Rangers land Christian Backman from St. Louis…


…for a fourth-round pick.

The 27-year-old Swede was a teammate of Henrik Lundqvist on the 2006 gold medal winners. He has 10 points in 45 games and just came back from a broken foot.

In other news, look out for Pittsburgh: they picked up Marian Hossa and former Ranger Pascal Dupuis.

Updating as I go…

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  1. I see he’s got size. Could somebody enlighten us as to what type of player he is? Stay at home, offensive or tough? Thanks.

  2. PIT gets: Hossa/Dupuis
    ATL gets: Armstrong/Christensen/Esposito/1st round pick

    As an NYR fan:

    This year: F*CK!
    Next year: Whew… (assuming they can’t afford to resign Hossa)

  3. Doodie Machetto on

    Pittsburg hasn’t addressed their biggest need: Goaltending.

    Conklin can’t carry them to a cup and MA Fleury blows.

  4. Backman is a mini Malik, or Poti re do!!! Only has 18 hits all season, For a defenseman. No we could not use Robby Davison, Bryce Salvador, Hal Gill. Come on forwards crash our crease all night. Nick Boynton, Steve Staios, Brad Stuart where are you. Bring Donnie Maloney back!!!

  5. Hossa doesn’t scare me at all. He has never showed up in the playoffs. We bullied him around last yr. Pittsburgh getting Hal Gill is a pain in the ass though.

  6. yeah, looks like we have the biggest, softest dmen in the NHL. Malik, mara, backman.

    hell of a team slats built. hell of a D anyway.

  7. Bring back Lohan on

    sounds like a bad move to me, exactly what we dont need. from the injury report it sounds like he is good at blocking shots (maybe accidentally).

  8. I’m actually cautiously optimistic with this. Our #1 problem was the back-end and we got some help on it, however minor it may be. Let’s face it, our team is on a roll right now heading down the stretch, why would you mess with that chemistry? If they were 2-6-2 in their last 10 I could understand doing something, but they’re not, they’re 6-2-2.

    PIT getting Hossa is, on paper, frightening, I agree. But let’s not forget that Hossa has never meant anything in the playoffs (1 assist last year against us with Atlanta, 11 goals in 60 career playoff games). I’m glad we didn’t try to get him, I’m upset that he didn’t go to someone outside our division, but this hurts the Pens long-term and that’s really what I care about since our own long-term prospects are MUCH better than our short-term.

    The team I’m most scared of coming out of the deadline are the Caps, especially if they make it in as the southeast winners and we hold onto that 6th position. They already have a PRETTY good team, and now they’ve got a real goaltender in Huet and some veteran help in Federov. They could be a player, and they’d definitely be a harder first-round series than Atlanta was last year.

  9. I’m not dissapointed by this but I would have preffered a Boyton/Staois kind of guy. We’ll see.

  10. We could have gotten much more than a big defensman who doesn’t hit…Pittsburg and The Caps did pretty good as far as I can tell.

  11. Doodie Machetto on

    “I’m not dissapointed by this but I would have preffered a Boyton/Staois kind of guy. We’ll see.”

    I don’t know about Boynton, but I agree with this otherwise.

  12. Thanks Joey27. We didn’t need another big softie. There will be no fear in crashing Hank’s crease. More stick checks on 2nd and 3rd rebounds.

  13. Exactly Beer Me, a 4th rounder is certainly worth the risk of giving a big D-man a shot. Backman hasn’t played very well so far this year but he’s played better in the past, who knows, maybe he’ll be good for us again.

    And yes, I love the idea that we should have traded Malik after he’s FINALLY started playing well! What a great idea! Seriously people, hockey is a game of what-have-you-done-for-me-lately, you don’t trade a guy when he’s playing his best hockey he’s ever played for you!

  14. The goalie coming to us… played with Benoit Allaire.
    Good sign… he may have had some input in brokering the deal.

  15. Pitt is scary now, very scary. The caps are also extremely scary now, as someone mentioned before they were very good before, and they are only better now. I wouldn’t roll over on MAF so quickly, we are looking at a VERY difficult team in the Pittsburgh Penguins, too bad Slats didn’t address our weaknesses. We need a banger, a PP QB, a big guy, we got 1 out of 3 for a fourth rounder, not too bad I guess. Maybe the inactivity was the smart thing to do, but with the inconsistency of this team this season, I think we need to look at this little win streak with a grain of salt.

  16. sather hurt montoya’s value by never playing him in the NHL to showcase him and prove he can play in the bigs. w/o that, teams won’t give up much for him.

  17. Doodie Machetto on

    Another wasted 1st round pick.

    We just need to wait for Jessiman, Korpikoski, and Cherepanov to never play an NHL game and everything will be complete.

  18. I’m not too sure about the latest trade–because I know nothing about these Pho kids…and Backman..for a pick I guess is good, but we again don’t have anyone for the PP nor do we have a punishing defensemen..what exactly did we do here that should *help*?

    Anaheim took Bergeron from the Isles for a pick.

  19. Doodie Machetto on

    I’m not crazy about any of the deals. I’m willing to give the Backman one a shot, but I’m very skeptical of his working out. As for Montoya, Slats BLEW it. I mean, this is almost as bad as drafting Jessiman.

  20. You just got your asses whipped by a bunch of goddam nerds, NERDS! Well if I were you I would do something about it. I would get up and redeem myself in the eyes of my maker, my father and my coach.

  21. Doodie Machetto on

    Wow, look at Anaheim’s defense:

    Pronger, Niedermayer, Schneider, Beauchemin, Bergeron, and O’Donnell. That’s RIDICULOUS.

  22. Sjostrom is a former 11th overall pick…that must mean something right?…I mean look at Jessimen he went, what 8th overall and…oh shit…

    What do the Coyotes want with Montoya now that they’ve found their goalie in Bryzgalov? Maloney’s been trying to get him since he left the Rangers…

    Who the hell are any of these guys we got??!?!?!!?? I need answers!!!

  23. The guys from Phoenix amount to a bag of rocks. Sjostrom has 10 g and 9 assists and Gratton has played in 1 game this year according to NHL.com

  24. Rucchin agreed. The pens traded a couple of real good role players for a guy who can’t play in big gaMES AND IS A GONER IN A COUPLE OF MONTHS. Hal Gill on the same defense with Whitney and Gonchar hahaha! Those three clowns will put the puck in their own net atleast a couple of times.

  25. Speaking Tikkanese on

    Yeah, Rucchin… RAVAGED. (rolls eyes)

    Look, Colby Armstrong & Eric Christensen are both good players, but the swap for Dupuis is pretty much a mulligan. You put Dupuis out on the PP w/ Malkin or Crosby, and I bet he puts up numbers as good as either of these guys.

    So in reality, it was Hossa for one of the two + a top prospect. Hossa – who has the ability to be a 50 goal scorer if he’s got guys to set him up.

    RAAAAAVAGED. You idjit.

  26. So not only are we “stuck” with Malik as so many of you lamented, we also added Malik Jr. in Backman. A 6’4″ guy who plays like he’s 5’8″. Terrific. Another great day in Rangers history!

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