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While I don’t question the validity of John Dellapina’s story about a Rangers game in the works at Yankee Stadium — despite being a lifelong defenseman, he usually knows what he’s talking about — the official NHL stance on the matter is a tad more tempered.

According to league VP Frank Brown, the Rangers are only “among the many teams that have expressed interest aggressively” about an outdoor game for next season. He also said there’s no time frame for locking down teams or a site for the game.

Naturally, it’s in the league’s best interest to make sure everything is lined up before they announce anything official. But I wouldn’t expect that announcement to be anytime soon.

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  1. paularensburg on

    fwiw, On HNiC Saturday night, one of the sportswriters said the NHL has already sent surveyors to Yankee Stadium. They also said Wrigley was the only real competition, while Fenway has an outside shot.

  2. Ok, whats going on with the game in BUF tonight?? This game cannot be overlooked at all…..grab 2 points tonight and we can further ensure a playoff birth seeing as BUF is in the 9 hole…

  3. I don’t think they want the news to leak until they have the deal done.
    Peter Abraham is dissing the idea of having a hockey game at Yankee Stadium. I guess he doesn’t think hockey is worthy. Sam, you need to talk some sense into that guy.

  4. The only reason the Yankee’s fans and beat writers are dissing this game is because they believe a Yankee game should be the last game that is played in “The House that Ruth Built.” Can you really argue that reason?

    The fact the not one MLB game in the last 5+ years has been drug free and out of respect to the stadium the last game played should be a sport that it’s players do not use steriods or HGH.

  5. Adam and his apple on

    as a yankee fan i can see where Mr. Abraham is coming from but he is just a traditionalist, having a hockey game as the last game in yankee stadium doesnt take away from all the history and glory of the yankees and the stadium itself, i dont think Peter sees the whole picture of how great it would be for the city of NY, the rangers, the NHL, and the stadium itself, i see no better way to close out the stadium than with something other than the norm, i think thats what makes it so cool!

  6. Any lineup changes? I hope our hot streak of getting a point in the last 12 games has not masked that our lines are getting a little stale … I would love Prucha to play tonight … sit either Orr or Sjostrom … move Avery to the Betts line … play either Prucha or Callahan on Jagr’s line …. Avery has done well but I think someone else can do better on that line … Avery continually goes off sides ..gives up the puck inside the blue line .. and has not converted many of the opportunities that Jagr and Dubi has provided for him … let Callahan or Prucha have a shot … Rangers win, they have some breathing room … they lose it will still be a struggle … also remember Rangers do not play well in Florida for some reason .. probably South Beach !

  7. Question?
    Fans of “other teams” keep telling me that the rangers are “struggling” to make the playoffs. yes they are fighting to make it but is it struggling and if u want to call it struggling then wouldn’t it be safe that everyone in the east EVERYONE is Struggling to make it. i dont know if u can really say a team that is 8-0-2 is actually struggling.


  8. KOFFY why mess with anything. why would they sit Sjostrom anyone who watched the last ten games hopefully realized that he throws his body around. is he leveling people no but he takes alot of guys out of the play. they need to not mess with anything and just keep on moving along.

  9. People want changes so they can have something to blame renney for. I give them credit for sticking to their guns. But only Doodie ever gave credit for making the lines work.

  10. joejoe – I’ve heard the same thing not only from friends, but announcers and writers around the league. It’s not just us though. I’ve heard them remark about 1/2 the teams in the league “struggling” to make the playoffs. Could it just be that it’s been so long since there’s actually been GOOD COMPETITION!?

    No team has run away with anything. Not at this point of the season anyway. Early on, Ott and Det. took big leads, but Det has faced numerous injuries and teams have caught up. Ott is just in friggin shambles and I love that the coaching change isn’t working. Not to say that Paddock was a good coach, but not horrible either. But it’s not always the problem.

    So to hear “struggle” in regards to the Rangers making the playoffs, is just aboot the norm for what people are writing these days.

  11. They finally have some chemistry going…now we should change?
    I don’t understand…
    What does “stale” mean?
    Does production from 3 different lines on a consistent basic mean stale?
    There is nothing in the current winning streak that leads me to believe that we need to change anything.

  12. Oh yeah, and I’m a Yankees fan too. Though I hate baseball in general. And in 1986 I was a Mets fan, but so was every other kid 10 and under!

    I looked around today, and saw that most yankee fans are aboot split on the idea. I guess it’s just a ‘tradition’ thing. I don’t know. But I DO know that I’ll be first on line to get tickets!

    Another thought…
    If we don’t win the division I think I’d rather be in 6th place than anywhere else. It’s pretty clear that 3rd is going to the winner of the SE div. Surely the weakest div in the NHL. That’s also saying that winning our div will put give us the #1 seed. But you never know about MTL.

