Wild one


Some quick hits…

<li>Brendan Shanahan on both goalies being pulled early today:

“I asked Henrik if he had taken their goalie out last night, but maybe not. Swedes and Finns don’t hang out together.”

<li>Brandon Dubinsky was up third in the shootout.

“I can’t tell you what I was going to do. I need to hold on to my secrets for next time.”

<li>I can’t take credit for this (and the person who deserves it wishes to remain anonymous). But fans of 70s rock might appreciate a new nickname for Christian Backman: Backman Turn-it-over Drive.

<li>Paul Mara appeared in the dressing room after the game looking like a ghost. The surgery to his face involved the insertion of plates and pins near his eye socket. He said he’s still in tremdous pain.

“I’ve had better weeks,” he said.

Hey, look on the bright side. At least you didn’t get traded….

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  1. How about Night Rangers – Sister Christian? ;) (I didn’t come up with that one myself)

    Renney and Co gotta build him up from scratch. He is showing that he got allot of hockey in him. And I like that when he gets involved in a defensive battle, he have actually done pretty well. But he have had some problems picking up his men.

    But overall, the rests of the games this season are almost all against division rivals and will be of extremely high tempo with no room for errors. Thats not good for a broken down player with no confidence. His time should come in camp next season; after he ahve gotten a full season to build up his body again.

  2. Agree that this was not one of our finer moments. Hank and Rozsival were dreadful. At least no one can accuse Rozy of steppin up for the UFA contract. Not a good omen going into the final stretch. At least JJ looks like he’s steppin it up.

  3. Tony from AZ on

    Ya goota love #20 – Freddie
    This is how he played in Phx – every game !!
    Good pick up , way better then Hossa

  4. That was an incredibly entertaining pond Hockey game. Plenty of hitting great amount of offense and zero defense. Other than maybe Girardi and Coburn the two teams defenseman might as well been wearing clown shoes. The first to periods were played at a breakneck pace. The three goals against were all off of bad mistakes by the defense. Backman takes a lazy penalty leads to a goal, Tyutin makes a bad giveaway leads to a goal and the first Carter was due to Rozsival being caught up ice and Malik making a feeble stick check on Carter. Lunqvist looked awful and asn’t able to make the big save. Kudos to Renney for realizing his mistake in starting Lundqvist and seeing how shaky he was and removing him. Valley was again very sharp and very comfortable at all the traffic in front he had to deal with. Stevens bizarelly kept Nittyamaki in after the first until superstar Backman scored. While the Rangers dmen looked terrible in their own end they did do a good job joining the rush and the Flyers didn’t pick up the dmen the entire game. The second period pace was even faster than the first. The only difference was their was competant goaltending. This Sjostrom kid is impressive. He adds skill the 4th line just hasn’t had before. Moore back in 05-06 added some skill and speed to the 4th line and Sjostrom is adding just that. He scored a nice goal driving hard to the net as he seems to do every shift. Betts and Orr looked like better and more effective players with him on the left side instead of Hollweg. I am not sure why the ‘Yotes gave up on him so quickly. I do however understand whty the Blues dumped Backman. Best game in a long time for Straka his speed was a huge asset against the Flyers lumbering dman. Sweet pass to Cally as well. Drury was fairly solid and the team dominated on faceoffs. They did get a pp goal but on the other pp’s they didn’t look good. Avery had a very quiet game. Jagr showed some jump every but not much else. The Rangers d continues to allow players to walk in front without any reprussions with Backman along now the d is even softer. It was too badf the Flyers got a point but still a nice win. Shanny still has an incredible shot and nice moves by Dawes. Valley came up big today much like he came up big against the Blues nearly a year ago. Hopefully some tweaks ill be made to the defensive system against the desperate Isles Tuesday. It ill be a tough home and home series as the Isles are a bluecollar type team.

  5. Didn’t think the first penalty to Backman was his fault; he took the body and the blind mice called tripping!? Rangers looked terrible 4-on-4. They can beat any team 5-on-5, but special teams almost cost them this one. Glad to see the Garden crowd found a new whipping boy in Backman – unreal. If you go to the game, just cheer on the team – I’m sick and tired of the booing. A nice home-and-home sweep of the Isles would put ’em away – that would be nice, eh?

