Now this is just getting stupid


“This team is in a bad way, folks. There’s no sugarcoating it.”

That was me on Jan. 20, after the Rangers dropped a clunker at home against Boston, and the growing sense was this team was going nowhere in a hurry. Now the point streak is at 13 games after tonight’s shootout win in Buffalo, and the Rangers are tied with Ottawa for fifth place.

This all leads to an important question: Why do I even bother covering this team the first three months of the season?

Look, I will make no proclamations or predictions about what lies ahead. The playoffs are goofy, and the Rangers aren’t even there yet.

But yes, to answer your question, you officially have reason to be excited.

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  1. I am so pumped right now that we got another two points tonight, but I think it is about time that they do it in regulation. Aside from the isles game on thursday thats three games in a shootout. One against boston, and two from teams who aren’t even in a playoff spot. They need to play harder. Like I said, I am so excited and I have been for the last couple weeks, but I agree with Renney’s comments yesterday that they didn’t necessarily play that great. Same with today. And also, it does not help the rangers case to have bill mcbloweverycall reffing their games. But hell yeah, 3 points out of the conference lead.

  2. Sam, what is the deal with McCreary. I understand the officiating tends to be biased against the Rangers. Today it was just clear that McCreary was doing everything he could to get the Sabres back into it. Disgraceful!!

  3. Gutsy performance. Guys were getting tired but they got the job done. That first penalty on Sjostrom was garbage, and what did Dawes exactly do to warrant interference? Oh well..take two, rest up, and head to FL!

  4. All I am saying is I know this team has it in them to play a near flawless game because they have done it before. If they can get back to that level, they truly will make a serious run

  5. averyisgod16 on

    Seriously…can we get Hank an electric dog collar so he doesn’t leave the net to play the puck and learns to stay in the net during key situations??? Gives me a damn heart attack with his antics.

    Great win tonight by the way!!!

  6. terrible officiating but great perseverance. avery’s hit on paetsch was great (although an nhl d-man should have his head up there), and we took care of our own end really well in that 3rd.

  7. Hockeyman Rangers #2 on

    This game could have been a win, if it weren’t for the bogus call on Shoestrum (spelling)the player pushed him into the goalie. They get a PP chance and score. But yea the really have to start doing this in regulation. But yea I will take the two in the shootout. I’ll take it. Don’t stop now Rangers, you MUST play harder and stronger every game. GET R DONE BOYS. A little stressfull watching but I will still take it

  8. Yea great game but the officiating was brutal. I agree the Sjostrom and Dawes “penalties” were crap calls. Meanwhile, you could tell our boys were tired but they persevered and played a great game defensively. No doubt we take 4 pts. out of the 2 games in FLA without going to OT. Henrik definitely needs one of those games off, though. I’m sure Renney agrees.

  9. First, to everyone over the last bunch of days: You guys are right, Lundqvist sucks. He’s way overpaid. He’s just terrible.

    Second, to whomever the D-bags are that said Drury was so bad (you know who are you are…ahem, Salty): Yeah, he played like a total bozo all game. He’s terrible. He looked like a schmoe on that 5 on 3. A real loser.

    Now on a more serious note:

    Backman is done now. He’s the 7th Defenseman. Beer Me! you agreen now right? When Malik and Mara gets back, he is the odd man out. Sorry. Just too much of a liability in general out there. Can’t have that dude going all Malik (pre-Avery fight) on us in the playoffs.

    The refs have it out for the Rangers. I have no other way to explain Shoe’s goalie interference. Then I have no way to explain Peters’ two punches thrown at Orr FROM THE BENCH and they both get the same penalties.

    Did Roszival play his worst game as a Ranger tonight? Close to it. He was a pu$$y not blocking the shot on the PP deflection goal. On the first goal he got outmuscled in the corner. On that other play at the beginning of the 2nd period, he got his jockstrap removed. A classic example of why the Rangers need a real banger back there; someone like Beukeboom who will just flatten someone.

    We are on fire though. All in all, I can’t really complain too much. We are playing good hockey.

    But still we could be finishing better and winning in regulation.

    Bring on Florida.

  10. Hockeyman Rangers #2 on

    Sorry I meant a win in regulation. And way to go Gomer, to be honest I didn’t have much faith in Gomer but he made it work.

