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The Rangers are off to a late start because they just had their team picture. The highlight was a final shot with everyone — from James Dolan on down — donning the Sean Avery Buddy Holly-inspired glasses.

More in a bit…

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  1. It would have been better if everyone was wearing the Avery glasses, except Dolan, who was given the Groucho Marx fake nose, moustache and glasses.

  2. …and then they all took their glasses off, asked Mr. Dolan to bend over and shoved them all the way up to the back of his gums.

  3. “But even if they don’t work hard, I like to see a win either way. Someone touched upon it yesterday. Something along the lines of “good teams can win games even when they don’t play their best”. And that is absolutely true. You find ways to win games sometimes. You think Pitt or Det hasn’t won games that they didn’t work hard in? Do you think they’re not proud to be in 1st?”


    From time to time, a team that works hard deserves a couple of “lucky games”. However, this Rangers team seems to live and die by whether or not the opposition shows up to play or not. The games the Rangers have won this year are more often than not against teams who played like shit. Honestly, that’s not something to be proud of. This team is an embarrassment to it’s fans whether they (fans) recognize it or not.

    The Rangers NEVER EVER EVER EVER set the fucking pace of a game. I don’t want to see them “win games” when the reality is that they didn’t win as much as the “other team lost”. It really bothers me when people consider themselves big fans, yet refuse to hold the team accountable for shit play, win or lose. It’s like alright we get it, you’re a big fan, but that does not mean your team can do no wrong. This Ranger team sucks dick. The fact that they are still treading water and “could do something”, means shit. They don’t work hard, we’re not on the cusp of anything.

  4. “The Rangers NEVER EVER EVER EVER set the fucking pace of a game.”

    Are you serious? Your crazy.

    sven – from previous post….you said something along the lines of ‘blah blah blah’

    We’re only fighting for 8th place if you look at it that way. I look at it as we’re on our way up as the hottest team in the east over the last 10 games.

  5. I am done being angry today. Let’s hug it out. And on that note I will share a funny story. I was watching this program over the weekend about getting more fiber in my diet and all this stuff about healthy eating. So on Sunday I figured I would give it a shot. I ate healthy all day and was feeling pretty good about myself. That night at dinner I made a wrap with grilled chicken, spicy marinara, and mozzarella all inside a wheat wrap. That doesn’t sound very healthy, but it was actually. Anyway, that night I took dump that was the size of an anaconda. I thought to myself, “Well Nasty, healthy eating is going to be healthy crapping.” So the next morning I woke up and just didn’t feel quite right. My stomach was making weird sounds but I didn’t think much of it. I get in my car, I have about a 20-30 minute drive to work, and 10 minutes in to the drive it just hits me like a ton of bricks. I was going to stop at the local dunkin donuts but it was packed. So it passed, or so I thought, and I kept driving. 2 minutes later it was back with a fury, so I opened the sun roof and rolled the windows down, and turned on the A/C and tried to take slow breaths. Nothing was helping and I was starting to sweat, and I had no choice but to stop at the local Quick Check. I walked in and there was an old lady mixing soup, and I went right up to her and said, “Lady, please tell me you have a bathroom.” And she said something along the lines of it not being available for public use. And I said, “My stomach is mixing soup the same as you right now.” So she pointed me in the right direction and I unleashed holy hell to this bathroom. I didn’t have time to put down paper or anything. Let me tell you, it was the closet I have ever come to having an “accident.”

    Nasty 1, why is this important?

    Well folks it is important to break up the tension a little and to get a chuckle.

    But Nasty 1, that is disgusting.

    Yes I know, but sometimes shit is a funny thing.

    P.S. Does anyone remember years ago when someone called in to the Opie and Anthony show with recordings of their own diarrhea from when they had food poisoning? Well, that was your old friend the Nasty 1, so if you got a good laugh out of it, you are welcome. If it made you sick, I am sorry.

  6. “you have low standards”

    Oh yea, that’s what you said….

    low standards? To be happy that my team has gained more points in the standings over the last to weeks than any other team in the NHL other than the cup champs? I not only expect to be in the playoffs, but have home ice and advance quite far.

    PCP pipe is still going around guys if anyone wants a hit, sven has it right now.

