Sandwich day


A few notes from practice while another meeting with the Islanders awaits:

<li> Brandon Dubinsky has a tweak in his knee and Scott Gomez continues to nurse a strained groin so neither skated. By the way, if having a strained groin means skating like Gomez did last night, where do I sign up?

<li>Henrik Lundqvist will play tomorrow. “Definitely,” Tom Renney said when asked.

<li>The lineup doesn’t sound like it will be tinkered with tomorrow night, either, although Tom Renney made some vague references to players who were not protecting the puck well enough. I suppose that could apply to Sean Avery, whose giveaway led to one Islanders goal last night; or Christian Backman, whose own follies led to another. Renney said he’ll contemplate that later today, so stay tuned.

<li>With cameraman/videographer extraordinaire Ricky Flores on hand, I spent practice also working on a project for next week about how more and more players are opting to live in the city as opposed to sleepy Westchester.

There are a couple of theories on why this is: one, players make more money now so even a rookie can lead a pretty good life in Manhattan. But the other is that unlike a generation earlier, when management didn’t want  players running wild in the city, the NHL player is believed to be  more responsible. I suppose there are always exceptions.

Either way, look for more on this next week.

<li>Techno music was back pumping through the locker room, leading to this question from Tom Renney: “Is Hoss (Marcel Hossa) back? Did we trade for him?”

More later..

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  1. I say you have to keep that line of avery jagr and dubi together. They were flying out of the gate. If dubi scored that first goal I think it would have been an entirely different game. But if ifs and whats were beers and nuts, we could have a party.

    A nasty high five to the person who can tell me who I stole that quote from.

  2. nasty – Alyssa Milano is also in the NHL catalog this month. I showed the page to my fiance and I was like ‘check it out’, and she was like, ‘oh cool’, she thought I meant the shirts that she was modeling. Then stupid me had to say “no, look who it is”. Then came the death look. haha

  3. watch this blog blow up now with “If renney changes this, or changes that, then I’m gonna…”

  4. The Rangers should NOT listen to techno. They should listen to more syncopated music to help them play more as a team. Each part different yet producing the funky whole.

    The subconscious effects will be considerable.

    Similar results from good classical and jazz but the funk will be more upbeat and energetic for most ears.

  5. Let them listen to nothing but SLAYER during practices and before a game, and you’ll see a different team.

  6. DanNYC (Music Producer/Mixer by Day) on

    Techno is some of the most “syncopated” music there is…. do you know what that word means, or did you mean “synchronized”…. among which techno is also probably THE MOST synchronized music on the planet, being it’s computerized, and computers don’t make mistakes or fall off beats…. For the record, syncopated is a rhythmic pattern with accents falling on the “up” beats of the measure…. So what is it your saying exactly???………………………………. And I HATE techno

  7. you know some guys wont dig Slayer, although speed metal has some great syncopation as well…..

    up tempo funk is the way to go…..

    urban city funk… east ny funk

  8. Techno is for clubs. Its for people who want to dance and pick up sexy time without thinking about what they are listening to. Its for the masses who need 4 on the floor to move at all. DJ ITUS

    Good hockey is art, not a machine. The artful syncopation in slightly more sophisticated music would help the team.

    I know this to be true …..

  9. Techno is for Euro Trash. I should know, I am Euro Trash lol. But I hate Techno.

    I agree with the Slayer music being blasted at practice though. You’ll even see Malik ripping heads off. (yeah right)

  10. DanNYC

    all techno is quantized. its cyborg music.

    humans dont naturally feel that way… its not natural

    There is a reason why “classic” music …..aka music before computers is so timeless and has such longevity. All the little nuances, mistakes even were left in. Vibe over perfection.

    Computers have a place in the industry but by and arge they SANITIZE the music making it inhuman…. soul less

    the syncopation that HUMANS create is far different than that of a techno engine.

