It’s going to be something, but what?


This being my second season covering the Rangers, this is also my second trade deadline.

Already I’m seeing it from two different perspectives: whereas last season the sputtering Rangers were obviously in need of something to kick them in the rear (their last game before the deadline saw them blow yet another two-goal lead in a loss to Columbus), this year you could at least make the argument that the team should stand pat.

For what it’s worth, I still don’t see this team making any major deals (and really, last year’s deadline acquisitions of Paul Mara and Alex Bourret were not exactly blockbusters, either), but I do see them doing something.

I base that on a couple of factors:

1. Common sense. This “5-0-2 run the team is on”: is great and all, but it’s only a run. It doesn’t hide the fact that the Rangers, while obviously better as a group, are still thin at defense; and it certainly doesn’t obscure the fact that the power play especially is lacking. Of greater importance, it must be remembered that every team around them in the playoff race is looking to upgrade, so just standing still could be the equivalent of losing ground.

2. Tone. You do a lot of interpreting in this job, mostly in trying to decipher what guys mean when they don’t seem to be saying much at all. And so last night when everyone from Tom Renney to Scott Gomez said that they believed in the team as is, but it’s not up to them, I took it to mean they expect something to happen before tomorrow. That’s my interpretation at least, but I took only one psychology class in college and I don’t remember much from it.

3. What others are saying. Larry Brooks has some “good nuggets in the paper today”:, namely that the Rangers are still looking at Dan Boyle, and are also talking to Edmonton about minor league forward Rob Schremp. Again, a lot here depends on price.

This, in my view at least, is the most important part. While Hugh Jessiman is cited as a possible trade chip, it’s also made clear that Jessiman alone won’t be enough. And that’s where the decision-making gets tough.


Meanwhile, a couple of ground rules about the next 30 hours or so. I’ll obviously be monitoring the situation closely, and I’ll be happy to pass along anything I uncover on my own, or see somewhere else.

But what I won’t do is respond to blind rumors being floated on message boards or rogue sites because I’m pretty sure “Is Gretzky really coming out of retirement?” isn’t going to get me anywhere.

Still, it should be fun, tomorrow especially.

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  1. EVERYONE – Save us all the time and don’t post anything here that comes from Eklund…PLEASE!

    Pig – Agreed on the last thread. I think under the cap now-adays you’re looking for the best price. The reason Straka is a good idea (to resign)is that he is more than willing(and would request) to sign a 1-yr deal. That helps us tremendously as we try to bring up some younger guys.

  2. Doodie Machetto on

    Beer, you say you would be OK with Boyle if the right deal can be made, but I do not believe that such a deal exists. That is why I am against it. TB will want too much in return.

    Figure it would be Prucha, Montoya, a 1st and probably a 2nd or maybe even Dubinsky (if they dump Richards). Not even CLOSE to worth it.

  3. If you have to include Dawes, Callahan, or Prucha in a deal, who do you ship off? Think long term here.

  4. Doodie Machetto on

    I dump Prucha longterm. I think his career is likely to be ended early due to injury from getting tossed so frequently. Callahan can put on some more muscle and not be such a shrimp, even though I don’t see him becoming a solid top-six forward, which I do see potentially in Prucha and Dawes.

    I think Dawes is going to be the best all around player of the bunch, with his only drawback being his stature. Add to that, Prucha and Cally are righties, so it makes sense to dump one of those.

  5. When Leetch was traded he was traded away with other older players on the team. I would have rather they hung on to him, but they didn’t and things happen. That was a gamble that they lost. The only good that came out of that was a short term reward in getting Sykora for a little while who did OK as a ranger. We traded what’s his name that we got in the leetch trade to get sykora.

  6. Look at Briere and St. Louis. Dawes is about the same size, maybe a little shorter, but he sure has a hell of a wrist shot. I think Dawes could put up 30. Who knows, but it is definitely possible.

  7. Yeah, that guy isn’t even playing in the NHL now. It would have been nice to have Leetch for another year or two from when he was traded to mentor the young guys like Staal and Tyutin.

  8. You’re live with Doodie and Nasty, the time is 10:17 we are going to take some calls after the commercial break.

    Arby’s Commercial

    It’s the Nasty Doodie hour, Mike from the Bronx what’s your question?


  9. I’ve just heard about Shremp from some friends who played juniors with him and he told me to look him up on youtube. He’s supposed to be some puck control wizard. No clue about his game… he was a first rounder, thats all else I know.

    Some fiends are reaching out him him/his family today to see what they know…. I’ll be happy to share info/rumors if I hear back.

  10. nasty – funny, cause I was reading that, wondering if you guys were sitting next to each other. Or maybe you’re the same person!

    doodie – yeah, the ‘right’ deal. I can’t really say what it would be, there’s a million options, ya know? But I would deal Prucha also if I’m thinking long term.

    St Louis was around 26-27 before he started to light it up. I think it takes some time for a smaller guy to learn where to be on the ice. It’s almost like it’s a different game to a smaller guy.

    salty – Saw Shremp. Would be a nice addition…again though, for the right price.

    Unfortunately for us, the next 30hrs or so belong to Slats. We’re just along for the ride.

  11. Exciting to watch Dubinsky game after game. If we watched tapes from oct-nov, and now, it’s like 2 different players.

  12. Sam,

    You wrote, “But what I won’t do is respond to blind rumors being floated on message boards…”

    What you should have also said is, “Everyone please refrain from trying to be GM…..”

    But I guess that is inevitable. Salty the Goaly is talking about Rob Shremp….Some AHL yutz is getting press on this blog. Jeez. Too much time on our hands and not enough to talk about. It sux when the next game is still 3d away.

    A few comments on last night’s game:

    **We cannot have Dubi going out for 15 minutes for a misconduct. I know that he got speared or whatever and I love his spirit and energy and toughness, but someone has to tell him we are better off with him on the ice.

