Valley wants to be back


Stephen Valiquette said he hasn’t had any discussions with the Rangers about a contract for next season, but that he wants to be back.

Neither of these revelations should come as much of a surprise. One, given the other free agents on the team’s roster, the backup goalie might not be much of a priority right around now. And the team probably already has a good idea that Valiquette isn’t interested in walking away.

Just much does Valiquette like being a Ranger? This is how he described it to me:

“The staff is the best in the league. It’s the best facility. The best plane. The best food on the plane. The best workout facilities. The best coaches. There isn’t one negative aspect of being a New York Ranger. The quality of life is great here.”

In other words, he’s pretty miserable.

Truth is, the Rangers have stumbled on a gem with Valiquette, not only because he’s capable of stealing a game from time-to-time, but because he has no ego to speak of, and is happy to be the starting goalie’s biggest supporter. That’s not a common combination of traits.

And given all that, you wonder if Valiquette’s success opened the door for Al Montoya being shipped out of town. Valiquette shot down that theory when I asked him, and Tom Renney only said the combination of Henrik Lundqvist and Valiquette allowed the team to feel comfortable making the deal.

Obviously. But I would have to think holding on to Montoya would be much more important to the Rangers if Valiquette turned out to be a disappointment this season.

As we know now, though, that hasn’t been the case, and my guess is the Rangers will feature the same goaltending tandem in 2008-09 that they do now. And unlike some of his teammates, Valiquette doesn’t sound like he’s going to push the Rangers too hard when it comes to a new deal.
“No,” he said when I asked him if there’s been any talk so far. “But should I be like Sean Avery and tell you what I think I’m worth?”

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  1. Lundqvist and Valiquette = Giacomin and Villemure

    Let’s hope there’s a Vezina in their future.

  2. He’ll probably be competing with David LeNeveu and Miika Wiikman in preseason, but have the upper hand on the job. It would be interesting to see what happens if Lundqvist gets injured at any time, but hopefully, since it will probably happen at one point, it will be the beginning of a season, towards the end of the season when we have the playoffs locked up, or during a really bad season anyway. My hunch would be split time for the backups. If it’s during a good season, they might have to trade for somebody.

    But I really think it’s better if we did not think about that happening. Anyway, I would love to see SpiderMAN back next season.

  3. From previous thread:
    “Roman Lyashenko is dead. He would have to pass through a lot more than waivers.”

    Ruttser – His death was sad but this is one of the funniest lines I read in along time!

    talented orr – LOL. I shouln’t laugh at that, but it’s to funny. But seriously, its not funny.

    Borkman – welcome.

    Valiquette – “But should I be like Sean Avery and tell you what I think I’m worth?”

    Harsh man.

  4. The Lyashanko line is great.

    (all #’s appx.) This years supporting cast:

    Vally – $635k, Cally – $600k, Dubi – $615, Orr – $525k, Betts -$615, Dawes $475k, Girardi $550k, Struds $500k.

    Sjostrom @ $800k vs. Marcel @ $780k. That’s worth every penny of $20k…IMO.

  5. I remember hearing a quote once (no clue who the credit goes to, but yeah) a year or so back about how playing for the Rangers was just like playing for a great Canadian team, except without the overexposure and relentless media. i.e. The organization, because the Rangers are both an original six team and a highly successful one (our season ticket holder waiting list is probably longer than other teams’ season ticket holder list!), is top-notch. Valli’s comments pretty much back-up that sentiment.

    The only team in the US that can probably compete from an organizational standpoint are the Red Wings, and if you look at their crowds on TV these days even they’ve seen better days.

  6. Who Needs Lohan (so Scarey) on

    Wow, blogger named zebras gave us some very interesting statistics that all of you so far have chosen to ignore. You just cant look past those numbers guys. I mean yes, our team is more disciplined than most and more so then any team I can remember since 93-94 (especially w/o Hollweg in lineup) but the numbers probably dont lie. I cant think of anything that would skew them. Lets make a point to point out calls for us that are BS in the coming games and try to be unbiased. My point… maybe zebra is right? The Buffalo game was obviously poorly reffed, maybe by accident, maybe intentionally, but either way maybe it just “feels like we’re getting screwed” and not really. Again, I’m playing devil’s advocate, cause I have always felt that those damn Canadian refs try to eff us over, but maybe I’m biased…..

