The great Jagr shootout saga continues..


Bear in mind Jaromir Jagr was smiling when he said all this, but the exchange about his absence in the shootout was telling nonetheless.

Asked what number he was going in the shoout, Jagr said, “Eighteen.”

Before I could even get off another question, he said, “Don’t ask me about the shootout. When I go in you guys ask me why I go in. When I don’t go in you ask me why I don’t go in. Make up your mind. Do you want me to go or do you not want me to go?”

Then he said, “I’m bad. There’s a lot of good players.”

I agree that there might be better options than Jagr for the shootout, but I don’t know about some of them tonight. Michal Rozsival? Martin Straka? What, was Colton Orr unavailable?

Besides, let’s not forget that Jagr’s last shootout effort, in the Montreal debacle, was actually an impressive move that he just narrowly missed.Anyway, that’s all for tonight. More tomorrow…

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  1. I absolutely agree 100%.

    In the last post I asked why did Roszival and Straka go? I was completely comfortable with everyone else…but those two over Jags and say Cally, Drury, etc.

    Is it me or does Hank make the hard shots look easy and the easy shots look really hard (letting in a good amount in the process)????

  2. onecupin67years on

    Renney coaches like in-house daddy coach-let every one get a turn in the shitout

  3. Did Drury even play in OT ?? I dont recall seeing him but I do remember Joe Micheletti mentioning he had a skate problem later in the 3rd period.

  4. Lundqvist is killing this team, sorry. He better get his head removed from his arse soon and start being an effin goaltender. I mean he is painful to watch.

    Get friekin Vally in there and let him steal one on The Island. I honestly can not bear to think about losing to the Isles Thursday night. I’m ill right now having to deal with losing to this team.

  5. Mr. Potato Head on

    Malik for shootouts.

    Best stickhandler on the team, aside from Gomer and Jagr

  6. there’s a place for people like Lundqvist: it’s called rehab – sather needs to dial up Dr. Drew and get this nonsense sorted out

  7. West Canadian Survivor on

    Vogs and Sven-glad we’re on the same wavelength. Lundqvist is a friggin circus seal:

    For someone who normally rips the team and Renney, I thought they dominated tonight despite some poor defensive coverage. However, when you’re now the highest paid goalie in the league, you have to win a game once in awhile. This is the second straight game Lundqvist has given up 3 goals on very few shots and he blew in the shootout. He hasn’t played consistently well since Thanksgiving. Every time the puck gets in the Rangers zone-its an impending disaster because this guy has no confidence and can’t save anything anymore. This was all cool when he was making 800k and surprising everyone, but now that he makes more than Brodeur, Luongo, Kiprusoff, and the other greats, this just can’t fly anymore. You know what Keenan does? He pulls Kiprusoff every game, he plays Joseph to get the point across, and Kiprusoff has rebounded very well.

    This mediocre goaltending has to stop or else we’re going nowhere. It’s not Backman, Malik, or any of the position players anymore—this sits solely on Lundqvist.

    It’s like watching a friggin circus seal every night now—every time the puck gets dumped in, Lundqvist looks around, bounces his head up and down, tries to head the puck, sprawls all over the place-he has been an abomination. Name a game since Thanksgiving, outside of a couple of scattered ones here and there that he has won. Our current streak is a result of the fact that we can score now.

  8. After totally outplaying them in the 1st
    and not scoring on all those chances
    i saw were this was headed……..
    They got lucky tonight…
    Lets bury them Thursday!

  9. one cup in 67 yrs usually shows up to whine after a loss, so no suprise he is here tonight. I think that is 7 0 and 3 in the last 10 games. terrible record the rangers should probably fire renny tonight!!!!!!

  10. This team is an effin soap opera.

    You got the Captain, THE CAPTAIN!, refusing to take a turn in the shootout while we’re in a fight for a playoff spot. Are you friekin kidding me? A Hall of Fame player, a Stanley Cup winner who is afraid to fail when the spot light is just on him? That pisses me off.

    You got the headcase goaltender who makes millions, unable to make routine stops.

    You got Sean Avery keeping everyone on their toes about whether he will speak with the press.

    You got Tom Renney dishing out ice time like it’s a pee wee hockey game.

    Now we got this defenseman Backmann, who is not good at all.

    Old Man Shanahan who is like the real Captain, but he doesn’t where the “C”. He’s the one that speaks to the media, he’s the one that takes the penalty shots, while Jagr remains silent.

    Sather snickering with Avery through the media.

  11. You people are idiots. Do you actually watch the game? Lundqvist isn’t to blame for these fiascos. The Rangers lousy D is the culprit time and again. Let’s see Malik has the puck and just gives it away. Pass from behind the net hits Rosi in the skate and goes passed Lundqvist. Exactly how is that his fault. Horrible D and a poor bounce. Next we have Backman giving the puck away and making a blind pass to an Icelander who taps his stick. Another goal off of a leg because no one on D clears out the front of the net. And you morons blame Lundqvist? You can’t roll out some of the most inept D men in the league game after game and expect Lundqvist to save their asses every time.

    And while we are at it, if Jagr or Dubi or anyone puts a puck or two in with all the golden opportunities they had in the first period, the game is over. But they can’t bury wide open nets, then the D gives the puck away and doesn’t clear the net. That’s why the Rangers lose. Period.

  12. Chris G has it spot on. From the very beginning We were dominating and then Hank lets in a soft one and then the game changes. We were lucky to get a point seeing how horrible he was tonight. Get them thursday. Relax folks.

  13. West Canadian Survivor on

    Spraystop-I watch every second of every game and go to every home game. I respectfully disagree. You make 7 mil and have to make 1 save-all 3 goals today were a disgrace as was the shootout. When you make 7 mil, you have to make the big save. Marty Brodeur makes the big save here and there and look at what the Devils have done. When you face 15 shots, you usually should win–we don’t usually win. Think about the Flames game, the Flyers game in January, tonight, the list goes on with Henrik…he just hasn’t gotten the job done. When you’re the highest paid goalie in the year, that’s what you’re supposed to do. I think the majority would agree.

  14. backman got owned so hard on that 2nd goal, satan used him as a pick on staal without even touching him.

  15. oh and, goal 1- a disgrace to lundqvist? watch the play – malik blows a completely routine clearout and turns the puck over right behind the net.

    the 2nd goal looked like a complete screen. like i said, i put that one on backman, never in a 2 on 2 situation should you blow coverage in the high slot like that. this is the nhl, not bantam b.

    the third goal looked like a screen but should have been saved. i think henrik thought that as well.

  16. Where’s Beer Me? Another impressive showing by your boy Backman. Minus 2 and could have been -8 … every great scoring opportunity the Isles had Backman was on the ice. So now playing Backman has cost them 3 points – 1 to the Flyers and two to the Islanders …

    As for Jagr why don’t the fans start yelling his name??? Shame Renney and Jagr into the shootout.

  17. Seriously, someone needs to get Lundqvist to focus. Whether it’s his dad, life in new york, his girlfriend, being human, whatever. He must get back his icy cool and stop becoming rattled. He may not be to blame, but we need him to be better than just “not to blame.” We need him to be a game-stealer.

    Personally, I don’t care that Jagr doesn’t do shootouts. But I’d like the guys who do go to hit the net, even if it’s not as hard a save.