  6. good job by Renney getting Jagr and Drury off the shootouts. Time for some of the young blood to get their chance.

  7. THAT is why Montoya was traded. We are set in goal.

    And…goals are finally coming in bunches…like they should have been all season long…

    now the Bs have to stop winning so we can pass them.

  8. to play like that an get two points,ya gottab be thrilled.Great move taking out hank(i told my son thats what he should do.)My son said he would wait to see how the 2nd starts,well philly did that and it didn’t work. Anyway horrible game by most rangers.eveything was off.let’sget ready for the Islandes and practice making a pass tomarrow.

  9. Care to comment or ask Coach why Holweg and Orr with the worts plus/minus on the team as 4th liners no less get as much ice as they do?

  10. Big win today folks… not pretty, but big. Another game where if it were played 2 months ago we would have lost for sure.

    I sooooooo wish the defense would play in front of Hank the way they do in front of Valleycat. Oh well.

    Lotta tough games ahead, I hope they can play some sound defense in the coming weeks.

    Sjostrom (spelling?) really looks like a good acquisition… now that 4th line has the “ability” to put a puck in the net once in a while, while remaining tough and defensively… uh… sound. I guess.

  11. I just got home from a real long day. Watched game @ bar with no sound. Had million things to do before and afterwards(fiances bridal shower). So I finaly get to check the blog and the 1st thing I read is this. I’m not adding the name, b/c I want the person to fess up(but i’ll give the time..).

    March 2nd, 2008 at 11:21 am
    “I cannot believe they are going to play Backman over Strudwick in what will be a physical game … ridiculous … I would even play Hollweg over Sjostrom … Renney goofed last year not playing Orr vs. Flyers where the Rangers got beat up … He obviously did not learn from his mistakes—- hence if he gets fired it is no one to blame but himself …. If Rangers lose Philly leap frogs them.”

    Ridiculous indeed my friend. 2 goals for 2 guys you thought were “ridiculous” to have in the lineup vs. a div rival in a 1 goal game. Riiiiiidiculous. What a “goof” that was huh?


    March 2nd, 2008 at 12:12 pm
    I usually support Renney but it’s a joke having Hollweg and Strudwick sitting against Philly who ran wild physically over the Rangers last meeting. You’re telling me you can’t play Strudwick over Backman or Malik? Boneheaded. If a Ranger gets laid out and injured I don’t want to hear after the game from Renney “we should have had a more physical presence dressed for the game”.

    Mike – See my last post. Get a clue.

  13. nyrblue2
    March 2nd, 2008 at 1:32 pm
    Wow. Valliquette in for the 2nd period. I guess Renney is hoping for periods #7 and 8 of shutout hockey vs. Philly, lol.

    EAT ME

    I’m not done with catching up on all the previous posts, but some of you really want to see this team fail.

    More in a bit when I finish catching up…just didn’t wanna miss anything.

  14. Peter
    “Backman Turn-it Over Drive = BTO as they were known.
    I like BTO.”

    That’s hilarious.

    Bottom line…2pts at this time of the year is never bad. I don’t care how you get them. The change in net was a great call. I kinda wish he’d done it as soon as the 3rd one went by him. I’m not sayin it was Hank. But it sure as hell wasn’t his day. His b-day. I do wonder though what 6.8mil looks like stacked in $1 bills on the goal line.

    Still have thoughts on this win today. Kinda glad I didn’t hear it either. When I hear the ‘docs’ voice, I feel like I’m going to …

  15. I’m still optimistic about Backman. He looks like he just has to find his game. He looks like he is trying to do everything perfect instead of doing everything how he’s used to. He’s forcing his game, and once he realizes he doesn’t have to be superman out there he’ll be fine. After watching him live tonight I was really able to tell he could help us, but only if he helps himself. He still needs to find a partner, I don’t see him and Staal working out, but I really don’t know who to pair him with otherwise. He can’t be paired with a rookie, especially when he needs a veteran influence (Mara?).

    I’m more worried as to know when we can call Henrik, King Henrik again.