  7. MHurley (Hello, our Queen)
    You took the words out of my mouth; although Gilles Villemure played about a quarter of the games. I’d like to see that with Valiquette. He’s a mensch, that one.

  8. I for one owe Valiquette an apology (not that he cares what I think) for not having any faith in him to start this season. I really didn’t think he was much more than a career minor leaguer or an emergency call up. He’s proven me wrong and I would hope the Rangers would want him back next season.

  9. Ditto what Rob L. said about Valli. Glad to be proven wrong.

    What’s the thought on Jagr’s future? Omsk?

  10. Gomez said it and know Vally talks about, the rangers do it right, lets go rangers, sign sean avery.

  11. Valley will get a nice raise if he and his agent go to rthe mkt maybe as a teams starter or 1 1a situation. love to see him back here

  12. JumpedoffaF'nBridge on

    Chris F. brings up a good point, what is Jagr’s (or any unsigned Rangers) future?

    To get this started: Lets say we wanted everyone back.

    Gomez, Drury, Prucha, Dubinsky, Betts, Orr, Hollweg, Callahan, Tyutin, Staal, Girardi, Backman, and Lundqvist.

    These players are already signed.

    Shanahan, Jagr, Straka, Avery, Dawes, Sjostrom, Mara, Malik, Rozsival, Strudwick, and Valiquette.

    These players would need to be signed.

    Now, obviously, not everyone will be back. I do think that the entire forward group will be retained, unless someone retires. If a forward with a last name starting with “S” does retire, (or pull a coming out of retirement for the post season thing) then the Rangers should be able to retain Jagr, Avery, Dawes, Sjostrom, and whichever of Straka and Shanahan do not retire.

    On defense, the Rangers can resign Rozsival at a home town discount (the whole Jagr being back would help, not to mench the .cz road trip). With five d-men signed, Mara and Malik would have to take HUGE pay cuts to make it worth the while to retain. Barring that, a Hartforder could be six or seven along with Strudwick. If Bobby S pulls a Mark S then they wont need to resigned Mara or Malik no matter how much of their pay is cut.

    Vallycat is resigned cause he is so tall.

  13. Valley’s been great. I owe him an apology too; not only for doubting him, but torturing him when he became the Isles starting goalie my EA Sports NHL 2002 :)P

    Well, the 2004 trade deadline purge hasn’t been sooo bad, Rangers got Valley for Nedved and Betts for Simon at the very least and hopefully Sauer and Korpo (who is picking up his game in Hartford) can pan out.

    Roman Lyashenko..poor kid…rest in peace :(

  14. “He’ll probably be competing with David LeNeveu and Miika Wiikman in preseason, but have the upper hand on the job.”

    If I’m not mistaken, Wiikman is not with the Rangers or in their system. He signed a deal just with the Wolfpack to play there and is free to sign with any NHL he wants at the end of the year if they give him a contract.

  15. Uncle Wheels!

    I don’t wanna be a wet blanket but jokes about young people who kill themselves are never funny, especially when they’re made in exuberant attempts to one-up a previous poster.

  16. Roman L.’s death = not funny

    Dr. O’s comment about Roman L.’s eligibility = funny

    That’s just how it is.

  17. Lets go Rangers!!! Im gonna be in florida tomorrow night, flying in from NY!!!! Queens, NY, sec 127 row 24!!!
    Wouldnt mind seeing Prucha in for Shanahan….good point yesterday Sam!!!

  18. Why does Pitt play so much better without Crosby? If someone wants to take the time, I’d love to know what their record is with and without him in the lineup. Maybe they should trade him!

  19. tomg – nice job. thanks. that answers my question.

    Rob – It’s hard to even talk about. It’s sounds like such an outlandish thought at this point. But if Gretzky can be traded in this league, anyone can.

    Not that they’ve done poorly with him in the lineup, b/c he can make any team better. But I think they have the same problem that we had for so long this season. They try too hard to get the puck to him and change their game to revolve around him. It’s “The Jagr Effect”. Or it could be as simple as; the players recognize that they need to pick up the slack of losing a 100pt guy.

  20. tomg beat me to it Beer Me, oh and those stats zebra put up about the pp and pk, I am doing a little further research into that, because of a discussin at ranger nation, but when I finish I will see and post here also.

