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A couple of quick notes from the Coliseum, where the Ice Girls themselves are going through one last practice run before the game…
<li>Some intrigue continues to surround the Islanders’ decision to start Wade Dubielewicz in net for a third consecutive game, even though Rick DiPietro is now back from personal leave.

Who is making the decisions around here, exactly? Good question. Bear in mind it was Garth Snow who directed Ted Nolan to start Dubielewicz on Tuesday, and while Nolan today spoke of the thought and consideration that went into the decision for tonight, one has to at least wonder if he was the doing the thinking and considering.

Curiously, Mike and the Mad Dog are in the building — wow, it really must be a big game — and when they had Charles Wang on earlier today, the Islanders’ owner sounded like he had his own reservations as well.

Whether those reservations are well founded, I suppose we’ll know soon.

<li>Meanwhile, an interesting revelation from Tom Renney just now: Asked about the decision to use Michal Rozsival in the shootout on Tuesday, Renney said it was based on Rozsival’s performance on breakaways in practice, but also because Rozsival had the type of shot to beat Dubielewicz high. Only one problem: despite instructions to the contrary, Rozsival tried to go five-hole on Dubielewicz, and the Rangers ended up losing in the shootout.

What does it all mean? Maybe that we won’t be seeing Rozsival back in the shootout anytime soon.

What does it also mean? That shootouts are goofy, and probably don’t belong in the NHL.

<li>Thanks to reader John for tipping me off on the midday open hockey at the Westchester Skating Academy. The only problem is it conflicts with the Rangers’ practice and morning skate time. I asked Renney if he’d consider switching practice times around to accomodate my recreational hockey career.

I have no doubt the coach is mulling this as we speak…

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  1. Thanks for the answer on Rozi shooting, most of us figured it was from good practices, but still.

    ALthough now that we know for certain Rozi has shown skill in breakaways I would hope he starts showing us that during games…

  2. Mike and the Mad Dog blow chunks. Mushnick in the Post has them completely nailed. Pompous and myopic is no way to go through life.

  3. the original plan they were considering coming out of the lockout was to have 4-on-4 for 4 mins, and then 3-on-3 for 3 mins, and THEN a shootout if necessary

    that would have made shootouts more rare, and that was a good plan. but the 4-on-4 only method does not end enough games in OT, it leads to too many shootouts.

    that is why they need to go back to the original plan, with the 3-on-3 that would end most games in OT, and make the shootout less commonplace.

  4. Sam,

    Why were Mike and the Mad Dog there? They know nothing about hockey. Did they finally run out of things to say about Clemens? I hope they don’t listen to “Beware of Pucks Leaving the Ice” message.

    Bathgate, never misquote Dean Wormer, “Fat and stupid is no way to go through life”

    Can anyone give us idea how many Ranger fans are in the building?

    Let’s Go Rangers!

  5. Mike and the Mad Dog? Bleh! not to sound nasty, but they ARE the generic negative second guessing one track minded “the Yankees stink! Eehh whaddya gonna do?” type NY fans that the rest of the country stereotypes NY as. Sommers and Beningo are the best to come out of WFAN.

    Please beat the Isles and their obnoxious nursery rhyme singing fans. Shoot the puck, screen Dubliwiecz, and keep the puck away from Backman and the Rangers will be ok. :)

  6. What are the odds on Hank turning things around tonight?

    His confidence seems so fragile to me right now. He looked the other night for while like a shutout was a distinct possibility… then after that 1st lucky goal… it all just fell apart.

  7. A theory about why types like Francesa and Russo ignore hockey as they do:

    They hear again and again from NHL fans that the experience of watching an important game is unlike that gotten at any other sports event. That the highs are higher and the lows lower. That the emotional rollercoaster is so all-encompassing that it completelt dwarfs the impact from the unwatchable NBA, for example.

    Fearing that this might be true, aware that they might be missing out, and desperate to smother that anxiety, they simply pretend that hockey barely exists.

    All of which might be believable if the intense and endless putting-down of the game was not so laced with bitterness. because if hockey is so unimportant, why the need to bash it?

