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I have now received multiple correspondences from readers who have already received their invoices for playoff tickets. I must say, the numbers are startling, with face value tickets of $30 jumping to $55 in the first round, and $161 tickets jumping to $240 during the same time.

And don’t even ask about the second round, or heaven forbid, the conference finals. Those same $30 seats go to $75 in the second round, $100 in the third, and $150 in the finals.

Meanwhile, the $161 seats jump to $300, then $350. If the Rangers make the finals, those seats — individual seats, remember — go for $500.

Man, it’s a good thing Henrik Lundqvist isn’t playing well, or this would actually be a problem.

Seriously, a couple of theories on this: one, despite plenty of evidence to the contrary, the Dolans aren’t stupid. The moment the regular season tickets sold out as quickly as they did the Garden bosses knew people would fork over whatever they could for playoff seats.

What also doesn’t help, and mind you, this only a theory, is the fact that the Knicks are as bad as they are. Fact is, the Garden has to make its money somewhere, and since the Knicks have about as good a chance of making the playoffs as I do centering the Rangers’ second line, they’re milking Rangers fans for all they can.

Agan, die-hards that you are, many of you would chalk this up to being a good problem to have if the Rangers make another playoff run. But let’s just say if things really starts clicking many of you might go broke in the process.

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  1. everyone complains about the prices but then everyone still pays them anyway so why does dolan care?

    and as high as these prices are, i guarantee that if people list their tickets on stubhub for DOUBLE face value someone will buy them almost instantly

  2. let’s win tonight, then handle Boston and Buffalo before worrying about how much the playoffs will set us back; even with Sabres loss last nite, Rangers are only 2 games up;any speed bump at this point would be fatal; granted, they are playing their best hockey, with the exception of Henrik, but look at how rapidly the Flyers season took a turn for the worse before they righted the ship

  3. you’ll see plenty of seats sold to opposing teams fans because of those prices. dolan should be should be sued. OH wait that’s happened twice already & he’s lost twice. And they made sure the Jets didn’t move to NYC. Let him pay what he bid for that site. The sooner they sell, the less the smell, especially for jimmy boy.

  4. Bklynblue- I agree with the opposing fans. Now I am sure Montreal fans travel well, but I went to the game when Shanny won in ot, and there were habs fans all over msg. Nothing worse when you have to hear that ole song, and them counting down from 10 in French when they are about to kill a penalty.

  5. I couldn’t care less about the$$$ of playoff tix.
    I can’t afforda regular season game much less than a playoff game

  6. Who Needs Lohan on

    Does it make me any less of a fan that Id rather watch a playoff game on my couch for free?? Hope not…..

  7. The invoices as they now appear cost more for 16 home games than they do for all 44 regular season and preseason games. Now rest assured, there will not be 16 home games – first off, the Rangers are fairly unlikely to have home ice for any of the rounds and if they do, it will likely only be for 1 or 2 rounds. I suppose them winning the conference isn’t out of the realm of possibility but seems very unlikely at this point. And even so, the odds of them advancing though all four rounds in seven games each round is unheard of. So even if the team runs to the Cup people will wind up paying for about 10 home games.

    Still, it’s priced to cost an equal amount for playoffs as it does for the regular season. That’s a bit much. But the demand will be so high, especially ifthey make a run, that people can sell one conference finals game and one finals game for enough money to pay for the rest. For those without season tickets, it’s all about access, which they’ll gladly pay for.

  8. those of you bickering about playoff tickets, I want to remind you of a quote…

    in addition, I will award a signed Pavel Brendl baseball to the first person who knows the origin of the quote

    “Let’s not go sucking eachothers dicks just yet, gentlemen.”

  9. As a diehard like all of you I would love to go to a playoff game. I’ve always relied on corporate friends for regular season tix because quite frankly i can not afford them, but the playoffs are different and there is no chance of getting free tix which means in my 26 years of existence i have never attended a NYR playoff game. I wish that were not true. But like Lohan I am quite content with my HDTV my wife and my dad yelling at the tv during the playoffs.

  10. Doodie Machetto on

    Sam, I just caught a glimpse of the poll and it seems a bit outdated. Perhaps a poll on what position we think the team will finish the season in?

  11. If the tickets were sold by MSG at auction, they would make multiples of the face falue. The reason they do not sell them at auction (and make a fortune, or at least, another fortune) is because it would piss people off. And you know, there is only so much you can piss off New Yorkers before they do something about it.

  12. Who Needs Lohan on

    So I never like to call a game (especially in early March) a must win, but if the NYR want to solidify their playoff status, tonight is a must win. A, we have to establish the fact that we can beat the Isles especially since we have two more against these Terds. B, we have 3 upcoming back to back jobbers which never is easy, espcially for the Heckyl and Jydes that are our beloved Rangers. C, we dont play so great in Florida. and D, we have 3 more with the NJD who owe us one and 3 against PIT (first place team). My point is, other than the two games against crappy teams (which happen to be in a state where we suck ass) this schedule is brutal. We have to be this team. They couldnt hold our jockstrap on a good night. So thats just what we need, a good night

  13. what kind of loyal fan sells his tickets to a fan of the opposing team. it is embarrassing when a crowd is cheering the road team.

    I can see a fan selling to another Ranger fan, but not to a rival fan.