  7. nasty being nasty.

    great laugh. ever see that list on the ‘net called the “sh-t list”. funny stuff.

  8. listentoallthewhineybastards (formerly jagrforpresident) on


    You gotta be from jersey, right?

    DD, Quick Check….

    Funny, uh, shit.

  9. There’s no doubt the Rangers have been looking good, playing well — I’m thrilled every time one of my negative thoughts is proved false.

    But, as the Rangers potential shines through, it’s a reminder how frustrating it is to see them give up momentum stoppers or game changers. Bad goals, whether through Hank, off a D-man, or in the last minute of a period, after a Ranger goal or during an unnecessary penalty kill, have occurred all year long. It would be great to see the Rangers clamp down on those weak goals, and I think it would allow them to dominate the tempo more and, obviously, win even more.

    I guess that’s just stating the obvious. Sorry.

  10. “you have low standards”


    I have to agree man. It really does not take much for the Rangers to please you… you seem to always be making an excuse for them and giving them the benefit of the doubt, when they simply do not deserve it.

    Dark years or not, it doesn’t matter. The 2008 Rangers are a fucking disgrace to the sport and should be recognized as such.

  11. In a spanish accent, “I hope that was a fart, man.” from Up in Smoke.

    Beer Me, I totally agree with you. Rangers fans probably agree too and should be proud, but I feel this morning like I just slept with the fat girl–Islanders winning (not to mention Hilary-her Thighness). It is so hard to stomach. But now thanks to Nasty–I feel a little better.

  12. Nasty, since you went out on a limb like that, I got mad respect, and I’ll confess that I actually went so far as to shit myself once; too much info, I know, I know, but live as a team die as a team, I suppose, after running five miles from the North End of Boston to where I was living in Cambridge, the shit hit the fan when I was just a block away from my pad (Boston, despite claiming itself a city, has no public transportation that runs past one a.m., or at least it didn’t a decade or so ago)…cream of the crop here, fellas

  13. Yorktown Ranger on

    You know, I seem to remember a time in the not too distance past when this team would roll over and die when they were scored on first. Goalie lapses, poor D notwithstanding, at least they seem to have picked it up a level and play for the full 60.

    Is the cup half full or half empty???

  14. James? James? is that you…jagrforpres…
    Oh and Nasty…almost crapped myself… wanna avoid that Quik Chek now…which one in Jersey was it LOL

  15. It was the Quick Check in Scotch Plains across from Rossi Funeral Home and Palmer Video. Ha. And Sven, it takes a man to admit crapping yourself. Mad respect right back at you.

  16. Nasty, it was one of those seminal moments when I saw the light; been running a tight ship ever since though

  17. Call it whatever you want. I don’t think my standards are low at all. I know that my expectations are very high.

    The fact of the matter is, I’d rather watch the Rangers lose 82 games in a f*ckin row from oct-april than have to be forced to watch baseball or drool over every f*ckin little tid bit of hockey news there is all summer. It forces me to hit refresh on web pages of teams that I would never otherwise look at.

    So if that translates to ‘low standards’ for some of you, so be it.

  18. This conversation is disgusting, funny and frankly totally off topic as I’m LMAO
    Honestly…who hasn’t crapped themselves though…I certainly have…every time Nasty posts a “nasty 1” I crap myself.

  19. Doodie Machetto on

    I’m sure Kaspar has crapped himself a few times. Losing Bowel control from drinking too much will do that to you.

  20. Beer Me, you should watch the Calgary Flames if you wanna see how a real team should play and be coached; Keenan benched Cory Sarich the other nite to end the dude’s iron man streak at like six seasons; he then benched Kipper, and both players have responded with strong performances sub-sequently; you’re satisifed because you look at the teams with Nedved and Guy Hebert and say, hey, look at what an improvement, but you forget that we signed the top two free agent centers available during off-season, and inked one of the game’s purported premier goalies to a long-term deal – Gomez and Drury, particularly Gomez, have been boons to the team, but otherwise, their captain is a joke, the coach always seems to lose perspective at the worst moments, and their goaltender can’t even seem to save a routine dump-in without some sort of incident…and the team has absolutely no credible defenseman other than Staal; Toots and G-Rad are effective at times, but far too often they are out of position and flailing; not even going to rehash thoughts of Backman and Malik, other than to say I’d rather have Jiri Fischer and Vladimir Konstantinov on our blueline right now

