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Update, 1:25 p.m.: The King “remains on his throne tonight in Buffalo”:http://weblogs.newsday.com/sports/hockey/rangers/blog/. And a a banged-up Marek Malik is a possible scratch in favor of Jason Strudwick.

Update, 12:05 p.m.: My colleague Peter Abraham, despite being a good friend, “has a different opinion”:http://yankees.lhblogs.com/. This doesn’t necessarily make him a bad person. Or at least not completely.

There’s also a report from John Dellapina at the News saying the Rangers are close to a deal “to play a game at Yankee Stadium next winter”:http://www.nydailynews.com/sports/baseball/yankees/2008/03/09/2008-03-09_yankee_stadium_game_likely_for_rangers.html.

Bring it on, I say! Peanuts, Cracker Jacks, and HGH for everyone!

Seriously, I’m all for anything that puts hockey on a grander stage, and given my well-documented affection for all things involving outdoor hockey, this would be even better.

The question is who should the opponent be. Does it need to be another New York team? If not, does it have to be an Original Six franchise? I say yes to the latter. Given the rivalry between the Yankees and the Red Sox, Rangers-Bruins at the Stadium would be a welcome new twist.

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  1. here is the article

    Daily News – Momentum has built in recent weeks toward finalizing a deal that would have the Rangers play the final game in the storied history of the current Yankees Stadium, the Daily News has learned. The Yankees, who will move into their new Yankee Stadium for the 2009 baseball season, are said to be completely on board with having the NHL close the 85-year-old original. And, anxious to build upon the buzz created by the wildly successful Winter Classic outdoor game between Pittsburgh and Buffalo at Ralph Wilson Stadium on New Year’s Day, NBC and the NHL are intent upon seizing this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. League and network representatives visited the Stadium recently to get an on-site view of what would need to be done to stage the event. The Rangers’ opponent for the game, while not yet set, appears unlikely to be either the Islanders or the Devils. That is because both the network and the league believe it would generate greater ratings to include a team from another U.S. television market. The Boston Bruins and Detroit Red Wings are believed to be likely candidates in a game that would be a nod to the NHL’s fabled Original Six roots.

  2. this will be so huge for hockey. im a mets fan but to be honest Shea is nothing compared to yankee stadium. Season ticket holders better be getting tickets.

  3. I would be cool…however like the game in Buffalo your seated so far from the ice you can barely see anything…but it would be pretty cool. I’ll watch it from my couch thank you

  4. @ game in buffalo. Didn’t have good seat, but saw fine. more about the atmosphere and the “I was there” factors.

  5. I don’t want it to be another local team. People outside the NY metropolitan area hate NY teams to begin with. We want to make sure people watch this thing. Boston or Detroit would be awesome.

  6. Doodie Machetto on

    Sam, that’s links to two other beat writers’ stories. Fight back! Get the hot scoop!

  7. So what do people think? Was the Backstrom goal yesterday a case of a giant brain fart and given his position in front of the net he just fired it in on auto pilot not realizing, in the moment, that it was the wrong net? Or was it an errant clear?

    I personally think the former. But I really feel bad for the kid. He’ll get over it though. The Caps aren’t going anywhere until next year or even the year after that anyway.

  8. Adam and his apple on

    coming from a huge rangers and yankees fan this has to be the sickest news ever! its gonna happen and ill tell ya what, they should play chicago, it wont be boston because everybodys already sick of the yanks redsox (except for yankee and redsox fans lol) and it wont be detroit cos theyve been in the limelight for the last 10 years plus, and it wont be any of the canadian teams because they need another major media market other than NY, and chicago has some rising young guns like the blueshirts do, it just makes sense ny and chicago at yankee stadium, my mouth is watering!!

  9. @ Pavel and “Will it be cold enough?”

    It doesnt have to be that cold actually. If you remember they held an outdoor game in Las Vegas back in the 90’s when it was 80 degrees out. Its all in the refrigeration system for the ice, so its possible anywhere.