  11. Oh yeah and that Dawes phantom call in front of the Buffalo net, another joke by the refs.

  12. Adam and his apple on

    ok can somebody tell me why the hell we didnt have a power play to start the OT? peters ambushes orr from the bench, FROM THE BENCH!!!! and the refs have the grapes to give orr a 10 minute misconduct, you gotta be kidding me thats just nonsense, ok fine id even understand if you gave them both 10 min misconducts but you gotta give at least an extra minor for unsportsmanlike conduct but i think he shoulda been given a 5 minute major for that

    just goes to show ya that the rangers are sizzling right now, they can singlehandedly beat the sabres and refs in the same game! ;D

  13. this team is gutsy and the foward lines are well balanced but the D is still too soft.

    Backman was definitly the answer, Right Slats.

  14. longtimerangersfan on

    Hey, Roadhouse is on…maybe we can get Patrick Swayze to play D for us. Just kidding…I know he has problems.

  15. Can I just point out that looking ahead to front of division (which would probably mean winning conference) I want nothing to do with moving anywhere in standings.

    I see Carolina being a MUCH better matchup then a very talented Pittsburgh team. Carolina isnt even looking as easy as their point total would make you assume either. I think best overall matchup for first round if we dont move into one of top two spots is actually Montreal because they have a less experienced playoff team with a young goaltender.

  16. Another game another win, its fun to be a ranger fan right now, Things are looking good because the playoffs are coming soon, and in the playoffs to important things are timely goal scoring and great goaltending and where certainly getting that at the moment, I say forget about the negatives here people an lets just roll with the good times. lets go rangers, hey tsn had us ranked 4 in the power rankings this week, finally getting a little respect.

  17. I really don’t care who we play. This team can beat anyone in the NHL when they’re going right, and with the 4 lines all rolling right now, this could be the best overall team in the game. As long as that backline can stay tight and Henke is Henke, there should be any club in the NHL good enough to stop the NY Rangers. Let’s Go Blueshirts!!!!!

  18. Sam, if possible, please find out the NY Rangers orginizations sentiment on tonights officiating. Bill McCreary must have gotten a call from Lindy Ruff before the game and promised him a tryst with the Elliot Spitzer’s top girl. The goalie interference call was disgusting to be honest….Rangers player was pushed into the Ryan Miller by Buffalo player….and the play was RIGHT in clear view of the referee…..As far as the Dawes interference, the ref watched Dawes cross check a Sabres player while puck was up in the air. Pretty weak officiating and I know Sammy boy will get to the bottom of this Hater-Ade that the refs drink every game the Rangers are involved with.

  19. Who Needs Lohan (so Scarey) on

    The real question is what was worse, the officiating or the announcing? They were showing fucking signed hats instead of one of the bogus calls on us (cant remember which one, there were so many)! “70 seconds left in regulation”….um where did you get that one asshole??

    Hey, does anyone know if there are any automatic 1 game suspension for throwing punches from the bench? I was more pissed that Shanny was having a laugh with those Douchebags instead of yelling at them.

  20. Yea…the fuggin announcing sucked too…When Gomer buried the SO winner….the announcers sounded like they were either at a funeral or announcing for the PGA when Tiger is about to putt for a birdie….If the Sabres won, Eddie O would be bent over the sky box monitor with that other assclown pumpin away and screaming like when the Giants won the pennant.

  21. Just adding my two cents that the refs were horrible especially that one McCreary (the Sjostrem, Betts, Dawes and Orr misconduct all stand out!! I didn’t much care for the five on three)… it was crazy. I don’t know if he is getting something form SPitzer’s girl (lol my Mum is watching the newd about it now) or if Ruff promised tog rease his palms like last year in the playoffs when they wiped out goals for us and added goals for them, but whatever the boys overcame all that…

    Say what you will against Rozsival, he takes hits when he goes for the puck (ahem… Malik) and his penalty killing is key (yes he dodged that shot, but he doesn’t normally do that) but for a long stretch Tytuin and Girardi were missing assignments all over the place, I like them of course, but they are not ready to be the leaders…

    Whatever if the Rangers don’t resign him I don’t see anyone on the team ready to step into his minutes and responsibility, and I don’t know who is better for a similiar price, I don’t want the Ranger sputing 5 mil into Campbell when they could put 3 into Rozi and continue grooming the kids to take charge…

    I would like to know, if you can Sam, what Renney and others thought about the officiating

    Thanks man!

  22. Who Needs Lohan (so Scarey) on

    Yeah, Rozi has had a lot of pucks go off him lately. Maybe he wanted to avoid the screen/deflection???

