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Just another day’s work for Sean Avery yesterday: score a couple of goals, tussle with Brendan Witt virtually after every whistle, leave the ice surface after the game and get into a shouting match with Islanders fans, then traipse through the dressing room afterward in a towel with a copy of Vogue under his arm.

“It’s what I read instead of watching hockey,” he said.

I think this is what they mean when they talk about being comfortable in your own skin.

As much as I said the other day that I wasn’t sure what Avery is worth in terms of a contract extension, I must say I do hope the Rangers find a way to re-sign him out of entertainment value alone.

Is the left wing immature? Occasionally. Self-involved? Sure.

But boring? Never.

Ans speaking of Avery’s exchange with Islanders fans last night, it goes without saying this is hardly unique. The other day in the Rangers locker room he was showing off a photo on his Blackberry. It was of him celebrating his game-winning goal in Buffalo last month, with a Sabres fan in the front row flipping him the bird.

Some guys might be offended by that. Avery sounded like he wanted to have it framed.


Meanwhile, the Rangers were rewarded for their win last night with an off day. I’ll spend it by tending to young Will, who is showing some early resolve after having his two-month vaccinations at the doctor’s just now.

Trust me, there is nothing worse than seeing a very large needle go into the leg of a very small person.

Back with more later…

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  1. Definitely a solid win last night. Playing .500 hockey will still get us into the playoffs, and the fact that Toronto thinks they have a chance (they need to go something like 11-1-1 to get 92 points), will be a nice cushion.

  2. Avery would be valuable even if he didn’t skate better than 90% of the players in the Eastern Conference, and have better hands than 100% of the so-called grinders in the entire league.

    If you were he, and you saw Tyutin making close to $3 mil a year, Roszival supposedly about to make $5 mil a year, you’d be pissed off at Sather too. I’m not saying give him a blank check — but he’s only 27 and there are very very few players in the NHL who give you what he does.

    Is he worth $3 mil a year? In this market, absolutely. Pay him.

  3. Sam, I know what you mean with the shots. My wife always makes me take the kids to the Dr. because she thinks they are going to have memories of her face and associate it with pain.

    So I guess I get to be the mean parent.

  4. Only saw first & second last night before I had to head to my own skate. What can I say, looked good in the first, looked typical in the second. Apparently a good 3rd.

    It’s sad to go into last nights game with the slight feeling of “underdog” though…

    Avery will obviously be resigned.


    Now that real serious hockey weather is here, it is time to ask this one little question about the Rangers: Why not? That would be a follow-up to another question that came to mind watching them lately, especially last night: Can the Rangers win the Stanley Cup this year?

    Maybe they are just getting warmed up, like the weather. Heading into Nassau Coliseum yesterday, you didn’t need much of an overcoat, which was a reminder that the playoffs are right around the corner. Coming out of the Coliseum last night, you didn’t need much of a road map to see in which direction the Rangers are headed.

    They had their way with the Islanders, 4-1. The Rangers have earned at least one point in each of the past 11 games (8-0-3). They are alone in sixth place in the Eastern Conference. And with 79 points, they are only four points out of first.

  6. There are many who wouldn’t care if Avery walked, but I definitely LOVE having this guy on our team. It is a rare night that he doesn’t do something for our team. And I can’t remember the last time he took a penalty that the other team scored on. Sometimes, if you take a penalty, but at the same time take players off their game and get in their heads, it is a good thing. And I think he does that, A LOT!

    I hope he is a Ranger for the next few years. Look at Darcy Tucker, the guy is just like Avery, and his scoring only got better as he got older.

    I think Sean is a better player than Darcy, but you know what I mean. He IS a valuable part of this team.

  7. bathgate – good points, but with a cap it’s just not that easy. $3mil at this point looks like its a strong possiblity, and fair from my point of view. But he didn’t sound like he was looking to come down that far.

    Also, perhaps the toots contract was a little high. Let’s refer to it as a ‘mistake’, in the terms of $’s, not the idea of keeping him in NY long term. So if his $ amount was a ‘mistake’, should that justify another players salary? In turn, causing a domino effect?

    What about Dubi’s contract after next season? He’s going to want a big raise to if he keeps up his play. While Avery is showing his potential night in and night out since becoming healthy, it’s just not that easy to ‘pay him’. Or anyone for that matter.

  8. I don’t really buy all of this talk about Avery being self-centered. Now, I know Sam and the beat writers are around him constantly, they hear the players talk to one another in the locker room, they have a better sense of who they are off the ice. But I still think that a lot of what he does is simply to get a rise out of people. He’s just a character, a ham, but I don’t think this is detrimental to the team.

    Plus, his behavior on the ice is what really matters, and during the game he is not selfish at all. He skates hard, checks, stands up for his teammates, passes extremely well and scores big goals.

    People might think Avery doesn’t care about hockey based on previous comments and stuff like what Sam described in his entry. but MSG showed a great practice clip yesterday during the game of Shanahan and Jagr working on shooting and one-timers at the AM skate. Who was standing alongside taking pointers and soaking up knowledge? Sean Avery.

    Avery loves the game and loves being a Ranger. I think he’s a good teammate. you need guys like him.

    Two words: PAY HIM

  9. The cap is always going to go up (even if it’s just a slight increase), so better to lock up Avery now for 3.5-4, rather than him wanting 5m+ when the cap is 60m…

    Avery got 1.9m in arbitration over the summer, but he wanted 2.5m… now he wants 1 1/2 times that… should’ve signed him long-term in the summer… ugh

  10. I wish I had been there but the copy of Vogue was not under my arm, as your story states, it was under his.

  11. Besides, the results on the Ranger’s W/L record, Avery provides another positive for the game, believe it or not.

    I was at that Buffalo game, and sat very near several Buffalo fans who gave Avery a hard time through the glass. One fan(the same?) even tried to climb the glass to yell at him – he was thrown out. Avery was jawing with the fans for several minutes, then later won the game. It was classic especially during his trip off the ice at the end of the game. He made sure to rub it in to the fans.

    We brought several people who were new to the game of hockey. Now they are aware of everything the Rangers do. The NHL has three new, young fans of the game. Avery’s antics were entertaining. Avery was absolutely a big part of it.

    Who remembers the Tikkanen/Lemieux battles in the 90s? They brought an added dimension to the game in addition to the speed and skill the NHL offers. Avery brings this passion to Rangers games.

  12. there are never alot of post after a win do all you people only like ripping them?

  13. “Jerseys…..That’s why I rock my Leetch jersey forever man. Funny thing is, I didn’t buy it till he was traded! I also own a TOR & BOS leetch jersey too. Followed by a personalized NYR #2 lic plate. Just thought I’d throw that in.

    Anyone else going to game on sunday?”

    I’ll be there. I’m have full seasons so I’m at just about every game in the second half (I’m at school for the first half up in Boston). And for the jerseys, I have a Leetch 3rd from a couple years ago that I wore on Leetch night. I still bring it out every now and then, but usually I just leave it at home in my closet. It worked when I went to games the 1st year I had seasons right after the lockout, then I used the Dawes jersey last year and the Baranka jersey this year. Its not really superstition, it just happens that I had three different jerseys to wear in each year. I dont see myself getting another one for awhile since I have two young guys that should be on the team for a couple of years.

