At the risk of getting ahead of ourselves


A project for my boss just now involved submitting a list of teams the Rangers might face in the first round of the playoffs.

From what I recall about last year, only sixth through eighth place were viable options at the same point in the season, and I’m pretty sure there were only four realistic first round opponents: Buffalo, New Jersey, Tampa Bay, and Atlanta (where the Rangers ended up going).

This year? There are seven different possible opponents (eight if you count the Sabres three points out of eighth, and 10 if you think Washington or Florida storming back to win the Southeast Division is still a possibility).

Not only that, but there is still the chance the Rangers could claim home-ice advantage, meaning there are something like a thousand different scenarios for where the Rangers would play their first round game and who they’d be playing against.

A couple of reactions to this:

First off, I should reiterate I am really bad at math so I’m pretty sure “a thousand” is probably not accurate.

And secondly, I’m aware that this isn’t something any of you want to discuss right now since it’s woefully premature. But that’s just what I do.

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  1. I don’t see why we wouldn’t discuss it, the season is winding down after all. I’d go nuts if they took the Conference, but I think more realistic would be 4th place. They’d get home ice advantage in the first round, that’s all that really matters.

    The seeding is going to be a crapshoot, we’re not going to know who is where until the last day of the regular season. For the Rangers to have that chance to take 1st place, they need to take at least 2 of 3 from both the Devils and the Penguins, which I believe they can do.

  2. Re: chemisty if removing Orr from the lineup. I agree with Doodie’s last comment.

    Also…The chemistry that we finally developed is still in a fragile state. So much so, that if someone’s fart smelled differently on the bench, we might lose the game. With the exception of this weekends games, I can’t see changing anything other than Mara in for ‘ship him Backman to st louis’. Or due to injury. Just the way I see it.

  3. Bring them all on! If you can’t beat Team A in the first round, you wouldn’t beat them in the second or third anyway.

  4. Doodie Machetto on

    repost with corrections:

    “Colton, you’re pretty biased in favor of Orr. But the truth is, he lost both. He wasn’t KO’d or anything, but the loser just the same.

    WCS, I wasn’t disagreeing with you there. I used to rag on him because he started as a pretty shitty fighter, and between he and Hollweg, we didn’t have a chance once the gloves were dropped. But he has improved not only his fighting, but his skating as well. I definitely prefer him in the lineup for every single game. Especially in the playoffs, where things can get pretty chippy.”

    Don’t ask me how, but I confused Parros with Brashear. I think its the sh sound. For some reason Brashear has his number.

    As for Laraque, I think we’re thinking of two different fights. I think you’re thinking of this season, but I’m thinking of after he came over to the Pens last season at the deadline. He said “in the last year,” and I was taking it literally. But upon further review, that happened a year ago yesterday, so it is no longer a year ago.

    He had a lot of close scraps at the beginning of the year this season, but the Brashear one is the only ones I’d say he’s clearly lost this season.

  5. Here it is:

    1. Montreal
    2. Rangers
    3. Canes
    4. Devils
    5. Penguins
    6. Ottawa
    7. Philthy
    8. Boston

    Round 1 – Habs over Boston, Rangers over Philly, Ottawa over Canes, Penguins over Devils

    Round 2 – Habs over Ottawa, Rangers over Pens

    Round 3 – Rangers over Habs

  6. im sure im going to get ripped for this but i see the rangers finishing in 6th facing carolina.. of course i want them to finish in first but i just see this happening

  7. Well folks, I am happy to say that I am officially gay for the NYR. Ha, well I won’t go that far, but I am pretty damn proud of this team right now. Finding ways to win every game. Clicking at the right time is the most important thing here. I am glad they are playing this way now rather than in the beginning of the season. I mean if they could have done it all year I would have been excited as all hell, but you all know what I mean. To go in to the playoffs like this, playing the way we are playing right now, anything is possible. As long at McQueery and his supermario mustache are not officiating the game. What a douche. More important, I am really happy with the way Hank has played the last 3 games. Let’s hope it keeps up, and Let’s Go Rangers! I haven’t been on much the last two days because I am off for my schools version of Spring Break. The 7th to the 25th. Two weeks and a day. God it feels good to be the Nasty 1 right about now.