  23. maybe Lohan, but he dogged it there…

    No lieing I really like him and I think he did, but he doesn’t normally and I don’t see the kids ready to take over. I want Rozi around for three more years, next year he will still get big minutes then after that he will move back but only as the kids are ready, not just yet… He’s only 29 he has been getting better with time… he had some fine plays in this game to, but he dogged it on that shot, but if the refs were fair we wouldn’t have been on the pk then anyway…

  24. Yeah Sam. I know you probably don’t like to take content advice from your readers, but I’d really like to know some of the team’s opinions on the officiating tonight. I know they can’t come right out and say it was bad for fear of fines, but maybe some anonymous Rangers here and there? I’m sure the organization as a whole won’t mind paying the fines.

  25. Rocco A., I guess you don’t remember our fateful road trip to Florida last year around this time. We managed to blow a 2 game lead after two against the Panthers and then 2 days later we managed to lose in regulation again after leading the Lightning by 3 also after 2. Unfortunately I was there for both.

  26. Fruity Cupcake on

    Jeez Sam, don’t jinx your job! The first three months of the hockey season are necessary and crack-like for the die-hards. And you reporters have to deal to us. We NEED you, right or wrong, just keep writing. We don’t CARE! Cut it with football or baseball or even golf if you must but for goodness’ sake, keep us supplied!!!

    In related news, what are the chances Yankee season ticket holders get a crack at hockey in the Bronx before we Blueseaters? Seriously, what are the chances we get tickets for this once-in-a-lifetime event in OUR OWN BACKYARD? Every Madison Ave flackin’ hack will be there with visions of Gretzky dancing in their heads.

    Sorry, bitter before necessary I guess. Off to Prague for me :-)

  27. I have to vent about this ref thing guys (and gals) sorry. I know it’s all been said already but what a bunch of BS!!!!!!!!

    A few games back over at Blueshirt there was some heat about “the referee conspiracy”.

    After tonight I believe!!!!

    Sorry but it’s painfully obvious that the refs CONSTANTLY try to affect the outcome of our games. I wouldn’t have believed it until tonight… but after Sjoestrom’s “interference” call…

    That’s it.

    OBVIOUS. Plain and simple. They don’t even try to hide it.

  28. Sam, I am with everyone else. Is there anything being done about this officiating? Did the coaches even mention it? It is becoming rather ridiculous.

  29. Unfortunately, our Sam is what Mario Cuomo would call “polenta.” Doesn’t ruffle feathers, never breaks a story, would only on pain of death take a controversial stand on ANYTHING that might rock the boat.

    The officating tonight was THE story. Hardly a surprise that Sam’s first dispatch from the front lines missed it. Entirely.

    I like you. Sam. I think you write cleverly. But polenta is polenta is polenta.

  30. haha new newman, you can fellate me buddy!

    good for the team. I only caught a few minutes of the game tonight before heading to my own skate…. but if Drury and Lundqvist played like hey are worth $7M…then hey, awesome…

    *I’m never afraid to eat my words, best case scenario Drury and Lundqvist become ridiculous…*

    I won’t get into details cause I didn’t see it, but if the team is so hot, why not put the nails to a team like BUF? Serious question… although were pulling out points/wins it seems like we’re still struggling

    either way…they got my attention

  31. I guess there is not accountability for the official. That was flat out an embarrassment. If I was just a causual fan I’d have flipped the channel…just woeful officiating.
    Even though we beat the Sabres and McCreary I’m steamed. The officials should have just put Buffalo jerseys on…

  32. Exactly. Another BAD game by the refs…. call on Sjostrom was ridiculous!!! Come on! Great, classic assist by Avery, that was amazing!!!

  33. Officiating sucked. Player on the bench gets the same penalty as a player on the ice. 10 penalties to 5. Nothing like calling the game according to the home team and the scoreboard. they should be ashamed of themselves

  34. Versus sucks also Announcers suck Graphics blocking the play Stick to turkey hunting in the Bayou Versus

  35. Not to complain on a night where we win, but what is up with Shanny? Don’t get me wrong, 1st ballot HOF and a true throwback to when hockey was played as it should be…..Obviously, their must be residual effects from Shanny’s concussion last season….Otherwise the guy NEVER goes into the corners and shys away from contact like he has a bomb attached to him and it would detonate if he did…….He is the NY Rangers “unofficial Captain” and the voice of the team and very well respected, but is he on his last slow legs and seems to be here just to show the kiddies how it is done and then pass the torch to the future? He does still have that laser shot while standing still though!

  36. Not looking to put anything on the refs, and frankly, its absurd how quickly you all jump on the bandwagon when it comes to certian topics, but I was wondering Sam if you could find otu how Orr and Peters could possibly receive the same punishment when Orr was on the ice and peters was on the bench. One oculd argue that Orr isnt allowed to fight with someone who isnt on the ice, but it was clear that peters attacked him from the bench. Thanks

  37. Officiating was disgraceful. Just when you think it can’t be worst you get a game like tonite. Sjostrom was pushed into the Sabre goaltender and it subsequently cost us a goal. Orr was penalized unfairly. Nevertheless, Lunquist is starting to steal games again playing with a great deal of confidence. He’s become far more comfortable and is playing the way he did last year during that streak. Drury is really playing great two way hockey and Girardi just stands out.