  14. Avery should be signed – he brings a electric spark to this team when they need it most.

    Jagr should stand a little closer to him & feed off the energy

    Let’s Go Rangers!

  15. I’d love to get a Staal jersey, but I still have a feeling he’ll change his #. I would.

    SAM! Think you could find it in your heart to ask Staal if he’s considered it? This is important sh-t here.

  16. Great stuff Joe Joe…I’m shocked NBC actually said something positive about a Ranger player. Maguire and Milbury HATE the Rangers…at least Eddie O usually throws in a compliment or two.

    “Better clothes…better girls…”


    I too think that more people come on here to complain rather than bask in the glory of a solid win. Why so much negativity? It is absolutely apalling.

  17. If you buy somethingand it’s broken, you go on the internet forums and look for answers.

    It’s not often you’ll go on a, say, computer forum just to say HEY MY COMPAQ WORKS PERFECTLY!


    I make it a point to come here and “show my face” after I bash all day and the rangers actually win.

  18. Doodie Machetto on

    That’s because when someone posts something negative, all of the positive people debate them. When there isn’t something negative to post, everyone just chimes in once with their praise, and then is left alone. There is no back and forth.

    Well, first, great win, everyone played much better than on Tuesday, with the exception of our young forwards whom I thought played excellently on Tuesday as well. I exclude Staal because I thought he was shakey on Tuesday, but much better yesterday.

    So, the important thing to remember is that this was only one game. It doesn’t negate anything I was saying about Hank yesterday, just like it doesn’t negate how bad Backman has been, even though they both had very good games. But, it’s an indication that they are capable of being that good. All we can hope for, as fans, is that they are that good every night. So here’s hoping that they keep it up.

    Something else I want to mention is that Jagr is just the unluckiest guy around. I seriously haven’t seen him trying this hard since he’s been a Ranger. The guy is skating and working hard every single shift. Too bad he can’t get a point to save his life. He couldn’t even get the assist on the empty net goal.

    Now, someone pointed me to the rule regarding the automatic goal, and I’m going to disagree with it being awarded.

    Here’s what poster “hanny” said:

    “As soon as Avery got pulled down, the play was dead. “Immediately stop play” is the key. See for yourself:

    Section 7,
    57.4 Awarded Goal – If, when the opposing goalkeeper has been removed from the ice, a player in control of the puck in the neutral or attacking zone is tripped or otherwise fouled with no opposition between him and the opposing goal, *thus preventing a reasonable scoring opportunity*, the Referee shall immediately stop play and award a goal to the attacking team.”

    He didn’t prevent the scoring opportunity since the puck went into the net. I think it’s a colorable argument, and they should bring it to the league to try and get Dubinsky and Jagr their assists on the play.

    Also, does it say anywhere in the rulebook that an awarded goal doesn’t get assists? Why isn’t it that you just award the player the goal like he actually would have scored it?

    Next, Nigel Dawes continues to be the best Rangers forward. He and Dubsinky have been carrying that torch for a couple of months now. You have to feel good about our future. I think Dawes could potentially be a top tier left wing. He is just so damn talented.

    Poor Prucha.

    I hope he’s at least keeping himself busy by playing Rock Band with Hollweg and Strudwick. Maybe he can get a bad haircut and grow a stupid mustache also.

  19. Rob C., the negativity is because when the team loses, people need to vent, when they win, folks could care less about writing, yay, super-duper win last nite…

  20. Rob C

    A lot of the negativity here is sheer vanity. Too many knuckleheads who want to show how discerning and educated they are about the game. Much easier to fake that by being a short-term, game-to-game (“Lundqvist sucks!”) blow-hard than seeing the larger picture.

  21. Doodie Machetto on

    By the way, I think MA Fleury officially lost his starting job last night. The Cats lit him up, and he was pulled after 1. If they’re smart, they go back to Conklin.

  22. Doodie, I couldn’t agree more about Dawes, and give Renney credit for sticking with the kid; I probably ragged on Renney and Dawes more than anyone at the beginning of the year, and in the playoffs last season b/c Dawes’ defensive zone coverage was an abomination, but he’s solidified his game, and seems comfortable with the puck, which is allowing him to create scoring chances like the shanny goal in the first

  23. The only thing I can say that pisses me off about positive vs negative comments here is that people are all so quick to pass blame onto players, coaches, etc. But never come back and say anything to the opposite effect when they’re wrong. But I don’t lose sleep over it. And it’s a relatively free country.

  24. Rob C. just look at some of the posts last night during the game. The team is up and playing well but people still have to beat the negative drum. Frankly it makes you wonder who the real fans are.
    Some can’t seem to understand that every team has players that are not cream of the crop. It has to be that way no team could afford 6 top defensemen, mistakes happen players aren’t perfect. All these couch quarterback who act like they could do it better.
    Don’t get me wrong its fine to rip into a player on occasion. But we all get it now, that most people here don’t like Malik or Struds, Rozi, Hollwegg…after a while the negativety and bash just gets old.

  25. Bathgate, many folks on this site watch more hockey than the actual beat writers who cover the team; just because not everyone aspires to a career in sports journalism doesn’t make them a vain blowhard, it means they’re trying to stimulate dialogue for folks who read nothing other than larry brooks and john dellapina as their source of Rangers’ information…that being said, Lundqvist does suck

  26. see “…Lundqvist does suck”
    after a solid night in goal this is what we have to read…
    just pathetic!

  27. doodie – I think the Pens are screwing themselves right now. For their sake, they better friggin hope they win it all this year. Malkin and Crosby are two of the top 5 players in the game right now. Gonchar’s getting older too. Personally I don’t think Conklin can come back next season and do what he’s doing now, but I could be wrong. If they can’t resign Hossa, they really made themselves worse in the long term last tuesday.

  28. that was knida all over the place, i was rushing. hope you see the point in there. if there is one.

  29. Staal Wart, yes, omg, the negativity…did you read the post two threads up where I fluffed Renney and Dawes? Sorry I’m not into inconsistent swedish goalies, but that comment was more meant to goad than be serious

  30. Tony from AZ on

    What’s up with the fishsticks goalie situation ?
    Sam Rosen & Joe seem to think something is going on.
    Ricky did not look to happy on the bench – hhahahahahaa

  31. Sather really needs to reach out to Avery and get him signed now. Waiting until the summer is going to cost him millions. If he hits the open market he’s going to make 5 million a year. Get this guy signed slats!!!!!!!!!

  32. Sven

    Given your choice of selfless poster trying to stimulate thoughtful dialogue or vain blowhard, I’m going with vain blowhard.

    Some of the things written pseudo-authoritatively on this blog are simply laughable, all the more so for the force they’re delivered with.

  33. formerlyjagrforpresident on


    What’s that? I can barely hear you… You’re all muffled…
    Oh, I see, you’ve got your head up your ass.

    Lundqvist is only the second goalie to post 3 consecutive 30 win seasons to BEGIN a career. He is not a finished product, he’ll have to find ways to be bigger in goal and stop the higher shots, but he obviously doesn’t “suck”

  34. I don’t think Avery will get that kind of money on the market. He’s playing this well cause JJ is creating space for him and Dubi.

  35. He must suck I mean really…Just look at him.
    Apparently our Defense sucks too and Hank still has played well.
    Don’t forget Sven, he’s learning…
    something you seem unable to do.