  8. Any word on the skill level of the open hockey at WSA? I’m still a relative newbie…

  9. rangers have missed at least 2 other goals…

    jagr cannot but a goal the guy is flying…

  10. Mike & Chris suck. The only thing I can say in their defense is that when they were talking yesterday about being in LI today, and talking about the dynasty teams, they admitted that they knew very little about the nhl after those days. I found it a little odd though. Do you guys remember ‘Live From The Play By Play’ with Mike? He talked hockey all the time. I don’t think he talks hockey, b/c he’ll lose credibility from the basketball(pro/ncaa) crowd. I don’t know. I just check in after work to see if I missed anything outside of hockey. Who’s that Barry Farve guy? ;)

  11. Plenty of hockey left, lets not get complacent, no prisoners, let’s bury these fishsticks.

  12. Seems like there is alot more to the goalie story on LI. Just think 14 more years of this mystery going on.

    Muhnick is right on about Mike and the Angry Puppy- they don’t know what they are talking about and the minute anyone disagrees with them they cut them off. Those 2 STINK!! I wish 1050 would put anyone halfway decent on against them, many listeners would jump ship. I listen to Joe and Evan in the am at work and immediately turn off WFAN at 1pm, unless the idiots are on vaca.

    HL is playing ok so far- still alot of hockey left, but let’s finish them!!!!!

  13. Guess Rozy didnt want his “boy” to be alone in the box. Rozy is NOT worth $5mill a year.

    Backman has stopped making Malik look good, he is AWFUL, should have sold high on him.

  14. For all those on this blog who at one time killed drury and that includes Doodie, you should be ashamed of yourselves. Drury has been one of the rangers best players since late January.

  15. Starting to get really fucking sick of all the negative crap all the time! The puck was bouncing on Malik all you pussies.
    As far a Rozy goes give me a break…shit happens
    Some of you poster’s are just as pathetic a weak as you think Malik is…
    Sorry for the language but I just had to get that out.
    Sick of some of these loosers
    The team is winning!

  16. in the corners Malik shys away from hits and gives up the puck. THAT is inexcusable no matter what the score.

    he is a pathetic oaf

  17. Big 3rd peroid coming and the out of town scoreboard looking good.
    Flyers tied with tampa at 2
    Leafs up 5-1 in Boston
    Florida up 3-1 over pitt

  18. People, we all know Malik sucks, there is nothing the rangers can do this year, we are stuck with a defence that is very breakable. My own feeling is we need to replace malik, rosival, strudwig and mara next year. This is this year, lundqvist needs to find his game because before the season started we all knew the defence was a problem.

  19. malik and blowzival have been horrific once again tonight. malik definitely needs to go and get rid of blowsival while you’re at it. he’s been AWFUL lately and in now way deserves 4+ million a year.

  20. apparently blowzival has something against shooting at a net while in a perfect shooting position. UNREAL

  21. I live in Boston and have to listen to the games over the radio on I just have to say that it is a pleasure to listen to Dave Maloney. He’s great, just a bunch of good insight and a humorous cognizance of his biases. That guy from the journal news thats on between periods sometimes is ok too.

  22. Doodie Machetto on

    Good stuff tonight. Hank has been very good. I can only hope he keeps it up. And I REALLY do.

    It’s also awesome to only hear Ranger fans on the Island. God I hate Islander fans!

    Backman has played pretty well today, btw. He deserves the credit.

    Does anyone miss Prucha or Hollweg? Poor guys. At least Prucha might get a shot again next year. Hollweg is finished. Sjostrom is MUCH better.

    Jagr is playing better hockey right now than I have seen him play all season. Too bad he can’t put it in the ocean right now. He’s cursed.

    Dawes continue to be the best Ranger forward, in my opinion. I’m totally getting a Dawes jersey once they lock him up during the offseason.

  23. Dawes continues to crush it…. love this guy. Toronto up 7-1 on Boston now… Sunday’s game setting up to be a great one! Lets go Rangers!

  24. Doodie Machetto on

    Staal Wart: I am not commenting on the team’s future, just how they’ve played tonight.

    I’m not about to go back on what I said about Hank because he has had one good game. Nor am I ready to believe Backman is a competant defenseman. I’m just pointing out that they both have potential to be a lot better than they have been, and I’m hoping that they will be.

  25. Doodie Machetto on

    They should’ve blown the play dead as soon as Avery was pulled down. It would be an automatic goal.

