“OK guys, show us what you got…”


First prize goes to the reader who can correctly cite the movie quoted above.

Actually, come to think of it, if you can’t detect a line from “Slap Shot” you should probably be banished from the hockey fan community (Meanwhile, I’m 33 years old, college educated, and the father of two. What does it say about my maturity level that “this still qualifies as cinematic genius”:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PAcere7LL_o?).


But I digress. The point is that the Rangers will get their first look at Fred Sjostrom and Christian Backman in another huge game tonight in Carolina, and it’s only natural that many of us will jump to immediate conclusions. There’s already been a lot of back-and-forth about whether these were good trades or not, but the reality is we probably won’t know for quite some time — if ever.

And in my view, a lot hinges on Al Montoya. Should the former No. 1 draft pick emerge as an elite goaltender in this league, then the Rangers may well kick themselves for fetching only a checking forward and a couple of minor leaguers in return (there is a conditional draft pick in there, which I’m still looking into). But you could also make the argument that this was the current market for Montoya, and with his play uneven this season, there’s no guarantee they would have even landed this much if they waited until next year.

Like I said, much of it is speculative.

As for Backman, it sounds like he’s someone who can benefit from a change in scenery. That could be a troubling sign. But maybe not when you consider the host of players on the Rangers roster — from Sean Avery to even Jaromir Jagr — who found new life in New York.

More later… 

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  1. longtimerangersfan on

    Going to the game tonight…can’t wait to see the new guys. NY NHL hockey team (Rangers, duh) was an answer in my crossword puzzle today so hope that is a good omen.

  2. longtimerangersfan on

    Oh, I forgot to say, I’m taking my 88 year old mother-in-law to her first ever NHL game tonight. Should be interesting. It’s part of her(bucket)list. LOL

  3. longtimerangersfan on

    BTW, Slap Shot was THE best hockey movie til Miracle was made. I have both DVD’s and watch them a lot…too much, some would say.

  4. Sam,

    Somebody has to say something to Larry Brooks about his article today. This just proves that he is the most ignorant hockey writer today and knows nothing about anything.

    In the article today he was talking about the comfort level for Henrik with the swedes arriving. He referenced Jagr and his Czech mates (no pun intended) and referred to the now departed Marcel Hossa as one of them. Marcel Hossa is SLOVAKIAN!!! I know it might not make a big difference to people here because it used to be all one country, but trust me having grown up in Prague it’s a huge difference. They don’t like each other and if someone in the Czech Republic read that they would be mightily pissed off. Larry Brooks is an idiot. This seals it.

  5. Nick – thanks for the heads up on the Brooks article. I still think reading The Post can make you sterile. Watch out!

    I will not pass judgement on the new guys for at least 4-5 games. I’m sure I’ll have a first impression to comment about, but it’s not fair to do it after 1 game….either way.

    Finally a friggin game tonight!

  6. ZG:
    Gomez, Lundqvist, not sure about 3rd. Possibly Staal?

    and that was a joke about ‘europe’ right?

  7. Yeah, I’m just pointing out the Larry Brooks knows nothing. How this guy is allowed to write for the Hockey News is beyond me. He completely made up half the crap he wrote about the Avery arbitration in the Summer, has been bashing Jagr all year for not trying (he’s lost a step sure, but he is trying), etc. I can’t stand to read him anymore, he’s reaching Hillary Clinton annoying.

  8. Nick B–
    Same reaction as you about Hossa being a Czech. It’s always the “little” stuff that stops you cold. I mean: read the Media Guide for God’s sake!! Basic Journalism 101!

  9. Nick B.

    Easy there. First of all, Larry knows what he’s talking about. Trust me. Second of all, that wasn’t Larry who wrote the story but another writer from the Post.
    But you’re right, saying the Czechs and the Slovaks are the same is way off base. We were even joking about this yesterday with Jagr.

  10. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Avery’s one story, bull-dog mentality which has thrived and infused the Rangers with a much needed determination and grittyness.

    But “Jaromir Jagr” … found new life in New York.
    …and then lost it a couple years later. haha

    of all i would say a toss up between Miracle and Mystery, Alaska.

    both excellent but in my opinion the miracle documentry was better than the movie, but i can still quote the whole damn thing

  12. Buckmeister:

    I’d love to read your career forecast for those three. Just fill out your reasons, it will be good reading:)

    I can see, for example, Dubinsky developing into a Selkie winner, and could see him picking up a Smyth in the next ten years, he has shown an ability to dominate.

  13. Youngblood is one of my favorite hockey movies.

    1. Lundqvist
    2. Gomez
    3. Cherepanov (I know he’s a stretch but he has the talent)

  14. OK thanks Sam. My bad! Somebody emailed me the article in the Post and mentioned it was Larry who wrote it. Apologies to him (on this one!).

    Under 30 HOF on the Rangers: Gomez, Henrik, Dubinsky

    Dubinsky reminds me sooo much of a young Messier it’s eerie. The way they skate and play tough. Moose was a better finisher at this stage, but Dubi should be a 25-30 goal scorer in the near future.

  15. Doodie Machetto on

    Staal, Lundqvist, and Malik.

    Staal because he is going to be a perrenial all-star defenseman. Lundqvist because if he can gain some measure of consistency will be a multiple Vezina winner. Malik because he will go down as the all time NHL leader in assists….

    …for the other team.

  16. Doodie Machetto on

    Oh wait, Malik is 33. Shoot.

    OK, then my third choice is Gomez, largely because he was the first latino NHLer.

  17. Slap Shot Best Hockey Movie EVER. Part of the movie was filmed in my home town of Utica, NY. My brother, sister and brother in law were extras in the movie, and the story scene when they went over the boards after the fan who threw the beer on them was based on something that happened at the rink they used in Utica. My son used to play hockey and every year we would have an end of the season party at my house and I would have Slap Shot playing on the tv all night long, it became an end of season ritual.

  18. Who said callahan? are you crazy? HOF we’re talking here. Gretzky, Messier, Howe, Francis, Richard, Lafleur, Espo, CALLAHAN? I’d be surprised if callahan ever scores more than 400 points in his career.

    of all i would say a toss up between Miracle and Mystery, Alaska.

    both excellent but in my opinion the miracle documentry was better than the movie, but i can still quote the whole damn thing”

    while I agree with the aforementioned..how can you omit the Mighty Ducks 2!!?? That movie was a classic!! Ducks Fly Together!

  20. Rod the Bod? If I had a vote, I’d vote him in. Don’t know about the first try though. Depends on the strength of the nominees.


  21. zg

    What are you, a kindergarten teacher?

    “Class….who is the wizard in the corner office at MSG?”

    “Class….to whom should we be eternally grateful for building us this all-time roster?”

    Enough already

  22. First off – I think Slats thinks he got a steal with Backman. He’s got something in the works – Backman’s going to be a fine D-man for us.

    3 HOFers under 30? Dubi, Lundy, Gomez.

    Dubi scares me. Big time. He’s…just so awesome. Man, if he broke out like this two months earlier, he’d be bringing in some Calder hardware. Oh well, lets hope he hauls in some larger, more silver…um…cup shaped hardware.

    13 years, 45 million. DO IT NOW SLATS. GET DUBI IN DA CHOPPA.

  23. Nick B-“Dubinsky reminds me sooo much of a young Messier it’s eerie.”

    I would have to say Dubi reminds me more of Graves. His style of skating…very upright… his forechecking… his intensity (although Mess had that..and the hard forechecking) but also that Messier scored too much. Graves scored a lot…esp in 94.. but he was more of an assists and body banging, stick up for your teammates player. Like Dubi

    Can’t wait to finally watch a game tonight! It’s felt like the off season for the past week.