    I was wondering do the Rangers ever have open practices. i have heard about such a thing in the past but I don’t know about now? Anyone? My sister and I don’t get to many games but it would be real cool to see them practice at some point. I’m not exactly sure where Greenburgh is, but I’ve been to Rye and judging from Sam’s real cool article on where they live it isn’t that far apart.

    Finally as to the free agents. If Jagr and Shanny can be offered low enough amounts (or by some miracle Jagr hits his incentives and Washington has to pay part) then resign them, but Shanny will have to accept a limited role (I mean special teams with some third or even fourth line minutes) and Jagr would have to retain his current form. Both contracts would have to be incentive heavy rather then base salary. Resign the kids and Straka if he is willing, I think he has been doing the one yr deals for awhile now so I think he is closer to retirement but I’m not sure if JJ is resigned that would help for Straka.

    As for the rest, Avery, Rozsival and Valliquette are big on my list. VAlliquette because he is so good at coming off the bench in big spots, I don’t think that is a normal trait. Avery makes a difference and must be resigned or the Bernier nontrade is ridiculous. PLus he makes a difference.

    Rozsival, of all the defenceman should be the one resigned. He is currently making 2.3 (I think) which is less then Malik and MAra and equal to Backman (again if I recall currectly) That makes him worth it, plus I think he will give a discount especially if JJ is back, but even still. Malik is not much more I think and Mara is at 3. Malik actually plays well when he wants to, but his inconcsistent spot would do better going to a kid. Mara has a heavy shot, but little to no accuracy, I would rather see Bobby Sanguinetti take that spot (and I feel bad saying that about a guy with a broken face, but …) Rozsival takes up major pk time and regular minutes and I don’t see Tyutin or Girardi ready to step in to those minutes yet. If Strudwick will come back for a similiar contract his leadership is helpful from the bench, so I’ve heard…

  21. agravaine – my brother said he signed up a while ago and it’s kinda pointless. No emails, regular mail, nothing.

    As far as the practices…nope. Back in september I inquired about it and the rangers actually got back to me pretty quick with a ‘no’. The referred me to the fan club…no dice there either. THEY said that there hasn’t been more than 1 or 2 open practices since the lockout. But, I remember reading something about a bunch of kids waiting outside for autographs and stuff. Anyone remember that story? The one where the kid was late or something as the players were getting on a bus, and they let the kid come on the bus to get everyone’s auto’s and stuff?

  22. lohan – sorry this is so boring for you. Start a rumor about something if you’re bored!

  23. Who Needs Lohan on

    I’ll think of something good. As for open practices, I was at one in Greenburg in the spring of ’07. Not sure what the occasion was, but my parents got it for me at a charity auction. Very cool day. Open practice followed by kids getting to skate on the rink with the players followed by a luncheon followed by an autograph session. At the luncheon each table had a member of the organization at their table. Of course the team’s assistant trainer or something sat at my table but fun time nonetheless.

  24. Years and years and years ago I was at a birthday party in the little rink in the upstairs at playland, and kevin lowe and a couple of others were down on the main rink just screwing around…. they ignored our screams, I’ve always resented Lowe for that. His recent actions last couple of years just solidify him as a tw4t in my opinion.

  25. Fruity Cupcake on

    I joined the NHLFA years ago and actually the met the two Jims when they came to NYC to meet the Commish. It’s a worthy organization and back then, they were looking to boost their membership so they would be taken seriously by the NHL and NHLpa. They used to send out bi-annual surveys and may still. My guess is that they’re sending stuff to a defunct e-mail address, so I should rejoin. It’s free and they do try to get the league to see what the die-hards think about the game.

  26. Dr. Ogrodnick bows to Leetch on

    Thank you, thank you, I’ll be here all week.

    As far as Jagr goes, I have a sneaking suspicion that Jagr will be back for one more year, unless we win the cup. Opening in Prague is too much of a draw for him, and Slats wnats him back. Hopefully he takes a deep discount and we sign him for under 3 mil.

  27. to bad about the practices, my sister and I get autographs when we go to games, since we don’t do it much we want to get the full experience every time, but I thought it would be cool to go to practice.

