Peters suspended, Rangers move forward


Update, 1:33 p.m: The Rangers just announced they’ve agreed to terms with forward Justin Soryal.

A startling admission: I don’t know who that is. Apparently he’s in the OHL playing for Peterborough, and has 15 goals and 22 assists in 56 games. He was a free agent, so I assume that means he wasn’t drafted. That’s OK, Justin. Neither was I.

It’s never a good reflection on an officiating crew when an infraction that goes unpunished during a game leads to a suspension. That, however, is what happened to Andrew Peters, who was suspended one game for his punch from the bench on Colton Orr on Monday night in Buffalo.Tom Renney didn’t have much to say about the news when asked about it now, and really, what can he say? The Rangers and Sabres are done for the season, and won’t likely meet again until 2008-09. So in other words: a lot of good it does his team now.

Meanwhile, some notes from practice:

<li>Henrik Lundqvist took the day off to recover from his head cold, leaving occasional fill-in Chad Killam of Manhattanville College fame to occupy the other net. There are still two days before the Rangers play in Florida, so Renney said he wasn’t sure what his plans were for Stephen Valiquette. Valiquette when asked said he didn’t know, either, although I wouldn’t be surprised to see the backup start against the Panthers.

<li>Brendan Shanahan also took the day off from practice to rest, although he was working out in the team’s fitness room. Would it be such a bad idea to extend Shanahan’s hiatus into the Florida trip and let Petr Prucha back into the mix? I don’t think so.

Look, these points are crucial as well seeing how the Rangers are now within reach of home-ice advantage. But it’s also time to start thinking about having Shanahan refreshed for the postseason. And to be honest, given Shanahan’s even strength play of late, Prucha wouldn’t be much of a drop-off at all.

<li>Paul Mara (face) and Marek Malik (upper body) also skated but in green no-contact jerseys. Malik is a possibility for the weekend, although the team wanted to see how he felt tomorrow.

More in a bit…

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  1. I wouldn’t mind seeing Shanny rest the entire trip. Especially in the warm weather. Gotta keep those old bones fresh!

    Sam – WHEN ARE THE HEADED TO FLA? 80’s & Sunny!

  2. It was brought up before, Prucha in for Shanny and it’s not a bad idea. I hope the league has something for McCreary although we’ll never hear about it.

  3. Makes sense Sam, I’d give Prucha a chance and Shanny some rest. Just gotta keep going. If Prucha does play He will def. end up on the scoresheet cause He is gonna have a ton of energy.
    Back to the Peters situation, obviously the NHL thought it was enough of an infraction to warrant a penalty. Another case in which the refs tried their hardest to give the game to the opposing team.

  4. Patrick Hoffman on

    Hey folks! I’ve posted here before but I just wanted to let you know that I love reading these blogs and reading your comments.

    I wanted to give you folks a heads up that I am the New York Rangers blogger at The Hockey News web site so once you’re done reading one of Sam’s blogs, you can pop on over to read my thoughts if you’re interested:

  5. On McCreary

    Many times a bad call or missed call is just that. When does a pattern develop that equates to something more than a missed call (Peters, Avery elbowed in the face) or a bad call (Sjostrom, Dawes)? There will always be an argument that the calls somehow, over time will balance out.

    At some point there is just no other way to say it. McCreary used his position to alter the outcome of a game. Yes, the Rangers won. McCreary was successful though. He altered the outcome by gifting Buffalo with a power play goal on the bad call to Sjostrom. A goal which gave them an important point in the standings.

    Without knowing, he may also have altered the outcome of Buffalo’s next game because the Peters non-call was reviewed and a suspension was issued. This may not have occured had McCreary called it correctly at the appropriate time. Why would he have done that and given the Rangers a powerplay in overtime? He wouldn’t. He was more interested in further adminstering his power by alterting the final outcome and giving Buffalo the second point.

    At some point it is just too obvious that McCreary was deliberate in his actions. These calls will not balance out. McCreary won and should be fired for it.