  21. Salty
    Go join the Islanders boards if you hate the rangers so much and think there such shit.

    Why even read these boards.
    Listen go put your NYR jersey on Ebay, find a nice gay bar where you can get a replica of the Isles last Cup win stuffed up your ass, and then shit all over your new DP jersey. better yet, go blow DP, he needs support after his loss

    10 games – points in each game. your such a whiney little bitch. I’d love to see you say this to any of the rangers team/staff to there face. you’d probably get all weak kneed and start telling them your there #1 fan

    You fake fucking rangers fan.

  22. I told you all I saw Kasper at the Foo Fighters concert before the start of last year right? He was shit faced and smoking and looked way out of shape.

  23. Beer Me – how could you want Backman to play the next game… reward him for being the first star last night(for the Islanders) …

    He needs to sit to and watch the game… obviously these games are different than to what he is accustomed to. Let him sit vs. Isles, then play vs. Boston.

    Rangernation – hate to say this but Rangers will lose vs. Boston-Julien totally outcoaches Renney … and will probably lose vs. Buffalo — they NEED these division games.

  24. Kasper was attending and he was three sheets to the wind. Man, stumbling his words and just a fucking mess. And he was by himself. It was definitely him though. My wife got a picture with him, though I warned her that he might puke on her.

  25. From Blueshirt Bulletin and I whole-heartedly agree:

    “Christian Backman has been a three-game disaster area who has dragged down Marc Staal in the process — Renney might consider returning to Jason Strudwick, who at least has a calming presence on Staal as well as physical presence”

  26. I will have to agree and say that the team’s play has dropped a level since Backman was added to the D. Yes, he scored a goal against Philly, but he does make poor decisions. Malik was playing better until Backman was put in to the lineup. I am not saying that Backman has anything to do with Malik’s play, but it is definitely true. I don’t see them taking him out, but is there a possibility of switching up the D pairings?

  27. I just wanted to say that I’m a nerd, and I’m here tonight to stand up for the rights of other nerds. I mean uh, all our lives we’ve been laughed at and made to feel inferior. And tonight, those bastards, they trashed our house. Why? Cause we’re smart? Cause we look different? Well, we’re not. I’m a nerd, and uh, I’m pretty proud of it.

  28. the problem is that they’re paying Backman a shitload of money, both for the remainder of this season and next, so might be hard to bench him; that being said, Sather better be planning on making a bid to Brian Campbell

  29. In listening to an interview with JD on, he said that the Rangers called him 10 minutes before the trade deadline was over and it only took 10 minutes to complete the deal. Shows you how much St. Louis thought of this kid. I hope he can turn his game around, but damn, it doesn’t look good.

  30. I sharted Sunday morning when I was hungover so that kind of counts i had to hold my ass as i ran up the stairs to the bathroom.

    NJ baby nice to know there is more than one of us.

  31. if you think the stuff on here is brutal, you should read what they were writing about Backman in the St. Louis blogs

  32. “Beer Me, you should watch the Calgary Flames if you wanna see how a real team should play and be coached”

    You mean the flames that have 2 more points than the rangers and are 1 place ahead in the standings? The have very similar problems to us. Go look it up dude. Bad comparison there. You’re one of those ‘keenan lovers’ the guy that can do no wrong. outside of NY he’s never won sh-t. I love’em, but it’s the truth.

  33. Nothing like a good shart. I remember a long time ago when I first started dating my wife, in college, I sharted myself the first morning after the first night she slept over. I drank a bunch of Mickeys the night before. You all know Mickeys right? Comes in a green bottle that kind of looks like a grenade and has a hornet on the cap. Well I sharted. Luckily she was still asleep, so I ran in to the bathroom, cleaned up, and had these old duke lacrosse shorts with what looked like Gulden’s mustard all over them. I sadly had to stick them inside an empty milk carton and bury them at the bottom of the trash. Ha.

    Ha, Duke Lacrosse!

