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Maybe the old media-shy Glen Sather of say, a week ago, would have stood silent on the Sean Avery contract issue. Not today.

This statement was just released from the boss:

“Sean is an important part of our team. His focus and ours right now is finishing as high as we can in the standings and then going as far as we can in the playoffs. We value his contribution and at the appropriate time we’ll continue discussions with his agent.”

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  1. Seems like a Garden p.r statement. If only Avery had played for the Oilers earlier in his carrer he’d get a fair deal. Hell Sather was paying a washed up Mess 4-5 million without much of a problem. He also way overpaid Tyutin.

  2. Messier’s leadership alone was worth 4 million so Sather actually only paid him 1 million

  3. messier, the second time around, never even made the playoffs. for 6 straight years, 3 with Vanc

  4. If Messier was overpaid at 5mil how is Avery worth the 4 mil he is asking??? Seems to me 2.5-2.8 is very realistic in a salary capped world

  5. If Messier was so overpaid at 5 mil. how is Avery worth the 4 mil he is asking for??? Seems to me 2.5-2.8 mil is very fair in this salary capped world…

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