  8. The Daily NEws never uts the RAngers on the back cover either. The year after the lockout Bill Gallo had some cartoons saying we are more than 18000 strong and such, but the only time we got the back page was when we were elimintated. I am waiting for them to do the same thing now. As it is John Dellapina is the only one writing hockey articles there (used to be someone else, but lately John has been doing all three teams I think) and I remmeber hims aying they don’t give him the budget to go to all the games or something on his blog once… Sherry Ross used to do the Devils, haven’t seen her (which in my opinion is a good thing since the only article I can recall her writing was one focusing on Jagr’s derriere)

  9. Doodie and Beer Me, Do you really think the opposition is going to take runs at our players during the playoffs? If so, the fact that Orr is in the line up really isn’t going to stop anyone from doing it. I think too much is made of tough guys like Orr being a deterrent. Look at Malik, Mara, & Prucha, these guys were hammered the last few weeks with Orr in the lineup and nothing was done about it.

    The only team that I could see Orr playing against is the Flyers. Other than that I’d rather have Prucha in there. Not that the 12th forward on the roster is going to make a difference anyway.

  10. Prucha is not a 4th line player. I wouldn’t take Orr out just to put him in. The only way to get him in is to sit Dawes or Cally, I don’t want to see that. Prucha has shown talent but this year he has no numbers and has been pounced all over the ice.

  11. Yes, maybe even moreso. Bottom line….the teams winning games and climbing the standings. The best move to make with the lineup now is none. EVEN if that meant leaving backman. IF IT AIN’T BROKEN….

    Welcome back Nasty. Do you have a rainbow Rangers jersey?

  12. With back-to-back games in Florida, the Rangers could Prucha in for both games by giving Straka one game off and Shanahan the other game off.

  13. Ha, it is Pink and the letters and numbers are in the colors of the rainbow. It is real cute.

  14. I’m usually not one to look at what the team does with ‘so and so’ in the lineup. But up until sunday’s game vs Boston, the Rangers have scored 3 or more goals in the last 10 games straight. Don’t change the offense.

  15. Life is a little sweeter when the rangers are winning. I have been wearing my best shit eating grin when I am with my hockey buddies. Feels good. Finally!

  16. does Peters get find or suspended for throwing a punch from the bench? I thought the NHL was trying to crack down on stuff like that?

  17. The 7th to the 25th. Two weeks and a day. God it feels good to be the Nasty 1 right about now.

    You know that scene in Billy Madison when he stumbles out of the tent wearing his jeans as a hat and the keg over his head?

    I expect nothing less.

  18. Salty, you are damn right. I even have gone as far as to just lay around and piss myself because I don’t feel like moving! Ha. Did you ever give Minus the Bear a real chance?

  19. Whenever my wife gives me shit about anything right now, my only response is, “It’s Spring Break, I can do whatever the fu*k I want!” Well, actually I started with that last year, and it kind of stuck around for the rest of the year. So now I say it all the time. I think she is trying to find a way to kill me and not get caught.

  20. Just on pruduction, Prucha is better than Callahan. When Prucha went down, Callahan slipped right into his spot, and we havn’t lost since (was our last loss when Prucha was hurt?).

    He may not be like he was, but Callahan has one assist in 40 games, Prucha has 10 in 56. For two comparable third line players, they have the same number of goals, but Prucha has played more.

    If Prucha were to slide in, he would take Callahan’s spot and Callahan would swing with Sjolace and Betts. Callahan is a scorer, playing on a line with no passers. If Orr were to come out, and the Ranger’s tried a four line approach, Cally would drop down.

  21. zg, Cally is better suited for the 4th line anyway because he hits everything he can and Prucha has a better offensive game for the 3rd line.

