Happy Trade Deadline Day!


Update, 11:30 a.m.: Brian Campbell “goes to San Jose”:http://www.tsn.ca/nhl/news_story/?ID=230612&hubname=nhl, package in return still pending. 

I hope no one got me anything big.

Anyway, we’re off to a late start here, but so far we haven’t missed much. Mike Comrie re-signed with the Islanders, the Devils traded Cam Janssen for Bryce Salvador and Zipay was sent to the Des Moines Register in return for a used laptop and a year’s supply of pens (OK, not really on that last one).

We’ll be monitoring the day closely, so stay tuned. The Rangers are on the ice — and yes, everyone’s here…

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  1. And the Rangers couldn’t have picked up Bryce Salvador for someone younger they will never use??

    Two guys now traded since last night (Prospal and Salvador) that were stolen from their teams for nothing.

  2. If for some reason we stand pat and do nothing we will still have players to play for this team next year. Meaning, I do think that out of Shanahan, Jagr, and Straka, two of those three will not be here. Prucha could finally get some really quality playing time.

  3. Doodie Machetto on

    Like I said: I’m not going to argue. Just state that you disagree, and that will be that.

  4. I don’t know. If he hasn’t had a concussion yet, I don’t think he will get one. He has been absolutely hammered since his first year with us.

  5. Seems unusually quiet out there. Last year, it felt as though tsn.ca and nhl.com were ringing up a new deal every 15 minutes.

  6. All these trade for a D man makes me think that Slats is not going to sell the farm and does not want to do anything stupid like he has in the past. People must be asking for too much from him or the wrong players. ie: Dubi, Sanginetti etc.

  7. Wade Belak to Florida. With Belak, Montador and Cullimore there they can boost to having the most immobile defense in the league.

  8. Doodie Machetto on

    I didn’t want Campbell. Good riddance. I probably DID want what SJ is going to give in return. Especially if it was Erhoff or Bernier. Everyone knows that I’ve been pitching Jagr or Shanny for Erhoff and Bernier for over a month now.

    Most likely it will be Carle, a pick, and a prospect.

  9. I posted last night that Campbell would go to the Sharks for carle and a high pick. well I was very close. it was Bernier and a #1 pick

  10. Canadiens just called up Grabovski. Most likely Ryder and/or Higgins are going to Atlanta. Not saying its true, but its just the rumor going around since Grabovski was just called up today.

  11. the teams that stay pat or do not give up young guys in the long run always do better in the long run..

    salvador is nothing but for Colton orr or Hollwegg that would have been a good trae.

    I doubt the rangers will do much, the writing is on the wall….

  12. Canadiens are banking on Price to be like Roy in 86. Bold move. Plus it frees up needed cap space for Hossa.

  13. Montoya and Hossa for Kitstiskin (sp)
    This way they can unite the Hossa brothers when they make the big trade.

  14. Anyone else wondering why all of our guys are feeling comfy at the rink this morning? I mean, is it possible we do nothing? Ergh.

  15. I don’t see a major move to be made, maybe something very minor to get another d man. Just my opinion.

  16. Christobal Huet was traded to the Caps for a draft pick. Sounds like Montreal is gearing for something.

  17. “Montoya and Hossa for Kitstiskin (sp)
    This way they can unite the Hossa brothers when they make the big trade.”

    the Kostitsyn’s are brothers too. They already have Sergei (who played with P-Kane and Gagner) and Andrei who is a year or two older. We aren’t getting either. Although it would be funny to see them trade someone else in exchange for Marcel since I’d love to see him and Marian play together. And why would they want Monty when they already have Price, who is going to be their starter of the future, and Halak?

  18. I still think a deal will be made.

    What slats really should do is try to sneak up Hutchinson right now. Maybe while the gm’s are all busy trading, he can clear waivers.

