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A few more thoughts before I head out for my own hockey game (as far as I know, I wasn’t traded):

<li>I’m OK with these moves. To paraphrase Brian McNamee, they are what they are. Backman provides some needed depth at defense, and Sjostrom gives the Rangers the chance to re-shape their checking line into more of an offensive threat. As much as I think Colton Orr has improved, you don’t need him in the lineup every night, especially in the playoffs. That’s where Sjostrom comes in.

Could the Rangers have fetched more in return for Al Montoya? Maybe. Let’s remember that every other team has scouts poking around the AHL as well, so there’s a chance they were seeing the same holes in his game that the Rangers were.

I still think Marcel Hossa has an upside, but he may have hit his ceiling in New York, and the Rangers likely recognized that.

Bottom line: these moves addressed some immediate needs, and even with Montoya, the Rangers didn’t give up all that much.

Of course, I’ve already gone on record saying Sjostrom is hard to type. And I’m also now realizing that trading Al Montoya means I will likely be spending more time typing the words “Miika Wiikman”. So again, the moves aren’t perfect.

<li>When I asked Sather what his thoughts were on other moves around the league — particularly Pittsburgh — he said he didn’t want to comment on other teams.

Later, he told the Edmonton Journal, “I think Pittsburgh is going to be great. Washington, too. Anything else you want to know? Here’s my list of potential free agent signings. Here’s what I want to give Rozsival and Avery. Oh, and here’s my PIN code for my bank card…”

(OK, not really)

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  1. longtimerangersfan on

    Sam, maybe you can get an associate job with the Edmonton Journal so Sather would talk to you too.

  2. Great job today Sam. The members over at Ranger Nation were copying and pasting almost everything you said today in the forums. You are definitely a popular guy!

  3. Agree w/ some of the previous posts that Hossa will not take the Pens deep into the playoffs. This is not a gritty guy and was worse than invisible last April (and w/ the Sens as well). Given what the Pens gave up in this deal and what Atlanta likely asked for from Montreal, I can imagine what Bob Gainey must have said to himself after trading away Huet to warehouse value for a Hossa trade……the same thing we all said after Malik launched that diagonal breakout in Game 2 against Buffalo w/ NYR holding a one goal lead.

  4. Sam – Thanks for your thoughts on the trades. I bet you wish Chris Holt and Matt Zaba were better players, but you’re thankful for Nigel Dawes and Ryan Callahan. By this time next season, hopefully we’ll *mis-remember* Al Montoya and how he was such a high pick.

    jason – What you posted just tells me that teams are allowed to exceed the roster limit on deadline day itself.

  5. GoCaptainClutch! on

    Awesome coverage today, Sam! Now just waiting to see what happens with Rozi and Avery–if not both, Aves def needs to stay put.

  6. Fruity Cupcake on

    Do what the kids do, Sam: Abrevi8.


    Seriously, all day I was waiting to hear the deal Montreal made to strengthen their goaltending after trading Huet. With all due respect, is their front office on le crack?

    The Price is Wrong. Punny, non?

  7. haha Hossa isn’t a playoff performer because that whole Sens team sucked in the playoffs. It wasn’t like he was the only one that was shut down. And not that it says much, but when Marian was covered by Marcel, he was usually shut down. In the other games when Marcel didn’t play, he had points. I’m not saying Marcel was good, I’m just saying he did the job of shutting down his brother.

    I think if Marian is around the right people like Crosby and Malkin, he can find a way to be successful in the playoffs. He did well in the 03 playoffs around a good spirited club. This Pens team is kinda like there where they have good young talent and don’t seem like they’ll underachieve much when 100% healthy.

  8. Sam;
    You need quotes from Slats?? You let me know man. I call him once a week from St Pete..he told me its OK when I left, He said “sure Kaspar you stay in touch..tell me everything that happens to you”

    So every week I call him and fill him in. Come to think of it all he ever says to me is “This is Glen Sather please leave name, number and why you called”

    I guess thats something though right?

  9. Doodie Machetto on

    Classic Kaspar.

