Sather didn’t feel need to shake things up


Just got off a conference call with Glen Sather. A couple of highlights:

<li>Not surprisingly, he said he entertained offers from a number of teams about prospects and young players, but made clear he didn’t want to compromise the Rangers’ future. He also said given the way the team is playing he didn’t want to disrupt the team’s current chemistry.

“In this game to make a deal that makes sense you really have to give up something to get something,” Sather said. “There’s a good feeling about this team right now. I really didn’t want to afect the chemistry that we have on this team and I don’t think the coaches wanted me to, either.”

<li>That said, Sather was willing to trade Al Montoya in part because goaltending coach Benoit Allaire thinks David LeNeveu has promise. “Benoit thinks he can really resurrect this guy,” Sather said.

Also, Sather said the surprising play of Miika Wiikman made Montoya more expendable.

<li>As expected, Josh Gratton will go to Hartford, but is an option to bring up to New York if Colton Orr’s upper body injury doesn’t heal soon.

<li>He reiterated there was no thought to trading Jaromir Jagr. Asked if he wanted to re-sign Jagr, Sather said, “We’ll see how things develop…I love the way he’s been playing.” As for Michal Rozsival and Sean Avery, Sather said he will continue to negotiate with both players over the coming weeks, but he did express confidence in being able to re-sign them.

<li>The Swedish hockey community being fairly small, Henrik Lundqvist apparently knows Christian Back and Fred Sjostrom well. No word on how well he knows Wally Backman.

More later…

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  1. I’m glad that they brought in some fellow Swedes for Henrik. Even though the rest of the team fully supports him, it’s sometimes nice to be able to speak the native language with a few others in the locker room. I’m sure Jagr, Malik, Straka, etc do it all the time. They are definitely a bit better than they were a few hours ago. Comments on some of the other moves:
    Pittsburgh will be disappointed when they get knocked out of the 1st round by Montreal. Sure, the Pens will be a very dangerous team, but they can be beaten. And they gave up way too much..
    Washington will be disappointed when Carolina wins the Southeast division. At least they got Huet for the future when Kolzig retires.

  2. Sam – What did you think about these trades?

    Just to get it straight, its spelled Sjostrom and pronounced SHOE-strom (as far as I’ve heard)

    I just find these trades very strange and don’t know what to think about them, so that’s why I come here, but there’s no real consensus. Sjostrom and Backman can’t be sent to the AHL, so they’re obviously going to be on the roster. I would think Gratton was here to replace Orr for a while, so I don’t understand him going to Hartford. I think the Montoya trade is good if Sjostrom is better than Hossa, that’s about it. I really don’t care about Montoya because I knew we would get little for him at this point, and theoretically we needed him this season in case Lundqvist went down with an early injury, but now Montoya is bad again.

    Someone mentioned, why should we trade Malik when he is playing so well? That’s exactly when we should trade him because we know he will eventually go back to sucking. I would have confidence in these trades if a trade of a defenseman followed or Hollweg is sent packing, through waivers or to the AHL. There’s no use for him, and I hope Sather sees this and gets rid of him in spite of whatever Renney might say. That would at least clear a spot for a better player in the top 12.

    Someone mentioned about Colby Armstrong having chemistry with Crosby; that’s the only player he has chemistry with! On any other line he has been crap. Atlanta got nothing there. I am hopeful that this hurts Pittsburgh in the long run and Hossa doesn’t re-sign with them. Imagine what a line of Malkin-Crosby-Hossa could possibly do! No, don’t imagine it, it might hurt. They likely won’t be keeping Hossa because of the money needed for Crosby and Malkin, not to mention Gonchar and Ryan Whitney. Atlanta got a couple of potentially good players in Christensen and Esposito.

    Just be thankful Maloney didn’t pin Jovanovski on us in that trade!

    And joejoe – STOP SAYING *HENRICK*. JEEZ!

  3. Repost by me.

    I will say this. The Rangers did not get any worse today. We don’t know if any of the payers we got today will make the team better, but the good streak we have been riding will not be distracted with the addition of a new STAR player. It sends a good message to the players, especially the young ones, that they are believed in and were deemed too valuable to the future of the team to be moved. I am happy. I am glad we will have options now next year. What I mean by that is if Shanahan and Straka retire, we have all 3 of Dawes, Callahan, and Prucha. We have other young guys who will be ready to take the next step up. I hate to admire the Devils, but we are doing it like they did. And we all know how the Devils are. Damn that team, but it is the truth. Even if some of these UFAs retire or walk or whatever, we will still be in good shape. So here we go folks. I am confident. The Penguins are going to be the new Lightning and be completely strapped in to paying 4 players if Hossa resigns there. Nobody else go sooooo much better. The way we are playing right now is the only thing I am concerned with. Trade deadline is over, good riddance. Let’s Go Rangers!! Who is with me?

  4. Regarding Pittsburgh, let’s remember, the Rangers tried this “bunch of superstars” thing several times, only to have it blow up in their faces.

    Pittsburgh will be out in the 1st round, Hossa walks.