  38. clowns are still complaining about sather!!!!!!!!!!!

    playoffs 3 yrs in a row, salary cap(can’t just buy players) and the brain surgeons are still complaining.

    newsflash, they got Backman for a 4th round pick, what % of 4th rounders even make the NHL??

    The rangers are good, young, and have a bright future but why don’t you mental midgets continue with your stupid nonsense!!!!!!!!

  39. Hey eliot, i like how you call it absurd for everyone “jumping on the bandwagon,” but then go and agree with everything that we are saying and jump on it yourself! clever.

  40. Liquid… come on… why do you all complain, still after such a great, great point streak!? Shanny scored beautifully in SO but you still found something to complain, why you didn’t write a single word about the game itself, just crying that Shanny is slow…bla bla bla… ridiculous.

  41. salty – ‘why not put the nails in’? You certainly get a pass b/c you didn’t see the whole game. To answer that, just look at the comments re: officiating. We were lucky to win at all.

    But it goes along with what I always say… You have to play above the officiating. No matter how bad it can be sometimes and last night was one that will stick in your head for a while. But getting pissed off and throwing stuff and losing your exposure, never helps. The team stayed focused and did what they needed to do.

    Newman – Re: Backman. I really tried man. I really tried not to jump on the guy for a slow start with a new team. I’m done with him now. Not that I was ever a fan, but I really wanted to give him a fair shot. Even went so far as to give him an extra game for my personal evaluation. He only made it worse.

    Everything’s already been said about the officials. But to all of you that asked Sam to ask around what they thought about the officiating last night I have a question for you… What answer do you think you’re going to hear? And do you really even need to hear it? We all saw it, hearing it from someone else won’t make it anymore true, or go away. Let’s move on.

    I kinda want to get this Fla trip out of the way so we can (hopefully) enjoy that last 10game stretch vs the Atlantic div.

  42. Doodie Machetto on

    New Newman, I only got to watch the third and OT, and I didn’t see anything spectacular from Hank. The saves in the shootout were OK (the 2nd one was better than the first), but other than that, he didn’t really get tested. The game against Boston he was unbelievable. But even if he was good today, that’s only 3 games removed from his 2 month streak of mediocrity. I still think he is grossly overpaid.

    As for Drury, you mention a 5 on 3, but I don’t think a penalty killer is worth 7 million. We pay Blair Betts less than 700k! I have no problem with Drury as a leader, and I think he is a great 2nd level offensive talent, but he isn’t worth 7 million. That has been my gripe with Drury, just his salary.

    Lundqvist started to become a little bit more fundamental, in his inconsistency, lack of focus, and poor puck control. If he’s turned a corner from that (except the puck control, he almost got scored on for screwing up behind the net last night), then I’m happy for him and for us. Even still, I am unhappy with how much he is paid. Where’s the hometown discount? Of goaltenders resiginging with their own teams, he is the highest paid by over a million bucks. No one else thinks that’s strange?

  43. Never anything from the NHL re a review of the two-referee system, when it is obviously vastly inferior to the one-referee system which was in place for about 75 years. They just put in their gimmick changes and stay with them, regardless of results. Disgraceful, shameful, incompetent and moronic, that is the Gary Bettman tenure.

  44. stuart: Good organizations expand their pick influence in the draft and do not squander them lightly. The problem with trading a #4 pick for Backman is compounded by his acquision holding-up the promotion of a more talented young D from within the organization. This organization goes outside too often to fill the gaps. Promoting from within is much more intelligent and steamlines the replacement process.

  45. that goalie interference call on Sjostrom should warrant a suspension or fine of McCreary. That was the worst call I have even seen in all my years of watching hockey.

  46. Doodie – Re: Drury. He’s also leading(tied) the team in goals. I think just about everyone in professional sports is overpaid. But “his” season is just starting. He’ll make his $ over the next few months.

    We need to get some kind of leash to keep Hank in the net. Or threaten him with something if he goes to play the puck behind the net again.

    Here we go, time to overpay…again.

  47. Beer Me-
    The NHL Organization should be embarassed if they decide to fine Avery for the water bottle toss, from my understandind the New York Post yesterday had that article and stated that Avery felt bad and gave the guy a stick. The NHL Organization always has a bone to pick with Avery.

