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In the absence of any hard news, it turns out showing up at the practice rink on the day of the trade deadline is mostly a waste of time — with the exception perhaps of some comic relief.

For instance….

<li>Sean Avery is now so adamant about not talking to the media that he is becoming hockey’s version of “Marcel Marceau”:, which means standing at his locker and responding to questions through a series of mimes. I can’t tell you exactly what Avery was saying, which I suppose speaks to his talent (or lack thereof) as a performance artist. But it was amusing nonetheless.

<li>Meanwhile Avery’s linemate Jaromir Jagr has taken it upon himself to speak on Avery’s behalf. “He called me and said he’s sorry for not talking, and that he’s changed,” the Rangers captain said. “But he’s found in his peace in his body.”

Then when Jagr was approached for questions, he joked, “I’m not talking to the media either. I’m showing solidarity with my linemate.”

<li>Of course, Avery’s silence is not exactly a bad thing to his teammates. “What did you guys do to get Sean to stop talking?” Brendan Shanahan said. “You should channel it and give it to guys like me and Jags.”

I told Shanahan that if Avery isn’t talking to us, that only means he’s going to talk more to his teammates. “Well then you should ask him about fashion,” the right wing said. “Ask him about the new Dior spring line.”

<li>When Marcel Hossa got off the ice, he was asked if he had heard anything about his brother Marian.

“What happened?,” Hossa said.

Nothing yet, came the response. Have you heard anything?

“How would I know?” Hossa said. “I was on the ice.”


Judging by the above, you can obviously deduct the Rangers still haven’t made any moves with now two hours left before the deadline. But with the entire Rangers’ upper management still holed up at their offices in the city, that doesn’t mean they won’t. Even Tom Renney when asked about the lack of deals so far pointed out there’s still time. Stay tuned..


As for actual hockey matters, Paul Mara made it through his surgery last night fine and according to Tom Renney, isn’t expected to be off the long. When he does return, he’ll likely have to wear a full shield.

Renney said the team is considering calling someone up from Hartford with Mara out, but let’s not forget the team could still be getting help from elsewhere soon.

Colton Orr didn’t skate again, so Petr Prucha took Orr’s place at right wing alongside Blair Betts and Ryan Hollweg.

More when I have it…

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  1. Sam, some nice practive tidbits but I figured we would get one nice deal today. I we still pretending that the Montreal game didnt happen and we didnt get pushed around. If Montreal or Ottowa gets Jokinen or Hossa, we are in trouble.

  2. Rucinsky doesn’t want to waive his NTC, same with Kolzig so Ottawa still looking for G.

    I don’t get that Avery thing…

  3. “Leetch2 February 26th, 2008 at 1:05 pm

    Is Tomas Kaberle available to move?”

    Kaberle has already been on record stating he will not waive his no trade clause so forget him.

  4. So Mike D that’s me, c’mon and get some. M I K E to the D, you come and see me and you pay a fee, do what I do professionally to tell the truth I am exactly what I want to be.

  5. I am just waiting another 90 minutes making sure nothing happens…we don’t need any additions.

  6. Ha ha. I am totally not being a good teacher today. When I came to work I joked and told the principal here to not bother me because it is the NHL trade deadline day. She laughed and asked me if I wanted to go home so I didn’t miss anything. That is what I call a princiPAL.

  7. Doodie Machetto on

    Still no Hossa deal. Maybe he stays in ATL?

    But holy crap, did COL overpay for Foote! WOW.

    I like the vote of confidence in our lineup that we aren’t making any deals. Not that I think they can win, but that’s a good sign from Glen for our youth.

  8. Ranger Nation,
    the rangers have a bright future ahead of them while the knicks have no future. The best move the knicks should make is sending Isiah Thomas with the players he has brought in and exile them to the moon.

  9. If this were 1996, I’d be really impressed with the Avs. Maybe they can bring Roy out of retirement.

  10. Doodie Machetto,
    I agree, I think Sather hasn’t made a move is because of the asking price which if this is the case than no move is a good move.

  11. Doodie Machetto on

    I called the Caps winning the Southeast. They’re hungry. Leonsis is ponying up.

