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Like it or not, the players who were on the ice for practice today are the ones the Rangers will be relying on for the rest of this season, and perhaps even beyond that.

It’s way too early to tell what kind of impact either Fred Sjostrom or Christian Backman will have on this group, but if you want to at least gauge an overall mood around the Rangers, it was apparent both were well received (with the exception, of course, of Sjostrom opening up a cut on his chin after taking a stick to the face from a defenseman. “Tall guy, righty shot,” Sjostrom said, not sure of the name. “Girardi?”).

Practice was upbeat, and so was the room afterward.

Anyway, some notes:

<li>Backman skated on the right side with Marc Staal, leaving the other pairings of Fedor Tyutin and Dan Girardi, and Michal Rozsival and Marek Malik intact.

<li>With Colton Orr and Petr Prucha still unlikely for tomorrow, expect Sjostrom to skate on the right side in Carolina with Blair Betts and Ryan Hollweg.

<li>Meanwhile, there’s a lot of unhappy players in St. Louis after “losing a popular defenseman”: And no, it’s not Christian Backman. This “blog”: assesses Backman in even blunter terms:

After winning a gold medal with the Swedish Olympic team in 2006, Backman signed a three-year contract extension that runs through next year. He NEVER lived up to expectations and would have stretches of several games where he would be nearly invisible before finally making a jaw-dropping play that left fans shaking their heads wondering why he couldn’t put together more of a consistent effort during his Blues tenure.


<li>Both Sjostrom and Backman said they were surprised to be traded, but happy that they were in New York. Both also expressed excitement about being reunited with Henrik Lundqvist given their history back in Sweden together. Maybe the only person not excited was Jaromir Jagr.

“Swedes everywhere,” the captain cracked.

<li>The Sean Avery media boycott seems to be ending — although we now might be boycotting him. The left wing skated by our spot in the corner of the rink to wave hello, then pointed to Dellapina and asked him if he wanted to talk today. “We’ll do a rotation,” Avery mouthed. “One guy a week.”

When Dellapina admirably decided not to take Avery up on his offer, Avery turned to me. “OK, what do you want to ask me?” he said. “Is there really anything earth-shattering you need to know?”

It turns out on the day after the Rangers made two trades, Avery was a non-story. “Not today,” I said.

Then Zipay chimed in. “Is there a reason you haven’t talked for three weeks?”

“No comment,” Avery said.

We all resolved to revisit the issue at a later date.

<li>Jagr is awaiting on a shipment of sticks from China that he hoped to have by tomorrow in Carolina. Should they not come, he may end up using a stick left behind by Marcel Hossa. See, and you thought Hossa wasn’t contributing…

More later…

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  1. I guess Jags doesn’t know that Blowssa’s(love it) sticks have a mystical power that will turn his hands to stone! Stone I tell ya!

    Anything else on Orr? What’s wrong with him? Injury wise only please.

  2. Sounds like Avery tought there was a chance he could be traded.

    He just happens to open up the day after the deadline?

  3. I noticed Jags has been using different sticks recently he switch from i think RBK or CCM (same anyway) to Bauer sometimes that little change is all you need well that and Dubi and Avery.

    It’s kind of funny that Avery was willing to open up today. I wonder if they said something to him about a trade just to scre the crap out of him. Whatever he’s been one of the best players.

    On another note I won my mens league winter championship last night. We won in OT in the 3rd game of a best of 3. It’s quite exhilarating to win like that. Like is said to the boy its not the cup but it’s our cup. Of course yours truly scored one of the goals. I hope the blueshirts appreciate what they have because there is no better feeling than lifting a cup above ones head while surrounded by their friends.

  4. Sam, first post for me, but I really enjoy the blog. Any possibility you can find out the details for the conditional pick in 2009? I have scoured the net and have yet to find any information. Thanks, and keep up the great work.