  6. Eventually,Prucha will be in for Orr. There is not a need for Orr come playoff time.

  7. I find the ‘Orr won’t be needed for the playoffs’ concept to be extremely weird. All of a sudden, a hard-nosed, tough, gritty fourth-line that if often matched against the opposing team’s top line isn’t needed in the most important games? Really? I must have missed that memo from the hockey gods.

  8. Also agreed on resting Shanny. With all the penalty-killing he does, he has looked a little sluggish at even-strength. Can Sjostrom take his place on the PK?

    I thought the no-contact jerseys were yellow?

  9. Hey Sam, do you actually ask these questions (Prucha in for Shanny) of the coaching staff, and if so, what is their response? For that matter, what is Shanny’s response (although that’s probably more predictable)?

  10. I think Sam’s suggestion about Prucha for Shanahan is a good one but probably will not happen. The shootout is a concern, but not the main one. I think with 3 days off and the team on a roll, Renney will be in “stick with what’s working” mode. The only change I see him considering is playing Valiquette in one of the two games in Florida. Hank has been very good, but also needs to be kept fresh for the playoffs. I wouldn’t mind seeing Steve, he’s been excellent in his role this year.

  11. Who Needs Lohan on

    Bulldog said….Eventually,Prucha will be in for Orr. There is not a need for Orr come playoff time.

    That is maybe the most moronic post on this blog in months. Yes, when the games get more physical, more 5 on 5 play, and the need for toughness greater than ever, a hard forechecking, great fighting, hard nosed, high spirited player should be taken out of the line-up. And when the play gets really physical, lets put a guy out there in his place that get thrown around like a girl from the Emperor’s club and weights 150 soaking wet with ten pound weights in his shoes. I mean I love Prucha and all, and you can make an argument for needing his type of play in the lineup but COME ON!!!!

  12. Who Needs Lohan on

    Furthermore your comment makes it sound like you see Orr as a goon. Man, do you watch him? He hits, he fights, he “enforces”, he plays hard EVERY shift. I actually think he is vital to a succesful playoff run this year. I wouldnt mind to see him tried on the PP parked in front. Anything and everything should be tried on the PP in the next 10 games to get that working.

  13. Adam and his Apple on

    i know how some of you guys get mad at renney for not being a screaming lunatic when the rangers arent getting calls, but really what does he have to gain by doing that? hes a calm cool collected guy and the fact that he is like that, in my personal opinion, has a calming effect over the players as they realize their coach doesnt flip out and overreact to bad reffing so they wont either, they keep their cool and because of this they can overcome the bill mccrearys of the world tryin to bring them down!


  14. ORR not having playoff involvement is simply laughable. The reality is that it will depend on our opponent just how much we need him… but he has been a part of this upward trend, no doubt about that. You absolutely need “an Orr” in your bag of clubs for playoffs. How often you swing that club depends on where you lie.

  15. inhankwetrust on

    salty, i’m liking the analogy and its 100% true.

    You never know where a playoff round is going and how rough the play will be. you don’t know when you’ll need a fight to up the spirits of your team, and he’s not exactly a liability… he plays his ass off when he gets on the ice and he’s a hard nosed, gritty player who has the intangibles to perform successfully….

    i, too, think it’s prob a good idea for shanny to sit a little.

    what to do about the power play? how would you try to fix it?

    i’m thinking jagr, gomez, dubinsky, roszival, straka??

    and then dawes, drury, avery, staal, girardi??

    What do you think?

  16. Who Needs Lohan on

    Adam and your apple (or similar): Although I agree with you let me play Devil’s advocate. The other day, cant remember which game but I believe it may have been Boston. The coach bitched and moaned about something and within two minutes there was a soft call against us. I just remember Sam or Mich saying, “think that had anything to do with that call??” Hey, again, I agree that there are more positives than negatives to a calm demeanor behind the bench but sometimes, a little “what the eff” every once in a while doesnt hurt

  17. bulldog line…what? Orr not needed? putting Prucha on the 4th line accomplishes absolutely nothing! Prucha is not a grinding energy player.
    Making that move would be…just stupid

  18. Rob C and others,
    I’m not disagreeing with you at all…
    I know Shanny is pretty good in the Shootout, But Prucha is also pretty good, or has shown in the past that he has it in him. Dawes is also coming up HUGE in the shootout,
    Would taking Shanny out really hurt that much if the game goes to a SO

  19. Adam and his Apple on

    LOHAN- i definitely agree with you but come playoff time his calm demeanor will no doubt be a positive, i learned this in one of my philosophy classes back in college:

    If you let your emotions run wild then you can not be purely rational.

