Dubielewicz it is


Or at least it seems as if Ted Nolan is again opting for his backup tonight over Rick DiPietro.

You’d think this would be a break for the Rangers. But how’d that work last time, again?

More in a bit…

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  1. I think one of our net crashers should make sure MacDonald plays in goal *cough* hint *cough*.

  2. *REPOST*

    Ted Nolan is wise enough to stick with what “works”, despite big contracts. He may look like a disgruntled native american who made his own hairpiece out of oxen tails and aqua net…but the man knows how to motivate a team and play a simple game.

    ANNNNNND *BillyBoy*….. I’ve been checking out bungalows on Fire Island, but no good finds yet. Sucksies, but I’ve been pretty busy between my new Feng Sui advisment company I’m starting and all these figure skating lessons my friends Brucey and Skip have turned me onto…. takes up so much of me free time but I can reall feel the burn where it countsssss.

  3. Dubielewicz could easily be a starter. He definitely plays well. Ranger forwards better be on their collective game tonight…we have to win and bury the Isles

  4. Doodie Machetto on

    I’m hoping for the Rangers to win tonight, but not holding my breath. The Isles seem to play their best hockey against us, so I expect them to be as sharp as they can be.


    Rob, on the last thread you said Valliquette isn’t the answer, but you don’t know that unless you give the guy a shot. Would anyone have thought that Ty Conklin was the answer for Pittsburgh?

    And even if he isn’t good enough to carry the load, maybe sitting Hank for a few games might be the answer to his focus troubles. I think part of his problem is he isn’t a hungry competitor anymore. Make him hungry by putting in competition.

    You said he’s going through a “rough patch.” How long is a patch a patch? When does the good part just become a hot streak, and the rough patch become regular?

    Is Jose Theodore going through a rough patch, or is he just not good? Clearly, it’s that he’s just not good. You have no idea how much I am afraid that Henrik Lundqvist is the next Jose Theodore.

  5. Technically Dubielewicz is a Double A ballplayer — just look at his form in the shoot-out. (So much for the old saying that you want the shooter to make the first move — this guy was reacting to each Ranger shooter like a crack addict). But you have to hand it to him because he fights all game long, competes hard on every shot, and finds a way to stop the puck & stay in the big leagues

  6. Let’s hear the predictions:

    I’ll go with Rangers 4 Isles 2

    I can’t believe that Dubielewicz has a 3rd great game in him. He had a lot of luck in the last one. The Rangers will come out very fast tonight…why? Because they have to.

  7. Repost:

    tomg March 6th, 2008 at 1:56 pm

    I look at it this way. Since I’ve been following the NHL the basic formula has always been you go with the goalie that is hot or playing better and it doesn’t matter if he is your number one making millions or you’re backup. The way I see it Vali has been solid in the net, he handles the puck adequately, He doesn’t give up rebounds and he makes the big save when needed. lundqvist on the other hand, well, do I have to say more. This is the season, the few games remaining is the season. I do not feel comfortable having lundqvist in net when I know he isn’t playing well and the backup is. The bottom line is to win the game and to do that you have to play the goalie that is playing better, bottom line.

  8. You have no idea how much I am afraid that Henrik Lundqvist is the next Jose Theodore.


    At least Theodore has a Vezina and a Hart trophy.

  9. longtimerangersfan on

    tomg…thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That’s all I’ve been saying!

  10. Sam,

    what lines did they practice with? i remmeber seeing something about Renney maybe making lineup changes on defense and/or offense.

  11. longtimerangersfan on

    I hope the Blueshirts can come out safety wired (aircraft term) in the “pissed off” position and run rough shod over the fishsticks!

  12. Doodie Machetto on

    tomg, that’s what I’m saying. You have to give Vali the net until he shows he can’t carry it, because Lundqvist has shown that he cannot. When was the last time we saw a really solid performance out of Hank? And I’m not talking statistically, I’m talking stole the game for us. Can’t really remember, can you? I remember last season it was a once a week occurrence.

  13. longtimerangersfan,
    It’s not rocket scientist where talking about here.

    Doodie: I said before the big contract that I thought Lundqvist was over rated and that we tend to do this in New York and than had a few bloggers attack me but I write it the way I see it, unfortunately people don’t want to hear it or see it. I am really down on the king because like you stated and I totally agree, he sucked every dollar out of the rangers organization knowing that it could strap the rangers in to building a stanely cup team. I don’t feel comfortable anymore with this guy in net. I really hope I am wrong about this, i really do.