    Since your bored, a tale:
    My sister met up with Ryan Smyth once when they were both on the LIRR, she said it wasa good time to just hang with him, he actually talked to her about the Yankees more then anything else, he really wanted to go to a game, but his wife wasn’t happy about the idea. Some other guys kept badmouthing Jagr and saying the Rangers s***ed (keeping the language clean as per Sam’s request) Anyway Ryan SMyth turned to the guys and told them they should stop becuase Jagr and the Rangers didn’t s**** that no one who made it into the league did nad they should show a little respect for the opposing players.

    My sister already identifying herself as a Ranger fan to Mr SMyth was grateful and her estimation of him rose do to that encounter. Of course he showed he had class so the Isles didn’t resign him (had to get a dig in at the organization somehow… :^)

    thats about all I’ve got right now, going to play with the pp and pk stats soon. Not that my story would cure your boredom but I’ve got other better ones from when I went to game and got autographs.

  28. Doodie Machetto on

    We should performance bonus him the “Sugar Honey Ice Tea” out of him. Bonuses for goals, assists, points, playoff incentives, etc. Not for games played though. Sign him base at like 2.5, and then a million bonus each for 25 goals, 50 assists, and 90 pts. Also another million if we get to at least the conference finals, and another million on that if we win the cup. So 2.5 million base, with up to 6.5 in total with bonuses. If he hits all of them (especially the last two), it would be well worth every penny.

  29. Doodie Machetto on

    Sorry, that should be 7.5 million total, not 6.5. Some of you might think, 7.5 million for an aging Jagr is crazy, but he only gets 7.5 million if he plays like a good Jagr and we win the cup. In which case, he’s worth 7.5 million.

  30. Doodie Machetto on

    Shanny should retire or be paid to be a PP/shootout specialist. He doesn’t have the legs to skate even strength for a full season anymore.

    I’d rather see him let go and his salary used to help bolster our defense.

  31. Doodie Machetto on

    Alternatively, Shanahan could consider pulling a Selanne/Forsberg/Niedermayer and come back in the new year before the trade deadline for a discounted salary.

  32. Did someone suggest that Pittsburgh trade Crosby? He’s a bit of a p—-, but come on! Get real.

    Gretzky wasn’t traded as a kid, either.

    Did anyone else watch the Ovechkin cam on Center Ice yesterday? I didn’t see much of it, but that guy is so awesome. What a badass.

  33. You sure about Wiikman not being Rangers property? He started the season with the Charlotte Checkers Rangers farm club

  34. Alternatively, Shanahan could consider pulling a Selanne/Forsberg/Niedermayer and come back in the new year before the trade deadline for a discounted salary.


    This I think would be best scenario, but I think Shanny is waaay too old school to go that route.

  35. We will see how much Jagr LOVES being here and LOVES the NYR come July 1. I have a sneaking suspicion he loves Benjamins more than he loves Blueshirts and NYC.

  36. Our defense needs bolstering via acquiring another outside organization D? With Sanguinetti and Baranka waiting in the wings? You have to be kidding, or on Sather’s payroll.

  37. Did anyone else watch the Ovechkin cam on Center Ice yesterday? I didn’t see much of it, but that guy is so awesome. What a badass.


    Tell me more about this?

    Ovechkin is the best hockeyplayer in the world, guy is so absurd.

  38. I can’t believe we have to wait till tomorrow for another game…
    When the team was playing terrible I needed a few days off…
    now that they are playing good hockey, this waiting is unbearable!

  39. Dr. Ogrodnick bows to Leetch on

    Center ice had two channels dedicated to the Caps game last night, and one of those channels had a split screen with one camera just following Ovechkin all night. Kind of cool watching him work away from the puck.

  40. Chris F – I said the bit about trading crosby. The comment alone does not explain the thought process. But don’t ever think that any player can’t be moved. That’s all. Not worth discussing further.

    Ovechkin cam? I saw the end of the game where he almost repeated his goal on his back. But this one just missed an empty net for the hat trick. Guy’s ALL heart. Not one bad thing to say about him.

    blueshirtbulletin has a write-up about Soryal. Sounds like a combo of hollweg, orr, avery. I guess the organ-i-zation is seeing the benefits of finding tough guys with hands. Just a matter of time until you find another quality one. At this point it looks like we sifting through what’s out there.