    This is what makes Renney such a great coach because he is always trying to be purely rational, and if you are then more often than not you will make the correct decision.

    If Renney flips out over a non call early in the game it might affect his coaching over the course of a game.

    but the other night he shoulda flipped a sh*t when peters threw punches from the bench and there was no minor called, that was horse feathers!!!!!!!!!

  20. Fruity Cupcake on

    “Marek Malik (upper body)” naturally, I get. But “Paul Mara (face)” just sounds cruel! Isn’t there a five-dollar phrase for Mara’s orbital contusion? He’s not an ugly a man….

    Shanny does respond well to rest and—while it pains me to agree with the curmudgeon known as Uncle Larry—Prucha does belong back on the PP.

    And we shouldn’t be lulled into thinking the Florida trip is going to be a day at the beach. Anyone see the Lightning game last night? They sure didn’t play like a last-place team. (Of course, they were shooting into Swiss cheese….)

  21. Oh Lohan,
    You forgot to mention that unlike Hollwegg, Orr rarely takes a bad penalty…or any penalty for that matter, other than a fighting major, which is essentially a wash.
    He plays a very smart style of high energy, grinding hockey, and I think has become a very important part of this team.

  22. “overreact”. That’s it. I think that’s the finest line there is for a coach when there is a bad call(or non-call).

    There are refs out there that will spite a coach with more calls against his team if he’s being ABUSED. Then there are refs that know there was a bad call and will make up for it going the other way. Though I can’t see that being the case if they’re getting ABUSED by the coach. The league wants to reduce the ABUSE of the officials as much as possible. For once maybe the Rangers are ahead of the curve on something?

    Disclaimer: That in no way is in support of some of the non-calls or phantom calls that have been displayed throughout the league. Or the officials that made(or didn’t make) them. Everyone knows they’re are ‘bad’ calls sometimes. It will never change.

    Other than the officiating…I think the notion of “stay with what’s working” does not apply to this FLA trip. Not that these games/points are ‘gimmes’ or ‘easy games’. But they have less bearing on the standings.

  23. Doodie Machetto on

    “How I Would Fix the PP,” By Doodie Machetto:

    1) Remove Straka, not only from the point, but from the entire powerplay.

    2) Keep the Dawes-Gomez-Drury unit together.

    3) Point men for that line should be Staal and Girardi.

    4) Second PP forwards should be Avery-Dubinsky-Jagr. Avery should have no job other than stand in front of the net. I would also accept Callahan in this role.

    5) Point men for that line should be Shanahan and Rozsival. I know, two righty shots on the point, but they both have the best shots on the team, and having them at the point makes us actually have a risk of shooting from the point. This will buy Jagr and Dubinsky some space down low.

  24. “Eventually,Prucha will be in for Orr. There is not a need for Orr come playoff time”

    That was the most moronic thing i have ever heard from an Nyr fan. LOOOOOOL are you fuggin kidding me, seriously. Tell that to the Sens who didn’t have the toughness to play against the Ducks. The Wild have the right idea in mind, they have Boogaard, Fedoruk, Simon, cause they know the playoffs are tough.

    You’d have to be drunk to believe the playoffs aren’t as tough as the regular season. Hollweg isn’t needed, cause everyone can hit. But Orr is needed, cause not everyone can knock people out. If we play the Pens in the playoffs, they have Laraque throwing hits at Jags, Shanny, Dru, Gomer etc. We need someone who will stop that. Orr is one of the most needed in the playoffs.

    I like Sjostrom, but that’s why i didn’t like him coming here, because Prucha really doesn’t have a spot in the lineup now. Which sucks. He’ll play a few games before the playoffs start, he’s gonna have to show he can still play with this team.

