The captain is being vague


What exactly is Jaromir Jagr talking about when he says “he has a plan for the future, but doesn’t want to  say anything to distract the team?”:

Is he going to re-sign with the Rangers? Is he going to retire? Is he going to be Barack Obama’s running mate for the Democratic nomination (OK, maybe the whole Czech native thing might get in the way)? It’s all interesting stuff — by way of Larry Brooks — and I’m not sure what to make of it.

Either way, Jagr said he was at peace with his decision and he’s focused on this season. Still, how about a hint?

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  1. Don’t want to do anything to distract the team(Jags)? I think you just may have.

    Why say anything?

    I think it’s too early to say “he’s done here”. But it wouldn’t be a bad prediction. So who’s the best UFA RW out there this summer?

    Anyone see Crosby get friggin leveled yesterday? Loved it.

    Anyone looking for my Backman comments, see the end of the last thread.

  2. Given the coments from both Renney and Sather, I’m sure the plan is to re-sign him at a bit above the $4.5 million they pay him now. Not any real change in the cap hit. I seriously doubt Jagr would feel “at peace” with it if he was being told, “Yep, sorry, don’t hit those incentives and you’re outta here. Have fun back in Siberia.” Especially when he seems to feel the way he does about this team…

  3. Beer Me!!, I agree and disagree with you.

    I agree that he is done here. He realizes that he is no longer the leader of this team.

    I disagree with you mentioning that this is a distraction. 4 weeks ago he met with Renney and the team has been on a tear. I believe the Avery issue and Jagr issue was made public with the best interest being the team and winning. It cuts down on the speculation which could lead to distraction. Since it is all out there everyone now knows where focus.

    LGR!!!! Keep it up.

  4. peter – Who knows if he was offered anything. He may not want to resign in the NHL at all. Anything at this point is 100% speculation.

  5. “It cuts down on the speculation which could lead to distraction.”

    Good point, but silence could be distracting also. Who really knows?

    I think this could put more pressure on the team to win. Knowing that you have a real good chance of losing 2 future HOF 600-goal scorers with cup rings to boot. Good pressure…maybe.

    I don’t know, I don’t want to get too far ahead at this point. I’ll leave it to the great Slats. (oh god)

  6. longtimerangersfan on

    Jagr’s quote:
    “I know it’s almost impossible for me to get to the number I need to get my option year, and I’m OK with that. I’m OK with becoming a free agent if that’s what happens. My focus isn’t on how many goals or points I get, it’s on doing whatever I can to help this team win.”

    He says he is OK with becoming a free agent so it SOUNDS like he is staying in the NHL at the very least.

  7. Beer Me,
    According to Larry Brooks and Spector’s yesterday sather recieved a phone call from the sharks about avery. The sharks offered bernier for avery and slats turned it down. Once Slats turned down that trade proposal the trading began for cambell and hossa. That shows me that Slats didn’t want to disturb the chemistry of the team and his thinking might be that this is it for shanahan and Jagr to make a run in the playoffs.

  8. “I think 5 games is enough to evaluate a player. Especially in big games, which he’s been in.” I’m not so surr about that, at least for a d-man. Having played defense I can tell you it takes more than just 5 games to get adjusted to a new team defensive system as well as partner and I’m sure thats x10 in the NHL because of the skill and speed of the game. I think he’s come along pretty well so far now that him and Staal have a basic idea of each others strengths and weaknesses. Plus Backman doesn’t look as lost out there anymore like he did in the first couple of games.

    It’s much easier for a forward to come in and join a team, especially a wing like Sjostrom (which I think you said awhile back), but I’d give Backman a couple more games before making a full assessment on him. Although to agree with your point, I’d rather have Mara out there only because hes more of a consistent physical presence and he’s played with Staal a lot this year. Backman does like to go for open ice hits and it anything hes shown that hes pretty good at them, he just doesn’t hit in the corners all that much.

  9. There is no better word to describe his comments other than “VAGUE”.

    I think he did this to us on purpose! Damn you Jags!

    Anyone else want Hollweg in the lineup tonight to take a run at Kaleta? What’s the worst that can happen…he gets suspended? Fined? The team gets fined? Good. F Dolan and his $!!

  10. johnny – agreed. I’m only really saying anything about Backman b/c I said I was going to after yesterday’s game. I played D too back in my day and understand the getting used to your partner thing. Still rather have Mara back full-time when he’s healthy. BUT…like I said, Backman is a decent, scratch that, ‘good’ depth dman. I’m not impressed, but I didn’t have high hopes anyway, so I can’t say I’m dissapointed either. However…I do think that it was worth a 4th round pick.

    tomg – I’m trying to figure out how your statement relates to what I may have said. I see it a little, but not sure. Though I agree 100% that slats was probably following that thought process.

  11. Backman is a depth defenseman. I can see STL’s disappointment though. If you go to (not plugging, i promise) and look at his goals on their Multimedia thingy, he has some moves, even scoring on a breakaway.

    I don’t think we have that kind of player. The Ranger’s have done very will with a balanced defensive squad, and I think Backman is more of the same. Is six 3/4 defensemen better than having a clear 1 through 6? It certainly is boring in many respects.