    Last Night was the perfect example that just like last season the officials and the opponent are out to get the Rangers.

  48. Rob L.-
    You are right about that call, I believe it was Lydman shoving Sjostrom into Miller.

  49. Sam, I’ve got my own problems right now, but do you ever get a scoop? How come Brooks always outscoops you guys?

  50. leetch2 – I thought that was over and done with too. It’s not like he intentionally threw anything AT someone. I was at the game and saw it happen, though I was 200ft away. So my perspecitve was a little off. But never the less, it doesn’t warrant a fine.

  51. How come nobody has mentioned that awesome hit by Avery on Paetsch (sp?) to get the puck to Dubi to then get it back and feed Jags beautifully in front for a goal. That play right there personifies how a left wing should play the game. Paetsch looked like a new born baby horse trying to walk for the first time after that hit.

  52. Doodie are you out of your mind…Drury an overpaid penalty killer…HAHA…you must have him confused with another player cause Drury is not just a PKer…HAHA
    Are your new to the Rangers?

  53. drury played well last night but not great. I didnt think he was worth 7 mill when we go him only because he’s a 50-60 point kinda guy. He still does it all so its cool.

    As for avery, he should get fined since its in the rulebook. Sundin got a suspension a couple years back for tossing something into the stands so its not like the NHL is picking on avery.

  54. Re: Avery’s hit. I thought it was within the rules. However, right on that line where Sean is known to play. I know that Avery gets a bad rap from the officials, and deservedly so. But if that were Hollweg, he’d be suspended. And if that hit were on one of our guys, we’d probably be looking for a call. It’s just in that 5ft danger zone near the boards.

  55. Not much too add to what has already been said. Great to see Jagr get on the board last night after that terrific hit by Avery. Is there anything Avery doesn’t do? I hope as his game gets cleaner, he gets less reputation calls against him…that remains to be seen. All I know is that he’ll be a joy to watch in the playoffs again.

    This team has the look of one that is built for the playoffs. They’re able to survive games where their legs are a little sluggish, mostly because of Hank.

    As much as I hate the schedule this year with all the back-to-back and lengthy breaks, it seems that the Rangers are okay with it. This three-day break is really nice as everyone can get a chance to recover from a tough, emotional 8 or 9 day stretch. I think they’re gonna take 3, if not all 4 points this weekend against the crappy Florida teams.

  56. Buckmeister:

    “stuart: Good organizations expand their pick influence in the draft and do not squander them lightly. The problem with trading a #4 pick for Backman is compounded by his acquision holding-up the promotion of a more talented young D from within the organization. This organization goes outside too often to fill the gaps. Promoting from within is much more intelligent and steamlines the replacement process.”

    The Ranger’s would have loved to recall Hutchinson or Poke. However, becasue they are the top two defensemen down there, I don’t think it is realistic to think that Backman is taking a young guy’s spot, because you can’t expect a bottom half minor league defensemen to be able to step in and play effective bottom half NHL minutes.

    Backman hasn’t played well, and that may be becasue he isn’t very good. But that is mostly relative. He is clearly an upgrade on Strudwick, and is still one of the top 180 defensemen in the world. His positives outweigh his negatives relative to the alternatives. The margin, we can all agree, is small.

  57. I don’t know if HIS positives outweigh HIS negatives. But I’d agree that HIS positives outweigh Struds positives. On the ice anyway. Thus being the right (available) player in the lineup this past week.

    But Struds has him beat in the ‘stache & rockband categories!

  58. That hit on Paetch was the real cause of the goal since he was imitating a new born horse on the ice (funny) when he should have been covering Jagr in the slot.

    I think the NHL owes the Rangers an explanation

  59. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    I don’t often agree with Drury, but he really is just an overpaid penalty killer. I’m waiting for one of his “big” goals to come through, but until then I hope he keeps rocking the PK at $7.35 million a year.

    The Rangers played like crap the last two games. The forwards aren’t bad, besides Shanahan who’s stopped skating until the shootout, but the defense is atrocious! Hank has had to be miraculous the last two games and without him we lose both.

    The officiating, especially on the Sjostrom and Dawes (interfence) penalties was awful. I hope Campbell watched this game and fines McReary and Peters – I’m not sure who the bigger baffoon was last night.

    All-in-all, they’re finding ways to win and that’s a good sign. BUT as the Hockey Rodent points out, they’re not playing sound hockey. They’re sloppy and it’s starting to get scary.

