In what was an otherwise encouraging win last night came the wacky adventures of Christian Backman, who collected six minutes in penalties and who often looked out of sorts.

Put it this way: “the News compared him to Sandis Ozolinsh”:http://www.nydailynews.com/sports/hockey/rangers/2008/02/29/2008-02-29_shanahan_helps_rangers_remain_hot.html, which unless this is the late ’90s, isn’t exactly a compliment.

So, no, not a good showing for one half of the new Swedish duo — Fredrik Sjostrom was solid in a limited role — but before you start constructing your own personal Christian Backman voodoo dolls, cut the guy some slack. This was his first game on a new team, and if anything, he may have been guilty of trying to do too much. That’s at least preferable to the alternative.

The question for Sunday is if he can avoid turning this into a trend.

More later…

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  1. Wow, Backman was scary, wasn’t he? Now, I’m mostly a positive fan (a season ticket holder, I don’t boo anyone on this team, and actually try and reason with the people around me who do) and an optimist, but Backman better play well at home. People just have no patience for players like him in New York, and a few more games like last night will justify those feelings. He was, in a word, awful.

    Other than that, the Rangers played a really sold overall game last night. You had to expect Carolina to press in the 3rd – they were at home and are in a dogfight after all – but the Rangers held firm. To be honest, between the horrendous officiating (that hit on Roszival, are you serious!?) and the fluky 2nd Carolina goal, a more fitting final score would have been 5-1 Rangers.

  2. I come to praise Backman not to bury him…the good is oft interred within the hockey sticks.

    Wow did he stink up Raleigh last night. My voodoo doll is not made yet, but am collecting little 5s at this point. Dawes was awesome last night, which begs the question if you give Shoosh a role on the team: Where does Prucha fit?

  3. Sam,

    Yikes is rights!

    He should have had 10 penalty minutes. For a guy who hadn’t taken a penalty in 7 games (playing more), with only 30 on the year, and maybe three two penalty games out of 45 played, maybe his mind got lost by the airlines on his way to New York?

    William Gibson wrote of jet lag as your body traveling at close to the speed of sound, while your soul gets left behind traveling at more conventional speeds. You feel better when your soul catches up to you.

  4. I wrote on the last post that Wally Backman was trying to do too much. But great minds think alike….

    Let’s give the dude the benefit of the doubt while remembering that he had 6PIM and 4PIM that Staal served. In fact, 8PIM (only served 4 mind you) in 9 mins, has to be nearly some sort of record…esp as they were all minors.

  5. Dr. Ogrodnick bows to Leetch on

    I thought Sjostrom looked pretty good last night. Showed a lot of speed, generated a scoring chance, drew the penalty that sealed the game and didn’t look out of place at all when he skated on the first and 3rd line.

  6. Pavel don’t take this the wrong way, but if I go back and look at past history on this blog, your words are not ones I like to bet on.

  7. Backman was probably taking instructions from Hank in Sweedish on which way to move the puck–while trying to understand Canadian English from Staal–not to listen to Hank’s instructions on moving the puck.

    It would have been a close contest between Hank and Richter on lack of puck-moving skills

  8. I hope Sister Christian is so bad, he won’t be blocking either Baranka or Sanguinetti from making the team out of training camp, next September. Except that Sather and Renney will be the last to notice, and, well, the executive suite coffee drinker will feel compelled to “justify” this trade. Look for Baranka and Sanguinetti to become Tomas Pock, redux = Hartford Shuttle at 24, obscurity by 26.

    Sanguinetti is 20, today, February 29. Wish Sather had the balls to give him the ultimate birthday present, via a promotion to Broadway, but, regrettably, Backman the journeyman figures to stand in the way of top D system prospects for many years to come.

  9. Dr. Ogrodnick bows to Leetch on

    Buck, Backman has 1 more year on his deal. Tough to stand in the way of defensemen in the system for many years to come. Besides, Sanguinetti would benefit from starting next season in Hartford. Typical Ranger fan overreaction to a bad first game.