  22. After this wkend in FL, the Rangers’ schedule is:

    18 – vs. Pittsburgh, 7:00 PM
    19 – at New Jersey, 7:00 PM
    21 – at Philadelphia, 7:00 PM
    25 – vs. Philadelphia, 7:30 PM
    27 – vs. New Jersey, 7:00 PM
    30 – at Pittsburgh, 3:00 PM
    31 – vs. Pittsburgh, 7:00 PM

    3 – at NY Islanders, 7:00 PM
    4 – vs. NY Islanders, 7:00 PM
    6 – at New Jersey, 3:00 PM

    Basically there is the season. I think it’s silly to speculate on who we might play and all that.

    The Orr versus someone else debate is interesting. I agree with the above thoughts that Cally might be better suited to playing with Betts and Shoe on the 4th line and putting Pru in there with Straka and Drury. The only issue I have is that all of a sudden, in playoff time, that “2nd line” just got very small and not physical at all.

    Just remember everyone, playoff hockey is more physical than regular season and last year Pru disappeared.

    But the idea of Shoe with Cally and Betts is a very fast forechecking and aggressive. But not sure we want to tamper with the Drucalaka line?

  23. Nasty,
    I gave Minus the Bear a fair listen and actually thought they were quite good…Thanks for the recommendation…now I listen to some Widespread Panic then some Minus the Bear.

  24. I don’t remember who said it on this blog but somebody mentioned that the rangers should take out Kaleta for that cheap shot hit on mara that took him out of the lineup. Unfortunately Kaleta didn’t play. Apparently the rangers did one better, they took out two of buffalo’s defensemen for the rest of the season.

  25. Of course we root for a Montreal win in regulation tonight. Keeps us three behind the Devils for the Atlantic (tonight is a game in hand for them) and leaves us 4 pts out of the top conference seed.

  26. Who Needs Lohan on

    Have a bunch of comments based on some of the posts here today (sorry some of us have to work around here)HAHAHAHA!

    TomG: Yeah, I was wondering if Ruff kept Kaleta out so his team would stay more focused on the real task at hand. Also Philly didnt dress Downie for the same reason(or was he hurt)?

    Graves9: The other day you blamed your keyboard on your long impossible to read run on terrible entries i am not sure about anyone else but I just look right over them you either need to get a new computer stop posting on this blog or learn how to read and write properly sorry bro but I am just calling it how it is it is brutal bro;

    Beer Me an New Newman: Wanted to comment on the Dubi discussion. Ive noticed the last 2 maybe 3 games that he has been a bit tough to watch. Trying to make too many feathery, perfect passes. Giving up shots, not taking it directly to the net, not getting his nose dirty. He may have to be pulled aside and make sure he knows what got him where he is now. Im sure some of it has been fatigue, he has been going 100 mph for two months, so hopefully its is not a trend and just a bad, tired stretch. This weekend will tell us more….

    Doodie: Orr has moved into the top 5 in the league, i bet the big guys in the league would agree. He lands and is hard to land against. There are better, but not too many anymore.

    Sam: As for the above post I believe we said it best a few days ago…..”Let’s not start sucking each other’s dicks quite yet”! Seriously though, I am obviously hoping for a home ice edge but realistically, I think my ideal spot for us is in the 6 seed against the SE div, A win and we can host a playoff series perhaps. How fun (yet annoying with the fans) would a NYR MON series be????

    Rob L: said something about needing Orr being overrated…couldnt diagree more.

    22Figure: I agree, Ive been thinking Straka would be the perfect guy to replace Straka with for a game this weekend. Euro wingers are interchangeable right???? haha. Shanny though we may need for our nightly shootouts…

  27. DOODIE

    Ohh okay. Yeah that one he lost last year, but he did make Laraque draw blood. Brash wins cause his style makes it impossible for Orr to win. He hugs him, and throws shots to the temple, and e weighs alot more then Orr so its tough to win those. But i give Orr credit for having enough balls to fight him. Orr has the most balls. He’s one of the only enforcers in the league that switches to his left hand to get a better angle to throw a right hand, he takes a big risk doing it, cause then the fighter will have an open shot to throw a big right, but he can take a punch. He’s awesome, plus he’s worth having around. Nyr is undefeated everytime Orr registers a point. Lol, and two of his three goals are game winners.