  13. Buck – You don’t like the outdoor games? I love’em. And the way your comment read to me, was that you give Bettman credit for it. Not so. There are many people that worked on it and developed the concept.

  14. Western Canada Survivor on

    Maybe Jagr’s surprise announcement is that once the season is over, he will succeed Spitzer as governor of New York

  15. Ban Koffy from this blog….Or take away the dope from him before he smokes it. Koffy, no smoking and blogging.

    Your from earlier has to be the dumbest one I have read in days….and that includes all the Lunqvist bashing.

    “Our lines are getting stale….Avery should be off the line becuase someone else can do better…”

    Pass the grass…..

  16. new newman, don’t bogart that after koffy passes it…cuz he must have some good green. Pass it to the left…..

    Koffy are you a Buff, Philly or NYI fan? With posts like that I wonder.

  17. If anything needs to be changed, it’s letting Backman sit for a game and putting Strudwick out there. Then again, since Malik is potentially out tonight, Strudwick is the next guy up. I don’t know, call me crazy, but it seems that the other team always has a decent chance to score with Backman on the ice, ie. Staal covers his a** so much! But the poor kid can only do so much.
    Staal had an awesome game yesterday – just don’t want Backman to hold him back.
    The offensive lines are fine as is.

  18. Side-note: some guys in section 4xx yesterday were calling Backman “David Beckham”.. last name similarity, similar face, I don’t know.. pretty funny though.

  19. Not sure if this was brought up before, but Lindy Ruff had the quote of the Day on Zipay’s blog:

    Quote of the day from Lindy Ruff:
    When asked after the morning skate whether the coach told a group of his more rugged players —-Peters, Kaleta, Mair—to not let their emotions run astray tonight in a key game for the team’s playoff chances, Ruff said the opposite: “I told them to let their emotions get the better of them.”

    Wonder what that means.


    The Rangers have to be ready for the worst from these guys without losing their composure. The Rags are in a playoff spot and the Sabres aren’t. I hope Renny pulls Orr aside and lets him know that.

    This should be the perfect game for Avery since these guys are probably a litlle edgy since they are in 9th.

    This should be a good game. I expect a lot of penalty minutes.

  20. Doodie Machetto on

    If all of those guys are in the lineup, I would even consider putting in Hollweg.

  21. Hey Sam ,

    Any truth to the rumor that the Sabres will be calling up Tim “Dr Hook” McCracken or Carl Racki from the minors?

    Let’s GO Rangers!!!!!

  22. Newman:Lundqvist bashing ?? Don’t remember that ….

    Staal Wart:Leave alone what is working?? Let me see, they scored no goals at home against an injury ravaged Bruin team .That means all 3 lines got donuts… Lundqvist cannot do what he did yesterday all the time … they lost to an injury ravaged Islander team at home … they got outplayed vs. Isles away … come on folks … thinks are not as rosy as you obviously think .. They need to get Prucha in there. I would love Backman to sit … he cost them 3 points – 1 to the Flyers and 2 to the Islanders but I do not see that happening for awhile … he needs to sit vs. division opponents ..Strudwick cannot keep up with the Tampa’s and Buffalo’s in this league so I guess Backman keeps playing and Staal keeps covering for him.

    So what I am to

  23. Rangers should have Clemens skate tonite for them……with all that juice he is on….you know he would roid rage Kaleta right through the boards and into the concession stands

  24. jagr made a comment today that he will be watching the rangers opener in prague on the internet is october.. what does that mean?

  25. Beer Me! Believe me, if there is P.R. involved, it is Bettman driven. All fluff, no substance, this guy.

  26. Beerme says”I’m a Yankee fan but hate Baseball but was a Met fan in the 80’s like everyone else” Uh yeah that makes plenty of sense. I will give you credit though at least you admit to being a bandwagon Yankee fan most Yankee fans won’t admit that. I’d rather see the Rangers play the Bruins in Fenway park.

  27. it was on zips page

    Asked about the possibility of playing an outdoor game at Yankee Stadium against the Bruins or Islanders next Jan.1—a few months after the Rangers open the season in Prague, Jagr said. “I’ll be watching on the internet.”

  28. graves i agree i would love to see them play outside but i hate the yankees. the only thing is if they play in boston its not a home game so as a season ticket holder i will not have tickets.

  29. “I’ll be watching on the internet.”

    Bet he just said that so we would have something to talk about the rest of the week until Friday’s game.

  30. Doodie Machetto “If all of those guys are in the lineup, I would even consider putting in Hollweg.”
    Agreed, said it this a.m. too. Let him get put himself at risk. What do you have to lose?