  5. The RBK 7k Sickick he used at the start of the year. He hated them because they are thinner and lighter than the CCM v110 he used the previous 2 seasons. Thats when he went back to the CCMs and now apparently is on the NikeBauer One90s. He hates changing equipment, if he had it his way, he’d go back to the old wood Koho sticks he used in the 90s. Thats why if you notice, his gloves (despite having RBK logos on them), are actually from the 2004 World Cup of Hockey. He used them when his old pair of Koho’s from a long time ago finally ripped apart to the point when they couldn’t be fixed. Thats Jagr for you.

  6. Puckz~

    That’s awesome, congrats. My playoffs start next week @ WSA, can’t wait. I hope my team mates are willing to step their games up, although I don’t anticipate it.

    BEER thanks for clarifying that the the Slats bashing has very little to do with the moves made yesterday, and more to do with the fact that they highlighted the fact that Sather is a completely impotent GM.

  7. If we can all agree that Hossa wouldn’t have cracked the top 9, that leads to the question of what constitutes the top 9?

  8. Doodie Machetto on

    zg, the bottom three of the top nine are up in the air once Prucha returns (cally, Dawes, Prucha). I’m of the opinion that if it aint broke, don’t fix it.Hossa was definitely below the top 10, which is why it was clear he couldn’t crack the top 9.

  9. So weird to me that Jagr is waiting for sticks from China…. Don’t they have an equipment warehouse or something? I wonder if he’s got something custom in the works. You’d think Jaromir would be the kind of guy that a company would say “Lets work together and get you exactly what you’re looking for…” instead of him struggling to find something that “fits” him.

  10. PreImports:

    1 Jagr
    2 Gomez
    3 Drury
    4 Straka
    5 Shanahan
    6 Avery
    7 Dubinsky
    8 Dawes
    9 Prucha
    10 Callahan

    More than 9 top 9 forwards. Add Sjostrom, who gets more ice time than Dawes but less than Avery, and the Rangers have 11 top 9 forwards.

    Do you realize how important this is?

    What do these five have in common?


  11. Fruity Cupcake on

    Leave Marcel Marceau alone, Sam. The press ought to play hard to get with him for a bit. Personally, right now I’d rather read about how excited the new guys are to be here. What they hope to bring to the table. All those new guy cliches. Next time Sean asks if you have a question for him, answer “Yeah. What’s Freddie’s phone number?”

  12. Yeah try and ask Sister Christian (i admit stole it from that Blues blog) why he won’t hit anyone on the ice

  13. I do find it odd that Jagr being a “superstar” in his own right doesn’t receive endorsements or anything with his “pattern” on it. I supposed Koho during the 90’s was his thing but Koho and Jofa were bought by CCM who is owned by RBK and he is not using them anymore. Also i find it disgusting that the sticks are coming from China. Whatever happened to fabrique au cananda

    Sjostrom is going to flip flop from 3rd to 4th the rest of the way with Cally. I don’t see Prucha getting to many more games in. Unless they take Dawes out. Cally is to valuable when it comes to energy to have out of the lineup.

  14. Yeah try and ask Sister Christian (i admit stole it from that Blues blog) why he won’t hit anyone on the ice


    The guy didn’t play a game yet were already on his case. Being extremely optimistic maybe the change of scenery will make him want to hit someone. again thats optimistic.

  15. puckz – “The guy didn’t play a game yet were already on his case.”

    Unreal right? They’re the same one’s that…nevermind, you know.

    It’s good to bring this guy in with low expectations. Then he shouldn’t dissapoint anyone.

    Go read blueshirtbulletin if you haven’t already people.

  16. i admit i am probably being too pessimistic and maybe he will change the way he has played his entire career. but if we had acquired tom poti yesterday or marek malik from another team would you happy.

    i sure hope prucha doesnt get lost in all this mess, but i can see it happening, but he’ll surely get a good sense of what his failings are watching from the press box

    and sister christian was too good to pass up…Night Ranger at their best

  17. I couldn’t care less about his failings. He is an upgrade on Jason Strudwick and possibly Marek Malik, and he is signed through next year. If the Ranger’s needed a warm body there instead of Struds, then Backman probably succeeds perfectly at being a slightly warmer body than Jason’s. I have no other expectations.