  36. POP! There we go; oh shoot, it’s sunny today; hold on, lemme towel off…formerlyjagrforpresident, that’s because goalies get more opportunities to win today because of the shootout; back in the day, all of Henrik’s shootout wins would be ties, as would his losses; there’s this dude named Ken Dryden, he finished his career with like a gazillion ties because there wasn’t even OT back in the day…that must be some educated colon I have…

  37. “Sather really needs to reach out to Avery and get him signed now. Waiting until the summer is going to cost him millions. If he hits the open market he’s going to make 5 million a year. Get this guy signed slats!!”

    Rob L – At this point I don’t think Sean would even do it. Slats probably wants to sign him now more than Sean wants to get it done. Each performance like that last night puts $ in his pocket.

    But I do believe he’s more valuable in NY than elsewhere on the market.

  38. hold on, my small intestine’s telling me that you’re both relatively new fans from the post-94 era

  39. Sven wait…oh thats right there is nothing I can do about todays method of deciding a tie…get your head back out of your ass…its 2008.
    and I’ve been a fan since 1986…thank you

  40. formerlyjagrforpresident on

    Listen, Sven, if you want to talk about context, fine. Dryden also played in an era when clutching and grabbing prevailed and scoring goals was tough. Further, Dryden’s numbers are lower b/c he retire early to become a Canadian politician.
    It’s always hard to compare past athletes to present athletes, simply because the challenges to each era are unique. How about this: Martin Brodeur did not win 30 games in each of his first three seasons. Even with the mighty Scott Stevens in front of him.

    Fine, he won a few shootouts. HE won them. If he lets in all three shots or even 2/3 he probably loses. So you can’t say that Dryden’s stats nullify Henrik’s accomplishments.

  41. when someone states that Henrik is the first goalie to start a career with back-to-back 30 win seasons, a reason must be supplied as to why he’s the only player in the history of the game to accomplish such a feat…Andrew Raycroft was considered the second coming in Boston two seasons ago, and now they won’t even use him as a shooter tutor in toronto…as per bagging the dude, if you’ve been a fan since ’86, you’ll recall the abuse Richter took after allowing that goal to Francis in whatever year it was, ’92 or something, and that criticism is something players have to accept when they decide to sign in new york; obviously, the players are more adept to accepting criticism of their play than their fans

  42. formerlyjagrforpresident, Brodeur took his team to within one double OT game of the Cup in his rookie year, then won the Cup his following season – poor comparison

  43. and Brodeur’s second season was strike-shortened, and it would’ve been nearly impossible to win 30 games

  44. formerlyjagrforpresident on

    Sven, you’re not criticizing, you’re labeling.

    He doesn’t “suck” as a general rule. He does not always play as well as we’d like, but overall he’s one of the better goalies in the NHL today.

    As for Raycroft, he never came even close to putting THREE remarkable seasons in a row, much less winning a gold medal in the process.

    Your arguments have no stats to back them up. None.

  45. hold on, my small intestine’s telling me that you’re both relatively new fans from the post-94 era


    and that has what relevance? god forbid someone was born after 1980, they must not be able to understand anything in hockey as well as you can.

  46. gold medal? In olympics with no Brodeur, Kiprusoff, Miller, and numerous key players missing from every team except the Swedes? That tournament was a joke; most olympic-caliber players took the time off to recuperate for a Cup run, and those who didn’t, like the entire Canucks defense, suffered dearly with injuries…of course, Hank won the gold then could barely complete a season in which we lost our final 10 games and were swept out of the playoffs; if that ain’t clutch, I dunno what it

  47. formerlyjagrforpresident on


    I realize now that you ARE right.

    Lundqvist does suck. So did Richter.

    Come to think of it, all the Rangers suck!

    Way to enlighten us all!

  48. no tim, I don’t think it’s an innate flaw in the chemistry of those born after 1980 that forbids them from knowing the game as well as I do, just a cultivated ignorance begat from the internet age where everyone thinks they’re an authority; also, people tend not to think before they speak and shoot from the hip, wanting more to supply a rapid-fire response than an educated one

  49. formerlyjagrforpresident, please read my second post of the day where I said I was goading you knuckleheads by saying that henrik sucks; granted, he’s not my favorite, but c’mon dude, we’re four points outta first, how disgruntled could I really be

  50. First of all Lundqvist has 3, 30 win seasons in a row, as did Hextall.
    “if you’ve been a fan since ‘86, you’ll recall the abuse Richter took after allowing that goal to Francis in whatever year it was, ‘92 or something, and that criticism is something players have to accept when they decide to sign in new york; obviously, the players are more adept to accepting criticism of their play than their fans”
    I remember that goal, however I have no idea how that comment relates to our conversion of the sucking of Hank…which is crazy.

  51. and tim, god does not forbid anything; he’s allowed humans to restrict themselves in his image

  52. Sven

    “Begat?” Oh, wait, I remember. Back-up goalie on the Bulgarian national team. He definitely sucked.

  53. Sven,
    Since you are obviously a HOCKEY GOD, please tell me…who do you want in goal?

  54. In the modern NHL, which was designed to cultivate more SCORING, Lundqvist is an outstanding goaltender, regardless of inflated win totals cause of the shootout.

    He’s been a Vezina Finalist his first two years, and if he returns to form in March, will probably be a finalist again.

    Everyone is operating under the same system, all 30 teams, so everyone’s win totals are inflated. I still think Lundqvist, when he’s on his game, is one of the quickest, most athletic goaltenders I’ve ever watched. It’s not right to compare his numbers to Dryden or anyone else because the game was completely different.

    Kudos to Hank on 30 wins. All sane Ranger fans, who are not overly negative and critical, are behind this guy…I heard chants of “Henrik” emanating from the Coliseum last night!

  55. Avery is the man. i love the new thing he does, when he scores a goal, he picks one fan in the crowd and rubs it in, and makes sure they know, Sean Avery scored a goal !!!

    But my question is….Are the Rangers the hottest team in the East right now ? Since there on an 11 game point streak, even though they are in 6th, they can still be considered, with the way they have been playing.

    Either way, those games against the B’s, then the Sabs have got to be wins.

  56. formerlyjagrforpresident on


    “Bathgate, many folks on this site watch more hockey than the actual beat writers who cover the team; just because not everyone aspires to a career in sports journalism doesn’t make them a vain blowhard, it means they’re trying to stimulate dialogue for folks who read nothing other than larry brooks and john dellapina as their source of Rangers’ information…that being said, Lundqvist does suck”

    I think what you’re demonstrating in most of your arguments the old “True vs Untrue Rangers Fan Heresy.” The heresy, as many of you will already know, creates a distinction not only by separating the “Fan” from the “Bandwagonner” or “FairWeather Fan” but also further splits the “Fan” into two categories: “True Fan” and “Untrue Fan.”

    The heresy revolves around the misguided notion that “True Fans” have been around for much longer than “Untrue Fans” and thus must know more about Rangers, Hockey, and the bowel regions.

    Further, those who advocate the True/Untrue distinction also tend to mock those who actually happen to like their team as it is. The “True” fan is perhaps most recognizable for his or her tendency to “boo” players on his own team, yell for the team to “SHOOOOT” when on the power play, and generally have a distaste for, and distrust of, fans who sit in the “expensive” seats.