  60. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Sorry, meant to say “don’t agree with Doodie” and some of his opinions…

  61. I heart Erin Andrews on

    Gotta love Jagr…. (from Zips’ blog)

    Asked about the possibility of playing an outdoor game at Yankee Stadium against the Bruins or Islanders next Jan.1—a few months after the Rangers open the season in Prague, Jagr said. “I’ll be watching on the internet.”

  62. Doodie Machetto on

    Staal, I was responding to what New Newman said about Drury. He mentioned the 5 on 3 in support of Drury, and what I was saying is that a penalty kill doesn’t make him worth his money.

    Beer, yes, he is tied for the team lead in goals, but it’s because the rest of the team, cough JAGR cough, has grossly under produced. The man has 22 goals. That’s second tier offensive talent. Which is fine. I’ve got no problem with his production if he is the second offensive fiddle. Those players can go for up to 4 million. Fine. He’s also a great two way player, so he is worth another million. 5 million. And his leadership, which has come through a lot more recently than it did through the first half of the season, another million. 6 million. tops. 7 million? He better have an amazing playoffs.

    So, something that concerns me about our recent string of good play is that we’re having a hard time finishing games in regulation. 4 out of our last 5, and 6 of our last 13 have gone to OT. They’re 3-3 in those games, but 5 were decided in the shoutout, where they are 3-2. We all know there is no shootout in the playoffs, so is anyone else a little concerned about how this team fares in the playoffs if the games all go to OT? Two reasons why this is concerning:

    1) We don’t know how they will fare in an indefinite overtime as opposed to the 5 minutes then shootout. I’d like to think we have enough grit and clutch scoring to win those games, but I’d much rather have the security of regulation wins.

    2) If they go to OT a lot in the playoffs, they might burn out. The same applies to this season. They just played two OT games on back to back days. They must be tired. If this continues down the stretch, you have to wonder how much gas will be in the tank for the playoffs. And once they’re in the playoffs, if they go to OT on a regular basis, those games will run even longer because of the sudden death format. How long until the team just runs out of gas?

    So, I’m happy that they’re winning and with the surge in the standings, I just wish that they could finish more wins in regulation.

  63. jagrforgovernor on

    What a game….

    Let’s back up a bit. The Rangers have taken 23 out of a possible 26 points. Against teams like Boston, Philly, and the Sabres.

    They played a ton of games lately, including the last two back to back. Which explains Shanny, Rozzy, and other players getting tired/sore. Rozzy plays a lot of minutes every night, and is rock solid most of the time. I have no complaints about his toughness or abilities.

    McCreary gets away with making bad calls because everyone is too busy looking at his stache. (Which still has crumbs on it from the dinner the Sabres treated him to.) Whatta joke. That Peters situation was unacceptable. I hope he doesn’t officiate the playoffs b/c of this game… Then again, his stache will probably get him out of this.

  64. formerly formerlyjagrforgovernor on


    In light of Eliot “I need a New York whore when I’m in Washington” Spitzer’s recent mess, I am going back to my “official name” jagrforgovernor. Although he may lack the confidence to get things done, at least when he goes to Atlantic City, we’ll know what he’s doing…

  65. Doodie:

    One point missing from your thourogh calculations is the extra 1 million to keep him from eliminating us from the playoffs again. Drury playing not on the Sabers or any other eastern conference team is worth 1 million at least.

    Not to mention his is like the fourth best selling jersey.

    Its a business, and add your production calculations, to mine, and he is a break even at this point. Everything else is bonus.

  66. Some of you have pointed to the Freddy goalie interference as a joke. I ask, where have you been??? That’s been happening for ages, along with 5 minute majors and hooks on breakaways not getting called on the opposition. We have the best player in the world, and he has no confidence simply because if he were on any other team, he’d draw at least 4 PIM a game, but I dont think he’s drawn a penalty in the last 50 games, despite getting draped all over and strangled every time he touches the puck. How many times have you heard Rosen or Davidson and this year that bum Micheletti say “I guess they missed that one”. It’s always Mcreary, but there’s another one, Kerry Fraser. We honored that loser’s 1500th game or something, and he decided to cheat us in that one too. I originally started recognizing the refs years ago when then NYR Lindros got highsticked, his face gushing blood everywhere, only to have a diving penalty called on him.

    Feels good to vent!

  67. again the rangers traded for backman and gave up a 4th roundpick. all you couch GM’s argue over every minor detail.

    is backman neidermayer? No, but at $2.3 mill next yr he is a decent 6th D man with some upside the guy is less then 25. If Sauer and others deserve to get promoted they will, Pock and Hutchinson will not be Rangers next yr. and Staal is a future superstar for 12 yrs……..

    they have 3 24 or younger D men that will be on the blueline for the forseeablefuture and 1 nugget in the minors(Sanguinetti) and then some question marks…

    Again the buffoon Sather seems pretty smart to me, hopefully that statement is not too blasphemous for all the experts on this site…….

