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Some quick thoughts:

<li>The word out of Phoenix on Fred Sjostrom is he has been used by Wayne Gretzky mostly in a defensive role. He has good speed and some offensive ability, and was a popular guy in the Coyotes dressing room (including with reporters). I suspect he’ll be used on the fourth line to start, but we’ll see where that goes.

<li>Josh Gratton was the Coyotes’ enforcer for most of last season, but broke his finger during training camp and was eventually buried in San Antonio.

<li>In hindsight, Marcel Hossa’s sudden return rom Hartford in time for Sunday’s game was a classic example of a player being showcased.

<li>The Rangers indeed also got a conditional pick out of the Phoenix deal.

<li>I am down on these moves for the simple reason that Sjostrom and LeNeveu are hard words to type…

<li>As for Christian Backman, one can only hope he lives up to the standard of his father, former scrappy New York Mets second baseman, Wally Backman (not really). Backman, by the way, is signed through next season.
<li>Let’s see here, one trade with a former assistant GM, another with a former team broadcaster. You know, you ARE allowed to talk to other GMs, too….

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  1. Can’t wait to hear what Sather says. My concern only is about Montoya — he had been out a lot this year with back issues. Were the Rangers concerned about that? In his place this year, Wickman and Holt have done well. Couldn’t they have gotten more for Montoya?

  2. repost:

    We were definately going to get less than what Montoya SHOULD cost because we were in a position of weakness there. For one, he wasn’t starting in Hartford anymore. Second, we just locked up Lundqvist for a long time, so teams see that as, “oh the Rangers don’t need Monty anymore” and that further lowers his price. Plus he’s been injured the last 3 years including college I think, if not then 2. We weren’t getting anything more for him unless we tricked a GM, or got one drunk to make a move. Maybe if Milbury was around, we coulda did something, but it wasn’t happening.

    And those who think JFJ is an awful GM, you clearly don’t know his obstacles in Toronto. Their ownership ran the show, not him. He was just a puppet. Ask any Leaf fan and thats what they’ll tell you.

  3. ^maybe we could have gotten more or less for montoya. It doesn’t matter know. Everyone needs to stop debating this. It’s pointless. Now we just need to focus on getting to the playoffs.

  4. Montaya was a wasted draft pick and turned out to be a bust. The pickup of Gratton makes me think Orr might be out long term. Sather overreacted to Montaya’s great 04 wjc play and stupidly drafted another goalie. I like Sjostrum. With Prucha coming back and the way Dawes and Cally are playing their doesn’t seem to be any room at the in. Anyone know anything about Backman?

  5. The trades address the teams weaknesses without touching it’s strengths.

    Jason Strudwick: Great Guy, Bad Defenseman. He moves a rung down the ladder and thats called upgrading (in reference to team defense, only Robbin Wiliams could upgrade on his character). Backman is younger, and I hope to god faster. Nothing else needs to be know about him. I will say this, though, he better not take many penalties, cause I can’t remember the last time Struds was in the box.

    Marcel Hossa: An NHL player, with possibly huge upside. On our team, he was on the verge of being a “veteran” and wasn’t close to being productive enough. He is “replaced” by a younger version of himself, that in itself is an upgrade. Sjorstrom, if he has the same defensive abilities, is a big upgrade, as he has more goals this year.

    Montoya: He was our fourth goaltender. He was traded for another third/fourth goaltender. In that case, we are even, never mind the draft position. If he enabled us to upgrade Hossa substantially, then that is where his extra value went.

    Gratton, I am sure, was a throw in, as Hossa and Montoya for Sjorstrom and the other goalie doesn’t add up, and a late round pick isn’t as important as possibly needing to replace Orr if he is hurt. Imagine that, on the Ranger’s enforcer depth chart, there is Orr, followed at a distance by Dubinsky!

  6. Why is nobody talking about the fact that when Mara is back the Rangers will have 8 defensemen?
    Malik – Rozsival
    Tyutin – Girardi
    Staal – Backman

    and Strudwick and Mara as your spares? That’s four million dollars in spares. How could you not move a roster defenseman today?

  7. Sammy… do you know anything about a conditional pick coming back the Rangers way for the Monty/Hossa trade?

    Or as some people here would seem to call it, the Second-Coming-of-Our-Lord/Hossa trade?

  8. uh, strudwick, mara, and alik are all expiring contracts. notot omention rozsival. who cares how many millions are on the bench? dumb post.