  18. what a bunch of hippo-crits. when Aaron Ward put the puck in off his skate, it was his fault, but when Rosival does it, it is henrik’s fault.

    and of course it was malik, as Joe M said 3 times, who gave the puck away in the corner, as he chickened out from being hit, but again it is the goalie’s fault.

    or when backman, who is awful, stands there watching guys screen his goalie and deflect the puck in, it again is the goalie’s fault.

    the same guys who earlier in the year were bashing Vally, and saying he was not a worthy nhl goaltender, now worship him as the new conklin. we’ll see how long that lasts.

  19. longtimerangersfan on

    Lundqvist looks ordinary…Backman’s had his chance…Malik, the human pylon, should just be shown the door and I don’t mean the penalty door…he knows where that is!

  20. West Canadian Survivor on

    Look, I’m not saying that our d-coverage was solid. I’m just saying that the most elite goalies win games for their teams. Henrik is making elite $ and has not won many games for us solely with his acrobatics and skill since Thanksgiving. Henrik has also won 1 shootout since November…We know he has the goods, its just about the focus and Chris F and Sven have been spot on-he just needs to focus-he just seems so lost out there.

    Brodeur has Rachunek, Mottau, and Oduya in front of him and has his team in first. Ty Conklin has had Scuderi, Letang, and others in front of him–those teams are in first place and Ty Conklin is making less that 1/7th of what Lundqvist is making.

  21. Doodie Machetto on

    Forget anything about screens on the third goal. If you want to blame the first one on Malik for the turnover, you need to blame the third one on Henrik for turning the puck over when he tried to play it himself. He’s TERRIBLE with the puck. That one was 100% his fault because of that.

  22. Spraystop, granted, our defense was terrible in their own end for a second consecutive game, but at some point, this dude has to make a big save, which he hasn’t done since the opening month of the season; you never see Brodeur or any other top goalies in the league giving up 3 goals on 8 shots in one game, and then 3 goals and however few shots the following contest – he’s a total spaz, and lacks focus, and Sean Ovary is a total tool who can enjoy the 5 people that show up to Isles games next season; I’d rather pull Aaron Gavey outta retirement than see that tool back on the Garden ice next season…I agree with whoever posted that Sjostrom should be placed on the first line, if that was even this blog, but think Ovary should be bumped down to the fourth line, and Sjostrom placed aside Captain Kangaroo and Dubinsky

  23. West Canadian Survivor on

    Maybe I’m just old fashioned…. I know Malik and Backman blow, but come on, a big goalie has to make a big save once in awhile-you cant lose giving up only 17 shots!!

  24. West Canadian Survivor on

    Thanks for the support, Doodie, I knew you’d come through on Lundqvist. Gomez, Drury, all our high paid guys are pulling their weight…Lundqvist has not…

  25. Lundqvist has played more like Mister Hanky from South Park, a walking, talking pile of poo, than King Henrik a majority of the season

  26. West Canadian Survivor on

    And to clear up one more thing…I know we’re on a winning streak, but we’d be even that much more dominant if we had consistent goaltending. Even when we won on Sunday I was on Lundqvist and in fact win or lose I’ve been on here questioning Lundqvist since November. I watch every second of this team and root for them until the end, but I’m just beyond frustrated with Lundqvist’s inconsistencies this year.

  27. Sather fucking up again, first gets fleeced by JD in the Backman deal then gets fleeced by Lundqvist giving him that ridiculous contract.

  28. makes me wonder why they sent Thomas Pock down at beginning of the season; the dude scored several game-winning goals down the stretch last season; though not the missing link, he’s certainly an upgrade from backman, who we acquired because he’s friends with a goalie who’d make every single save if the puck was an eight-ball of cocaine, or so it seems, judging by his erratic play and extended nightlife

  29. kelsey’s grammar is right on. we’ve quickly found out why Blues fans were so happy to get rid of Backman. he’s a human giveaway and soft as ice cream. still, Hank doesn’t look anywhere near as sharp as early in the season. somehow the Rangers have a 10-game point streak, but no one is going to win a Stanley Cup without an A defenseman and a suspect defensive corps unless the goalie stands on his head most nights.

  30. Ditto for Sven. Pock or Hutchinson would be an upgrade from Backman and help on the power play. Neither is a whiz defensively, but neither is Backman.

  31. lenny with the usual irrational post.. yeah Lundqvist is a fraud he gave up 6 goals in 4 periods he is washed up..

    Sather got fleeced.. classic, the comments from people are beyond stupid…

  32. West Canadian Survivor on

    Stuart, we’re not saying he’s a fraud. However he’s given up 6 goals on 25 shots in 4 periods!! And he’s been doing this since November! We all know he has the goods, it’s just focus and consistency, especially since he is the highest paid goalie. I ask anyone on this board to name more than 3 games he has stolen since the end of November against Tampa when he spoke out about not having the proper d-men on to preserve his shutout.

    A big goalie, consistently wins big games.

  33. You ever think that maybe it’s not focus? Maybe Lundqvist is just tired of making the saves over and over again only to have Malik/Backman/etc give up the puck and get pounded from the slot over and over again. Or have pucks from behind the net not only NOT get cut off but deflect in off of defensemen? Can you imagine how hard it is to know that you play each game without any experienced competent D in front of you. You people want Lundqvist to stand on his head and steal every game no matter how bad the giveaways and the D are. And stop bringing up his contract. He just signed it. Good for him. You are the same idiots that were crucifying Drury about a month ago. You were wrong then and you are wrong now. You don’t need to question guys like Drury or Lundqvist. They are pros but they can’t do it all by themselves. How about the team plays some solid defense and scores the goals they should? Henrik will be just fine if he isn’t hung out to dry every game. How can you possibly watch the horror show the D played in front of him and behind him tonight and blame him?

    How bout when Dublewicz was obviously hurt and couldn’t get up? A golden opportunity for a goal but the Rangers couldn’t even get it in the Icelander zone and apply pressure for about five minutes. How bout when Jagr had the puck in front with Duble down in the first period and couldn’t get his stick on it to tap it in the open net. How bout the wide open two on one in the first when Dubinski hit the crossbar? How bout in shootout when Dublewicz dives on his belly on every shot but none of the Rangers shooters can put one top corner? And the coach puts out friggin Rosival for shootout with Drury and Callahan on the bench. But this is all Lundqvist’s fault right? How bout when Sjo comes out of the corner with a great move with a minute or so to play and an Icelander takes his legs out with a two hander and there is no call in the Bettman NHL? Just like Callahan getting his jersey pulled in the final minute against Philly and no call?

    There are so many things wrong with these games from the NHL rules that no one can figure out, to the dumb coaching moves, to the GM that does nothing for the team now that Don Maloney is gone, to the defense made up of kids that are learning and journeymen who absolutely suck, hit no one and give the puck away constantly but Henrik is soft? Right. Henrik is the least of the Rangers problems right now. You can’t expect a goalie to save your teams ass all the time to cover constant horrible play. If that’s what you think will make a Cup run, you’ll be disappointed in the first round.

  34. West Canadian Survivor on

    Look, I see where you’re coming from, but I disagree. Plus I’ve never bagged Drury, plus in my 25 years of watching this team, I’m pretty sure I’ve never been called an idiot. I’m kind of annoyed that when someone disagrees on this site, the other person is automatically an idiot. ALL I’m saying is that Lundqvist has been terribly frustrating to watch in 2008 and that I’d like to see him save one game for us.

    Basically, the East sucks, we have a team that if our goaltending and D was more consistent, could at least come out of the East.

    I’m done on the Lundqvist issue now because clearly I don’t know what I’m talking about. Look forward to all of the hate mail in the morning.

  35. Seamus O Riley on

    great job by the MSG shills barely mentioning that Malik looked terrified to get hit and just handed the puck over.