    It’s probably better you don’t get him. The last time when you complained, he almost came after you until you told him it was Malakhov.

    This has to be the first time in NHL history that two brothers were traded on the same day.

  10. Bring back Lohan on

    Well I had a good day today. How many of you guys can actually say that BeerMe! agreed with you? Thats what I thought…..

    Me: 1 Everyone else: 0

  11. Hey Fruity Cupcake, are you on OTG? We came up with that name during preseason, is that where you got it from?

    (I’d like appropriate credit for coming up with “MiiWii”, thank you very much. :))

  12. Yea,
    You ever notice Malakhov never invited to retired jersey nights.

    Anybody seeing these SE division teams lately? Carolina loses crimp faced Brindamor and they are leaving Moe-Larry-Curley…I mean Atlanta-Washington-Florida in the dust. That is the new Smythe division.

    And let me ask this..When I was little kid, playing cosmonaut, I fell and sprained my ankle…everybody told me “you have a SPRAINED ankle”

    What exactly is the difference between my SPRAINED ankle and this new injury…HIGH SPRAINED ANKLE…that everybody says now??

  13. Does the local NY media ever consider a media blackout of the Rangers in response to Sather’s attitude?

  14. Anyone ever notice how you never see Kaspar and Doodie in the same room?

    Alright guys, I didn’t get my wishes, but I guess here goes nothing….

    lets go ragz!

  15. what a rotten snotty piece of shit sather is.

    only at MSG does that kind of attitude prevail.

    if your local store acted like that, customers would go somewhere else.

  16. Jonny D – Yeah, someone posted that over the summer I think.

    Doodie – I kept reminding myself to say that earlier, but you beat me to it. Maybe the Ferraros were traded on the same day before? Probably is the first time for it.

  17. Sam, ever since that second child you’ve been getting a bit punchy. I like it, but you getting enough sleep?

  18. Repost from Slap Shots:

    “On defense, the Ranger’s have always been successful when working as a comitee. This should be changed at the team’s own risk. However, with Paul Mara out, the spot in the line up most easily improved upon on Defense would be Jason Strudwick’s. He has earned the right to play there over anyone else in the organization (meaning hartford). That isn’t a good thing for the team, though a great thing for Jason, whom I greatly respect (except as a singer).

    I do not know if it is possible to upgrade the player in Jason Strudwick’s spot without paying too high a price. If another team had a Marek Malik, i’d take him. By with certain High things, we know there can be only one!”

    The post is dated on the 25th.

    And the rangers actually traded for another team’s Marek Malik.

    Now, if that is a good thing or not?

  19. Spiderpig, FSN-NY is also owned by… yup, you guessed it, our favorite owner – Jim Dolan and his Cablevision henchmen. Not surprised by this re-naming at all.. althought MSG Plus sounds like some sort of diet program, not a sports channel.

  20. zg – yes. As I’ve seen on some st louis ‘boards, they hate him. They couldn’t wait to see him go. They booed him every game.

    Wonderful move there by JD. Not so wonderful by Slats.

    That said, I’ll restate what Doodie said about giving them a shot. Maybe the change of scenery will help. We all know it to be true about NY…it’ll make ya or break ya.

  21. “We’ve gone through spurts when I thought our team looked terrific and when it’s really struggled,” Sather said on an evening conference call. “But for most part, I’ve thought we’ve had a pretty good year.”

    Tell Sather to pass the f-ing joint to me….A pretty good year? With Jagr, Gomer, Drury, Shanny, Avery, Henrik, Rosy (after last year’s performance), and Tyutin (his 4th season as a Blueshirt), and we are languishing in 7th place. How the F is that a pretty good year? The guy believes his own BS. Are you kidding me?

    A few other things:

    1) Melrose called the Rangers a trade day loser. He doesn’t think they can win with what they have. I am not sure how I feel. For the one day, yes, maybe they did not improve themselves dramatically. But for the longer term, they made the right moves (or non-moves), IMHO.