    Anyway, the NHL must be having a field day today. Peters suspended for one game, Ott suspended for 3 games, Wisneiwski’s gonna get suspended for his cross check to Samuelsons head.

    Last night was great everything, for the most part, was in our favor. B’s lose to Sens, Devils lose to Habs, Bolts molest the Isles 8 – 4, and DP was in on all 8 goals, and gave up 3 goals in 42 seconds in the final 2 minutes. The Flyers blow a 3 goal lead in the 3rd period, and lose in OT against the Leafs as well. Hopefully the Sabs beat the Pens, Crosby is out tonight so that’ huge.


  25. Dr. Ogrodnick bows to Leetch on

    I would love to see the Rangers look at Matt Gilroy from BU. Undrafted walk-on, Very good skater, big, physical defenseman with a good shot and offensive abilities. A lot of teams are going to be chasing him, hope the Rangers are in the mix.

  26. Orr is also an effective forechecker. He steals so many pucks….then has no idea what to do with them. Maybe he should try punching it.

  27. Finally some conversation here. But it’s all conversations that we had the last time we had 3 days off!

  28. if you go to wfan and listen to Renney from this morning, he’s going to put Prucha & Hollweg in.

  29. Who Needs Lohan on

    Beer Me, three weeks ago I pointed to this 3 day stretch as a time where we’d be bored out of our minds.

  30. beer me,

    It is nice to be discussing hockey ins’t it, thats why I like it here and at so much good discussions (excet when we have to fill five days of no hockey… whatever will happen in the off season)

  31. lohan – i think i remember that too.

    Pittsburgh Post-Gazette – The Penguins received a double dose of bad news, as right wing Petr Sykora and center Maxime Talbot were both scratched from the workout and ruled out of today’s game against the Sabres at Mellon Arena.

  32. OK, I’ve pretty much given up trying to catch up on posts. I’m still a week behind. There’s a couple things I wanna know. Doodie, did you ever reveal your heritage, and what is it? Beer Me!, how are the teeth doing?

    I’m so pissed at that bullcrap network Versus for not showing the replay of Monday’s game on Tuesday at 5:00 like it was scheduled in the TV listings. Of the three Monday games that they’ve carried this season and I’ve tried to watch on Tuesday (chorus rehearsal on Monday nights), Versus has replayed one, and not even the whole thing because they insist on keeping on showing the intermission shows. What a load.

    Great job out of the play-by-play guy to almost never mention Jagr getting the goal after Avery’s big hit on Paetsch.

    These shootout wins right now are a little worrisome, since there is no shootout in the postseason, but I’m pretty happy with the way the team is playing, with the lucky-13 streak. Anything else I should know from Monday’s game in case I don’t go back and read more about it?

  33. Doodie, the problem with putting Shanny on the point for the PP is the change of shorthanded breakaways… Shanny is not gonna get back in time to play defense at his age

  34. Does anyone remember how many games Orr played in the playoffs last year? I vaguely recall he was sat out quite a bit, but I could be mistaken.

  35. danny – excellent point.

    pig – welcome back. Truth be told, I cancelled the surgery the day before(monday). My medical insurance decided that they wouldn’t pick up any of it since it wasn’t all 4(wisdoms) at the same time. So dental was only covering 80%. Leaving me to pay over $700. I’m paying for my wedding in 2months. It was either have teeth pulled or have a DJ. I chose the DJ. And I’m a big pu$$y when it comes to dental work, so it really worked out in my favor! LOL

  36. bathgate
    colton played one game with 2 penlaty minutes in 05-06
    He played four games with 12 penalty minutes in 06-07

    He was a minus one in each series

  37. I would like to make a rule proposal to the board:

    Use of LOL is permitted and incouraged. However, use of any more “O”s is prohibbted. I don’t know about you, but I have never heard of or seen anyone “Laughing Out Out Out Out Out Out Out Out Loud”.

    Now that I’ve gotten that out of the way, feel free to ROFLYAO at my expense, or LTUP, or tell me to STFU or anything else neccisary in YHO.