    **Malik and Jagr, the two guys who’s names have come up on the trading wires really stepped up. Trade Malik now.

    **Quietly or not so much, Dawes has 10 goals on the season. I like that. And he seems a better skater than Prucha so that he avoids getting pancaked every 2nd or 3rd shift.

    **Hossa looked decent in his return. I would really like to see him on that 4th line with Betts and then have Orrweg battling for the 12th forward spot.

    **If we don’t take the division, I am happy taking 6th place in the conference.

  13. I honestly don’t want to see Dawes, Prucha or Callahan moved. We haven’t seen them (other than Prucha) what they can really do. Dawes is also started to come on. Callahan has looked pretty damn good of late and I love the fact that he plays a gritty style similar to Avery…and in this league that alone goes a long way.
    Dubinski…well that’s just plain stupid. If he gets traded, I’d consider rooting for a new team, at least until Sather is gone and Mess is the GM ;)

  14. Dawes might be small but he’s so shifty and it seems other players have a hard time hitting him. Unlike Prucha, Dawes hasn’t really gotten his clock cleaned.

  15. Dawes’ wrist shot is so nice and sneaky too. I love that. When he scored on Miller the other night, if you watch it again, it is like Miller’s hand is major delayed reaction. It is actually kind of funny.

  16. Salty the Goaly is talking about Rob Shremp….Some AHL yutz is getting press on this blog.


    Uhhh yes, and the New York Post as well. obviously a yutz if he’s in the AHL at age 21, huh?

    guy could be be a nothing or a star… remember not *everyone* picks first round busts.

    :renews lease on Jagr jersey collection:

  17. On Dawes, Prucha, Cally…

    I love that Cally has the grit to his game. Like someone said, a bit more muscle, and we have ourselves a winger.

    I think it’s just a matter of time until Dawes finds his ‘groove’ and contributes with a well-rounded game. Right now he’s still a little 1-dimensional. Needs to stay in the lineup to develop. But that’s up to him as much as anyone else. Can’t take a night off.

    Prucha…I don’t know. You hate to trade a guy to watch him light it up somewhere else. If he’s traded, I’d rather it be to a Western team so we don’t have to have it bite us in the ass too bad. There’s no physical side to his game. I’ve seen Dawes throw a hit to take a puck away, I don’t know if I’ve really ever seen it from Petr Puck.

  18. nasty – good point about Dawes’ release. Probably attributable tothe time he spent with Shanny. The king of the quick release.

  19. Ever notice that some people are pricks simply to be a prick or because they can’t help it because it is what they are, a prick. And other’s are a prick when it is called for. Like me. This is just me talking though.

  20. SCHREMP would be a great addition – he’s at the ‘Spezza’ point of his career where he has been back and forth with the AHL, and after a few years of waiting – he wants his chance. Giving that chance worked out well with Ottawa, i think…

    I watched him during the 2004 OHL season with the London Knights along side Anahiem’s Corey Perry – they ripped up the league that year.

  21. As much as I like Prucha’s heart, he’s going to get himself killed one day. Trade him before he’s on long-term IR.. you have to look out for the long-term. If you send out any of Prucha, Dawes, Callahan, etc… do it out west to a non-playoff threat.

  22. Quick stat of the day:

    Rangers are 16-11-3 with Malik in the lineup this year, slightly better than the games w/o him in the lineup – pure coincidence or ..?

    Side-note from last night: If Malik stays with the team, which is more and more likely if Mara is out for a while, can we please start cheering the guy? I was at the game and at the beginning the boo-birds came out. Wow did they get quiet when he scored the 2nd goal and assisted on the 4th. I just don’t understand some people. I understand booing the entire team if THE TEAM is playing like crap (sometimes that makes no sense). But to single out a guy who probably works just as hard as anybody else in practice is just plain dumb. He made some nice defensive plays last night too. Sure, you’re going to get some lapses here and there, but he “stays at home” and does his job for the most part. Please stop booing him.

  23. Nasty thats obviously a shot at me, which is fine. Just recognize where I came from: You calling me out for talking about an player as if he’s useless just because he’s coming out of the AHL. I’m certainly not shy to be a prick…ever, but you picked a bad instance to try to call me on when you in fact dropped my name in a certain tone first, no?

  24. Ante,
    Good post, its one thing to rip him here or on other sites (not that I post on any others) but boos only make him play worse and like you I think hes done a great job the last 2 games.
    It’s funny dispite the boos he still acknowledged the crowd last night after being named 2nd star. He could have just stepped onto the ice, done a little circle and skated off, I felt happy for the guy, he deserved it.

  25. Actually it wasn’t at you, I was just saying it in regards to some people on here. Wasn’t directed at you. If I was going to direct something at someone I would do it directly. There are too many on here that is was directed toward, so instead of rattling off a list I just put it out like that.

    Do you have a guilty personality? Ha.

  26. Doodie Machetto on

    Schremp is a stud. He and Lowe aren’t seeing eye to eye at the moment, but he’s a great player. No way he is let go for just Hugh Jessiman.

    As I said before, I think either the Rangers should sell, or should stand pat. No reason to sell the farm on this team, as I don’t think they are capable of winning a cup with only 1 or two players. So either sell to add to next year, or stand pat, hopefully make the playoffs, and give our young guys some playoff experience.

  27. Actually it was really directed at a co-worker, but it can definitely be related to this board as well. It really was just me talking. And I will be the first to admit that I am definitely a prick when it is called for. And since you brought it up, yup, you definitely are a prick sometimes. I think it is out of passion for this team, so it is excusable most of the time.

  28. Well thanks for clarifying Nasty~ I don’t have a guilty conscience, just thought for sure you were responding to me, as I definitely responded to you. Our opinions are often very different but I think you’re a good guy, definitely one of the regulars here and a good contributor to what we’ve got here… and yes all of my absurdity stems from a passion and desire to see New York City hockey represented as well as respectably as possible.