  14. Doodie Machetto on

    Beer, that’s true. But you get the gist of what I’m saying. Great for a couple of years early in the career, and then crap for the rest.

  15. Beer Me!!!,
    I know you are the most positive fan on this blog but I don’t have a good feeling about this game tonight, especially with Lundqvist in net and backman in the lineup. I can see the rangers losing this game in regulation, I totally hope I am wrong.

  16. doodie – oh, yeah. I was actually trying to add to the thought. Theodore at least has hardware.

    I’m taking the optomist side here once again. After we’ve ALL bashed Hank, and I can’t say we’re out of place on it. I think he’s going to have a big game tonight. I think that strong game we’re looking for is a few hours away.

    That said, if there’s ever a time to start vally down the stretch (assuming hank doesn’t bite a fat one 2nite) it’s over the next 4 games.

  17. tomg – I know some of the stuff I may say about Backman is back and forth. But I’m still giving him the next 2 games. At this point though, he’s about a 2 out of 10. I don’t see him moving up more than a 5 out of 10. On my scale anyway.

  18. It’s funny that you were typing that you have a bad feeling about the game as I was typing that this was going to be a strong game for Hank. haha

  19. I don’t believe we can lose tonight for two main reasons:

    -Lundqvist is not having third terrible game in a row;
    -Dubielewicz is not having third strong game in a row;

    Simple as that. The truth is Rangers are much better team than Islanders are, it’s not even comparable. Even with Malik & Backman in the lineup. Be positive. Hank is not allowing any goals tonight ;)

  20. stf…u

    i do not understand why, at this point, people are so willing to give th eteam the benefit of the doubt.

    threre is every reason in the world to doubt they will do anything, and very few reasons to think

    -they will come out (and stay) on fire
    -lundqvist will have a really strong game
    -etc etc etc.

    someone’s reason why hank will play great tonight = “he has to”

    what a joke.

    the guy has “had to” do a LOT this season and he has not showed up.

  21. Beer Me!!!,
    Like I stated, you are the most positive fan on this blog, unfortunately it’s not that I am a negative person I just analyze the situation and state my opinion. I really hope I am wrong, time will tell.

  22. Salty, don’t tell me Isles are better team than Blueshirts, don’t tell me that. Watch me, Dubielewicz is NOT having strong game tonight, no way, man.

  23. Another thing to think about tonights game and that is that the Islanders have had 50 or more shots on goal in there past two home games.

  24. Doodie Machetto on

    Hank has already strung 3 bad games in a row this season, so why is it impossible for him to do it again? Add to that 4 out of his last 6 starts have been stinkers.

    As for Dubie, last night was his worst start in his last 6.

  25. Try this though. Be negative all you want after something ‘bad’ happens. But why be negative BEFORE a game?

    salty – you really need to get some happy pills man. I see from your above posts that you may have confused the meanings of ‘happy’ and ‘gay’. Yes, they are somewhat interchangable, but you’re taking the wrong pills!

  26. they are killing the rangers on the the Fan right now about the price of playoff tickets

  27. doodie – that makes me think though… That would indicate that the team must be playing exceptionally well if 4 of 6 have been stinkers. Which I’m not saying 4 of 6 weren’t. But if you’re winning games, or stealing points, something’s working.

  28. joejoe – Wanna know why that’s F’d up? And I don’t know if you’re relaying it as ‘rangers’ or ‘dolan’. But the Rangers aren’t doing sh-t to ticket prices. It’s the F’n dooshbag dolan. Now to be known as D.D.

    F mike and the mad dog anyway. They don’t know sh-t about hockey, but at least they admit it.

  29. Come on, the Rangers aren’t a team that makes mediocre goalies look great and back-ups look like Hall of Famers.

    Oh, wait. Yes, they are.

    This team needs a killer instinct in a bad way. Has all season long.

  30. I agree that Hankie is not playing that great now….But also we must figure in that the defense in front of him does not clear the front of the net for him so he can see the puck better. The NY Rangers need atleast one solid tough as shit Dmen….Looking at the UFAs this year, I see only a few that fits the bill….Maybe a Brooks Orpik or Ron Hainsey would fit in nicely next year…..anything beats Malik and Backman at this point

  31. Not to change the subject but this sunday on NBC is going to be a excellent hockey game. If your a fan of the nhl than this Sunday is the game to watch, if possible. It’s the Penguins vs. capitols

  32. JOEJOE315

    “they are killing the rangers on the the Fan right now about the price of playoff tickets”

    They are really expensive. The playoffs will cost me $500 more than the pre and regular season cost me.