  68. RE: Avery/waterbottle

    I actually skated with the guy Avery “hit” with the water bottle last night. He said it was no big deal at all, and that the media came to him looking for some juicy story and that he told them to get lost (he’s friends with Pelino and didn’t want to give the media anything to spin). Said at the end of the game someone ran down with the waterbottle and tried to “trade it” or something and Avery sent a stick up to the guys wife or whatever…. strange though that it was actually that guy…and you guys are still talking about it.

  69. doodie – I didn’t mean to disguise the fact that our ‘goal scorers’ aren’t scoring goals. But Dru is right no his career pace, more or less. Whether that’s worth $7mil is another story. But there’s no point in singling him out as being overpaid. Even Jags is at just the Rangers portion of his salary. There’s very few guys on the team that AREN’T overpaid. In all of professional sports IMO.

    And to discuss your interesting point about OT/winning in reg… Not only should it be a concern for the playoffs, but to look even before that… Those last 10 games vs the div too. We can’t be giving out an extra point to those teams at that point of the season.

  70. I give up, Doodie

    You’re complaining about the team because they are not winning in regulation?? This is not EA Sports here. These are humans winning at least one point in 13 games not to mention that 10 were the wins that you desire.

    When they win the Cup in six, you are going to complain that it should have been 4.

  71. timay – I don’t think it was too much of a complaint as much as an observation. It’s actually cause for concern later in the season. see my last post.

  72. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    I hate to blame the officiating – I’ve never done it before because I believe GOOD hockey teams persevere through the officiating and still:
    1) win nonetheless,
    2) in the end start drawing penalties.

    The first point is obvious and moot. The second point I believe is because a team who passes well and skates well can’t help but draw hooking, tripping, and interference penalties.

    But last night I watched Dawes and Sjostrom play cleanly for the puck and get penalized. The past two games I’ve seen Dawes and Callahan skate hard with the puck and get tripped (at least twice each) while the opposing player gets nothing but their skates – with no foul whistled.

    That’s too much. The fouls are too obvious. And when I watch a game where Micheal Therien signals “4 to 3” to the refs (counting the number of penalties he’s killed to the number of powerplays they’ve had…after which, they did get another 2 powerplays) I realized the NHL is just about whining and harassing the ref’s as it is about sportsmanship and hard-work.

    This NHL, although better than it was in the past, seems to be going the route of variability (in officiating) and unaccountability. It’s disheartening.

  73. Doodie’s not complaining about not winning in regulation; he’s just concerned that if we get in the playoffs, will we be able to score in OT when defenses clamp down or will we get burned out from too many or too long OTs.

  74. this team has some serious chemistry working.. who cares about how much so and so makes.. just wait till this offseason and you will notice that the gomer, drury and hank deals are not that bad… maybe hank can use some of his newfound money for a stickhandling coach..

    maybe we can shave mccreary’s stache and have the stache be the referee..leaving mccreary weak and insignificant

  75. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Yea Salty – the road to glory is built on players who’s jerseys sell 4th best. Bet you didn’t know that?

    That’s why Mike York has played so well for every team he’s been on…. haha

  76. True Fans Bleed RW&B

    How can a team persevere through bad calls and win nonetheless when the team is doing everything right, creating scoring opportunities and playing physical defense, only to not get calls in their favor but get cheap calls against them. Last night, our team did persevere and win, but when it comes playoff time and referees are cheating us more and more, eventually players are going to think to themselves, what else can we do, at which point they’ve given up on fairness. When you start to see the unfairness, you lose motivation to try and get those scoring opportunities, etc. If we go down by more than a goal, or by a game in a series, what happens then?

  77. The game that I saw on Sunday and watched on Monday was a game played by a very tired Ranger Team, but still got 4 points. I can only see the glass as half full a this point. I think we hit 8 posts in those two games, I concede. We should have won in regulation last night because the call on Sjo-Joe was ridiculous. we should have lost the game on Sunday in regulation but Lundquist stole won. If I was Renney I would have chartered a plane for FL today and have them sit on the beach today and a round of golf tomorrow followed by Client 9, 10, 11,12, etc.

  78. True Fans Bleed RW&B on


    You’re pointing out the exact argument I was making. Although, I still believe good teams should win despite poor officiating, the Rangers are fighting a battle which seems slightly more tilted in their opponents favor each successive game.