  18. u could be right there zg, not a terrible option if we can ditch mara, malik and strudwick next year

  19. Is Jagr getting *chopsticks*?

    All this hockey championship talk makes me wish I played hockey, besides in fourth grade. Maybe when I get out of college I can learn how to skate again, haha.

    Beer Me! – No, I looked a couple weeks ago at the prospect lists, and Montoya was still up there, as well as being the Rangers’ number one prospect. I can’t tell who they replaced him with on the overall list because the #50 guy is still the same. Here’s the top 10, saved in my keeper league’s Yahoo group: 1. Erik Johnson, D, St. Louis, 2. Jonathan Toews, C, Chicago, 3. Jack Johnson, D, Los Angeles, 4. Nicklas Backstrom, C, Washington, 5. Carey Price, G, Montreal, 6. Tuukka Rask, G, Boston, 7. Patrick Kane, RW, Chicago, 8. Kyle Turris, C, Phoenix, 9. Al Montoya, G, N.Y. Rangers, 10. Bobby Ryan, RW, Anaheim. I’ll check later who replaced him.

    Pavel – Sjostrom is not cracking the power play until somebody gets injured, maybe two people because I think Avery would be next.

  20. from Blues blog:

    “We got rid of the softest NHL defenseman… a #4 is better than nothing, or as somebody put it in another thread, “don’t the Rangers have scouts?” Yes, they do, but they also have Glen “Moneybags” Sather as their GM. Since getting MSG’s blank check (salary cap be damned) he never met an overpriced, underperforming player that he didn’t like.”

  21. pete – glad you recognized that it’s not good to be too pessimistic. It’s not just you.

    I wish everyone would wait and make their own decisions when they see the guy play in a Rangers uni. I’m not saying I think the guys gonna turn around and be an all-star, but I’ll pass my judgement when I see them play myself.

  22. pig – I think that’s why I may have been confused. That list defines ‘prospect’ in a different way than I would. For clarification purposes, I’d say that a ‘prospect’ is NOT on a current NHL roster. unless of course, he’s a guy like Moore or Byers who may get a game or practice with the big club here or there.

  23. “I couldn’t care less about his failings. He is an upgrade on Jason Strudwick and possibly Marek Malik, and he is signed through next year.”

    That’s where the problem lies though. He’s on the books for over $3mil+ next year. Sure, an upgrade from struds, but making $3mil more, he BETTER be.

  24. I saw Sjo fly don’t bother me in one game this year. He drove hard to the net scored got up ended and went flying into the boards. He was hurt but played the rest of the game. I just hope he is serious when he says he will play anywhere they put him because homeboy will be a fourth line fixture but the way TR rolls lines he will be very useful with betsy. Maybe get a cycle going and Orr or Hollywood and get in front and cause some havoc. What can I say I’m in a glass half full kind of mood today. Winning mens league championships and starting fights will do that to you hahahaha.

  25. Doodie Machetto on

    I said it yesterday: I’d like to see him play every game until the end of the season.

    That said, look at some of the comments from the first blog that Sam posted about Salvador:

    “Backman has just been traded to NY Rangers for a 4th round draft pick!!! FINALLY!!! Now that makes sense!”

    “I have to disagree with you on the Backman comment. #4 defenseman? 3rd line defenseman on any team. Not happy with a 4th but he needed to go and I don’t think you could have gotten much more than that from anyone…”

    “…Backmann did not play well and could use the change. …”

    He definitely sounds like a combination of Malik and Poti. I hope he isn’t, I really do.

  26. Beer totally agreed on the prospect outlook. At this point now I would not consider say Stall, Dub, or Dawes prospects they are bona fide NHL’rs now. Like you said though Moore etc are still very much prospects. Looking at pigs list I am surprised because in my mind I wouldn’t put half of those guys in the prospect catergory now.