    (Wedding still on?)

  29. Doodie….you are still saying sell? Silly Pooper….Like 3 mos ago you said you gave up on the team.

    I have not seen the highlight reels or watched the kid, but you guys are talking about this Shremp kid like he is a g-tee to be a 500 goal scorer. Wasn’t Jason Krog like Wayne Gretzky of the IHL or wherever he played during the strike? I am just saying, it’s one thing to opine on some NHL guy and his potential, it is another to talk about some guy who lit it up in the AHL or whatever.

    I could name a dozen guys that everyone has touted because of their non-NHL prowess who rose to the Bigs and ended up being a zero.

    Maybe I just wish we had some real pithy stuff to talk about rather than whether Hugh Jessiman will be traded for some AHLer.

  30. I’m not sure how Schremp could help us this year unless somebody gets injured or Renney decides to turn the fourth line into more of a scoring unit, which he is not. Schremp is a center, but could obviously be changed at this early point of his career.

    Hossa gained another plus last night, amazing because his linemates didn’t. According to what I can glean from the play-by-play, it was on the Malik goal when Betts probably started a shift with Straka and Callahan, since that was the line being used when Dubinsky was in the penalty box, then Hossa came on for Callahan, Hollweg didn’t come in for Straka, then Gomez came on for Betts a litle later. Hossa actually helped cause the goal with a forced turnover in the offensive zone, and took a hit, maybe getting the “third assist.” Net of this is, I think he could be the answer to help the fourth line with his team-leading +8, which would probably go down on that line, but in place of Hollweg instead of Orr. He could also be used to fill a top-six wing spot if one gets injured during the game.

    Beer Me! – Whenever Prucha hits, he falls down. Dawes actually tends to remain on his feet when he throws a hit.

    Nasty 1 – If we had Leetch, we probably wouldn’t have needed to bother with one of the Rachuneks or Ozolinshes of the NHL. By the by, Rachunek has now become a healthy scratch for New Jersey, who has eight defensemen. *The Nasty Doodie Hour – ewwwwww* haha

  31. Of course it is silly sally. Ha. Besides, for our radio show we need one more person, and I wanted it to be a typically negative and angry guy. We need a balance you know?

  32. Doodie Machetto on

    Newman, I’m still saying sell. Do you REALLY think this team can win the cup? That’s the question. If the answer is no (which mine is), then selling is still a good option. Why not pick up assets that can help us going forward? Does anyone want Shanahan back next year? Why let him go for nothing? Same for Malik and Mara. Jagr still has a lot to contribute, even if it isn’t superstar numbers (and this should be reflected in any contract they sign him to).

    The other option I support is doing nothing. The team is probably good enough to squeek into the playoffs, maybe even win a round. Getting the younger players some playoff experience will pay off for us in the future.

    But to sell off our future to make a run this year? with how inconsistent our team has been? It’s not worth it. Patience is the best choice for the long term success of the club.

  33. Nasty 1 – Nice four-time use of forms of the word *direct* in your post. Are you being prickly to another teacher? Uh oh.

    Isn’t it fun to talk about real impact stuff during this break, rather that crap like the five-day layoff?

  34. I agree on Leetch. He is my favorite player of all time. That was a very down period on my life. Ask my wife. She wouldn’t let me shower with the door locked and she took all the razors out of the house and bought me a nice electric shaver.

  35. If Sather can get Schremp, then yeah its pretty much a definate. You see him with all his moves on youtube, but the guy can play too. Hes got great hands, which I think is pretty obvious and from what I remember hes pretty quick too. I haven’t seen him play in awhile but I remember when he was coming up and I some guys I played that played against him said he was incredible.

    And for the record, I don’t boo Malik. haha. Last couple of games I’ve been cheering him and people in my section gave me a hard time about it until last night.

  36. pig – exactly what I’m saying with Dawes. He’s smaller, but brings a bit more to the table. IMO. You can’t load up on ‘soft’ or small wingers, so it’s really a choice there. I think most would lean towards Dawes. But who knows?

  37. Here is a funny story, that has nothing to do with Hockey. I was eating lunch the other day, a tuna and swiss on rye, and as I was reacting to something on this blog, I dropped part of the sandwich on my computer here. Yuck. Later that night I was home, and again, checking this blog, and my wife needed to use the computer. So, I let her have it, after I caught up on the blog, and as she was reading something she goes, “what is that nasty smell?” And she puts her nose up to the computer and goes, “did you bang your secretary on the computer today?” And I said, “ha, I wish, but no of course not.” And she goes, “sure smells like you did.” And then it dawned on me what happened during lunch with my sandwich. We shared a nice laugh. Oh that Nasty wife.

  38. Is this Nasty Doodie Hour a comedy show? That’s horrible, lol. I could just picture someone saying that on stage nicely deadpanned. To clarify what I said yesterday about Leetch, I think Sather could have let him be the only veteran we kept (besides Jagr, who we just traded for) because he had been here his whole career. And just look at what he got back for him, uggghhh. At least Sather has been good about turning players he trades for into different, possibly better, ones, even if it involves a draft pick, like Kondratiev for Sykora, Hall for Dupuis, and Dupuis for Bourret.

  39. Doodie, I said sell up until a week ago. They actually are skating and dominating. It might be because of the relaxed schedule but if they can do this against teams that are in the race, then they’ve got a shot at doing well in the playoffs. At the same time they shouldn’t be buyers either. It took them long enough to get this team going so they don’t need to add anything else plus if they aren’t as good as they have been playing lately, they don’t lose any propects or anything like that which will stunt the growth of the team in the future.

  40. Doodie Machetto on

    Schremp wouldn’t be a deal for this year, but would be for the future, like picking up Bourret for Dupuis was last year. Even if Schremp turns into Krog, having a guy like that on the farm is good because it will help keep some stability there which will help our prospects grow.