  24. SAM let that other Post writer BRETT CYRGALIS, that doesn’t even know how to look up stats on Sjostrom.

  25. I am also rooting for the penguins tonight. I know it would be great to finish first in our division, but Boston is even in points with us. I really don’t think we will finish first in the Division and I would not mind that 6th spot at all.

  26. The score will be 10-0 tonight. Backman is going to have 6 goals and Sjo-ey the other 4. All assisted by Malik. How’s that?

  27. Rangers better win tonight because it’s starting to get late early.

    a psychic – It’s up for debate I guess, but Messier and Dubi both had/have that upright skating style, they both played/play center and they both had/have a hell of wrist shot. Graves scored a lot of his goals with tip ins and scrambles in front of the net. It’s all subjective though.

    I know this is out of the blue, but does anyone think Sather will make a run at Campbell in the offseason? I hope they give Sanguinetti a shot to be that offensive D man.

  28. zg – Yeah, they said who scouted Lundqvist on his “ProFile.” Nick is probably right.

    For the 3 under 30 for the HOF, I’m gonna go with Lundqvist, Staal, and Dubinsky. I think Gomez has too much ground to make up on his early years, not too outstanding stats. At Skip Bayless likes to say, “it’s not the Hall of Very Good.”

    Salty – Yeah, Brind’Amour is probably a hall-of-famer.

  29. Messier a much better fighter and tough guy at this stage than Dubi…Dubi needs to add about 15lbs of muscle. And grow a beard for heaven’s sake…the kid looks about 10. But still think Dubi is the man…will be weaering an A in the next 2 years.

  30. Doodie Machetto on

    I’m so pissed that I won’t be getting home until 9 tonight. I’ll try to resist watching the end of the game so I can watch Rangers in 60 without knowing the final, but, I know I’ll fail.

    Get first in the division out of your head. Root for the teams close to us to lose. Therefore, go Pens, Atlanta, and Ottawa.

    And let’s not forget:


  31. I will have to listen on radio tonight on my way up to Vermont, but I think I will still wear my recently-lucky jersey (8-0-1). And I will miss Sunday’s game, not wearing my jersey. Lookout! You guys gotta tell me how the new guys perform.

  32. Doodie Machetto on

    SP: I hear you on Gomez’s numbers, but I think being the first Latino player gets him in. He’s also got a Calder and two cups.

    “The score will be 10-0 tonight. Backman is going to have 6 goals and Sjo-ey the other 4. All assisted by Malik. How’s that?”

    I’ve got a “How’s That?” question for you:

    How’s that acid you’re taking?

  33. New Newman,

    Don’t hate the player, hate the game.

    Okay, to be honest, I don’t really know what that means but people say it in movies and seem to really enjoy saying it, so I though I’d give it a shot. It was fun.

    Go Rangers.

  34. i think it would be a big mistake to go after campbell. too expensive, he’s not that good (look at his numbers not impressive and not worth 6-7 million)and it blocks sanguinetti. i also want to see pock, baranka, sauer, etc have a chance but if they get campbell and resign rosi we have no spots (unless we are paying backman 2+ to be the 7th D). Id let rosival leave and sign a tough defenseman if available and pair him with staal. not sure whod u play sanguinetti with, needs to be someone physical as well (maybe sister christian will be a hitter by then)

  35. The conditional pick in the Montoya deal is a 5th rd in 09 from Phoenix if Rangers do not resign Leneveu or Al Montoya plays 15 games(playing 30 minutes in one game counts as a game played) next season for the Coyotes,the Rangers get the pick

    Montoya can become a group 6 UFA in two years.

  36. Make him make the first move Conway.


    Mighty Ducks 3, end of topic.
    The rest of you are all riding the pine pony.

  37. Mark Messier was a thousand times nastier and more intense at 12 than Dubi will probably ever be. I like the guy, but c’mon, Mark Messier?

    And I don’t even love Mess all that much, but let’s give him his due as one of the greatest ever and the most intimidating NHLer of the last 40 years.

  38. Doodie – its groovy man. lol

    How can you STILL say get ‘first’ out of your head and Let’s Go Rangers in the same post?

    We’re 5-0 vs. the devils with 3 left to play vs. them. And currently 8pts behind. It’s NOT impossible. Unlikely, maybe. A long-shot, maybe. But it’s not over yet. I’m not saying there’s even a GOOD chance of it, but it’s not out of the question. Almost every single team in the NHL has been streaky this year. I don’t see that changing.

  39. I have not dismissed first out of the realm of possibility, but I don’t like how close Boston is to us. Boston has been a pretty solid team all year, even with key players out of the lineup. I want the pens to beat them tonight.

  40. Hold on here. I’m not comparing Dubi to Mess by any stretch of the imagination. All I said was that Dubi reminds me of him if you look at when they were both rookies. I’m basing this on old footage of the Oilers shown via the NHL Network. Look at their stats too in their rookie year…similar. I’m not saying he’s the next messiah or anything, but they both have a similar style as rookies. It bolds well for this organization. Pierre McGuire said the same thing the other day on TSN too.

  41. Doodie Machetto on

    It’s not impossible, but it’s not what you should be focusing on. It requires too much reliance on other teams doing badly. Whereas, just making the playoff can be done purely on our terms.

    That’s why I say forget first in the division.

  42. Only Gomer and maybe Lundqvist for HOFs. I mean this is the Hall of Fame, not Hall of Pretty Good. I think its great what Dubi and Staal are doing, but I still think they have a long way to go to get to Hall of Fame status. I dont mean numbers, I just mean they don’t really show anything THAT special yet (i.e. ability to take over a game). Sure they look very promising, but its only their first year in the NHL. If they keep improving, then I’ll say probably. If they don’t improve that much or at all, then no way.

  43. oh, ok. It read to me as if you thought there was no chance. In reality, we should just be focused on the spot ahead of us…as we move all the way up!

  44. Sam – this is just speculation on my part, but I believe the conditional pick has to do with David LeNeveu and whether he re-signs with the Rangers in the summer or not. According to the CBA, he has to play in 11 NHL games this season in order to avoid becoming a Group VI Unrestricted Free Agent.

    Group 6 Free Agents (from the CBA)
    (i) Means any Player who is age 25 or older who has completed three(3) or more professional seasons, whose SPC has expired and:
    (i) in the case of a Player other than a goaltender, has played less than 80 NHL Games, or
    (ii) in the case of a goaltender, has played less
    than 28 NHL Games (for the purpose of this definition, a
    goaltender must have played a minimum of thirty (30) minutes in an NHL Game to register a game played)

    LeNeveu has played 17 NHL games, thus he needs to play 11 more this season or he becomes a UFA and can sign with any team this summer. Now that he has been reunited with Benoit Allaire it is unlikely LeNeveu will sign with another team but I think the Rangers are covering themselves in case he leaves, thus the conditional pick (my guess – a 2nd or 3rd rounder in ’09).

    Perhaps you can ask someone about this and double check?


  45. I always wanted to open a bar called 3rd Base. “Your last stop before home!” How’s that for a slogan? You like or what?

  46. nasty – if you really want to live up to your name, your slogan for that bar would have to be ‘Smell my finger’

  47. Watching “Mystery, Alaska” was weird because I automatically was rooting for the Rangers.

    Anyone else experience that?