  27. why doesn’t zg just list his real title, Ranger PR man

    or Sather assistant office gopher


  28. Why does Jagr have to wait on sticks? A player of Jagr’s stature should not have to wait for his sticks all the way from China. I don’t know what company Jagr has endorsements with but they should give Jagr whatever kind of sticks he wants. If the company doesn’t make the kind he likes and used to play with then make them again!

  29. doodie – has his 08/09 salary as 3.4mil. Where’d you get the 2.3 from? I’m sure with all the changes yesterday there are some typo’s

  30. WCS – Backman is signed thru next season. His average salary is 2.3 million over the life of his contract, thus the 2.3 cap hit.

  31. jim17 it’s not just zg how about all the writers who follow the Rangers,it’s all the same don’t hurt sathers feelings or renney’s or jagrs what total BS.

  32. What do these five have in common?

    They are the only Ranger forwards to miss games due to injury this season.

  33. Beer,
    his salary for 08/09 is 3.4mil but his cap hit for the entire 3 years of his contract is unchanged at 2/3 mil.

  34. That prospect list is from the beginning of this season, before games were played. It has goalies who have played in less than 45 games and other players who have played in less than 65 games and are also less than 24 years old, if they were drafted. Other strange rules if they were signed as free agents.

    Then again, McKeen’s list (which I respect more) of goalies went like this at the beginning of the season (I’m showing top 20, his has 30): 1. Carey Price, Montreal, 2. Tuukka Rask, Boston, 3. Cory Schneider, Vancouver, 4. Jonathan Bernier, Los Angeles, 5. Ondrej Pavelec, Atlanta, 6. Leland Irving, Calgary, 7. Marek Schwarz, St. Louis, 8. Semen Varlamov, Washington, 9. Justin Pogge, Toronto, 10. Josh Harding, Minnesota, 11. Corey Crawford, Chicago, 12. Jimmy Howard, Detroit, 13. Riku Helenius, Tampa Bay, 14. Al Montoya, N.Y. Rangers, 15. Ben Bishop, St. Louis, 16. Thomas Greiss, San Jose, 17. Jeff Frazee, New Jersey, 18. Devan Dubnyk, Edmonton, 19. Karri Ramo, Tampa Bay, 20. Jon Quick, Los Angeles

    jason – You still haven’t answered my question about roster limit.

  35. Vincea – You’re totally right. They’re scared to write the truth about those 3. I know if Jagr read an article where one of the local writers said he was washed up, he’d certainly cry about it.

  36. 2.3 Mil I mean… Also, on the subject of Jagr and his sticks… Does anyone know how to get or where to get any Teemu Selanne pattern sticks? I have the old school TSM 8 titans and my stock won’t make it to the fall and I need a replacement but I can’t find anything that is as good. Any comparable blades or any place that actually still might have a few burried somewhere?

  37. at least brooks today wrote how big a failure the 04 draft was including not signing umberger which still infuriates me

    but brooks is critical one day and then pro sather the next

    yeah that 2.3 isnt ideal so thats why u have to cut ties with mara, struds and malik and hopefully get rosi on the cheap if at all

  38. Pete – Why does Brooks have to take one stance? Can’t he praise some decisions and degrade others? ISn’t that what a reporter should do? Be objective?

  39. Pig not sure what the question was about roster limit but if it is what i think it is I’ll jump into say. rosters can now have as many players as they want so long as it fits under the cap.

  40. HOWEVER!! I wasn’t actually talking about the cap hit. Just what the guys putting in bank.

    I have to defend myself somehow right?

  41. HockeyPuckz,
    I states exactly that in section 16.4 (I THINK) of the CBA…

    Anyone with any stick recomendations?

  42. Prucha27 – That’s a good guess, but Orr would have to be added to that list.

    Beer Me! – That’s true; I don’t think you ever said *cap*, but we know what you were referring to.