  57. formerlyjagrforpresident on

    Sven, I missed this one:

    “no tim, I don’t think it’s an innate flaw in the chemistry of those born after 1980 that forbids them from knowing the game as well as I do, just a cultivated ignorance begat from the internet age where everyone thinks they’re an authority; also, people tend not to think before they speak and shoot from the hip, wanting more to supply a rapid-fire response than an educated one”

    Begat? Oh, yes. Begat. That’s how you used to writer before the “internet age.” What kind of guy was Guttenberg, Sven?

  58. Anyone wants to talk about soft goals, Hank has been letting in flukey goals in the last few games. Double deflections, pucks off his own men. He has been playing well, besides that Philly game, where he let in that soft 3rd goal. But other then that he is doing alright, its the defense that is leaving him to get destroyed.

  59. Colton, I agree on a few softies of late but last nights double deflection would have been stopped by no one. Hanks positioning was sound and he had no chance…not his fault,
    unless you talk to Sven

  60. formerlyjagrforpres,
    I think thats “inter-web” invented by that screwball al gore

  61. Hey, anyone catch Rosen call Callahan ‘Callaway’ last night? Could he be thinking of the FLA trip next week? haha

  62. For all of you guys begging to sign Avery think about this: What does this team look like in 2 years? I say 2 as we can be certain that Shanny, Jags, and Straka are not back then. Avery can not be a main offensive cog, nor should he be paid like one. I’m fine with $3mill per for 4 years, but does anyone here really want Avery to be the guy we rely on to score goals when Jags and Shanny are gone??? Well if we pay him $4million per he will be that guy in 2 years. That is NOT his role.

  63. Can we get beyond sven and talk about the Rangers. Wow, sven so omniscient, I’m impressed.

    Great win last night!! LGR!!!!!!

    If you don’t like Henrik or the Rangers move on and cheer the girls on the island.

  64. i personally do not think any signing of Avery will be done before the playoffs. i do not think anything will happen till the season is over. also without a contract Avery is going to play his heart out in the next month and in the playoffs.

  65. I almost think this might be Sather’s way of motivating Avery. Avery is a fiery guy and I think Sather likes to push his buttons…hopefully enough to make him play his heart out and then to re-sign, not walk on July 1.

    As for the future, when Jagr, Shanny and Straka move on, so do their contracts. That will enable the Rangers to bring in young offensive weapons. Also, there are a lot of kids in the system. Cherepanov and Sanguinetti (I know he’s a defenseman, but look at his point totals in Juniors!) are supposed to be outstanding, and you can expect Callahan, Dawes, Prucha (no I don’t think he’s finsihed) to contribute majorly. And don’t forget about Dubinsky, who to me looks like a future All-Star with a couple of 100 point seasons in his future.

    Gomez and Drury were clearly brought in to transition to the next phase of the Rangers when Shanahan, Jagr and Straka move on. It’s pretty clear that Drury will wear the C and Gomez will get one of the A’s. I’m not worried about this team’s future.

    I’m also excited about the present. As this streak builds, they’re restoring faith in my belief that they can contend for the Cup.

  66. 1. The leading goal scorer on this team is one of the guys who just scored a long-term deal over the summer, and that would be one Chris Drury. We also have young promising scorers in Dawes and Dubinsky (not to mention Prucha if he picks it back up), and the money that we won’t be spending on Jagr and Shanny – not to mention the reductions in the Drury and Gomez contracts (remember, they’re frontloaded), will clear things up for some additions. Avery’s not going to be called on to be THE goal scorer.

    2. If you’re missing your regular dose of Hollywood while he’s been sitting, his little brother Bryce is on the top line for Army, and they open their playoffs tonight against American International, best-of-three series, all at West Point. Well worth the trip!

  67. Avery is never going to get $4mn per from the Rangers. Darcy Tucker and Gary Roberts get $3mn and $2.5mn respectively and I think most people would say they are overpaid.

    While I would agree that Avery is more productive and has more upside potential, go to http://www.sportsnet.ca and look at who is making more than $3mn/year and $4mn/year. Then look at forwards who get 150+ PIM per year, those guys aren’t making the big buck either. You can’t compare Avery to a defenseman either, completely different value profile.

    Also, for those who don’t want Rozsival back – who would you realistically want? Look at the top 1 and 2 on the other teams in our division, he compares.

  68. Elliot…your numbers look wrong to me. AFAIK, Gomez and Drurys frontloaded contracts dont change the fact that they each go $7M/per against the cap. Also, do you think Jagr is going somewhere? Sure doesnt look like it. I wouldn’t be so sure about Shanny either. I think if he wants to play, we’d figure a way to keep him on.

  69. I was just working off of PJ Stock 28’s comment…I would like Jagr back, as long as Avery comes with him. I have been very critical of Jagr, particularly as a captain, but I like him as part of the Attitude ADJustment line with Dubinsky and Avery (so named because of what it does to Jagr).

    Not sure about the frontloaded contracts, though…

  70. SALTY – funny that you should say that about shanny. I was thinking the same thing. There are 2 big benefits to jagr & shanny. Their age. They’re eligible for incentive laced deals that they both know they’ll be offered. Sure it only defers $, but it’s better than trying to fit everyone under the cap next year.

  71. Can we write a petition to get Sam “The Come-Over” Rosen taken off the air. The guy plain old sucks balls. Calls players by the wrong name, is chatting about a fucking steak house he ate at last week, and then screams “HE SCORES” once the play is finished.

    I actually watched last nights game on FSN and it was almost a pleasure to hear the two Islander annoucers talk constructively about the game, and BOTH TEAMS. Not just the Islanders, but complimenting the Rangers as well. Fair and balanced announcing, while following the plays and making good points about players, etc.

    ROSEN, I hope you read this and choke on your fucking horrible 3 hair combover.

  72. I’d rather have Liles or Campbell than Rozsival personally because hes not all that quick and while he does have a great shot, he passes up on it too much. Plus hes not really that good on the defensive side where as a guy like Campbell is pretty solid defensively and checks guys a lot more.

    And I agree about Avery as I’ve been saying that for the last few weeks. I want the guy back, but fan overrate his importance to the team AND the team’s future. Hes a solid player but for his role, he shouldn’t be paid anything more than $3 or 3.25 mil. We needed him last year because we were a boring team with no personality that was afraid of our own shadow. Last year he brought the grit and was able to light the fire that led to the Rangers strong run.

    This year we have guys who do that in Dubi and Callahan and even Staal at some points. They might not get under the skin of other players as much Avery but they hit and fight and get the team going. Also I can see Shoe being an Avery like player. For those that go to the games, I’m sure you’ve seen him start tapping someone in the back of their leg with his stick or just bumping people around a little bit away from the play. Its pretty funny to see.

  73. johnnny D – don’t forget about Redden. Not saying he should be the target. but I’ve read that Ott is pretty serious about making Campbell a big offer to replace redden.

  74. The venom against Rosen I do not understand at all. But…the inane, pathetic banter surrounding the trivia contests is horrible and embarrassing. Plus the countless air-farting: “He’s having a good game, Joe.” “Yes he is!” “He’s a great guy, Sam.” “Yes he is!” “The league is really improving the speed of the replay, Joe.” “Yes they are!”