  19. It just sucks because the East is getting the living hell sucked out of them..and the big bad West is only getting stronger..so I guess it’s ok if we do nothing..but I know I’m not alone in being tired of seeing Strudwick wearing the jersey when we could at least call a kid up from Hartford..but, it almost seems like the East is asking to be spanked in the finals.

  20. I think we’ll make a move for D-Man. According to Slats Jagr is staying so we need a D to make a run in the Playoffs.

  21. “I still think a deal will be made.

    What slats really should do is try to sneak up Hutchinson right now. Maybe while the gm’s are all busy trading, he can clear waivers.”

    Haha I was thinking the same thing. Maybe move Malik or Struds even though I dont mind having them and bring up Hutch, and maybe Pock if we really wanna be risky. haha.

  22. Doodie Machetto on

    Adam, Kolzig is gonna be 38, UFA, and his skills are declining. Huet is a capable starter who doesn’t cost too much money. I wouldn’t be surprised if he takes Kolzig’s job this season to try and get them into the playoffs.

    I would’ve loved Huet as our backup for the end of the season and the playoffs. Not a 2nd rounder though. Maybe a 3rd and one of our useless farm guys, like Chris Holt.

  23. I don’t think hes making any moves. I really hope he doesn’t. It took this team long enough to get it together, last thing we need is for a guy to come in an screw it up, unless its someone that isn’t a superstar that is more of a role player. I dont think we need to do anything. This team is what it is, old vets with young guys and one or two players in between. Not much we can do with this. We weren’t built to be seller or buyers at the trade deadline and thats not necessarily a bad thing.

  24. Doodie Machetto on

    The problem is the deadline ends at 3, and he would have to clear tomorrow at noon.

    He should’ve done it yesterday.

  25. Campbell is on live via telephone..he does not sound like a happy camper. This is sure to even further rile sabres fans…also makes one wonder whether he’ll sign long term to San Jose?

  26. it seems like the big name players that have been dealt arent being traded for a lot…we should be able to pick up a d-man, if there are any descent ones left for not too much

  27. I’m just hoping Malik is still here when all this is over!

    anyone hear what Hockey TV (I am not sure the name of the channel is!) is saying about Dubinsky??

  28. I think Sather held on to Montoya too long..his trade value has been, obviously, higher in the past, but if he held on to him to use him in the Lundqvst contract, it may have been a mistake.

    I feel like there is a party going on and we ain’t invited! Nothing yet…12:40PM.
    I thought we would hear the names, Malik, Prucha, Montoya, Jessiman, Moore, and even Dawes thrown around.

  29. After looking at the Tampa/Dallas deal, I actually think Tampa might’ve won long term getting Smitty and Jussi. Richards is kinda overrated IMO and just had that one good season with the great playoff run. Not saying he’s a bad player, but I think people hype him up too much.

  30. Campbell will sign with the Sharks. he has ties to GM doug Wilson, they both starred for the OTT 67’s junior team on D, and Wilson signed Rivet after getting him from Mtl last season. at age 28, there is no way they don’t sign campbell unless he is a total flop, which is unlikely.

  31. yeah, you know what i’m saying with monty. it’s one thing to get the most out of a guy like say, straka or jags then let them walk in the summer. but what’s the point of hanging onto him. Get whatever you can.

  32. Foote said he will only go to Colorado. Blake said the same thing. What’s so great about Colorado? Maybe they want a piece of the over/under on how many games until Forsberg gets hurt? My guess is 5.

  33. Campbell just got very emotional on camera…and said he will probably wait until July 1st before signing anything definite.

  34. I don’t want to see ANY of our youth traded, basically, meaning Dawes, Callahan and especially Dubinsky. Dubinsky is talking like a confident vet, not a cocky kid about to get his head handed to him. I think he is the real deal.

    I did think that we would hear Dawes’name bantered about, just like Montoya. Nothing so far, as I have been glued to the TV and checking the lap top.