  26. I know I’m just saying…cause I’m getting so sick of hearing how Malik sucks this and Rozi sucks that and Backman sucks oh and Drury used to suck and Hank sucks.
    just freaking annoying
    What about all the good stuff…
    Rangers have been the hottest team in the league and all some people can talk about is how bad shit is.
    Reminds me of politics… Bush sucks, Cheney sucks ARGGGGG!

  27. Doodie Machetto on

    Wow, they totally robbed Jagr of the assist by making it an awarded goal! HAHA that’s fucking bullshit.

  28. Doodie Machetto on

    Dubinsky gets robbed of the assist also if that doesn’t get changed.

    Good win, good night.

  29. Beer Me!!!,
    Where ever you are you are the voice of reason, no doubt about it. Lundqvist showed up tonight. Like I said, i hope he finds his groove, it look like a start tonight, Lets go rangers!!!!!

  30. Doodie,
    You stand out when I remember people on this blog killing Drury. Tonight when it was 2-1 and the islanders where totally dominating in the 2nd period Drury came up big time after time on the penalty kill and on the back check, this guy does all the little things that makes him unique, even scoring the big goal when you need it. If you don’t remember he scored the second goal the other night that got us back in the game and eventually one point in the standing.

  31. Tonight Lundqvist made me look like an idiot when I killed him today. I just hope he can be more consistent and prove me wrong.

  32. Yorktown Ranger on

    Aside from the obvious infraction, and my obvious bias for the Rangers, anybody else think that hook on Avery was a little over the top. I mean the blade ended up in his neck. At least that’s how it looked.

  33. Well its pretty much official. Rangers 4 points outta first with 1 game in hand on Pittsburgh. They are about to lose 5-2 against Florida.

  34. “apparently blowzival has something against shooting at a net while in a perfect shooting position. UNREAL”

    I’m thinking same thing..guy had like 7 goals first 20 some – odd games then…stops shooting. makes me scream

    Not complaining, they are playing well but boy do Rangers need a “banger” on defense…they play a good team d-fense but nothing beats having that one big bruiser…..Watching giants like Rozy-Malik and Backmantrying to stick-check their way through life is maddening…at least Rozy throws occasional check but I think they have to have “either” malik or Backman play with Struds in the lineup…not both

    enough with this goalie Dubie already…6 goals and 8 posts in last two games…rangers shooting over the net in shoot-out…as far as Im concerned experiment is over…Nolan “HAS TO PLAY Dipi”

  35. Doodie Machetto on

    tomg, you’re right, I killed him. It was more over his salary than anything else. I noticed him doing the little things, but I was pissed we were paying 7 million bucks for Blair Betts. Now that he’s putting up some points, I’m a lot happier.

    As for killing Lundqvist earlier today, what we’re saying isn’t made wrong by his performance tonight.

  36. Great game. Another great team effort. Hopefully Backman gained some confidence too. He really settled down in this game.

  37. Doodie Machetto,
    I agree, it makes it a little better when he gives up one goal that wasn’t his fault. The question though was it because of good team defense or lundqvist. I thought he made the big save when they needed it, we need to see a more consistent game from henrik.

  38. Fruity Cupcake on

    Sam, you may have been on the Gomez cutting room floor, but you’re ALL over the Staal BioFile. Dude, eat a sandwich!!!

  39. longtimerangersfan on

    My cable box got fried two days ago and had to get a new one so it screwed up the date on my vcr and it didn’t tape the game…SURE it HAD to be THIS game! Dammit! Was Hank good?

  40. Hank was very good when he had to be in the second period. The one goal was a double-deflection and not his fault. He didnt’t make anything spectacular but was positionally good.

    Let’s face it. The last game only one was his fault.

  41. Dubi and Jagr weren’t robbed. The ref made the right call.

    As soon as Avery got pulled down, the play was dead. “Immediately stop play” is the key. See for yourself:

    Section 7,
    57.4 Awarded Goal – If, when the opposing goalkeeper has been removed from the ice, a player in control of the puck in the neutral or attacking zone is tripped or otherwise fouled with no opposition between him and the opposing goal, thus preventing a reasonable scoring opportunity, the Referee shall immediately stop play and award a goal to the attacking team.

