As for what he’s worth…


I don’t know what Rangers’ cap guru Cam Hope gets paid, but I’m sure he does OK.

(As an aside, wouldn’t it be funny if the salary cap had to include the salary for the guy who is supposed to figure out the salary cap? Oh, never mind…)

And I’m sure it’s with situations like Sean Avery’s that he’s forced to earn his money. As many of you have already noted, the Avery situation is complicated. For one, he’s not a guy whose value you can quantify through goals and assists. And for another, he’s a guy who comes with a ton at least a little bit of baggage.


For what it’s worth, I think Avery has emerged as an impressive player in his time in New York. For all the talk about him being an agitator and a sideshow and dater of Hollywood starlets, he’s also an exceptional skater who has both an edge and a formidable offensive game. Is that worth $2.5 million? Three million? I don’t know.

I know if I were Glen Sather and I’ve already painted myself into a corner with some of the hefty contracts I’ve handed out, I’d have reservations about a player whose all-out style of play evidently puts him at increased risk of injury. I’d also be nervous about a player who might not have Brendan Shanahan or even Jaromir Jagr to keep him in check next season.

But Avery has his own well-being to worry about. Fact is, when you’re generously listed at 5-foot-10 and take on the battles of a much bigger player, you can’t rely on much of a shelf life in this league. Now may be his time to cash in on a payday, so he has reasons to play hardball. And maybe the only way to find out what he’s worth is to see what’s out there on the market on July 1.

Again, if I were one of Avery’s teammates, I wouldn’t be thrilled with all this being out in the open at such a crucial point in the season. But Avery opted to make it that way. And when he walked out of the dressing room after officially ending his three-week media boycott, he joked to a group of us, “It’s good to be back.”

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  1. Doodie Machetto on

    dave, where the hell did you get under.500 with Jagr? Are you counting before the lockout? Because if you expected Jagr coming in January that season to carry that lousy team, which was essentially an AHL team from the deadline on, to above .500, you’re crazy.

    SINCE the lockout, Jagr hasn’t missed a single game, and they have been above .500, so I don’t know where you’re coming up with that stat.

    Also, you never answered my question. Where was Avery’s production before this current line combination?

  2. not one word from you about the ranger record with and without Avery, huh Sam?

    whatsa matter, will it paint you into a corner too.

    what about sather talking about bringing jagr back the other day despite his poor season, how is that not a distraction at this time in the same way

  3. Dave – Jagr isn’t talking about his contract, just his lack of production, which impacts his UFA status. Jagr isn’t talking about money.

  4. Thanks Sam, good post.
    I agree Avery’s style of play does decrease his “shelf life”.
    But I still wouldn’t pay him more that 2.5- 3 mil a season.
    He has been injury prone this season and has only played 41 games. As a general rule chronic injuries don’t get better, they progressively get worse.
    Is he valuable…heck yeah but not on par with superstars.
    And his antics, just piss me off.

  5. Doodie Machetto on

    dave, seriously, get off the guy’s jock. He really isn’t that good of a player.

  6. Doodie Machetto on

    OK dave, how the hell can you figure they are under .500? They have had winning records every season from the lockout and Jagr played in every single game. Therefore, they have a winning record with Jagr.

    Learn to count. start with small numbers, like Avery’s points before being put on dubinsky’s and Jagr’s line, or the amount of money any other team in the NHL would pay him,

  7. Dave are you on Crack?
    cause your pullin some serious shit out of your ass!
    and none of it makes much sense.

  8. I hope he’s not back, so poutass and co. can sink back to their previous level of the first 4 months of the 06-07 season.

    enjoy, suckers.

  9. hey Dave,
    just curious…
    according to your math how do Gretzky, Lemieux, and Messier fair?

  10. Doodie Machetto on

    Avery is better than those guys, especially that French Canadian asshole Lemiuex.

    Unless you’re talking Claude Lemieux. Maybe he thinks Claude Lemieux is as good.

  11. hey , poopie, you lying sack of shit.

    in the last 2 seasons, the ranger record is 42-17-11 with Avery

    and it was 42-30-10 for last season

    and 34-24-8 so far this season

    so, that makes it 34-37-7 without Avery and with jagr the last 2 seasons

    get it, dummmy

  12. There is an adult way to talk about things without having to use profanity gentlemen.

  13. Ranger management can’t “Nickle and Dime” Avery. He’s the critical cement that holds this team together. Please look at the stats.