    Lets go Habs ! For tonight.

  28. There are guys that post here that treat the lineup like Fantasy Hockey. (see ‘zg’ earlier)

    Callahan hits everything that moves. Kills penalties, and plays excellent defense, especially breaking out of the zone off the wall. Prucha is a tenacious forechecker that scores on the Power Play. His defense is terrible, and ends up getting thrown around the ice.

    This is a physical game, and a successful team is like a recipe… You CAN have too much of one ingredient. I don’t think it’s an accident that the team is succeeding without Prucha or Hollweg. Orr plays smart and tough. That’s what you need to win games from March on….

  29. Nasty – Just went to listen to Minus the Bear. Amusing video for ‘throwing shapes’ I believe the name of it was. I could see them being coming a big band. You know…. minus the talent. boooyaa! jk. Only gave it a minute, but parts reminded me of Weezer meets Pink Floyd. Don’t know.

  30. And it is awesome that we took out two regulars from the Buffalo squad. Woulda been happier not giving them a point, but feels like a little payback for puttin us out.

    Woulda been cool to see Drury win it in a SO though. Remember they showed Briere beat them in a SO last time the philthy’s were up there. I’ve grown to hate the Sabres since the lockout. It’s really just Ruff I have a great displeasure for.

  31. Guys (and gals) —
    Do me a favor and clean up the language here. It’s been a long time since I’ve complained about the content of the comments area, and for the most part, that’s because even those of you who are swearing are making good points. And that’s exactly why we can do without language some might find offensive. It’s simply not necessary.
    Thanks in advance,

  32. In terms of offense:
    Callahan >>>>>>>>>> Prucha
    At this point its not even a debate.
    He has 6 goals in the last 16 games.
    Prucha has 7 goals in 56 games.

  33. I know it is too early to talk playoffs and team matchup possibilities but a good stat to look at. The Rangers have the best record in the East against Eastern Conference opponents at 36-17-7. Thats the best record in all the East. That’s a great sign to see with the playoffs coming up.

  34. Damn, that is amazing against the East! But I guess that means we “crap” the bed in the Finals. That was for you Sam!

  35. SAM where is Peters’ suspension? If Avery did that from the bench, he’d get 10 games.

  36. Tony from AZ on

    Sam, thanks for the language comment.
    I’m not a prude by any means & I can curse with the best of them BUT, I have grand kids that read this blog & they giggle at some of the comments.
    Then grandpa has to explain why it’s OK for some people to curse but not them.

  37. Lohan, I never said Orr was overrated. I think he’s a top enforcer in the league, maybe the best. What I said was that just because there are guys like Orr in the lineup doesn’t necessarily mean that in deters “rough” play. I really don’t think guys like Ruutu, Downie, or Tucker could care less who’s in the lineup. They’re going to play their game no matter what.

  38. Hockeyman Rangers #2 on

    Sorry guys but I do not like to talk to much about where we will be or who we will be playing in the playoffs. It’s just like during a game you DO NOT talk about a goalie working on a shut out. I really think we will be there but that is the end of my discusion

  39. Wow, the philthies had a 3-0 lead against toronto and lost in OT 4-3, boston lost outright to the senators.


  40. Maybe Nolan really did know what he was doin with Dubie. Ricky D gave up 8, yes 8, to the Lightning.

  41. Who Needs Lohan (so Scarey) on

    Sorry Sam, I’m as guilty as the next guy! Rob L, yeah I guess I see you’re point, those guys will still be DBs no matter what but at the same time, im not sure if Downie starts a line brawl if Orr is on the ice. So I guess we are both right! On the other DB (DiPietro that is) is there any more insight on his situation. As much as I like to see him fail, I would think there is a story behind what is going on with him. I mean, I love my grandma and all but……..

    Oh, one more thing, not sure if anyone caught it but 1050 had Brandon Dubinsky on today around 6. I thought they did a bad job since they didnt address the Brooks article. Sam, is there any reaction by him? I was hoping to hear him asked and for him to say he has been a bit off or something along those lines…

  42. 36 shots, 8 GA. And just a week ago several rocket scientists on this board were telling us just how much better DiPietro is than Hank. DP’s numbers since the AllStar break are so bad you almost have to look twice.