  42. Colton Timberlake...The Pop Sensation Known as Orr ! on

    I went to the game…We had some wicked chant battles. I love how this team is on a 11 game point streak or so. If it continues, we might storm to first. Hank was awesome, Avery needs to get re signed ! Llllets go Rangers !!

  43. This was the Lunquist from last year. Really kept the Rangers in the game particularly during the last part of the 1st period & most of the 2nd period. Very curious, why is it that once the Rangers gain the lead they stop attacking and appear to drop back even giving up center ice. Another observation is that on the power play they’ve gone back to passing to Jagr for the last shot which never comes. Why is Straka quarterbacking the power play again. He’s really lost alot since last year. Dubinsky is really missing some great scoring opportunities but he’s still getting points and working real hard in both ends of the ice. Sjostrom sure is fast, but what a bad turnover. Probably, the 3rd period was one of the best defensive efforts of the year. The Icelanders hardly got over the blueline. Things are really looking up.

  44. Colton. Missed reading your post re: Avery. Your 100% correct. This man is the heart & soul of the team and is worth what he’s looking for. I’m at a loss unless Avery rubs Sather the wrong way. Ironic, since when Sather played for the Rangers he was a real mavarick.

  45. Why wasn’t Dubi or Jagr credited for an assist on Aves’ goal? The puck was never touched by Johnson, and its not like the refs awarded Aves with the goal, he scored it on his own.

    Did anyone see Roy get knocked out by Cote ? It wasn’t like Orr’s knockout against Fedoruk, but Cote kinda caught Roy when he wasn’t paying attention, and he got socked big time.

    Lets go Rangers, huge back to backs on Sunday against the B’s, and Monday against the Sabs. Hopefully they get back on there winning streak.

    If this team would start getting a little better defensively, then the Rangers would be that team that everyone expected them to be. High scoring, and a team battling for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd, not 6th, 7th, and 8th.

  46. hanny not that i really care but your post says – thus preventing a reasonable scoring opportunity… the puck went in. The scoring opportunity was not prevented – it went in on its own. anyway who cares rangers win and its too late to be talking about this. ta ta

  47. Good win and good rebound performance by the King – lets hope we see more like that for the next 4 weeks. At least now we are scoring on a regular basis too.

    I saw the Avery empty-net goal, Jagr should’ve had been given an assist on that.

  48. Parros — “the puck went in. The scoring opportunity was not prevented”

    Yes, but in the eyes of the ref, the opportunity was prevented. You’re looking at the end result. You can’t. The ref is looking at the act of getting pulled down. The rules state the play should immediately be dead. Doesn’t matter if he’s an inch away from the goal, or at the blue line. Doesn’t matter where the puck ends up. The rule states as soon as he’s pulled down, the play is dead. Again, you can’t look at where the puck goes.

    That being said, I think the rule should change — it shouldn’t be an immediate dead play. Just like the rule that talks about getting pulled down when a goalie is still in the net. That rule says it’s a penalty shot, but it won’t get awarded until the other team touches the puck. And if a shot is made, it negates the penalty shot. (But not the penalty.)

    So the EN rule should change to read something similar. If you’re pulled down, and you can’t recover to score on the empty net (thus preserving any assists)… then it gets awarded.

    Or, simply change it to award the goal to the last person to touch it, and it’s assists.

    But the crux of it is — as the rule stands now, the play is immediately dead regardless of where the puck is, and where it’s momentum carries it.

  49. “I’m totally getting a Dawes jersey once they lock him up during the offseason.”
    Doodie – they only come in childrens large! haha

    tomg – no doubt brother. Gonna be a great finish too.

    Orr – I saw that fight. I was surprised though b/c it looked like Roy got the better of him the first time they fought last night.

    ok, responded to what I wanted to. Now I’ll go write my assessment…

  50. First and foremost…this now, 11 game point streak deserves some credit from some of the naysayers here. When you start doing things that haven’t been done in 15, 20, 35 YEARS, it should be recognized. I don’t care how you get points. Think the ’94 team dominated every single game during that stretch? For that matter, think Ott dominated 16 of their first 19 this season? Not a chance. You find ways to get points, pretty or not, then you climb the standings.

    Hank looked much better last night. The team tightend up enough and didn’t leave him out to dry at all. The goal, no goalie had a chance. The only chance you had is if it just hit you. His positioning was fine on it, just a bad break.