    Why? Who knows…

    But the Rangers ARE doing the things which typify a team that works hard and should be drawing penalties, even from biased ref’s…but the ref’s have become completely blind to the hooks, trips, and interferences…unless the Rangers are the ones committing them, and sometimes even when the Rangers don’t they still get penalized. This is some of the worst officiating I’ve seen in my life.

  79. Truefan – I’ve always said the same thing. I know and understand exactly what you’re saying too.

    “When you start to see the unfairness, you lose motivation to try and get those scoring opportunities, etc.”

    Mike – That happens when you let it get the best of you and start throwing little bitch tantrums like we usually see from Ruff & Torts. Play above the officials. Play YOUR game and don’t shy away from the plan b/c you aren’t getting calls.

  80. Maybe its me, but I can easily see how Dawes got called for the penalty. Even though it wasn’t that bad, it was interference and he did knock the player down. The Sjostrom call on the other hand was a joke because he had nowhere to go. BTW, that trade for him was a pretty awesome deal. His offensive game is showing here and there in the chances he gets, but if he played on a 2nd or even 3rd line, I could see him getting a lot more points. He just never stops skating and I love that. Too many people worried about Backman, who has played better as of late, instead of watching how well Sjostrom plays in the corner and really just all over the ice. Plus when he skates he has crazy legs since it looks like they fly everywhere. haha.

  81. Doodie Machetto on

    Bure and Lindros sold a ton of jerseys too. We won how many cups with them?

    In Bure’s case, we won how many GAMES with him? 10?

    Timay, Mike and Beer hit my point about OT on the head. I’m not complaining that we’re moving up the standings, but I’m concerned with the long term issues the team might run into if they can’t start putting the games away in regulation.

    Beer, that’s an interesting point about the divisional games going to OT, but that hurts us only in our position within the playoffs, and not so much in whether or not we actually make the playoffs. Since it seems that 4 teams from the Atlantic will make it, we’re in great shape to make the playoffs even if we give away a point in every one of those games. But you can forget about winning the division then.

  82. No Jonny, I could possible see that Dawes shove as a penalty, but other teams do that and much worse to us and rarely get called. Somebody else mentioned it, but what’s also disturbing was seeing Shanny laughing with that loser Mcreary. I would’ve loved if in the middle of a play, he highsticked him, while making it look unintentional. The only way for the unfairness to stop is for there to be consequences for them. What better way than to send Hollweg in to body check refs as part of the gameplan.

  83. Doodie you make a good point about OT. But your general berating of the team for various things on one day to the next has me convinced you are a glass-half-empty guy. That’s fine. Is what it is.

    Whomever keeps talking about Thomas Pock as a potential D-man on this team, I wish you’d just save your energy. I think Pock is decent. But he is probably 10th man on the depth list right now, at very best. And the fact that he passed waivers once with no one claiming him means that the rest of the NHL doesn’t think that much of him either. Give up on Pock please.

    When Mara gets back, I think Wally Backman takes a seat. Beer Me! gave him the benefit of the doubt and so did I, to be honest. But he is just more of a liability than anything else.

    This AM Brooks’ article mentioned that Hollweg and Prucha should get some ice time in FL to keep their legs fresh. I kinda agree with that. Then Brooks mentioned that he thought Dubi should sit because he is getting too cute with the puck or something? Did anyone catch that and what did you think? Curious.


  84. Doodie Machetto on

    Newman, It’s not a glass half-empty thing so much as just keeping my feet on the ground and looking at the big picture instead of fellating the team every time they get a point. I want perfection and so should they. Anybody who demands less, especially if they’re on the team, is settling for too little.

    Now, I understand they won’t be perfect, and I’m sure they do too. But that doesn’t mean it’s wrong for me to ask of them to try for it, and in fact, that’s exactly what I expect them to aspire for.

  85. Doodie Machetto on

    As for Pock, passing through waivers means nothing. It is reetnry waivers that would determine if any team had an interest. I guarantee you that if he went through reenetry waivers that he would be claimed. Same for Hutch.

    But the fact is, with Mara down, they needed help on the right side, not the left, which is where Pock plays. So even if they did want to recall someone from Hartford, and there were no reentry waivers, it wouldn’t have been him because he plays the other side of the ice.

  86. Doodie Machetto on

    Two last things:

    1) If I’m Pock, I demand a trade during the summer.

    2) I disagree with Brooks’ article without getting to the merits. Sitting Dubinsky for Prucha or Hollweg makes no sense since Dubinsky plays center and those guys are wings. As for whether he has been too cute, I didn’t see it in any game leading up to the game last night, and I didn’t get to watch too much of last nights game so if he’s doing that, it was last night only.

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