    Its alive

  11. No question Lundqvist is playing like crap right now but he’s getting no help from his defense. On the first goal Malik heard footsteps and instead of taking a hit to make a play he just moved out of the way and it led to a goal. The second goal was due to Avery’s propensity to get cute with the puck asnd instead of moving it into the offensive zone he dropped it off. The third goal was due to Hank’s shoddy puckhandling. Imo he is as bad ast puckhandling as Richter, Hasek, and Roy ever was. The Rangers did get a good start. They controlled the play and had great chances led by the Jagr line. They got unlucky with Dubi hitting the post. The Isles did a good job of weathering the storm. The Isles are at their best along the boards and in front of the net which makes them a bad matchup because that is where the Rangers soft as hell defense is at it’s worst. The pp unit of Drury-Gomez-Dawees pp unit played well and got a goal but the other unit with Shanny and Jagr doesn’t make sense and doesn’t work. Jagr did play fairly well as he owned the puck the first half of the game getting good chances for himself and others(the refs tried to stop him by calling phantomn penalties on his as usual) When it was 3-1 I was ready to turn the game off due to frustration but to the teams credit they came back. Callahan had a terrific game as he screened the goalie on Drury’s goal and scored one himself by driving to the net. Imo it was poetic justice that the Rangers got said shg because it was a horrendous penalty call on Jagr that lead to the Isles pp. Jagr just won a one on one battle with Berard how is that a penalty? How biout Sjostrom getting taken down by Witt while he was driving to the net? Nothing? Considering the Isles have very little to no toughness in the lineup maybe Rernney should have sat Orr and gotten Prucha in the lineup. Man you really could tell Gomez was banged up the way he was flying 5 on 5 on the pk and the pp. He created all kinds of chances and his two assists were off a great pass and a great rush. Very very quiet game by Avery other than his bad turnover. It’s funny I seem to recall Hank being unbeatable in the shootouts his first year in a half what’s happened? You can also ask that about numerous part of his game. Where is the goalie coacgh seems like he needs plenty of work. The Rangers defense needs to be alot stronger on Thursday as does it’s goalie. The thing is when you look at the Rangers personnal on defense it likely won’t change though. This teams d just can’t handle any kind of a hard forecheck. Imo Valley should be started Thursday but Renney is being stubborn a little bit. Giving Lundqvist a game or two off worked the last time Renney did it and Hank seemed refreshed.

  12. graves9, where did that post come from, I almost didn’t know what I was reading.
    First, Crap in the last thread
    second, Techno and music
    Then out of nowhere…that
    I almost crapped myself…again

  13. graves9 – This is just friendly advice that you really don’t have to take. But for everyone else here it’d be much easier if you broke up your posts a bit. I can’t speak for everyone, but I for one skip posts like that. Again, just advice.

  14. Graves9 – Jagr’s penalties were plain as day, I don’t even know how you can question either call. Of course, he should have drawn 2 that didn’t get called, but that’s about it.

  15. Yes, Local is right. I have seen a few of the guys there. And wow Sven, The Chronic 2001, that was one of the best hip hop cd’s in the past 10 years. That was a great year for hip hop.

  16. Couple of responses!:

    Pretty funny rant, shit actually made me laugh. (About selling my rangers jersey and finding a nice quiet gay bar for islander fans). But I’ve gotta tell you a couple of things.
    1) I’ve never owned a Rangers jersey. I don’t see the point, I’m not a 10 year old. I never understood the whole “wearing the jersey” of another player, off the ice, unless you’re a kid. Just an FYI.

    2)Excuse me for having the intelligence for knowing this team is not playing up to their potential. They just aren’t. *I don’t give a warm wet fuck about 17 points in 20 games, 10 game point streak, or whatever…I know they are not playing as well as they should be and I’m gonna call it how I fuckin’ see it.*

    On top of that, want to talk about the Islanders? Okay, let’s talk about the Islanders. I don’t know much about them, but I know Ted Nolan is a fucking *great* coach. That team has a bunch of hodgepodge hockey players and he somehow gets them *OVERachieving*, night in, night out. No, they don’t win a lot, but they play balls deep, and always bring the hammer to us when we meet. They play us like it’s game 7 every time, and you know what *god bless em*, they are hungry and they are *eager to prove something*.

    We’re over flowing with “talent” and still struggling to find some cohesion. I’d sell my fucking black aorta to have Ted Nolan step behind our bench, to have some of the Islander’s “soul” in the Blueshirt locker room.

    “If you are not DISGUSTED with the Rangers this season, you have not been paying attention.”

    I still like them for some fucked up reason, but even with these “points” and “wins”, I’m not convinced. They looked great at times last night… but they always take their foot off the pedal, especially immediately after a goal.

    Suck on that, I’m goin’ to the gay bar.

    (Rangers should listen to some 1993-1997 *Phish* to learn about playing as a unit)

  17. Salty –

    1. Selling your “black aorta” is a funny concept. Just the same, you’d be dead.

    2. EVERYONE should listen to some 1993-97 Phish. Hell, 12/30/97 is probably the second best thing to happen to the World’s Most Famous Arena other than the Cup.