  9. sorry. wireless keyboard is on the fritz. bad time to call someone else dumb… which is probably inadvisable in the first place…

  10. lmao Hossa had huge upside? In who’s eyes? The guy has sucked donkey butt his entire career Ahl, nhl you name it.

  11. Pucks, you don’t move a D-man today because yes, Mara is out for two weeks but Malik is gone after this year, Mara’s contract is up this year as is Rozsivals so this move is made for this year and even though we have 8 D-men, no one has to be sent to Hartford as the 23 man roster limit is no longer in effect after the trade deadline.

    Speaking on Montoya: I don’t think it was a wasted pick because if Lundqvist didn’t stand on his head as he has since coming onto the spot which was not expected at all, Montoya was the guy our future would have been set on.
    Sather may have held onto him too long as his stock had dropped this year but not as long as another very highly touted AHL goalie we once had, Corey Hirsch, was, whom I believe we got Nathan Lafayette for. This is a better trade than that, plus Hossa is no longer our problem.

  12. I just saw some youtube highlights of Gratton. If nothing else, the dude has the stamina to go 15 rounds and the chin to take a Tyson beating.

    Again I wonder, is Orr more injured than the team is letting on?

    The question is: What does our 4th line look like now and what will it look like in the first post-season game? (Please don’t say, “Lining up putts on the golf course.”)

  13. I disagree that it is a dumb post because you could have traded those expiring contracts for something useful. So now Malik or Mara and Strudwick get to sit on the bench. What is the point of that? I say merely disagreeing without showing a remedy for the situation is a dumb post.

  14. Its not Mara’s fault that he was paid 3 million. I think he knows hes not worth that much. And I’d rather be deep on defense incase someone goes down. Don’t even look at the money right now. Plus no guarentee Backman will play all the time since hes injury prone.

    “…and we’re still stuck with Malik shaking head”

    He’s been pretty good lately. He just gets a bad rep because he’s slow and doesn’t hit and hes 6’6″. Truth is sure sometimes he’s out of position (even though we have a lotta d-men that are), but he helps Rozy a lot. Rozy’s flaws are seen a lot more when Malik isn’t in the lineup (and no its not because Malik is making his own mistakes). Plus say what you want but Malik does make some very good breakout passes and can get the puck moved quickly up ice for an odd man rush.

    And I’d much rather have Malik than Pilon, Purinton, or Dave Karpa. Those guys were really really bad.

  15. ^Exactly Jonnny.

    Just because players of this caliber are acquired, doesn’t mean they are going to start over people already here. Like I said, these are depth players.

  16. sorry…wireless keyboard was on the fritz. inopportune time to call someone else dumb – which is probably inadvisable in the first place…

    Anyway, if Malik sits on the bench, will that bother anyone? Do you think Sturdwick has significant value around the NHL? Maybe you could get a part back for Mara, but I doubt he’s the odd-man-out upon regaining his health.

    I’m all for maximizing assets in the salary cap era, however, guys like Jagr, Straka, and even Shanny are expiring assets you could deal for value. Malik, Mara, and Strudwick are not.

  17. “lmao Hossa had huge upside? In who’s eyes? The guy has sucked donkey butt his entire career Ahl, nhl you name it.”

    90 pts in 58 games his last season of juniors
    32 in 50 his 1st AHL season, 32 in 37 his second AHL year

    his problem was he wasn’t used right in montreal as they kept floating him between Hamilton and Montreal so he never got to stay in a league consistently. He was supposed to be pretty good, he still can be.

  18. zg- Backman is for 2.4 through next year, Sjostrom is an Rfa after this year according to I cant find any contract numbers on Gratton or leneveu.

  19. And Mara makes $3 mill a yr. totally overpaid and .5 mill more then Malik..

    they are on the hook for Backman at $2.3 mill for next yr. they have staal, tyutin, girardi, all under contract.

    people act like these are terrible moves they are minor minor moves, Hossa also made more the nSjustrom by the way.

    put Sjustrom and prucha in the lineup and the 12 forwards are


    with orr and hollwegg in reserve…that 1st 12 are all guys with some skill…NOT BAD>>>>

  20. Puck – sorry for the “dumb post” comment…uncalled for. I’ve been blogging all day on the deadline, and our inactivity has left me in a poor mood.

  21. Have we heard about everything? Because as of right now, with Sjostrom and Backman, once Mara comes back from injury we have 14 forwards and 8 defensemen and 2 goalies. That’s 24 players. Are there still deals we haven’t heard about (did Prucha and Malik get dealt?)

    Both Hossa brothers traded on the same day.