  14. ThisYearsModel on

    Good points, Sam. The best route for Avery to take is to get to free agency. He will receive the maximum coinage that way. I don’t blame him for going for the gusto…..he will not likely ever be in a better bargaining position. If he leaves, it will be a loss for the Rangers but not an insurmountable one. The Flyers will gladly pay him……he is their kind of player. Slats sure seems to apply a different standard to Avery than he did to Henrik, Girardi and Tjutin.

  15. Two comparable players –

    Gary Roberts $2.5mn/1yr, old as dirt and less offense

    Jamie Langenbrunner $2.8mn/5yr, more offense and probably took less money for more years

    I can’t imagine Avery deserves more than $3mn

  16. Lauren, I’m sorry as posted, heat of the moment mame

    As far as Avery going to a local team, which I could see him doing to spite the team, it makes me sick to my stomach.

  17. UpstateRanger on

    Wash 4 Bos 0 – not even halfway through P1. Time for the Bruins to lose a few (I hope).

  18. Legenbrunner has been a pretty good player for a long time, much better O then Avery.

    well Boston lost tonight.. Washington will not pull a rangers tonight…

    Ovechkin is a MONSTER>.

    Maybe they can compromise on Avery after the season, hi size is concern for longevity, give him 3 yrs at a generous $3 mill. He likes NY and NY affords him certain otehr opptys. that he may be able to take advantage of..

  19. Caps are a tougher team to beat than the canes if they can make the #3 spot. canes right now are playing well, but they have so many injuries to key guys that they are not as tough vs Rangers than the Caps are.

  20. Caps need to keep Huet in the net. Olie is washed up. in the 2 games Huet has played, they won 4-0, and lead 6-0

    in the one game in between, with Kolzig, they lost 4-1 to Leafs.

  21. ROFLMAO!!!!!

    dave & kevin stevens are crack buddies.

    You wanna talk #’s with ‘so and so’ in or out of the line up. Back in December I ran the #’s with MAREK MALIK in and out of the lineup. Know where I’m going with this yet? YES!! The blueshirts were OVER .500 with him and UNDER WITHOUT MAREK MALIK in the lineup. So there you have it. THE most single useful statistic going for Sean Avery is going for Marek Malik too. Maybe people should buy Malike jersey’s and boo Avery? I don’t know. But by that stat I guess that’s just the way it is.

    Don’t let this joker (dave) come in here and start this idiotic craze. We’re better than that here. Remember that.

    And that part about the DUBINSKY line…Dubi HIMSELF said that since the 1st time they were matched together that he’s become a different player. That was also before Avery’s surgery too. So that theory is out the F’n window. What else you got? We’ll shoot your sh-t down all day long pal.

  22. joe – yes, they need to start Huet in net every game. He’s on my fantasy team! haha

  23. Fruity Cupcake on

    The lockerroom may not have Jagr and/or Shanahan next year, but Gomez and Drury are the next leaders. As long as Sean and Scott get each other, I don’t see problems keeping Sean happy and productive under a change of leadership, should that happen next season.

    But he really should’ve kept this subject to himself. Holy hipcheck, he’s now got the fans divided!

  24. dave is right.

    malik is beside the point. he never brought him up.

    if you want wins, Avery is the key guy, the catalyst

    sather had no problem signing every tom, dick and harry in the last few months, but Avery is getting the squeeze, and he deserves better than that.

    he deserves whatever the market is for him. that will be determined in the summer. but I can definitely see the Flyers signing him, or a few other teams.

  25. DAVE, get laid. Do something. Take the edge off.

    Beer Me!!, very father like commenting on Dave. I think (hope) he is gone for good. I believe he wrote that above.

    7-1 Caps

  26. Hey Dave, you should really get off Avery’s jock, he probably wouldn’t like you anyway. You’re really making yourself out to look like a real tool, but then again that’s probably pretty easy for you, isn’t it?

  27. How about our boy, Lundqvist? Can’t stop an effin beach ball since he signed his deal.

    How about our boy, Poti? Living the dream in Washington. Has ONE goal this year and his team could come out of the east if Huet stays healthy. Amazing how a player, Ovechkin, can make a team play at such a high level.

    Crosby does not do this for Pittsburgh, but OV sure does it for the Caps. They have this kid Mike Green who is like Zubov and Leetch combined and nobody knows who he is because OV is the man on that team.

    And then they have Donald Brashears who will destroy anyone who gets near Ovechkin. Forget the fight at center ice in MSG between Shanny and Brashears. The Caps are crazy good right now.