  34. I said yesterday give Backman last night and tomorrow after that if he is struggling like this he needs to sit. He hasn’t played a meanigful game in quite awhile it could be the pressure the rangers are under is getting to him. But whatever Sjostrom has some freaking wheels.

    coincidentally Sam i was watch revenge of the nerds on Sunday morning when i sharted.

  35. koffy – why do you have such a facination with backman? Wanna know why I want him in the lineup? b/c I want him to bury himself. If he plays 5 consecutive games the way he’s play the first 3, then he writes his own ticket. His play has been atrocious 3 games in a row. I said when he got here that I’d personally give him a 5 game audition. And I’m sticking to it. So far, that blueshirtbulletin quote has hit it right on the head.

  36. Western Canada Survivor on

    Beer Me!, to Sven’s point, the Flames are the real deal (I watch them almost as much as the Rangers). They just play much more difficult teams than we do on a daily basis (Ducks, Stars, and Wings 4 times each, Lanche, Canucks, 8 times each) so they are close to us in point totals–I think the point about Keenan is that he holds his goaltender accountable, unlike Renney and Kiprusoff responds well.

    However, I’m not about to start a fight about the Calgary Flames on this message board. Carry on…

  37. Beer Me – have you watched a Flames game, or just looked at the standings? Mind you, they play against Luongo 8 times, the Ducks four times, the Stars four times, the Sharks four times, and on and on; you’re really going to compare the records of the east with those of the west? Yeah, I dig Keenan because he’s one of the greatest coaches that ever stood behind a bench, and one of the winningest in game’s history, including bringing 3 different teams to the Cup,with one ring, ours…do yourself a favor, watch the flames, you might even catch iginla’s franchise record goal, or a glimpse of Dion Phanuef, the epitome of what a defenseman should be

  38. nasty – you are truly the nasty1 and deserve your ‘title’ more than anyone I’ve ever ‘known’.

    and staal! – just b/c I like to drink beer doesn’t mean I sh-t my pants! Sure, it sounds like tons of fun, but I’ve yet to pull the trigger on that one.

  39. Beer Me – we play Florida, Carolina, Tampa, and the Leafs 4 times – that should’ve been 32 free points, but we’ve lost a majority of games to those teams, as well as to the Kings, the worst team in the league, and the Coyotes, a blow-out at home, as well as the Oilers, the second worst team in the West, who Calgary plays 8 times as well

  40. Beer Me – don’t force it; shitting yourself is something that should happen naturally

  41. I’m well aware of what the flames do. And with the center ice package I catch games often. My first 2 picks in my fantasy draft were Iginla and Pheneuf. I’m also in a pool that I picked them to go to the finals. Happy? Did I live up to your expectations? I’m really trying to you know.

    Kipper hasn’t been that good this year either. He recorded his first shutout last week. While Hank has 8 so far.

    Why am I even bothering with this? You guys are retarded.

  42. “The Rangers NEVER EVER EVER EVER set the fucking pace of a game.”

    Salty you are wrong about that. The Rangers came out and set the tone last night but couldn’t finish for the first time in a long time (first time in 11 games that they didn’t score a goal in the 1st period). They had the Islanders on their heels (outshooting them 10-2 through the first 15 min) but couldn’t finish and then were victim’s to Malik’s lazy play in the corner when Comeau beat him to the puck and banked it off of Rozsival’s skate.

    I think the game has some good performances but guys like Shanny and Avery were not so good. Both Shanny and Avery couldn’t find the net and Shanny looked awfully timid in the corners. I was unimpressed with his lack of hustle last night. It’s as if some of the players have grown comfortable with their position in the conference. They should be striving for the first spot in the East because it’s ripe for the taking but they didn’t play like they wanted it last night that is for sure.

  43. Wow from reading some of the posts on here, you wouldn’t know we got a point in 10 straight games. I don’t know about some of you but I feel like Beer Me does. I not only expect us to get to the playoffs but go pretty far. And whomever said the Rangers don’t dictate the pace of the game…..well there is no help for that person. 11 of the last 15 are against Divisional opponents. I’m not going to sit here and bash a team that I rooted for since I was 6 because a couple of monday morning quaterbacks think they can run the team in a better fashion.