    When Malik makes a very routine play, MSG shills MUST make more over it than it was.

    gross shilling which I believe goes back to Jimmy Jazz.

  36. OK – first of happy to get the point as for a while there it looked like we were gonna come away empty handed. Just two observations… Backman looks like a big ole pile of shite out there. Oh my word is he bad. How bout him falling for Vasicek banging his stick behind the net. And that wasn’t his only blunder. I feel bad for Staal… He should be learning from his partner… not scared to even pass him the puck!

    Also – I had issues with Renney picking Jags to take a penalty shot in the famous MTL loss… Not huge issues – just didn’t think he was the right guy considering the rut he was in. But Rozy taking a shot in the 5th round are you kidding. I know others have already pointed this out on this blog but what the heck is Renney thinking. Its like he is just happy to get the point and doesn’t give a shite about the shootout point. Why on earth would he pick Rozy when you have Drury, Cally and even Sjostrom or Avery out there. Who the heck knows – I thought I heard them saying that Drury had a skate issue late in the OT period…. maybe that was it. Anyway – on to Thursday in the Coleshitem… lets freakin get these guys this time in regulation so Renney can’t have Rozy, Backman and Betts taking the penalties… who knows he might even ask Hank to take one! But I doubt that is allowed.

  37. I hope by now Renney and crew are realizing we can’t afford to have Backman and Malik in the lineup on the same night.It’s like spotting the opponent a goal. Is Mara skating yet?

  38. Renny’s picks for the shootout remind me of what a parent-coach would do coaching 10 year olds…like someone said earlier. Did he make eye contact with Rozy’s parents in the stands or something…and then feel obligated to put him up?

  39. While I myself was curious about why Rosival was put in on the shootout (he is more of a shoot-from-the-blue-line-with-traffic-in-front kind of guy), and was also curious why Callahan wasn’t given a chance in the shootout, I agree 110% with what Jagr says: ““Don’t ask me about the shootout. When I go in you guys ask me why I go in. When I don’t go in you ask me why I don’t go in. Make up your mind. Do you want me to go or do you not want me to go?””

    This goes doubly for every blog, messageboard, and post about the Rangers. When Jagr sits, people complain he was not in. When he goes into the shootout and does not score, people complain about him being in. I can understand his sentiments 100%. Yes, he is the Captain of the Rangers. That does not mean he is forced to be in the shootout (why not just make shootouts the C and two A’s?). He can lead in other ways.

  40. Spraystop, your rationale for Mister Hanky’s play would work if this was a volunteer job, but he’s a multi-millionairre now who has responsibilities to the team; the dude right now isn’t playing like a has-been but a never was; if you blame malik and backman for Mister Hanky’s poor performance, then you’re letting him off the hook for not being mentally prepared for the games…Henrik is the first to admit that his problem is focus and confidence, although he seems averse to admitting that he has an apparent drug problem, or plays as such

  41. Doodie Machetto on

    “Sather fucking up again, first gets fleeced by JD in the Backman deal then gets fleeced by Lundqvist giving him that ridiculous contract”

    Actually, he was fleeced by Lundqvist before the Backman deal.

    Seamus, you want to talk about how they shill for Malik, but how about how everyone shills for Avery. He had a turnover that was a breakaway and almost a goal, and then he had another turnover that led to the rush that was the Islanders’ second goal. But nobody talks about his turnovers, because everyone’s mouth is too busy being full of his jock.

  42. Doodie Machetto on

    Not that I’m defending Malik, just saying that the blame can and should be spread around.

  43. Doodie Machetto on

    VNYR, maybe not the worst player (our defense was pretty terrible), but definitely the worst forward.

    I’m glad someone else saw it.

  44. I was at the game and EVERYONE could not believe it when they announced Rozy as a shooter! Are you KIDDING ME??? We had 2/3 of our top line still available, one of our $7million centers and Callahan and you pick a D-MAN????

    Re Lundqvist- It was said all around me last night, 3 goals on the first 11 shots is unnacceptable if you are the highest paid goalie in the NHL. I don’t want to hear excuses I expect the highest paid goalie to steal some wins, not just manage the game. There is more to the story than we know, as he has not been great this year.

    Larry Brooks has compared Avery to Glen Murray, Jere Lehtinen, and Keith Tkachuk, IS HE SERIOUS????????????

    Highlight of the game last night was when a girl sitting in the 320s turned around punched an icelander fan in the face, then sat back down in her seat, not once but twice. The thirs time she dove over the few rows of seats between them and pummeled him, then HE got thrown out. Gotta love it

  45. “Hen-rik” should of been pulled last night, why Rozsival on the shootout I don’t know and why not go with Callahan, Sjostrom, Avery or even Malik with that famous dippy do goal. I hope Renney plays “Ste-vie” in the game.

  46. “Where’s Beer Me? Another impressive showing by your boy Backman. ”

    koffy – when the F*ck did he become MY boy? Until he gets up off of your lap he’s still your’s pal. I said I was giving him until after the boston game this weekend. And at this point he’s going to have to score about 5 goals and block 30-40 shots for me to even put him above Malik on the depth chart.

    SAM – I heard those comments from Jagr on the radio this a.m. And it sounded like he was disgusted and somewhat angry/upset to be answering that question. I guess we have to take your word for the fact that he was ‘smiling’ through the answer. Sure didn’t relate well without video. And it sure doesn’t seem like something to be smiling about in the first place.

    Regardless of what took place in the shootout,(here’s absolutley NO question that Rozy in the shootout was an odd choice at best) since it should have never have gone that far…we took at least a point in the last 10 games. Something that hasn’t been done in 12 YEARS!

    I don’t blame the ‘loss’ on Jagr for not wanting to shoot in the shootout, b/c he sux at it anyway. I can’t say that I don’t blame Hank, b/c he’s supposed to be our guy in net, and he was OUTPLAYED by Wade MF’n Dubliewitz (or however you spell that). Something that I stated would be a key yesterday.

    There were offensive chances that were missed. There were defensive blunders that made me want to pull my eyes out with my own fingers. But most of all there was a turnover by our $7mil man that could have been avoided if he’d just stay in the goddamn crease. It’s going to get harder and harder to defend Backman if he doesn’t pick up his play, but he would have never had the chance to turn the puck over if Hank would have either NOT played the puck, or played the puck around the glass and out of the zone. Could have been a different game if he stayed in the blue. But again, I’m not pinning the loss just on his shoulders. HE’S the one that has to look in the mirror and tell himself he’s EARNING 6.8mil. Not me.

    More from me later, but some a-hole at the office scheduled a conference call for 8:30.

  47. Was it me or did Shanny have an awful game, missing a couple of open nets. I dont disagree that he should be in the SO, but why not take last licks the way Shanny and the King were playing??!

  48. More wisdom from Larry Brooks- “Why give him almost $7million when $4.5 would have done it” whatever you are smoking Larry please let me know. OH and another thing Larry, get rid of that STUPID members only jacket that you wear to the games, you like ridiculous. At least Dellapina looks like a porfessional.

