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Some news on the blog front:

At some point this week I’m set to receive a new Mac laptop equipped with a built-in camera that would enable me to do some video blogs. I know what you’re thinking: Your prayers have been answered!

Truth is, I’m on the fence about this. I mean, other than having a face for newspapers, I’m not sure my pontificating for minutes on end on the Rangers power play is going to give “CSI” a run for its money. Plus, if I do it in the middle of the press room after a game while others are on deadline, I’ll likely get slugged (which, come to think of it, would make for riveting viewing).

All that being said, it could be an opportunity to mix things up a bit. And I could conceivably enlist others as guests, which might be cool, too.

Anyway, it’s all still in the conceptual stages, but if you have any strong opinions one way or the other, let me know so I can pass it along to my bosses (who will then tell me to shut up and get back to work).


And while we’re on the subject of me as a multi-media star (note heavy sarcasm), I’m pretty sure I was edited out altogether from the most recent MSG Profile, “No. 19 Scott Gomez”. 

I wonder what did it: The raccoon eyes from sleep deprivation (our little guy was six days old on the day of the interview)? The incoherent rambling? The profanity-laced tirade I erupted into about halfway through?

I suppose I’ll never know. And who knows, I haven’t seen the show myself yet. But my spies say they never saw me. 

Either way, as someone who doesn’t use roughly 98 percent of all interviews I conduct, I’m not sure I’m in a position to complain. But maybe with my first video blog, I’ll re-enact all of my answers.

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  1. Sounds like a good idea Sam. It would be cool if you could do an interview with a player, and ask him questions from your loyal readers of the blog.

  2. This is my 1st reply here….1st time long time.
    Great site you have here. I have been a daily reader for well over a year and love it.
    Great news on the MAC and video blog entries. I just switched from 15 years of PC to my 1st new Macbook and LOVE IT!!!!!
    Video interviews would be awesome to see on here!!!!
    Keep up the good work Sam!!!

  3. Do it, just don’t over do it.

    I can be fun and useful in some cases, while in other situations it’s simple superfluous.

    But, I like the idea of reading the RSS feed (great, by the way, in the new Leopard version of Mail) and seeing a video icon.

  4. I like the concept. I think the only way you’ll know it works is to give it a shot. I don’t think we’re too shy to give honest feedback.

  5. Sounds interesting but I would suggest, or maybe even warn you about EDITING. The big difference between a great VLOG and a painful 5 minutes of watching someone struggling to speak is usually editing. Of course, seasoned orators usually don’t have such problems so if you are the Charlie Rose of Sports Journalism (YOU ARE AREN’T YOU???), I anxiously await unedited vlog content.

  6. At least in a video format, you wouldn’t have to type “Sjostrom “. But saying it might be as equal of a head ache :)

    Big props to your blog. I read it daily and it gives a New Yorker that is stuck in Atlanta an even better excuse to be home sick.

  7. Do it, Sam. If you can get Avery or another Ranger to come over while your doing you thing, that would be cool to.

    Thanks for the Ranger outlet. Good luck!

  8. I liked the audio clips you did during the playoffs and wish you would do more of those if you could get interviews with players or talk with other journalists, maybe those covering other teams, because those are easier to load and listen to, rather than watching a video.

    Great to see people using Mac computers!

  9. Listen Sam, I don’t go for it because sometimes “seeing” is not better than Imagining”

    Like in 1996, on Long Island. For years I listen to rock band Meatloaf..I think ‘hey this guy has such beautiful voice, must be some kind of ladies man”….then one day he is doing a show there and I meet him. OH MY GOD!! he scare me so bad I start strangling little Ziggy Palffy while poor guy was chewing on wet-soggy-coliseum pretzel and then….

    Oh heck, don’t mind me-go for it

  10. Spider..
    I promise no more analysis…just this one last question;

    “What GM made acquisition that had biggest, most successful, impact on their team last February?”

  11. I predict it will be a success, Sam.

    I also love the idea of asking some players questions that we post on here. It would connect us to the players even more.

    Does anyone remember a few weeks back, right after the All Star Break when I said they Rangers would go on an 8-2 run in their next 10… well…they did… and they are still going strong.

    I guess I am psychic.

  12. Who Needs Lohan on

    Since there have been no Lindsay Lohan sightings in some time at MSG to my knowledge, I have decided to make a name change. This is what three days of no NYR can do to someone. I was trying for a day to come up with a name that would incorporate both Lindsay Lohan and the word GOALY but this is the best I can come up with for now….