  75. I think Sam Rosen is an excellent play by play announcer. Yes, the MSG broadcasts can get a little hokey at time, but Sam still has energy and passion and he knows the sport well.

    People really seem to hate Micheletti…I think he’s just fine. I think he evenly compliments both teams and offers decent enough analysis.

    I was starting to get very tired of JD towards the end of his stint as the color guy. His broadcasts often turned into three-hour love letters addressed to the other team. Even if the Rangers were blowing out an inferior opponent 5-0, JD would rarely compliment the Rangers. Coupled with the team being so bad in those years, it made Davidson absolutely unbearable.

  76. Doodie Machetto on

    Avery is crazy if he thinks he can get a cent over 3.5 million on the open market.

    That said, the team that pays him that much will be grossly overpaying. the guy is worth 3 million tops, and he should take 2.5 to stay in NY, because there aren’t many cities that would suit his high profile lifestyle needs.

  77. I never thought JD was unbearable and miss his broadcasts. It adds to my dislike of Joey M.

    I think you have to look at the fact that the last few years JD was lobbying for a role like he’s in now, and setting himself up for a league job.

    Preference to commentators is like preference of anything. From cars to women.

  78. I remember one time JD was talking about how great it was that Richter liked to read and that Kovalev liked to fly a helicopter. It was like yeah great they have hobbies so does everyone else who cares.

    Talk about nerds…Doc Emerick is the fucking king of nerds!

    Larry Brooks goes from the Rangers are in deep trouble to they are great to they are in deep trouble on a daily basis. What an ass!


  79. Doodie Machetto on

    Rosen is terrible. He calls guys by the wrong names, mispronounces names, is terrible at following the action, which is why Joe (and formerly JD) have to constantly correct him on deflections, etc., he always sounds like he has half of a sausage from the consession stands in his mouth, and he is so ugly it makes my girlfriend have nightmares.

  80. I’m just glad that Mark Messier isn’t in the booth. “Uh, er, obviously you know certainly uh er you know!” What the fuck Mark.

  81. “I actually watched last nights game on FSN and it was almost a pleasure to hear the two Islander annoucers talk constructively about the game, and BOTH TEAMS. Not just the Islanders, but complimenting the Rangers as well. Fair and balanced announcing, while following the plays and making good points about players, etc.”

    You have got to be kidding me. I don’t mind Howie, but dear god do I hate Bill Jaffe so much. A) he’s a huge homer and B) he just points out the most obvious things ever.

  82. Doodie Machetto on

    Can you give incentives to someone Avery’s age? Or is it only for guys over a certain age, like 35 or something?

  83. StevensWasABetterCaptainThanMessier on

    Louis are you that guy who posts all the revenge of the nerds stuff? You’re right about Messier, what a dope!

  84. Don’t make fun of Sam Nosen, that is not nice! Ha. Doodie I just spit up my soda laughing at your last post!

  85. 1. why are there Devil fans posting on here ?

    2. what ever happen to Bobby Granger?

  86. doodie – I believe it’s 35 and over. I have the CBA saved to my desktop here at work…I’ll research.

  87. StevensWasABetterCaptainThanMessier on

    Joe’s voice is the thing that is a turnoff, but his analysis is pretty good. The worst guys were the old Devils radio guys. Randy Velichek, Bob Miller and someone else. Sorry for the bad spelling.

  88. Doodie Machetto on

    Nasty, the first time she saw him, she screamed and like grabbed me, like it was a scary part of a horror movie. Then she asked me what was wrong with his face.

    Oh, and she grabbed me again when they showed his face for getting the trivia right.

  89. Let’s face facts guys, Larry Brooks is the best hockey writer in this city. Sam is cool and all, but he and the other guys never get any scoops.

  90. Speaking from experience, announcing hockey is one of the most difficult things to do. Even in the best seat in the house, it’s difficult to follow the play when the puck is in corners or goes into a pile of guys in front of the net. Good announcers watch the game and not their monitors, which is what Sam does and he is more on top of the action than you guys who are being NEGATIVE (big shock on this board) give him credit for.

    I think when he was younger, Sam was sharper. Announcers definitely lose a little bit of their edge as they age. I still love the energy Sam brings to Rangers telecasts. Go onto NHL.com and listen to some of the abominable announcers around the rest of the league on local broadcasts and you’ll be happy to have Sam as your hometown guy.

  91. HAHAHA

    Since Emerick’s head looks like a shlong…what does it look like if he blows a snot rocket?

  92. There are no hot girls at my job, kind of sucks.

    Bobby Granger got fired because he was caught blowing Homo Larry in the Play By Play Restaurant bathroom.

  93. Sam is not that bad, definitely isn’t easy on the eyes though. He has lost a bit over time, and that comes with age, but I don’t really have any problem with him.

  94. Doodie Machetto on

    I don’t care for wrestling, but I’m a boxing fan, so I’m interested to hear how terrible Floyd Mayweather Junior is. I understand why he’s doing it ($$$), but man, what a tool.

  95. Doodie Machetto on

    Rob, true, the announcers in some other market’s suck. But we’re a big market, we can afford the good guys. The guys in Canada are all amazing. Why can’t we have someone good like that?

  96. Over the least three seasons, since the lockout:
    Martin Brodeur: 127 wins
    Miikka Kiprusoff: 115 wins
    Roberto Luongo: 111 wins
    Marty Turco: 108 wins
    Ryan Miller: 100 wins
    Henrik Lundqvist: 97 wins
    J.S. Giguere: 96 wins
    Rick DiPietro: 88 wins
    Dominik Hasek: 85 wins
    Evgeni Nabokov: 78 wins
    Martin Gerber: 77 wins
    Cam Ward: 74 wins
    Olaf Kolzig: 65 wins

  97. Doodie: So far in the interview segments Mayweather has come off really really bad. Just very forced and stiff. I don’t really like seeing celebs involved in wrestling. I heard that Mayweather is going to have 50 Cent in his corner.

  98. Doodie Machetto on

    I think wins is the most misleading statistic for a goaltender. I think it might even be worse than +/- for a player.

  99. Doodie – I think this answers it. SPC = Specific Player Contract. I think, or something to that effect.

    (2) Performance Bonuses shall be allowable under this
    Agreement only for:
    (i) Players with Entry Level SPCs under
    Article 9 of this Agreement;
    (ii) Players aged 35 or older as of June
    30 prior to the League Year in which the SPC is to
    be effective, who have signed a one-year SPC for
    that League Year; and
    (iii) Players who are “400-plus game
    Players” for pension purposes, and who: (i) in the
    last year of their most recent SPC, spent 100 days or
    more on the injured reserve list; and (ii) have signed
    a one-year SPC for the current or upcoming League
    As to paragraphs (C)(2)(ii) and (C)(2)(iii), such Players are not
    limited in the length of an SPC they may sign, but in the event any
    such Player signs an SPC with a term of longer than one (1) year,
    the SPC shall not be permitted to contain Performance Bonuses.
    No Players other than those falling into one of the abovenumerated
    categories set forth in this paragraph (C)(2) shall be
    permitted to receive Performance Bonuses of any kind.

  100. I used to love how JD would tout other players’ plus/minus, and then when it would come to Leetch he would downplay the importance of the stat because Leetch was always -18 or something.