  48. Doodie Machetto on

    Staal and Dubi have both shown me game takeover potential. Staal has much more offensive upside than people realize. He’s gonna start putting up 50-60 pts consistently once he gets a little bit more confidence and he can direct his shots a little better. On the defensive side of the puck, just wait until he gets some muscle on, and watch him shut guys down.

    As for Dubi, the way he drives to the net, if he can just work a little bit on his strength and finishing, he’s going to score a lot of goals.

  49. Doodie Machetto on

    “Watching “Mystery, Alaska” was weird because I automatically was rooting for the Rangers.

    Anyone else experience that?”

    No, but I found it pretty realistic that the 1999 Rangers were having a hard time beating an amateur pond hockey squad.

  50. I am hyped about getting to watch Backmans debut in Blue tonight!

    Some guys have been down on him, but they can’t know enough NJD fans.

    I love physical hockey and I love how physical our younger forwards are. But I don’t wont a slugger at the price of loosing. I’ve come to accept the fact that we never will get a new Beuke or even a new Ulfie. I would love to get Pronger. I would even give up Lundqvist for Pronger or Phaneuf. I would package Staal for Komisarek. But that will never happend. Besides thoose 3 I haven’t seen a single D IN THIS LEAGUE WHO CAN PLAY OLD TIME HOCKEY in this mess Bettberg have created. We owned Atlantas defense in the playoffs.

    I haven’t seen all that many games this season. But I’ve seen everyone against Philly and NJ. Sather obviously knows what he is dooing. I was ready to go nuts when when we started getting Nylander, Straka, Rucinsky, Rozsival and others. But they have just won me over lately. Like Jagr said this team is looking good.

    We should dress Gratton and Orr every night and I want to see Callahan play over Prucha. But we also need the softer players, like Girardi, Backman, Gomez, Dawes and Jagr. Its soo worth it if we can keep OWNING NJ and Philly. Its so worth it.

  51. What ever happened to Rangers Game Night ?
    Now they have Rangers pre-game but only once in awhile.
    Why not before every game like they used to ?

  52. Cuz now they have Hockey Night Live pretty much every game I think. They moved to that so they cover all 3 NY teams and the Devils.

  53. looks like Nick stepped in it big time. he bashes Brooks for not getting it right, and then we find out HE did not do HIS research first and HE got it wrong, it wasn’t Brooks.

    I won’t read Nick’s shit anymore. HE can’t get it right.

  54. Youngblood ? – gayest hockey movie ever !
    Slap Shot – a classic !
    Mystery Alaska – when the Rangers hit the ice at the end, I stood up in the movie theater & yelled “Let’s Go Rangers”
    Nobody thought it was funny – remember I live in Arizona !

  55. Doodie Machetto on

    “Doodie, Do you have TIVO or DVR?”

    On the fritz. And I voided my warranty because I had hacked it, so I’m trying to fix it, thus far unsuccessfully.

  56. Doodie Machetto on

    It might be salvageable. I haven’t had much time to look at it.

    Either way, it’s not helping me tonight.

  57. Yeah trade for a tough guy and then send him to hartford,unbelievable. If anyone remembers the last 2 times we played carolina it was nasty games . But send the tough guy down and play another wuss this is beautiful GM’ing. But again sather sucks as a GM so why does this surprise me. From what I keep reading the trades made were just to make hank happy. Here we go again first it was lousy czechs for jagr now mediocre swedes for hank. Doesn’t anybody believe moves should be made for the betterment of the team? I guess all those stanely cups sther hasn’t won in over 20 years proves just how great he is. NOT!!!!!!!!!!

  58. “Doesn’t anybody believe moves should be made for the betterment of the team?”

    IF the DO make Hank better….won’t that help the team?

  59. it is outrageous Vince. what if shanny demanded more canadians to make him happy. what if gomez demanded more Americans to make him happy. oh, but that is where the double standard steps in. it is ok for czechs to all sit on the couch together, acting like a clique. but don’t let north american guys try it. then they are “nativists”

  60. Youngblood ? – gayest hockey movie ever!

    ehhhh, yah there are probably a couple of “brotherly” undertones…. not many hockey players I know between 20-30 that hate on youngblood though. I still liked it though, catches a lot of the stuff a young talented players go through.

    actually, youngblood rules your face.

    mystery alaska was kinda ghiegh if you ask me. typical disney style stuff.

  61. Doodie Machetto on

    “lousy czechs for jagr”

    How quickly we forget. Jagr, Straka, Prucha, Rozsival, Rucinsky, and Sykora all had a lot of points that first year out of the lockout. I wouldn’t call it “lousy” Czechs when they are doing a great job. If you’ll note, I left out Malik, but still, 6 out of 7 is great!

    And then, last year, Jagr, Straka, Prucha, and Rozsival all were really good again. I leave out Malik and Rachunek. 4 out of 6 is still good.

    So, I really don’t see what the problem is.

  62. “Jagr, Straka, Prucha, Rozsival, Rucinsky, and Sykora all had a lot of points that first year out of the lockout.”

    and then they were blown out 4 straight by a mostly American Devils team.

  63. I couldn’t care there are more Swedes or more Swiss Cheese! If the team needed a warm body forward (warmer than Hossa) and a warm body defenseman (warmer than Strudwick) than there are probably 20 players in the league for each that the Rangers’s could have picked up. Does it mean anything that they picked up Swedes? How about the fact that they were picked off of teams with Ranger connections?

    And honestly, if not having a single country man on your hockey team is anything like being the only hockey fan in an office, I can understand the benefits of bringing some over.

  64. Doodie Machetto on

    Look, being the son of immigrant parents (as I am, see if you can guess where from), I understand that it’s totally different for Canada and America to want to be near their own. Canada and America are countries of assemblage. In other words, there isn’t really such a thing as a native American, except, of course, for Native Americans. What I mean is that Americans don’t have a “culture” that is exclusive to them. The same goes for Canadians. But Czechs, Swedes, Russians, French, and even the English have their own culture.

    It’s also a function of the size of the two countries. The closest thing that American and Canada have to “culture” is a regional. There are regional relationships within the countries. For instance, North and South, East and West, Inuit, Quebeqois, etc. This is seen in otther large countries, too, but they all still share some heritage point that we just don’t have in the States and Canada.

  65. Hey Sam, I’m in North Carolina for business, I’ll be in section 103 tonight (great seats)……obviously Rangers need to keep winning!!!

    What hockey fan doesn’t like Slap Shot?

  66. I don’t like Prucha being scratched. I think Cally is better suited for the fourth line than Prucha, so Id put him there once we give the swede a game. In a perfect world the fourth line would have sjostrom and cally but renney needs hollweig in there every night

  67. Larryb:

    A very good point. Whatever caused the Ranger’s to collaps so spectacularly back then we can only speculate. What we can tell for certain is that the coaching staff may have learned a thing or to about health management. Almost all the key players were not recovered from injury (prucha, lundqvist) or exhausted (Lundqvist, the czechs, the russians, ect.) or with an arm falling off (big butt).

  68. “what I mean is that Americans don’t have a “culture” that is exclusive to them.”

    that is the most outlandish, false piece of garbage. but it is no surprise that it comes from doodie-in-his-pants


    I will add Youngblood the list becaause that fight at the end was classic. and Slap Shot is a sure favorite and its always a reference on my house leagues team cus i play with my brother and cousin, all with the same last name which is funny.

    The reason i left the might ducks series or any of them out was because it wasnt hockey.. and ye i love them and when i was younger i really loved them… as i got older and miracle toom the spotlight i started to realized that MD2 was practically a copy of Miracle in a bad way.. plus all the hockey in MD was really shitty and looked so fake..

    on a serious note, big game tonight and as i see it we must win 12 out of the 18 remaining games to make the playoffs.