  12. I don’t think he’s going anywhere. As far as signing him for 4.5 mil…thats just crazy, he’s not worth that kind of money, and if that is what he wants…let him walk.

  13. As for the Hollweg thing. I say you dress an extra forwrd, Sjostrom, and have Hollweg take a nice hard run at Kaleta on the first shift. Hollweg sends Kaleta into next week, gets the gate for the game and we still have Sjostrom to fill in. It is like dressing a 7th defensman. Is this possible? I hope so :). BTW, we would kill the 5 minute major giving up a few shots.

  14. Richard, dressing an extra forward would mean only dressing 5 defenseman and I don’t think that’s going to happen. It’s a good thought but redemption will have to wait until next season. These games are too important to worry about stuff like that.

  15. Wait its 10:30…Oh shit I’m late for work
    Suck my life revolves around this blog…!

  16. SeamusORiley on


    Just wondering….saw you on the Staal piece; glad you are in the lockerroom with insights; talented writer….

    just wondering: could you shoot yourself in the foot by mocking Dugay? In spite of his massive attempts to look like a female, MSG seems to be using him and he is insightful…

    I would hate for him to get insulted, bitch about you, and you get put on the MSG “outs”….maybe I am just being selfish because I love the updates here….

    what do you think?

    I am still laughing at the Sgt Pepper joke, but should you do that under another name??

    by the way, do you think anyone would take Dugay aside and say, “man, with the turbo-tan, fluffy dyed hair, lipo, and female-clown like clothing, do you think you look like…well, a guy who used to play hockey?”

  17. Thanks for brining me back down Rob L. I got excited at the chance for revenge. But I guess it’d be in our best interests to just play the game. Just like I was saying about that Philthy game last weekend. How quickly I forgot.

  18. I heart Erin Andrews on

    Staal Wart-

    Jagr IS DEFINITELY worth $4.5 million…. he is having a down year offensively yes, but he is still a top offensive talent in this league. Keep in mind that scrubs like Jason Blake & Mike Comrie are making $4m+ …. Jarda not only opens up space for his teammates, but he has great vision and can still net 25-30 goals.

    I really hope that we are able to bring back Avery (3yrs), Shanny & Jagr (1 yr each) so that we can maintain a similar core for next year. I have no problem with replacing Straka with Prucha either.

  19. I know its been an issue forever but the Garden bad ice is costing the Rangers games.
    Shannahans shootout on Tuesday plus countless other examples. When is management going to do something that guarantees more than playing on a 7-11 slurpee?

  20. O.k, so now we have a Jagr distraction to go with the Avery distraction. “Days Of Our Lives” so be so compelling.

  21. Jagr is going to resign next year. Sather will not let him go, and quite possibly, even though he wont hit the 84(or 86?) points he needs, if he comes close, Sather has all the more reason to keep him.
    PLUS what I hear from the grapevine that is the NYR inner cirlce, and my well placed High school buddy who works for the Rangers, is that Shanny is again SERIOUSLY contemplating returning for another 1 year stint as a ranger. $$ is a non issue, its more about how he feels at seasons end (which right now he’s been saying he feels fantastic), how far the Rangers go in the playoffs, and how much his wife is behind him on the subject.(his Kids and her come first, obviously) So take it for what its worth, but my buddy has been right about 99.9% of all the stuff he’s heard around the inner wokrings of NYR world.
    (Also, I only got this out of him due to ALOT of alcohol, some extreme badgering, our wives gossiping, and the fact that he and I have been Ranger Nuts since we first met in kindergarden (passed along from our respective fathers.)
    I’m more than optimistic that Jags and Shanny could be back next year.

    And on a side note, anyone else LOVE the fact that Drury got into one of his only fights this year defending MALIK. If that doesn’t show some team solidarity after the “No Handshake” crap I dont know what does

  22. Throw the Knicks out of the Garden and the ice surface will never have to be changed and will smooth out. This has been a problem for the Garden only since 1946 with the founding of the NBA. Good things, and solutions, take time.

  23. with Sather saying he wants to resign Avery & Rozival, he probably told Jagr the same thing.

  24. I Heart…
    I only said that based on the fact that Jagrs production is down this year but what if this is old age slide kicking in. What if next year he puts up half of the numbers he did this year. I’d just hate to be throwing that much money at a player who is get older…I think he should take Shanny kind of money with incentives. But that is just my opinion. I do agree that he is still an offensive threat, and does open ice for guys like Avery and Dubi. I’m not saying he’s washed up but we’ll see…

    As far as this team is concerned I’m starting to get really pumped…once again they are turning it on at the right time. They didn’t play that well yesterday but Hank was HUGE and seems to have regained his confidence…
    Nothing from Sven huh…wonder if Hank still sucks…9 Shut outs…yeah right!

  25. Jagr, Straka, & Shanny can be offered incentive contracts which don’t have to hit the cap until the following season.

