Look on the bright side, the Rangers are probably having a better day than Niklas Backstrom


Give the Washington Capitals rookie credit: He didn’t just tap a shot into his own goal in today’s NBC matinee. He ripped it!

I say if you’re going to bring your own team’s playoff chances crashing down, do it with authority!

A couple of other thoughts:
<li>What exactly is Ron Duguay wearing? You’re seeing the electric blue suit on TV, but during the period, I’m getting it right in front of me from my seat in the press box. Hey, Ron, Sergeant Pepper called. He wants his jacket back.

<li>A very sluggish start for the Rangers, owing to perhaps a few factors: daylight savings, bad ice, and of course, the fact that they can see Ron Duguay and his jacket standing behind the glass.

More in a bit…

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  1. I walked past duguay on the way into the garden today and thought it was willy wonka…

  2. Doodie Machetto on

    “Hey, Ron, Sergeant Pepper called. He wants his jacket back.”


    Hank is looking REALLY sharp. Let’s hope he can keep this up both for the rest of the game and the rest of the season and playoffs.

  3. although some of Avery’s recent deflections have been Graves-esque. Maybe he should crease sit on PP more.

  4. Doodie Machetto on

    They are not playing the game that will make me feel better about not swapping Avery for Bernier.

  5. Doodie Machetto on

    I don’t agree with the roughing, but he could have gotten the instigator, so I’m not complaining.

    But we still lose in that exchange because Noukalainen means nothing to Boston, while Drury is a big loss for us. But I’m glad to see him do that.

    As for Duguay, he’s wearing that suit today because his Sassoon jeans are in the wash.

  6. As usual the refs make another bad call, where is the roughing on drury, are you F’ing kidding me, asshole refs strike again.

  7. Doodie Machetto on

    Rangers are loose, they really need to slow things down. Boston is getting too many chances on the rush.

  8. Just when i thought the refereeing couldn’t get any worse I just watched a boston player trip a ranger player on a break out in front of the whole world and no call, I just blew a blood vessel, I went crazy screaming for about 2 minutes, it felt good.

  9. If lundqvist plays like he has today for the rest of the season and in to the playoffs the rangers could be dangerous, welcome back Henrik.

  10. Doodie Machetto on

    But why is it that when Hank is sharp, the Rangers can’t put the puck in the ocean?

  11. Oh man all these chances, posts and crossbars this is ridculous, where is that little bit of luck guy, thats all the Rangers need…

  12. Doodie Machetto on

    If the Rangers score, it is going to involve Dawes or Dubinsky. I think they haven’t scored yet because those two haven’t been able to make it happen.

    I really think that they’ve been the straws stirring the drink.

  13. It just is unbelievable, the rangers can’t even buy a goal or even get lucky, it’s frustrating.

  14. Doodie Machetto on

    Penalties on the Bruins in OT that weren’t called:

    1) Shanahan tripped by Savard.
    2) Dubinsky gets high sticked by Kobasew.

  15. Malik got a stick in the face also, I can’t take these jack ass refs anymore, just can’t. I know they are bad all over the league but the rangers have gotten fleeced by these morons worse than I’ve seen the devils or islanders.

  16. Doodie Machetto on

    I told everyone that it was Dawes or Dubinsky that has something to do with scoring!

  17. I’ve been really critical of lundqvist the past two months. I have two say, this is the lundqvist sather thought he was getting when he paid him 6.8 mil, welcome back Henrik, I’m glad to see you back, OH Henrik baby!!!

  18. Doodie,
    Do you feel a little better now than you did a few hours ago knowing the rangers could have had Bernier? LOL

  19. did anyone notice avery pegging some guy in the stands with the water bottle. After the game he skated over and gave the guy a stick. thinking he might get suspended for that

  20. Good game! Jags still can’t get a goal even without the human wall playing,whats that now 2 in 18 but he is skating.Avery and Dubi look real good.. Hank was awesome looks like he’s back to being the King! Bachman is scarey bad but malik loves him lol Was it scarey or what when BTO and malik were on together for a short time it OT, thats a pair no one wants to see except the other team! .Buf is next then a fla trip to the sun
    Sam you wish you looked as good as Duguay. lol

  21. Nice rebound from a sluggish first fifteen minutes. It was approprite that Dawes ended up getting the so winner. Other than than the two goalies he was the best player on the ice. I can’t say enough about Drury after he stuck up for Malikenstein by dropping the gloves. Lundqvist was absolutely tremendous in the third(he was solid all game but the third was showtime for him). He made two incredible saves and was square to the shooter all game and in the shootout. Gomez was terrific again as he and Dawes credited the majority of the Rangers’ chances. Jagr continued to bull his way to the net(he was helped by no Chara) but he still can’t score. The pp will drive you up a wall as it continues to do nothing. I gotta say the Staal-Backman pair was really really strong today. The B’s are second only to the ‘nucks when it comes to the most boring team in the Nhl. Another tough one coming up against a desperate Sabres team. The Rangers have though handled them very well this year.