  101. Louis,

    I called all four major sports in college. My freshman year I did mostly hockey (we were a small school and it was only a club team, still great experience nonetheless) then moved on to football, baseball and mostly basketball later in college. I worked on the local cable station for basketball broadcasts as a sideline reporter.

    I don’t have a ton of experience, but having done all kinds of games, I know that hockey was definitely the most challenging in terms of play-by-play (especially when dealing with incomplete/incorrect rosters quite often!), though I enjoyed it the most. I called some games from practically ice level, so you can imagine how difficult it was to get a decent perspective.

    Point is, if Sam gets a name wrong, no one should bash him for it…he’s only human.

  102. Agreed on wins being a bad stat for goalies. I like to see save% &/or GAA personally.

  103. Rob,

    That’s cool. I hope this isn’t too personal, but are you still in the business?

  104. As far as JD saying good things about other teams…

    Let’s try to keep things in perspective here. He was just trying not to be a bias announcer. Something anyone who has the Center Ice package knows a great deal about… especially if you listen to the guys who do Tampa’s games.

    JD did a great job while he was here… his “Oh Boy!”s will forever be a great part of Rangers history. IMHO

  105. Who Needs Lohan on

    anyone catch Sam Rosen’s “fans up with a lets go rangers” chant like 1 minute into the game last night? He must know how much I hate that…….

  106. Elliott: Salary cap charge is based upon Average Annual Value of the contracts. Dru and Gomer’s contracts were frontloaded to make it harder for other teams to match them. Their salary cap charge is $7million per for the life of the contrcats. Look at Backman, he makes $3.4 mill next year, but his cap charge is only $2.3million as that was the average annual value of his contract.

    As for the announcers, Joe is trying to defer and kiss arse too much to Sam. He is learning the ropes but is afraid of upsetting the long tenured guy. They are ok, but just like AlYankazeera (Mushnick did great on this nickname) the overall tone and negativity (or lack thereof) comes from Jimmy D himself I’m sure.

  107. Tony from AZ on

    You guys crack me up.
    Rangers play bad, you rip the Rangers.
    Rangers play good, you rip the announcers !
    You rip Bobby Granger, Dancing Larry, you even rip each other !
    Who’s next , Sam Weinman ??

  108. Beer Me- Just got off the phone with Staalsy…He told me to tell you that once OldMan Shanny retires, he is gonna jump all over his #14….Hope this helps,,,,Maybe a Backman55 for a few years can hold you over

  109. beer me im def going to get a burger at Corner Bistro after reading that article

  110. Louis,

    No longer in the business.

    Tony, I agree. People always need to complain…whatev.

  111. BEER ME!

    LOL, i caught that too. Last season when Shanahan was on a breakaway during the first game of the season, he said “Shanaway on a Breakaway”, lol i guess he has trouble keeping up with the “Hans”

    Rosen is hilarious, and i think Micheletti is hilarious too, cause he’s immature, and perfect for Sam. I miss JD but he’s doing a good job taking his spot.


    Get hit by a car. When i watch Isles games, i usually listen to music, cause i cant stand that Fish Face, and the guy that tweases his eyebrows !

    Lets go Rangers.

  112. Who Needs Lohan on

    what the hell else do you do on a blog? talk about how great life is? what do you guys that claim that everyone is complaining and negative think YOU are doing? COmplaining about the complaining!!! Just accept it and move on. See look at me now. Im complaining about the complainers who complain that people complain too much.

  113. Doc is the best announcer in the business, hands down, thanks for playing, better luck next time. There are exactly three things that I admire about the Devils organization:

    1) Their building
    2) Their success with college players
    3) DOC~!

    That said, I like Sam, and I loved his exchange with Joe while my Tanner Glass was fighting Hollweg a couple of weeks ago. I also love the fact that my friend who’s an Islanders fan can’t stand him (he particularly hates when Sam says, “It’s a POWER PLAY GOAL!”). Anything about the Rangers that annoys opposing fans is good by me.

  114. Oh, and anyone who’s ever met DOC will tell you that he is one of the nicest guys you will ever meet. Also bears mentioning.

  115. Beer Me

    No Rosen sucks, plain and simple, and I dont care how long the guy has been there, he is a horrible announcer
    Time to hang it up and get someone new. at least Joe M talks about the game.

    And after a full season wiht onlytwo new players, he shoudl not be mis-pronouncing CALLAHAN, I mean cm’on is he retarded.

    The worst thing about his style of broadcasting is what drives me crazy: HE CONSTANTLY has a negative thing to say about everything. JAgr gets an assit (He hasnt been scoring goals) Shanny gets a goal (He was lucky he got that)
    My whole point being, you are THE NY RANGERS ANNOUNCER. It’s Ok to be supportive of your own damn team.


  116. COlton

    Im a NYR Fan not a fairy Isles lover like that yogurt drinking Salty but tell me this. ISNt it his JOB to know the players, there names, and CALL THE FUCKING GAME?

    Why dont you go blow sammy boy while they find us a new Announcer

  117. I’m not really in the mood to debate the announcer thing. It’s all preference.

  118. Personally, I don’t need someone to tell me who’s on the ice unless its the radio.

    I’m pretty familiar when I see someone’s skating style + shooting hand + jersey #, to determine who it is.

  119. Who Needs Lohan on

    Yeah, he’s great! Sometimes when I am doing something during the day I find myself using his lines.

    Like when I go take a leak, I tell my wife Ill be back in 75 seconds.

  120. Eliot

    Amen. Doc is first rate as a (self-deprecating, by the way) play by play guy, and an even better person. A genuine, thoughtful man.

  121. Who Needs Lohan on

    When my wife and I have sex and Im getting close I tell her, only 120 seconds to go!

  122. Whatever Doc absolutely sucks that voice…its torture, he might have good stuff to say but I never hear it cause that voice is so annoying I have to turn down the volume

  123. SeamusORiley on

    Doc needs a few shots of testosterone to lower that voice. If it is not the most whiney thing after hillary, I don’t know what is. He sounds just like her!

  124. I’ll debate beer…
    Guinness, Bass, Newcastle, Sierra Nevada Pale, Magic Hat
    oh nevermind…to many favorites.

    Least Favorites…
    All the other crap advertised on TV

  125. what sam should say on

    the biggest morons are the junior GMs who tell us that no matter how well players play, no matter how much they contribute to wins for the Rangers, they are only worth X amount of dollars, and if they won’t accept that amount, they can leave.

    of course, since those dollars are not their money, wtf are they talking about.

    but, we should realize, this is THEIR team, an in their own mind fantasy,they own it from their lounge chair, and what does it matter if they say stupid things one day, and then come back the next with their tail between their legs, but still insist that even though they were wrong, their dumb comments will not be retracted , they will continue to be fools no matter how often they step in it.

    the real question is, how much are regular blog posters worth if they can’t get it right? not much.

    THEY should walk

  126. longtimerangersfan on

    “The Big Whistle” Bill Chadwick was the KING of mispronunciations bar none…one comes to mind, Minneapolis, Minnsenota.

  127. of course, since those dollars are not their money, wtf are they talking about.


    haha, *shut up*.