    As for Schremp’s non-NHL numbers being compared to Krog’s, there is no comparison. Krog didn’t even start hitting his AHL stride until he was in his mid 20’s. Schremp is 21 and already has comparable numbers to Krog at 25.

    And Schremp’s numbers his last year of Juniors, holy shit: 57 gp, 57g, 88a, 147pts. 19 playoff gp, 10g, 37a, 47 pts.

  41. the ol’ tuna excuse…

    I hate tuna, but I keep a few cans around just to use that alibi if need be…

    actually I don’t really hate tuna if is raw, pink in the center and doesn’t smell like fish… *go figure*….

  42. Ha, yeah man. I wasn’t sure if it was appropriate to post that last story, but I figured a few of you would get a nice laugh.

  43. We all should know (should), that slats does not care how long a guy has been with the team, how much he loves the team, or how well they personify being a Ranger. (I know that’s not what you’re saying Pig). But someone said something about being ‘proud’ of someone for something in the last thread. I couldn’t really wrap my head around the thought, but the point is, if you’re going to try to be a GM, you have to focus on business ONLY. Again, slats could give 2 sh-ts about how much the fans love or hate a guy. Just thought I’d throw that reminder out there.

    nasty – nasty.

  44. Doodie Machetto on

    Newman, the RANGERS scare me in the East right now. They beat themselves repeatedly, and that is what I am talking about. But if you want me to name specific teams, considering how they are currently performing and how we perform against them:

    1) Penguins
    2) Islanders
    3) Capitals
    4) Montreal
    5) Boston
    6) Ottawa

    Not necessarily in that order, it’s just how they popped into my head. Realistically, the only potential teams I don’t think the Rangers would struggle against are the Debbies and the Sabres.

  45. My wife is hilarious. She ended it with, “Your computer smells like an Atlantic City Hooker.”

    Priceless, that is why I keep her around.

  46. Doodie Machetto on

    Johnny D, I said selling is an option to be considered. But I also said that they could stand pat and that would be fine too. I’m just against buying. I think that needs to be clarified: I’m not FOR selling, so much as I am AGAINST buying.

  47. Forget Schremp. The guy is a human highlight reel on breakaways, but he’s a pretty selfish player who doesn’t pass the puck. Think Kovalev at 21, dance around the entire defense but fails to get a shot off.

    Put it this way, if he was all that good at the NHL level, he’d definitely be up in Edmonton with the shape that team’s been in.

    Doodie – People keep talking about Prucha getting hurt, but this is just his second injury in 2 years. The kid is durable, accept it…It’s a strength.

    Long term I dump Callahan long term. HE scores, but not enough to make him a top 6 guy, and 1 assist all season? That’s pathetic. Prucha has already shown he can score pretty consistently for a 3rd liner with PP time, and with Shanny and Possibly Straka gone next year, Prucha may get more of an opportunity to return to form.

  48. Holy offensive juggernut Batman. After not being able to score the first 50+ games of the year the team is now looking like the offensive powerhouse it was projected to be. It has alot to do with Drury waking up from his three month slumber as well as Jagr picking it up since being reunited with Dubi. It also has a lot to do with the kid like Dubi , Dawes maturing quickly and becoming key cog in the team. Yes they beat a dead as a doornail team fairly easily but they earlier had lost to equally as dead teams like TB and LA. Last night the Rangers dominated from the first shift to the last one. The puck possesion was incredible. The top three lines are gaining more and more chemistry as they go on. The Drury line really started it off last night with a couple of dominating shifts. I could only imagine how good a year Cally could have had if his knee was 100% healthy. There is a huge difference between the player he is today and two months ago. Straka had an extra pep in his step as well his game has picked up big time since being placed on a line with Drury and Cally. The Gomez line had their best game in a while. Gomez was flying around all night while Dawes and Shanny drove to the net all game. The defense was terrific as well. Malik played easily his best game of the year. He moved the puck really well and even played with some grit throwing a Panther into the net. Tyutin and Girardi had a second straight strong game as a pair. Tyutin has had trouble all year getting shots through to the net not the last few games though. Girardi was tremendous in his own end he broke up a couple of odd man rushes very deftly and made a great stick play deflecting the puck away from it’s intentended target(a wide open Bret Mclean) Jagr had a terrific game. He seemed to be getting stronger and stronger as the game went on. He scored a gorgeous goal looking like he turned the clock back to 1992. He also made some deft passes setting up Avery for a bunch of scoring chances. Dubi played a very gritty game. Dubi does need to work on his balance while fighting it is pretty terrible. Imo the ten minute misconduct was unnecessary to both. I mean just give em an extra two minutes a be done with it. Dubi did end up winning the war with a massive hit along the boards. Lundqvist didn’t have much work but when he did he was very sharp. He made some big saves when the Panthers were trying to cut into a 3-0 deficet late in the 2nd period. This night was so good and complete that even Jason Strudwick and Marcel Hossa played well. Kudos to the coaching staff to giving Dawes and Dubi more pp time and Cally more pk time. I’m really loving this team right now and don’t want a big move. I think they can surely use a Barret Jackman type and if they can get Boyle without gutting the system do it.

  49. Nasty 1 – My post that came right after your tuna story was actually referring to your Leetch story. I’m not sure which one was funnier.

    Beer Me! – Your post is kinda vague, so I’m not sure what you’re referring to, but I think that was what I’m saying, maybe, I don’t know.

    Doodie – Sorry to crap all over your list, but the Penguins are going to use Fleury when he’s healthy and he’s not that good, at least not yet; the Islanders are way too inconsistent; Capitals are probably not making the playoffs; Boston maybe. The only teams that scare me are Ottawa and Montreal, and we’ve beaten both of them.

  50. prucha27 – so what if you turn cally into the guy to take Hollwegs spot after next season. Or even beat him for the spot in camp next season. Cally could be an excellent checking line winger. Prucha has no chance of that. Cally has a more rounded game, IMO.