  16. Beer Me – Watch the game … Rangers won in SPITE of BTO not because of him !! … The Forum seems to agree with me … Backman is not ready to play vs. division opponents …

  17. Backman had some good plays and some bad ones. I still think hes trying too hard. He had some pretty solid hits and that trip was a BS call, just like the dive call on Avery. He loves to join the rush, which is good as long as he doesn’t get caught. I thought Shoe shoulda got some 4 on 4 time. The guy is quick, a pest, and has a solid offensive game. Its funny because behind the play he was going around hitting some guys in the leg with his stick. Not real hard, but enough to annoy people. He’s definately a great fit on our team.

  18. I think it will be likely that Renney will be pissed off by some parts of this game. The Ranger’s are not built to give up many odd man rushes, and they generally happen once the other team has started taking chances, and almost never in the first period.

    If he can right the ship, then Henrik will be fine, the Ranger’s will be fine, and we can stop paying attention to our defensemen so much. Seriously, so many games go by where I don’t notice who is out there when the Ranger’s are in their own zone. Not a glowing recomendation, to be sure, but it has proven to be the prefered level of play for Ranger’s D-Men. Don’t do anything to be noticed by us and your doing a good job. Stick thy neck out too far and we’ll chew it off with Ketchup and Mustard and an MSG Kanish.

  19. longtimerangersfan on


    March 2nd, 2008 at 3:17 pm
    Finally Renney puts Dawes in the shootout…wonder who the third shooter was going to be.

    Thanks Sam, now I know that it was Dubinski next. Thank you Renney…doesn’t take you too long to learn.

  20. If this was November or even December maybe I would understand giving Backman some time to find his game…..BUT IT’S 16 games to go till the end of the season and every point is important. So I’ll take Strudwick’s weak game over Backmen’s good game every day of the week. I never booed Malik but I was yelling on top of my lungs at this supposed D-man.
    No my friends fat lady is practicing her singing and there is no time for BTO to find his game.

  21. longtimerangersfan on

    What worries me about Renney is his quote after the Philly game…”Henrik is our #1 guy there’s no two ways about it.” Almost a direct quote from a couple of years ago only he was talking about Weekes. Why can’t he just go with the hot hand? Villemure played a lot of games back when he and Giacomin were a tandem and he was good too. I think Valli is a lot better than people make him out to be…he’s a solid goalie.

  22. Longtime ranger fan- I understand what you are thinking, but a hockey goalie is not a starting pitcher. The mental game and the confidence mean more than anything (I’m a goalie and I’ve coached goalies). I understood why he was saying that about Weekes two years ago and I understand why he would say this about Lundqvist now (but for different reasons!).

    The writing was on the wall with Weekes and the reason you would publicly back him is twofold: 1- if you want Weekes to have any trade value or confidence to play the rest of the year, you need to give the veteran the opportunity and the respect. On the other hand, Lundy was a kid, and many a young goalie have been burned by being given the #1 mantle too early. You get both goalies motivated this way and it worked. Lundy took the challenge and worked up to the pressure, while Weekes was allowed to save face and eventually accept his role as backup. If you really think that Renney didn’t know Hank was going to be his #1 guy (no matter what he said to the press) you aren’t giving him enough credit. Coaches don’t share all that they know with the press (thankfully).

    Lundy just signed a huge contract and has earned the #1 role. Valliquette is doing his job. If you think anyone is going to buy it if Renney said that Valli was now #1 you’re crazy. And how good would that be for the team? Renney can play Valliquette all he wants, but calling him out in the press is not going to help your franchise goalie get back into form.

  23. “Rangers won in SPITE of BTO not because of him !!”

    Show me where I said that.

  24. COL Mark – excellent post. Well said.

    That quote showed me that Hanks psyche IS probably that fragile that he needs to be reminded that he’s the man in NY.

    Hey, goalies have bad games sometimes. It happens. What scares me a little is that it always seems that it takes Hank a couple games to get back into form(get back his confidence) after a stinker.

    I also can’t believe that the asslanders fired 53 shots on goal yesterday and lost 1-0. That’s incredible.

  25. UpstateRanger on

    Could be wrong, but I think even the Great Luongo got yanked last night. It happens.

  26. It’s been a rough year for goalies in general it seems. Kipper started horrible this year too. But I believe still leads the league in save % since the lockout ended. He didn’t get his first shutout until last week.

    I can’t believe the injuries that COL has gone through this year either. They just get Stastny and Sakic back and Svatos goes down. If there’s ever been a team that has a real excuse due to injuries it’s this year’s ‘Lanche.