  41. The Caps new uniforms are pretty sweet, I must admit. Got that perfect combination of freshness and old school. Not flashy, just fresh. I hope they get good over the next couple of years, I want to see Ovechkin overshadow Crosby. Until we sign Crosby at 28, of course.

  42. Just a few quick hits based on what I’ve read here…

    Good to see alot of people apologizing to Vally, because when the CuJo rumors were going around, people were acting like Valliquette was garbage. I pointed out a few times how well he played, and he keeps proving it every start he gets. 1 stinker all year is pretty good.

    I’d take Jagr back and a huge discount, with bonuses. something like what Doodie mentioned, but capping out at a lot less than 7.5. I think the absolute limit would be $6 million.

    Straka and Shanahan both need to retire. Honeslty, I’m tired of seeing gys out there because of the name on they’re jersey, regardless of production. Straka has done nothing lately, and Shnahan’s even strength game is falling apart. I’m 100% on board with Prucha replacing either one, just to give them a break.

    People who are saying they’d resign Shanny to be a 3rd/4th liner-PP-SO specialist are nuts. We have Prucha, who can do the same thing and is 14 years younger and makes $3 million yes. People forget how money he was in the shootout, and what a weapon he was on the PP. As long as Shanny and Straka are bocking him, we’ll never know what we have in the kid. Is he a 30-goal/50 point guy? Or is he what we’ve seen this year?

    I know what Shanny brings to the room, but it’s time for that page to turn because Drury and Gomez can have that same influence. I think it’s painfully obvious that Straka is just done. Nothing wrong with that, the guy is one of the hardest workers on the team, has a small frame and takes lots of abuse. It’s OK that he’s getting old and isn’t contributing, but there’s absolutely NO reason to sign that guy, that I can see.

  43. Do you think that minor concussion that Straka had is effecting him? Much like Shanny’s concussion effected him last season?

  44. Salty – At this point in Shanahan’s career, if he’s going to play on the 3rd or 4th line and just get PP and SO time, I’d much rather have a player 154 years younger, making $3 million less. No one mentioned the word “replace”.

  45. Wiikman is on an AHL contract. As long as he’s with a Rangers affiliate in the AHL, they have the exclusive right to purchase his contract. But technically, he’s Hartford property, not NYR.

  46. Adam and his Apple on

    i could be completely wrong but isnt one of the stipulations in jagrs contract winning the stanley cup? doesnt that trump all the other stipulations like getting 84 pts etc.? heres hoping! =D

  47. Adam and his Apple on

    are you 100% positive beer me? id like to see you back up your statement buddy!

    by the way, i really think bobby sanguianetti has to make this team next year, hes our PP QB of the future and i think he could be comparable but better than mike green of washington, you guys think our D has been contributing a lot this year just wait untill bobby S. joins our squad and staal gets more confidence in his shot, holy moly!!!

  48. Sanguenetti will need at least 1 full season in Hartford. Defesnemen take longer to develop, and I’d rather not ruin the kid by having him burned night in and night out by the likes of AO, Sid, Hossa, the Big 3 in Ottawa, Malkin, etc.

    I can wait one more year for the kid to develop.

  49. Sam…Are you working today? WTF. We need a new thread.

    I know that when Prucha27 starts pining for Prucha to get into the lineup, it’s time for a new thread.

    Pru27, you make a good point about D needing to develop and all….then you say Prucha should be in this lineup to take the place of our leading goal scorer. To give him a rest for a game or two, maybe yes, fine. But to replace Shanny….challenge!

  50. adam – it’s a fact. win a playoff round and score 84pts to trigger the extension year.

  51. Thought this was an interesting comment. I was listening to Barry “the Mullet” Melroses’ pod cast for the NHL. You can find it on and he stated

    “The playoffs in the East should be good, not because the teams are great, just because no one knows who will win.”

    What does he consider a great team? I think the East is by far the more competitive conference and the Atlantic is probabaly one of the toughest divisions in any sport.

    Just venting.

  52. Newman – There you go with your spin again. I already said that Prucha should be in the lineup to give the either Shanny or Straka a rest, and I said that I’d rather have Prucha in the lineup than Shanny or Straka NEXT year, especially if Shanny is going to be a 3rd/4th liner/PP/SO specialist.

    By the way, our leading goal scorer has a whopping 7 goals in his last 20 games. Only 4 at even strength.