    Doodie – When I read the way you say that you’re ‘against buying’, it seems that you look at it only buying ‘rentals’. If slats could work out the ‘trade & sign’ deal with Boyle, why not? Of course it depends on the players involved, but that aside, why not?

  51. Doodie Machetto on

    “The guy is a human highlight reel on breakaways,”

    Shootout? We’re pretty terrible at it.

    As for Prucha only being hurt for the second time, he is more likely to break down sooner. I’m not talking out for a period of time here or there, I’m talking about his body becoming decrepit and not being able to perform anymore. Getting pounded on will shorten your career. He gets pounded on. I see him retiring before 35.

  52. Doodie,
    Just a thought on your post…
    If we sell the “experienced” players for young players and don’t make the playoffs, our young guys get no experience. which IMO would not be a good thing. However if we sell the older players and still make the playoffs but get swept in the 1st round, that still doesn’t do much for our young players.
    However if the older dogs stick around and we scrap and claw our way into the 2nd or 3rd round our young guys get a wealth of experience.

    One more thought…this team seems to be coming together at the right time. (other than montreal)
    I believe this team could win it all. Once the playoffs start its a new season…anything can happen and our older players have been through it more than once.

    As far a trades go…maybe a tweak…but please NO BLOCKBUSTERS!

  53. I though dealing an aging and fading Leetch was the right move. Sather went about it in a classless way and may not have gotten optimum value. It all depends on how Sauer and Korpikowski work out.

  54. pig – I don’t think I really had much of a point to tell you the truth. More or less just trying to get people to separate their ’emotional attachment’ to players when they’re talking trades. We see it way too much here. The thing is, there’s very few players on our roster that could fetch anything worth fetching with themselves alone. We have plenty of ‘package’ guys to ship.

  55. Beer! – I honestly think Prucha can be a top-6 guy on the right line. With a power forward who commands attention and a playmaking center, Prucha can score 30 again. He did it once, you don’t forget how to score goals.

    That being said, I have no problem with him on the 3rd line, *as long as he gets powerplay time*. Havign him on the 4th line with no PP time is a waste, and I agree that Callahan can do well in that spot if Jessiman doesn’t make the team in that role next year.

    I also see Jessiman platooning with Orr, should we play teams that do not have an “enforcer” type player.

  56. And what I am saying Doodie is that you have been a seller of this team for 3 months, so what you say has lost some weight with me. I like your opinions and thoughts, but your strength as a prognosticator has gone down in my book.

    Montreal, the team we beat 3 times and had on the edge of death last week? Try again.

    The Islanders who aren’t even going to make the playoffs? Right.

    The Capitals…see the Islanders.

    Ottawa is 4-4-2 in their last 10….they better hope they find their early season form. Their goaltending is suspect.

    Boston….really? Come on.

    Pittsburgh, yes, one team that I would not want to face in the first round. But their goalie situation is suspect when it gets down to the wire.

    Bottom-line: In a 7 game series, I don’t fear anyone in the East.

  57. See, that’s exactly what I was talking about PRUCHA27. Separate yourself from the guy. The way I see it, is that Dawes & Prucha should be fighting for that spot. But unless there are several injuries, they should not both be in the lineup.

    doodie – A guy that comes to mind is Pavel Bure when we look at a ‘body breaking down’. And I agree.

    staal – mr. positive. I like it.

  58. Schremp might have nice moves in the shootout, but I’ve been completely underwhelmed by him whenever I’ve seen him play Hartford over the past 2 years. For starters, his play in his own zone is non-existent. I don’t see that going over well in the system this team is obviously building for. Second, he lacks any ability to play physically or win battles along the boards. And finally, he’d be another undersized winger (because really, who’s job is he going to take at center?) on a team of almost exclusively undersized wingers. There’s a reason he’s still in the minors while guys like Gagner and Cogliano have jumped over him in the depth chart. If Lowe is willing to sell low and swap his question mark for one of ours, that’s fine, but there’s no way I give up one of the Rangers top-level prospects for him.

  59. doodie – Don’t take this as an attack. but you did say back in december that you were ‘done’ with this team. And something to the effect that they will not be successful. Certainly it depends on what your idea of success is though.

  60. Doodie Machetto on

    Beer, aside from the fact that I don’t think we should even sign Boyle (too old, too much money), I certainly do’t think that for the “privilege” of signing him, we should have to give up our farm.

    SP, I don’t really think the Pens are going to go back to Fleury. Conklin has been the 3rd or 4th best goaltender in the league since he got his shot. No way you stop riding the hot goaltender. I think the Caps will win their division, and therefore make the playoffs, and they match up against us really well.

    Last comment from me for a while: Trade no one except the impending UFAs, if and only if we can get the right return. Otherwise, trade no one except for Hugh Jessiman.

  61. Also, New Newman – That’s probably why Avery was trying to step in, but bottom-line, Dubinsky was just stupid for throwing punches over the linesmen, and he’s lucky he wasn’t the only one with a ten-minute misconduct, especially since he was against Coln Campbell’s son. It could be argued that Avery is more valuable than Dubsinky right now because Avery is a unique player and there are better replacements in Gomez and Drury for Dubinsky for that 15 minutes.

    I’m so glad to see Gomez getting penalty-killing time coming out of that defensive juggernaut in New Jersey. He probably didn’t PK much there because anybody on the team could do it. That was a good decision by Renney to plug him in here, so I give Renney good credit for that move. Last night was probably the first bad play I’ve seen Gomez make on the PK so far, maybe second.

    How come Hossa wasn’t used on the penalty kill last night? Does he need to get more in the groove first?

    Also, in the Callahan/Prucha/Dawes debate, I think Callahan and Dawes draw more penalties, but maybe I’m just thinking too recently because I have noticed them more this season. I don’t have the mental capacity to remember too much about Prucha from his first two seasons, but I seem to remember him making good moves to score goals like Dawes has done a couple times, like that embarassing shot on Miller.

