That’s got to be some sort of record


Just 70 minutes into his Rangers career — and a mere 10 minutes into his Ranger debut at the Garden — Christian Backman has already received his first boos.

Thanks to the industrious Ira Podell of the Associated Press for pointing out that Backman’s first five penalties as a Ranger have all been different infractions (interference, holding, roughing, high-sticking, and tripping). That leaves delay-of-game, fighting, and diving to cross of his list in the second period.

In a related story, Marek Malik has two assists and now goes by “Fan Favorite Marek Malik.”

Or something like that…

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  1. Oh, I forgot. Thank you JD!!! How could you play Hank against Flyers this season??? Didn’ty Vally has 2 SO against them? Is he not hot against Philly? Come on… It doesn’t look good already, 3 weak goals already…

  2. maybe backman just find the penalty box to be more comfortable then he does the ice who knows>>>>>>>>>>>

  3. maybe backman just find the penalty box to be more comfortable then the ice…….

  4. Sather must have owed JD a big favor and that is why he took Backman off JD’s payroll, if that isn’t it than those cigars sather spokes must be the good stuff if you know what i mean.

  5. DoodieMachetto on

    Our defense is terrible and so in Lundqvist.

    So much for bringing in Swedes to make him better.

    On the bright side, our offense is working OK, and Sjostrom is officially better than Hollweg. SOB line!

  6. hmm i take that back maybe backman likes the back of the net better then the penalty box?

  7. Wow, renney took lundqvist out and replaced him with vally, excellent. Lundquist has been shaky for most of the season and as I was typing this I can’t believe backman just scored, this game today is getting weirder by the minute.

  8. Sorry, I’m bad, I thought I heard emrik say that they replaced lundquist with vally.

  9. Heard JD just got a 5 year contract extension from the Blues because he successfully dumped Backman.

  10. Now we truly have insight into the Sather’s mind works:

    “I’ll get someone that sucks worse than Malik, and the crowd will love him…”

    It’s the old Rodney Dangerfield theory:

    ‘When you want to look thin, hang out with fat people.’

    Exciting game…definitely a time warp

  11. Maybe it’s me but the flyers look to be the better skating team which is surprising because the flyers played yesterday while the rangers are well rested.

  12. The little 5s I was looking for for my Backman voodoo doll I am now saving for my Backman Bobble Head doll.

    Hank played too deep on the third goal

  13. Good move by Renney to pull out Henrik, sometimes he’s terrible in the net. Backman shocked me, he’s good good shot. Anyway, great game, meybe not from defensive perspective but fun to watch. GO RANGERS!!!

  14. Doodie Machetto on

    Good thing we made Hank the 2nd highest paid goaltender in the league. He really earned that contract with his inconsistent, unfocused play.

  15. Doodie Machetto on

    The 2nd period had a GREAT playoff feel. The first was more of a pickup game type of feel. Let’s see what the third has to bring.

  16. Way to go Malik – another penalty to give the Flyers some life and maybe a late, game-tying goal.

  17. Great, another 4 on 4, the flyers are the better skating team today and have already scored two goals 4 on 4.

  18. This just in…. John Davidson will no longer be welcomed back to the Garden. He will not be invited to Adam Graves Night.

    But… Backman did have a nice goal. Maybe he’ll straighten out, but I doubt it.

    And we called it at Ranger Nation. Fredrik Sjostrom will be a fine offensive player for the Rangers.

  19. Doodie Machetto on

    I would like to see Dubinsky skate in a more direct path to the goal. He likes to swoop down and in, but I’d like to see him go more direct to goal. He’ll get more pts that way.

  20. Way to go rangers and vally, unfortunately the goaltender who is playing better is our backup. Lundqvist needs to get his act together if the rangers want to make the playoffs and go deep, soft goals will not get it done.

  21. Doodie Machetto on

    We should’ve made the deal for Huet, or tried to pick up Lalime from chicago

  22. Maybe one penelty backman took was legit the rest were very questionable. How can you judge a guy by 2 games Malik makes a mistake every friggin game he plays an usually takes a stupid penelty with less then 5 min to play

  23. longtimerangersfan on

    Finally Renney puts Dawes in the shootout…wonder who the third shooter was going to be.

  24. Hank has good record but he allowes lots of “softies”, he’s unconsistent as hell…

    Great goals in SO by Shanny and Dawes. And Vally played very well. Good win!

  25. Refs were BAD again… where the hell was the call on Cally at the end of third? And how come they gave 2 mins to Avery… season after season refs are worse and worse…

  26. Good post, Ryan. Each time Hank plays a poor game, we’ll hear from the contract naysayers. And each time he turns in a gem, we’ll be reminded of his ‘inconsistencies’ from those same folks. Meanwhile, Vally earns himself a big win and Hank will be fresh for the big Islanders games this week.

  27. longtimerangersfan on

    If I’m Renney, I stay with Vali…play the hot goaltender. Man, they have to tighten up the defence and soon.

  28. A whole lot of finger pointing here. Hank did not have that bad a game. He let in one soft goal. The defense hung him out to dry to start this game. I definitely think pulling him was a good idea though. It made the team tighter. We better be a hell of a lot tighter next game because we are not going to win a lot of hockey games playing like that for the rest of the year.

    Let’s Go Rangers!
    2 Huge points there.

  29. Re: Tom G. earlier post. The Flyers did seem a much faster team even after playing yesterday afternoon. The Rangers gave up the neutral most of the afternoon and appeared to be skating backwards most of the time. Whats with Tyutin’s game. Lunquist is having to many games like this at a very critical time. Vally should spell him more often. Great choice by Renny for the shoot-out

  30. Collectively not a good showing by the Ranger D. Most obvious offender defenders were Backman and Malik, but Staal played perhaps his worst game in the bigs and Tyutin and Girardi weren’t much better. The Rangers do not play nearly as well when they open it up and try to run and gun.

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