  22. stf,

    the complaining about Hank was because he wasn’t playing like a 7 mil a yr goalie, tonight he did… they were frustrated that he wasn’t playing as good as he can, the fact that he can do it won’t change their being upset when he doesn’t it reinforces it. That being said he sure as hell put on a performance today!!

  23. SeamusORiley on

    What is next for Ron Dugay? take the next step and get the full sex change operation? This guy was once a man? He once played ice hockey??

    It looks like the estrogen treatments are working….

    turbo tan, pretty jewelry, fluffy poofy hair….

    Sgt Pepper suit?

    Sam, that was funny!

  24. stf what would you like to hear? That Lundqvist finally is playing the way he should be? Between him & Jagr it’s been a race to under-achieving. He’s too hot & cold, nine shutouts & then he gives up easy ones.

  25. I’d like to see all of you more relaxed. See what I was saying about Lundqvist – give him some time, he’ll rebound – and he did. So, relax people.

  26. Hey, that was a great game by Lundy. Awesome to watch, definitely the guy we all know he can be. Now let’s not decide everything is cured by one game and see him do it down the stretch and into the playoffs…

    As for the team, some pretty sloppy play in their own zone. And, please, oh please, find some way to put power in the power play.

  27. went to the game and sat even with Hank for 2 periods. He was very much on his game today and made 2 incredible saves in the first period. He definitely stole one today. BTO was actually good today as he made some very heady plays to come out of the zone. I think he is watching Staal play and is learning from him. I just hope he is not listening to Hank as to which way to move the puck. The Bruins are a very boring team. I don’t get it. They go into more of a shelll without Chara. They seemed to be playing for the shootout in OT. The non call on Callihan was the worst of the game.

  28. Uh, Seamus, I’m not sure if you ever saw Ron Duguay play. He woukd touch the puck and the entire crowd would break out in whistling at him like you would at a hot babe. It was hilarious. I don’t think much has changed. This is him, and he’s a classic Ranger from a great era. Gotta love him. Someday we’ll look at Avery the same way (assuming Glennie re-signs him).

    As someone who’s been all over Hank the last few weeks, I’ll chime right in and praise the guy for an amazing game. That’s what we thought we were getting, and if he keeps it up, we’re the #1 or #2 seed going into the playoffs.

    What’s with all the posts and crossbars the last 3 games? there were 3 or 4 Tuesday, a few more Thursday, and a slew today. FINISH, FINISH, FINISH, boys.

    Someone explain what happened with the Drury fight? I missed 5 minutes of the game and that was it.

  29. Of course the B’s were playing for the shootout, they’re good at ’em and beat us twice already at it.

  30. Sammy, just heard on the Fan you’re going to be on later talking some Rangers Hock. Looking forward to it.

  31. What a game, slow start.
    Hank came up big…what a save throwing his arm and glove across the crease…forget who it was but he got ROBBED!!!
    Dawes…smooth as silk.
    Buf tomorrow
    Let Go Rangers!!!!

  32. Sam

    I just got home, but I thought the exact same thing about Duguay’s suit. Hidious, plain and simple. I think he needs to take a lesson from Renney.

  33. Where did everyone on the blog go? Lundqvist sucks….everyhone’s been saying that. Where are those people?

  34. I said that Hank’s been off his game, and has reacted terribly to letting in goals. And I still think that, just as I think he had a superb game today and was the goalie I believe he can be if he maintains his focus and dominates his emotions.

  35. Also, I thought BTO looked all right today and followed through with some hits. Good to see, even if not rock solid.

  36. Who Needs Lohan (so Scarey) on

    Who was that dipshit on here saying how scarey everyone was? What is a scarey anyway?

  37. A few observations. Pathetic that Drury had to fight on behalf of (a foot taller than him) Malik. Malik is a wuss.
    Henrik was great. Lucky Chara was out today or outcome probably would have been different. Keep it going, Rangers!

  38. Glad to say that I thought Hank was the right choice on thurs vs isles, and that it would get him goin. Don’t care who remembers. I do.

    At game, so you all know what the difference in perspective is all aboot. Felt almost like a playoff game in the sense that it changed the standings as they stood before the game and the wins really mean more now. Sux to give up a point today, I thought we should have won in reg.

    Big ‘Atta-boy’ to Chris Drury today. Our guys are getting better and starting to look like the NY Rangers we want to see. It felt good on the train ride home.

    So my personal timeline to evaluate Backman is up. I’m going to sleep on it and give my assessment tomorrow. It’s not looking good. When healthy, I’d rather have Mara in the lineup. Backman and Struds are 2 decent depth dmen. Not much more.

  39. Where did everyone on the blog go? Lundqvist sucks….everyhone’s been saying that. Where are those people?

    I, for one, am right here.

    He had a great game, let’s see some consistency heading into the playoffs and I’ll think MAYBE he’s worth that $7M per year.

  40. You know what? It’s better Drury stood up for Malik, than Malik standing up for himself. This way, it showed the team, especially the youth, what being a good teammate is all about. If Malik had stood up for himself, it would have been just that and, therefore, irrelevant to everyone else because he’s wack.