  22. so tough to keep up with the latest thread, repost:
    We were definately going to get less than what Montoya SHOULD cost because we were in a position of weakness there.


    A bloodthirsty GM would have ripped some poor fucker off so badly in a Montoya deal. That is ALL there is to that, there is a SUCKER born every minute, Sather just isn’t interested enough anymore to go looking for one. He’d rather just throw cash at big names, obviously. Sather has let us all down with our ”#1 bargaining chip”. Whether or NOT Montoya is a stud, there was more than enough hype surrounding him that you can dress him up and rip someone off hardcore and leave them sucking sand once they realized they just traded their Prime Rib for our McRib.

  23. The deadline is over. All teams have confirmed that they’re done dealing. I don’t see any roster problems that aren’t easily resolved.

  24. Bring back Lohan on

    stuart, that only works against a soft team, maybe like a florida. I actually think that prucha-betts-sjustrom is replaced by Orr on one side. With what I am hearing about the swede’s defensive abilities, I think Prucha is the odd man out. Makes me wonder if Slats tried to move Prucha for something a little more exciting today and failed. I see Pruchs as expendible even though I like him. At the same time, if one of our top 6 wingers go down, we will be in ok shape.

  25. ” I don’t see any roster problems that aren’t easily resolved.”

    OK, then how do they get resolved? Hollweg to the minors? Or Callahan or Dawes to the minors?

  26. stuart —

    I love these lines:


    But the fact is both hollweg and/or orr are going to play. Remmey loves them — and to be frank, we need some toughness in the lineup. it’s likely that cally on sjostrom (sojo?) are going to sit night to night.

  27. montoya lost his job to wiikman and there is the tale. slats got the best he could for an injury prone player, adding depth without getting rid of the better chips allows a run this year and possibly better trades in the off season. showcasing montoya with the rangers may have cost us points and montoyas injuries and play decreased his value. this was a decent trade considering an ahl goalie and a failed project got us some depth.

  28. No worries Gozer. My mere point was that on a 23 man roster, you would want the top guys in the lineup and having Malik and Mara taking up those spots. I hear ya about the blogging.

  29. Pucks,

    No roster limit after the trade deadline, 24,25,26 etc is fine as long as it all fits under the cap

  30. If Backman has another year at 2.4, and Sjorstrom is an RFA, than this deal Kicks Major Dodo Bird!!!!

    Think in terms of assets, and assume (big assumption) that players contracts are a reasonably fair way of assesing value when trading player for player.

    Montoya made a lot to do a little for the Rangers. LeNeveu makes (I assume) a little to do a little. Rangers WIN!

    Hossa was signed through next season to do little, and was an UFA? after that, Sjorstrom is an RFA, and has done more THIS season. Even if we do not sign him, we will get compensated. RFAs with expiring contracts are better than UFAs obviously.

    Backman being signed through next season, WITHOUT giving up an NHL defenseman (or any defenseman) to get him, is just huge for the Rangers. It means we don’t have to over pay for the same thing this off season when prices will have inflated due to the cap growing.

    Like it or not, the deal addressed the Ranger’s issues at forward and defense (just a little) and made good business sense as well.

  31. Backman, who will be 28 in two months, recently returned to action after missing ten games with a foot injury, the latest in a career full of short-term injuries — he has not been able to play a full season in his four NHL campaigns. The Blues’ 24th overall pick in 1998, Backman stands 6’4-210, but he does not hit — he has 18 all season, 19th on the Blues, last among their defensemen, and had only 15 in 61 games last season, 22nd on the team. Given his size, his good stick skills, and his lack of physicality, one can best compare him to Marek Malik. Indeed, St. Louis fans treated him much the way Ranger fans treat Malik.

  32. But, the Ranger fans don’t get to make the decisions. Sather does, based on money spent for services rendered. If you feel that service is inferior for the money spent, go elsewhere, there are plenty of options. Long live capitalism.

  33. Not thrilled with the trade, but Sjostrom is a reliable body for next season when some of the veterans(Straka and Shanny)could retire. Ideally, some prospects from Hartford could step right in and score 10-20 goals for us and Cherepanov could be the next Malkin. But if not enough of those guys can get the job done next year, Sjostrom most likely will. Plus, he’s still got potential and has been a player I’ve always cheered for. But I must say that I’m awfully disappointed that Leneveu and Sjostrom are all we could muster for Montoya. I feel that following his progress for the past 3 years has been such a waste of time.