    I’d really love confirmation on that Jagr quote. Something to back it up.

  31. “Derek Roy for Buffalo, here at home, in white.” What a tool. This is the same dumb announcer we had to endure during the first round last season, right?

    I’m still catching up on old threads! 9-0-1 in the jersey, but not for tonight. Gotta go!

  32. Doodie Machetto on

    I think Jagr is going to come back in the middle of the season a la Niedermayer or Selanne.

  33. Avery single handedly created that goal. big crushing hit, followed by a perfect setup pass.

    no wonder they are 44-17 with him

  34. Is Bill McCrary from Buffalo? What a joke this is? Maybe one of the Tuitin holds was a penalty, but that’s about it.

  35. SeamusORiley on

    the Refs are going to give this game to Buffalo. No question.

    this is awful.

    where is the rage of Renney?

  36. How can there be no accountiblity with these fucking refs.
    I’m so pissed off…this is flat out embarrassing…
    These refs should be shot!

  37. longtimerangersfan on

    The word has come down from Butthead…penalize the Rangers whenever possible!!!!!

  38. This officiating is an absolute travesty. What a joke. I’ve never been one to subscribe to conspiracy theories before, but this has to make you wonder. Is McCreary on the Sabres payroll?

  39. I’m convince McCreary has it out for us. Every time he calls one of our games the penalties are way lopsided

  40. these calls are out of control. Avery got elbowed in the face earlier right in front of the ref…

  41. We’re going to have to beat the Sabres and the Refs in the 3rd to pull this one out. I actually feel like 1 point would be a victory tonight.

  42. longtimerangersfan on

    Mike D:

    Thank you I just sent a message to them…won’t do any good but…….

  43. McCreary screwing the Rangers again. Son of a bitch!! Why the fuck isn’t Renney giving it to the ref?

    Rosival sucks too. He never even tried to block that shot. Chicken hearted bastard!!

    And our casper milk toast coach does nothing, just shrugs his shoulders!! Him and Rosival should go lay eggs, they are chicken enough!!

  44. Ref bill mcreary must have alot of money on this one. I always thought he was dirty!He should be in the NBA.

  45. Doodie Machetto on

    you have to blame the Ranegrs a little bit. He’s obviously calling everything on them so they have to adjust.

    I’m not saying it’s fair, just saying they need to take of themselves.

  46. Doodie Machetto on

    I haven’t been able to watch, so I can’t say for every call, but looking at the sheet, all of the stick fouls can be avoided.

  47. Doodie, you can’t adjust against a crooked referee. What they should do is “accidentally” skate into him and knock him senseless.

  48. Can someone explain to me how the fuck we don’t get a PP out of this? AND… Orr gets a penalty? Peters hit him FROM THE BENCH. He wasn’t even on the playing surface… and we DON’T get a PP?

    This is the worst-officiated game I’ve seen all season, and I’ve seen a lot. Bill McCreary should be fucking ashamed of himself.

  49. Hanny
    It is obvious that every game Mc Queery refs against us, we get screwed left and right. I expected not to get a PP after Peters punched Orr in the face from the bench. It would only be consistent with Mc Queery MO. The guy is a douchebag. I dont see how the NHL doesnt investigate that guy.

  50. What a game, I can’t believe dawes at the end of the overtime was set up by gomez and hit the post, than gomez comes through
    in the shootout. All year the worse officiating by one referee against the rangers is no doubr about it, Bill McCreary, there is something definitely there with this clown against the rangers.

  51. Can someone explain to me how at the end of regulation a buffalo player on the bench can throw two punches no less with his gloves on in to the face of Colton Orr and not get a penalty and the worse thing about it is the rangers should have been on the power play.

  52. We Win!!!! Gomer must have been the best at breakaways last practice.

    These ref’s were horrible. It was nice to see that we held it together and came out with a win.

  53. longtimerangersfan on

    March 10th, 2008 at 8:56 pm
    Can someone explain to me how at the end of regulation a buffalo player on the bench can throw two punches no less with his gloves on in to the face of Colton Orr and not get a penalty and the worse thing about it is the rangers should have been on the power play.

    I don’t think ANYONE can explain that! What a sham!

  54. McCreary did his best, but couldn’t take the Rangers down. I agree – to think that the Rangers wouldn’t end up with a PP after Peters engaged Orr from the bench is ludicrous.

    Still, 2 games in a row where the Rangers’ best player was Lundquist and we get 4 points…I’ll take it.

  55. Reginald Dunlop on

    with refs like these…….it wont be long before chshl referee mike greaney is in the nhl……

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