  38. Orr Guy – Welcome back! Did you get caught up in schoolwork or something?

    Beer Me! – Cheers! I can’t believe it would be such an expensive procedure for, what was it, two teeth? Wow. At least you can save those off-days for something better now.

    Doodie – Good point about Shanahan, but DanNYC is probably right. Oh well.

    Salty – What kind of site is it really? I might be interested, but you could give it out to people more interested than me if they ask first.

    Bathgate – Orr played in the whole Atlanta series, then Hollweg inexplicably replaced him for the first two games of the Buffalo series, then I’m not sure who replaced Hollweg.

  39. Doodie Machetto on

    Dan, it was something I considered. I’d be willing to take the risk and see if it worked. Even if he had a partner that could cover for him, it wouldn’t be a big deal, but Rozsi isn’t exactly a Norris winner.

    SP: no, I never revealed my heritage.

    I looked up Soryal on youtube, and basically the kid is a fighter. He fought (hugged) Marc Staal once. I tried posting the link but my post is “awaiting moderation.”

    Oh, and ZG, STFU.

  40. OK Doodie, I like the PP idea. It probably falls on deaf ears, but good thoughts.

    On the Prucha, Orr, whomever debate, a few things:

    Orr is a better player than Hollweg except for the puckhandling skills (Orr is a D, Holly a C-) and general foot speed. But Orr finishes checks, rarely takes stupid penalties, and keeps the guys on the other team in check against our big guns. (Everyone now saying, “Of course, that is why Holly is sitting.” I just wanted to get that out there first.)

    Next, the Prucha for Orr substitution is stupid. Prucha is a lightweight and gets pushed around by the wind. He is not a 4th liner. He is not a real solid checker. He is a Marty Straka-type with not as good instincts and maybe better scoring instinct but still unsure of that.

    What I think is worth considering is putting Pru in for Cally and putting Cally in for Orr. But again, taking that deterrent factor out of the lineup all together I think is a bad move. It also makes the Drury Staka Prucha line very small.

    I like this kid Shoe a lot. He is always hustling, kinda tough to get off the puck, and never stops working. He, Betts, and Cally would make a very solid 4th line. But I am not sure I like taking Orr out of the lineup.

    I think in FL we should give some time to Pru and Holly to keep their game freshness up, but they cannot really crack this lineup right now. Sorry.

    That’s my 2c.

  41. Check YouTube and all of the Justin Soryal fights. There is one he had with Marc Staal and a pretty nifty “three rounder” with some guy named Bobby Davey. Soryal can throw them!

  42. Tony from AZ on

    I think the coaching staff did a great job of developing Orr into a good hockey player.
    Boston gave up on him.
    Remember when Dale Purinton tried to gauge his eyes out !

  43. Yes, it was Jump Off A F’n Bridge. But it was just in good fun.

    I’m surprised James Wisniewski only got a 1game susp.

  44. Who Needs Lohan on

    anyone know when the NYR arrived or are arriving in FL? That makes a diference in my opinion. They do poorly there, probably because they get a lil too much R & R before the game and then back to back isnt ever easy.

  45. I know this is kinda old, but question about the Peters/Orr call. They both got 10 minute misconducts. Now I know the rule book pretty well but I’m not sure about how this plays out for the shootout. I’m thinking if they get a 10 minute misconduct, they can participate in the shootout where as if they get a game they cannot participate.

    Maybe McCreary and the other ref thought they would hit them both with 10s so they could both get back in the lineup for the shootout? If I’m wrong then someone tell me but thats the only reason why I could see that happening.

    Either way Orr and Peters should’ve gotten 2 for roughing and Peters should’ve been kicked out. This suspension kinda evens that up a bit.

  46. I can’t see a reason to put Prucha _and_ Hollweg in the same game. Maybe Renney is thinking one of them in each game, with Sjostrom playing in place of Shanahan in the game that Hollweg plays. I can’t see a use to put Hollweg in, though. There’s obviously no need for him anymore, especially in the playoffs, unless Orr goes down, I guess. But let’s not think about that scenario.