  41. “A few observations. Pathetic that Drury had to fight on behalf of (a foot taller than him) Malik. Malik is a wuss.”
    You know Cliff, shut up! Just watch the game, Malik was hit with an elbow to the head and then Drury went after that guy from Boston, I’d like see YOU take a shot in the head and immediately go after the guy, COME ON!!! IT’S F***ING EASY TO WATCH IT FROM THE COUCH! Jez, the team is WINNING SO SHUT UP!

  42. Doodie Machetto on

    Yeah Cliff, that’s a pretty lame thing to say about Malik. He hadn’t even gotten up by he time Drury had started the fight. So nice try on the Malik bash, but truth be told, the guy had a pretty decent game.

    stf, New Newman, I was one of the guy’s bashing Lundqvist. He played great today, truly fantastic. But it still doesn’t change what I said, one bit. I said that the guy is too hot/cold. Today, he was hot. He has had two good games in a row. Two games doesn’t make up for the mediocre two months. I’m still unhappy about how much he is being paid. If he keeps it up through the rest of the season and the playoffs, I’ll recant. But the fact is, I’m going off of two months of inconsistent play, and you’re going off of two games. Two games doesn’t make a guy consistent. Even Marcel Hossa strung together 3 weeks last season. I’ll be convinced when Hank can put together 80% of a season and the playoffs. He is yet to do so. But do I hope that he can? Of course! He turned in his best game of the season today, no doubt about it.

  43. Doodie Machetto on

    Beer Me, I think you have to give Backman more time than 5 games because he has gotten better in every single game. The more he plays with his partner, the better he will get. I thought he had a decent game today. Sure, he took a minor, but it wasn’t a blatant foul; I thought the call was pretty weak actually. But the fact remains that he has improved every game. I still think he can be better than he has been, and should be given a little more time to show it.

  44. DiPietro, the apparent pet of many of this board who put down Henke at every opportunity, has far and away been the worse goalie since the All-Star break. (Anybody see Carter’s goal last night?) Lundqvist doesn’t handle the puck as well as he ought to, but his fundamentals are tremendous, which is why his distractors shoudl relax. In three years, that deal he just signed will be a bargain.

  45. Reginald Dunlop on

    great move by Dru going after that guy……now that we all agree on that….the refs call was a gift….he couldve been given the instigator which carries a ten minute misconduct and he wouldve been lost for 17 minutes not 7 so instead of ripping Kerry Fraser for the roughing call you should be praising him for giving the classy veteran Drury the respect of handing him the rough and not the instigator…learn the game……

  46. about lundqvist, we want to see him do well, but just because he’s played 2 great games doesn’t mean we were wrong about the last 2 1/2 months. I wanna see the guy succeed and play well, but he wasn’t. I hope he keeps going like this so we can forgive him for those awful 2 months. And to clear something up, we aren’t saying he needs to get a shutout every night, I mean guys have off nights where they give up a ton of goals. We just wanna see him rebound from that immediately and show some consistency instead of following that up by more bad performances.

  47. “Beer, actually Backman had really good game IMO.”
    STF – I didn’t say any different.

    My assessment of Backman is complete. I don’t think he’s a bad player. I DO think that time with the same partner could help. I also know that we have 8 dmen to fill 6 spots. Toots/Girardi…not going anywhere. Malik/Rozy…will finish the season together. Staal has played with almost every dman on the team and has progressed very well and will not sit. So, that leaves 1 spot. I’d imagine that Mara and Backman will fill that spot the rest of the way. I don’t see struds getting more than a game or 2 if he’s lucky. At this point, I don’t know who I’d rather see there. You can’t pay a guy $3mil to sit. We now have 2 dmen making close to that. And one is likely to sit a large part of the rest of the season. I’m guessing they’ll drag out the Mara injury. And I’m ok with it.

    I don’t hate Backman, but like many in the NHL, he’s far overpaid. It makes evaluating a player a bit difficult if you take $ into consideration. Without dollars and cents…sure, I’d take him as a 5/6man. Why not?

    Doodie – I think 5 games is enough to evaluate a player. Especially in big games, which he’s been in. He’s been aboot as consistent as the rest of the roster really. So it’s hard to bash the guy. But 1 goal isn’t enough to praise anyone either. That’s all I’m sayin. Mara or Backman…I’d flip a coin. I’d would’ve rather seen a physical guy come in.

  48. Dawes on the other hand seems to get better and better. Real happy his play the last few weeks.

    This may sound weird, but I think resting Gomez might be a good idea this weekend for one of the FLA games. He’s not skating even close to his ability. I’ve had a groin pull before, and it takes lots of rest to heal it. After the FLA trip, it’s that 10game div stretch.

    Trying not to look past the game tonight though. Here’s another curve ball. I’d put hollweg in the lineup tonight. I’d let him go out there and take a run at Kaleta. Then let him go to the lockeroom and start serving his suspension. haha Ok, maybe the hollweg thing is too far. I had a rough weekend.


  49. Check out Brooks’ Article in the post this morning. Talks about Jagr being comfortable about not reaching the automatic contract renewal, plus…. he’s made his decision about next year as to where he’ll play (made the decision a month ago). My guess is back to the czech republic… or, washington.

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