  26. Daily News – Momentum has built in recent weeks toward finalizing a deal that would have the Rangers play the final game in the storied history of the current Yankees Stadium, the Daily News has learned. The Yankees, who will move into their new Yankee Stadium for the 2009 baseball season, are said to be completely on board with having the NHL close the 85-year-old original. And, anxious to build upon the buzz created by the wildly successful Winter Classic outdoor game between Pittsburgh and Buffalo at Ralph Wilson Stadium on New Year’s Day, NBC and the NHL are intent upon seizing this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. League and network representatives visited the Stadium recently to get an on-site view of what would need to be done to stage the event. The Rangers’ opponent for the game, while not yet set, appears unlikely to be either the Islanders or the Devils. That is because both the network and the league believe it would generate greater ratings to include a team from another U.S. television market. The Boston Bruins and Detroit Red Wings are believed to be likely candidates in a game that would be a nod to the NHL’s fabled Original Six roots.

  27. anyone know what shanny’s incentive were for THIS season, whether or not they triggered, and what impact that will have on next year?

  28. tim, he has 2.8 million in bonus coming. I think they were triggered when he stepped on the ice in preseason.

  29. March 10, 2008—Sean Avery , apparently angered by a second-period penalty call against him during the Rangers New York Rangers ’ 1-0 shootout victory over the Bruins yesterday at Madison Square Garden, hurled two water bottles from the penalty box, one of which whizzed by the heads of three small children seated behind the box.
    That bottle smashed against a wall, soaking customers, and angering an unidentified father of two of them, who came down to the glass and demonstratively showed Avery the bottle.
    The family – sought out by Avery after the period – was given one of his sticks and, according to Rangers spokesman John Rosasco, was satisfied with the response. The family left after the second period, and Avery was not available in the locker room after the game to comment.

  30. While I personally would like to see Jagr back, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if he left. Remember, this guy lives an expensive lifestyle and has money issues (internet gambling, taxes,…model girlfriends). I wouldn’t be shocked at all to see him go to Russia if some Russian oil baron pays him 4-5mn euros a year. That said, if he doesn’t resign with the Rangers I would love to see him go back to Pittsburgh to finish his career – nice story although he would probably kill us.

  31. I think Jagr is gone. And he’ll take his Czech cronies with him. I think you could see a vastly different team next season no matter what happens. If we win the Cup, Jagr, Straka and Shanny will be gone and even if we lose I think all three may be gone now with the way guys like Callahan and Dawes have stepped up lately.

    With that kind of cap room the Rangers could make a push for a UFA like Marian Hossa and a midlevel winger like Ryan Malone or a solid top pairing defensive defenseman.

    This offseason could be very interesting if Jagr walks because I think you may see most of the Czechs on the team go with him. And yes that includes Rozsival. Why sign Rozie for $5m when you can sign Wade Redden for $6 or $7m?

  32. SeamusORiley on

    I think he is history. I think he will go to Eastern Europe.

    I am grateful that he brought us back to the playoffs and should be cheered (and will be). I am also glad to think that this team is going to be Gomez’ team and the Czech influence will be gone (ie Malik, soft style, etc).

    We are a team that has a real promising future.

    If Jags planned on staying, it would be no distraction to simply say so. I am sorry that nonsense has gone on with the Avery thing, but that 22 year old that was dangled towards us for Avery SHOULD have been grabbed! Oh well.

    When Avery flies, he does well. When he does not take dopey penalties, he does well. If Sather is not going to sign him and knows a good reason why (and is not telling….like he thinks that Avery will have Staal, Dubi and Dawes out drugging until 4AM) then I guess we just have to trust that it is not Sather’s ego, but paternal instinct.

    There is so much fascinating stuff that goes on behind the scenes. I do enjoy this blog very much, and how people simply speculate on what goes on….

    It reminds me of Whitey Herzog dumping Keith Hernandez on the Mets way back when. Anyone remember the White Rat’s rumors he let out?? oh, man!

  33. SeamusORiley on

    I now think that Shanny may sign up for one more year. He likes NY, NY likes him. He does not appear to have the ego that has to demand money. He has plenty of that. Seeing him still be willing to drop the gloves makes me think that there is more in his tank.

    He may really enjoy playing with Gomez and Drury next year, unshackled with the soft chech-keepaway with the puck stuff…

    I really thought he was done, but after hearing Jags comments, I think he might stay.

    And…if he stays, will that convince Avery to sign at a reasonable price?

  34. SeamusORiley on

    Joe wrote:

    March 10th, 2008 at 10:14 am
    March 10, 2008—Sean Avery , apparently angered by a second-period penalty call against him during the Rangers New York Rangers ’ 1-0 shootout victory over the Bruins yesterday at Madison Square Garden, hurled two water bottles from the penalty box, one of which whizzed by the heads of three small children seated behind the box.
    That bottle smashed against a wall, soaking customers, and angering an unidentified father of two of them, who came down to the glass and demonstratively showed Avery the bottle.
    The family – sought out by Avery after the period – was given one of his sticks and, according to Rangers spokesman John Rosasco, was satisfied with the response. The family left after the second period, and Avery was not available in the locker room after the game to

    Joe, where did that come from?

  35. can someone refrsh me on Kaleta? did he do something?..or are we concerned that he is going to start banging us up?

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