  53. Adam and his Apple on

    Prucha27 and Newman- Staal did not go to hartford for a year of development, i think at the very least the rangers will bring him to camp next year and will give him a long hard look, he is just lighting up the OHL now, and while his offense has always been there ive read reports that state that his defense has been a revelation this year as you can see in his -16 from last year and his +7 this year

  54. I hate to say it PRUCHA27 but Prucha blows. Ever since he did his knee he has been crap. He has absolutely zero scoring touch. Prucha replace Shanny… I mean that is just silly to even think it. I love the little guy but he hasn’t done much in a looooong time.

    And to be honest I really do not see where all the Shanny ire has come from. The guy has been a solid pick up for the Rangers over the past two years. PRUCHA27 what you are forgetting is what Shanny brings to the table every night. What he brings to the lockerroom everynight. The way he works with the young guys on shooting and the way he keeps hammerheads like Avery in check. The team is better just having him around. He is the true voice of this team too. Everytime he speaks he says the right thing.

    I would rather have Shanny at 80% then Prucha at 100% 8 days a week and twice on sunday!

    BTW – I can’t believe Brook’s write up in the Post today saying power play specialist Prucha should be inserted to help save the power play. Is he kidding. Did anyone else read his article and think WTF….

  55. Adam and his Apple on

    ahhh thank you beer me as you have proved me wrong, well heres hoping that he wins the conn smyth then, because then that means we would have won the cup =D

  56. Adam and his Apple on

    i personally think that this season was lost from the beginning for prucha, in his rookie year he was skating on the first or second line and this year he was on the 3rd line and not seeing any power play time

    next year prucha will have his time to shine when some of the incumbents will leave

    but one thing that does worry me when prucha was asked after his first year howd you score 30 goals, he said it was luck, maybe it was? haha

  57. Parros – So let’s just keep Shanny until he’s 45. That’s laughable. No one is knocking what he did last year, or what he’s done this year. But you can’t keep the guy around forever because of his “leadership”. That’s why you sign the Gomezes and Drurys.

  58. And Parros – No one who’s made it to the NHL and had back to back seasons with 20 or more goals “blows”. Also laughable.

  59. It’s not about proving people wrong sometimes adam. Sometimes.

    I wouldn’t mind seeing prucha on the PP this weekend. The real problem with it is this. If he is inserted in the lineup to give someone a rest this weekend in sunny FLA, and put on the PP, then you’re messing with the PP units that will be together going down the stretch and into the post season. Which won’t include Prucha(unless due to injury). We’ve been trying desperatly to get the PP going all year. So if you throw him out there now, and it works…then what happens when the players who will be in the lineup the rest of the way take the PP back? You have to change it all back again.

  60. PRUCHA27 – obviously agreed bro…. but this is still this year. I thought you were saying prucha should play now. Next year is a different story. But with that said…. think I would still rather have Shanny at 40 then Prucha at 26. Just speaking flat out not taking pay and contract and all that into consideration. Not saying that the Rangers NEED Shanny to be successful next year – just that if given the option I would take Shanny over prucha in a heartbeat.

  61. ahhh thank you beer me as you have proved me wrong, well heres hoping that he wins the conn smyth then, because then that means we would have won the cup


    In that scenario I think Jagr would just retire anyway…

  62. prucha27 – This is the best advice I can give you. Make sure you record the games this weekend. There’s a great chance that it will be the last time you see him skate with the team until september.

  63. Prucha doesnt blow, He has a ton of fight in him but the thing is We have players that are better than him. Nigel Dawes for one. Prucha just hasnt done enough for the time he has been in simple as that.

  64. Prucha27 youre pretty much fighting a lost battle. Maybe if you changed Shanny to Straka, you might have some arguement…

    Reminder: This is an organization that has gone *out of its way* to keep JASON STRUDWICK around because of what he brings to the table as a person, not a player.

  65. Prucha does have a ton of fight… He is a hard working player. But I got a ton of fight too. Does that mean I should be playing for the Rangers! No one is saying we hate Prucha and we should burn him at the stake. Love the guy… he just hasn’t done anything for the Gers in too long a time and as RobZ pointed out – others are.