  18. can someone explain the roszival before drury,straka,callahan,jagr shootout move? i could of took a better shot blindfolded. When are they going to bench Backman he sucks.

  19. Guys I love the jam bands and I saw Phish in Chicago but man they are play so incoherent and everyone seems to be in there own little world. I don’t mean to insult anyone so if I did, I’m sorry.

    The team should listen to Widespread Panic esp. the songs Arleen, Chilly Water and Action Man, damn they rock

    Just my opinion though

  20. Pearl Jam man, they rocked the Garden 2 nights in a row, that was an amazing show. 7/8/03 I was there.

  21. the second show was 7/9/03, but the first night was better. They made a DVD out of it that is amazing. If you are a fan I suggest picking it up.

  22. can someone explain the roszival before drury,straka,callahan,jagr shootout move?


    I can.

    Setting: Renney’s squirrel brain

    “Hmm. Looks like we have to score a goal here? Okay umm, this Splinter lookin’ like has some goals I think…”


  23. how the hell do you spell: shiney? shiny? shinny?, that’s not right. I give up.

    salty – I love your passion man. I disagree with 99% of the garbage that you spew, and I think you may have a personality disorder, but the passion bleeds through dude.

  24. The only thing I can think of is that they practiced the shootout in practice and maybe these guys had shifty moves. Who knows. He has been questionable all season in his selections.

  25. Yorktown Ranger on

    They need to listen to some Rush.

    3 Musicians taking their musicianship to the limits and beyond!!!!

  26. Hell yeah Salty, if I need someone “taken care of” I am going to ask you to do it for me. I have two kids now so I can’t do any time behind bars.

  27. The team should listen to Widespread Panic


    Okay, um… let me get this straight:

    You are saying Widespread Panic is better/plays more cohesively than Phish?


    What year did you see Phish in CHI? Must have been a later year.

    Phish owns WSP’s soul.

  28. Alice in Chains for sure. Maybe some STP or Tool. Hmmm, the song The Pot of the newest Tool is pretty bad ass.

  29. Just wondering Sam….

    Did you or any of your colleagues ask Renney in his postgame presser about his choice of Roszival in the SO?

    If so, what did he say? If not, what is wrong with the press corps that covers this team?!

  30. Salty, you don’t strike me as a Phishead. I would have pegged you for Cannibal Corpse or Biohazard.

  31. I disagree… I’ve seen WSP a few times and Phish. Panic was awesome.
    I saw Phish at Univ. of Illinois Chicago I forget…lol…ummm…
    Maybe Fall of 99

  32. I hated phish for a long time. Then my brother got me a ticket to a show at an outdoor venue and I actually had a decent time. Enough so, that when Trey opened for The Black Crowes @ msg 2 new years eve’s ago, I made sure I got there early to see.

  33. I disagree with 99% of the garbage that you spew, and I think you may have a personality disorder, but the passion bleeds through dude.


    I admit and concede that I’ve gotta be bipolar or something…I should get on some happy pills or something for sure…. but I firmly believe what I say about this team. I’d like to buy into it all just as much as anyone else but there are glaring things about this team that really bother me as a fan, from the money Lundqvist and Drury make, right down to the style of towels they hand our for playoff games.

    Anyone take any cool anti-psychotics? I love pharmacueticals, what should I go after? Reading around here I wonder if some people are on heavy prozac doses…

    I wouldn’t be opposed to choking a few pills down if it helped me get pumped about mediocre hockey.

  34. Scott Gomez’s profile on Yahoo said he missed the Monday practice for personal reasons, which I thought was wrong and really weird, and it was.

    Last night made me think Malik and Backman are clones, giving up the puck on pretty weak plays for the first and third goals respectively. Obviously, Rozsival is at fault for the first goal, as well.

    LI Joe – Thanks for the response and compliment on Saturday, although I’m not sure what you meant by trying to correct me “in a good way.” It’s true that I can get along with almost anyone, though, haha.

    Glad to see I was right about Valiquette needing to play on Sunday. Too bad we couldn’t get out of there with a regulation win. Glad to see the *SOB line*, as some are calling it (very well I might add), instead of the *HBO line*. Renney seems to come to his senses eventually. I still don’t think Prucha should play yet since he hasn’t shown much this season and Callahan and Dawes are clearly outperforming him.