    It really pissed me off though that malik-zivol were in the box, THEN they deflect the only islander goal of the game into our net. But I digress.

    Nice job by Backman not to do anything stupid. Perhaps he’s calming down. Though I still think after Sunday you get struds in to keep him fresh. I saw somewhere that Mara is still a few days away from even skating. MAYBE SAME CAN GET US AN UPDATE ON HIS CONDITION?

    3 out of 4 points in the back to back this week. Hindsight shows a positive eventhough they had a lapse in the 2nd period last night. But it wasn’t that bad.

    I’m done considering what calls the officials make anymore. It’s a disgrace to the game. And not worth my time to talk about more than that.

    The B’s have been outscored 19 to 4 over the last 3 games. When I took these tickets from my season ticket source/friends, it was just b/c it was a Sunday game and easy for me to attend. Now I’m hoping to see something similar to the st patty’s day game that I was at last year. That 7-0 pounding.

    4 points out of the conference lead with a game in hand on the leader that we play 3 more times. I’m well aware that there’s still lots of hockey to be played and we haven’t won jack yet. But if you can’t be happy about where we’re at right now, you should pull the trigger.

    Salty – I think you asked yesterday if anyone had a hat trick this year and we found that the answer is ‘no’. I thought about that when Avery scored his last goal. Had he not hit that post…we woulda had the 1st one. There were 2-3 other empty nets that were just missed. That game could have been lopsided in a hurry.

    Sorry for the long post guys.

  51. Did anyone see a after the game when the team was walkign off the ice into the locker room? It looked like the 70’s porn stars were there- Hollweg and Struds look STUPID with those Parros staches. And Prucha looked like a 12yr old boy. Why did they start this whole stache thing anyway??

  52. Tom Renney said: “There are times when you are looked upon as the New York Rangers, and everyone wants to kick your backside. You kind of have to like that.”

    Look Tom, I think you’re a swell coach, but GOLLY GEE! You can say ASS!

    Sam – You’re article today stated that the Rangers Road streak of points in 9 games was the 1st since ’88-’89. MSG said last night that it was the 1st time since ’72-’73 (I think). Anyone else see that?

  53. It’s funny that everyone was pissing all over each other the last two days and now everyone is slapping dicks.

    Good win last night, even though we didn’t play 60 minutes of good hockey, I will take the 2 points any way we can get them.

    Let’s Go Rangers!

    We did scramble a bit in the second, well a lot in the second, but we didn’t give them any really good angles or lanes to shoot and Hank had a solid game.

  54. It was kind of funny, when he came on and talked on the program I jumped up and said, “I know him!”

    And my wife looked at me and said, “Really, how do you know him?”

    And when I explained she said,” No, you don’t know him.”

    She was right, ha, but I kind of feel like I know everyone on this site in some way. I mean well enough to share shit stories and stories about dropping tuna on my key board and my wife questioning me about it. Ha.

  55. Just looking over some stats. That was career win 97 for Lundqvist, and he tied Hextall’s record.. the record? 30 wins in each of his first three NHL seasons.. only Hextall has done that, and now Hank!

  56. Great win last night. You have to feel good for Dawes as he has finally given a fair shot and delivered. Hell he even leads the team with a +10. Earlier in the year Renney and others claimed he had to get better in the defensive zone and he has. Great rebound game by Lundqvist. He was absolutely tremendous in the somewhat sluggish second period espicially. Great job by Drury, Girardi and Tyutin on the 5 on 3. Drury had an ugly first few months but has been great since. Poor Jagr no matter how many chances he created for himself or his teamates the puck won’t go in(Avery hit the post with a yawning net after a great pass by Jagr, and later he had an assist taken away on the eng) Backman and Staal had a rough few shift getting hemmed in their own end against the Vasicek line but they rebounded and ended up having solid game. That was a tremendous play by Malik on Avery’s first goal. It was downhill from there for Malik and Bozosival though. Tghe defense on a whole was a heck of alot better last night lead by Tyutin and Girardi. Another big one coming up against the spiraling B’s. The B’s have seemingly been getting by with smoke and mirrors most of the year maybe now they are returning to their medicore level. The Rangers need to press the B’s flawed d and stay out of the box as Savard created magic on the pp.

