Hollweg out, Orr in


The Fredrik Sjostrom impact extends to Ryan Hollweg, who will be scratched today to make room for Colton Orr’s return.

Petr Prucha is still out, and so, most likely, is Jason Strudwick, although the defenseman will at least take part in warm-ups.

As expected, Henrik Lundqvist is in net.

<li>The good folks at NYRangerscast had me on the show on Friday. You can listen to it “here”:http://www.nyrangerscast.com/podcasts/nyrangerscast040.mp3.

Or better yet, download it and put it on your IPod. If listening to me analyze the Rangers’ fourth line can’t get you through a treadmill session, nothing will.

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  1. I think this should our offensive line up out right. I adds more offense, skill to the 4th line and now that the lack of talent is off the line they could scrore a few.

    Come on Backman we are all pulling for you!!!

    A much needed win today. LETS GO RANGERS!!!!

  2. Good decision to leave Sjostrom in the lineup, and to put Orr back in because he provides the enforcer they need (just in case it gets a bit out of control). Sjostrom clearly adds more value than Hollweg, scoring-wise and on the penalty kill. Good move, Renney.

  3. I cannot believe they are going to play Backman over Strudwick in what will be a physical game … ridiculous … I would even play Hollweg over Sjostrom … Renney goofed last year not playing Orr vs. Flyers where the Rangers got beat up … He obviously did not learn from his mistakes — hence if he gets fired it is no one to blame but himself …. If Rangers lose Philly leap frogs them.

  4. Here’s to the SOB line. Hopefully Shoey can throw the body somewhat, as he upgrades the line offensively, but the 4th line is not offensive by nature. They have a role, take the body, stay out of the box. Hollweg, as much as I like him, did that well. Now before everyone attacks me for that, yes he took some dumb penalties, but he brought an Avery like passion, and “sandpaper” to the team. If we can get that out of Shoey, without the hands of stone that Hollweg has then good move.

  5. The only games I would play Hollweg would be vs. Philly, NJ and NYI …, that does not bother me as much as having Backman play …

  6. I usually support Renney but it’s a joke having Hollweg and Strudwick sitting against Philly who ran wild physically over the Rangers last meeting. You’re telling me you can’t play Strudwick over Backman or Malik? Boneheaded. If a Ranger gets laid out and injured I don’t want to hear after the game from Renney “we should have had a more physical presence dressed for the game”.

  7. “Renney goofed last year not playing Orr vs. Flyers where the Rangers got beat up … He obviously did not learn from his mistakes—- hence if he gets fired it is no one to blame but himself …. If Rangers lose Philly leap frogs them.”

    Exactly. Didn’t Renney even say after that game that he takes the responsibility for what happened because of the lineup he put out there? Unbelievable.

  8. A great move by Renney.

    We have enough people on this team who can stand up for themselves. Orr is the only real fighter you need. No one on the Flyers can beat him. Hollweg might hit, but cant fight…so having him out is no big deal. Strudwick maybe should be there…but I think Backstrom really needs to prove himself and if he doesnt this game. And this is a good game for him to do it in…he will be sitting the next one if he doesnt work out today.

  9. Who stood up for themselves last game? The kid Dubinsky who took a beating, after Richards pretty much ran around at will. Luckily Richards isn’t playing today, but you’re telling me Malik brings more to the table than Strudwick. Give me a break. This lineup is fine for 90% of games, but it is wise to have a more physical lineup dressed when playing Philly. An 8 year old could tell you that.

  10. We should be playing Holleg as well as Strudwick. I don’t know if someone needs to jog renney’s mind but they had a brawl last game as well as were about to fight whenever there was a stoppage in play. So for the games like this he should have the tough players dressed. They don’t need offensive from the 4th line. There job is to throw the body and get some energy flowing. The games like last game when a team isn’t as physical you can let Holleg and Strudwick rest and play the other two (Brackman and Sjostrom). But regardless you need some sort of phyiscal prensece just in case you need someone to take care of something if there was a cheapshot or such. But also in the rivaly games that are coming up I would dress Holleg and Strudwick as well as Orr becasue there is going to be alot of energy and physical play. The top three lines can produce enough offense as well as the 4th line hasn’t been doing bad whatsoever like taking stupid penalites and such so well see if Sjostorm can throw the body as well as pray that Brackmen doesn’t get tossed around like a ragdoll.

  11. OK you know me; I’m not superstitious type but here are streak;

    since superbowl Sunday Jersey undefeated in Regulation ( didnt watch or wear during LA and Anahiem games)

    I took a red brick that holds door open where I work becuase it has “DRURY” imprinted on it…I swear!!! since putting brick beside TV Rangers 3 wins 0 losses

    Screen saver of NY giants was up for all 4 post season games
    I switch to NY Rangers SS next day

    Today I paint youngest childs face RED-white- and Blue he cried but we see what happens

  12. Chalk up another boneheaded play by backman which fources him to take a penalty which leads to a power play goal. I’ve seen enough of this guy. I can truly understand why they hated him in st louis.

  13. Backman is going to cost a games the rangers cannot afford to lose. Every game the rest of the season are all crucial and this guy totally blows.

  14. Sjostrom! Hollweg would have fallen on his ass if he was in there. Looks like Renney can make at least 1 good decision.

    “Patrick” Sjostrom according to Mike Emerick on NBC, lol.

  15. Backman again, what a surprise, this guy cannot play another game, really bad trade by sather, what was sather thinking.

  16. Dont you love these people who visit blogs to hand out spelling cor-x-shuns

    Shut up!!

  17. “loneranger
    March 2nd, 2008 at 1:09 pm
    This where Lunquist costs us games.”

    Are you freaking serious?

  18. Don’t you hate it when people come on here pretending to be fans and can’t even spell our franchise goalies name right? A typo I can understand. But U is nowhere near V. S my D

  19. NYCWickedWrister on

    If all the fans in STL knew Backman was awful, shouldn’t Sather know that too??

    Why would JD help Sather out anyways? The Garden screwed him when the Blues were in town.

  20. No mention of talks ending between Avery and Sather on the NBC intermission report.

  21. We got him for a fourth round draft pick, enough said on that front. Let’s just look back and be thankful we didn’t make any “blockbuster” deals and give up youth.

    Let’s grin and bare it and hope that Mara gets back soon enough / Backman settles down a little.

  22. Considering we scored Lundy in the 7th round, I’d rather have that 4th round pick back, lol.

  23. Wow. Valliquette in for the 2nd period. I guess Renney is hoping for periods #7 and 8 of shutout hockey vs. Philly, lol.

  24. Understood, but he was a needle in a haystack. My point was that we didn’t give up any current roster players…

  25. Lundqvist = needle in a haystack, if there was no strike, he may have not been “found”…

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