  49. Spraystop, this dude named Martin Brodeur routinely wins games for his mates; though unfair to compare Mister Hanky to best goalie in history, I daresay that Dipietro, or even Emery would be upgrade from Mister Hanky at this point; bet Emery wouldn’t ask team to import 6mil in salary so he could have a friend; Henrik n Backman, BFF forever, baby; when did Rangers’ fans start letting players off the hook b/c they’re smooth with women? Everyone’s on Ovary’s jock, Mister Hanky’s too, yet neither showed up in the past two games, and many others before this recent stretch as well; if Henrik looked like Ovechkin and spoke like Rocky Balboa, he would’ve been run out of town a long time ago…when did Rangers’ fans replace the fire in their bellies with a womb? Probably the day they posted a don’t use foul or obscene language message on gardenvision during Rangers-Flyers games…”didn’t need no welfare state, everybody pulled their weight, gee, our old lasalle ran great, those were the days”…buy a Porsche Hextall, buy a Porsche

  50. I take it back, it wasn’t Brooks who is delusional, it was Jay Greenberg in the Post. He should stop writing about things he knows nothing about.

  51. prophetic words of wisdom, Doodie Machetto; couldn’t agree more…you’d think Ovary was servicing half of Rangers’ nation with the outpouring of support he’s received

  52. I love how people equate a guys salary to making a save. Because Hanks making 7 mil a year he has to stop every deflection and every screen shot. It’s humorous to me.

    How does Malik not take any heat here? He stood in the corner and shyed away from contact because he was afraid to get hit. He let the islander play the puck while he stood there with his thumb up his ass.

  53. sven – nice post man. The fire is alive, but not in those that can afford to be there every night.

    pj – awesome story about that chick man.

    Oh, one thing that I wanted to mention…Drury’s goal was absolutely CLUTCH. At a point that even ME thought the game was over he cam through and gave us life. Also good to see Cally finding the net again. The move to htfd helped him BIG time.

    Dellapina wrote today that our starting goalie is up in the air for tomorrow night, as it should be.

    And believe me when I say that I’m not totally sold on Backman yet. However, I still think his audition needs to continue until sunday.

  54. okay, yes, it’s Malik’s fault, whatever, watch a non-Ranger NHL game and notice how other goalies are expected to make clutch saves and bail their teammates out; if you make $7 mil in a sport with a $50 mil plus salary cap, you better frickin perform because you’re costing your team like three players with the amount of money being “earned”…Rangers’ fans need to get a grip, and not of their kizzocks with pictures of Ovary and Mister Hanky in-hand…

  55. “I love how people equate a guys salary to making a save. Because Hanks making 7 mil a year he has to stop every deflection and every screen shot. It’s humorous to me.”

    Rob L – this really isn’t just to you, b/c alot of people say similar things. But here’s my point of view on this….

    It’s NOT about stopping every deflection of screen shot. There is no one in front of him during a shootout. The shootout that he’s been beaten on 5 of 8 times this year.

  56. NO one thinks he should stop the deflections Rob. 3 goals last night= 1st- deflection I have NO issue with this goal. Goals 2 and 3 were soft. HL is good for one soft goal a game, well last night one soft goal was the difference between winning and losing. YOu are the HIGHEST paid goalie in the league Hank, play like it. I expect the highest paid goalie int he league to be better than average, Hank has not been that.

    I had to take Greenberg to task about his story today, I’ll post his response if he bothers to respond. $4.5 long term would have gotten HL signed but Sather threw $6million at him- THAT IS THE WORST STATEMENT i have ever seen, ranks up there with Eklund. If HL signed a ONE Year for $4.25 before the season why would he take $4.5 long term?? It’s amazing how some idiots can get columns in the papers (Sam that is NOT a shot at you, you are one of the best reads around)

  57. Yes, your boy Mara is skating, already – over at the Ice Capades with the rest of the Bloomer Girls.

  58. Whether or not you blame Lundqvist for the loss you can ALL agree on one thing- Lundqvist is NOT the same goalie that he’s been in the past. This is not the same guy. If you want to go into detail about this goal and that goal, who didn’t clear the puck, who was afraid to take a hit, etc, that’s fine. But Hank is NOT “saving” games for usthe way he was early in the season and in years past. That’s just a fact.

  59. Stuart, you are incapable of identifying anybody’s intelligence, you are the “Jess” of this board except without the knowledge and the work effort to provide info about our prospects.

  60. Waaaaaaah Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!!
    I need my bottle, the Rangers lost in the shootout! On noooooooooooooo!! The whole team is awful! Waaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! We didn’t get two points!!! The season is over!!!! All of the guys that we have been praising of late are just shit once again because we had a shootout loss!!!!!!! Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh!

    Fairweather! You know who you are! And this is not directed at just one person. Bunch of fucking whiners! Makes me sick.

  61. reginald dunlop on

    no way are Dubliewicz’s pads legal…………must have got them from Tony Esposito……….and wearing garth snow’s shoulder pads………league really has to get on this goalie cheating …….nice protective pads on the inside of dubliewicz’s leg pads that just happen to hang on the inside and stretch the area covered in between his legs…….where is kay whitmore hiding with his goalie measuring devices???????

  62. Nasty, no worries; your Daneyko jersey should be ready to pick up from the dry cleaners by friday

  63. Daneyko Jersey huh? Is that the best you can come up with? If you are questioning my loyalty to the NYR than you clearly have been hitting on that PCP way too much this morning. It’s funny too, because I don’t really remember seeing your name on here too much. I post here daily.

  64. Yeah Sven, even when I shit on everyone for coming down on this team, I will bet that even they will come to my defense before yours.

  65. We’ve all seen that Henrik has not been the goalie we’ve come to know, love and rely on the last half or so of this season. If the Rangers are going anywhere in the playoffs he has to pick it up, plain and simply. The bright side is at least they got a point last night and, although 2 is better every point helps. Hartford Hutchinson has to be a better option than Backman. Not that Slats is rushing to call him up but would he have to clear waivers first?

  66. um, the Rangers are 4 points from NOT MAKING the playoffs, so if they miss playoffs by 1 point we should remember your prescient wisdom about giving away points to teams behind us in the standings that are missing starting goalie and half of their defense…

  67. Sven, if the Rangers don’t make the playoffs I will take a picture with a DiPietro jersey on and put a feather in my ear and post it on this site. I will even autograph it for you so you can hang it in your room.

  68. Western Canada Survivor on

    Nasty 1, it goes along with what I was saying last night. Because I complain about Lundqvist doesn’t mean I don’t love this team. I think the fact we all go to a Ranger blog and vent pretty much answers that question.

    Yeah we’re on a streak, but I don’t like losing in OT-it’s a “point,” but its a loss. We could be on fire right now if we had a consistent goalkeeper. We’re still only a couple of games above the drop zone.

  69. The team is getting points. Plain and simple. Did I want 2? Yes. We didn’t get them. These things happen. I don’t fully blame Hank. Last nights game does not concern me much. If we can bounce back after the loss to Montreal, we can definitely bounce right back from this.

    Deal with it!

  70. Nasty, yes, you waste more time posting on lohud than me, apologies, but no sincere Rangers’ fan can be happy about giving away a point in last nite’s game when you consider the dogfight they’re in to make the playoffs after spending $84 million in one hour on July 1st to upgrade team, then another $60 mil to solidify it during season…I could care less who agrees with me or defends me; I can defend myself, and after watching NHL hockey for nearly forty years, and about 800 games per year through center ice package, think I’m at least qualified to offer an opinion on your loyalties…and no, that’s not the best I can do, but it’s the best you’ll get…I love how proprietary you folks get with your blog comment pages…

  71. I didn’t say the Isles would make the playoffs, but there’s a team called the Buffalo Sabres 4 points behind us

  72. Then why do you bother responding? I have been going to hockey games for 30 years, and also have the center ice package. I don’t really care what your qualifications are. I am glad we got a point. Would you have rather not?

  73. Yeah…they rangers are 4 points from not making it… but they are also like 6 points from being #1 in the East!

    Come on! Stop whining!