    I’m trying to catch up on the posts since Thursday, easier because I am on Spring Break. :)

  35. Staal Wart March 5th, 2008 at 2:35 pm

    The team should listen to Widespread Panic esp”

    WSP Sucks

    what do you want to chase all the fine females out of the Garden?

  36. Pearl Jam is completely different than Phish. However, I saw them 6/1/06, widely considered a routine show for them, and was completely blown away.

    Rush at the Garden this fall was probably BETTER than Rush at the Garden 20 years ago, but it was the single biggest dude ranch I’ve ever seen.

    WSP before Mikey died was a great band, now I don’t really like them at all. Just the same, Phish was on an entirely different level. Carried the Dead’s torch and brought the progression of American improvisational music to the next level. Frankly, the next in line is this band called Umphrey’s McGee out of Chicago. Complete sickness, but I doubt you’d ever hear this in a hockey locker room. probably Pearl Jam would be most appropriate.

  37. Yorktown Ranger on

    their music motivates just the oppisite. Skunky beer usually has that effect on me.

  38. Umphrey McGee is Return to Forever with words

    What this team needs is some Maceo Parker?

  39. I have seen Pearl Jam several times and they really are one of the best live bands I have seen ever. And I must also add, in terms of being an ultimate showman, STP live is a great time. They can definitely put on a hell of a show.

  40. Why is nobody talking about Renney’s horrible decision to have Roszival in the shootout with Straka, Drury, Avery, Callahan able to do more than weakly try hit the five hole without even a slight shoulder dip?

  41. There is a band that I am completely obsessed with. They are called Minus the Bear. I can’t really explain their sound, but I am so in to them. I encourage all of you to check them out. I think you will like them. Their last two cd’s are really solid. Menos El Oso and Planet of Ice. Their first full length is called Highly Refined Pirates and it is good as well.

  42. Frunk, we talked about it already. I think a lot of us are done being pissed about it. I am ready for some Red Robin.

  43. if Garden management is gonna post please don’t use foul or obscene language messages on gardenvision during rangers-flyers games, they might as well play Hannah Montana

  44. Ha, no man, they are not gay at all. I’m serious, there is just something about them that will reel you in.

  45. I suggest starting with Menos El Oso and then getting Planet of Ice. If you are in to more pink floydish sounds go for Planet of Ice first, but both have these weird cord progressions and I just can’t get enough. I never get tired of them.

  46. By the way, they are not like pink floyd at all, only have hints of them on three songs on Planet of Ice.

  47. hm, with that Elton John banner hanging betwixt Messier’s retired number and the 1993-1994 Cup banner, you’d think every Rangers fan would be yucking up the latter day Liberace like he’s Elvis

  48. salty – I said this to someone once here, I don’t remember who it was though. It went something like:

    I understand how passionate some fans are about their team. I understand that the team’s not perfect. I can’t even say that they were perfect in ’94, not every night at least. Nor are any of the other 29 teams in the nhl.

    If you kill yourself over the team not being perfect you will never enjoy it, cause it’ll never happen. You’re not the GM, you’re not the coach, you’re not a player. So you/we really know shit about what goes on behind closed doors.

    Enjoy a win once in a while instead of beating up yourself, other fans, and the team b/c someone missed an assignment or took too many penalties or one line got more ice-time than another. After a win! Hell, even after a shootout loss.

    The moral here is this…you have to enjoy even the small victories sometimes. You don’t have to jump up and down when you crawl away with a point some nights, but you’ll have much more fun if you look for the positives first.

  49. Ever listen to Sigur Ros?

    Also, if anyone is looking to see a creepy ass looking movie check out The Poughkeepsie Tapes when it comes out. Looks pretty damn sick.

  50. our new first-line center? I think I accidentally logged into the billboard chatroom

  51. I saw Radiohead at the Garden as well. Great show, but I saw them at Liberty State Park in Jersey City, and it blew the garden show out of the water.

  52. The first song to check out by Minus the Bear is Pachuca Sunrise off of Menos El Oso. Amazing! Actually if anyone has Comcast On Demand, if you go to music, and then to the video section the song just so happens to be there now.

  53. the phish show was at the (then) Garden State Arts Center. Must have been … ’99-’00 maybe?

  54. Gomez would benefit form Greatful Dead music–maybe Friend of the Devil-

    Beer Me, it’s shiny

    How about It’s a Beautiful Day!!

  55. I am going to the Red Robin in South Plainfield, NJ for dinner tonight for these new steak slider burgers. Damn they look good.

