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The Rangers are having their annual Partner’s Day today, which includes a practice and then a luncheon. I suppose by the sound of it, it could also be a chance for Dan Girardi and Fedor Tyutin to buy one another a Hallmark Card.

Dear partner, you always back me up when I rush the puck.

If there was no you, I’d be out of luck.

Either way, I skipped it, and instead saw my brother’s Keio varsity basketball team “lose a heartbreaker in the Section 1 Class C title game”:

It was a tough loss, but still the best showing in school history. My big brother, despite the fact that he has less hair than me, should be very proud.

Meanwhile, the Bruins win 3-2 in a shootout for their sixth straight, leading to the question: When exactly did Bobby Orr come out of retirement?

More tomorrow….

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  1. Sam, that is what I like, family first. All the best to your brother on a good season.

  2. This was from Zipy’s post, “Judging by the way Colton Orr was pushed at practice, coach Tom Renney seems to want to put him in the lineup tomorrow afternoon against the Flyers.”

    Everything else will have to wait until tomorrow.

  3. Philly is on a roll. Looks like they will win their 3rd straight and the Bs already won in OT.

    I would like to see Hollweg sit tomorrow and not Sjostrom. We could use that 4th line scorer and speed tomorrow. As for the back line, it is tough to call but I believe you have to go back to Backman and see if the 1st game was just an off night. Then again another side of me would like to see Struds there for keeping the peace and comfort. If I had to guess the majority of you would like to see Struds but better to find out now about Backman.


  4. I’d like to see the same lineup as the last game with Orr added in (obviously we need him aginst Philthy).

    Backman should get another shot to prove his worth.

    What I really want is for Hank to start looking like himself again. Wins are wins so I’m not down on him or anything (and he does make some great/amazing saves) but I wish the soft-ish goals would stop finding their way behind him.

  5. Hey guys – thanks for the advice with my teeth. Not looking forward it. It’s scheduled for the 11th. At least I’ll be better for st. patty’s day. Maybe the doc can give me green Vicodin! haha

  6. Agravaine,
    I can’t believe those idiots on that show didn’t even bring up the hit that a-hole did on mara which was even worse than that. You don’t get fractured facial bones without getting a stick or elbow to the face and they didn’t even bring it up.

  7. So let me get this straight. That A-hole for the sabres has been running around the league charging players without the puck aiming for there heads yet the league has a bounty on Avery and Hollweg. Maybe it’s me but there is something fishy going on in this league.

  8. Something to watch for:

    The Ranger’s have four defensemen under contract next year, and Rozsival, Malik, Mara, and Strudwick do not have contracts.

    Four defensemen playing for contracts. If the Ranger’s have a player in the minors or juniors that they think may make the team, then the four defensemen without a contract are playing for two contracts. If they don’t earn them, their out of a job here.

    Lets assume that Roszival will sign 4 million (a big raise), Mara will sign for 2 million (a big cut),and Malik will sign for 1.5 million (another big cut), and Strudwick will sign for the min that he makes now.

    The question is, will the Rangers sign any of these defensemen to contracts of these values?

  9. longtimerangersfan on

    March 1st, 2008 at 6:01 pm

    I can’t believe those idiots on that show didn’t even bring up the hit that a-hole did on mara which was even worse than that. You don’t get fractured facial bones without getting a stick or elbow to the face and they didn’t even bring it up.

    Staal took him to task though…got a double minor but it was a “good” penalty.

  10. LI Joe – I’m sorry. You know I mean 6-0-2 in their last *eight*. I was too excited to get it right! And I just wanted to give Bonfire a chance instead of jumping down his throat, but only on one stat. The rest were pretty lame and he kept coming up with more.

  11. zg,
    if possible I would like to see the rangers sign a defencemen that can be physical and be able to drop the gloves and fight, at least one maybe two.

  12. longtimerangersfan on

    Oops, it was only a minor not a double…should have watched the hole clip. Kaletta got cut but I guess the refs decided he’s an a**hole and deserved it!

  13. The buffalo announcer are clueless, not only was that a late hit with the puck not close to mara but a high hit. The next time they play which is a few weeks away I would like to see somebody run Kaletta and see what the buffalo announcers say than.

  14. Rozsival is going to want 5m+ with the points he’s been putting up.. esp with Boyle off the market :(

  15. “if possible I would like to see the rangers sign a defencemen that can be physical and be able to drop the gloves and fight, at least one maybe two.”