  13. Sam,

    Great news on the Mac – I too just switched from PC and I love it, the built in camera is gerat – I think you are the kind of guy that will have fun playing the effects and features on photo booth. The little guy on the camera would be a kick as you can put all kid of effects and backgrounds on the screen while you are in it.

    Have fun, give video blogs a shot. Only one way to find out what the public reception will be.

  14. Who Needs Lohan on

    Topic for discussion with still over 20 hrs til game time. All I hear is about how much better the West is vs. the East. Looking at the standings, the star power, the head to head, top goalies, etc. I just dont see it. The East is a respectable 54-57-14 against the Western Conference. If only the Rangers showed up against the West we could be just about equal. As far as Im concerned 3 of the top 5 players are in the East (Ovechkin, Malkin, and Crosby) with Zetterberg and Iginla in the West. If I look at the NJDevs and say with three games in hand they equate to Dallas and say that Detroit is the lone outlier, the standings are practically identical all the way down to Tampa and LA. So Detroit is the best team and the rest of the leagues pretty much match up no? Granted, the West teams have impressed me all year mostly because the NYR have sucked so much against them, they are bigger and stronger, and most of the time faster than us, but at the end of the day the numbers dont lie, especially in the equal head to head. If you asked me who was better I’d say the West but Im not so sure about that when you look at thinks carefully. Discuss amongst yourselves…….

  15. Oh, do it! You are funny, literate, and self-deprecating. And, unless you are lying thus far (which I have no reason to believe), the players seem to like you.
    You go, Sam!

  16. Lots of slug-like trap coaches out west, the ones in fear for jobs so they play, slow clutch and grab and are also the same ones who like to play goalies 80 games a year( never mind Marty of NJ……he’s just a glutton
    Everyone says west is best but to me San Jose(b4 campbell), Detroit, Minny, Vancouver and Dallas(b4 Richards) are all overrated post season flops…

  17. And, by the way, “a face for the newspapers”? You’re as cute as a button. (I’m allowed to say this, because I’m old enough to remember the 1979 playoff run. And female, so I know whereof I speak.)

  18. longtimerangersfan on

    Sam, you missed your calling…stand up comedy is your game. Maybe you and Jagr could do a routine…you know, like Martin and Lewis, Laurel and Hardy…you get the picture, right?

  19. I’d say the video blogs would make a nice add-on if used for special circumstances (ie Hollweg wants to dance during your interview), but I really prefer your written blogs. I always find myself avoiding online informational videos, I’d rather skim thru an article than sit and watch a video segment.

    Technically speaking, do you have server capcity to handle the strain of video? Your new server is working great as-is. (did I just give away my occupation?)

    Not to mention, your humor and sarcasm come across perfectly in your writing. The video wouldn’t be able to compare.

  20. FWIW I would dig on some video blogs. The stuff you guys did last year was surprisingly good, even without any [noticable?] editing. If you’re getting a new joint with the feature, there is no reason not to try it at least once.

    I run a macbook myself and absolutely love it everything about it.

  21. I hate to break it to you, but 54-57-14 means they have won 54 and lost 71. and that ain’t close.

    also, look at last years playoff final. the Ducks blew out Ott in 4 easy games . it was no contest.

    and you’ve got the Colo Avs who are just out of a playoff spot, like the Isles, who have WAY more talent than the Isles.

    with Sakic, Smyth, Stastny, Forsberg, hedjuk, foote, hannan, Liles

    that tells me that the west is much stronger if that team has to scramble to even get to 8th place.

  22. Ottawa lost in 5 not 4. and head to head when they are only playing once or twice only means so much.

    crosby, ovechkin, and malkin are the 3 best offensive players in hockey for sure….

    watched the vancouver game they said goaltending much better in west said only top line goalies in the east are brodeur and miller, guess they think henrik and dipietro are no good.

    henrik has 8 shutouts, means nothing I guess…

  23. need I mention that the worst team in the west, the LA Kings, with their top goalscorer Brown out, and their top dman Blake out, blew the Rangers away a couple weeks ago. the Rangers hardly touched the puck most of the night.