    GO RANGERS!!!!!!!

  44. I take it back ‘survivor’. Newbie Sven is the retard.

    I almost got roped into that one too.

  45. Although Survivor … you said the flames are the ‘real deal’. And while I don’t disagree, I happen to think the rangers are as well.

  46. “that should’ve been 32 free points”

    There are no free points son. Even Mike Keenan knows that.

  47. Didn’t we learn anything from my shit story? No more fighting today, ha.

    Anyway, I think everyone is going to have their opinions. And everyone is going to have their responses to other’s opinions. This is never going to change. I feel how Beer Me feels, and I have no problem with criticism, but I at the same time would rather people throw some positives in as well, unless it is just a complete stinker.

    You shit on my house man, you shit on my house!

  48. Western Canada Survivor on

    Beer Me! You’re right on–I never thought the Rangers were as good as predicted by Larry Brooks and co. in October, BUT because of the East, and our play of late, I really do think the Rangers are for real. That’s why I’ve been venting/so frustrated of late. It’s amazing we’ve gotten points in ten straight, but man, if Henrik could just get his act together; if our D played a little crisper…could you imagine what we would look like? We’re doing this well with the key piece (Henk) playing mediocre.

  49. okay, Beer Me, I stand corrected; there are no free points, I recant, that was poorly phrased

  50. survivor – I really liked that post man. And it’s the truth. When it all comes down to it, the team that can put it all together at the right time usually wins. Though I’m not quite sure our D is made up of the right pieces.

    nasty – You know how hard it is not to fight off the negativity monster man. They drive me nuts.

  51. anyone wanna argue about what a total tool Bryan Murray is? Of course not, there wouldn’t be much of an argument

  52. Did anyone see Alyssa Milano at All Star weekend? Man, she is smoking hot still. I would love to have her call me the Boss.



  54. this has probably already been posted somewhere on here but I don’t have time to read all the comments.

    Zipay’s blog says that Hank is starting tomorrow and that Renney is contemplating other lineup changes.

  55. yes joejoe, we know, your point is very important; the caps let us know as much…hold on, my nurse’s aide can’t type as fast as I can drool the words

  56. yeah, you tell ’em, billy! Us pathetic fairweather fans that find flaws with our team; weren’t you posting this on the mets’ blogs during the summer months, with yankess sub’d for Islanders? Complacency isn’t conducive to winning

  57. I think what a lot of people take as negativity is honest criticism. The last two games now we have managed to get points but there has been a lot of mistakes made that need to be fixed if we want to succeed in the playoffs. Talking about the weak points on this team (defense, incosisten goaltending, powerplay) does not make one a fake fan and I don’t think salty or myself would be afraid to tell Renney and Sather our thoughts to their face. If the coach and GM actually addressed these problems then we wouldnt have to be discussing them ad nauseum. And billyNYR I hate to call people out, but there is no need for posts like that man.

  58. The reality is, in all of this, that we are all frustrated with points the team gives away.

    17 points out of a possible 20 and people are complaining.

    The issue at hand is parity. We are 5pts out of first in the conference with a game in hand on the leader (who we play 3x in the next month) and we are 4 pts out away from not making the playoffs.

    The Blueshirts have not lost in regulation in nearly a month. 7-0-3 in our last 10, the next best team is Anaheim at 9-1 (ignore their 18pts to our 17pts…work with me). But it has not gotten us out of the bottom of the pack.


    And then the conversation drifts down to talking about crapping in your pants…WTF!

  59. New Newman, that’s rather presumptuous; I never mentioned crapping in my pants, only that I shit myself: who’s to say preventitive measures weren’t taken when the inevitable was about to occur? Of course, I admit, such measures were not taken and I did, in fact, crap in my actual pants, but…I didn’t do it in front of 18,200 spectators and a television audience, so at least I can save some face in comparison to goaltender extraordinaire, Mister Hanky – this comment is for fans with the center ice package – how many of you would rather have JC Petit betwixt the pipes? (McDonald’s Canada mini-sticks commercial; kinda like their version of Lil’ Bit O’Luck, but with a french-canadien flare)…

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