  27. I’m not trying to kill Hank on this, the team is 7-0-2 in their last 9 games, but I have high expectations for a player being paid in the top 3 at his position. There were some off days in between this game, it’s not like it was the 2nd of a back to back. I’m just simply stating that he HAS to play better based on what we are paying him. Truth be told if we were paying him $5million a year i could care less about him being pulled, but in a game that was HUGE to us in the playoff standings the HIGHEST PAID GOALIE in the league needs to play better than that.

    Beer Me- Thanksfully the game didn’t get as rough as many of us thought, but Orr’s fight really settled the game down. I would call it a draw, but he really brought some life into the crowd. I think becuase that puke Downie wasn’t playing thing’s didn’t get too bad.

  28. Re “It’s a joke having Hollweg and Strudwick sitting vs. Philly,” etc. Oh my God, come on! With Hollweg, Strudwick, and Mara NOT IN THE LINEUP, this team has a chance to win, every time out. Now if we can just get Prucha in there for Betts, and Baranka in for Malik = fill in the blanks. Addition by subtraction is more potent than picking up lame bodies at the deadline.

    Just because Sather and Renney are masochists, doesn’t mean the rest of us have to be that way, too. Some here are saddened by the fact that Hollweg and Mara and Strudwick’s time here is near the end. Amazing.

  29. Buck, said “Now if we can just get Prucha in there for Betts.” WTF

    Now I have heard it all. Are you on crack? First, Betts is a center and Prucha is a wing. Second, Betts is the best PKer and shot blocker on the team. Third, Betts is bigger and strong on his skates. Fouth, Betts is a deffensive player on the 4th line and does his job 100%. I do not need to go on you are siriously mistaken if you think Prucha is better the Betts. Pass the “grass” over here next.

  30. I’ve never heard more whining and complaining about a team that’s on a winning streak. Some of you guys are ridiculous.

  31. The only thing I’m going to add is lets go rangers and beat the piss out of the fishsticks. Lets put them and that caveman
    looking coach of there’s out of there misery.

  32. Glad we won the game and it was an exciting one to watch. That being said, the defense and goaltending need to shore it up big time if this team wants to have a chance in the playoffs. Their play in the defensive zone was atrocious and against a better team (and a team with a decent goalie) we do not win that game. Henrik has to play better (it was his birthday yesterday, so perhaps he was out a little too late celebrating). Backman wasn’t great but seemed to get a little better as the game went on. Malik still looked terrible and Rozi played an awful game. I am glad we won, but the rangers need to play a lot better defensively. Shanny and Dawes made up for pretty mediocre games with their goals in the shootout. If any changes with the lineup were to be made for tmrw but Id probably rotate Prucha with Dawes (I wish it could be shanny) for at least one of the Islanders games

  33. Rob L – “I’ve never heard more whining and complaining about a team that’s on a winning streak. Some of you guys are ridiculous.”

    In the words of the Messiah…THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU.

    Really seems like a lot of people want to see the team fail just to say “I told you so”.

    PJ – yeah. I know it’s easy for me with 20/20 hindsight to say “I told you so”. And I recognize that 100%. However, I still stand by my theory of playing ‘our game’ instead of ‘their game’. And I certainly admit, and as ALL of you guys know, it’s a lot harder to follow a game at a bar as opposed to sitting on your couch. So I am at a large disadvantage to make any detailed comments about yesterday’s game.

    I saw an analysis of the matchup before the game yesterday. And again, I don’t know if it was brought up by the top-notch NBC team. But the last time we faced them, they had a completely different top line of Richards(hurt) Gange(hurt) and Lupul(hurt). So perhaps the matchup changes caused a little disruption to the game plan for both sides.

  34. Pete, you and Buck should go hang out together. Yeah replace a hot Dawes with a cold Prucha or better yet Prucha for Shanny. Well said realy well said.lol

  35. longtimerangersfan on

    Colorado Mark said:
    The writing was on the wall with Weekes and the reason you would publicly back him is twofold: 1- if you want Weekes to have any trade value or confidence to play the rest of the year, you need to give the veteran the opportunity and the respect. On the other hand, Lundy was a kid, and many a young goalie have been burned by being given the #1 mantle too early.