  28. On Avery –

    You take New York away from Sean Avery and he’s not Sean Avery. Let’s face it, New York and Avery have been one huge win/win for both parties.

    Avery’s profile has become so big now that he lives in New York. You take NYC away from Avery and I don’t think he is the same player.

    Maybe he could go to Toronto or Philly and get similar exposure like in New York, but I really see no reason why Avery should expect to get more than $3 million per season when his income potential will decrease as soon as he leaves New York.

    And Sather should not use this as leverage to try and squeeze money out of Avery. Avery has been a great teammate, he has not been a problem here, he has raised the bar in the locker room and he backs it up on the ice.

    And I gotta say that Jagr is really skating right now. It’s just amazing how he turns it on.

    The pesky Isles tomorrow night. They always give us fits.

  29. Adam and his apple on

    dont worry guys, i know youre thinkin this is gonna be one big distraction but its better off they just let it go till the end of the season or else it woulda been a big distraction, if you guys think to yourselves that avery isnt gonna get resigned youre outta your minds, sather knows how important avery is to this team, he knows how much better our record is with him than without him, im thinkin he gets 2.75 million for 3 years or 1 year at 3 mil, he is worth that much to us, but i really dont think avery would ever go anywhere else, he loves it here too much, hes a media whore and the fact that he wasnt speaking to the media made them talk about him even more, he knows EXACTLY what hes doing

  30. I said it once, and I’ll say it again: wouldn’t it be nice to put the Islanders out of the playoff picture for good?!

  31. I find it hysterical the Caps won 10-2 over the Bruins. That’s one hell of a way for Ovie to break the 50-goal mark!

  32. Ibister Shot Survivor on

    No thanks, let him walk. Without Shanny or Jagr around, this is going to be a whole new team, and signing Rosival needs to be more of a priority at this point.

  33. Avery has been sneaking over to my bad side since the arbitration issue over the summer. Slats said what he said to save some cash on Avery, and wasn’t going to make a big deal out of it. Avery is the one who ran to the papers.

    I love Avery, but every dam ranger fan in the world makes it out that he is the reason this team wins. Yeah look at the record with him vs without him… im so sick of hearing that. Avery helped us turn the season around last year, but it wasnt always HIM – it was the fact that a trade was made…similar to the way the Rangers turned it around around this year’s deadline. Are you going to say Backman and Sjostrom are the reasons we’re turning it around this year?

    Lundqvist and our defense were the reasons we turned around last season, not Sean Avery. He is a true ranger and a fun guy, but if he is going to bitch about every time someone says something bad about him – please leave, it’s new york.

    Avery doesn’t make this team win. There are 18 skaters out there every night, he is 1.

  34. VOGS – “You take New York away from Sean Avery and he’s not Sean Avery.” I like that line. Nice work.

    Richard S. – I know that dave didn’t bring up Malik, and that’s exactly my point. Why the hell should that ridiculous stat be used to defend Avery’s worth and no one else? B/C he doesn’t have any other tangible evidince of monetary worth? Malik won an annual award 2 years ago (+/-). (Hey, I don’t like using the (+/-) stat either, but it’s tangible.) The same year Avery led the NHL in penalty minutes.

    So glad we play tonight. I’m tired of the Avery debate. I see that everyone seemed to have moved on from it a bit last night.

    That Caps game was something else. If they get in, they could be a real story this year. Ovechkin is this years Hart Trophy winner. Hands down.

  35. Larry Brooks states Avery wants Hartnell money, 4.2million per year, Sather has not gone above $2.5million per year. The length of the deal 3 or 4 years is not the issue, it is the money. Based on everyone’s opinion here I give Sather credit for showing restraint.

    Avery also said his media boycott was “so that I wouldn’t say anything stupid and thus get myself traded”. let’s dive into this a little further, he doesn’t think he can control himself from saying smething stupid, which EVERY adult learns to do, yet he thinks he is worth $4.2million. I like Sean alot but if you cant control yourself wy should we make that type of commitment to you?

  36. That’s what happens when you read both at 6:30am, they all start to blur together. My bad, thanks for the correction Beer Me.

    I think Sean needs to grow up a little. If you want to be paid like a man, act like one.

  37. No sweat pj.

    I said I was tired of the Avery stuff a little while ago. But as much as I am, I can’t look away from the trainwreck.