    2 horrible deflections and a terrible screen shot and without those we win. Henrik saved the big ones that he could see!!!!! He made the big saves…

    And you cant blame him for the SO loss either…. if we hit the net…or shoot high on a 3 foot tall goalie….we WIN!!!! why was everyone trying for the 5-hole?????

    Bad decisions….D’s fault and shooters in SO fault!!!! Not Henrik’s!!!!!!!

  74. Now, I definitely admit when I am wrong. But what I can’t stand is how people’s opinions change from game to game. I don’t care what this team was projected to be this year. We are not THAT team. We are a team that struggled all season to find it’s identity. We have sort of found it, and can be even better. Hank has not been as good as he was in the beginning of the season, there is no debate there. My concern is what this team does. I will take a point over none any day. Of course I want a win every night. But we are not going to win every game for the rest of the season.

  75. Re: Hutchinson. Yes he has to clear waivers first, but of more concern is that he is either UFA or RFA, I’m pretty sure UFA at the end of the year. SO basically we dumped Cullen for nothing.

    Is it just me or does Rozy look less and less like a $5million dollar a year DMAN every game. I don’t see him getting better, I think this will be his career year. I HATE him at $5million per, PLEASE GLEN DON’T SIGN HIM FOR THAT

    Tomorrow becomes a big game for us, as Buff is closing in and if we lose that means the fishies took 3 out of 4 points.

  76. Western Canada Survivor on

    Now THAT I can 100% agree with Nasty 1. Although I feel I have been pretty consistent throughout the year in picking out certain flaws (Renney, etc…)

    To put an end to my Henrik posting-yeah, we’re on a streak, and its great that we’re picking up points, but we’d be in a much better place if he’d been stopping the puck with more regularity. Each beat writer, including Sam, wrote about Lundqvist’s inconsistencies in today’s stories as well, so it’s not just Sven, myself, and others.

    Onto Thursday’s game which is a must win…

  77. psychic – thank you for saying that. It’s always the pessimists that look behind us in the standings.

    Think anyone would say “Thank god we got that point vs the isles that game. It gave us that extra point we needed to win the division/conf” ?? Not many people around would say that. I would though. We’re closer to that goal than we have been in YEARS…like a DECADE!

  78. This 10 game stretch is the best stretch we’ve had in 10 fuggin years people! The offense that was advertised back in September has finally arrived. The soft defense that we KNEW we had is showing it’s colors. Our youth is being utilized and opportunities are being taken advantage of. And Avery is being an a-hole. Everything is as it should be RIGHT NOW.

    The one thing that is not ‘as advertised’ at this point is the league’s highest paid goalie. There’s still time for him to get hot and we know how he can perform. It’s on his shoulders now and his quotes in the papers indicate that he knows as such. It’s up to him how he will handle it.

    Though I don’t think Vally on the island tomorrow is a bad idea.

  79. A point is ALWAYS better than no point. No matter what. It is like kissing your sister though. But any time you can climb up instead of standing put, it is a good thing.

  80. I will use some of you brain surgeons logic. Big goalies win big games henrik lost yesterday he is not a big goalie.. BRAIN Surgeons are all 16 games left big games? Tell me what is not a big game???

    Yeah Henrik has played bad the last few games, and your point is!!!!!!!!!

    The stupidity that emanates from all blogs when there team loses is hilarious…….

  81. A lot of bitterness here today. Did we get eliminated from the playoffs last night?

    From what I am reading here, you would think we did.

    Oh wait. We got a point, had to come from behind as a result of sloppy D and goaltending, and we are 6 points from the top of the division with a game in hand on the Pens and we play them 3x before the season ends.

    A lot of people seem very frustrated. I am too.

    From a game to game perspective, last night was so annoying. We dominated the first 20 mins and came out down 1-0. Malik’s fault 70%, Rosy’s fault 15% (more his bad luck than anything), and Hank’s fault 15%. I have debated this with people already, but Hank’s stick has to be on the ice and he has to be expecting the puck to end up on the doorstep all the time. Malik got pushed off and acted like a pu$$y, no question.

    The shootout thing is so frustrating too. Clearly Jags sux at SOs. I commend him for putting his ego aside and letting others go ahead of him. He is right that we give him crap for being in the SO and for not being in the SO. We are schizo for that. On the others taking shots: We have no idea who is the best based on practice and whatnot. Avery, Cally, Drury (possibly injured or something), Shoe, etc were all available and he went with Rosy and Straka. Who knows the reasons behind the decisions? Laugh at this, but story goes that Hollweg is actually excellent at SOs in practice.

    Did the refs swallow their whistles last night? Another deplorable game of officiating. How was that not a trip on Shoe by Witt (little pu$$y) with 2 to play? Total BS. Like this kid Shoe a lot. Don’t really miss Hollweg in there. Orr played a good game.

    Bottom line: We are going nowhere in the postseason if Lundy cannot stop letting in soft goals. The first goal was not Hank’s fault, mostly. But the 3rd goal, WTF. It’s nuts that the team is starting to gel from an offensive stand point and Hank is sucking ass.

    I will also add that the D continues to play very soft physically. 2 words: Too European. Scary when Mr. Hip Check Toots is your biggest hitter on D. Rosy, Malik, Backman…hahaha. Girardi is there some games and some he is not. Staal is a rookie so I will cut him some slack, but he is not playing physical enough either. When Mara comes back, who sits?

    Lots of hockey left. We control our own destiny.

  82. Nasty, I’m not going to deny that one point is better than none, but c’mon dude, you know we shoulda killed that team last nite; it’s not the point so much as the trend in Hank’s goaltending, and Ovary dealing with contract issues right after the trading deadline when we should be focusing on the playoffs; they gave away the point to the habs, fine, but they also blew that home-and-home against the bruins around the holidays, and still have a game left against the sabres, so despite their excellent play in recent weeks, the Rangers still have absolutely zero margin for error. Every point counts; just ask the Isles, who had to win the final 8 games last year to qualify…at least Sam didn’t declare Isles’ season officially over last nite like he did when we beat them last year before their run…

  83. The POINT was HUGE. Philly lost, we stayed current with the B’s who lost in OT. Not tragic at all. I will take the point everyday.

    My brothers and I were having a discussion and maybe some of you on the blog, goalies but others as well, could answer this question.

    On the first goal, Do you blame Henry for not having his stick on the ice when he was moving to cover a shot from the slot? My thought is this game moves real fast and you can’t expect a goalie to make that save all the time if at all. The puck was deflected less then a foot from Henry.

    Curious to hear your thoughts.

  84. When you went to Adams you might’ve been called a spazz, or a dork, or a geek. Any of you that have ever felt stepped on, left out, picked on, put down, whether you think you’re a nerd or not, why don’t you just come down here and join us. Okay? Come on.

  85. Richard, yes, for me last nite’s game was particularly frustrating because after learning that Dipietro would not be playing for a lame reason like the death of his grandma, I thought we’d blow the Isles out of the building; we totally dominated the first but found ourselves trailing after another shot from behind the net; deflected off roszival’s skate or not, hank needs to have that paddle down – my argument has been that his focus is not what it needs to be, that he is an amazing goaltending, but that his off-ice exploits probably take precedence over this duty as a professional athlete…

  86. I am glad you at least find the humor in the PCP comment.
    And yes, there is no margin for error. But this is a hockey season. Teams get hot and cold at different times. We have seen this with teams all year. Even the Devils, Ottawa, and Detroit have gone through periods of SHIT play. We happen to be hot, for the most part, right now. I know what you mean about the home at home with the Bruins. But some teams just have other teams numbers. Look at us with the Devils and Flyers this year. We have to just make due with what we have and get points any way we can the rest of the way through.