    MSG has unlimited money. There is a salary cap. We’re talking about strategy here, if there was no cap I’d say hell pay Avery $7M too, all the cool kids are getting it.

    again, *shut up*

  128. Who Needs Lohan – “When my wife and I have sex and Im getting close I tell her, only 120 seconds to go!”

    props to you lohan. That’s one of the absolute funniest hockey related things I’ve ever heard!

  129. Who Needs Lohan on

    Beer Me,
    Things would be going ever better if my dick and her VJ didnt “cancel each other out”

  130. I take back my statement before.

    THAT’S the funniest hockey-related bit I’ve ever heard.

  131. Who Needs Lohan on

    sorry, just had some of those chocolate covered espresso beans. I feel like i could do anything right now!

  132. “The guys in Canada are all amazing. Why can’t we have someone good like that?”

    no they aren’t. haha. some are really good, others suck. my friends from toronto hate a lotta the guys up there, bob cole especially only because hes old. he was good in his prime but now hes well past that.

  133. notice how they know who they are


    I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone more out of their element in my life than you. You seriously should go lay your between a car door and have a good friend do you the favor of slamming it shut, crushing them like chalk.

    If you don’t understand the arguement about salary numbers and recognize the legitimate conversation there, you should seriously *stop talking*.

    It’s people like you, willing to cough up $7M of *someone elses* money for “okay” players that have cost this organization wins in favor of merchandising for years and years.

  134. “Sven
    March 7th, 2008 at 11:45 am
    Doodie, I couldn’t agree more about Dawes, and give Renney credit for sticking with the kid; I probably ragged on Renney and Dawes more than anyone at the beginning of the year, and in the playoffs last season b/c Dawes’ defensive zone coverage was an abomination.”

    He played in 1 game in the playoffs last season. That’s not enough TOI to call anything an abomination — well, except Backman.

  135. Who Needs Lohan
    March 7th, 2008 at 3:25 pm
    When my wife and I have sex and Im getting close I tell her, only 120 seconds to go!

    When I do it with my wife aqnd she doesn’t get pregnant, our privates cancelled.

  136. Who Needs Lohan on

    Ever have those Choc Covered Espresso Beans? The highs are so high, but the lows, oh the lows!

  137. guys Tyutin will be paid more then Avery mainly because he should. Tyutin is not great but he is a 24 yr old 22 + minute a game D man, they are worth more then the best agitator in hockey.. Don’t get me wrong Avery is a good player and showing it recently but at the end of the day he is a low 20 goal scorer maximum whom is a pretty good all around player. If he wants $3 mill per yr. for 3 yrs that is fair…

  138. BTW Girardi is by far there best D man and whatever he is getting paid is not enough. Also Roszival will not be paid $5 mill. a yr. next yr. by the Rangers no chance.

    Also the Rangers are going to be good for yrs. and Sather deserves alot of credit. remember the names; dawes, callahan, gurardi, staal, snaguinetti, cherapanov, and others…. they will lose malik, mara, strudwick, and probablt roszival this offseason and they will be more then fine; also if they lose jagr, shanny, and straka, the same holds true..if they lose those guys theycan sign 1 very good d man and 1 very good winger and use all there good young talent.

    Prucha cannot even get on the ice at present and I think he can play….

  139. Girardi has been inconsistent and weirdly passive in some games, and if he’s your best defenseman, you have issues that someone will resolve for you long before June.

    Sather ought to have really chased someone like Chara when he came on the market two years ago.

  140. yeah bathgate you are right since Chara has led boston to the promise land..and only makes like $4 mill a yr more then girardi and is 7 yrs older..

    yeah Girardi is soft(since he does not have a major) I watch every game the guy is 23 or 24 and is great in his own zone.
    I did not say he was neidermayer or Lidstrom just a very good, young , cheap d man..

    maybe the rangers could have gotten pronger to go along with chara and how about leetch also!!!!!!

    some people just like to bithc and fantasize about things that will never ever happen.

  141. Three more wins for Henrik and he gets to 100. Anyone know if this is the fastest to 100 wins?

  142. stuart

    Put your rag back in place. I’m not bitching. I simply said if Girardi is your best defenseman you ain’t winning a Stanley Cup. Maybe the final four, maybe eke even eke out of the conference. But the D is an open sore that Sather, believing Malik is a top 2 (!) defenseman, has chosen not to bind.

    And by the way Chara makes a lot more than $4 mil more than Girardi.

  143. Bathgate, the rangers are not great I am aware of that . they are a good team in a week conference..

    the west is much better then the east. the rangers have to have there forwards help out and henrik to come up big becuase they do not have a stud D man.

    Staal will be that stud but not for a few more yrs. they do have a very good young d nucleous… girardi, staal, and tyutin are good young players and from what I hear they have more on the way…

    finding the Phaneufs of the world are really hard to do….

  144. like this one…

    jason – “I usually tell my girlfriend “last minute remaining in the period” Dude, that’s a good one. Way to start that off Lohan.

    the fastest to 100 is a good idea to check out. I don’t even want to begin to look that up.

  145. Adam and his apple on

    ok so i have the flu and my heads pounding and i just put the devils game on because its the only hockey on now, DOC gives me an even bigger headache, his voice is like an ice pick to my brain, and im sorry but please get rid of michaletti, hes awful, he is a color commentary “yes” man, why not switch him and maloney, or just give JD an offer he cant refuse =D

  146. Who Needs Lohan on

    Yeah, no problem guys, was on an espresso high and even found myself to be pretty funny!!!

  147. Who Needs Lohan on

    So Id like to open something up to debate with more than a day and a half til gametime. Yeah, it may be a bit premature to discuss this considering we are almost as close to 9th as we are to 1st but Id like to see what you guys feel was the turning point of the season…..Here is what I think…..
    January 22nd, NYR are 2-6-2 in there last 10, I believe in 10th or 11th in the Conference and coming off a dismal weekend series vs the Bruins where Hank looked terrible and the team looked out of sorts. Coaching change is made, bringing Avery up to the top line(at that time with Gomer). Puck squirts out into the open ice and a flying Avery comes in to put it in the back of the net, NYR go on to win 4-0 and have gone 13-3-3 since. Hey, Im not gonna sit and play GM, but the guy is a catalyst any way you slice it. What do you guys see as the turning point? You can also look at the line brawl against the Flyers but I feel like we were starting to really click before that….

  148. Formation of the Attitude ADJustment line (ADJ = Avery-Dubinsky-Jagr). They’d been trying to find the right lines all season, and now they have them. It also got Jagr to play like the star he is.

  149. Adam and his apple on

    dunno if anybody remembers but renney did try out avery on a line with gomez and jagr earlier in the season and they actually played pretty damn good from what i remember regardless of how many points they put up, after the 2 or 3 game try out renney decided to take avery off the line for whatever reason but im sure he kept it in the back of his head for later in the season, what most fans dont understand about renney is he looks long term and is not as short sighted as most ignorant sports fans, i hope hes our coach for a long long time

  150. Who Needs Lohan on

    Anyone else see the really classy Debbies fan dressed up like a Devil proposing to some ugly broad? Im not sure what is worse, proposing on TV at a hockey game or simply going to a Devils game dressed as a Devil. Very classy, thats why I love New Jersey!

  151. Who Needs Lohan on

    thats what you get for proposing at a hockey game……A goal against!!!!