    Puckz – That was the question. Where did you get that information? jason quoted me something, but all it meant to me was that teams could be over the roster limit on the day of the deadline.

  43. if i actually believed any of these guys were being objective of course, but u and i both know that they cant really express their true feelings b/c of relationships with team personel, players and people on their paper’s staff. brooks or dellapina have been around long enough that they should have more leeway, but they dont seem to use it very often if thats the case


    —–Original Message—–

    From: Glen Sather

    Sent: Tuesday, February 26, 2008 2:57 PM

    To: Don Maloney

    Subject: Re: Check it out!

    Who are you, Regis?? “Is that your final answer?!”


    Hossa — that’s fine, him and his brother can be a traveling road show, and I’m sure the folks that make the newspaper headlines can have some fun with the two of them being traded.

    You’ve got a deal. Nice doing business with you Donny. Do me a favor and send me the official pronunciation for this Swedish guy…I guess I’m going to have to talk to Weinman and the NY media one of these days.

    All the best,


    —–Original Message—–

    From: Don Maloney

    Date: Tue, 26 Feb 2008 14:54:01

    To: Glen Sather

    Subject: Re: Check it out!

    Negotiate with an agent 5 minutes before the deadline…are you kidding me??? Besides, you child, it is JOSH Gratton, not Chris.

    Sure, I’ll take Montoya. All looks good to me except for Hollweg…I need Marcel to make this deal happen.

    Final offer.

    —–Original Message—–

    From: Glen Sather

    Sent: Tuesday, February 26, 2008 2:51 PM

    To: Don Maloney

    Subject: Re: Check it out!

    Sheesh, Donny! Relax. We all can’t be in the office like you and e-mail every 2 minutes.

    Chris Gratton, huh? Didn’t know you guys picked him up. I am intrigued by that — could be a nice complement to Shanny.

    Not Hossa, but I’ll do Hollweg…I think he can be of some value to you guys. You catch that 2-goal game he had last month?

    You think I’m trading The ‘Quette? No way, he’s a keeper. What about the Cuban fella…Montoya? Me and Schoenfield were talking about him yesterday…Gernanded loves him. You always liked him, didn’t you? Seems like everyone in the organization and around the league is high on him…could be worth a shot for you.

    I’d like to have a conversation with Gratton’s agent before we make the trade..see if he’d be interested in a 3 or 4-year deal.

    —–Original Message—–

    From: Don Maloney

    Date: Tue, 26 Feb 2008 14:48:01

    To: Glen Sather

    Subject: Re: Check it out!

    Glen – It took you 2 hours to respond to me with the deadline looming? Come on pal…you gotta work with me here.

    Vrbata is off the market. Jessiman? Please, that was YOUR call, Slats. I gave a strong recommendation to drafting Getzlaf, Parise, or Bernier that year.

    Weekes? Uhh Glen, he’s across the Hudson with Lou.

    Make it Valiquette and Hossa, and I’ll throw in my guys LeNeveau and Gratton.

    Let me know ASAP.

    —–Original Message—–

    From: Glen Sather

    Date: Tue, 26 Feb 2008 2:44 PM

    To: Don Maloney

    Subject: Re: Check it out!

    DM —

    You’re a phony baloney, Maloney.

    Morning round was great, I took $100 off of Dolan and $50 from Mills. And I’m now 4 up on big boy Dolan through 8 holes…the guy can’t make a putt.

    I watched this guy Sandstrom on my Treo…he looks awesome! You looking to deal him?

    I read Vrbata’s giving you problems with the contract…if you include him, I’m willing to part with Hugh Jessiman and Weekes…I remember how much you liked those two. We only have 15 minutes…we got a deal?


    —–Original Message—–

    From: Don Maloney []

    Sent: Tuesday, February 26, 2008 12:27:36

    To: Glen Sather []

    Subject: Check it out!


    Hey bud, hope you had a good 18 holes this morning…wanted to drop you a line before you hit the links for the afternoon round.

    Check out this link on YouTube!
    Sick, right?!