  10. Ogrodnick…totally.

    Hey – you should be happy also. They mentioned your boy’s name last night. Haven’t heard that broadcast say the name ‘Ogrodnick’ in a long time.

  11. longtimerangersfan on

    I was at the game last night and Kudos to Dubi and Valli for throwing pucks to Ranger fans during warm-ups. First one off the ice, no surprise, Jagr.

    Doodie…I say Italian…all those vowels.

    I had to call my son in Ct. to find out what most of the penalties were all about…ten min. misconducts to Avery and, I think, Walker…they didn’t even touch each other!

  12. hockeymanrangers (Goalie) on

    I also said in the blog last night. How productive is anybody on ther first day at a new job. And I also said “Renny will get him straightend out” And if Backman does not get his act together bring up a d man from Hartford. Yea it would suck to have to do so, but as we all know “WHAT EVER IT TAKES” I can’t beleive we don’t have another game again until all the way Sunday. These games are to far apart for this time of year. How many games does Boston have this weekend??? I guess it’s good for the players it just hard for us fans not enough Ranger action. Especially now that they are playing so well. KEEP IT GOING BOYS WE ARE LOVING WHAT YOUR DOING. GO RANGERS.

  13. I don’t see how you do not return Prucha to the lineup. I like Callahan’s gritty style, but Prucha is more of a scorer than him and just because Dawes is recently playing well, does not mean Prucha should be put below them both on the depth chart. Prucha still has value and can still be a good player, beer I don’t think he has peaked, but whether or not he will ever been given another chance like his rookie year under renney is another question

    I can forgive Backman making an errant pass or two because of nerves, but the high sticking is just being careless and the first signs of someone who relies on his stick rather than his body to do his dirtywork….at least it appears we have someone who can fill Malik’s role next year (assuming of course Sather doesn’t resign Harry)

  14. I didn’t say Prucha ‘peaked’. Montoya still hasn’t either. At least for his sake I hope he hasn’t. But I still think that 3 players are competing for 2 spots. cally, prucha, dawes. And with Dawes’ play getting better every week, and cally’s grittiness, I’m starting to lose the idea of where prucha fits in … right now. Sure, if you lose straka & shanny next year, he has a spot…and he’ll have to continue to fight for it.

  15. Backman wasn’t even on the ice for Carolina’s second goal, so how did he get that holding penalty? Betts was holding Cole — is #15 so hard to distinguish from #55? The refs are so bad in this league, in ways both large and small, that it takes your breath away.

  16. Doodie Machetto on

    longtimerangersfan: right region, wrong country.

    Don’t judge me by this name. It is an inside joke from college. But when I was pissed once at the Rangers management, I referred to Don Maloney as Doodie Machetto and poof: its application to the Rangers was created.

  17. Doodie Machetto on

    Richards had 5 assists in his debut with Dallas. Man, if only TB had some depth to play with Richards, they would’ve been an offensive juggernaut.

  18. yea i just hate to see Prucha benched but he may not be able to crack the lineup, but if it was between Cally and Prucha to go on the fourth line Id put Cally there. Sjostrom looked fine but I dont think he should be playing over either Cally or Prucha. Id definitely play him over Hollweig tho

    Does anybody else think that Strudwick and Hollweig decided to grow moustaches after playing against Parros

  19. Did anyone hear that Hossa(marion) was last to Pittsburg in his 1st game, with a knee injury. Isn’t that a shame……….HA HA… hope he’s only out a month or 2

  20. Parros was the inspiration for sure. After Orr fought him, he was laughing hysterically I am sure about the moustache and then it caught on.
    I would take Prucha over Hollweg but where would that leave the 4th line? I think Prucha sits until Shoosh shows that he is not worthy of a spot.

    Prucha need to take balancing lessons. Maybe Marcia Brady can teach him the trick with the book on the head.

  21. Doodie Machetto on

    I think they should send him to Hartford for 2 weeks. There isn’t a spot for him right now and he can at least stay in game shape in hartford, so in case a spot opens up, he can fill in without being too much of a burden.