  70. Why is anyone making a big deal out of bringing in 2 Swedes(which I am part!)? So now there’s a whole THREE! who gives a sh-t?

    Is it a bad idea? Go look at the Detroit roster.

  71. Hey larryb, I apologized for what I said about Brooks regarding his Hossa comment. Maybe you missed it. Still doesn’t make up (in my opinion) for the crap he wrote about Avery this summer and how he basically hung the Rangers out to dry by getting one side of the story and not the other.

  72. the last 3 cup winners were mostly North American player teams.

    grit wins the cup. det has not won squat during the recent Swede years

  73. Doodie Machetto on

    “and then they were blown out 4 straight by a mostly American Devils team.”

    Aside from the fact that had to do more with Hank playing like crap and Jagr getting injured in the first game, that American Devils team was then nd that team was blown out in 5 games by a predominantly Canadian Carolina team.

    And I still fail to see your point. I remember the Red Wings won the cup with a predominantly Russian team, then won it the next year with a global mix bag, and then again with a mix bag European team a few years later, so I completely fail to see your point.

  74. Nasty1

    Here’s your bar’s logo

    3rd Base
    your last stop before home – with a cartoon character sliding into a home plate full of furry hair.

    And on the napkins it can say
    “we’ll leave your finger stinking good!”

  75. “so I completely fail to see your point.”

    that is not surprising. you fail to see a lot of things obviously.

  76. Doodie Machetto on

    “that is the most outlandish, false piece of garbage”

    OK, so what is American “culture?” What belongs to “America” and nowhere else?

  77. Who is this larryb character?

    Is this a regular messing around?

    NickB I’m with you man. Larry Brooks, Isaiah Thomas & Glen Sather should get on a plane to wherever it is Doodie’s folks are from and never come back!

  78. vincea- I would be suprised if Gratton didn’t get to play from start tonight! I got a hunch that he will play. You can’t have too much toughness on a 4th line or up front in general.

    But I don’t agree with you on Backman. If he can stay healty I think he really can help us. Looking at Philly, Atlanta and other talented teams in this league its obvious that teams with defensemens that cant move the puck never will become a contender in Bettmans p**s* league. THAT IS NOT SATHERS FAULT. I thought “here we go again” in the summer 2 years ago when we got Straka, Nylander, Rozsival and Jagr amont others.

    There aren’t any beukes left in this league. I really loved Exelby when he cameup in Atlanta and would have killed to get him. But we humiliated him in the PO’s. If we can deal Staal for Komisarek or Lundqvist, Leauve and a 1st round pick for Phaneuf and Kipper I WOULD LOVE IT! But if not, its not worth to have guys like Dertain Hatcher or Ed Jovanovski for the cost of loosing to teams like Philly and NJ.

    We should dress the toughest SOB’s we have on line 3 and 4, but we still gotta have the spineless types in the Straka, Dawes&co and guys on the blueline who can move the puck.

    I just can’t STAND LOOSING TO NJ!!!!

  79. predominantly Russian team? man, you can lie like crazy.

    Yzerman, Shanny, Osgood, Murphy, Draper, mccarty etc

    20 of the 29 players on the ’98 cup team were North Americans, dip

  80. Some now splinter hockey teams, according to nationality, the way some see people as Democrats or Republicans, rather than as Americans. I don’t care what the nationalistic composition of the team is, and I hope the players don’t either. What a shallow way to look at a team. It is supposed to be a TEAM, not a bunch of individuals and nationalistic cliques.

  81. but that is the whole point, bucky. THEY, the euros, don’t see it that way. THEY sit on the couch together like a little clique. we just had Hossa in the news today saying he wanted to go to Boston because he wants to play with chara. THEY are the ones who are being separatists, wanting to play only with their own countrymen.

    in the euro leagues, THEY have rules LIMITING the number of north American players. now, WHO is doing the nationalistic stuff, huh?


    But, we can’t get Pronger unless we deal LUNDQVIST and slats will never do that. I would love for him to do it! For pronger or Phaneuf.

    But if we can’t get Komisarek, pronger, Phaneuf and a few othres we GOTTA GO WTIH THESE SOFTIES. Bro, look at our record against NJ and Philly with Renney behind the bench! Its outstanding, we are owning these clowns.

    I love the PURE UTTER VIOLENCE in the game almost more then the game ITSELF. But only almost. I meet so many annoying fans from gettoland every day. After the mess we have seen here in NY I WANT WINS!!!!

    In order for that to hapend we got to accept these softies. Look at Atlanta who had maybe the toughest blueline in the EC last season. We humiliated them. We have humiliated Philly allot of times this season.

    I WANT THE TOUGHEST SOB’S UP FRONT mixed with softies like Straka and Dawes. But on the blueline we MUST HAVE GUYS WHO CAN MOVE THE PUCK!!!

    MY BROTHER WILL TURN IN HIS GRAVE WHEN HE HEARS THIS, but yes, I am willing to give up MUSCLES on the blueline in favor of SKILL. I am.

  83. North American I can understand, but American? Usually Canadians excel at hockey. haha. and seriously, they won and had success in 97 and 98 because of their mix of styles. They had their NA scoring line with Shanny and Yzerman then added the Russian mix of Larionov, Federov, and Kozlov with the back being Fetisov and Konstantinov (in 97). Having a purely North American team doesn’t necessarily = cup.

    Also you forget, these guys are PLAYING IN NORTH AMERICA. The North Americans just happened to grow up in North American while the Europeans didn’t. I know, an amazing concept. Have you ever travelled to Europe and seen how out of place you feel as a North American? Even after a couple of years its hard to 100% adjust, especially when you don’t have people you can relate to. If it makes Henke feel better then great, but there is more to bringing in Backs and Freddie than just that. They are good hockey players that can have a great impact on this team in various areas. We’ll see if they actually do that.

  84. Doodie Machetto on

    Problem is that hockey teams don’t get to put 29 players on the ice, and the contributions aren’t all the same.

    3 out of the top 4, and 5 of the top 10 scorers were Russian or Swedish. Out of the 20 skaters that saw at least 7 games of the playoffs, 8 were European. That’s almost half. Of those Europeans, 5 were Russian, 3 Swedish. Only 1 American. That’s what’s called a mixed bag.

    And of course no team will be made up of 2/3s European players. Just look at the ratio of North American to European players in the league! Detroit has 11 out of like 21 skaters this season, and I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s the most ever.

    It is because you don’t see many low line players who are European. Think of it this way for a European player who is a fringe player. You can go to North America, get buried on a low line and not make too much money. OR you can be a star on a European team in a league that is far inferior to the NHL, get paid like a star, and live closer to home.

    As the good Hossa is now being rented out by Pitt, anyone think we might be one of the bidders for him when he becomes unrestriced after this season? because i think so as we have a deflating jagr, he could be a good fit

  86. the last 3 cup winners were predomimantly North American

    journeymen Dmen Aaron Ward and Mike Commodore skated around with the Cup while Lidstrom and Zubov were eliminated in the early rounds.

  87. Yeah, Kovi is the guy who can single-handedly take over a game. Watch a game early in the season against Ottawa. 6-4 loss, but it was 5-0 going into the 3rd period. I believe he ended up with a hat trick and an assist in the last 8 minutes or something. Plus we lost out on the Hossa sweepstakes when we traded Marcel. haha.