    Let me know what you think.

    Best regards,


  45. If I were Sather’s PR man I would advise him to speak more often to the New York media.

    I’m not very interested in anyone’s press (good or bad). The difference between one defenseman (given age, weight, health) and another at the NHL level is so small as to be insignificant. You can leave the asside what the fans think (being a fan, it can be hard) and realize this about Backman or any other defenseman in the league:

    Ignore the name, face, country of origin, and personality. Ignore the times you saw him do something stupid, and the times he did something great.

    This player has joined the Rangers…
    28 years old, 6’4”, 210.
    Has played 45 games this season.
    Averaged over 19 minutes a game.
    Has played in both specialty team situations.
    Has 1 goal and 9 assists this season.
    Is signed through next season at 2.3 million cap hit.

    There are probably 20 or so NHL defensemen that fit (roughly) this description, and all 20 are better than Jason Strudwick and probably better than any player in Hartford that wouldn’t need to clear wavers.

  46. Pig/ Jason, i read it on TSN or in one of the papers I think.
    Jason are those wood stick you are looking for? If so I think you could try ebay for that particular stick but i don’t know what kind of luck you will have. One of my teamates and i were in the pro shop at our rink the other night. They have hundreds of stick but only a handful were wood. How quickly everyone has forgot how reliable those old things were.

    Salty- can I work with you wherever you work. I want to have time to be that creative. freaking hilarious man seriously hilarious.

  47. totally agree with you Vincea.

    the media is so soft when it covers the Rangers it is pitiful IF you compare it to the coverage of the other sport teams. the press are way more critical of the coach and mgmt in baseball and football and Bball than the guys who cover the Rangers.

    also, notice that the first thing our forum PR man does is go right to sather’s latest acquisition and start lauding him and sather’s moves.

  48. email exchange ws probably pretty accurate except for blaming sather for jessiman, maloney scouted him personally on many occasions

  49. Yikes. Actually, I was lauding the aquisition of a 5/6th defensemen and a 4th line forward in the week leading up to the trade deadline. If I seem more vocal today is cause I was right:)

  50. the Sens have a goalie who is a wise ass punk who is constantly causing problems that hurt the team, creating rifts in the room. he is constantly late for practice, getting into off ice incidents and legal hassles, and he has a me-first attitude that hurts team morale. they should have traded him.

  51. I love it when the few guys who defend Hossa all season and then as soon as he’s traded they say oh he was not as good as the new guy we got. what tools

    that is when you know you’ve got a pr flack posting

  52. Hockeypuckz,

    I don’t really care if they’re wood or not at this point. I bought a 5030 Sherwood Coffey style and it was too much of a curve for me, it was like when you’re 6 playing with a mylec stick and you bend it as far as it can go. I saw a Peca blade that was curved right but it was too closed. I have a feeling I’m gonna go to China like Jagr to get these things, if only I made a fraction of what he makes a game more or less a year.

    I know he (Selanne) is using a reebok now that he’s returned but nowhere can I find even that.

  53. sather makes the FINAL decision on all draft picks. so yes, it is his fault for jessiman. if he depended SOLELY on maloney, and did not even review tapes of him before the draft, and took him sight unseen, and did not take into account his level of competition, then that is even more of an indictment of sather.

  54. Jason,It’s so tough to find the right pattern. I’ve been using the coffey curve or some variation of it for years. But lately i’ve been thinking of making a new investment on one of the bauer sticks they have a good feel and I was going to look at the 88 pattern (thats what the call it now because lindros is washed up). Thats a 1/2 mid curve, as opposed to coffeys 3/4 mid curve, i’ve never liked any of the heel or toe curve because of there lie i can never get it just right, what was the Selanne one like?

  55. of course sather has the final say but if ur asst gm who scouted him said take the guy u usually listen, but both at fault and believe me I am not a Sather fan and the man has never drafted well as gm even in edmonton

  56. i have an yzerman wood stick, blades not as big as the coffey its not bad if they are still around. pretty sure he used that until he retired tho i might be wrong there

  57. My philosophy on the GM is borrowed from some english bugger:

    Glen Sather is the worst GM.