  22. i dont think you can send him to hartford unless its for conditioning but I am not sure if that applies since he missed only a few games. If he has to clear waivers then there is no way you can do that….he would be claimed right away

  23. Callahan is more suited for 4th line duty. Prucha should take his spot. A 4th line of Sjostrom-Betts-Callahan is what we should see come playoff time. That’s a line that will hustle and has the ability to put the puck in the net. There’s no need for guys like Hollweg and Orr during the playoffs.

  24. doodie – love the idea sending prucha, but I think there’s a waiver issue there. I highly doubt Slats can convice the league it’s for conditioning.

    The problem with prucah fitting into the lineup is that he and Dawes are so similar. And Dawes seems to be more consistant and makes more of his TOI. IMO anyway. One thing I can’t take away from prucha is his heart and effort.

  25. Backman sucked no question but the entire team didn’t play all that well the second half of the game. They played a perfect first period lead by the Jagr line that was flying. I believe they lead in shots at one time 20-6 but after they took a 3-0 lead the game turned on a dime. I think if you look at the defense you see how soft and non combative they are. How many times was a Canes player allowed to walk in front without paying the price? Tyutin was espicially weak on Cole on the second goal. For a while their it looked like we were gonna see a repeat of the Montreal game. Thanks to a very sharp Lundqvist that didn’t happen. Lundqvist seemed to make a half a dozen point blank saves. His best ones were on Samsonov. The pk came uip big as well on the 4 minute pp against. This time unlike the Montreal game they got a clutch goal to give em breathing rooom. It was a terrific pass by Dawes (who was likely the Rangers best forward) to Shanny who just blisterd one home. The Dawes-Gomes-Shanny line seems to be getting in a good groove as of last. It was nice to see Callahan stick up for himself after Convoy cheapshoted him(no penalty call on that of coarse) The refs were fairly awful. An early phantom hooking call on Malik, giving Walker and Avery ten minute misconducts for yapping. They later didn’t give Walker a penalty for dropping the gloves. Hopefully the Rangers see the Canes in the playoffs this year as the Canes are a severly flawed team with a wretched d. Their goalie is pretty inconstant. He made some fine saves and then gave up a goal on a unscreened wrister from the outside to Avery. Drury had another good game. He just knows where to be and has great hands around the net. Next up is the Flyers who followed up a ten game losing streak with a two game winning streak? Doesn’t everyone in this New Nhl?

  26. 1st come 1st serve = political game I’m assuming

    in that case it’s also safe to assume we will likely NEVER be beating any other teams to the punch if we wanted to pick someone up…. I think Sather would always be denied preference unless it is one of his good ol’ boys.

  27. Gayest expression in sports:

    “He’s good in the locker room!”

    are you kidding me? that reminds me of my buddies recent blog, check this out:

    Tuesday, January 29, 2008

    –High Slot
    –Soft Dump
    –“Pick Up A Guy!”
    –Dump and Chase
    –Heel Curve
    –Off The Dasher
    –Odd Man Rush
    –Hard Around
    –Left Wing Lock

    Hilarious, often hockey related blog

  28. “There’s an old saying in Tennessee — I know it’s in Texas, probably in Tennessee — that says, fool me once, shame on — shame on you. Fool me — you can’t get fooled again.” —Nashville, Tenn., Sept. 17, 2002

  29. Guys….The Prucha debate:

    Prucha is a smallish energy guy who has not put the puck in the net this year.

    Everyone here wants to reward him now, and hope he will find his 2007 form as we head into the most impt games of the season? I don’t get that.

    Pru often subjects himself to massive hits that get the other team pumped up. He is not so great defensively. Last year he disappeared in the playoffs. When the game gets more physically demanding (final weeks of the season and into the playoffs), I think Prucha’s game gets worse.

    I liked Prucha in previous seasons. I don’t think his career here is finished. But he is not getting it done this year. Period.

    Cally is energy, size, physical, and can put the puck in the net. (Cally 5g in 35 games, Pru 7g in 56 games this year). He plays better two-way than Prucha. That is important this time of year.

    Dawes is getting better each game and meshing well with Shanny and Gomer.