    2) On the opposite side, Pittsburgh made a strong move. Getting Hossa and Gill is tremendous. Why didn’t the Rangers take a shot at Gill? Was that a salary cap thing? But longer term, losing Armstrong, Christensen, Esposito, and a draft pick for a guy who might not (a) perform well in the playoffs and (b) be there on July 3rd, seems a big risk.


  22. Newman – I can almost completely agree with everything you said. Make sure you pass it to me next though.

    Maybe slats meant the year 2008? Cause if he means the whole season, his interpretation of ‘pretty good’ is way off from my interpetation.

    I said all day yesterday that I wanted to pick up Gill. Sure, the guy is ALMOST as slow as struds, but 10x more physical than any dman on the roster. And can clear guys out in front of the net. To me, that looks like an upgrade. Cap hit’s only like $2mil. We have the room.

    Speaking of the cap, I’d like to know exactly where we stand on it. B/c if we’re in decent shape, then Shanny’s or Girardi’s bonus $ could be applied to this year, and give us the space next year. It would suck if shanny’s retires and we have his bonus $ counting against the cap.

  23. Once again I’ll say, Pittsburgh bows out in the first or second round, Hossa walks.

    Write it down.

  24. Doodie Machetto on

    Gill was traded for a 2nd and a 5th. I wouldn’t want to give up my second rounder in this year’s deep draft.

    BTW, Huet was traded for ONLY a 2nd rounder. No way is Gill more valuable than Huet. MTL should’ve shopped around a little bit more. Actually, they shouldn’t have traded him, but, in trading him, they should’ve gotten a better return.

  25. I would not look to in to what Barry Melrose says. The guy is a frigin idiot in my book. His tune chances from week to week, even day to day.

    Hal Gill takes A LOT of penalties. I see what some of you are saying in wanting to sign him for a physical game, but he definitely defines clutching and grabbing because he gets caught flat footed all the time.

  26. doodie – agreed on MTL. I think the move was to create room for a Hossa aquisition. By moving him, I’d say they shot themselves in the foot, but Price won his first start as the #1 guy there and allowed just 1 goal. Eventhough it was only ATL they played, it’s gotta help his confidence. I can only hope it hurts them.

    As far as Gill not being worth a 2nd AND 5th rounder…I guess it depends on the team’s needs to determine ‘worth’. It appears a 4th rounder was the right call for Backman. We’ll see.

  27. Another thing…one of my friends pointed it out and Sam might have touched on it but I think it is worth mentioning again: The best Sather could do was trade with two former MSG guys JD and Maloney. WTF is that all about? Is he that hated by everyone else or respected that little by everyone else? Someone help me out here.

  28. Rodent thinks that the Rangers were in on the Hossa derby. It seems that what the Penguins gave up was 2 rostered forwards, a prospect center, and a first round draft pick.

    Since the reason for getting Hossa would have been this:

    Avery, Dubinsky, Jagr
    Shanahan (a career left winger), Gomez, Hossa
    Straka, Drury, Prucha/Callahan
    Hossa, Betts, Orrweg

    That would leave me to believe that the Ranger’s version of the Pen’s offer would have been Dawes, Prucha or Callahan, Anisimov, and a first round draft pick.

    Now, I think Armstrong is probably the best of the forwards in question (Colby, Christenson, Dawes, Prucha or Callahan). I don’t know where Christenson would rank. But lets say that the Pen’s roster players are slightly better than the Ranger’s. You can bank on Anisimov being better then Esposito. I think their the same age, and one is still a junior, the other is a professional, so lets say the Ranger’s could have matched the Pen’s offer.

    Should they have? Lets say the Pens make their offer, and Sather can match it or pass.

    The reason to pass I think are that the Ranger’s play a different game than the Pens. We are a much better defensive team. Defense is better than Offense, and the risks are just too great of not being able to get Hossa to mesh.

    That being said, the chances are pretty high that the Pen’s will not be able to sign their “big three” to Ovechkin like contracts. Look at it this way, if Sid or Gene reach free agency in six or seven years, it will be right around the time that the Ranger’s current supercenters are done in NY.