    I say we bounce right back tomorrow night and beat the Isles 4-2.

  56. It’s great being a teacher, I am out of here. I will check back later and see where this discussion ends up. Have a good day guys.

    Even those of you that I hate, I still like just because we all bleed together.

    Remember that!

  57. nasty – you’re totally gonna sh-t your pants again. But they look worth it. I didn’t realize they put a Red Robin in S. Plainfield. I grew up in that area. (piscataway)

  58. Enjoy a win once in a while instead of beating up yourself, other fans, and the team b/c someone missed an assignment or took too many penalties or one line got more ice-time than another. After a win! Hell, even after a shootout loss.


    I guess that’s the thing. Sometimes merely winning doesn’t equate to being the better team for me, especially when you know your team has lost badly to really bad teams… I can’t get excited about slipping by some lame team that had a bad night.

  59. Yorktown Ranger on

    Louis. Are you trying to do Abbot and Costello? Do you mean “The Who”?

  60. Nasty,

    I am going to avoid the Red Robin tonight if you’ll be there just in case you have another accident

  61. At the game last night. We certainly weren’t beaten. WE JUST LOST. After 6 minutes of the first period we should have been up at least 3-0. Another soft night for Henrik. Also, an awful game for both Malik and Shanahan. Really miss Nylander in the shoot-outs. A-hole Icelander fans were so happy. Why not this was sort of their Stanley Cup. They’re probably not even going to make the play-offs. Just hate to lose to them. Hate their fans.

  62. The Who’s Quadrophenia Tour was amazing. I saw them in Meadowlands and at MSG. Best show on Earth.

  63. I’ve seen 100’s. Yes, literally 100’s of concerts. MSG is by far my favorite venue. Of all the shows I’ve seen there, I’ll have to break it down this way….

    Loudest goes to the Metallica S&M show with the orchestra. There was only 3 shows played in the world and I was lucky enough to have floor seats at face value $75.00

    Best sound – Eric Clapton. Somewhere between ’98 and ’02 Dont’ remember.

    Best performance – U2. October ’06. Only time I saw them.

    I’ve seen Tom Petty there a few times, but my fav shows of his are outdoors too.

    Jane’s Addiction gets honorable mention, but I don’t remember a whole lot about it.

  64. “After 6 minutes of the first period we should have been up at least 3-0”

    HA! I said the same exact thing last night!

  65. Yorktown Ranger on

    Louis, that’s what I figured. Always a favorite of mine. Even got a chance to see them with Keith (I know I’m dating myself)

  66. Western Canada Survivor on

    Beer Me!, the Janes Addiction show at the Garden in ’01 soon after 9/11 was the best show I’ve ever seen at the Garden (both Phish shows at Garden State/PNC were amazing too in ’99-’00, back in my “heyday”). I see we’re more in agreement about music than current Ranger coaches!

  67. They should come out to the Buggs Bunny rendition of Wagner!

    “Kill the Rabbit, Kill the Rabbit, Kill the Rabbit”

    “Yes, my spear and magic helmut!”

  68. Vote VALLY for ‘Extra Effort Award’!!

    He deserves it with the way he’s played and practiced for this team!

  69. Who Needs Lohan on

    Conversation with my wife last night after I screamed and yelled at the refs after what I thought was a late hit on Dubinsky by Davidson (why couldnt we get that guy?).

    Me: What the $^%*&%$%^*$%^&$^&, those $^%&(*^&(*%^&$^ refs suck %^&*&^*^&!
    Wife: No one is listening to you, you are screaming and yelling to yourself.
    Me: I dont give a fuck, these refs suck, and the NYR should be winning by 2 or 3 already, FUCK!
    Wife: You’re scaring the dogs (they did look scared!)
    Me: They’re pussies too then
    Wife: You know how you complain about your boss’s passion everyday, you are no different.
    Me: The only difference is he is an effin douchebag 24 hours a day 7 days a week, me only for 2 1/2 hours every second or third day. Fuck him too.
    Wife: Good point (leaves room)
    Me: (smiling)

  70. I actually own a Blues Traveler Rangers jersey, if you can believe that. I’ve been listenign to them since before anybody on this board was born. Well, OK, since they were playing fraternities in 1989.

  71. I have no pic. It basically is a white Ranger jersey except on the front, instead of the word Rangers it has a giant Black Cat emblem hovering over 2 crossed hockey sticks. The name on the back is Traveler and I think it’s number 95 (was a gift from my wife in 1995).