  87. Western Canada Survivor on

    Look, the 10 game point streak is a little misleading since as of 3 years ago you could lose in OT and not gain a point. Certainly, I’m thrilled that we keep moving up, but I’m just concerned because we are another 3 game losing streak away from 9th.

    I guess I’m just kind of surprised how unpopular my point of view has been. Even if we had won last night, I would have questioned Henrik’s play since late November/early December. Am I suggesting we make someone else a starter? Of course not! I just feel that we could be doing EVEN better if Henrik had been more consistent. I think a more consistent goalie relaxes the team and a defense which is mediocre at best.

    Richard-to your point-I know Malik and Backman were at faults for goals 1 and 3, but it’s just the way Henrik has looked. He is so unsure of himself + 2-3 posts were hit yesterday on routine shots too. I think he’s been very out of position.

    Henrik Lundqvist can be the best goalie in this league-he has proved it many times-especially early this year. However, look at what he did for us down the stretch and in the playoffs last year-he was a phenom–I’m just not seeing that right now and when you are now paid like he is, I expect more.

    Anyway, that’s just how I feel about things? Am I happy we’re moving up? No question. I just feel we could be doing even better with a 100% mentally focued Lundqvist.

  88. Doodie Machetto on

    Nasty, criticism sometimes IS support. Dissent with poor performances is the essence of being a concious fan instead of a mindless follower. Am I supposed to be happy that they got 1 pt instead of 2? No. I want the most from the team at all times. Why should I have to settle? It’s that roll over and accept it mentality that plagued the fanbase during the near decade of non-playoff years this team had. I want them to battle and win every 2 points. How is it bad that I could want that? I’m certainly not a fairweather fan because of it. I root for the team everytime they hit the ice, and I want them to take 2 pts every time. But how does my complaining over their lack of success not make me a fan? I’m a more critical fan, but no less a fan.

    This is directed towards psychic and all of the other Henrik defenders for not having any fault on the three goals. Goal 1, I’ll give you, Malik’s fault, fluke goal, no blame for Hank. Second goal, Avery turnover, bad defensive play by Backman, and a screen, but the shot wasn’t that far from him, and if he didnt’t automatically drop to his knees everytime the puck was shot, it would’ve hit him on the shoulder. Still, I’m willing to give him a pass on that one. But if you want to blame Malik for the first goal, you ABSOLUTELY have to blame Hank for the third, because it was caused by a turnover by Henrik having absolutely no ability at playing the puck. So say what you want abuot screens, but if Hank doesn’t turn that one over, that shot doesn’t get taken and it doesn’t go in.

  89. I didn’t call anyone any less a fan, and are you directing your mindless follower comment at me?

  90. Doodie Machetto on

    Richard, I think an argument can be made that it is partly Hanks fault because he was cheating in anticipation of having to come across the net, and as such, had his legs wide open. But even still, it’s a fluke goal. He didn’t bank it off of Hank (not directly anyway), but instead off of Rozsival, who was in a good position to block a centering pass. In fact, his skate deflection might not have even put the puck in if it didn’t also hit Lundqvist.

    Too flukey to put blame on anyone except Malik for turning it over.

  91. all i have to say is this:

    i was completely gaffed when i heard them say rozi was up next in the shootout. completely freaking gaffed. did tom renney somehow smoke crack before the shootout?

  92. Doodie Machetto on

    Yes, I am directing it at you, based on this post:

    “Waaaaaaah Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!!
    I need my bottle, the Rangers lost in the shootout! On noooooooooooooo!! The whole team is awful! Waaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! We didn’t get two points!!! The season is over!!!! All of the guys that we have been praising of late are just shit once again because we had a shootout loss!!!!!!! Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh!

    Fairweather! You know who you are! And this is not directed at just one person. Bunch of fucking whiners! Makes me sick.”

  93. I honestly don’t care much about the shootout, it is what it is. If people want to make a big deal about who goes when etc.. so be it but it doesn’t really point out the real issues. It’s not all Henrik’s fault, the defense hasn’t been crisp but he just hasn’t been his old self either. I’ve seen lot’s of weak goals go past Henrik this year. Oh well I’m going to just let this game go, nothing to do but that. Hopefully we can give the Islanders some payback on Thursday. Go Rangers. :)

  94. agreed; sunday’s and monday’s games against B’s and Sabres are HUGE, and yeah, I figure this is a hockey blog, so folks are gonna give, as well as receive shots; it’s all good…and the name Sven is a rip on Henrik’s play, a take-off of an e-bay ad or something akin where this personal assistant Sven helps family handle business, so I hope that assuages concerns that I’m another overpaid piece of euro trash infiltrating the Rangers’ domain…

  95. I didn’t say any less a fan though, I said fairweather. Meaning tunes change from minute to minute. Doodie, are you really my wife? She puts words in my mouth all of the time too and twists what I say. She is very good at it, and sometimes I believe her, even when she says something that I said that I really didn’t.

    Alison, is it you?

  96. I agree with some of the stupidity parading around the blogs.
    Loose or tie – sky is falling
    Win – nothing to talk about but Averys stupid antics.
    Hendrick looses he sucks
    Hendrick wins he’s the King.
    Trust me… we all know Hank hasn’t been playing well of late, but look even with him playing the way he is, we are still playing our best hockey of the season.

    It’s the fishsticks, they get hard for games like these. and it showes
    I am thrilled JJ wasn’t in the shootout… he absolutely sucks!
    Avery was invisible last night probably because his self caused team distraction, distracted him.
    As far has Backmann…at least he didn’t take any dumb penalties last night. I like his size and he is more mobile than that skating stiff we know as Malik. I think Backman is just nervous and has to settle in…but we will see.
    I love how some of you think we should take Hank, Valli Malik, Backman, and in the past Drury, and Jagr out behind the Garden, line them up and shoot’em. Just pathetic…guess some of you have never had a bad day!
    I’m having a bad one right now after reading some of the posts!

  97. We have high expectations for Hank based on his contract, i just want to see him produce.

    When Mara comes back I rotate Malik and Backman- Staal does not seem to play well with Wally Backman.

    Tomorrow night in goal??? Early in the yera I would call it crazy but now, maybe Valli isn’t a bad idea?? Lundqvist is not going to wake up on his own, maybe he needs a swift kick in the arse?? Could he not be sleeping again?? Why has he let in so many soft goals?? Has the league figured him out?? Other than HL’s play recently I am loving this team right now- This is the team I expected to see in Oct.

    Shoey fits in well, makes you forget about Hollywood. What about Prucha though?????? If we don’t play him his confidence evaporates (if he even has any left) but I don’t know who I would sit??? Cally has been playing great and is more physical and PKs. Dawes?? Dawes and Prucha are similar Dawes has a better offensive game and slightly weaker Defensive game. Unless there is an injury I don’t think Prucha plays much this year for us

  98. And Doodie and Sven. I agree that criticism is fine, and I will dish it out too. But I also give credit for the positives too. Because although we haven’t been perfect, we have been doing good things too during this stretch, aside from the Montreal collapse. I guess that is my main gripe. I feel when we don’t flat out win, a lot of people on here just rip on the team. And when we win it is praise all around. Can you at least see where I am coming from. I can predict what is going to be on this blog while I am driving to work just from the outcome of the game. I thought we were the better team last night, even though we lost. Perfect team, not even close, but better, yup.