    I think Pru to Hartford to condition makes the most sense at this stage.

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  31. I think you need Orr in the lineup (if healthy); Hollweg is replaceable by either Prucha/Callahan/Sjostrom. He doesn’t really fight any more, he takes dumb penalties at times, and can’t score if you gave him a soccer net to shoot at. The guys I just mentioned have the same speed, and can actually put the puck in the net.

    A bit off topic here, a group of my friends and I are flying down to the Rangers-Panthers game in Sunrise FL in a few weeks. I have 3 extra tickets that I’m looking to get rid of – let me know if you’re interested (not here, but email me – ante614@yahoo.com).

  32. whats with the retarded quotes by Bush and St Louis’ Nerd comments
    are you two retarded or masturbating on the wrong board?


  33. thanks mikey – bush & the nerd…we don’t come sh-t all over your board. Please respect our and go spew that garbage somewhere else.

  34. hockeymanrangers (Goalie) on

    My thoughts about Pruch’s, is he gets knocked off the puck way to easy. He gets bumped and he falls and or looses the puck way to easy. Sorry but that’s what I have seen of him lately. I don’t know how he scored so many goals in his rookie season, maybe from the PP he didn’t get knocked around quite so much. And unfortunatly I really don’t know where we can use him at this point. Only if we get a injury other than that I don’t know. Believe it or not I would prefer to have Holleweg out there than him. Yea, Holly doesn’t score but he keeps the puck out of our zone.

  35. Don’t the refs even know the rules? Why was Carolina given a power play after a delayed penaty to Backman and they scored during that time?

  36. hockeyman – that brings up a point with prucha. At this point of the season, and with a bunch of physical divisional games left, prucha is a depth player.

  37. I think Sam was right in giving Backman some slack, nevertheless, he sure made Malik look like a Norris trophy winner. By the way, Malik had one of his best games last night. Like Syostrum alot. He checked well and may have better scoring touch than Hossa. Assuming Allaire can rehabilitate Lenevev and Backman can come around, this trade may turn out to be minor coup for Sather. Rangers as a team are really solidifying, with (3) lines that can score and a decent checking line. We, also, have interchangeable pieces on both offense and defense. Some similarity to 94, however, we may be much deeper and younger. This is starting to be fun.

  38. reginald dunlop on

    bc lenny……….nyr were already shorthanded…..goal scored wipes out penalty being served….but penalty being called now has to get served……..old days a goal took out both penalties……..but reward for offending team so rule changed a few years ago…….refs are brutally inconsistent………BOOOOOOOO

  39. As far as waivers goes, I think it is based on your position in the conference. So the team with the worst record gets first dibs.

    My last comment which I seem to always make regarding Prucha is that the way he has been used the past two seasons it is surprising he gets any goals. First he is a power play player and he has only been given limited time this year and last on the power play, but that is where he scored most of his goals in his rookie year. Our powerplay has been bad all year so hard to say he deserves to play on the powerplay less Straka, Dubinsky (who I love as a player, but right now I dont think his scoring level is worthy of being on the first powerplay unit) and probably Shanny (who probably has the best pp numbers of that group without looking). Second for regular strength to succeed I think he needs to play with a fast playmaking center ie Gomez, so I guess with Shanny still playing its not gonna happen this year, but I would much rather have Prucha on Gomez’s wing next year than Shanny. And I still think he is a better fit for the third line than Callahan as I think Cally could be just as effective offensively playing with Betts, which is not the case with Prucha.

  40. Doodie Machetto on

    Beer Me, there shouldn’t be a problem sending Prucha to Hartford. He’s been out for almost 3 weeks. That should be enough to get 2 weeks in Hartford for conditioning.

  41. R: earlier post Prucha really needs to beef up a bit. He’s far too light and one of these days he’s going to get seriously hurt. He takes far too much punishment. He needs to play with enforcers that give him room. Callahan is in the same boat but because he is quicker & faster he avoids hits.

  42. doodie – Honestly I have no idea what the requirements are. All I know is that he was never on the IR. Hossa was, and was eligible to go down for conditioning.

    pete – I think that’s a bit of a cop-out on prucha’s production. Other players have adjusted to different roles.