    If memory serves me correct the time in question was early in Weekes’ stint with the Rangers and the writing was NOT on the wall at that time. What about rewarding good play? To me it says, why bust my ass if I’m not gonna play anyway. Renney has shown time and time again that he plays favorites and is slow to try something new. Look how long it took him to sit Malik. Look how long it took him to bring up some youth. He still lets Jagr burn up too much of the PP time. Why did he keep sending Backman out in the Carolina game?

    Rob L.
    At last look this is still an open forum and if you think that the latest winning streak is based on sound fundamental hockey you are mistaken. I was at the Carolina game and we were lucky to escape with a win. Yesterday’s win, in Renney’s own words, was “ugly”. It’s the coaches job to keep his team focused and to my way of thinking, he hasn’t done a very good job. Some people are “fat, dumb and happy” because the Rangers are winning…ain’t gonna happen if they reach the playoffs.

  36. sorry to bring up the ‘Lanche again. But I missed another important person that just got hurt… Ryan Smyth. He went into the turnbuckle at the end of the bench and left the game on a stretcher sat night. They say he may have a separated shoulder, which would probably mean he’s done for the year.

  37. longtimefan – “It’s the coaches job to keep his team focused and to my way of thinking, he hasn’t done a very good job.”

    But it’s also his job to get the team points in the standings. And of late, a 7-0-2 stretch has done exactly that.

  38. longtimerangersfan on

    Beer Me!
    March 3rd, 2008 at 10:04 am
    longtimefan – “It’s the coaches job to keep his team focused and to my way of thinking, he hasn’t done a very good job.”

    But it’s also his job to get the team points in the standings. And of late, a 7-0-2 stretch has done exactly that.

    Beer Me
    OK, you’re right. The Rangers are winning, everything is fine. I take back everything I said. Where’s that cup?

  39. Some people are “fat, dumb and happy” because the Rangers are winning


    LOL, so funny, so true.

    FWIW, I think this applies more to the early hot streak this season though, when they team was still bad, but at least winning. People thought that was “good ranger hockey” because we were squeaking out 2-1 games. I haven’t been able to pay very close attention to the last handful of games, but these wins look more like the wins of a team on the verge of really coming together. Now, that is pathetic, but in all honesty, it’s good to see the team scoring more, and not looking so impotent. Still don’t think this team will do much, because they lack winning coaching and leadership, but at least they are starting to look like a team thats semi-interested in winning.

  40. Richard – Next tuesday the 11th. Still feel like an ass taking a week off when I look at that Pronger story.

    Longtimefan – the cup? changing subjects to gain an upper-hand in a conversation? So if there’s no cup it’s the coaches fault is what your saying? Not the gm, the players, a $7mil goalie’s? Just the coach? ok.

    salty – ‘semi-interested’ I don’t know why that struck me so funny.

    The strange thing to me is that of the 3 seasons since the lockout this looks like its more of a transition year than the last 2. I guess it’s the influx of new players…again.

  41. right you are that every game is not going to be perfect, but I was just pointing out that looking forward to the playoffs this team needs to shore up their play. That is not be nitpicking, that is being honest with the team’s play. They gutted out the win which is great, but do you think Pittsburgh, Ottowa or Montreal would have failed to capitalize on all of those turnovers in our own zone. I guarantee even Renney is telling the players the same thing at practice.

    And I didnt say you had to rotate Prucha in, but I think he could still be of use going forward and in the playoffs so Id like him to get some time on an offensive line. And if you were to do that Id rather take out Dawes than Cally…just my opinion

  42. Can we all agree Mike Milbury has no right to stand in MSG, let alone comment on a Ranger game at all?

    This guy seriously needs to have his C*#K cut off and shoved up his ass. I can’t even stand listening to his retarded commentary. Makes me want to have a hit put out on him. With his horrible history in Hockey, can NBC get someone else to prop up in front of the camera? Id take a corpse over seeing his fat F*#king Face!!!

    Anyway, 4 in a row, lets make it 5 and 6 againts the Isles.