  100. PJ – all good questions in that post. Fortunately for us we can sit here all day and go back and forth as to who fits where. And if we’re wrong, who really gives a sh-t? Maybe some of us that are on here all the time may remember someone saying ‘such and such’. But those are all questions that an NHL coach has to ask himself all day, all season. This isn’t just about whoever coaches the Rangers. But it kinda points out that coaches in general take the first and hardest rap when things don’t work out. Sometimes they don’t get a second chance to make those decisisions. Not only that, but if the correct decision IS made, and the player(s) can’t execute…9 times out of 10 the players are not held accountable by management all the way down to the fans.

  101. Mark my words, if Henrik doesn’t pull his game back to form, we are going nowhere in the playoffs, assuming we even make the playoffs. And if he were playing the way he played during his first two seasons, we’d be at the very least above Boston.

  102. So many shills around here. Recognize when you teams has an obvious shit game/season.

    The Rangers have basically no room to breathe, and they are obviously still playing hockey at about 70% of their ability. *That is what is frustrating.* I do not mind losing hockey games when you can see your team playing as well as they possibly can. However, the New York Rangers hardly EVER play as well as they can. They play to “squeak by” (under Renney’s watch? sure looks like it) and for the most part, it has not worked out for them this year.

    That’s the problem. And the same goes for *wins*, and I’ve said this all along. *I don’t like seeing this team win games when they obviously haven’t worked hard.* All I want to see is a team to be proud of with a strong work ethic and a thirst for winning.

  103. Doodie Machetto on

    So you think all of the fairweather fans in Buffalo are as good of fans of their team as we are of ours?

    That’s ludicrous. A fairweather fan is less of a fan, just as a fairweather friend is less of a friend. They are of a lower quality.

  104. “Look, the 10 game point streak is a little misleading since as of 3 years ago you could lose in OT and not gain a point. Certainly, I’m thrilled that we keep moving up, but I’m just concerned because we are another 3 game losing streak away from 9th.”

    1) good thing it’s not 3 years ago then.
    2) we’re a 3 game winning streak from home-ice advantage in the 1st rnd too.


  105. and also, all future blog discussion of Sean Ovary should be directed to the fashion section, since he seems to have made more appearances at Fashion Week than recent divisonal battles; Shanny, fine, hang with Calvin Klein, and then do not pass go, but travel directly to the Hall of Fame; Ovary pops off at the mouth then does nothing – Doodie is only person to point out Ovary’s turnover at the blueline that led to the 2nd goal, one of about a half-dozen Ovary committed throughout the course of last nite’s game, which cost him team a goal after they’d fought back to tie; he’d be infinitely less marketable anywhere else, and few teams desire his services despite his proclamations to the contrary…I therefore proclaim that other than Henrik, Ovary needs to share blame for last nite’s loss of a point; and I am traditionally a huge Renney basher, but this game should’ve never have gone to a shootout, so I’m not going to place the blame on his shoulders other than to say that it appears like Henrik’s game against the Flyers was not, as Renney described, like slipping on a banana peel, but perhaps the precursor of things to come

  106. Doodie Machetto on

    Jeff, if he were playing hoe he started the season, we would be first in the Eastern Conference right now.

  107. Doodie Machetto on

    Jeff, if he were playing the way he started the season, we would be first in the Eastern Conference right now.

  108. It’s easy to blame the coach as he makes the decisions- right or wrong but if a sales team is not performing the sales manager gets the blame.

    2nd Funny story from last night’s game- a guy sitting behind me asks why do they chant Potvin Sucks. A guy next to him, in his 60s, says “It’s because in 1982 he hit Barry Beck and slightly seperated his shoulder”. I proceed to correct him and he tells me I know nothing about what I am talking about. After 10 other people tell him he is the idiot he shuts up for the rest of the game! If you don’t know your team history it’s simple- shut up.

    With that said it is sad that the question can even be brought up but Who do you start in goal tomorrow? That HL is the highest paid goalie in the league and we are even discussing it shows how he has not lived up to his contract? Honestly I much as I hate Martha can anyone remeber instances where he was playing so inconsistent that he was going to not play in a rivalry/playoff positioning matchup in March????

  109. Beer Me – I think those were Willie Randolph’s famous last words in 2007 – although I admit a huge difference, the Rangers do seem to be rather convinced they’re making the playoffs, much like the Mets until losing to the Marlins on the final day

  110. “I don’t like seeing this team win”

    salty – HOW COULD YOU SAY THAT?!?

    I know, I know, I twisted that. But YOU said it!

    But even if they don’t work hard, I like to see a win either way. Someone touched upon it yesterday. Something along the lines of “good teams can win games even when they don’t play their best”. And that is absolutely true. You find ways to win games sometimes. You think Pitt or Det hasn’t won games that they didn’t work hard in? Do you think they’re not proud to be in 1st?

  111. I think that fans that don’t point out the positives, even though they are pissed off and angry about losing or not getting two points, are not looking at the whole picture. And I think Buffalo is in an entirely different situation than we are. I have some friends from Buffalo and they live and die with that team. I think Ranger fans are the most loyal in the world, and I am happy and proud to be one, but sometimes, and like with all fans, some are just way too negative. I am not saying that all of you are all the time, but a majority it is just bitching and moaning. Now, I too felt sort of the same way when I had such high expectations before the season started. But I am willing to take what we have right now for what it is. A team that just found it’s way and identity. So no, I don’t think anyone in here is any less a fan. It just annoys me how some of you deal with things. Yes, that is my problem, just as how you deal with them losing or not getting two points is your problem. You vent about it, and I vent about you. It’s the beautiful circle of life man. So deal with it. I know I am. Who has the pipe?

  112. longtimerangersfan on

    Nasty if you agree that criticism is fine why do you jump down anyone’s throat that dares to give any?

  113. sven – what were the ‘words’? ‘stop looking behind you’?

    I guess it’s the old 1/2 filled cup perspective.

    You’ll find a pretty big split on that one here.

  114. Doodie Machetto on

    I think Renney actually did a really good job last night. He put the right players out at the right time to give his team it’s best chance of success. Jagr had a great game last night because of that. I’ve bashed Renney all season, but he’s got some lines that are working for him, but most importantly, they weren’t the obvious choices (except Dawes-Gomez-Shanahan, which was amazing in the preseason but for some reason never got used in the regular season until now). He deserves credit for that.

    As for the defensive pairings, he is trying to work Backman in. It’s tough to do, because Backman isn’t very good defensively, and he is partnered with a rookie, a very good rookie mind you, but a rookie nonetheless. I still think you have to at least try Malik-Backman. If it is a disaster, you can always switch it back to the way it is now before the game even ends.

    Once Mara comes back though, I think you have to put him with Mara and Staal back with Rozsi, sitting Backman and Strudwick.

    Prucha is out of the lineup until there is an injury. I really think he should take 2 weeks in Hartford so he can be in game shape should we need him.

    Barring injuries to either 2 forwards or 2 defensemen, Hollweg and Strudwick should not play another game as a Ranger.

  115. I don’t, did you just fully read what I wrote. I said people that do nothing but criticize.

  116. Nasty, we were by far the better team last nite; I think that’s why people are so peeved, and the comments and criticism’s are all over the board; this team was supposed to be beyond this type of shoddy play from star players, that’s why Mister Hanky got a deal, to alleviate insecurity of where he’d be next year, which might as well be as Jose Theodore’s back-up in Colorado, the way he’s playing…I’m not saying Hanky isn’t going to pick it up, but I’m concerned there’s a possibility he won’t, something people in NJ, Calgary, Anaheim, Detroit, Buffalo, Vancouver, and Dallas never even worry about because when they’re goalies sieve they always rebound…see, I’m so pissed about the game I started responding to your post but began ranting instead; they better fricking win tomorrow nite

  117. HOLY CRAP DOODIE! (haha that’s pretty funny)

    anyway…..I’m printing that comment and framing it. Finally one of the ‘bashers’ comes clean! I know you’re not fully coming clean on it, and I 100% admit that Rozy was a very strange choice for the shootout, but sh-t happens.