  43. Has anybody been looking at the numbers Dubinsky’s put up lately. Not worthy, HELLO. He make this team so much better.

  44. Larmer 28/Western Canada Survivor on

    Prucha’s heart is admirable and maybe he hasn’t been given as much of a chance as others, but he scored 30 in ’05-’06 because nobody got hit-you could hang out in front of the net and score at will. Unless we hit the skids again, Renney shouldn’t tinker with this lineup.

  45. doodie – I think this is it. (copy from the CBA)

    13.8 Conditioning Loan. Unless a Player consents, he shall not be Loaned on a
    Conditioning Loan to a minor league club. Such Conditioning Loan shall not extend for
    more than fourteen (14) consecutive days. The Commissioner may take whatever steps
    he deems necessary to investigate the circumstances under which a Player is Loaned on a
    Conditioning Loan. If the Commissioner has reason to believe or determines that the
    Club has used the Conditioning Loan to evade the Re-Entry Waivers, or otherwise
    Circumvent any provision of this Agreement, he may take such disciplinary action
    against the Club, as he deems appropriate. The Player shall continue, during the period
    of such Conditioning Loan, to receive the same Paragraph 1 NHL Salary, and be entitled
    to the same benefits, that he would have received had he continued to play with the Club.

  46. On the nerds and George Bush, enough already.

    George Bush’s Prez career is basically done. The guy isn’t going to be on the political scene in this next election, so why the F is some dope on this blog trying to spew GWB’s dopey quotes?

    And nerds, take your crap elsewhere.

  47. maybe, but say Jagr or Shanny was not played on the powerplay except for a few minutes here or there the last two years and been moved around simply to accomodate who best fits with Prucha (b/c it seemed like whenever Prucha was getting chemistry with linemates like Gomez, Dubinsky and Dawes, Renney changed the lines to get Jagr and shanny going).

    I think the worst thing that has happened to Prucha’s game is the arrival of Shanny as Prucha was all set after his rookie year to be a solid top six winger but then they brought in Shanny (who I like tho he has gotten noticeably slower). Don’t get me wrong I liked that Shanny was willing to play here and it has helped get other players on board.

    So if it means that Prucha doesnt get a good shot again till next year so be it. Again I admit he has missed some chances this year where he should have scored, but not to the point I dont think that he should be out of the lineup altogether. And I dont want to see him lost in the shuffle for next year.

  48. hockeymanrangers (Goalie) on

    You know what I say sucks, and that is the Carolina is over a lot other teams just b/c they lead their division. I say however many points your team has is how you should fall in the conference. Am I wrong here???

  49. pete – you were correct on the multiple team waiver thing…

    (from the CBA)
    13.19 If only one Club makes a claim for the Player on whom Waivers have been
    requested, such Player shall be transferred to that Club. In the event that more than one
    Club makes a claim for such Player, he shall be transferred to the claiming Club having
    earned the lowest percentage of possible points in the League standing at the time of the
    request for Waivers or, if Waivers are requested outside the playing season, then to the
    Club having earned the lowest percentage of possible points in the preceding season’s
    schedule of Regular Season Games. If the successful Waiver claim is made before
    November 1st then the priority shall be determined by the final standing in the League’s
    Regular Season schedule in the preceding season.

  50. Holy Crap!

    Sam states ‘The question for Sunday is if he can avoid turning this into a trend.’

    That scares me. Backman should not play this next week. Put Strudwick in vs. Philly and Islanders. We need his toughness.

    Backman was awful. Honestly one of the worst games I have seen by a defenseman. He made Malik look like Chris Pronger…. what worries me is that Renney kept putting him out there. Everytime he was out there from the middle of the first to the final gun the Canes had a scoring opportunity…. If the Canes would have tied it up I would blame Renney … Backman needed his icetime cutback in the 3rd… Rangers need to beat Philly and Islanders and do not need to be ‘breaking in’ a defenseman.