  72. Doodie Machetto on

    I voted for Weekes because he did a TON of community work the first year he was here. Then they gave it to Lundqvist. Poor guy.

  73. R.E.M. is my all-time favorite band, but “shiny happy people” before games? I say 2nd intermition.

    My favorite to listen to before games for a long time was Smashing Pumpkins “gish” especially for the first couple songs.

    My favorite new band: Editors

    Love Red Robin and I’m hungry.

    Just had to chime in here.

  74. If the Rangers played hockey the way RUSH plays their music they would win the cup every year. Rush is the most under rated and under respected band ever. they are amazing live. Tour starts April 11th. Be seeing them 9 times in the next 4 months.

  75. they should come out to “Fucking Hostile” by Pantera! Because if they don’t go far into the playoffs I’m going to be FUCKING HOSTILE!!!

  76. Yeah Rush music is great but that voice, sucks like nails on a chalkboard
    And yes Pumpkins gish was there best album.

  77. Tony from AZ on

    Grateful Dead – best concert band.
    I’ve been to over 75 shows, don’t remember much – LOL
    They say if you can remember a Dead show – you weren’t there !!

  78. Tony from AZ

    Amen, amen. At their best, the Dead were without question the greatest show on earth. Jerry = sheer genius.

  79. Bands you wanna talk bands? NONE of the bands you guys mentioned comes even close to THE MIGHTY LED ZEPPLAND tha I saw twice.First time 1970-again 72, Words will never do it justis.

  80. Beer Me:

    I don’t know if we can afford Backman to play 5 games … you cannot lose to division rivals …

    I am also a Met fan and they choked big time … I see warning clouds on the horizons for the Rangers … They need to beat Philly and Islanders as they have Boston ahead and 3 games with Pitt … plus a Florida road trip where they struggle … I can see them pulling a ‘Met’ job.

  81. I think I saw the Dead about 50 times including a San Fransisco New Year’s Eve show and one at Red Rocks in Colorado where I remember seeing several UFOs and John the Baptist. No one needed medication back then. It came in little pieces of paper.

    On a similar note, I think Backman is hallucinating.

  82. Emerson Lake and Palmer back in 76 was one of the best shows ever.

    If I am not misremembering, that is.

  83. Yorktown Ranger March 5th, 2008 at 7:56 pm

    Saw Zep in 77 at the Garden. Great show.”

    Trampled Underfoot’d

  84. A few weeks back afetr a Ranger win at MSG I noticed on the broadcast Gomer coming into the dressing room post game and going right over to an ipod station to cue up some tunes….

    I wonder what it was?

    Seriously this team should burn any of Marcells CD’s he left behind.

  85. # acdaviddc March 5th, 2008 at 7:54 pm

    Bands you wanna talk bands? NONE of the bands you guys mentioned comes even close to THE MIGHTY LED ZEPPLAND

    I love led zeppland. He’s awesome

  86. Yeah, Mr. Zeppland(sic) was supposed to show up in Chicago in 81 when I had tickets but failed to show bcause of death (Mr. Bonham). I wish I could have seen them. They improvise lik the great bands not just replicating the album material.
    I have also seen Peter Gabriel a couple of times when we were both younger and he was awesome. I also played tennis with him.

  87. Timay! March 5th, 2008 at 9:14 pm

    I have also seen Peter Gabriel a couple of times when we were both younger and he was awesome. I also played tennis with him.

    Did he wear a helmet?

  88. Who was that cat who took acid and pitched in the World Series?

    I think he played for the A’s

  89. wasn’t Catfish Hunter but I cannot remember his name

    by the way he pitched a no no

    Moon something??

  90. Off the subject

    Washington is beating the Sabres. Ovechkin will get MVP this year if the Caps make the playoffs.

  91. just Googled it: it was Doc Ellis on the Pirates against the Padress. He took acid thinking he had a day off, but was called to pitch the first game of a twi-night and pitched a no hitter walking 8 batters.

    he is now a drug counselor in LA

  92. According to Ellis:

    I can only remember bits and pieces of the game. I was psyched. I had a feeling of euphoria. I was zeroed in on the (catcher’s) glove, but I didn’t hit the glove too much. I remember hitting a couple of batters and the bases were loaded two or three times. The ball was small sometimes, the ball was large sometimes, sometimes I saw the catcher, sometimes I didn’t. Sometimes I tried to stare the hitter down and throw while I was looking at him. I chewed my gum until it turned to powder. They say I had about three to four fielding chances. I remember diving out of the way of a ball I thought was a line drive. I jumped, but the ball wasn’t hit hard and never reached me.[4]

  93. Vida Blue took acid and pitched either a no-hitter or perfect game when he was with Oakland

  94. Ovechkin got his 53rd and 54th goals
    but Carolina won tonight
    This blog is becomming a confessional. How did this happen?