    Bookeboom jay wells type defencemen.

  16. Spider – you’re one of the best posters around. so was just trying to correct you in a good way. and anyone who can get along with bonfire can get along with just about anyone.

  17. Of the four defensman I hope they sign Rozsival for sure then make the others offers and have it be take or leave. I think if thye get Rozi combine him with Stall Tyutin and Girardi then I would be comfortable with either Pock, Sauer or BAranka or a combination coming up, plus Backman is here and hopefully settles…

  18. Hey what is up with Avery? Just heard on HNIC that the talks are done and he will be a UFA…

  19. I really like Commodore. He’ll be free and is a great second or 3rd pair guy. Sauer may need another year and has to prove he can stay healthy. Baranka needs to stay healthy. Also, I hate Garnnet Exelby, but the guy plays like an S.O.B. and I think he’d be a good physical presence if they can get him for cheap from ATL.

  20. Rob, I just came here looking to see if anyone had a linkable source, I heard that to and I wanted to post it elsewhere, but I wanted a source that isn’t hearsay…

  21. The devils lost tonight so the next two games for the rangers are huge. The rangers need to win the next two games.

  22. “Rob March 1st, 2008 at 9:11 pm

    Hey what is up with Avery? Just heard on HNIC that the talks are done and he will be a UFA…”

    Do you have a link?

  23. you mean what’s up with asshole Sather. Avery will be a UFA because sneer-lip wants to give the money to guys who don’t produce wins.

    rangers are 41-17 with Avery in the lineup since last Feb, and below .500 without him over the past 2 seasons.

    so, who is more valuable, the guy who wins, or the guy who loses but racks up meaningless stats.

    next year will be a dog just like the first 4 months of last season.

  24. scott morrison on hnic said that talks have broken off, and Avery will be a UFA.

    now, let’s see the sather shills come out and make excuses for that piece of shit Sather.

  25. Rob,
    Unless you have a link that states what you posted I don’t believe it. I just checked HNIC and it doesn’t say anything about Avery not signing with the rangers. I don’t believe it
    until i read it somewhere.

  26. there is no link. veteran cdn. reporter scott morrison said it on Hot stove on Hockey night in canada.

  27. Hope the news about Avery is just normal HNIC moan/groan over Avery’s bitch/whine and cheese.

    The Ranger’s have these defensemen signed:

    Tyutin for 4.
    Girardi for 2.
    Staal for 2.
    Backman for 1.

    Since the Ranger’s do have Captain Hutch and Poke in Hartford, both of whom can be viable lower half defensemen. If he Ranger’s feel that prices are too high, they can get away with a fourth year of a no-name defense by bringing those two back up and resigning MustachMan Strudwick.

    This would happen if teams bid up Rozsival’s price, Malik doesn’t contiune to play like the last few games, and Mara doesn’t lower his price a lot.

    I have no real qualms about this, except that I really hope there is a home town discount on Rozsival. Getting him to resign at below market value would be huge!

  28. no link, yea ok, where talking about canada who hates avery. I wouldn’t believe anything those idiots say until i hear it from a new york beat writer like Zipay or dellapina.

  29. give me a friggin break. scott morrison has more respect and sources in the hockey media circles than zipay and dellapina combined.

  30. On Avery,

    I can see talks breaking off for two reasons, both (hopefully) not true.

    Sather made an offer that was final (for the moment). Lets say six million of three years. Avery says no, and they walk away.

    Avery made an offer that was final (for the moment). Lets say sixteen million over four years. Sather says no, and the walk away.

    Since both these offers are completely made up, and represent the kind of offer’s that the receiving side would (rightfully) see as total bullshit, it may have happened.

    So the question for us is this:

    What deal do you as the Ranger’s offer Sean, or what deal do you as Sean offer the Rangers?

  31. what, you want to hear it from guys who are in the pocket of Sather? guys who will leak the mgmt spin from sather’s shills?

    that is why it is much more credible from guys outside of the local press. they are not beholden to sather

  32. I’m not worrying about it right now, we have him for this year. If another team wants to give him that kind of money, than so be it. IMO I don’t think there is another team that will want to pay him that kind of money, time will tell.