  43. rick – agree especially re Hollweg being replaced by Sjostrom. and if an injury happens during game Sjostrom can move up to 3rd line more than Hollweg can.

  44. Nothing too in-depth. The only thing worth mentioning is that he said that we’ll definitely see Hollweg and Prucha back in the lineup at some point. And that as it gets a little closer, and hopefully the standing a bt more defined, he’ll start looking for games to rest certain players.

  45. Beer Me, I heard the interview also. Nice to hear some hockey talk on the FAN for a change.
    I don’t really see Renney being able to rest anyone. With these teams being so close every point is going to count. Unless he doesn’t care where they finish I really think every game is valuable.

    Of course if this streak continues and we keep getting 2 points a game we could lock up the conference in the next 10 games or so.

  46. Rob L – I hear that, but usually when I hear it there, they’re way off on whatever they’re discussing anyway. But Boomer’s a big fan. So that’s cool.

    I think we HAVE to rest people. Fresh legs on old bodies are extremely important in the playoffs. I don’t think you’ll see anyone other than Jags, Shanny, Straka really sit anyway. Unless anyone has any ‘nagging’-type injuries that an extra day could help.

    Clinching is #1 right now. After that, as important as the points are, fresh-healthy players is key. It COULD be a long spring.

  47. Doodie Machetto on

    Jagr won’t sit. I think Shanny and Straka could. Maybe even Scott Gomez to rest his groin, since he never missed any games after injuring it.

  48. The Rangers have a good shot at getting a top seed. They sored atleast 1 point in their las 14 games and are rolling on all cylinders. Look for the blueshirts to continue their streak and sneak in to the top spot in the east.

  49. 4pts out of the conf. lead with a game in hand on the leader.

    12 games to go.

    8pts ahead of 9th place.

    4 games left vs. teams currently out of playoff position.

    REAL hard not to get ahead of yourself at this point.

  50. There’s definitely 2 things I like about his ‘rant’.

    1) Dawes, Dubi, Prucha should be tried on the PP to get it going. What we have now hasn’t worked all year. No one should be surprised to see an entirely new combo of players on the next Ranger PP.

    2) Paul Mara’s shot is certainly missed on the PP. But only to a certain extent. The PP wasn’t much better with him there anyway.

    One of the things wrong with the PP is that other teams know shots from the point are our last choice. Thus, they are allowed to collapse a bit, take away anyone in the slot or passes coming across. Leaving us the 1/2 boards and behind the net. And unless you get a guy PLANTED in front, and not just making a quick visit, playing behind the net is pointless. Literally.

  51. I feel like I haven’t finished that thought b/c I only stated what I think is wrong with it.

    My suggestion? Move your feet! Get a good cycle going. But you need players that are capable of it. I’m not bashing Jags or Shanny here…at all, but the league that they scored 100’s of PP goals in, is not the league that we see today.

    I don’t know, maybe you try guys like cally, sjostrom, dawes out there. They energy guys. The guys that their game IS skating. And Dawes has a pretty decent set of hands on him.

  52. “If you cannot play for Tom Renney, the problem is almost certainly yours.”

    —Larry Brooks today’s Post

    So what would Mark Messier have to say about that?

  53. Probably not a whole hell of a lot. He didn’t do sh-t in Van. after Renney was gone. What did the coaching change accomplish there?

    I hate agreeing with Brooksy.

  54. Doodie Machetto on

    Gretzky retired in 99. He and Messier are the same age. But instead of retiring, Messier decided to come back for four disasterous seasons.

    I love Mess for 94, but I hate him for the first half of this decade.

  55. would Sanguinetti be eligible to play for the Rangers after his junior season is over? I think he is. It would be good to get a look at him if the Rangers are locked into a playoff spot with a couple of games to go.

  56. I think the PP won’t improve until Tyutin watches from the bench. He has no business being out there. He’s just awful at the point.

    They should plant Orr in front of the net to screen to goalie and get the puck to the net.