  14. Who Needs Lohan on

    “I cant believe this is the same fucking car”

    I believe its…. Let’s not start sucking each other’s dicks quite yet, gentleman. Close though!

  15. Tony from AZ on

    Rangers make the finals & the average fan has to mortgage the home.

  16. Not that it matters so very much but if the RAngers lose tonight the Islanders defintely win the Metro Ice challenge right?

  17. Who Needs Lohan on

    The only thing more annoying than the Metro Ice Challenge, is when Sam says “Fans with a Lets Go Rangers Chant”

  18. Who Needs Lohan on

    I just think its pretty silly. And I was just looking for a reason to tell you all that I hate when he says that about the Lets Go Rangers chant. It just sounds so stupid

  19. Quote: “The reason they do not sell them at auction (and make a fortune, or at least, another fortune) is because it would piss people off. And you know, there is only so much you can piss off New Yorkers before they do something about it.”

    How about them Knicks??? I guess Dolans can piss New York fans as much as they want and poor Knicks fans won’t do s*** about it. Ridiculous. If that happened in Europe there would be EMPTY MSG… Isiah & Dolan sucks!

  20. Let me just refute one point you made Sam…

    The Ranger playoff ticket pricing is in no way at all related to the failure of the New York Knicks. They are completely separate organizations and even work on different budgets so even if the Knicks were on the verge of clinching a playoff spot, you would still see the same exact ticket prices. Check out the Market Value of tickets to the Rangers on the ticker broker web sites and you will see why tickets are priced where they are….

  21. stf if I could get Knicks tickets for cheap enough, and were already in Manhattan, I would go just to boo Isaiah for having made NY the laughing stock of the NBA…

    thats part of why I give Jagr an easier time then some others on message baords, and Coach, Hank (the last two seasons) and Rozsival (Game Three v Buffalo) and the rest of the team some bit of a break every now and then.

    They brought us into respectibility in seasons when we were picked to be last…

  22. Who Needs Lohan on

    How do you draw on this site? I need to show you guys the one about Supply and Demand.

  23. Who Needs Lohan on

    If they couldnt get that dollar amount they would reduce prices. You guys need to stop blaming Dolan for everything. Yeah, sometimes Id rather have a fan (like a Cuban) run my team too but at the end of the day, an NHL franchise is a business. And in this case its run by a businessman. If you dont like it, dont pay and stay home and watch on TV. If you like it and can afford it, then pay and go. Some of you sound like those guys who they interview on the news when they have a subway fare hike. Of course no one likes it, ist part of life and how economics work. Man I need a win tonight, or at least I need to get laid!

  24. I have to laugh. They got realllllllll greedy this year. Last two seasons they only put the 1st 2 rounds and said IF the team got to the cup finals, they would call and talk about the pricing and tickets then. This year they decided screw it, we’re putting the cup finals on there too since this team has shown us so much that they are capable of getting there. Now I’m going to laugh if they get knocked out in the first round strictly based on the fact that they added the cup finals this year when they never included it in the playoff package before. haha.

    I’ve been away the last few days and just to touch up on a few things, Backman still looks a bit lost out there and understandably so since its tougher to get adjusted as a d-man than a forward. However he needs to pick up his game, maybe one or 2 more chances then hes out. Also doesn’t help him and Staal are paying together instead of him and a vet like Struds or even Mara.

    As for Henke, this guy needs to step up. I’ll only blame him for the 3rd goal for his turnover, but this guy has not been a world class goalie like he was in the past. People wanna defend him, say our defense is bad, but yet this is the same defense that was in front of him when he was leading the league in GAA early on in the season. I don’t think he’s gotten complacent with his new contract coming in next year, but I think if anything he’s just lost a bit of confidence and gives up a couple easy goals here and there. Its a tough spot for Renney, do you play him and hope he finds that confidence, or do you sit him a bit more and risk further ruining that confidence. I’d like to play him as much as possible, but Vally has earned the right to get more games after his 2 outstanding performances in Philly, the time he saved Henke’s ass at MSG, and pretty much all year (minus the Yotes game which wasn’t even his fault to begin with).

  25. The truth is, it’s the same for every sports franchise. We live in NY, things are expensive and we’re gonna pay more than St. Louis or Pittsburgh. All teams in NY are increasing ticket prices, even the Mets have ridiculous prices nowadays and they were by far the most fan friendly and family oriented of all the sports franchises in NY. When Citi Field opens up, it’s gonna be a lot more corporate, kinda like how the Prudential Center is.

    Islanders have ridiculous prices too.

    It stinks, and because most people on this board are intelligent people who do fine but aren’t $uits; we suffer, however the days of sports being for the blue collar fan or common man or hanging out with the Brooklyn Dodgers are long gone. The good thing is at least the Rangers are one of the more accessible and friendly teams, even if all of us can’t go to as many games as we once did.

  26. And let me add, yeah the Islanders have $10 seats or whatever if they haven’t sold out, but my uncle is a season ticket holder at the Colesium (I try not to hold it against him :)P ) and he’s paying over $60 for the equivalent of section 410 at MSG.

  27. The Devils do the 10$ thing to but atleast at the Coliseum you have to wait on line outside until almost game time and then you have to hope there are enough tickets… not like doing the day of tickets at MSG where you are atleast inside sort of…

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