  33. I don’t talk to you, shill-boy. your mgmt bs is pathetic. the only question for forum fans is, do you want a winner on your team, or do you want more isbisters and krogs?

  34. Ok, Davy Boy,

    You want winners? Pay that man his money! I think that Avery is aware of one thing, and that is he is playing the best hockey of his life with the New York Rangers. Before he came here, he was a peice of crap yapper. Here, he is playing on the top line of the New York Rangers.

    No other team in the league will be able to use him so well. Every time he goes out there, and misses on a scoring opportunity, he sees thousands of dollars falling out of his pocket.

    Watch tomorrow, if he misses a goal (even though he probably will already have one) he will be talking to himself and looking murderous. They will resign Avery, at Martin Straka dollars, cause he’s in that spot.

    What say you boardlings, Avery at 10 million for 3 years?

  35. ok, sorry, I’m a little blog struck because of recent idiots who have attack me for no reason.

  36. the Ranger mgmt mouthpiece is on duty again. his job is to shill for sather. his posts should come with that disclaimer

  37. At my Avery Report.

    One of the analysts said it. Its not on the wire yet. I wouldn’t lie about what he said.

  38. Anyone else live in Los Angeles, where NBC seems to be cutting off the broadcast of the game to show the local freaking marathon?

  39. Who Needs Lohan on

    Those Buffalo announcers are funny! They just ignored the cheap, late, high, dirty hit. At least if the game was on NBC Eddie O would have given us a 5 minutes speech about Kaleta being selfish….

  40. talks probably stopped cuz they didnt agree on numbers and wanted to focus on the rest of the year. If the cap goes up, I’d pay him 3.25 or 3.5 a year. Not too much though because while he’s an important part of our team, fans tend to overrate how much he actually does for the team.

  41. Avery is not a $3.5 mill a yr player.. he is a good player but not that good.

    I need help. I live in LA, will miss sundays game. I have DIrect TV and the hockey package, what channel is the game on???


  42. He skates well, the Rangers have a much better chance to WIN when he is in the lineup, he hits at every opportunity, he sticks up for his team mates, he drops the gloves, he can score goals, he gets along with Jagr, he can play wing or center, he can kill penalties if needed, he is a crowd favorite, and he bangs B list celebs….

    10.5 million for 3 years, sign on the dotted line, Sean!

  43. stuart, game is on NBC, but not sure what game is televised in LA. Flyers’ line of Knuble-Carter-Upshall played about half the game yesterday. Think they’ll have as much energy in the latter half of today’s game, their 2nd in less than 24 hours? I say Rangers pounce on them early and often, build a lead, and dominate the rest of the game.

  44. Yeah, I don’t know if I’d by what HNIC preaches about the Rangers, and more specifically, Avery. Its no secret that they’re not fans of either. And to throw something like that out when the Rangers are making an honest push to climb the conference ranks, is just propaganda.

    I believe that they said it. I don’t believe that there’s truth behind it. It’s probably just a twisting of words. They probably said that they’ll wait till the season/post season is over and pick up then…or something to that effect. But I really don’t believe at this point that he’d say “I’m going to be a UFA come July 1”.

  45. Avery is a very good hockey player in all aspects, forgetting about the nonsense stuff.
    He has speed, is a good unselfish passer, hits everything in site, takes a beating in front of the net while annoying the goalie & opponents to death, and draws lots of penalties. Now that his wrists appear to be much better, he is showing a good ability to shoot & score.
    It is obvious the team plays with much more intensity when he is in the game & is the first guy to stick up for a teammate, & most of the time is giving up plenty of size in doing so.
    He sets the tone, the Rangers need him, & his ego he needs NY. If it is obvious to us, Sather & Renney have to know it as well & surely will not let a few $ keep a 3 or 4 year deal from getting done.

  46. I’m sure a lot of the reason he’s not signed yet is also due to the unsurety of Jagr, Straka, Shanny, and all of the UFA dmen contracts too. If you go throw extra $ at Avery, we may end up being just as soft on the back end. Again.

    With the cap nowadays you have to be REAL careful what you do.

  47. I agree with Beer Me about the crap that comes off of HNIC. Anyone know who is in on the fourth line and who is out. I would sit Hollweg for Sjostrom. My opinion.

  48. Beer Me!!, with posts like that I do not think you have had your wisdom teeth out yet..Agree 100%

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