    The 1st round money is due by March 14th. Crazy!!!

  33. Hey guys I post here occasionally, and saw people talking about the ticket prices. It is an absolute joke that they are that much. I have a half season package in the 300’s and tickets last year in the playoffs were 60 70 80 and 120 now this year they are 75 90 120 and 200. I just wanted to know if anyone will be interested in buying any tickets for some playoff games at face value. I’m not trying to make a profit on them, jsut trying to cut the bill for the tickets a little bit. If Sam has a problem with me trying to sell some tickets just let me know and we can forget I even bought it up. GO RANGERS TONIGHT!!!!!!!!!

  34. Mark…I would be more than happy to give you face value plus a little more for your trouble….absolutely ,how do i contact you?

  35. I think tonight is payback at Long Island, Rangers 6 Islanders 2(if Lundqvist starts), Rangers 4 Islanders 0(if Valiquette starts)and I am getting the vibe that someone from the Rangers scores a hat trick. Either I am too tired from working all day or maybe it is the peeved attitude that has grown in me through out this Rangers Season that is saying enough is enough and it is time for a little payback, well anyway LETS GO RANGERS!

  36. I can’t believe the amount of people down on Henrik. He’s still making great saves. He robbed Briere and Park. Is he automatic in the shootout anymore? No. But if you didn’t expect that other teams are watching 3 years of tape on the guy and have found some weaknesses, I don’t know what to tell you.

    The fact of the matter is that you guys can get down on him all you want, but when the puck is changing directions 3 feet in front of you because your defense is too soft to knock anyone down, there isn’t too much you can do about it. When your defense coughs up the puck and kicks in a goal, there isn’t too much you can do about it. When you’ve bailed out your team a thousand times and they haven’t even comes close to bailing you out enough, there isn’t anything you can do about it.

    I’m not worried about Henrik at all. He gives up a softie here and there, all goalies do. Tell me Broduer or Roy never let in a soft goal. I think Henrik will be fine.

  37. Liquid- I’m going to talk to my buddy this weekend, and we are going to sort out what games we want to give up. Just leave yor email address, and since your 1st to respond obvioulsy you will have first dibs. Thanks for your interest.

  38. Mark- Thats perfectly fine…My email address is LIQUIDPR @ AOL.com ,,,, Btw- I had season tix one time and one time only, 1993-1994, Section 330, Row E, Seats 1&2….I was offered $8000 for Cup Final Tix Game 7 and this is when I was in my low 20’s and broke out of college and I said no to the money….Honestly, I still have zero regrets after all these years! : )

  39. Liquid- I turned 20 last November, and in college right now. I mean don’t get me wrong it is extreamly hard to give up playoff tickets, but the prices are just unreal right now. At least I know posting here they are going to real Rangers fans.

  40. Mark- anytime you are not using tix let me know (PJ28@aol.com).

    As for tonight, the PIGS are going to come out and give their fans something to cheer for. We need to prevent that. I think Renney has to have a quick hook should HL play poorly, but I think HL finds his game tonight. I don’t see a mediocre game by HL tonight, he either dominates or gets dominated. I hope I’m wrong, but I think the ealry part of the game means everything to Hank. If he let’s in a bad/soft goal early he may go in the tank. If he makes a few big saves and the team jumps out to a lead early he should be ok. I know this is cliche, but I think it is magnified 10times with the way HL has been playing.

  41. Doesn’t Shanny have a hat trick? I think it was an overtime goal for the 3rd or something. vs. MTL? I don’t clearly remember.

  42. Tickets are crazy. I read a small paragraph in a Rangers article by Larry Brown. My seats are in the 400’s and Finals tickets are $300 per game. I pay $60 for all other games. Some rep from the garden said that these were in line with other playoff ticket pricing in the league. I find that hard to believe. 500% markup is not the norm.

    But even as I say this, I have bought tickets for the first round.

  43. The thing about the tickets is they know they can get these prices. Mike and the Mad Dog tried to say don’t go to the games in December and that will hurt, but they don’t even know there is now a waiting list for ticket packages. The Rangers have zero problems selling out regular season and espeically no problem selling out playoff tickets.

  44. I have family in Carolina…so I went to the recent Rangers /Canes game a few weeks back…The ticket prices there just for regular season games are off the hook…I think I paid like $130 each for them off of ticketbastard….Then look at the crap house Nassau Masoleum..I am going tonite and they have the balls to charge $140 per ticket in the 200 section…..You would figure that Long Island with its crazy taxes and overpriced houses that there would be a beautiful state of the art arena here….Especially for us Rangers fans to take over 4x a year!