  88. The Rangers are currently 70% North American. Of the forward lines, there will be 3 Europeans dressing tonight.
    On Defense, the Ranger’s have 4 Europeans and 2 North American.

    Interesting asside: Player’s of European training get paid on average less than American’s of equal ability. A North American Marek Malik would make almost (this is an off the top of my head guess) 10% to 25% more than the European Marek Malik. A North American Fedor Tyutin would have been signed for 6 years at 4 per!

    Having the Euro’s on defense may have facilitated Drury/Gomez in the summer!

  89. Larryb:

    The last 6 cup winners were 75% North American. The fewest Canadians was 10 and the most was 18 or 19. The fewest North Americans was (aprox) 60%. The Ducks were the most Canadians by far, and the Hurrican’s were the most evenly distributed by far.

  90. Doodie Machetto on

    larry, again you ignore what I read. ALMOST EVERY TEAM IS PREDOMINANTLY NORTH AMERICAN.

    And did you watch the playoffs last year? Our best players were all European. Our North American players? Shanahan and Avery had 7 and 5 pts, respectively, and then not another NA player had more than 5 pts.

    Just food for thought.

  91. Larryb- The wifes dad from motown. I was there during the PO’s when they played Calagary. Here me out here bro, THEY HUMILIATED CALGARY.

    In Bettmans pus league you gotta have the RIGHT NORTH AMERICANS!

    We can have the toughness up front. But watching that series, watching our games against NJ and Philly lately thoose softies win games for you against slower bigger players. I never thought that would happend. Trust me, I HAVE SHOUTED OUT MY HATE for thoose softies on other sites on the web for a long time. But now I have to admit that they work for us.

    I LOVE WHAT ANAHEIM DID! They put together a NORTH AMERICAN team and just f’ing dominated thoose softies. BUT YOU CAN’T DO IT WITHOUT THE PRONGERS, KOMISAREKS AND CO.

    I don’t want CHRIS SUTTON in the PO’s. Or I would love him, but as a FORWARD! Holly-SUTTON-Orr. I don’t want him on defense so that Patrick Elichickenass can skate eights around him like Nylander did in the PO’s.

    I’ve seen this Backman kid. He gives you what you cant survive without on a defense. He can move the puck. Its a plus that he is big, that will atleast make it harder for other teams to take runs at in. I know that he is tougher then Poti and *I am not typing his name but you know who I mean*.

    This would be my team:

    I know, only one NORTH AMERICAN that hits on the blueline. But we make up for that with FOUR BANGERS ON THE THIRD AND FOURTH LINE and still get thoose wins against NJ and Philly!!!!

  92. “journeymen Dmen Aaron Ward and Mike Commodore skated around with the Cup while Lidstrom and Zubov were eliminated in the early rounds.”

    And those are individual players. Last time I looked a team won the cup. Plus Zubov already won in 94 with Kovalev, Karpovtsev, Nemchinov, and Mattias Norstrom (I think thats all the non-NA’s unless I’m forgetting one or two more).

  93. is that zg or hillary clinton? your pantsuit is wrinkled, pal

    and your info is just lying garbage. the highest paid players in the league are euros. and malik is a friggin joke who is getting $2.5 million a year for hooking guys as they skate by him.


    OMG, I can’t believe someone actually put Lessard up in the NHL. thats hilarious. oh and hollweg. haha. Dude I don’t mind fighters and grinders, but thats sacrificing a hell of a lot of skill for those two no skill losers.

  95. Beuk:

    Dude, that is the worst lineup i’ve ever seen posted. I’m sorry, I love your passion, but good lord, thats awful.

  96. Peter Fosberg pretty good playoff performer no?? he takes and gives out the bangs no??

    Guess what continent he’s from?

    You guys listen to Don Cherry crap too much

    Give me a team of Fosbergs in his prime and you win cup

  97. Larryb:

    nevermind then. It doesn’t matter.

    Well, it does. There is a bias of some sort against players from Europe. It’s just there, and its true. And the highest paid players in the league are North American. In fact, just under 70% of the top 50 paid players in the league are North American.

  98. Doodie Machetto- Take my word for it we will never win sheit with Jagr and rozzzzzzval as our core players.

    bUT i don’t care about winning a cup now. We cant keep getting humiliated by our rivals. I cant take that anymore. I stopped watching hockey completly in 2002. I watched the first game after the lockout against the Flyers and thoose soft euros won it for us.

    To win acup we need to get our hands on atleast one BRUISER on the blueline. Like a Phanuef. But there is only like 10-15 of them out there in this league who can hit like Beuke did in the past and still play 30 minutes per night. Then we can go with 3-4 softies on the blue line (Tyutin, Girardi, Bäckman and Rozzzzzval) and STAAL. cause you can’t go without puckmovement on the blueline in bettmans pus league. oN the wings up front we should build around guys like AVERY, HOLLWEG, DUBINSKY, ORR and GRATTON. THEY ARE THE CORE. We should trade to get our hands one someone like BRENDAN MORROW and STEVE OTT. But we also must have softies like Gomez, Dawes and Straka.

  99. Jonny D- Did you hear the interview with Shanahan on BACKMAN. He said that you can’t have enough skill on a team these days “and especially not on the blueline”. Thats why I like Backman. But you CAN STILL HAVE ALL THE TOUGHNESS YOU WANT ON THE WINGS!!! We stil need a few centers that can move the puck.

    Thats what detroit is all about. They aren’t winning because of all their euros UPFRONT. They are winning because their defensemens move the puck better then anyother team. If they had TOUGHER WINGERS THEY WOULD BECOME A DYNASTY!!!

    tHE only thing that beats that is a team like anaheim that had defensemens that could move the puck BUT STILL WERE TOUGH! lIKE Pronger and niedermayer!!!

  100. yeah beuke those bottom two lines are terrible. and did you say you liked ulf when he was on our team. the rangers have yet to recover from that trade. You know that powerplay quarterback who can rush the puck and play defense we have been lacking for about 10 years? Yea we traded him for that human pylon ulf samuelson.

  101. Buek is right, of course.

    What the Ranger’s really need to get over the hump is 2 of the 3 best defensemen in the league.

  102. I am married to a Euroopean and I agree with Doodie M 100%. A country that has been around for less then 300 years (7-4-1776), call it less then 600 if you want to use 1492, cannot compare in “culture” to countires that have been around for 1000s of years like all of Europe.

    Bringing Sweedes infor Henry so he can do cultural stuff, which can make him happier, is fine with me if he plays better. How could you complain or argue that point.

  103. ZG- NO PROBLEM.

    I am not the coach.

    I picked up hockey late in life. Like 20 years ago. I have never played the game myself.

    THe game is all about the passion on the ice for me. Theres no sport like it.

    But especially after watching Detroit-Calgary last season, 2 games sitting in JLA, I realized that a TEAM WITHOUT PUCKMOVING DEFENSEMENS never will win anything in this league.

    Thats why I dropped in here at sams place. To tell everyone how I feel about Backman!!! Some might not agree with me. No problem guys!!! Do you know how many times I’ve bitched about the signings SATHER have made.

    I have had a ton of work all year up untill one week ago. But will have basically nothing to do untill June. Getting another D that can move the puck in BACKMAN really strenthen our chances! I am looking forward to watching this team we got right now beat our arch rivals come spring time!!! I have no illusions of a cup, I don’t. But right now I am praying for that we will meet NJ in the PO’s so we can GET BACK AT THEM!

  104. I like the idea of having some fellow countrymen playing with ludquist. Think about if you were from Jersey and you were playing in Sweden. Wouldn’t you love to have a few guys you could speak english (or whatever it is that they speak in New Jersey)with?
    I just hope the dman from sweden is not the next Poti/Malik. I will give him the benefit for now.