    Except for all the other GMs who the Rangers could try.

  58. Who do you want? Neil Smith? Mike Millbury? John Furgeson? There are GMs who have died who would be better then them.

  59. I didn’t know Lou Lamariello was running the show in Ottawa. That’s a move I expect out of him. Wow.

    I admit, I was a semi-advocate of Hossa. Wanted to try him on the first line, but wanted him off once he didn’t work this year. I also wanted him in place of Hollweg on the fourth line since Hollweg’s suspension, but then he was injured. If Sjostrom takes his place, that’s fine for me. Hopefully he can do just a good job penalty-killing and in the shootout, the latter part I doubt.

    Puckz – But the CBA part that jason quoted only says the “date” of the trade deadline.

  60. Hockeypuckz, The Selanne had a 3/4ish mid curve that was open so it was slightly unlike the Coffey blade. I’m looking at the RBK1’s right now with an IW curve.

  61. boy , that smoked him out, didn’t it? now, I ask you other bloggers, is this guy the biggest PR tool from the Ranger offices, or what?

  62. Pig I’m stumped buddy. I swear i read something that said after the deadline. But if you saw the language the says that day i will defer to you. I wish I knew. Whats the deal when we get to the playoffs, I think then you can have unlimited call ups and not even have to worry about waivers?

    jason, look at the RBK pronger pattern i used it for a little while. before i snapped the blade i was having some good luck with it. I think f you really want that selanne curve take it to the local pro shop and show it to them and ask for something very comparable.

  63. I am a total Ranger’s mark, no kidding. And I like valuing assets. And maximizing returns. This week has been a bonanza for me.

    Put another way:

    My graduation project from uni was on free agent signings. If I could write a book, it would be the hockey “Moneyball”. If I could choose my job, it would be Sathers.

  64. let’s look at sather’s first 4 years as ranger GM. you know, when he was so hated by the fans that he could not even show up at a charity event, because they wanted to string him up, and rightfully so.

    the ONLY thing that changed sather’s attitude a little was the lockout, that forced him to think young and cut back on the big name washed up failures. and even then, it was maloney who wanted, and promoted, and put into practice, the future blue concept way more than sather did.

    if maloney was wrong on some scouting, so be it. but at least he wanted homegrown kids over washed up big names

    and I notice that maloney has done a pretty good job in phoenix with a bad team being revived by young players

  65. craig patrick is still around id take him back regardless of how old he is, could at least train graves or messier to be a responsible gm and he drafted some great players for us

  66. Try not paying attention to the man behind the curtan. His job, I imagine, is to try to get as many wins out of a specific amount of dollars.

    His problem is that the wins are produced by human hockey players.

    I can imagine drafting is like picking out your clothes four years in advance. Think about what you were wearing four years ago and what your wearing now!

  67. you really do live in the land of Oz if you think that the GM should not be held accountable for anything.

    yeah, don’t look at the man behind the curtain. just pretend that the condescending, snotty attitude that sather has towards the fans is fine with you.

  68. I can imagine drafting is like picking out your clothes four years in advance. Think about what you were wearing four years ago and what your wearing now!


    I like your analogy, but I’m sorry. Talent is talent. Other teams have no problems drafting.

  69. Puckz – I don’t even know. It just doesn’t sound right to me. Why would the Rangers put Mara on the IR if they had unlimited roster space? With a limit of four call-ups, besides ones for injury, that doesn’t seem to fit with the unlimited space model. If it’s true, I definitely need verification.

  70. Jim,

    I can see how you would think that. However, people who work for a living check their business reasoning when they enter the boards. If your not going to think like a manager, if your going to analyze moves from a fan’s persepctive, then have at it. But you are capable of much more.