    Write it down.

  5. “Hossa was signed through next season to do little, and was an UFA? after that, Sjorstrom is an RFA, and has done more THIS season. Even if we do not sign him, we will get compensated. RFAs with expiring contracts are better than UFAs obviously.”

    Hossa is only signed through this season and is an RFA.

    Jim 17, from other post
    It was more at the comment that someone said Hossa’s numbers in the AHL sucked when in reality he had pretty good numbers in Hamilton when he was there for those 2 years. No shit that juniors numbers mean crap. A lotta guys are great in juniors then suck in the NHL.

  6. Also, I find the Washington trades odd. They have fallen to five points out of first in their division, so I think it’s a little too late. I can’t see the use of Fedorov, and I wonder if Huet might take the starting gig away from Kolzig right now.

    Some things nobody mentioned yet – Hlavac to Nashville for a 7th round pick to Tampa (Oh, how the mighty have fallen, haha); Alexandre Giroux (another familiar name) for Joe Motzko (Atlanta loading up young players); Chad Kilger to the Maple Leafs for a 3rd round pick; Jean-Sebastien Aubin from to Ducks for a 7th round pick; Brandon Bochenski (he was good for half of a season in Boston last year) to Nashville for future considerations; Tuomo Ruutu for Andrew Ladd (good for the Blackhawks).

  7. Sam, I cant for the life of me find, ANYWHERE news on what the conditional pick is. to me, thats what makes this trade. if its a 2nd or a 3rd, we win hands down, if its lower, i think they win this trade.

  8. Is anyone else getting the feeling with these extra forward acquisitions that Sather is worried he won’t be able to sign Avery for next season? Obviously, it’s all in Sather’s hands and I hope they are working on something already, but maybe Avery wants five years at $3-4 million per, which would be rediculous, but he probably can’t get that anywhere else.

  9. Ahhhh, one more thing – Jason, are you sure there are no roster limits now until the end of the season? I don’t believe you. Where are you getting this information? Why would the Rangers put Mara on IR if this is true and he will be back in two weeks?

  10. spiderpig – thanks for the heads up on the ‘new post’.

    Lohan your mention of needing Orr on that 4th line….I agree. Without an enforcer, Dubi & Avery will have to do all their own dirty work. With 18 games to play, we can’t afford a broken hand. Or in Dubi’s case, a broken jaw.

    After being away from my computer and reading non-stop hockey for the last 9 hours…I think I like the Sjostrom upgrade.

    Too bad Montoya’s career was so poorly managed. By the Rangers, Slats, monty’s agent, montoya himself. For his sake, I hope he does well with a change of scenery.

    SAM – the Wally Backman stuff…Keep it comin.

  11. Yeah Spider, I am aware of that.

    But the terms of the conditions are what im asking. If its say, a 1st rounder if the yotes make the playoffs or a 4th if they dont, those are important things to know…not that i actually think its anything that extreme.

  12. Pittsburgh will be out first round if they face a division rival, but out second round if they face another division in the first round.

  13. Wow, how did you eavesdrop on an Edmonton conference call? Kidding aside, thanks for all your very hard work today, Sam!

  14. “All these forwards”? What forwards? They got 2 today, 1 of whom is mutually exclusive with Colton Orr. The Rangers kept all their forward depth. That’s great because next year they are potentially losing Straka, Shanahan, and perhaps even Jagr. So it only makes sense. Not only that, but even if Sjostrom is a fourth liner, he’s one who has 19 points this year. That’s more than Marcel Hossa and our entire fourth line this year have combined. How people don’t consider this an upgrade is beyond me.

    I don’t think they foresee any problem re-signing Avery. He doesn;t want to go anywhere else and Sather won’t let him.

  15. Doodie Machetto on

    Well, as always, I’m willing to give the new NHL-quality players (Backman, Sjostrom) a chance before I make my ultimate decision on them. Since I have no belief that the team can win the cup this season, I’m OK with them starting every game from now until the end of the season.

    So scratch Strudwick while Mara is hurt, and then Scratch Malik once Mara comes back to make room for Backman. Scratch Hollweg for Sjostrom.

  16. “I have no belief that the team can win the cup this season”

    Wow Doodie, you seem to be such a die-hard Ranger fan and you really show you have faith in your team. I understand being doubtful sometimes but you’re flat out giving up before the season is even over.

    You know, I’m getting really sick of people who call themselves fans then mock the team, and just as when the team does well, they act like they supported the team all along. Maybe I’m the only one who feels this way.

  17. Doodie is probably right. An underdog team from New York couldn’t possibly win a championship.

  18. Two potential distractions during the stretch run were whisked out of here — Janssen running around like a madman and Simon swinging for the bleachers using someone’s head for a baseball.

    I think Washington made two good moves. Kolzig has been sub-par and the new coach won’t accept that. Huet will push him. Fedorov has lost his offensive touch but he’s still an excellent defensive forward. I’m sure he can help Ovechkin with his life experience if it remains to be seen how much on the ice. Montreal is gambling that Price will come up big as Dryden did as a rookie. That remains to be seen.