    If Fedorov is even half of the player he used to be, Ovechkin will score at least 15 goals over his last 19 games.

  12. Doodie Machetto on

    Adam, you’ve actually pointed out something pretty important about what’s happening in Colorado. They can bring in all of the defensemen and forwards they want. With Theodore or Budaj in goal, they ain’t goin nowheres.

  13. I can’t see the Sharks keeping Matt Carle after getting Campbell. they already tried to trade Carle for Redden before. I still think he will be traded for a winger to replace Bernier. perhaps to Ott for Neil

  14. Doodie Machetto on

    Koffy, how much depth at center do we need? We have more depth at center than almost any other team in the NHL! We have Gomez, Drury, Dubinsky, and Betts as our 4 lines. Straka, Avery, and Hollweg can all play center. That’s 7 centers in our active roster. Plus, consider that in Hartford, we have PA Parenteau doing amazing, and Greg Moore who can play center as well. That’s 9 potential centers.

  15. Doodie Machetto on

    dlb, they’ll dump Carle in the offseason in the event they can’t sign Campbell to an extension. But they’ll keep him for the playoffs, for sure.

  16. Doodie Machetto on

    I’m sorry, that is phrased wrong. It should say: They’ll keep Carle until the offseason in case they can’t sign Campbell to an extension. If they sign Campbell to an extension, they’ll dump Carle in the summer.

  17. I think TSN’s page is crashing…must happen when an entire country is pressing the refresh button

  18. they have McLaren, Campbell, Rivet, Vlasic, Ehrhoff, Murray, and Carle. that is 7 regulars, with Bozo on the bench

    you will notice that 4 of those guys are softies. only McLaren, Rivet, and Murray are tough, and that is key vs Ducks and other western teams

  19. That’s the word on the street as far as Hossa goes. Boston jumped in the mix though and it may be Kessel they’re offering. Otherwise, MTL is wrestling with which players to send. Ryder, Streit, etc.

  20. Salty- I’m thinking yes, I’ll be pissed as hell as it seems we are doing nothing. Renney is “considering” bringing up someone from Hartford–when Mara will be out for 2 weeks. Strudwick-nice guy, apparent great locker room guy–I don’t think he’s the guy we want going down the stretch. It certainly makes me mad.

    Also, Holt was sent back to that means, my guess, Montoya is going nowhere.

  21. Doodie Machetto on

    “Anyone else going to burst a blood vessel when we don’t pick up any D?”

    Not at all. Why are you so intent on trading away our youth for defenseman at the deadline? We’re not winning the cup with the addition of one player. So why not wait until the offseason to make any moves when you won’t have to pay a price like COL did for Foote (Potentially 3 First round picks!).

  22. s – need to fix that. Slats makes player movement. Renney reported what the thought process is.

  23. S – no sweat.

    Salty – right. Doodoo – Who said it has to be youth to get a dman? Don’t worry, Slats knows what he’s doing. ;)

  24. Doodie Machetto on

    Yeah, but we all knew already that our vets like Jagr and Shanny weren’t going anywhere. So it’s hard to get *that* upset. I’ve been upset all along, but the deadline passing won’t make me more upset, simply because I knew heading into it they wouldn’t be dealt.

  25. I kind of feel this way. The pick ups we made over the summer are all finally starting to fall in to place now. So we don’t really need to make any moves now. If we get a d man fine, if not we can be ok also. You follow?

  26. oh hell no,
    According to “breaking news” on Sportsnet, the Atlanta Thrashers trade Marian Hossa to the Pittsburgh Penguins.

  27. Doodie Machetto on

    And I’m sorry, but I no longer believe Sidney Crosby is the best player on that team. Malkin’s performance in his absence has been truly dynamic. I think Malkin is currently better than Crosby.

  28. Doodie Machetto on

    dlb, I hear you on that one. But I think Ott has backed out already based on their acquisition of Lapointe.

    It’s Mtl and Pit.

  29. Doodie Machetto on

    The Hossa deal is the only deal left.

    I hope Pittsburg picks him up. They don’t have the goaltending to win a cup, and it would just be throwing their future away for nothing. Conklin has been good, but he isn’t good enough for the playoffs.