    What would a 27/28 year old Gene or Sid look like?

  29. Gill is a complete failure in today’s NHL. If he were a member of the Devils grab and clutch half a Cup team, yes, he is valuable, but look what he has done for Toronto this year–brought them to obscurity

  30. longtimerangersfan on

    The Pens remind me of the pre-lockout Rangers…buy every high priced has-been on the market. IMO it’s the worst thing they could have done.

  31. These seem like moves just to make moves. Sather = going through the motions. I suppose there wasn’t much out there to get, but this is just another straw on the back of this very trying season. The hardest part of keeping my chin up as a fan of this team is to see continued lack of effort and aggression. Sather is a shell of himself. I would like to see him swim with some sharks and someone hungry take his place.

  32. longtimerangersfan on

    Salty…there’s a big shark migration down in Fla now…maybe Sather should go down there?

    Nasty, you know what I mean…how many “superstars” ended their careers in Manhattan? The list goes on and on.

  33. You are definitely right in saying that, but Hossa is still younger and pretty much in the prime of his career. He is not over the hill or damaged goods.

  34. I am not sure what you were expecting the Rangers to do this deadline. The team is currently (finally) playing well and winning.

    They have:

    A francise goaltender.
    Two top flight veteran centers.
    A terrific rookie center.
    Three leader wingers who don’t cost very much.
    Lots of youthful wingers.
    The defense group is literally 6 deep at 3ed or 4th defensemen. Is that a good thing? dont know.

    Before the trade deadline, each of the above was true, except being 6 deep at 3/4th defensemen. They are now.

    One of their youthful forwards was slightly/marginally upgraded.

    If the Rangers were playing well and getting better before the deadline, nothing seems to suggest that the trend will not continue.

    Also, in the longer view, they now have four defensemen under contract for next season, instead of three. That is a really big deal.

  35. salty – the only reason I don’t think they were made JUST to be made is that in Al’s case, he would be a FA this summer anyway. And I think Sjostrom is an upgrade from Marcel.

    longtimefan – I doesn’t look like that to me. They aquired a 28/29 year old. Not a 36y.o. They’re going to attempt a Cup run this year. I think they know resigning him is a LONG shot.

  36. salty – the only reason I don’t think they were made JUST to be made is that in Al’s case, he would be a FA this summer anyway. And I think Sjostrom is an upgrade from Marcel.


    Fair enough, but I mean…. swapping out Hossa? That was the glaring problem?

    Montoya…just disgusts me. This was the same guy who was supposed to be the *meat* in a trade package for someone ridiculous, and could have been. I mean… I understand the situation pretty well and you gotta hold onto him until Henke is on board, but jesus, still the same old shit. The shitdicks who say things like “there’s a reason they are highly paid GMs and we are just people posting on a message board”… yeah?

    I ask: Do you think this team is handled well from above?


    Overpaying players to come to NYC does not equal doing a good job. Sather is beyond done, it’s a crime that he’s collecting money for doing what he does. He should be fed a bowl full of crushed fluorescent lightbulbs and warm milk.

  37. Beer Me! – We’re likely to have some bonus carry over into next season because that was going to happen from the beginning of the year, and we haven’t exactly lost any salary through the year or these moves.

    zg – How can Armstrong be the best player out of all of those? He has proven that he can only play with Crosby, so he better get whipped into shape really quick to show he can really play. Also, Crosby is already signed until 2013, so he would be a free agent in between the years that Drury’s and Gomez’s contracts end. I’m sure that Pittsburgh will re-sign him befrore that if they can, though.

    longtimerangersfan – The Penguins did that to mix them in with all of the young players they have, so I wouldn’t go so far to say they are like the old Rangers, but they do have some real oldies like Roberts, Sydor, Gill, Sykora (who’s surprisingly only 31), and previously Recchi.

  38. salt – no, I wouldn’t say it was a ‘glaring problem’. But when we have a GM that is despised by the rest of the nhl, yesterday was a huge success FOR GLEN. As long as he’s in power, we have to build through the draft and free agency. No GMs want to deal with him. I think that if JD was the GM in St Louis and NOT the pres, the pres would have over-ruled even THAT deal.