    Love the way Shoey is playing for us, I see him being a great playoff fit for our team. BAckman, glad he got his first goal in Blue, not sure how long he stays in for, but a wise choice for Renney to use him in back to back games? maybe not. We’ll have to see what Renney does for Tues Isles game. I would think Struds will be in, but who knows?
    ANd again, where does Prucha fit in now? Only spot I see is in place for Dawes or Cally , but there both on a streak as of late. Could sit til one of them gets cold.

  43. longtimerangersfan on

    Beer Me!
    March 3rd, 2008 at 10:21 am
    Richard – Next tuesday the 11th. Still feel like an ass taking a week off when I look at that Pronger story.

    Longtimefan – the cup? changing subjects to gain an upper-hand in a conversation? So if there’s no cup it’s the coaches fault is what your saying? Not the gm, the players, a $7mil goalie’s? Just the coach? ok.

    Beer me, I’m not changing subjects, I’m agreeing with you. Everything is fine…the coach is fine…the winning is fine…the 7-0-2 is fine, all sound, fundamental hockey wins. Now let’s go after the cup!

  44. I agree with Richard a few times…Buckmeister is high on dope if he things Prucha for Betts. No idea where that came from. Why not just say Jeter should be replaced by Melky Cabrera? And then Pete says that Prucha should replace Dawes? Again, what games are these people watching?

    Sadly, Prucha is not cracking back into this lineup til, hate to say this, there is an injury. He is not a 4th liner who can play 2 way and bang people. He is not replacing Dawes who gets better every game and is growing more confident each minute.

    As far as I am concerned, the first 3 lines are cemented right now. The 4th line will have Betts at center til it’s golf time. The wingers are up for grabs and the Shoe is there to stay (what a sick 3rd effort goal last night. The guy got his own rebound 2x and scored from flat on the ice!) and the extra spot is going to be battled for between Orrweg. (BTW I give the unanimous decision to Orr versus Boulerice yesterday.) There is a tiny chance I see Prucha in for Orr or Hollweg as the winger in the playoffs, but given the physical differences (and the defensive ability differential) I don’t really give Pru a chance of cracking the 4th line.

    Prucha to Hartford for conditioning. If he had not gotten injured, I think the best thing would have been to trade him.

  45. I’ve never seen such a bunch of unhappy fans who are supporting a team on a win streak..!!
    Not every game is going to be perfect, the important thing is we win and keep picking up points. Last night they answered Philly goals quickly, eventually took the lead, only to lose it again but rebound in the shootout. Good teams find a way to win even when they are not playing their best.

    Go Rangers..!!

  46. no why? I stopped reading that j-off’s blog a long time ago. It was right before he said he was ‘done with the team’. Then they swept ATL.

    You’re also not agreeing with me b/c I never said ‘everything is fine’. It’s not. Our goaltending is shaky. very shaky. I’m done with this debate. Keep blaming one person for everything, it’ll work out great for you.

  47. newman & UK – you guys just saved me from flipping out here. So glad to see some levity.

    Could not agree more with the prucha situation. As far as getting back in for the playoffs, I would think it would totally depend on who we end up playing in the 1st round.

    “Good teams find a way to win even when they are not playing their best.”

    Find someone to disagree with that, and you’ve found someone that doesn’t know sh-t about sports.

  48. Beer me, are you Hockey Bird?


    I had this same question a while back.

    Beer me, you are *positive* you never updated the hockeybird website? they had a “Beer Me!” there too who posted on the front page….it’s just too much of a coincidence….

  49. thats all i was trying to say beer, and everyone flips out. again i didnt say the change had to be made and for the record i was watching the game yesterday where dawes looked invisible before the shootout. it could very well be that prucha isnt playing until next year, not happy about it, but if they are winning so be it.

  50. longtimerangersfan on

    Guys, just ’cause I question the leadership of the team, namely Renney, and yes, Sather doesn’t mean I’m unhappy…quite the contrary, when the Rangers win I’m ecstatic! As for Jagr being captain, following Messier is a tough act. Should he even be captain, imo, no.
    I started watching the Rangers in 70-71 and became a Ranger junkie…at that time about 20 away games were televised on WOR and when the Rangers went on the western swing I would go home, eat dinner, go to bed then get up at 11:00 to watch the game, go back to bed and get up at 5 AM to go to work. I was at the game that Hadfield scored his 50th,the game when Giacomin came back as a Red Wing and the 6th game of the semis when they ousted the Islanders in ’79 to name a few. My marriage even suffered as I would be pissed if I couldn’t watch every game that was televised even though we had plans to go out.
    Please don’t say I’m not a “true” fan ’cause I question their leadership…I think I’ve EARNED it!