  62. Boyle.

    Also, can’t we just accept that it’s irrelevant who the Rangers trade? Prucha, Cally, Dawes, Jessiman — whoever it is, they will turn into someone we wish we had. That’s just the way of life for the Rangers. We should accept it as the price we pay.


  63. pig – I was thinking that about hossa before the game. I think by next week we’ll see him back on the PK. Doing something he’s actually good at.

  64. Doodie Machetto on

    my definition if success is the Stanley Cup. What’s yours? I don’t want to be the Atlanta Braves of hockey.

    Newman, the Islanders are going to make the playoffs, and if you think I’m wrong, you’re in anti-Islanders denial. They are 6-3-1 in their last 10, and with Philly dead in the water, they will pass them soon. I see the Sabres folding, and the Isles creeping in.

    As for MTL, they erased a 5 goal lead against us. Think of the mental edge that gives them over us. We score 5 straight on them when they are up 3-0. Then, in the next game, we score another 5 straight. And they come back and win, after we did all that to them? They OWN us right now, mentally. To borrow a Renneyism, they raised their “battle level” above ours. I’m VERY afraid of MTL.

    As for Ottawa, sure, they are 4-2-2, but they are still the most dangerous team in the East on any given night. Over 7 games, I can’t see the Rangers winning 4 times.

    That’s the end for the next few hours, I promise.

  65. I wish TB would just sign Boyle and be done with it!
    Stupid, just plain stupid…
    I feel uneasy about this Sather is gonna cough up the farm for this guy and in a few years we like Buffalo won’t be able to sign our great players because our money is tied up in other aging players

    I’m happy I’m going away for a few days

  66. Doodie – Montreal Doesn’t scare me because if you look at those games as a 2-game set…They scored3 straight goals…but then we scored 10 straight goals to their 6 straight after our 10.

    Bottom line, I think given a 7 game series against them, we’re more likely to score 5 than give up 6 in 4 out of 7 game series.

  67. that’s pretty funny nasty.

    I think you bought too much into the whole ‘cup talk’ back in sept Doodie. I really do. I’ve never forgotten that this team is still rebuilding. And we’ll know when the puzzle is complete. Right now it isn’t. So my definition of success at this point is to try to find the right players. I still think we’re a year or two away from a Cup. But I truly believe, before Gomer’s or Dru’s tenure in NY is up, we’ll see another cup.

  68. I just don’t see as sharp of a separation of success and failure this year. A 2nd or 3rd exit isn’t a complete failure in my book. A 1st rnd exit, or missing….that’s a different story.

  69. Doodie Machetto on

    Beer Me, it is about finding the right pieces, but that includes not giving the right pieces away. I don’t think there are any players available at this year’s deadline that could justify what it would cost us to obtain them. Remember? the “right” deal. It doesn’t exist.

  70. Prucha27….I agree with your 12:27 post, but on your post before that you said Orr and Jessiman could platoon? Unless you are talking about being in that Oliver Stone movie, I don’t know how you see Jessiman (does he have any NHL time? has he ever won a fight?) being platooned with Orr in this life or the next.

    And I think the Isles scheule the last month and a half will all but eliminate them…

  71. Listen to 590am Toronto HockeyCentral. Really good insight of how teams are thinking and how GM’s think during the trade deadline. Former Columbus GM MacLean is in the studio and it’s really informative.

  72. Doodie Machetto on

    OK, I have to respond to Newman. Have you seen the Islanders’ schedule!? This is their March:

    2 against the Panthers, 1 against the Lightning, 1 against the Leafs. That’s at least 3 wins.

    4 against the dead Flyers. That’s another 3 wins.

    2 against the Rangers. That’s at least a point, but potentially 4. (they do well against us)

    1 against the Devs, which is a potential win.

    1 against the Pens, and one against the Habs. Two losses.

    Thats as high as 18 pts out of 26, but at least .500. Which, considering I am predicting a Sabres slide, will be enough to get them in.

  73. NEw Newman – Jessiman has really improved this season, according to all reports out of the AHL. 27 points in 56 games, +5, 136 PIMS. I could easily see him occupy a 4th line role against softer teams like Carolina, Florida, Buffalo, etc. He’s a guy who can be serviceable, and drop the gloves if needed.

  74. For all those frightened about the Habs:

    Montreal is Alex Kovalev’s team. And Alex Kovalev’s teams have won a grand total of one playoff series in the past six seasons. Throw in an extremely shaky goaltending situation there, and I’d be thrilled if we saw them this Spring.

  75. im reading about this kid Robbie schremp what would he do for us why would the rangers be going after him… ? yes he has sick moves but that stuff does not work in the NHL when u have defenseman breathing down your neck

  76. RE: Schremp

    He’s a top prospect. I’m sure we’re not interested in him for lacrossing pucks into the zone, those are just cool clips. Supposedly he’s a solid player. Remember, not all first rounders are busts, just the the ones we draft.

  77. Edmonton is deep at Center. Schremp has been injured (knee?). I don’t think dealing for him (or not dealing for him) amounts to anything. Dawes has better vision than Prucha . . . .or he actually looks out for his own health. But the three of them (Cally, Dawes, Prucha) are virtually the same player. You could part with one or two of them and it wouldn’t kill the NYR.

  78. i just dont see a point of getting rid of one prospect for another


    One one hand I agree with you, I don’t really see where this fits in “today’s news”, not like we use a Schremp for a playoff push or whatever.

    On the other hand, if Slats can sling/package Jessiman for Schremp, it’s probably a good move.

    Truth be told I’m just hyping Schremp because I have a couple degrees of separation. I don’t really know that he’s good nor bad, but he was picked 25th overall and looks great so far… I’d take him for the future, he could become a stud. Jessiman just won’t.