  51. pete – as far as the prucha thing goes. Maybe. But would you really rearrange your lineup to accomodate prucha opposed to jags or shanny? Two 600-goal scorers? I think that’s why we’ve seen the arrangement we’ve seen. Get the most out of the players…HOF’ers you have while you can. It looks like Prucha will be around for next year. Unless he’s part of a draft-day deal.

  52. Doodie Machetto on

    Beer Me, I am certain that it wouldn’t be a problem. All they have to say is he was hurt, and hasn’t played in 3 weeks. We just want to get him going again.

    They sent Pock to Hartford on the conditioning stint last year when he hadn’t been injured, at all. He was just riding the pine, and there was no problem.

  53. GoCaptainClutch! on

    I agree with Newman 100% about Prucha–I really like the guy but this year he’s been completely off and if it’s between him and someone like Cally or Dawes, IMO there’s no quesion Pru sits. He contributes NOTHING. (except a killer smile).

    Backman was atrocious, but I think he’ll look better Sun. Nerves, and trying to do too much, for sure.

  54. I don’t know doodie. I think it’s a great idea, but the league has to agree. If Lou were the GM, he’d be there already. Slats on the other hand…we’ll see.

  55. How about the genius GM who sent Gratton down to hartford and now if he is recalled he would have to go through re entry waivers. That is yet again another brilliant move by a has been gm who knows Orr is hurting and we play the cryers,devils and icelanders within the week. So my guess is he is hoping that they all play like wussies against his team that mainly has wussies on it. But in reality they are chomping at the bit to pound this team just like how carolina was all over hank in net and no one to do anything about it. Sather has just proved just how bad he is with the players he picked up and how he sent down the only useful one in the bunch. Along with bachman taking one bad penalty after another we now have the human pilon as a first pair d-man what an e-fffing joke that is. I can see the parade now .yea the parade to the golf courses.As long as sather is here the Rangers will be the laughing stock of the league, and thats a league that has a team in atlanta and nashville

  56. hockeymanrangers (Goalie) on

    You know what I say sucks, and that is the Carolina is over a lot other teams just b/c they lead their division. I say however many points your team has is how you should fall in the conference. AM I WRONG HERE??? Sorry I had to repost be cause I REALLY think this sucks. Maybe someeone can explain why this is the way it is???

  57. Gratton was already in the A.

    He would have needed to pass through re-entry in order to play here, so obv. he is assigned to Hartford.

  58. Vincea does make a good point. Possibly, the reason why all the Ranger forwards have been spewing out the “backchecking is next to godliness” is becasue the D have been a step slow as a group.

  59. so why would sther even want him if he was no help to the team at all plus he is a rfa. Just proves sather sucks no matter how you look at it.

  60. Prucha isn’t going to crack the lineup. For those that love him, you have to stop living in ’05-’06.

    Yeah he scored 30 goals, once. And 25 of those were before the All-Star break that year, so it really was just a very pronounced hot streak.

    He’s getting 1:30 less ice time compared to then, basically 2 shifts and he hasn’t produced anything close. He’s small and plays a style thats not conducive to his physical limitations long term.

    Give the ice time to someone with more upside because Prucha’s had his chance to prove that the ’05-’06 season wasn’t a fluke and he hasn’t succeeded.

  61. I’m inclined to agree with Vincea on this, although not having watched the Wolfpack I can only assume (with Sather it is probably a mistake to assume) that the Wolfpack needed an enforcer. otherwise to trade for an RFA who can not play for the big team this year without being exposed to waivers is akin to flushing money into the toilet, while giving up something of value in return. Take the damn draft pick!! We’ve had some pretty good finds in later rounds.

  62. easy answer for prucha..scratch Hollweg and put prucha in there on the 4th line..its be a pretty sick energectic 4th line with offensive capabilities..

    wed be missing the physical element of course but I would say put those tough guys in when we play the divisioanl teams..those happen to be the most intense.

  63. I don’t think that it was a ‘fluke’. Though I have called him Petr Flucha before. I think that he’s another one of those guys that you have to adjust everyone around, and your gameplan some nights.

