then we were within 7 secs of beating the Sabres. We took the sting out of the Sabres that allowed Ottawa to beat them, IMHO.

    This year with Carolina going 8-1-1 in their last 10 I find it hard to think they are not a playoff worthy team.

    I still firmly believe in a 7 game series, I like our chances versus anyone in our conference.

  79. haha – newman. As I was reading that, I was like ‘I guess this is where I come in’. lol

    I’ll be glad to help, but it’s really no use. I can’t try to change their minds anymore. If people don’t want to enjoy this team, they don’t have to. The people who doubt their team and bitch to other Ranger fans about this guy sux, that guy sux, are the same one’s who turn around and bash the other local teams to their fans.

    It’s easier for them to say “I told you so” when their team doesn’t win a championship b/c the odds are in their favor to be correct. I DO think that positive fans are better fans. There’s nothing physical to prove that. It’s an emotional connection to something that you love. Win or lose, I love the Rangers.

    Pavel – good thing it’s not pre-2004 anymore huh? It’s 2008 and we’re a few points out of the conference lead.

    We’ve earned the most points over any 13 game stretch that any other team in the NHL has this year. This team does not suck. To the contrary, we’re playing our best hockey at THE most important time of the regular season.

    The playoffs are anyone’s. Detroit is going to hobble in with injuries to some of their top players. I wouldn’t be surprised to see them exit in round 1 … again. Haven’t we learned anything from seeing them win the Pres trophy year after year? I actually think it’ll be Ana or CGY in the finals from the west. (I picked cgy at the start of the season, so I have to stick with it).

    The East is ABSOLUTELY any (of the top 6)team’s for the taking right now. Regular season and playoffs.

  80. Doodie Machetto on

    “Doodie you said you would not want to play Boston right now. They are like 4-4-2 and in their last 10 and we beat them while playing bad hockey. They lost 6 of their last 7 (2 in OT but still) and would have lost 7 of 7 if Donald Brashear wasn’t a dumbass.”

    True, but we always seem to play like absolute “Sugar Honey Iced Tea” against them. That’s my only motivation in wanting to avoid them.

    As for Ottawa, they slumped for a while, but on any given night are the most dangerous team in the East. Their biggest weakness remains in between the pipes, but I think that’s why they would match well against us, since the Rangers have a habit of making B level goaltenders look like Vezina winners.

    You mention Carolina, and while I would agree, I think that they are too weak defensively to compete effectively in the playoffs. I think even our lame PP would be able to destroy their even lamer PK.

  81. Don’t cheer for the NYR. We don’t need your one foot out the door cheers and then your the first one saying Rah Rah when we get to the conference finals.


    Hey, I do hear you on that, and it is absolutely a fair criticism. Believe me, I have actual guilt about that. End of the day, I’m still a Ranger fan. Maybe just a harsh parent who expects my “kid” to be the best though.

    All I can say is I want to be proud of the team, for real…the funny thing is they don’t have to neccesarily win for me to be proud of them… they just have to play like they are interested in *beating* teams and proving everyone wrong (or right?).

  82. Newman – You truly have a selective memory. I had valid reasons for Prucha playing.

    1. Shanahan has 7 goals in his last 20 games.
    2. Straka has 2.
    3. They are both 35+ years old and have played PP, PK and ES minutes, which takes a toll.
    4. If there’s an injury, do you want a player inserted into a playoff lineup that hasn’t seen any game action for 1+ months? I don’t.

    You riff and rant and whine about other people’s realistic arguments and insert your own wild innuendo as if we should all bow to your fountain of knowledge.

    You can be a blind faith fan if you want, it doesn’t mean you have to knock those who have worries about the team based on fact. WANTING the team to win is one thing…Believing they CAN win is something entirely different. If you watch games and think this team, playing as it is now, can make a DEEP playoff run, then you don’t really know anything about the sport.

  83. have you seen bernier play a lot. well i have. I see all sharks games. he is nowhere near as valuable as avery. bernier has size, he can score some, he can forecheck, and he will fight. BUT, he does it sporadically. he has trouble putting good games in a row. he tends to go invisible for games at a time. he has been sent down by the sharks for that reason, he has been sat out for that reason. and he will always be an inconsistent, wish he would do it more often type of player.

    he played a good game in his buffalo debut, then went invisible for several games, then got a groin pull and sat out. that is him in a nutshell.

    I have seen both players a lot, and Avery is way more of a winning factor and team uplifting catalyst than Bernier is, believe me.

  84. Howe was 16 and SKINNY, which is why the Rangers passed on him. As though he would never fill out.

  85. Omaha was a Montreal farm club in the original Central Hockey League. The Rangers were in St. Paul, the Bruins had Minneapolis, the Leafs had Tulsa, etc.

  86. Bernier is 22 – his focus will come up to the level of his natural ability, in time. Avery is peaking right now. The reason Sather did not make this deal is simple – he thinks the Rangers have a real shot at winning the Cup with Avery, this year. Rather fanciful wish, considering all the teams ahead of the Rangers on the Las Vegas odds board. But when did reality ever impress Sather. And where the hell does he think Replacements for Jagr and Shanahan are coming from. First he doesn’t like to promote from withing the Rangers system, except for injury call-ups. Now, one the few times he should trade for an outside organization player he doesn’t do it – because Bernier is YOUNG. Too young, at 22, and Sather hates anyone who is younger than Abe Lincoln.

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