  79. Pineapple schremp, schremp salad, schremp scampi, cocanut schremp…. schremp stew… schremp coctail….

  80. I just had some free time…we are talking about some dude whose highlights on Youtube are chock full of friekin penalty shots…..Holy S! It’s worse than I even thought. You guys are all insane…

  81. By that logic, Malik should win the Norris, the Hart, and everything else because he pulled off the best trickshot in NHL shootout history….

  82. word is Boyle is making a list and rangers are at the top..

    That’s great, but what wil it cost us right now as opposed to just money in July? And is this the guy that puts this team over the top (frankly, with all due respect, Doodie, the only teams that do scare me in terms of the Rangers are the Habs and Devils. Anyone else they beat in a series)?

  83. I like how Detroit can semi-fraudulently sign McCarty so he is eligible for their postseason roster by “assigning” him to the Grand Rapids Griffins in the AHL on a conditioning stint when he is already playing there. They should have to put him on their NHL roster right now.

  84. By your logic:

    Being crafty with a puck *automatically* means you’re not good at the actual game.

    Find a clip of Schremp turning over the puck (or making any in game mistake), I dare you.

    Not to say it doesn’t happen… just saying you’re only seeing good things yet still judging…

  85. Salty Goaly….Dude, I don’t have to look up Shanny on Youtube. That is my point. Shanny doesn’t need Youtube for me to figure out if he is good or not.

    I told all of you this before, don’t believe anything you hear, only half of what you read, and only a fraction of what you see on the Internet. (OK, I made that last phrase up, but you get my point.)

    How many of you have been on or or whatever else? Do those pics look like the girls you actually end up meeting? Anything can be doctored up and created and made into an internet posting. I am exaggerating a bit to make a point.

    Show me Schremp doing a Rick Nash move through 3 NHL players in live time and then smoking the goaly! and I will give this dude some props.

    Until then, please get me to Thursday to the Blueshirts’ next game because I am tired of reading about trading our prized Jessiman for Schremp the Circus Clown.

  86. Dan Boyle is small, for a D, at 5-11; and 31 1/2 years old = not young. If Sather thinks Boyle’s acquistion, for valuable young players, would accomplish anything, well, he’s always been good at kidding himself, but not at kidding the rest of us who pay the freight.

  87. So we have Boyle saying he wants to come to NY. McCabe says if he’s dealt is has to be to NYR, NYI, NJD.

    I’d have to say there’s a good chance of overpaying for, and overpaying in the future, someone in the next 25hrs.

  88. Salty…how are you reading my logic by coming out with a statement like this: “Being crafty with a puck automatically means you’re not good at the actual game. ”

    How is that MY LOGIC? All I said was, I see clip after clip of him doing lacrosse moves with a hockey puck. That doesn’t say shite about his hockey skills. That’s all I inferred. There was no philosophy behind my statement that you are reading into.

    Show him blocking a shot on the PK, making a sick give and go and turning it into a goal, forechecking some defensman off the puck and throwing it in front for a textbook assist, and then I will start to think about some AHL superstar.

    Never did I say that the guy was a trick shot artist and therefore cannot play. I did say that just because he can score a lacrosse goal in some hockey shootout does not mean we should be retiring his # into the MSG rafters just yet. Let him make it to the NHL first.

  89. Boyle is a bad idea. You can get a physical dman like Salei for a song. McCabe would be better for the Rangers anyway. Shorter deal.

  90. And you are saying that Schremp NEVER made a mistake in a hockey game?

    What are you, his c*ck sucker?

  91. Salty Goaly….Dude, I don’t have to look up Shanny on Youtube. That is my point. Shanny doesn’t need Youtube for me to figure out if he is good or not.


    Okay, we’re getting somewhere…. now just try to consider this and we might accomplish something cool here. My point about Shanahan was that if you look up Shanahan on youtube, all it has are fights. I don’t need youtube to tell me that Shanahan is way more than a fighter… but, thats what they have there. The fact that this Schremp guy oly has his circus goals there, does not neccessarily mean that that is all he’s good for, just like just because YT only shows Shannys fight obviously does not mean thats all he’s good for either? Make sense? I don’t think Schremp has fooled his way into a first round pick by just lacrossing pucks around, I’m sure he’s a solid player, theres just not much footage of hockey online unless its a fight or some ridiculous move or hit…. y’know?

  92. I mean I don’t think his agent would even say, “Find a clip of Schremp turning over the puck (or making any in game mistake), I dare you.” How silly is that statement?

  93. Fine on your rebuttal to my Shanny statement. But you said that I said Schremp was not a good hockey player because he did those tricks in the shootout. I NEVER SAID THAT.

    Then you said, “I dare you to find a mistake that he has ever made in a game.” Do you think Gretzky ever made a mistake in a game?

    I mean Schremp obviously hasn’t….right?

  94. Newman, I tried to gove you the benefit of the doubt, but you’re a f*cking idiot, at best. re read where I fucking CLARIFY

    “Find a clip of Schremp turning over the puck (or making any in game mistake), I dare you.

    *Not to say it doesn’t happen*… just saying you’re only seeing good things yet still judging…”

    the point is find me a clip of ANY AHL player doing ANYTHING… theres just not enough footage out there of anything…. even for ALL the talk and waiting of marc staal to come up from the OHL, all there was was maybe 30 seconds of 2 plays he had….

    holy shit, what an ass/idiot.

  95. salty – take a deep breath. Save it for when we trade anisimov & dawes for a cuban cigar and a jock strap tomorrow.

  96. Does the strap come with or without the cup inside? And is the cup used? Because if it’s a new strap & cup, I think we should consider dealing Hollweg.

  97. I’m trying, the best part about how NN brough the word “logic” into the mix himself though…. so ironic.

    Is Liles completely out of the picture? Wasn’t it nearly common knowledge that he was the better option than Boyle for like 5-6 different reasons?

    haha, whos got my heady Dan Boyle youtube’s?