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  48. I see the Rangers turned down an Avery for Steve Bernier trade proposal. Great, Avery his shopping himself elsewhere and Bernier is a young stud (22) with a scoring touch and musle. Too bad he’s not 34, Sather would have gone for the deal.

  49. Beer Me! – Good article.

    Salty – Yeah. I wouldn’t go for it. Thanks for the information.

    Agravaine – Try putting up only one link at a time. That usually works.

    Buckmeister – I’m glad they turned it down, as long as Avery re-signs here next season. what can Bernier do for us this season, really?

  50. Adam and his Apple on

    while i think in highsight the bernier trade that sather didnt make is going to look horrible, for this season at least, we couldnt make the deal, we need averys intangibles, youve all seen that our record just doesnt compare to when avery is in the lineup and when hes out

  51. Whatever happened to Roman Lyashenko? Can they bring him up without him having to pass through waivers?

  52. Dr. Ogrodnick bows to Leetch on

    Roman Lyashenko is dead. He would have to pass through a lot more than waivers.

  53. hey salty-just went over to the stmusic site but i need one of your invite codes. pretty please?? thanks.
    email at

    i know everything about torrents so not to worry.

  54. Wasn’t Roman listening to the Counting Crows when he died?

    This is a tasteless joke just in case I offend anyone.

  55. Truth be told, Yenner had a point that Lyashenko probably did off himself as a result of the NYR organization. That’s not to say he wasn’t disturbed regardless, but that was probably the hardest thing for him to deal with..being stuck in an organization that refuses to let you play. Kind of like Tommy Pock, who would/could pretty easily be in the NHL on another team.

  56. Salty,

    the way I remmeber hearing about it, someone suspected it was a murder made to look like a suicide. I’m not sure, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Pock and Hutchinson went elsewhere when their contracts expired. Pock cleared waivers to be sent down but there is no way he would clear them coming up, and if I were him I wouldn’t trust to remain in the organization

  57. “Roman Lyashenko is dead. He would have to pass through a lot more than waivers.”
    His death was sad but this is one of the funniest lines I read in along time!
    Is there any way we could all email the NHL about Mcreary. This isn’t the first time he has done this to us. You look at the NBA and you gotta wonder.

  58. Hey everyone, first time posting but I have read Sam’s blog pretty regularly for about a year now. I should mention that I am Bruins fan, but since my friend(Callahan) was drafted and started playing for the Rangers I have been following them closely and must admit I have become a pretty big Rangers fan. Anyways, whoever said Orr should be replaced by Prucha come playoff time is nonsense. I dont know about anyone else, but I have really been impressed with Orr’s play lately, and maybe its just me but his skating seems to be improving almost every game. I was not a big fan of the hollweg-betts-orr line and wanted to throw the remote through the tv everytime they saw the ice late in the 3rd in a close game. I like sjostrom on that line over hollweg and I think the team is much better without hollweg in the lineup. I agree with resting Shanny and putting prucha in his place, but unless prucha explodes offensively, I see no place for him in the lineup.

  59. the rangers are 21st in times shorthanded, and they are 8th in times on the PP.

    so, saying the refs are screwing the rangers is just ludicrous. they have 326 PPs, and only 296 times shorthanded.

    while certain calls may look bad, overall they are getting a decent break from refs.

    all fans of all teams complain about the refs, but the stats show the real picture.

    THAT is one reason why Renney does not go ballistic. he knows they are, on balance, getting a fair deal.

  60. Hey Comrades,
    First season with NHL center-ice ONLINE package…Love it but…does anyone know how Playoff schedule works?? It said “selected” games….1 a week? 1 a night? all but those on Versus?

    Peters is a punk

  61. Thank you SL!

    Comrade Spiderpig; Whats this daylight savings time you speak of?

    Greatest line I ever read on any blog and I apologize for not remembering which teams blog I was on today during work ( boss came around corner I had to quick “x” out)

    Some hockey fan guys were arguing about some NHL teams strategy for the stretch run;

    “Who gives a F@!$ about that? All I want is a school girl with a laser stick/sword. Is that too much to ask?”

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