  105. I talk about EUROS AND NORTH AMERICANS, I mean the style someone plays hockey!!! Nothing else.

    I saw T. RUUTUS first game for Carolina last night. He is what I would call a NORTH AMERICAN in this discussion.

    I don’t like the EUROS otherwise, for political reasons. I ALWAYS STAND BY THAT OPINION. But I always put that away when I meet a individual FROM EUROPE. Like I can get worked up over democrats in politics, I am sure we all get that vice versa, nobody ever thinks less of someone they meet with diffrent opinions “in real life”. EUROS are our brothers in this world.

  106. Because the former Soviet Republic of Czecheslovakia was just a mashing together of the two. The Czechs enjoyed a more western lifestyle (until 1968) where as the Slovaks were more indoctrinated (I think thats how it goes).

    Also, Prague was the seat of the Holy Roman Empire for a while, so I’m sure there must have been some resentment from then.

  107. “Jonny D- Did you hear the interview with Shanahan on BACKMAN. He said that you can’t have enough skill on a team these days “and especially not on the blueline”. Thats why I like Backman. But you CAN STILL HAVE ALL THE TOUGHNESS YOU WANT ON THE WINGS!!! We stil need a few centers that can move the puck.

    Thats what detroit is all about. They aren’t winning because of all their euros UPFRONT. They are winning because their defensemens move the puck better then anyother team. If they had TOUGHER WINGERS THEY WOULD BECOME A DYNASTY!!!

    tHE only thing that beats that is a team like anaheim that had defensemens that could move the puck BUT STILL WERE TOUGH! lIKE Pronger and niedermayer!!!”

    I like your passion and I agree that in today’s NHL, you need the speed on your blueline instead of the bruisers and still need tough guys out there. BUT, back in the day Detroits grinder wingers had skill too, something those 4 guys don’t have. I’ll let 2 wingers slide, like Orr and even Hollweg or Gratton out of that group, but you can’t just sacrifice skill for that. The Rangers had grind it out guys playing 3rd and 4th line roles….and we missed the playoffs for 8 years. We need toughness no doubt, but never do you sacrifice skill for those guys, especially in today’s NHL. We’d honestly never make the playoffs with that lineup, but we’d win a lotta fights though.

  108. If we can’t get our hands on one of thoose top D’s who can log a ton of minutes and still be really physical (and I am not talking about someone who is a NA but still soft like REDDEN OR PAUL MARTIN) this is how I think a team should be built:

    HOLLY-andy mcdonald-HARTNELL

    Eight bangers that could go at it shift after shift. A defense that can move the puck and get it deep in the attackingzone. Fast playmaking centers that can get back fast to help out our softies on the blueline (think straka on the backcheck!!!).

  109. What the hell happend to our blog today? invaded by newbies crying about nationalities?

    And on top of it all they’re posting lineups!


    You guys know we play tonight right?

  110. despite all the parity, the only changes right now, as far as who is in the top 8, from last season, is Boston is in and isles are out, and in the west, Avs are in and nash is out. of course, it is closer than last year, and some teams still may squeak in, but right now it is pretty similar to last year

  111. I’ve been thinking about it and this program is nearly the exact opposite of hockey.

    On the plus side, one of the hunters just started crying. I hope his friends beat him up now.

  112. For your next movie quote blog title, how about “Pay him, pay that man his money” from Rounders. (With regards to Sean Avery of course)

  113. Avery is the man. He led the way last season in the stretch run, and he is doing it again.

    He deserves a big contract much more than guys like rosival

  114. Center Ice online is now showing “Brewers Classics – 9/25/07”. The Brewers (not a hockey team) are playing the Cardinals (not a hockey team).

  115. how washed up and useless is hedican. he gave the puck away 3 times on the ranger first goal and then he starts the 2nd with a breakaway allowed and a stupid penalty.

  116. steve,
    i called the tech support and they said the problem should be fixed before the start of the second, but so far no luck

  117. Thanks, Matt. Seriously. I just keep getting form replies to my emails and I’m not happy right now.

    Fixed by the start of the second period, eh? Did they mention of which game?

    Rickie Weeks just took Looper deep. 1-0 Brew Crew.

  118. 3-0 boston. the pens were a good team until they ripped the heart out of their dressing room for that useless flop hossa

  119. So much for a shut out…
    But that’s okay, a shut out is for the goalie’s ego, a win is for the team. As long as we keep up the offense and win, we’re okay.


  120. Sam,

    Couldn’t help but notice that Jason Strudwick has grown himself a nice little mustache. It occurred to me tonight during the game that Ryan Hollweg is building on something that resembles a mustache as well. This has to be related to their video game band correct? If so, is Marc Staal growing a mustache of his own? I honestly can’t picture him being able to grow facial hair. Please elaborate, if you can of course

  121. I don’t think the Penguins are a bad team now that they’ve acquired the superstar Hossa….I mean they did beat the Islanders 4-2 just this Tuesday.

    With Crosby (when he returns), Malkin, and Hossa, it seems like Pittsburgh will be one of the teams to beat …..

  122. Sounds like a good game so far. How do the new additions look?

    I wonder if broadcasting out-of-market off-season showcases for rival sports leagues is part of Bettman’s master plan? Sounds like his genius at work.

    Seriously, how do you screw something up like this? How do you accidentally end up showing a baseball game involving two Midwest teams instead of a hockey game between NY and Carolina? I thought the turkey hunting was bad. Now I have to watch baseball. Sweet merciful crap.

    3-0 Beerboys. Top second.

  123. if you have directv, you get both feeds of most games. if you live outside of the NY and carolina areas, you can watch either feed

  124. Steve, The new guys looks like they should. Sjostrom has the speed and the hands. After a nice heal flick from Straka he went in with speed arround a defender from the rights boards almost scored good left pad safe by Ward. Backstrom slow but big. Few good plays few bad plays.

  125. McCreary is screwing us over again. He has missed several calls that would have helped us and he didnt call Walker for dropping his gloves to fight.

  126. Doodie Machetto on

    Why hasn’t Renney benched backman yet? How many penalties does he have to take before you make him take a seat?

  127. It’s a under statement to say that backman sucks, this guy is brutal. He makes Malik look good, jeez!!!!

  128. Backman is Malik’s new best friend. I have a feeling the Garden faithful won’t be booing Malik much longer.

  129. Doodie Machetto on

    I’d like to clarify that I’m just talking about this game. He deserves more than one game to be judged.

    I’m just saying he has been bad enough that they should bench his ass for the rest of this one.

  130. He doesn’t just make Malik look good, he makes Malik look like Leetch… there goes our 4th round pick or whatever it was

  131. Doodie Machetto on

    Marian Hossa hurt in first game with Penguins
    Associated Press Feb 28, 2008, 9:04 PM EST
    BOSTON (AP) -Penguins forward Marian Hossa, acquired at the trade deadline from the Atlanta Thrashers, injured his knee in his first game for Pittsburgh and sat out the third period of the game against the Boston Bruins.


  132. tomg – I was thinking the same thing.

    I never thought we could get another defenderthat would make Malik look good.

  133. joe M is so dolan-whipped. he praises guys who have not played well, and then he says the rangers are in a conservative forecheck mode. No, liar, they are trapping . say it, coward.