  71. oh boy. we won the above average cup. forget the stanley cup. all we care about is the above average cup, quoth mr. PR man

  72. oh, I see. even though I’m a fan, I am supposed to see everything thru a MANAGER’s eyes. oh, well then as soon as sather signs his checks over to me, I will do that. in the interim, I will post as a fan who will hold mgmt accountable for everything the Rangers do. if you don’t like that, then run it thru your corporate shill rose-colored gl-asses

  73. Good lord, your uptight.

    Look, Sather makes deals from management’s perspective. Fan’s hate that. Why? Because we do. Maybe thats why he doesn’t talk to the press.


    I can’t analyse the moves from a fan’s perspective. It is unquantifiable.

  74. Bring back Lohan on

    boring day in blog land today i see. And by boring I am referring to the substance of the entries not the quantity! Bad news, we still have 2 more times with 3 consecutive days off (next one is mar 11-13).

  75. The fan in me wants Jagr to sign a new contract with a team option if performance requirements are met.

    They would be:


    20 Goals or 70 points and the Ranger’s make the playoffs.

    That way, if he keeps getting his contract to extend, we get to see goal 700, point 1700, Jagr passes Mario, ect. If he keeps it up for four years, he become second all time in scoring and the Ranger’s retire his number instead of Pittsburg.

  76. don’t put “we” because you are nothing like any real fan. you are a “quantifiable” corporate shill, a sather puppet

    fans posting as fans. gee, what a terrible thing.

    go back to your economics class, professor, your students are throwing spitballs at you.

  77. notice how it’s all about Jagr’s selfish personal goals, not team goals like the cup. this clown is a jagr suckass to go along with his sather brown nose.

  78. Bring back Lohan on

    Jim17, you need a game and quick!
    Get this guy a hockey game, a drink, laid, something…..

  79. Actually, I’m shilling m’self. I had posted about what the Ranger’s should do, tried to back it up as much as possible, and got vindicated.

    I went overboard in my enthusiasm.

    But, if we had a game to talk about, it wouldn’t have happened.

    The amount of disappointment thats been “sathered” all over ranger fans is starting to abate. Our #1 center is a ranger’s draft pick. Our franchise goaltender is a rangers draft pick. In the world o the cap, cheep labor means draft picks and home town discounts. Dubi is the draft pick, and as long as Lundqvist could have signed for more elsewhere, we gots a home town discount.

    Du da du da da, I’m love’n it

  80. Can we please play some hockey????????????? 3 games in 2 weeks,I don’t have FSN,
    I’m sick of the Knicks being put on over the Rangers……What a waste of a team.

  81. ZG: “I can imagine drafting is like picking out your clothes four years in advance. Think about what you were wearing four years ago and what your wearing now!”
    I’m wearing my ’02-’03 opening night t-shirt. What does that do to your analogy?

    Salty:”peep my new shit, compliments of Jim17″
    That’s F’n hysterical right there.

    Lohan: “Jim17, you need a game and quick!
    Get this guy a hockey game, a drink, laid, something…..”
    That’s F’n hysterical right there.

  82. Here is fun game to play during non-game nights ( and ho-hum trade deadlines) its called FIRST PIECES OF BEST TEAM IN NHL;



    Yesterday somebody suggested that Comrade Doodie and I are same guy..This is not true, to prove it I ask Doodie this question;

    “Who is best hair stylist in Panevezys County, Lithuania?”

  83. Just going over the posts, and noticed that the term “we” is used by everyone when refering the the “Rangers”. That is why we try so hard and feel so much, we want the Rangers to win because “we” feel the winning as much as the Rangers do.

    Lets go Rangers, I want to win!

  84. Sam,

    BEFORE we see Backman play, why would you say “Yikes” in response to this quote: “would have stretches of several games where he would be nearly invisible before finally making a jaw-dropping play”?
    If you think about it: what could be better for a defenceman?

  85. I like the helpful info you provide in your articles. I’ll bookmark your blog and check again here frequently. I’m quite certain
    I’ll learn a lot of new stuff right here! Best of luck for the next!

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