  51. pete – re: prucha. Anything anyone says about prucha at this point is just speculation. And blind speculation at that. No one here, including myself know what will become of prucha. Hey, I wanted him to be dealt personally. But he’s a hell of a ‘depth player’ at this point. What hurts him now is his one-dimensional play. For me, it’s a toss-up of the better player Dawes or Prucha. But Dawes seems to have better chemistry with his linemates. That chemistry has been real hard for us to find this year, and I can’t see changing it. Bottom line with prucha is that you have to get him in there sometime though. Unless slats can get him down to the A for ‘conditioning’.

    Re: hockeybird. I can’t be more honest to say that I’ve never posted there. I guess it is a coincidence. An odd one for sure. And whoever it is beat me to the punch for the name. So props to him(or her)!

  52. MikeNJ – that rant about Milbury was HILARIOUS. I hate that guy. So happy I couldn’t hear it.

  53. Flyers get a point even though Hatcher, Richards, Lupul, Gagne all were out and the Flyers played the day before … Rangers needed to bury them … I am not as amped with this victory as others …

  54. As much as the NBC announcers stink, they brought up a good point. Prucha should be odd man out right now. The response from Eddie O (who is almost as bad as Emrick) was who would come out for him?? Callahan? the kid has been playing great since being re-called. They mentioned using Pru as an extra to keep guys motivated and plug in if a guy gets hurt. I like Pru and truly believe with PP time he is a 25+ goal scorer every year, but right now don’t mess with the chemistry. Personally I like Hollweg, but Shoey brings so much more to that line, can you imagine Hollweg ever scoring on the play that Shoey scored on????

    Beer Me- The announcers only mentioned that the Flyers stayed close with all of their guys injured, and should be getting them back soon. Nothing else on that. Although they did mention that Dubi shoudl get many ROY votes. I like his game but haven’t the 2 Blackhawks been better??

  55. Christian Backman: Backman Turn-it-over Drive = THE STUPIDEST FUCKING THING EVER YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF YOURSELF!!!!

  56. On the Milbury topic…

    I found it extremely funny that he kept saying things like “The Rangers are pinching their defense… where’s the Rangers’ forwards to pick them up?” He then said “On this goal by Backman… he piches… where’s the Rangers forwards… it’s obviously a blown coverage.” Then someone corrected him saying “That was when Briere went to the bench slowly after that big hit behind the net.”

    In the TV industry… when your “star analyst” is saying stuff like that and being corrected on a regular basis… he can’t last much longer (can he?!!!).

    I thought at one point Emmerick was going to say “You mean the Flyers! Say the Flyers dammit!!!”

  57. PJ – Kane & Toews have been awesome all year. Toews missed some time due to a leg injury and has been back for about 3-5 games. And picked up right where he left off. I think that the 3 nominees will be Toews, Kane and Backstrom from washington. Backstrom on points alone. The other 2 have a better game. IMO.

    Riche’ – I think the only reason Milbury is there is the reason that Hull was part of the broadcast last year. They’re looking for that “what’s he going to say next” aproach.

  58. That’s not to say there’s anything wrong with Dubi’s play. I think long-term he’ll be more of a complete player, whereas the others are more of ‘point-getters’. Dubi’s start will be what keeps him off the list.

  59. Flippedturtle on

    Anyone else notice that everytime Toots shoots the puck he goes for the top corner and misses? I wish he would just try and put the puck low and on net so our forwards can look for the rebounds. I have noticed all year when he gets the puck and shoots it almost always misses and goes all the way around the board for a quick race up the ice with him trapped behind the play.

  60. Looks as if Freddie may have put and end to the Hollweg era. In my personal opinion Freddie, Betts, and Orr make one lethal 4th line. A line that will hurt you physically and on the score board every so often. Great addition. Always liked Hollwegs heart but Freddie is the much better choice for that line. Not sure why people dont like Orr. Take him out of the lineup and the Rangers lose a lot more. He is needed just as much as any other player on that team if not more.

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