  95. Hank is not Doc Ellis. LOL. That’s a really funny story and the dude is a drug rehabilitation counselor now.

    Hey all, I missed this debate, but just to let you know, the reason the Garden puts that message up about obscene language and does not play the bass drum getting faster and faster anymore is solely to prevent any derogatory chants at Dancin’ Larry (you know, the “Homo Larry” chants that get faster and faster.) I really like Larry, real good guy, but when they did the faster and faster bass drum at the Colesium last year in the game that Simon chopped Hollweg, my friends and I def started that chant and our section was mostly a Rangers section and got a pretty big pop out of it.

    Concerts? Radiohead at Liberty State Park brings back memories; last time I saw thw WTC before 9/11 :(

    A great band to see live is the Red Hot Chili Peppers; they put on one of my fav shows ever in Baltimore in 2000.

    I don’t like MSG for concerts, the acoustics are weird.

    Rangers need to listen to Mastadon, The Locust, Melt Banana, Liquid Tension Experiment, and for Lundquvist, Sjostrom, and yes even Backman..Meshuggah!!!!

  96. Peter Gabriel is amazing; his bassist Tony Levin who plays with King Crimson and Liquid Tension Experiment is one of my favorite musicians ever.

    Rush is extremely underrated. Everyone in that band can play and they write some of the beat hard rock stuff ever. Yes, Geddy Lee sounds like Marriane Faithful, but it works!

    Best concert story if anyone cares; the first real concert I saw was in Nov 1995 when I was a freshman in HS; Primus and Meat Puppets at the Nassau Colesium. The crowd started a huge Let’s Go Rangers chant before Primus came on. I looked at my best friend and we just smiled and said “We’ve taken over this joint!”

  97. (i’m bored)

    Songs i’d skate out to (or if a closer for the yankees)

    -RUSH- Opening to “Working Man”
    -Thin Lizzy- “Jailbreak”
    -Judas Preist “Heading Out to the Highway”
    -Iron Maiden “The Trooper or Wasted Years(the beginning)
    -Soundgarden Anything off Badmotorfinger

  98. I wonder what hockey players played on LSD back in the day? Have to be some I bet. Ryan Miller looks like he could be a wooked out shroom head. Mix up some shrooms in his berry ice cream

  99. I’d bet Derek Sanderson of Bruins did some ‘shrooms. I saw him in ’70 baseball bat a puck from inside his own blue line to over the glass at the other end of the ice. My first memories of hockey was growing up in St. Lou watching the finals and getting beaten badly by the Bruins. Cheever was in goal for Bruins and Glen Hall for us for a short time and 5 or 6 goals later was replaced later by Ernie Wakely. Orr’s famous leap after the goal and the Blues leap into the nacient Wester Conference.

  100. This is a cool vid Glen. Jan Hammer is th eguy on keyboards according to one of those posts. if it is him, he is a Czech pianist/keyboardist who played with the Mahavishnu Orchestra in the 70s. Great fusion group. Tony Levin is the man. Chapman Stick owns!

  101. Bill Walton ate acid

    “Now that was a good time,” said the bedridden Walton during a telephone interview yesterday. “It’s hard to even describe playing with a man like Larry Bird, in a fabulous, spectacular city like Boston, and competing every night on such a strong, cohesive, and unselfish team. The acid only made things better. The negativity of previous years had disappeared and I was intoxicated with positive energy, winning the 6th man award even though my knees were barely functioning. My doctor told me I shouldn’t even be walking, but I was operating on pure adrenaline thanks to that orange sunshine.”

  102. Bill Walton ate acid and playedTimay! March 5th, 2008 at 11:19 pm

    I’d bet Derek Sanderson of Bruins did some ‘shrooms. ”

    Considering he looked like a lost member of Foghat thats a good possability

  103. Bill Walton is an escapee from another era. I think he still does acid.

    The best guitarist in rock ever?

    Steve Howe of Yes–ok a pretty kumbaya group but the guy was a genius

  104. Yes is PROG. Hardly call Steve Howe a Rocking guitarist, although he is a virtuoso guitarist

    Jimi Hendrix,imo, is the quintessential Rock God.