    But in my reading and interpretation of these artcile’s today one thing came to mind…

    Ok, there’s the fact that the rangers are 42-17-11 with him in the lineup. So exactly what does that say about the rest of the team. About the $7mil goalie. About a $10mil center, a $7-8mil center, a $8-9mil winger, etc. ???

    Are they grossly overpaid or is Avery grossly underpaid?

    I said yesterday I’m playing this one on both sides. I like the Avery Side Show, it makes the games more fun to watch. But I’d watch whether he’s there or not. And I don’t believe that our success next year depends on his presence.

  38. I couldn’t agree more. I would love to have him here, he certainly is entertaining, but what happens if he thinks he is a scorer and not an aggitator??? I mean how many past examples in sports are there of a guy playing a different game, or trying to do too much to justify his new contract. You can’t pay a “super pest” crazy money as he will try to score more and “pester” less.

    And we can all thank the Cheesesteaks for setting the bar high with Hartnell’s ridiculous contract

  39. HAHA – I had to post this, but only b/c it drives some people here absolutely bonkers…

    Rangers goalie Henrik Lundqvist: “You have to have confidence in your system, and we do. We believe in each other, and we believe in the system.”

  40. I like Avery, and the team with him in it – but i can’t see why he is looking for $4m per. Surely, we only have to look as far as Darcy Tucker, who is on $3m per, and say there you go Sean – thats your market. If you want to enter the $4m per bracket then we want 80 games and 20 goals a year from you – Avery can’t give you that. His style of play means he will miss probably 8-10 games a year through injury or suspension and his goals have been 9,15,18 and currently 11 in the last 4 seasons. Yes, he brings some intangibles and distracts the opposition but thats not worth $4m a year in my book. Good on Glenny for standing his ground.

  41. Seemingly fans in the blue seats will have to take out loans to buy playoff tickets this year…

    $55 per seat for 1st Round
    $75 per seat for 2nd Round
    $100 for conference finals
    $150 for cup final

    overall its up over 40% since last year…outrageous…

    Wasn’t the lockout about making it easier for the common fan to go to games…just more smoke blown you know where,

    Thanks Mr Bettman, Mr Sather, Mr. Dolan and Mr. Isiah Thomas, because your team is a laughing stock the other team in the Garden has to make up your revenues….what a joke…

  42. I could see avery going back to his old ways with another team
    without shanny there keeping him in check. I feel sorry for the team that will sign him for the money he wants, good luck. Maybe than the refs won’t be so blinded by penalties that for some mysteries reason they miss to call for the rangers.

  43. UK- if he socres 20 goals then he isn’t being Sean Avery being a super pest. He is trying to be Prucha/Dawes/Callahan etc. His role is NOT to score 20+ goals, etc it is to aggitate.

    The ticket prices are just typical of MSG’s way of thinking. I mean raise the corporate seats to ridiculous levels (oh wait they already are there for playoff games). To increase by 500% the face on cup final tickets is extreme to say the least. I guess they have to recoup that lawsuit Isiah lost them.

  44. I don’t think there’s a gm out there that would pay him $4mil. If a guy that can’t stay healthy and can’t put 20 goals in the net gets $4mil. It’s a complete joke.

    Call me crazy, but I think if Avery were offered a $1 million a year raise and turns it down…..bye bye Seany

  45. Beer Me!,
    that’s the million dollar question. Will there be a team dumb enough to offer avery 4 mil, if there is, good luck. That team will find out that they made a mistake when Avery goes back to his old self on the ice and in the locker room.

  46. I would definitely give him 3 million for 4 years. I think he is valuable to this team. I do not think 3 million a year for him is unreasonable. He is a role player on this team, who can definitely put up some points.

  47. longtimerangersfan on

    Harvey, if they play, let’s say, three home games in each round through the cup finals it will amount to $1,140.00 for 12 games…TWELVE! I’m sure concession prices will go up too. Dolan (aside to Sather) Boy these Ranger fans are SUCKERS! We got em by the short hairs don’t we? Wonder how much we can raise the prices next year.

  48. nasty – $3mil is (very close to) a $1mil/yr raise. I don’t think 4yrs/$12mil is crazy. I think that’s a very fair deal.

    tomg – I really don’t think anyone would take that deal. And like you said “if there is, good luck”.

  49. These next two games are a double whammy. If we win these next two games it pretty much puts the fishsticks farther away from making the playoffs and the rangers closer to the division lead. The rangers are 5 points from pittsburgh with a game in hand, LETS GO RANGERS!!!!!!