  34. That would be why the players try very hard to internalize the fact that trading is purely business, and has nothing to do with them personally.

  35. GoCaptainClutch! on

    so is it safe to say that sjostrom and backman get into the lineup and the other three go straight to hartford? sorry if thats a stupid question…

  36. the team did not seem to really improve. They probably didn’t get worse, but they may have caused a further logjam in the system with wingers and defenseman.

    I just wish we had kept Pock up this season. Hey maybe Backstrom will stay healthy and be decent, but I am never a fan of getting big defenseman who dont hit, but seems our GM has a penchant for big soft defenseman

  37. I can’t believe St. Louis fans treated Backman just as badly as the Rangers fans treated Malik. Guess Sather wanted to acquire a new whipping boy for the fans!

  38. marcel Hossa’s junior stats mean squat, and here’s why —

    here are Ryan Hollweg’s junior stats

    and he played in the best league, the WHL

    233 games, 94 goals, 139 assists, 233 points


    20 games, 6 goals, 9 assists, 15 points

    so, junior stats don’t foretell NHL scoring prowess

    whether it’s Hollweg or Hossa

  39. so i just woke up and had a nightmare that the pens have crosby stall malkin hossa and dupius……

  40. My lines were just the 12 best players against the Flyers of the world of course you need to use orr and Hollwegg..

    the rangers got deeper, marginally but they did get deeper.

  41. Backman wearing #55 like old Rangers greats Igor Ulanov and Marty McSorely it makes sense after reading about how much he sucks.

  42. Bring back Lohan on

    hey, do you guys feel confident that dubi will keep #17? I see he was 19 on hartford, not sure about juniors. But with Gomez as 19 I feel pretty confident in my future purchase. ANyone have any thoughts???

  43. I will say this. The Rangers did not get any worse today. We don’t know if any of the payers we got today will make the team better, but the good streak we have been riding will not be distracted with the addition of a new STAR player. It sends a good message to the players, especially the young ones, that they are believed in and were deemed too valuable to the future of the team to be moved. I am happy. I am glad we will have options now next year. What I mean by that is if Shanahan and Straka retire, we have all 3 of Dawes, Callahan, and Prucha. We have other young guys who will be ready to take the next step up. I hate to admire the Devils, but we are doing it like they did. And we all know how the Devils are. Damn that team, but it is the truth. Even if some of these UFAs retire or walk or whatever, we will still be in good shape. So here we go folks. I am confident. The Penguins are going to be the new Lightning and be completely strapped in to paying 4 players if Hossa resigns there. Nobody else go sooooo much better. The way we are playing right now is the only thing I am concerned with. Trade deadline is over, good riddance. Let’s Go Rangers!! Who is with me?

  44. This is a question; not a comment.

    Our last game, Joe Mich said how well Hossa played in Hartford. I took it as usual spin and wondered if it were due to trade showcasing because Hossa scored 1 goal in 5 games there.

    Anyone think that within MSG they knew that they were to “plug” for Hossa? Micheletti never said a word about it afterwards. Hossa made no blaring mistakes that I remember.


  45. Lohan your Bring back Lohan 4:46 post mentioning needing Orr on that 4th line….I agree. Without an enforcer, Dubi & Avery will have to do all their own dirty work. With 18 games to play, we can’t afford a broken hand. Or in Dubi’s case, a broken jaw.

    After being away from my computer and reading non-stop hockey for the last 9 hours…I think I like the Sjostrom upgrade.

    Too bad Montoya’s career was so poorly managed. By the Rangers, Slats, monty’s agent, montoya himself. For his sake, I hope he does well with a change of scenery.

    SAM – “I am down on these moves for the simple reason that Sjostrom and LeNeveu are hard words to type…”

    I like it.

  46. I like the Backstrom trade. I like the idea of getting Hank some countrymen, I think this is a good move by Sather.

    I am still however disappointed that Sather continues to get limited bang for his first round pick buck.

    Gratton will go to Hartford. Colton Orr is my favorite enforcer since Kocur. I think Orr is a tremendous teammate, an awesome fighter. SO what that he can’t beat up Laroque or Brashears, who can? He can knock out all the rest with one punch.

  47. Johnny – and Ottawa has Heatley, Spezza and Alfredson, and they’re not going to win anything either.

    The Caps should have gotten defensive help. Although getting Huet was an interesting move, basically telling Kolzig, see ya later?

    Federov will be a nice addition. Watching OV and Federov should be fun.

    HOw bout our boy Tom Poti? Got himself on a nice little team.

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