  134. I’m glad Hossa is out. it serves them right to all the people who are too stupid to admit he is a FLOP. a dog, a piece of crap who is a team morale killer .

    all you had to do was see his disappearing act last year in those 4 games vs Rangers to see he is a useless loafer

  135. Doodie Machetto on

    I like Sjostrom’s performance. Backman was just awful. Strudwick must be pretty pleased about that.

  136. Did not read the posts so this might be repetitive.

    Malik played well, yes Malik palyed well and Backman better improve FAST… He should have had an addtl. 4 minutes.

    The Rangers have a hard time playing a complete 60 minutes on the road….

    I will take the 2 points even though ll the other teams won also….

  137. Someone on one of the Blues’ Blog said that Backstrom always gets hammered behind his own net and looses the puck which can sometimes lead to a goal. That almost happened twice tonight. And he took some bad penalties. I hope it was just first game with a new team jitters. And the refs really swallowed their whistles tonight. There were some obvious calls that were let go.

    Anyway, what can you say about Dubinsky? This kid just gets better and more confident game after game and Avery needs to be resigned. I am really enjoying watching him mature as a player.

    I said earlier 4-2 win for us with an empty netter. Well I was right about the 4-2 at least.

    Let’s go Rangers!

  138. Already all over Backman, that didnt take long. The guy was nervous leave him alone, ooo man.

    LETS GO RANGERS!!!!!!!

    Big Win!!!!!!

  139. Backman was horrible and the other new Swede was pretty good–sit Hollweg please–
    I think I could have been better than Backman

  140. RobZ February 28th, 2008 at 9:40 pm

    Already all over Backman, that didnt take long. The guy was nervous leave him alone, ooo man.

    LETS GO RANGERS!!!!!!!

    Big Win!!!!!!

    The guy had 6 minutes of penalties!!! That isn’t even including the 4 minute MAJOR for high sticking that HE should have gotten instead of Staal!

  141. 10 penalty minutes for Backman in his first game as a Ranger.

    Boys, let it go. He had 30 penalty minutes through 45 games this season. He has fewer minutes per game than both Malik and Strudwick.

    So, big boy, heres the deal. We won, you get a pass, but go back to one penalty every four games or so and we be cool, eh?

  142. Buek:

    HOLLY-andy mcdonald-HARTNELL

    Did you just print out the name of every player in the league and throw darts at it?

    Like, this has to be a joke, right?

  143. backman made malik look like the second coming of lidstrom.

    I’d rather have struds in the game than that sack of shit.
    as for sjo, cool. he’s fast. he’s better than hoss was. I’m down with him.

  144. some debut. he put the rangers shorthanded 5 times. and coughed up the puck in the corner numerous times.

  145. Hockeyman Rangers #2 on

    Hey Gang give Backman a break let him get settled in a bit. Renny will get him on the straight and narrow. Although I didn’t get to see much of the game sounds like they pretty much dominated AGAIN. WAY TO GO RANGERS.

  146. now the ranger PR staff chimes in to deny what we all just saw.
    oh, give the poor guy a break. arm or leg?

  147. I just want to point out that Jagr’s line had 2 goals, but Jagr had under 15 minutes of ice time.

    Avery, Callahan, and Dubinsky need to learn how to not take themselves out of the game for five or ten minute stretches. It recks the flow, and throws the lines into havoc. Avery should know better by now, and Dubi and Cally need to calm down for crying out loud.

    More on this: the Jagr line is scorching hot right now. And was sidelined for 15 minutes tonight. As bad as Backman was, his effect could be less than the 15 minutes when that line couldn’t be on the ice.

    If you see it again, you still wont believe it:

    Look at the play Dawes makes that leads to Drury’s goal. He receives a pass on the forehand, and in one move, avoids a stick check and backhands a pass to the tape of the stick of Mark Staal. Its sublime.

    If we get a hometown discount on Rozsival, it will be huge. He is an elite defenseman in the NHL.

  148. unrelated;

    Check out Dallas vs Chicago; in Dallas and Stars are wearing “home whites”

    I think I saw Leaf vs Habs earlier in year when they went that way as well; home team in whites

  149. Doodie Machetto on

    dave Backman played like shit, no doubt about it. But the guy still deserves more than one game to prove himself.

  150. Give Backman a break. One game an you want to feed him to the fish. It was his first game with a new team. IMO it will take a few games for him to learn a new system and defensive partner. It is much easier for forwards. The first day on the job analogy does not work. This is not his 1st NHL game.

  151. Regarding Backmann’s play tonight, all I want is to congratulate St.Louis and M.Malik – both for obvious reasons.

  152. Backman was no Larry Robinson circa 1976 tonight, but the holding call against him in the third after the Canes’ second goal was a complete phantom — because he wasn’t even on the ice. It was Girardi and Tyutin on defense, and Betts (#15, not #55) clearly held Cole on his rush off the wing to the net.

  153. Doodie Machetto February 28th, 2008 at 9:21 pm

    PS, Marcel Hossa is a -1 after his first period in Phoenix.

    That would make him -2 since he was -1 Wednesday night in his debut. Caught some of it on Center Ice

  154. Yeah really guys, if you’re judging a player by his debut with the team, you should be ashamed of yourself. It WAS one of the worst performances by a Ranger in a long long time. But the guy obviously doesn’t play like that every game. Otherwise he wouldn’t be in the NHL.

    My personal timeframe of evaluating him will be after next sunday’s game vs. boston.

    I liked what I saw from Sjostrom. Again, too hard to judge by one game, but he comes as advertised. I can see him moving into Callahan’s spot on the 3rd line. Callahan is more of a 4th liner than Sjostrom appears to be. Just my opinion.

    15-2 the rest of the way to the top of the East baby!!!!

  155. How about Ruutu’s face. That’ll probably leave a mark, eh?

    Everyone enjoy their FREE day of work today.

  156. Anyone read Larry Brooks this morning? I usually think he ranks right up there with Eklund, but he made a GREAT point today. Gratton can’t be called up without being exposed to re-entry waivers and is UFA at the end of the year. Are you really telling me that he couldn’t get a pick from PHX instead of a minor league enforcer who can not be called up tot he NHL without being exposed to waivers and is UFA at the end of the year?? I at least thought he would be some insurance for Orr but there is no chance of that now!

    I would also like to provide the real reason Sather traded for Backman, and las tnight proves it: Sather has a man crush on Malik and wanted us to stop booing him, so his twisted cigar smoking logic says “Let me find someone worse than Malik so the fans will hate him and leave Harry alone” Backman played they way I would expect Wally Backman to play if it was his first time on skates, WHAT A WASTE!”

  157. That’s a good point about Gratton. Even a 7th rounder?! Something!

    Dawe’s pass last night was a thing of beauty. But as good as it was, without that finish by Shanny…it’s just a pass.

    The mis-conduct calls to Avery & Walker were complete F’n B.S. The whole game was horrible officiated, both ways.

  158. How about the senators. If they keep this pace up while other teams below them keep winning they could possibly miss the playoffs, who would have ever thought that a month ago.

  159. Backman took way to many penalties ..but at least he played
    a little nasty…something our D hasnt shown much

  160. talk about bad first impression, Dellapina comparing Backman to Ozo the Bozo. That has to hurt, hopefully it’s not true. He should practice more & sit on Sunday. Let Strudwick deal with the cryers. And Orr needs to be in too.

  161. bklynblue ,
    That’s funny because that is exactly what I thought last night watching backman play, it brought back bad memories of Ozo.

  162. I will give Backman a pass for his 1st penalty, the fact that he cross checked a guy in the face with his stick is OK in my book- we need more of that!!!!