  64. Hey zg, vince always makes a good point, he paid me to say that. :)

    Gratton was obtained to protect the prospects at Hartford. Fritz and Lessard is hurt, Liffiton keeps getting concussions.

    Besides an upgrade for Hossa, they exchanged AHL goalies, dropped salasry and will supposedly get a 2009 pick if Levenue doesn’t play some minimum number of games in the NHL which is what will happen.

    Not so sure on the other deal. Don’t know why the Rangers didn’t give Baranka a chance to show his stuff for a few games, could have saved a draft pick.

  65. At least the woman in section 4xx, row A will have someone else to boo… I got into a shouting match with her this past Sunday because I was cheering Malik’s goal and assist. She told me to sit down, and started spraying some venom about how Malik is terrible, etc. While I agree he has made some egregious errors, both on and off the ice, he does not deserve to be boo’d. Save that for the Knicks.

  66. Doodie, not a fluke but I notice a trend. And another trend I notice is that after the lockout you could not touch anyone without a penalty and each year it has gotten a little more clutchy and grabby. These two trends (Pru’s diminshing goals and increased clutching/grabbing) are going hand in hand.

    Again, I loved Pru in the past. I am questioning his current spot in the lineup, that’s all.

    On the Backman, guys, give him a little more time. We can all agree that he was the worst guy out there (except for the refs). He was trying to do too much. He needs to settle down. Also, how many people here walked into their new office day 1 and started to kick ass and be the MAN that day?

    I am wary that he sucked. But I am not ready to bin him just yet.

    That being said, I debate whether saying to Backman, “We are going with Struds vs the Flyers for his toughness,” would be OK or would it crush his confidence?

  67. Actually, I usually start off a new job kicking ass. I look right at the man in the mirror, and do you know what that man tells me? He tells me, “You are the man Nasty, you are indeed the man!”

    And you know what folks, he is right. I am.

  68. Lenny that clears things up. I didn’t realize the big boys were hurting down in Hartford. With that knowledge i think it’s a good trade overall. Question is if Orr can’t go Sunday, who is our enforcer??

  69. In all seriousness, I agree with you Newman. He gets a pass from me for last night. I think it is much more difficult for a new D man to step in than for someone playing offense. He will be fine.

  70. You need to play Backman vs the Flyers. We can’t jump to conclusions based on one game on the road. Perhaps we have seen the worst of him already?!

  71. Who was it that wanted one of our lines to be like this next year?

    Francis Lassard, Andy McDonnal, Scott Hartnell

    All I can say is: Who was that masked man?

  72. Lenny your checks in the mail! lmao. You are right about fritz and Lessard being hurt but read somewhere that fritz will be ready next week so we will see what happens.But as PJ Stock 28 said who are the rangers going to use? We all know sather is useless and has no idea. Lenny keep up the praise and the cks will keep comming buddy.

  73. nasty – that was funny. a good chuckle.

    PJ – Like I was saying before. If Orr can’t go, then stay away from playing that kind of game. There’s NO chance philthy can keep up with our offense if we play the game we played in the 1st period last night. Carolina is quicker and can keep up. I don’t think Philthy can. Which is why I’ll say again. Let’s play OUR game. NOT there’s.

  74. Ante:

    If the Ranger’s recal Gratton, my money is on the Flyers picking him up, having the Ranger’s pay half his salary, and then him causing Drury a concussion Sunday.

    Not in my backyard, Utensils!

  75. newman – re: Backman’s confidence…
    1) Can it get any lower?
    2) I hope that wouldn’t lower it.
    3) Struds is familiar with the philthies and I believe is the right choice.

  76. I agree with Beer. We got several guys anyway who are more than willing to drop the gloves (if PHI gets chippy as they usually do). Dubi, Cally, etc. Heck, maybe Hollweg will have his 2nd fight of the season?

  77. Bottom-line: if Rangers play how they have been playing (minus the 2nd half of Montreal game and parts of last night), they will be fine. Don’t stoop to the Flyers’ stupidity..