  39. No Jeff, I don’t post at OTG, although I check in once in a while to read. I’m a Blueshirt Bulletin poster (under my real name.) I’ll happily give you credit for MiiWii, you know, great minds….

    BUT last year, I did take the name Fruity Cupcake from someone here who insinuated that anyone who thought Jason Krog was going to be successful playing with Jagr was a fruity cupcake. So thank you, whoever came up with that!

  40. pig – I dont know the exact #’s, but I know that we started the year with something in the neck of the woods of $1-2mil in cap space. I didn’t look at the aquired salaries, and not sure exactly what Marcel’s # was. Further, I ALSO don’t know when you are allowed to claim those bonuses against this years cap. A pick for Backman’s salary must have hurt us a bit too. I guess there’s ALOT I don’t know about the CBA and our cap situation. I’d rather someone explain it to me instead of look it up myself!

  41. Truth is this. No matter what we did yesterday, there are going to be people in favor and people not in favor. We got a dman that should help us out for right now. We also finally traded Montoya, yes, probably too late, but still got back at least someone of an equal talent level, and I say a step up from Hossa. I was definitely that wanted badly for Marcel to play like he did for that stretch at the end of last year. It didn’t work out, so I think trading him was the right thing to do. I have no problem with the deals made yesterday at all. And we didn’t give away any of our future. That, to me, is the most important thing.

  42. All this cap stuff now counts towards next year anyway, and although I am not sure of the figures as of right now, the cap will go up. We are going to be fine. Especially when some of the players on our roster right now will not be back.

  43. “yesterday was a huge success FOR GLEN”

    exactly my point. just a masturbational excercise for him really.

    “hey, look. I made trades. I can make trades around the NHL. I’m the boss. I get things done. thats right. harumph harumph”

    He should literally be ashamed of himself.

    He’s like the Penguin from batman.

    It’s like a bad Akroyd skit or something.

  44. Salty I love you bro, but I disagree. I think this Ranger team is peaking at the right time. I think once we are in the playoffs we can play with anyone. That is my opinion. I know above is your opinion, I just happen to disagree. We are going to need to disagree for our radio show. Very boring when everyone agrees. Ha. I will be back later folks. I have to leave work and go to a wake.

    Peace and ass crease,
    The Nasty 1

  45. And what did you want him to do?

    Everyone: Post your trade deadline moves, and why they should have taken place.

  46. Slats should be ashamed of himself for way more than just yesterday.

    Without discussing what SHOULD HAVE BEEN. Let’s look at it this way…AFTER those moves were made yesterday, IMO…we’re a better team. Call it ‘deeper’ or ‘better’, still a plus. I dont’ think we ‘lost’ on either of those deals.

    Looking forward to the stretch from here on out. Gonna be exciting.

  47. I’m a nerd too. I just found that out tonight. We have news for the beautiful people, there’s a lot more of us than there are of you.

  48. Honestly, I don’t know what he should have done. Maybe get rid of Malik, anyway, anyhow, at the very least? SURPRISE ME MOTHAFAUCKA, MAKE GOOD ON SOMETHING.

    The biggest thing though is that he obviously can’t deal with other GM’s. I mean, thats terrifying.

    You show up at the pool and see that the lifeguard is missing an arm. How does that make you feel? At that point, do you just tell yourself “WELP, GUESS HE’S UP THERE INSTEAD OF ME FOR A REASON! I’LL ASSUME HE CAN KEEP ME SAFE IF I NEED HELP! *I MEAN HES GOT A WHISTLE SO YOU KNOW HE’S GOOD*.

    that’s what we’re dealing with.

  49. “There’s an old saying in Tennessee — I know it’s in Texas, probably in Tennessee — that says, fool me once, shame on — shame on you. Fool me — you can’t get fooled again.” —President George W. Bush, Nashville, Tenn., Sept. 17, 2002

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