    Let me ask you this, let’s say Orr is still hurt for Sun- does anyone here feel comfortable with the same lineup he played last night against the Philty Cheesesteaks??? I remember the last game being violent, I like Hollywood and all but if he is our “enforcer” we are in bad shape. Even Struds by himself can’t handle it. We NEED a heavyweight for this game. Get well soon Colton!! (did I really just say that???)

  163. tomg – I think it’s looking pretty bad for Ott. I can totally see them missing. Especially with Boston and Mtl playing better. More than that…I can see us passing them in the standings by next sunday. (I didn’t do the math though).

    PJ – you know what? I don’t really care if we go against philthy without Orr. We don’t HAVE to play their game. Plus it’s at MSG, so we should focus on playing OUR game opposed to theirs. But I see what you’re saying. There’s really 2 ways you can play that game.

  164. I myself would be concerned with playing the Phithies without Orr Sunday because we all know what they did the last time orr wasn’t in the lineup when they played the rangers at the garden.

  165. Beer Me- the problem is I remeber when Toots got abused by that punk Downie. I know he’s not playing but still you never know what can happen and it speaks volumes for where Orr has come from to where he is now with us. I want him in the lineup, over Hollywood. I want to see the SOB line, as Shoey looked good and moved up to the 1st line when Avery got his BS penalty.

    The Cheesesteaks have bene taking liberties with opponents all year, last game got physical and tey are fighting us for a playoff spot. Add those factors together and its better safe than sorry. I would feel less comfortable without an enforcer in the lineup. If I feel that way how do you think guys like Toots feel? He got whipped by a PUNK. I think Renney is right on when he says he likes what Orr brings to the team. I usually don’t agree with Renney’s logic but in this case i support him.

  166. A few things:

    1) How did the refs blow the whistle on the first non-goal by Gomez? That was crap.

    2) Sjostrom looked decent. He hit some people. He made a nice move on the breakaway that Ward made a good stop on. I like his size. I give him a B+.

    3) Backstrom is another story. I am still willing to give him a little longer, but his debut was less than stellar. As I said, his first game in an NYR jersey so I will chalk up his performance to “nervious and trying to do to much.” But my observation that he is slow is probably not new. My observation that he is Malik without the puck handling skills is one that I hope is incorrect. The jury is still out on this guy. Last night he got a D+, not too many levels away from an F.

    4) Anyone catch Shanny’s interview with Giannone after the game. It is clear that (a) he is the real voice of the NYR and (b) the team’s veterans should be commended for trying to work with the young kids to keep them positive and focused. Several times he said, “We all make mistakes. Everyone makes mistakes in hockey (Except Shremp, right Salty….LOL). We have to learn from them and build on them.” I guess he was quietly referring to Backstrom and working on Dawes’s defensive development.

    5) Dubi is really going to be something special.

    6) On the physical play versus Philly and Brooks’ article: If Orr cannot go, you might see Struds in place of Sjostrom up front or Backstrom in the back. I don’t like seeing Cally or Dubi or Avery having to drop the gloves unless it is REALLY necessary. Those guys are too valuable on the ice.


  167. Please don’t take any of that as discrediting what Orr brings to the lineup. I’m a HUGE fan of Orr, and Renney. And I don’t disagree with anything you guys have said about philthy either. What my point of view on it is, is that we’ve been playing well and playing our game. I do hope that Orr is back in the lineup on sunday also. But I don’t want to take the ice on sunday thinking that we have to go out and ‘beat them to the punch’ so to speak. Not a bad pun there. If they bring that game, so be it. But I wouldn’t go into it thinking that we need to play ‘their’ game. That’s all. Hope that makes sense.

  168. One other thing: Don’t look now, and I hope this isn’t like saying “no hitter”, but Malik, since that fight with Avery in practice has been playing a lot better.

  169. Oh yeah. Let’s give it up for Cally! He took a borderline hit with no call, and took matters into his own hands in a mature/professional manner. Squared up to the guy and handled it. Nice job dude.

    newman – Know what’s funny (re: shanny)? Is that after the MTl comeback shanny said something along the lines of ‘put it behind us and move on’. I know it wasn’t you, but it was referred to here as ‘creamy baby sh-t'(I think that was either doodie’s or salty’s). It’s relatively all the same. If you’re going to support the youngsters by saying ‘we all make mistakes’, then saying ‘let’s move on’ from a loss like that, it’s consistant. And a leader needs to be. Even if shanny’s not back next year, he’s left a very positive impression on these guys.

  170. newman – it’s funny that you chose the phrase “no hitter” and referred to Malik! haha Did you catch that?

  171. Someone said last year that Girardi was so calm on the ice that he must not have a heartbeat. I think the same is true for Dubi. He makes such subtle moves sometimes. His finish last night had me SCREAMING…so fucking dirty.

    I am going to start calling Dubi “Sauce”.

    Sauce = SOS = Son of Sleaze (referring to his sketchy lookin’ father)

  172. SOS…haha. I met his dad near the box office on leetch night. I thought he was going to try to sell me porn. lol

    So true that dubi looks ‘smooth’. Never gets rattled. Even after fights.

  173. Creamy baby shit on shanny’s post game interview was me. The guy always knows exactly what to say, there is no denying that. He is a great leader, probably one on the best in the game, ever.

    but just because shanny say something to a guy with a mic after a 5-0 bedshitting, doesn’t make me as a fan think…. “Ahh, ol’ Shanny says they’re just gonna move on, so they definitely will”….

  174. Beer Me- I didn’t think you are Anti-Orr. I agree wiht you, but dictating a game is hard. I don’t think Toots had any intentiaon of fighting that PUNK Downie, who by the way played last night so I’m assuming he is a go for Sun, yet it just happened. Let’s use last night for example, if we jump out to a lead and they start taking liberties what do we do?? We can’t control if they come out like the dirty team they have shown themselves to be. We don’t have to get into it, but if the game turns that way by chance, I don’t want Cally, Avs, and Dubi having to fight the likes of Cote and Downie. Some games just require a more physical team dressed.

  175. Sjostrom shows some promise, but will not flourish on a line with Betts and Orr/Hollweg. He needs someone to complement his speed. Backman,oh boy, I would say lets give it a few more games and see, but we dont have time for this BS. Sather did nothing at the deadline to address our lack of physicality on the blueline, and it will show on Sunday vs Philly.

  176. Jagr and Malik have both been playing better. I am not saying that I love Malik now, but when he plays like this it is a good thing for our team. And he has been taking the body a little more than usual. I think Backman was just having some first game with a new team jitters, but if he does it again on Sunday he is going to really hear it from the fans.

  177. PJ – That’s a trap then. If we’re leading there’s no reason to change what’s working. That would be changing to play their game. That’s what I’m afraid of.

    salty – I really hope we don’t end up paying him his extension $. $5mil would be appropriate I guess. But there’s no telling with slats. The only reason I say to even try to resign him at all, is that over the last few weeks it seems he understands that his game has to change. Without being able to win the 1 on 1 battles that he used to, he has no choice. i think he realizes that now.

  178. I would just hate to see our guys getting slammed around out there with Philty having no fear of retaliation. Or if we didn retaliate and it was Cally, Dubi or Avery we would lose them to the fighting penalty. Fear is a good motivator, and the fear of Orr knocking one of the Cheesesteaks out, see Fedoruk, Todd, would work for me. I would have to think the though of getting into it again with Downie isn’t appealing to Toots, for example. Sometimes teams, or specific players, need to be taught a lesson, within the rules of the game. Mess with us and our thumper will see you next time you are on the ice. It’s what makes hockey a great sport.

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