  66. Vally is the man. He’s one of my fav Nyr players, just because he’s so cool. He’s definitely my fav backups this team has ever had since i got into them. Him and Hank are good together. Weekes was a loser ! He always had it in for Hank after he stole his job, and even though he never admitted it, he was always bitter about it. It really brought down his game. Vally knows his role, and he’s more then happy to be a backup. RE SIGN HIM !!!


    Anybody see Laraque’s pathetic cheap shot elbow to Patesch. I hate Lacrackhead. They brought out a stretcher but they didn’t need it, cause eventually he got up. But Sabs might be down another D man. This guy had a rough week, first Avery bitched him, then Lacrackhead tries to kill him. NHL is gonna hand out there 4th suspension in 2 days. Jeez louise, my knee’s !!!

  67. staal, girardi, toots, liles, Rozy, Backman, struds(7th). Bobby S….back and forth to fill in for injuries. Or poor play.

    I’d take it.

  68. I think I’m over trying to get Brian Campbell. He’s a great player, but I think his asking price will be to high.

    And I’m not even totally sold on the dmen I listed above. I still would like to add a hard hitting dman that can clear guys from the front of the net.

  69. Parros – I see what you’re saying, but contract and other factors do need to be involved. To pay Shanny $x millions to play on the 3rd or 4th line and be a PP/SO guy makes no sense.

    ALso, there’s ZERO reason that Prucha can’t replace Straka in the lineup right now AND in the playoffs. Straka is doing nothing right now.

    Obviously Dawes is outshining Prucha right now. He’s a good player. If he hits a sophomore slump next year, everyone will jump off his bandwagon the same as they jumped off Prucha’s. I’m not saying Prucha should play over Dawes, and I still think Prucha is a comparable player to Callahan. I’m just saying Straka has brought nothing to the table in the past 5+ games and there’s no reason you can’t throw Prucha on that line and give him some PP time with the #1 unit. He fits on that line better than Shanahan, because he goes to the net, Shanny doesn’t. Prucha can even go to the 2nd line with Gomez and Dawes, with Drury manning the point. Drury failed on the point earlier when his whole game was in shambles. I think he’s more confident there now.

  70. Actually. Chris Pronger might get suspended for the rest of the league. he stomped on a Canucks foot last night, or appeared too. The league will look at the video. Given Pronger’s past with cheap shots, it wont be good for him. He better check that anger out, but what do you expect he looks like Arnold (I wont spell his name) Negger, with that gap in his teeth.

  71. Doodie Machetto on

    Parros and Prucha, my comment has sparked some discussion between you both, and I think you’re both at the extreemes, meanwhile, I meant to be somewhere in the middle.

    I said Shanny as PP/SO specialist, but I would want him compensated as such. So Prucha, your argument that Prucha would be paid 3/4 million less fails, because I would only want him if he were being paid 3/4 million less than he is now. As for Prucha being money in the shootout, that’s just false. Prucha went 0 for 6 last year. He is 1 for 3 this year and was 1 for 3 his rookie year. That makes him 2 for 12 lifetime. He officially sucks in the shootout.

    That said, Shanahan can no longer play an effective even strength role over an entire season. And if the choice is between having Shanny at full cost (aka, his current salary or close to it) and not havibng him at all, I choose not having him at all, and spending the money to bolster our defensive corps.

    Now, buckmeister has accused me of being in Sather’s pocket because I said that. Well, allow me to retort:

    First, Baranka sucks. He is another middle to bottom pairing defenseman. We have 6 of them for 4 spots. I’m talking about a top guy. So forget Baranka.

    You also mention Sanguinetti. Well, Two problems with him. First, he is going to spend at least one year in Hartford because he is lousy defensively. Second, he is an offensive defenseman, and the type of defenseman I think we should be trying to acquire is a hard hitting shutdown defenseman. Our defensive corps is too soft overall, and we lack a defenseman capable of individually shutting down star players.

    So yes, spend the money to bolster our defensive corps.

    As for bashing Valliquette, I will continue to do so. It’s nothing personal against the guy. I think he’s a good teammate and an adequate stand-in. But I still think we should get a veteran back up because I think it will make Lundqvist better. Do you think Hank can learn anything from Vally besides how to keep a bench warm? A solid veteran can teach Hank about maintaining composure, focus, and maybe a thing or two about the actual playing of the position (PUCKHANDLING!!!). So, no, I am not for bringing back Valliquette for another season.