    Getting rid of (Marcel) Hossa is addition by subtraction. He should have been out of here long ago. In the playoffs people get banged up, freeze at the stick under the pressure, and you have to have depth. The guys the Rangers picked up give them depth

  19. Oh yeah, because an underdog team from NY has never won a championship recently… oh wait, the Giants! (yes I know they are technically in NJ but you get my point)

  20. CML – *DUH!* Obviously that’s what he was referring to.

    I’d really like to hear Sam’s real take on these trades.

    I’m copying Salty (oh no) and putting a little “not a” misspelling in my name for now.

  21. I’m totally agree with peter on this one. When was the last time one of our fourth liners scored a goal, let a lone a hat trick. the kid has good size and has 10 goals this season, including a few shorties! the nay sayers are freaking nuts

  22. Hey Comrade Doodie;
    Cheer up man! We still get to see excellent Power play….and what is all this about “another” NY underdog? Giants are big underdog…we have Jagr,Lundquist,Shanny and we add big bux Drury and Goofy Gomez and Rangers are underdog? Hey…if it makes you feel good, feel it


    At the very least, the Team will have a willing participant in the event that the Rangers want to play it tough in a 7 game series.

    Don’t believe I’ve ever seen someone so willing to take a punch as this guy……………….

  24. Doodie Machetto on

    Guys, I’d love to see the team win, I really would. But I’m just being realistic. They aren’t going to win. I’m still behind them, I’m still cheering, still watching the game, still posting 100X in one day on a blog to keep a track of the trades. My hope for their success is in the future though, when they finally have all of the pieces in place. I’m willing to sacrifice a season here or there to make sure they get it right. I’ve waited 14 years, I can wait 1 or 2 more.

  25. I think these trades aren’t too impressive or too horrifying. As usual, only time will tell — no steals here. But, they sure didn’t do too much for our PP as far as I can figure.

  26. Doodie Machetto on

    Who are we rooting for tonight? I’m thinking Pittsburg, Ottawa, Montreal, Minnesota, and Carolina.

  27. Spiderpig: here you go, from the CBA

    16.4 Active Roster Size; Playing Roster.
    (a) For the 2005/06 League Year and thereafter, there shall be a maximum of twenty-three (23) Players on each Club’s Active Roster at any one time, provided, however, that, on the date of each season’s Trade Deadline, a Club’s Active Roster may be increased to any number of Players the Club, in its discretion, so determines, subject to Article 50 hereof.

  28. Doodie Machetto on

    Some guy came into work today with a broken leg from skiing. All I could think about was Bill Berg.

  29. Hey Doodie
    at least this blog isn’t Blueshirt Bulletin where negative comments are attacked by the thought police; sometimes causing their politburo to censor all incoming comments!! You are a Doubting Thomas and as a Ranger fan…you need to be so that you don’t strangle yourself

  30. longtimerangersfan on

    Alright…I’m gonna go to the game Thurs. nite so they (the Rangers) better show up. Seriously, if they continue to play like they have of late, it should be fun.

  31. The way i look at this is, Pittsburgh added a potent winger who has notoriously not shown up in the playoffs. They have Ty Conklin and MAF in net and not much winning playoff experience…i think Ottawa has major problems because they have not been even close to the team that started out this season. Montreal has speed and skill, but we all know that dosent necessarily translate to playoff victories and they have a rookie goalie. The best team in the east right now is the New Jersey Devils and we have beaten them 5 straight times. Guys, its wide open, we have the size, the skill, the strength down the middle and the goaltender. Its a wide open conference, lets go out and take it.

  32. Actually, at the Blueshirt Bulletin, challenging the veracity of the supposed “sources” used by the self-proclaimed experts will have you censored. If you dare dispute the wisdom of that dimwit up in Hartford — who believes every Wolf Packer is on the verge of being a star in the NHL — you may also be censored. It may hurt his feelings. Sam is a professional, who writes lucidly. The writing on BB, on the other hand, is dreadful and, quite often, painful to get through. What they need over there is an editor. Digging up some big ol’ words from the thesaurus can’t cover up a serious lack of ability.

    Other than that, I love the site.




    Okay, I think I’m coming down with something…

  34. Hockeyman Rangers #2 on

    Hey gang, I am pretty excited about the trades, yes they are not killer trades but still hopefully Backman will help us out on D. Looking forward to Thursday night I hope the new guys start. GO RANGERS

  35. czechthemout!!!!! on

    My readers digest summary of the trades is this.

    Malik,Strudwick both suck! Backman sucks a little less and adds depth.

    Hossa and Hollweg suck big time!Sjostrom sucks a little less as well but does have more points than our entire fourth line and Hossa combined.

    Bottom line,we are a little better today and also a little faster.I’d like to see Dane Byers called up to play the fourth line along with Sjostrom and Betts.

  36. jason – All that tells me is that teams are allowed to have a lot of players on their roster on the day of the trade deadline, not the rest of the season. Plus, they are only allowed four recalls for the rest of the season, except in the case of an injury.

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