    I doubt he ever saw a hockey game, but he most definitely took LSD

  105. I saw them at Beekman a couple of years ago and it was an amazin show. I agree he is not a showman but he is pure musician and maybe that is not rock to you but some of guitar licks from Close to the Edge are rock at its most esoteric.

    Jimi was show and genius and a truckload of Lake Shore Drive25

  106. Good god, they ran crazy enough in Long Beach. I’m working on a series of essays about it.

  107. NYCEditor March 5th, 2008 at 11:49 pm

    Good god, they ran crazy enough in Long Beach. I’m working on a series of essays about it.

    The Rangers? In the 70’s?

  108. Pavel

    I saw John McLaughlin and the Mahavishnu Orchestra at the Beacon in the mid-70’s while inhabited by several pharmaceuticals, yet can report today it was an amazing show. Billy Cobham could positively PAINT it on drums.

  109. Hendrix stands alone. Take away his entire rock career, and still, by virtue of his blues chops (ie., “Red House” and “Hear My Train A-coming” as prime examples) he is still the greatest, most important figure in music from 1966-70.

  110. Since it’s now a game day, I’ll try to change the subject… But still not to us.

    Bettman says Chicago is potential site for the next outdoor game. Personally, I think it’s a great idea. I think if they’re going to do it every year, or even every other year, it should rotate conferences. And as often as possible it should try to include at least 1 original 6 matchup.

  111. My vote for the Steven McDonald award went to Blair Betts. I don’t think that’s one of those choices that needs to be explained really. Right?

    I also think that Drury is a potential winner. He can do everything that Betts does defensively, and pot some goals too. But since Dru is locked up long term, he’ll have his chances.

  112. Say what you want about ‘squeaking’ out a point, or being ‘lucky’ to stagger away with a point after losing in a shootout or OT. But currently, our Rangers own the best record in the NHL in the last 10 games at 7-0-3. Regardless of how those points were attained, or who the opposition was, it’s certainly notable. At least in my book anyway.

  113. My question for today is: What Renney would do to make our D pairs look better today?

  114. Take Malik and Backman out back to see the rabbits Tom. Do you see the rabbits? Do you see them guys? Yes, Tom we see them.

    Good, good boys, look at them rabbits.


  115. Beer Me, agreed, outdoor game a great idea, but would like to see it in new york, maybe rangers-isles at yankee stadium; they didn’t even televise half the games in chicago til Bill Wirtz died at the outset of this season

  116. nasty – Which one is Lenny? I guess it’s Marek.

    sven – I’d love to see it in Yankee Stadium too, and they’re trying to do it before it’s torn down. But if they start to ‘overkill’ it in the northeast, it could burn out.

  117. The problem is I don’t think Renney will change his lineup for today’s game… and Henrik will be in the goal again. What does the poor Swede do that they make him look so medicore?

  118. stf – This is my thought, though I know a lot of others have said it.

    Hank looks like he’s been fighting the puck almost all season. Rebound control hasn’t been all that great. I remember 2 seasons ago, as a rookie, he was absorbing everything. Making the D look better in the process. The Dmen weren’t exposed as much not moving men out in front b/c there was no rebound for them to bang home anyway.

    Now that those rebounds are laying in the crease for an extra second or two, the D can’t pick up the guys in front and those pucks are going in. If Hank held onto a couple more of those, we’d probably be having more success in our own zone, more specifically around the net.

  119. “Did anyone do their homework and check out Minus the Bear?”

    I pulled down Planet of Ice… started playing it…it was’t doing much for me…got in the shower, and when I got out, whatever song was playing was very nice…I’ll have to give it a full out headphones listen.

    Side question: Anyone here use any “private” music torrent sites? I have a handful of invites to a decent one if anyones interested, you guys get priority.

  120. Beer Me!,
    I said this multiple times on this blog before lunndqvist signed that big contract that he is terrible at handling the puck (just look at the other night, goal), he gives up rebounds and he flops way before the shooter even hints at taking a shot. Lundqvist is a mess and if he doesn’t get his act together the rangers are in trouble. We all knew as ranger fans that our d-fence wasn’t that good but mow with a guy (backman) playing it’s even worse. I said before the big contract that I thought we as fans might have over rated lundqvist and hoped sather didn’t give him more than 5 mil, well he did so we can’t complain over spilled milk. The rangers better hope I’m wrong and it’s just a slump.

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