    Anywho, I’m all for NYR getting an outdoor game but I frown upon a baseball stadium. Yea it know its coming down (sorry im a sox fan), but I think the league should stick to football stadiums for one main reason: more seats. more people. more revenue.


  10. A few points:

    -Man, most folks sure are tearing hockey up on that Yankees blog. At least there are some people on there with common sense supporting the idea.

    -This game would definitely be very exciting, and Yankee Stadium is a lot smaller than Ralph Wilson Stadium (in terms of closeness to the action). As long as it doesn’t rain/snow, the weather doesn’t have to be sub-zero temperature since the ice has refrigerated pipes. 30 degrees and cloudy would be ideal.

    -Agreed that Chicago would be a good opponent – I feel like Kane and co. do not get enough exposure.

    -A win tonight would be awesome heading into a nice 3-day break in the Florida sun… still have 1 ticket available if anybody is looking to head down to Sunrise.

  11. Rangers are the best team in the league according to their last 10. 18 points out of 20 with no losses = better than 18 out of 20 with one loss.

    Whenever this season ends, start next season with as close to the same build/theory and as close to the same perosnel.

  12. ZG, said “Whenever this season ends, start next season with as close to the same build/theory and as close to the same perosnel”

    So basically ZG you are telling all of us that we are going to have to fight and struggle to make the playoffs. Everyone on the blog will worry about us making the playoffs until the team decides to show up in the last 1/4 of the season. We all can sit here and argue and complain that this team sucks, Henry sucks and the coach must go.

    Sweet is am sure looking forward to it as is everyone else.

    How about we start next season with the same intensity and personel we have now. This way no one will bitch and we all will be psyched.

  13. The rangers have a huge year coming up next season the EUROPE thing and now this. Lets hope they can make a run at the cup se we actually want to watch them next year.

  14. To finish the above post. I am sure we will see some new faces. Just keep the intesity up.

  15. “We all can sit here and argue and complain that this team sucks, Henry sucks and the coach must go.”

    Thankfully its just a minority of idiots that do it.

    Every year.

  16. March 10, 2008—Sean Avery , apparently angered by a second-period penalty call against him during the Rangers New York Rangers ’ 1-0 shootout victory over the Bruins yesterday at Madison Square Garden, hurled two water bottles from the penalty box, one of which whizzed by the heads of three small children seated behind the box.
    That bottle smashed against a wall, soaking customers, and angering an unidentified father of two of them, who came down to the glass and demonstratively showed Avery the bottle.
    The family – sought out by Avery after the period – was given one of his sticks and, according to Rangers spokesman John Rosasco, was satisfied with the response. The family left after the second period, and Avery was not available in the locker room after the game to comment.

  17. Can’t say I’m all that excited about an outdoor game. I hate when the Rangers are showcased for the benefit of the NHL. I think traveling to the Czech Republic will already take a lot out of them and the media crush and expectations of an outdoor game might create a mess for the Rangers. I’m just not a big fan of the NHL’s gimmicks. You want to create interest in the NHL, promote its stars more, contract 4 teams that have no business being in the league and land a real national TV deal with a real network.

  18. Doodie Machetto on

    “18 points out of 20 with no losses = better than 18 out of 20 with one loss.”

    That’s actually not true. The first tiebreaker between teams with equal points is wins. 18 pts with a loss is 9 wins, compared to 18 pts with no losses being only 8.

    And Sam, that’s now THREE links to other beat writers.

    I was at least expecting you to have a puff piece on the kid that dropped the puck yesterday.

  19. I think San Jose is actually the hotter team at the moment, winners of 9 in a row. FWIW, the Rangers have the best intra-division and intra-conference record in the East. Translation: If we had at least won half of the games vs the West, we’d be 1st in the East by a few points.

  20. Do you guys think the west is actually the better conference or does the east have better teams therefore the bunched standings? Detroit is a beast but other than that, things seem pretty even.

  21. The outdoor game is just a warmup before we head to Mystery, Alaska to play a bunch of amateurs who can skate like the wind. We have two Alaska players and all. Too bad Stevie Weeks never made the big club, or it would be a homecoming…

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