  57. haha salty. likewise buddy.

    Here’s the #’s to prove it though…

    Renney’s record in Van 39-53-9. bad.

    Replaced by none other than Mike Keenan.
    Keenan’s record in Van 32-41-9. just as bad.

    At least Renney got an attempt at a second season.

    Vancouver has also fired Roger Neilson, Pat Quinn & Marc Crawford. Maybe it’s not always the coaches?

  58. salty – gotcha. Perhaps that’s why we’re seeing more success the last 3 years opposed to the 7-8 before that. We’ve always had a room full of egos. Throwing a coach in the lockerroom trying to compete only made a mess in the past. Maybe the right leaders are in there now? I don’t really know. Only time will tell. But to me anyway, it looks like we’re seeing more of a TEAM than we did pre-lockout. Attributable largely to the vets and the coaches.

    Wisnewsky (chi) will be sitting for 5-10 probably also.

    DP sux!

  59. Renney isn’t a strong enough coach to bring home a Stanley Cup plus with the PP drought and the McGuire sisters, Rosie, Mary and Kristen on defense, the Rangers will be lucky to make the second round. Unlike the regular season, you have to face the same team at least four times and possibly as much a seven times in a row which means the odds are greater that a team will take advantage of the other teams weakness as the series goes along.

    Just the right time for HL to get hot again, as he goes, so go the Rangers.

    Can’t say that about Jagr any more.

    For those of you thinking that Renney going off on the bench would just make things worse and would also have a bench penalty doesn’t understand the purpose of it.
    Just about all of you that play some sport, including hockey, tell me it doesn’t fire you up when one of your players protects your smaller players and fights the offending player or if a team is trying to intimidate you and you don’t take any crap and hit them back hard. You can also add getting fired up when you see your coach get pissed at a call and give it to the refs even at the expense of a minor penalty.

    A good coach knows when to do this to get the desired effect from his players. Not only does Renney not know when to do it, he just never does it any time!!!

  60. My question is how much do we offer Shanny next year to play a vastly reduced on ice role? The way I see it if youre gonna keep a guy like Struds around basically “just to have him there”… how much are you willing to pay Brendan Shanahan to do something similar? How willing is he? He may not be what he once was, but he clearly still has a lot of upside. No, he’s not going nose first into the corner… can this be recognized as acceptable? (I’m thinking 3rd line minutes, PP, PK#2)

    I say one more incentive based year, where no more than $3.5 is attainable…and then we figure out a way to keep this guy in the NYR system… player development, etc.

    What a legend, we are so lucky to have this guy come through our organization, even on the tail end of his career.


    (I’m thinking 3rd liner, PP, PK#2)

  61. I’m thinking the same. But $3.5 even with those ‘outlandish’ bonuses (ie: play 5 games) may be on the high side. $2.5 maybe?

    I’d love to keep him around. Struds too. the difference is, is that Struds will no doubt consider himself LUCKY to make $600k. It would be an insult to Shanny to offer Shanny that #.

    So which is more valuable? Struds @ $600k (all against cap) or Shanny at $2mil+ (whether that’s 1/2 vs next years cap, and differ 1/2 to ’09-’10)??

  62. agravaine – don’t even bother. Just close your eyes, and picture Hank’s last 15 attempts to play the puck!

    I wish they’d let the goalies play the puck anywhere…and make them fair game.

  63. I’m thinking the same. But $3.5 even with those ‘outlandish’ bonuses (ie: play 5 games) may be on the high side. $2.5 maybe?


    I think he’d take even 2.5 as an insult. I’m thinking 3.5 with some “real” goals.

    -Net 20 goals
    -Tally 30 assists
    -Play 60 games

    He should realize throwing another season in NY on his resume makes him that much more likely to land a position with the league/team when all is said and done… it’s no secret that “life after hockey” had a lot to do with him coming to NY…

  64. hmm well its coming on after tehse commercial breaks, so I will watch anyway. My sister keeps hoping that Shanny and Jagr would come back for one million a year, but I’ve told her it won’t happen… I think they shouldn’t offer much more then 2.5 flat and defintely not reach 4 with incentives and serios incentives..