  78. Beer Me, I think you and I are disagree alittle on this. What is to stop the Cheesesteaks from running around and hurting our players?? Is it because they have not played dirty hockey all year??? How many of their chepa shot artists have been suspended this year???? Look at what Downie did to Toots? I guess I equate it to if you had 2 choices: 1) Rob a house where no one was home or 2) ROb a house with a guy sitting with a shotgun on the porch and a pit bull with him which would you choose??? See my point?

    I don’ think we should sink to their level, we should play exactly how we have been playing. But they are gutless, spineless, chicken $h1ts (who start fights with visors) and as such can not be trusted not to run our guys. What happens if we lose 2 players, are they going to stop becuase they are nice?? They will take every advantage they can, as would we.

  79. Reggie Dunlop, checked out that delayed penalty situation and you were right, a double penalty was being served at that time. Thanks.

    I’m checking my mail box now Vinnie! :)

  80. I don’t think I’ve mentioned my absolute disgust for the officials last night. The wrong official got his grill smashed in a few weeks ago.

  81. RE: Backman

    I couldn’t care less about this guy really. I don’t think he makes or breaks anything in the long run, nor do I think he’ll be around long term.

    What I do find funny is that some people here are so ridiculous, acting like its this big rarity of the game for a guy to have his first game with a new team or something? You’re like give him a break, it’s first game saying it as if it were “hey give him a break, he was attacked by lion” Sure it’s semi-understandable to be shakey in your first game, but the guy did make a show of himself for sure. I had the game on in the background and I was like, what the eff IS it with this guy?

    anyone else think he’s kinda got that tommy pock “retahd” look going?

    Timay a found a couple more little 5’s for your doll.

  82. Salty, you are so damn salty. I think you need to borrow my name for a few days. You might be more deserving of it than I am, ha.

  83. “What is to stop the Cheesesteaks from running around and hurting our players??”

    Being in a playoff race right now should be enough for them. Expecially if we can jump out to a lead. Again…that’s THEIR game. We don’t match up well against it, so why play it? I don’t want to see anyone get hurt either. And if they keep their heads up, we won’t have that problem. And I’m fine disagreeing on this one. OUR game has been successful as of late.

    Be careful what you say about visors too. Cally left his on after HE went after a guy last night. I hate it as much as the rest of you, but just be careful who you call out.

  84. you have to start backman on sunday. it was his first game with the team and despite his bad play they came out with a win. and as fans we should give him a second and third chance. furthermore, its not like we thought we were getting bobby orr, he is what he is, there to add depth. i think the buzz-word is “solidify”.
    Anyways i have to admit i was one of the fans leading the charge as far as panic goes when they lost to montreal. And i was very wrong. the boys have won 3 straight since. kudos to them for responding the right way.
    Another thing… has anyone seen the sean avery wikipedia page? I heard that wikipedia was trying to tie their loose end and make the website a more reputable source but i guess sports and/or truth is not their number one priority. here are some excerpts…

    ” He is currently the biggest mess in the show. No talent, no potential, no fun.”

    “He dated Elisha Cuthbert until she broke up with him in August 2007 because he is gay.”

    Maybe he can file a slander suit to go along with the libel against berger.

  85. Beer Me- Right on about Cally, I forgot that at time of my post. I just see them being dogs this weeekend, to set a tone for next time we play them if nothign else. Normally we would have Orr in the lineup, so I guess my concern is not having anyone to replace him.

    This is the team and type of hockey I expected to see at the beginning of the year (hockey year not 2008)

  86. Who Needs Lohan on

    I think Hollweg should wear a visor on Sunday in honor of our favorite asshole, Downie…

  87. Ante, the cryers don’t have guys like they do to just play hockey they play to hurt and knock out your best players. In fact they just got back one of there goons from his 25 game suspension bowlofcrap so now add him to Downey and Cote and they are not going to be playing nicey nice with the Rangers especially how we have beaten them with 2 shutouts so even if Orr does play he will need alot of help because all he gets is 3 fighting majors and he’s gone and then what? If we had a real gm he would have a plan but our gm doesn’t have a clue.

    Lenny the cks in the mail buddy.

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