  50. Sather isn’t letting Avery go anywhere. There both the same type of person (and player) Sather loves that about Avery and knows he can only get somewhere with him by playing the same games he does. How long has it been since Sather made a press release, (minus the trades)? Forever. Now out of nowhere he comes out and says Sean is a huge part of our team and we will continue the talks at the right time? IT’s business boys and girls, and there both playing it very well, thats why I think they get along.
    My prediction is this: Rangers make the playoffs, if Avery gets anwhere from 5-10 goals over the last 15 games, Slats signs him for 3-3.25 million per year for 3 years and Avery takes it. UNLESS Avery holds out to see how far they go in the playoffs. Say they make second round, even third round, price goes up a tad (with more goals and points) Sather may be dumb but he isn’t stupid. And also, there are ALOT of teams who would NEVER sign him, especially the teams up North. Philly MAYBE would be interested but he’s got tons of enemies and one player screwing with your whole roster isnt something alot of GM’s will be looking for, as well as a under 20 goal scorer for 4 Million per.
    Avery is staying in NYC.
    PS, I dont think the little man has ever gotten as much poonanny as he has since coming here, so figure that equates to 500,000 off in the trade. Again Avery is not Avery without NYC

  51. Rangers still have a chance for home-ice advantage, so there is the potential of 4 home-ice games in every round (except the SCF). But I agree with the sentiment, that’s pretty ridiculous – guess it’s time to sell some more Met games to pay for Rangers playoff tix! A buddy of mine just sent me this link, great footage of Cloutier cooking up some fishsticks!

  52. I would like to say to my pal Beer Me, see buddy, we hung in there and had faith in this team when most were completely shitting all over them. I would like to give you a nice high five. I think there were times when I was close to just saying F it all, but then there was the voice, the voice of the Beer man lifting my spirits when I was so close to taking the second step off the ledge. So thank you my friend, thank you very much. And I hope the words that my nasty hands wrote on here, even after the most deflating defeat, somehow lifted your spirits and helped you from bringing the old transistor radio in to the shower with you(if you know what I am saying.)

    Let’s Go Rangers!

  53. Beer Me,
    I’m going over a friends house tonight to watch the game on a big flat panel tv in HD. There will be allot of beer drinking
    with my friends, the interesting thing about this party is some of my friends are fishstick fans, it’s good that they are friends or all hell could break out into a brawl, LOL!!!!
    The good thing is my friend who is hosting a party is a big ranger fan like myself. I second what nasty 1 said in the post above, LGR!!!

  54. Looking at the ticket prices for the playoffs. I guess we will be the ones paying for Dolan’s loses when it comes to Team titanic aka the Knicks. It is no real shock Dolan rather have the building be full of corparate stiffs and Hollywood loons than real fans.

  55. I’ll be the guy at the game in section 210 throwing someone else’s beer all over the Icelander fans who act up. I have no problem with them going to the game, but the ones who run around like idiots in MY HOUSE will be introduced to a beer shower

  56. Yeah dude(s)! Back at ya. I’m glad that there was some positive voices around here other than my own too. Here we are, March 4th feeling pretty confident, the team’s coming together just at the right time. I had my doubts about the team, almost every day really. But if that collapse vs. MTL didn’t break my spirit, nothing will I guess. Now we’re getting down to the nitty-gritty. And I, myself and pretty hopeful that we’ll give our division a good run at 1st place.

    If we didn’t ‘leap’ after 7 years of missing the playoffs, then trading one of the greatest Rangers ever, there was no reason to leap this year.

  57. Let’s pregame before the game. A Yuengling, a vanilla stoli and gingerale, a redbull and vodka, and two shots. A kick in the ass shot, and a soco and lime.

    Let’s go rangers!

  58. Then, once inside, Ranch 1 chicken finger platter, a soft pretzel with mustard, and a giant coke.

  59. Idiotic comment of the day goes to……….Me, the Nasty 1.

    “Let’s pregame before the game.”

    Yuck, when else would it be. Of course you pregame before the game. Stupid Nasty 1.


  60. Only 1 vodka/redbull??? I can’t function without 3 or 4 of them. I’m going with 2 other Ranger fans and a token Pigs fans (so we have someone to kick around on the off chance we lose). We’re starting early, around 545 somewhere near the Garden place to be determined- any suggestions?

    Maybe we could even have a guest appearance from Sam himself??