  72. “Wiikman is on an AHL contract. As long as he’s with a Rangers affiliate in the AHL, they have the exclusive right to purchase his contract. But technically, he’s Hartford property, not NYR.”

    Yeah thats what I was saying. He doesn’t have an NHL contract for this year, but rather an AHL contract. As you said they have 1st shot at signing him though.

    And Prucha27, straka is doing something. Just because he’s not putting points up doesn’t mean hes not important to that line. Callahan and Drury are getting points because of what Marty is bringing to that line. The lines are clicking right now and there is no reason to bring Prucha in unless you wanna rest one of the older guys for a game or two. I like Prucha, he fits well with the future of this team, but he lost his spot to Dawes and a healthier Ryan Callahan so he must wait his turn.

    If you watched Prucha this year, you’ll notice his offensive game was not there. Not sure if thats a product of playing with different centers OR the fact that he just couldn’t get it done. I mean to me it looked like he didn’t have that confidence with the puck that he had the last 2 seasons. Also its his 3rd year and the goalies adjusted to him.

    Dawes might hit a sophomore slump, but not for a whole season. He’s too skilled and has such a great and accurate shot that its very doubtful he’ll have a really shitty 2nd year. Same for Dubi. Reason we hyped up Prucha is because he got a bunch of garbage goals on the PP that first season and we thought he was one of our top prospects/young players when in reality maybe we just overrated him. Either way I’d like to see him as a 2nd or 3rd line winger next year.

  73. Doodie Machetto on


    and it’s about Avery, so a lot of you should go and get your vaseline before you read it.

  74. To pay Shanny $x millions to play on the 3rd or 4th line and be a PP/SO guy makes no sense.

    If you get the PP actually *working*, it makes a FEATHERLOAD of sense. The Power Play should have been this teams bread and butter this year. Can you Imagine if it was actually half the threat it should have been? We’d be golden.

    Also, Shanahan is not meant to “go to the net” amymore. He’s a puck firing machine. He still has one of the best releases in the NHL. Look how well he’s been playing since he’s been rested. You use Shanahan sparingly, and you see better results. However Tom Renneys got him running around on the 2nd line, PP and PK…. no feathers he’s gonna get worn down.

    Shanahan @ $3M w/ a couple of real incentives = no brainer. NO BRAINER!

  75. Doodie – He’s 3-14 and the actually all have been shootout winning goals. He’s 1 of only 4 players to have scored for the Rangers in the shootout.

    I’d really like to hear your definition of “suck” though, because your standards must be pretty high.

    Look, like I’ve been saying. Prucha isn’t going to replace Shanahan. Butl et’s be serious, who can? You can’t go into the summer thinking that you have to replace a 600+ goal scorer and future hall of famer. You go out thinking “Who’s going to be my #2 RW, or #3 RW” and I think if Prucha has a strong camp, he can be either.

    Either way, to keep Shanahan on the roster for SO’s, which may or may not happen, or to contribute to a PP that he’s currently not really helping, doesn’t make any sense to me. You like him in the locker room, hire him as a coach.

    As for Vally, Lundy isn’t a rookie anymore. He doesn’t need a backup to coach him. We have Benney Allaire for that. Was Healy coaching Richter? Was Brygalov coaching Giguere? YOu think Gerger was “coaching” Ward after he was so bad that he lost his job to Ward? Even if you think Gerber was giving Ward advice, if you’re Ward, do you listen to that? I don’t.

    A veteran b/u is in no way necessary to have a Cup winning goalie.

  76. “As for bashing Valliquette, I will continue to do so. It’s nothing personal against the guy. I think he’s a good teammate and an adequate stand-in. But I still think we should get a veteran back up because I think it will make Lundqvist better. Do you think Hank can learn anything from Vally besides how to keep a bench warm? A solid veteran can teach Hank about maintaining composure, focus, and maybe a thing or two about the actual playing of the position (PUCKHANDLING!!!). So, no, I am not for bringing back Valliquette for another season.”

    We have (supposedly) one of the best goaltending coaches around in Allaire. I would think that he ought to be able to teach Henrik about puckhandling, composure and focus, no? I’m not saying that Henrik couldn’t learn from a veteran backstop, but who will be out there that is qualified to mentor Henrik?

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