  57. “I’m totally getting a Dawes jersey once they lock him up during the offseason.”

    I beat you and everyone to it. haha. I bought one before last season started because I heard he was staying up with the big club to start the season. Actually I had an authentic jersey I bought and just got Dawes’ name on the back last year. Then the game I was home and able to wear it to, he got sent back down to Hartford. This year I’ve been wearing my Baranka to the games though, although occasionally I switch it up and wear that one.

    And also doodie, hollweg isn’t done, even though he should be. Sjostrom isn’t a 4th liner. Maybe now he is, but its because hes young and we dont have room. he can be a 3rd or 2nd line winger in the future.

  58. Gomez has been great lately. He has really good chemistry with Dawes and Shanny. Dawes is alot like Gomez’s old linemate Brian Gionta. He isn’t as gritty as Gionta but he does have a sniper shot unlike Gionta who scores more in front. For those who have mentioned how jumbled together my posts are well I do space em out but they still come out as a jumbled mess. It must be my computer or keyboard. Sorry.

  59. I think buying a Dawes jersey is risky. Two years ago Prucha was the golden boy with the best rookie goal scoring season since Amonte’s rookie year(Amonte is another cautionary tale). Two years later Prucha is the 13th or 14th forward. Who knows he might be traded this offseason.

  60. “Sjostrom isn’t a 4th liner. Maybe now he is, but its because hes young and we dont have room. he can be a 3rd or 2nd line winger in the future.” Agreed, and also, it gives the team the uppper hand in contract negotiations for wingers. And also allows some flexiblity on draft day to make a deal.

    Nasty – Funny you should say that about ‘knowing’ people here. On my ride into work this a.m. (I drop the mrs. off before I get to work) I was saying something similar about the folks here. I recorded the staal profile and hope to watch it tonight. ‘slapping d-cks’…funny.

    Don’t know if anyone notices that I always use a symbol of some sort for profane words. Reasoning is, ‘big brother’ has the ability to monitor keystrokes. NOT a perk of working for a big corp.

  61. Jerseys…..That’s why I rock my Leetch jersey forever man. Funny thing is, I didn’t buy it till he was traded! I also own a TOR & BOS leetch jersey too. Followed by a personalized NYR #2 lic plate. Just thought I’d throw that in.

    Anyone else going to game on sunday?

  62. The blueshirt bounced back in a big way last night. I agree with most of the positives here. It’s important to pick up points and they’ve done that really consistently for the past 6 weeks. For the amount of pissing and moaning done here and on other blogs, this team has played very good, exciting hockey. Not always perfect, not always consistent, but definitely desperate. Some thoughts:

    – Lundqvist needed this game. Kudos to Renney for sticking to his guns and instilling confidence in the Number 1 man. He came up big.

    – Drury was the best defensive player on the ice last night, and has been pretty much all year for this team. I think he deserves SERIOUS consideration for the Selke Trophy this season.

    – Avery should be given a blank check. He has been nothing short of spectacular for this team. He loves being a Rangers and IS a team guy. All this stuff about him being selfish is bullshit. Watch how he plays the game, then tell me he’s selfish.

    – The Rangers’ kids continue to impress. I really enjoyed the graphic MSG showed last night that detailed all of the Rangers’ home grown talent brought in through the drafts since 2000. Makes you proud to be a fan.

    – Only negative thing: I still get scared when Backman is on the ice. Staal was incredible last night and made Backman’s play a non-factor, but the Swede still looks so unsure of himself.

    Huge Sunday/Monday affairs. It’s time to make a run at 1st. Let’s Go Rangers!

  63. For all you suckoffs and blowhards that were bashing the Rangers and Henry yesterday must feel real dumb. Please do not start singing praise now that the team won, Henry looked good and even Backman played it safe. You guys are ridiculous and you know who I am talking about and you know who I am NOT talking about. I am sorry, but yesterday was typical crap from NY fairweather fans. This team is on a HUGE roll. All fans should support their team no matter what the circumstance, unless of course you are a Knick fan.

    Sorry to rant and call some of you out but it is just not right IMO.

    Hollweg should never play again until we have locked up 1st place in the conference. Freddie looks good and adds more to the 4th line then Hollweg ever did in his 3 years as a NYR.