  61. haha – what’s wrong? $7 beers not your thing? Change that stoli to orange. Guess someone’s feelin good about the game tonight.

    You know….in the last 10 games, the ONLY team that has won more points than the NYR is the defending cup champs.

  62. nasty – LMAO

    PJ – I’m completely partial to the Blarney ROCK on 33rd. Not to be confused with the Blarney STONE, which I’m sure is a wonderful establishment, but I’ve never been. The ‘stone’ is easy to find, go up 33rd, its right after the red awning for a Peep Show, can’t miss it.

  63. A kick in the ass is really good. Red Bull, Orange Stoli, and orange juice. Tastes like Tang or Sunny D. I got rocked off of that stuff one night. It just sneaks up on you because it doesn’t taste like you are drinking alcohol. Actually at my daughters first bday party, I got so loaded on that that I was passed out on the couch by 9. I thought it was 1 in the morning and I had to make sure my hand was touching the floor to get the room to stop spinning. At 3 in the morning I was shitting and throwing up in the garbage can at the same time. I must say that my wife was very disappointed. Ha. There are pictures of people sitting on me and next to me that I have no memory of. I had to go see A Tribe Called Quest the next night, and I was in very very bad shape for the show. But you know the Nasty 1 was there, Yuengling in hand having a blast. Nothing like Old School Hip Hop to help a hangover.

  64. Beer Me!,
    That’s been my gig (blarney rock) since I’ve been going to ranger games. That place at one time had a deli bar to the right when you walk in and I used to order the corn beef and cabbage sandwich and as many beers as I could drink. It’s still the place to go.

  65. That’s awesome tomg – I was introduced to it a few years ago before a U2 show at msg. Car bombs for everyone!!

    Nasty – you da man.

    I drank a liter of orange stoli last august on vacation. My fiances uncle came from AZ for a visit to. I had maybe 1 or 2 drinks left in the bottle when he showed up. I had only met him once before and I was trying to tell him that my sluring was just a Jersey accent. Realized the next morning that he spent the first 35years of his life in NJ. lol

  66. Blarney Rock and Blarney Stone are great. And yes, the corned beef is amazing there. I have not been there in a while though.

  67. I’m all for wherever, I’ve been to the Stone as we usually spilt over from Stout a few times.

    Anyone ever try Grey Goose L’Orange and 7up??? it’s like drinking Sunkist orange soda- the problem is Sunkist doesn’t get you drunk as hell.

  68. Nasty1 and Beer Me!, you two going on a date or something. That 10:16am post by Nasty1 sure sounds like the beginning of a wonderful relationship. You two are getting very close today..HAHA

  69. Blarney Stone chased me away with their high prices. Roses Pizzeria in Penn Station has 32oz. draught beers for $2.75.

  70. There is a cool bar outside the garden called Social. I enjoy that place. Girls that work there are pretty hot too.

  71. longtimerangersfan on

    Used to go to Molly Wee’s too but “dancing Larry” aka “homo Larry” hangs out there beore the game.

  72. Ibister Shot Survivor on

    The whole idea that “avery isnt avery without NYC” is ridiculous. He was the same exact player out here with the Kings, except they grew tired of his act and there was no one here to keep him in check. What happens when his babysitters leave after this season? You want trouble? watch the 08-09 rangers w/ avery, and w/o the guys that kept him in line.

    If you think its all roses and hugs in the lockerroom from his teammates, youre sorely mistaken.

  73. all of a sudden no dave in the thread…did he check himself into Greystone or what?

  74. Nasty do you mean Local on 33rd and 8th? That’s where the boys go and drink after the games- Hollywood runs around there like a rock star.

  75. roses pizzeria is the best, solid food and decent beer prices. i didn’t know they had draft beer though.

  76. If Avery wants anything near $4mill per he should go back to his silent treatment. He seems to be a case of Open Mouth and Insert Foot, it’s great on the ice as it gets under people’s skin.

    Anyone see DP is questionable tonight? Returning from a funeral

  77. Doodie Machetto on

    “Hollywood runs around there like a rock star.”

    That’s because he has so much free time to play the game now that he is worthless to the team except as a “locker room guy.” I am loving Sjostrom.

    Glad to see that Avery is going to end up with less than 3 million.

    Let’s go Rangers!

  78. that’s cool thanks. holy sh-t! wicked garden JUST came on my ipod as I started to type. craziness!

  79. Call us out all you want. When you don’t have a lot of time and want to get a little shitty, you drop down a few shots and call it a day.

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