  152. Adam and his apple on

    dunno if any of you guys are watchin the knicks game but shanny was interviewed before by al troutwig and the knicks were down big but right after the interview the knicks went on a sick run and tied it up, coincidence?

  153. Lohan –

    I don’t think this year has as clear a defining moment as last year, which was very clearly the St.Louis game. Team down 2-0 headed into the third, booed off the ice to chants of “we suck”, they came back out, tied the game,went on to win in OT and never looked back.

    This year, the game you speak of was important, but the team then went on to play miserably in squeaking by Atlanta on Leetch night, but then blew the game after the All-Star break to Carolina, and also stumbled badly at home against LA and Anaheim. There were big wins against NJ and Philly littered in there.

    But I’d have to say the two biggest wins of the year were after the 5 day layoff when they blew Buffalo out of the Garden 5-1, bouncing Miller within 10 mimutes, and then the gritty 4-3 win at Buffalo a week later in the first game after that horror show that Montreal turned into. The first game showed the team was ready to play, the second showed more resilience than we’ve seen in a long time. I feel like since that first Buffalo game, despite the blown 5 goal lead, they’ve never looked back or descended into another valley.

  154. Adam/apple: “dunno if anybody remembers but renney did try out avery on a line with gomez and jagr earlier in the season and they actually played pretty damn good from what i remember regardless of how many points they put up, after the 2 or 3 game try out renney decided to take avery off the line for whatever reason but im sure he kept it in the back of his head for later in the season, what most fans dont understand about renney is he looks long term and is not as short sighted as most ignorant sports fans, i hope hes our coach for a long long time”


  155. Adam and his apple on

    ok heres a question for you guys, which of our young guys do you think has the highest ceiling?

    i think in terms of a rearguard that staal is by far and away has the most potential and i dont see any reason why he cant reach it other than a major injury(bites tongue)

    as far as offense goes i really think doobie is gonna be insanely good, this is his rookie year and hes already shown he can take over a game

    once doobie and staal fill out their wiry frames omfg theyre gonna be cornerstones of our team and be forces

    but ill tell you guys what, in terms of who some of our younger rangers will look like at their peaks

    Dawes = st louis
    Doobie = lecavlier
    Staal = pronger

    prove me otherwise my homeslices

  156. I’ve been saying Dawes looks like St. Loius and Dubi playes like Lecavelier for a while now. Dawes is real shifty, makes great passes and has a great shot. Dubi will be the complete package. at this stage it may be a long stretch but it fun to talk about.
    As far a Staal goes…I don’t know about Pronger. I just don’t see the physicality of Pronger in him…yet.
    Maybe a few more pounds and I change my mind. Staal is going to be a stud though…absolutely.

  157. Has anyone been able to find this picture with Avery getting flipped off after the game-winning goal? If so, please post a link. Thanks

  158. Yeah, Jagrs played with Avery and Dubinsky in the first visit to Florida and that line dominated for its 3 shifts.

  159. Oh, this is crazy, when I went to the first ever Rangers/Devils game at the Prudential Center where Staal scored his first NHL goal, some Devils fans had a #99 Gretzky jersey. My friend and I just stood there shocked and confused haha.

  160. Yeah, no question that our team is in great shape for years to come. Hank grows into some more consistency (he’s still very young at 26 – goalies don’t usually peak until their late 20’s), Girardi, Tyutin and Staal also continue to grow, and Dubi, Dawes and Callahan added in with Gomez and Drury – to me all 5 of those guys are potential All-Stars – they’re in great shape down the road. And that doesn’t even consider Anisimov, Cherepanov, Sanguinetti, Sauer added in there.

    Our team could really be one of the top teams in the league for the next 7 or 8 years. Especially when you look around at the competition in the East – Jersey will be done in the next 2 years when Brodeur calls it quits, Philly will improve but still has no goalie, the Isles blew their whole future last year, Ottawa has one line and no goalies. Frankly going forward I think the Caps will be solid, the Habs if Price works out will be good, Buffalo still has a large stable of young talent (though their poor management may ruin it for them),and the Rangers. Boston has some young talent but again no goalie or defense.


    The turnaround game against the Habs. NO DOUBT. Down 3-0 and struggling to find their game… against a streaking Montreal squad… 5 unanswered goals… on the road… win 5-3 on national TV.

    Of course we give it right back top them a week or so later and then some… but that game showed this team that no matter who they’re playing… where they’re playing and what the score is… they can beat anyone.

  162. hey all, just wanted to say I was reading through the posts last night and there was some serious comedy going on in here. Bravo fellas, very entertaining.

    BTW, the Wolfpack and the Aeros were on teh dish last night, somewhere up in the 630’s I believe, probably FOX South or something, but nonetheless they were on.

    Have to say the players who caught my attention were Potter, Moore, Byers and to a lesser extent Anisemov. But the kid Potter is big, is a right handed shot and looks like he can skate and move the puck.

    He cold fit right in with Girardi, Staal, Tyutin, Rozival and one more UFA signing. Sather needs to get someone who can bring some physical play back there. But Potter should be competing for a spot next season, as should Byers.

    Right now the Rangers have about $23 or $24 million left to spend before htting the cap next season. Obviously the season could go a number of ways still. And depending on how it goes will dtermine who they re-sign, but here are my thoughts…

    Avery, Rozival, UFA dman with size and nastyness if available, Dawes, Sjostrom and Moore are your must signings. That’s at a max $14 million, leaving the Rangers $10 million to decide to pay Jagr for another season or go after someone else or two. Either way, there is plenty of room left to sign remaining and potential players for this team.

    I got the numbers here http://www.nhlnumbers.com/overview.php?team=NYR

  163. joejoe

    ther is one out here on LI to, its all right, the fries were good, but one large fry is enough for atleast four people…

  164. I hope the Rangers sign Rozsival and Avery for next year. I think Sather is being an idiot if he doesn’t resign both for reasonable ammounts, and that would be in the 3 area for both I think…

    I’m just de[ressed because right now it looks iffy,

    But just want to add this last string of games has been amazing!! I hope it continues.

    Did the boys have a skate this morning? should we expect a new post soon? Sam is so wonderful for doing this blog.

  165. with all the places in the city thats where my Girlfriend wants to go. jessica simpson probably ate there or something

  166. Agravaine:

    I think it’s important for us to understand that Tyutin, Henrik and Girardi were going to be RFA and Avery is UFA.

    It is important to lock up Avery for a few seasons, but if he was asking for $4 million per or even $3.5 per during the season, I think it is wise to let him see where his value stands on the open market.

    If he gets a $4.5 million offer than he can take it somewhere else. I really don’t see that happening, other than maybe the Flyers or Boston and the Flyers have their own players to sign, the Bruins I don’t know about.

    I really think Avery should take take best offer he gets to the Rangers and then bargain that way. Avery has a high profile, one that NYC compliments very well, so he should take that into consideration when he decides where he would like to live and spend his free time, the Philly or Boston suburbs or Manhattan?

    Honestly, I have missed the last few games due to baseball practice, so I haven’t seen Jagr play. Has he continued to play at his high level? Has he officially turned it on? Or his he performing in peaks and valleys?

    Anyone’s input would be greatly appreciated.

  167. Jagr is still flying Vogs, and I don’t think they should pay Avery four but I think 3 is doable, for both he and Rozsival each.

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