    BEER ME!!!, I am going to the game Sunday.

  64. Beer Me I’m not going ot the game, but if the weather isn’t to bad I am going ot the Garden for autographs, then either get day of tix or watch in a bar.

  65. Beer Me!… Your car isn’t in the Bronx, is it?

    There’s a great Leetch license plate in my neighborhood, but I’ve never met the guy. His car has some great Rangers odds and ends on it.

  66. For all of you going to the game on Sunday, DO NOT FORGET TO SET YOUR CLOCKS AHEAD Sunday @ 2AM.

  67. MHURLY, FYI, Dean Wormer said “Fat, DRUNK and stupid is no way to go thru life.” You left out a word.

  68. Richard – they know who they are.

    I agree with the comment above comparing Betts to Drury. That kind of defensive play isn’t exactly a surplus in the NHL. Especially not when you throw in (around) 30 goals which could lead the team. No doubt that Chris started slow. And every single one of us (given the same ability) would probably do the same growing up a die-hard and getting that chance. Kudos to him for finding his game in NY.

    Kudos to Hank also for the accomplishment of 30 wins for his 3rd straight season since coming into the nhl. I’d have to think that was hanging over his head a bit on Tuesday also. He was pretty adamant about getting that puck.

  69. No, my car’s in Jersey, not the Bronx.

    Good thinking about the clocks and the game on sunday. Hopefully NJ transit doesn’t forget!

  70. And another round of kudos to Staal and Backman for not taking a tired/lazy penalty when they got caught out there for 2min of an islander forecheck.

  71. Western Canada Survivor on

    As one of the suckoffs and blowhards from Tuesday Night (thanks Richard), I thought we had a great 1st and 3rd last night, but the difference?? Lundqvist. That was simply the point I was trying to make the other night when I was acting like a “fairweather fan.” When Hank is on and making the big saves-we are a force to be reckoned with. He kept us in it last night in the 2nd when we needed it and we won comfortably.

    HUGE weekend coming up with 4 points that can set us up beautifully for the last 3-4 weeks.

  72. Solid all around game last night.

    One thing on Backman…still not convinced just yet.

    On the D and that goal: Clearly not Hank’s fault. But, the D has to start chopping the wood out of the front of the net. They are too worried about playing the puck and not the body. Our biggest weakness (if Hank can start playing like that every night) is our D’s softness around the puck.

    But not to harp too much on the small negatives, we played a solid game for the 1st and 3rd periods. There were a few mins in the 2nd where the Isles turned it on and pressured us.

    Was glad to see the resolve and the ability to come out aggressive in the 3rd and put it away.

    Also nice to see the help around the league from Toronto and Florida.

    No regulation losses in the last 11, I think. Not bad. Even the Ducks who were on fire are 7-3 in last 10 now. We starting to roll right at the good time.

    Back to Backman for one second….Mara comes back, do you sit Wally? Just get nervous anytime Wally has the puck in our zone.

    And Shoe….fuggedaboutit. The guy is a bull and never stops moving his feet.

    BTW, anyone catch the post game entrance into the locker room? Prucha and Hollweg didn’t look too happy.

    And Richard is right….about the time change obviously but more right about the fairweather d-bags on this site pissing and moaning.

  73. Shootouts belong in carnival side-shows; circus big-tent clown acts; in Three Stooges reruns, and in Gary Bettman’s bathtub.

  74. newman – couldn’t have said most of that better myself. Yes, I think wally sits when mara’s ready to come back. Further, I’d start Struds vs buff, fla or TB. Probably just 1 of them to keep what legs he has under him. Also noticed prucha/holly not looking too thrilled. Prucha should just look at his checkbook.

  75. Agravaine,

    Where do you wait for Autographs? How early? My wife wants to meet Avery.

  76. I noticed someone said they’d go early and get autographs.. anyone know what’s the best time to go? I’ve been dying to get some and Sunday is my best opportunity.

  77. Just a thought, if anyone hasn’t been getting their recommended weekly allowance of Hollweg, his younger brother Bryce plays one of his last home games for Army tonight, the first game of the Black Knights’ playoff series against American International. They also play on Saturday night, and Sunday night if AIC manages to win one.

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