  65. $2mil base. $1mil for 20 goals. $.5 for 60 games. $1mil for a cup.

    Sign here…… ________

  66. longtimerangersfan on

    Beer Me!
    March 12th, 2008 at 10:35 am
    agravaine – don’t even bother. Just close your eyes, and picture Hank’s last 15 attempts to play the puck!

    I wish they’d let the goalies play the puck anywhere…and make them fair game.

    Beer, I’ve been saying that for a loooooong time!

  67. tsn – Sergei Zubov has been sidelined since Jan. 18 with a foot injury. The 25 games that he has officially missed are the most in his 15 NHL seasons.

    Oh, what could have been.

  68. There was good hockey played last night. DP lost in an 8-4 blowout with DP responsible for the first goal (stick-handling poorly). Then he gives up three in 42 seconds. Sweet!

    Then Brodeur and the Devils get shut out 4-0!

    Not bad if you’re a Rangers Fan.

    Bad news is that Habs look like a tough opponent.

  69. Maybe DiP the Fishsticks should make DiP play without a stick.
    Problem is his head is so big…he couldn’t fit through a barndoor…someone needs to humble him and bring him down to earth…
    No come to think leave him where he is

  70. Watched the Islander game last night – hahahaha
    The fishsticks are stuck with this bum for 15 years – hahaha

  71. Doodie Machetto on

    The stickhandling wasn’t good because the decision to play the puck was bad. This quote from Nolan in Newsday sums it up:

    “”We ask him over and over again not to play the puck *as much*,” Nolan said of DiPietro. “He’s one of the best puck-handlers in the league, but you just can’t overhandle it. When you overhandle it, you get yourself in trouble a little bit.””

    He made a poor decision in playing the puck. I still say that after Brodeur, he’s the best puckhandling goaltender in the leadue. Smartest? not even close.

    Speaking of goaltending blunders, who remembers Roman Cechmanek coming out almost to the blue line to try and stop a breakaway, like he was a soccer goalie? That one play was literally the end of his time in Philly.

  72. YAY!

    TSN- Pittsburgh Penguins star Sidney Crosby will sit out tonight’s game against the Buffalo Sabres after experiencing pain in his right ankle during the team’s morning skate.

  73. Beer Me,

    I was so afraid that wuld happen, I thought they were rushing the kid back, kind of like how the ubs overworked and destroyed both Kerry Woods and Mark… wow I forgot his last name… another young pitcher who blew out his arm, my apologies…

    Did the boys have a skate today?

  74. Prior, I believe is the name you were looking for?

    Well, the last time he was out they took over 1st place. So it may not be that great. But I enjoyed seeing the headline “Crosby Out”.

  75. Ah Beer Me, you beat me to it, I was updating Ranger NAtion and I remmebered it was Prior, yes.

    I am sorryfor your suffering I went to college with a die hard Cubs fan, so I know how tough it can be for you. I am a Mets fan personally, but after this steroid stuff (Hundley was a childhood hero, and I had a huge crush on him too!), and their collapse last year, and the fact that baseball players seem so apathetic and removed from people (unlike hockey players who atleast appear to care when they see hteir fans…) I don’t feel much like watching baseball anymore… I don’t know what I will do during the off season, the boys better keep playing late…

  76. My sister joked that Malkin has a couple of voodoo dolls, becuase he is tired of being overshadowed, Crosby then Hossa now Crosby again, I am starting to beleive it… we will see when Hossa gets back.

  77. Adam and his Apple on

    i know how some of you guys get mad at renney for not being a screaming lunatic when the rangers arent getting calls, but really what does he have to gain by doing that? hes a calm cool collected guy and the fact that he is like that, in my personal opinion, has a calming effect over the players as they realize their coach doesnt flip out and overreact to bad reffing so they wont either, they keep their cool and because of this they can overcome the bill mccrearys of the world tryin to bring them down!


  78. Rob L – Sanguinetti’s full season including playoffs has to be over for him to come here or Hartford- not going to happen during our regular season

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