  24. SAM unless you & your fellow reporters decide to give Avery a taste of his own medicine, try your video with him. You’ll have to learn how to edit ;-)

  25. After I slept on it, I’d like the video as a ‘special feature’ here or there. The most time I spend on this blog is while I’m at work. Often videos don’t play on my pc here, and I can’t turn the volume up. And since I know how to read without being vocal, the written blog works out better for me. :) But that’s just 1 persons opinion.

  26. I was watching the beginning of the PHX game last night? Anyone catch it?

    They have ‘Blowssa’ on the second line! THAT’S what Maloney brought him there for? So much for the playoffs this year in the desert.

    Maloney was interviewed before the game and was asked about the trade. Typical GM stuff…’improve our team’, ‘feel that Sjo needed a change of scenery’, ‘montoyas got potential’, yada yada yada.

    I noticed hossa for his first shift or two. Then he dissapeared until his hooking penalty. The game ended 1-0. Hossa managed to be -1. Way to go.

  27. With the exception of Pilthy and Boston, everyone has caught up with games played. And we’re still sittin in 7th. We need a big win tonight to keep pace with the top 5(excl SE div leader). 5 points behind MTL.

    Our next 6 games are tough ones vs. teams all fighting to get in. 4-2 in that stretch wouldn’t be so bad.

  28. Personally I think tonight’s will be the toughest. Carolina is either 7-1-2 or 7-2-1 in their last ten, hates the Rangers and we’re not dressing a physical lineup at all. Plus its on the road. A win tonight would go a long way towards carrying some momentum into dealing out some nice Atlantic beatdowns next week….

  29. So what exactly happened to Mara? “Facial Surgery” is so generic. It is weird to me that no one has said anything real about his injury. Anyone? Bueller?

  30. Video Blogs wouldn’t be cool with me, my computer is slow that I can’t even make out what is going on…obviously more people feel the other way but I love this website way too much and need the old typed word…

  31. For blogs and websites, you will be very happy Sam to have the ease of use at your disposal…especially with sleep deprivation it makes life easier. On another topic, here is a look at our new boy Mr. Gratton in a tussle with Colton two years ago I think in a heavyweight bout. worth checking out. Frohli tipped me off to this!!!

  32. DB – All I heard was that he had a couple broken bones in his face that needed to be surgically repaired. In addition, there’s a good chance he plays with a full cage the rest of the way.

  33. Mara doesn’t play anything, he just spaces-out and assists on more opposition goals than on Rangers goals.

  34. “need I mention that the worst team in the west, the LA Kings, with their top goalscorer Brown out, and their top dman Blake out, blew the Rangers away a couple weeks ago. the Rangers hardly touched the puck most of the night.”

    The Kings are a scary last place team. They have good young talent but are far from consistent. They actually have done well since the new year and I wasn’t surprised that they smoked the Rangers.

    Also it was kinda weird seeing Hossa in a Yotes uni. He didn’t do too much, but he had some chances. It’ll take him a couple games to get used to his linemates there, which is when I’ll see if he goes back to his usual not doing too much or actually turns into a decent hockey player.

  35. How is the hit on Mara by the dude on Buffalo not being reviewed? Mara gave up the puck a good 2 seconds before he got hit. If that was Hollweg making the hit, you know damn well there would have been a penalty and a review by Campbell.

    Just BS.

  36. I switched to Mac about three years ago. I now live in an Apple dominated world and will never ever go back to the land of PCs. I would say a podcast is a better idea. The bog is fine as is.

  37. as far as east west goes, id say the west is definitely better and Anaheim is the team to beat, not detroit. Id say Detroit is the third or fourth best team in that conference right now. The east even after that hossa trade is still wide open as every playoff team has issues. It’ll probably come down to who has the hot goalie in the east which would seem to favor Brodeur, but if Henrik gets his game together you never know. Montreal could be tough as well if Price can play well

  38. I only use videos for eastern european nubile model searches (when my wife is asleep). Beer Me and I must work in the same place–I have the same problem, but an occasional video would be welcome. I hate Macs but will tolerate their users to some extent as they always send me unusable nonsense.

    Can’t wait for RANGER HOCKEY finally tonight–I hate 3 days off.

  39. very cool…video blogs would be very interesting. just another way print media needs to chance to catch up with the youtubes, myspaces and facebooks of the world. oh, wait, this is a hockey blog…um, i don’t like jagr, i like the young kids, i hope the trades make the team better, and so on…

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