    Thank you for identifying that there was a positive (and a big one at that) to come from behind the bench.

    And I want to say something else. Though I often disagree with a lot that is posted here, I love the passion. Even from those that are far less informed.

  118. Maybe it was just me, but I thought it was glaringly obvious Sean Avery was playing to prove something, but in a bad “I’m going to force things and try to do too much” way opposed to a productive “I’m going to keep doing the things that have made our line successfull” way. I understand his current contract situation is getting him pissed and he’s trying to really show his worth out there, but he just seemed to be forcing the play whenever he touched the puck.

  119. Beer Me – this team hasn’t earned cup is half full respect; haven’t proved they can play up to their potential on a regular basis – last nite was problematic because if you can get 18 guys on board, why the hell can’t the other two hop on the bandwagon? I mean, if Orr can forecheck – hell, if Renney can actually coach a month without looking like an idiot, which he has, doing an effective job for a dude I nicknamed Quagmire, giggedy-giggedy, then there’s no reason that Sean Ovary and Mister Hanky can’t focus on winning games…for those who say Hank is distracted by the health of his dad, he doesn’t seem too distracted by his father’s health when he’s out on the town; partying is for people who win, like Derek Jeter and Michael Strahan

  120. The bottom line on the game last night is simple: Sh!t happens. Dubeliwitz’s form in the shootout was embarrassing. Sliding, flailing, off balance, ass backwards and cluless. Not even good for a peewee goalie. But sometimes it doesn’t matter.

    Undoubtedly Lundqvist has to be much better for this team to advance far into the post-season. My sense is he will be because his fundamentals are so good and he has shown himself in pressure situations before —- pressure situations far stiffer than last night’s game.

  121. “this team hasn’t earned cup is half full respect”

    Maybe not from you, but they have from me. big time.

    Was any team from say…’98 thru ’04 respectful?

    In that regard, this team is extremely respectful. The organization as a whole is more respectful than in those days.

  122. The D problem is that Staal is playing not well with Backman, maybe Backman feels the need to cover for the rookie???? I mean Backy did have 3 hits vs Philthy, which was almost his season total and his track record this year was taking one penalty every 3 games (or something close to that ratio). Rozy doesn’t play well without Malik, which brings up 2 points 1) Malik is NOT coming back next year so if Rozy wants big money from NYR he had better learn to play with someone else and 2) While Staal plays better with Rozy, Rozy’s game suffers thus negating any advantage.

  123. Why does everything become polarized on this blog? Any slight negativity or disappointment is fair-weathering or idiocy and positives are blindness or idiocy?

    And New Newman, good point about the shoot-outs. Even on a peewee team some kids are just better at shootouts than others; it’s not always the better goal-scorers, just usually. What do we know? Maybe Renney has seen Rozi bust a move at practice again and again? Argue all you like about Renney’s skills, but the shootout seems to be one area where fans are truly not informed about any player’s skill or comfort level.

  124. “But even if they don’t work hard, I like to see a win either way. Someone touched upon it yesterday. Something along the lines of “good teams can win games even when they don’t play their best”. And that is absolutely true. You find ways to win games sometimes. You think Pitt or Det hasn’t won games that they didn’t work hard in? Do you think they’re not proud to be in 1st?”


    From time to time, a team that works hard *deserves* a couple of “lucky games”. However, this Rangers team seems to live and die by whether or not the opposition shows up to play or not. The games the Rangers have won this year are *more often than not* against teams who played like shit. Honestly, that’s not something to be proud of. This team is an embarrassment to it’s fans whether they (fans) recognize it or not.

    The Rangers NEVER EVER EVER EVER set the fucking pace of a game. I don’t want to see them “win games” when the reality is that they didn’t win as much as the “other team lost”. It really bothers me when people consider themselves big fans, yet refuse to hold the team accountable for shit play, win or lose. It’s like alright we get it, you’re a big fan, but that does not mean your team can do no wrong. This Ranger team *sucks dick*. The fact that they are still treading water and “could do something”, means shit. They don’t work hard, we’re not on the cusp of anything.

  125. Beer Me – when you spend $84 million in one hour to improve your team during the offseason, fighting for eight place is disgraceful…you have low standards, and the team should be ashamed

  126. Salty, I couldn’t agree more, or maybe I already have; folks are too easily persuaded by player personalities to judge them by their merits on the ice

  127. We snuck out with a point, but no one should be satisfied. malik and backman have no place in the nhl, but we are stuck with one of them this year. You cannot expect Hank to make every save, but I do expect him to make some saves that he shouldn’t. He needs to stop going down so much, as he is always leaving the top of the net exposed.

    Avery, Shanny and Straka both looked pretty bad last night, I still don’t expect Prucha to come back in, but a case could be made for giving him a chance over Straka (who seemed to have only one hand on his stick whenever he tried to clear the defensive zone or dump in the puck in).

    Shootout was comical, no defenceman on this team should be shooting before any forward with a hint offensive ability (so Rosi can go before Orr and thats probably it. And what was the deal with Jagr taking two offensive zone penalties. That should not be happening.

    Every game from here on in should be treated like a playoff game for the players and I can bet none of the team was happy with last nights performance. That kinda play is not going to get us far if we qualify for the postseason and I say this totally expecting about five of you telling me every game isn’t perfect, etc etc

  128. there’s a new post on how they’re ironing out wrinkles from last nite’s game with a team photo in Ovary Buddy Holly Glasses – hardy-har-har, now Ovary can go fuck himself

  129. the shoot-out choices are not why they lost. this team plays confused hockey and everyone loses focus. hank is playing scared and so is everyone else. there seems, besides some of the kids, a fear of losing rather than the confidence of winners. considering that jagr has lost it as well as hank, the rangers are lucky to be where they are today. i’m not sure if a coach can remove this fear i see but they need more confident players to play and dump the others. you cant be afraid to play, they need to take a hit and shoot that puck. the new nhl makes me miss the dedication of the old canadiens and the others that losing was not an option and they played to win and no to avoid losing.

  130. Renney needs to take over the coaching again. When did Jagr become the coach? Renney needs to grow a set of BALLS and tell Jagr he is shooting. DO NOT ASK HIM!

  131. Listen as Captain of this team Jagr needs to step up and take one of the shots if the shootout goes six rounds like it did last night. You cannot have Michal Rozsival shooting before Jagr or Drury. That was just terrible judgement on the part of Renney. If Jagr is uncomfortable shooting in the shootout maybe he should work on it in practice. Watch old video of himself when he was unstoppable on breakaways. The way he is going about this is unacceptable. The shootout, whether you like it or not, is part of the game now and we cannot afford to have our best players on the bench during it!


  133. What if King Henrik is not the King afterall? What if it was just hype. He hasnt proven anything yet. He has yet to steal a game since November this year, and what has he won in the NHL? No allstar games, no cup, no vezina? Does he really deserve 7 mil? He may be as great as he was touted, however hes not the King until hes shows me more than a 3.00 goals against average and a barely .900 save %

  134. “In the last post I asked why did Roszival and Straka go?”

    Well, Roszy did score one last night…

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