  30. I hate these false rumors. You guys are killing me.

    All in all, I think I agree with Doodie M more than the rest of you, but one question Dood:

    “We’re not winning the cup with the addition of one player.”

    Are you saying then that even without the addition of one player, we’re not winning the cup? Honestly, after the Florida game, if we make the postseason, we are certainly a contender, no?

  31. Doodie Machetto on

    Or… Waddell is being REALLY f-ing sneaky. Try this one:

    He’s not getting the return he wants from Mtl. So he has someone “leak” a report of Pittsburg getting Hossa. Think of what Mtl comes back with to try and stop that deal from going through.

  32. Not only is Beer right, but let’s face it, how can we possibly be on a Ranger blog comment board three weeks out of the postseason and NOT think our team can kick some serious ass down the line this year?

  33. Not only is Beer right, but let’s face it, how can we possibly be on a Ranger blog comment board three weeks out of the postseason and NOT think our team can kick some serious ass down the line this year?


    Some of us have a grasp on reality. Brah, no offense but if you think a win over the florida panthers foreshadows a chance at the cup you might want to know a couple of things:

    -santa clause = satanic distraction from the story of christ
    -easter bunny = has rabies
    -tooth fairy = post op tranny

  34. Just got ouf of class for the day, so I have to put in my comments. Plus, I can’t get or to open for some full coverage.

    I like Emrick because he uses so many different words, so he keeps it fresh during a game. He can get a little loud, but isn’t that good? Maybe over the course of a season he gets annoying to Devils fans, but I don’t find him too bad in limited dosage. Berman is good on SportsCenter, with all his nicknames and excitement, but I agree with the person who mentioned that Berman may think he’s the reason for people to tune into games. He’s not really that good, despite being loud.

    I wonder why the Red Wings weren’t part of Maguire’s top five Cup contenders. That seems a bit odd, since he compiled it before trades started happening. Lidstrom should be back for the playoffs, so that can’t be it.

    So the Devils have nine healthy defenesmen now? Why?? I don’t understant the Huet or Richards trades either. I can’t see why Tampa Bay needs another young goalie, but that being said, I think they got fleeced. Maybe they didn’t get much because of Richards’s high salary; NHL Numbers won’t load either – Is he signed passed this season?

    I was thinking about getting a watch too, even though I always seem to lose them. What do you think of a rubber strap on a watch like this? It seems weird and uncomfortable, but I don’t know.

  35. this is also true as well, an email I just got sent


    “Lowe just told him that he will not bring him up to the NHL at all this year. And is completely jerking him around!! The thing is, is that Rob just wants to get better and lowe is holding him back bc they have personal problems. He also wont bring him up bc he doesnt want to pay him!! So bullshit to F over young prospects because personal differences. Rob would be great somewhere else and will be great somewhere else once his contract is up. The family is so upset about it.”

    I fully believe it.

  36. Salty writes:

    Not only is Beer right, but let’s face it, how can we possibly be on a Ranger blog comment board three weeks out of the postseason and NOT think our team can kick some serious ass down the line this year?


    Some of us have a grasp on reality. Brah, no offense but if you think a win over the florida panthers foreshadows a chance at the cup you might want to know a couple of things:

    -santa clause = satanic distraction from the story of christ
    -easter bunny = has rabies
    -tooth fairy = post op tranny


    I am deluding myself into thinking that a win over a team looking at the playoffs from the outside even remotely constitutes long-lost faith.

    I believed in this team as soon as Shanny came in. Now that the Jagr line is clicking (which is where the Florida game comes in), it simply foreshadowes even more promise than I saw here before.

    Which is why any radical additions into the lineup will eff up the mojo that is so fragile…

    That would make a good band name: “Fragile Mojo”. Hmmmmm….


  37. It must be a slow night in Sweden.

    Anyway, Pitt overpaid for a rental. They are a more dangerous team this year, but this move could hurt them in the long run. Not that they are hurting for talent but still.

  38. Doodie if you think Hollweg can play center in the NHL I have a bridge for sale. He can’t play wing either by the way. hopefully he’ll have a great seat in the stands to watch the rest of the season.

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