    I don’t want to see us give up Dawes, Callahan, or Dubi. Not for anything. These 3, along with Lundqvst, Staal, and our future captains, Gomez and Drury, represent a solid 5 years, at least.

    I do hope MSG is past trading away youth for overpaid vets. Maybe the Cap is really a friend to NY, as much as I think it will bite Pittsburg.

  35. Blake already said hes not leaving LA to go anywhere. He said he thought about going to Colorado, but wants to stay put with the rookies so he can teach them stuff. He’s not moving.

  36. Doodie Machetto on

    Salei was for Srastins and a third rounder, not just Srastins.

    LaPointe to Ott makes me think that Hossa is going to Mtl.

  37. i’m curious to know which player that has been traded so far would all of the gm’s here have traded for? who would you have traded for that player and how much of a difference would said player made this year? sometimes the best trade is the one you don’t make. i remember a trade a while back that still stings, rick middleton for ken hodge. trades should not be made for the sake of just change. the trade should help your team for a long time. the best trader i remember was sammy pollock of montreal . he built dynasty’s by prudent trades and not for short term fixes. slats may not be the best gm, but people let him do his job. if a kid doesn’t work out he can walk but giving up on a player too soon can really bite you in the ass.

  38. longtimerangersfan on

    Please don’t bring up the Middleton for Hodge trade ever again…I hated Espo for engineering that one! He wasn’t in charge but asked Ferguson to get Hodge.

  39. sad day indeed. wont bring it up again i just don’t want something like that to happen again.i’m still angry.

  40. to be successful over the long term you need to have a core of guys that came up through the system together. although none of these guys are super stars, the rangers finally have a core of guys to build around for a long time. I’d rather see the rangers go to war in April/May with what we have, unless we could get a real banger like Pronger (no chance) on the backline.

  41. jj,

    I think more of us armchair, one day GMs are with you than you might think.

    We have waited a long time for youth and not many of us want to see us give up on our youth…

  42. Federov to the Caps for? via the Fan590, not confirmed yet…

    This was expected so he could play with Alex O

  43. Can anyone explain the Belak (UFA in July, earning just 625k/yr), for an 08 5th round pick. Why would either team do that?

  44. “And the Rangers couldn’t have picked up Bryce Salvador for someone younger they will never use??

    Two guys now traded since last night (Prospal and Salvador) that were stolen from their teams for nothing.”

    I just saw this. Picard was considered one of Philly’s top prospects. I wouldn’t exactly say they gave up nothing.

  45. Just got ouf of class for the day, so I have to put in my comments. Plus, I can’t get TSN.ca or SportsNet.ca to open for some full coverage.

    I like Emrick because he uses so many different words, so he keeps it fresh during a game. He can get a little loud, but isn’t that good? Maybe over the course of a season he gets annoying to Devils fans, but I don’t find him too bad in limited dosage. Berman is good on SportsCenter, with all his nicknames and excitement, but I agree with the person who mentioned that Berman may think he’s the reason for people to tune into *games*. He’s not really that good, despite being loud.

    I wonder why the Red Wings weren’t part of Maguire’s top five Cup contenders. That seems a bit odd, since he compiled it before trades started happening. Lidstrom should be back for the playoffs, so that can’t be it.

    So the Devils have nine healthy defenesmen now? Why?? I don’t understant the Huet or Richards trades either. I can’t see why Tampa Bay needs another young goalie, but that being said, I think they got fleeced. Maybe they didn’t get much because of Richards’s high salary; NHL Numbers won’t load either – Is he signed passed this season?

    I was thinking about getting a watch too, even though I always seem to lose them. What do you think of a rubber strap on a watch like this? It seems weird and uncomfortable, but I don’t know. http://www.shopnbc.com/product/?familyid=J174658&storeid=1&track=-20112&page=LIST&free_text=croton%20rubber%20strap&track=-20101&cm_re=TS-_-N-_-J174658

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