  45. Guys, I just cut the tendon in the back of Dubielewicz’s leg, so he won’t be at 100% tonight. And I slipped DiPi some sleeping pills…so this game will be a cake walk. So when the Rangers dominate tonight…you’ll know why.

  46. If the King gets the hook tonight in Long Island for a slow start…those Jericho/Syosset gay Isles fans will have a field day on us wearing Rangers colors! I hoping that Hollweg plays over Orr on the 4th line since the Isles don’t have a true enforcer and let Hollywood run wild to set the tone of the game

  47. Ok scoreboard watchers, here’s the winners we want to see….


  48. Oh no… now we’re getting on Hollweg over Orr topic… come on! Hollweg should stay where he is. Orr throwed nice bunch of checks on Tuesday and he is the real enforcer, not Holly!

  49. Thought I’d share this interesting bit…

    SUNRISE, Fla. – Florida Panthers General Manager and Head Coach Jacques Martin announced today that the club has suspended LW Chad Kilger indefinitely without pay for failing to report to the team.
    Kilger was acquired by the Panthers on Feb. 26 from the Toronto Maple Leafs.

  50. One thing about payoff tickets this year is that re-selling them is MUCH easier to do via the online TicketExchange. People will probably be posting many of their tickets for sale simply because they’re priced so high, and my guess is that the demand will allow season subscribers to sell the games they don’t wat to use for at least twice their value and more than that as the rounds advance. So basically by selling one game in each round you could easily pay for your tickets. Not only that, but the pricing reflects 4 home games in each round, which we already know won’t happen in the Finals and while still possible would seem to be unlikely to happen in any of the earlier rounds since the Rangers are likely to finish 5th or lower.

    Last year they seemed tremendously expensive as well but there were only 5 games and I sold one. So not too bad.

  51. howdy doodie on

    what is laughable is doodie saying he has no patience remaining for the franchise goalie, get him out of there, but he still has patience for a piece of crap 6th dman backman who is garbage.

    what a joke. mr clueless rides again

  52. what is laughable is doodie saying he has no patience remaining for the franchise goalie, get him out of there, but he still has patience for a piece of crap 6th dman backman who is garbage.


    While I don’t care for Backman… Lundqvist has had all season…Backman has been here a week.

  53. But Lundqvist played great in the first two months or so. Maybe he’s not playing at his best right now but he’ll rebound. Don’t worry. Give him time. Backman should adjust as well. IMO the worst D is still Malik and he should be moved after the season.

  54. howdy doodie on

    rangers are #2 in the east in GAA behind only the debbies, so I guess the goaltending has really been horrible.

  55. Doodie Machetto on

    stf, Malik will not be resigned, so you’ll have your wish there.

    Salty also hit exactly what I was trying to say about Lundqvist and Backman right on the head.

  56. But Lundqvist played great in the first two months or so. Maybe he’s not playing at his best right now but he’ll rebound. Don’t worry.


    Every passing game, where Lundqvist eats a bowl of shit, there is less and less evidence to support that theory, and more and more to oppose it.

    Lundqvist has *never* had a solid NHL *season*.

  57. I think Henke *could be* great, I just want to choke slam the people to assume that it’s a *given*. You’re idiots if you think a few hot months over 3 seasons equate to very much at all. There is *no reason* you should let yourself think that, especially as a Ranger fan.

  58. howdy doodie on

    yeah, right. if Renney had kept Weekes as his #1 goalie 2 seasons ago coming out of the lockout, the rangers would have missed the playoffs.

    and the goaltending has been so bad lately that they have not lost in reg in 10 games

    in the early season, the big name scorers were flops, and the goaltending bailed them out. now it is the reverse. that is why you call it a TEAM

  59. ——————————-
    March 6th, 2008 at 1:57 pm
    I think one of our net crashers should make sure MacDonald plays in goal cough hint cough.
    What a S*** thing to say. Eww.

  60. We need this one tonight. Let’s bury them and make Nolan pay for the decision to start Dubie in goal again. We are playing a squad with over the hill former stars and guys who should be in the AHL. It’s ridiculous already. Let’s get fired up and beat this team into submission. If DP was going I’d say well it’s not going to be easy. But we should be able to score 4 or 5 goals off these guys. Jump on them early, make them open up their game by getting away from their trap and then bury them! I’ve had it with losing to the Ice Girls!

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