  98. The Rangers have a lot of solid, big, young defensemen. If Boyle can run the PP — which he probably can — for four years, then he’s worth it if the price is contractual more than trading away too much talent. I think Slats may still be sticking to his youth preservation. And Tampa can’t demand too much or else they may simply lose Boyle this summer for nothing.

  99. “The Rangers have a lot of solid, big, young defensemen.”

    Are you talking about the hockey team? The NHL New York Rangers? Because I don’t see a single defenseman that fits that description, both on the roster or the farm.

    Maybe you’re talking about the Rangers Football Club that plays in the Scottish Premier League? You must be.

  100. So much anger today.
    Everyone seems to be PMS-ing.
    Sam, for everyones sanity please…a new post would be nice now!

  101. What was the rumor a while back. Liles and Svatos to the rangers for prucha and malik? Remember those rumors a while back? Was is Svatos? If it was, the guy has 27 goals on the season right now.

  102. I think that was the deal.

    If not for such a strong rookie class the last 2 season, Svatos woulda been nominated for Rook of the yr. Same could be said for prucha really.

    That deal woulda been nice. oh well. I have a feeling its not on the table anymore.

  103. I watched a game the other night on the NHL network and was really noticing Svatos on the ice. The guy is a pretty shifty player. I wonder if we could still do a swap of Malik and Prucha for Liles and Svatos? That is not a blockbuster deal and both those players are not going to come with too hefty of contracts either.

  104. Nasty, there’s no reason why the Avs would make that swap. The one thing they needed (and still need) is goaltending. Even at the beginning of the season, Svatos was worth more than Prucha, and Liles was worth more than Malik.

    Now, if you told me Prucha, Malik, and Montoya, I might think you would be onto something. And I would’ve pulled that trigger in a heartbeat.

  105. I kind of wish we could do that. But in the great words of Billy Bob Thorton in Bad Santa, “Wish in one hand and shit in the other, and see which one fills up first.”

    I love that movie.

  106. Salty, I am happy to let this dog lie….but I cannot believe your panties are in a bunch over some dude in the AHL.

    Just to recount, you wrote:

    “Find a mistake of his….I dare you…..” Like this dude is Wayne Gretzky revisited and NEVER made a mistake on the ice ever.

    Before that you said: “By your logic, being crafty with a puck automatically means you’re not good at the actual game.” YOU brought up “logic” in an illogical sense because I never said anything like that. You put words in my mouth. Maybe you are glass half empty kind of guy, I don’t know?

    All I said was seeing him in shootouts didn’t mean I was putting him on the first line with the NYR.

    You are swearing and saying ridiculous things all over some minor league hockey player….that isn’t even a Ranger.

    And you finish it all by calling me all sorts of names.

    Dude you have to try and live a happier, more eventful life. You’re gonna have a heart attack by the time you are 40 if you don’t chill out a little.

  107. yeah, then we can take the jock strap(new, no cup incl.) that we get for hollweg and send that to COL too.

    Sutter said he’s not moving Tanguay either(tsn). Trade pool is getting smaller, and higher priced.

  108. doodie,

    staal, girardi(big enough), aren’t sanguinetti and baranka 6’3″? Tyutin is nasty and seems to be getting nastier.

    They need a power play guy.

  109. Oh, and as for Svatos’ 26 goals, that’s a bit inflated by the fact that there were injuries to Sakic, Smyth, and Statsny. He got more top time as a result. Think if Gomez, Drury, and Jagr went down. I think Petr Puck would be getting some big time minutes. Straka-Dubinsky-Prucha or something like that would be our top line, with Anisimov and P.A. Parenteau centering 2 and 4 (Betts would probably get 3rd line duties, knowing Renney).

  110. I would rather tomorrow pass and have us not do anything than to end up getting Rucinsky in any deal.

  111. Staal is not big enough, the guy doesn’t even carry 200 lbs yet. He will probably be big, but not for at least 2 years so he fills out his frame.

    Girardi is not big. End of story.

    Tyutin is “big enough,” but he is not solid. There was a solid month this season where (not counting Malik and Strudwick), he was the worst defenseman on the team. That hardly makes him solid.

    Baranka can’t even wrestle a lineup spot from Malik or Strudwick.

    And being tall means nothing. Being tall and heavy means nothing. Our tallest heaviest defenseman (Malik) couldn’t intimidate a flea, or even Prucha! It’s how you play.

    You say Tyutin has been getting nastier, but I don’t see it. He is getting softer. He used to throw hip checks around like nobody’s business. The only one I can remember him throwing this season was where the lineman got smashed in the face with the skate, and that wasn’t even that good of a hit! Toots is degressing. If you had asked me what I thought Toots was at the beginning of the season, I would’ve said solid 3-4 man on 25 NHL teams. Now I’d say 15.

  112. so after the 100th post I guess it’s ok to throw a jock strap with the cup attached into the mix. What happens after the 200th post? anyone?

  113. What about Brian Campbell?
    My cousin lives in Buffalo and saw Campbell and his agent in a local coffee shop, talking about coming to NY. I honestly don’t know much about Campbell but I know he is younger than Boyle, and can be very creative with the puck

  114. By that logic, Malik should win the Norris, the Hart, and everything else because he pulled off the best trickshot in NHL shootout history.

    -New Newman *1:47 pm*

    “but I cannot believe your panties are in a bunch over some dude in the AHL”

    For me, It’s less about the player and more about people (like you) saying dumb stuff that is incongruent that gets under my skin. No one said Schremp is the best player in the world, ever. *I’ve admitted, I’ve never even seen him play beside those shootouts. READ my first post in this thread*. I’ve *heard* he’s sick from close friends whos opinions I respect. There is nothing about him yet to suggest he’s a bust as a first rounder. He’s only 21. You seem to want to discredit him as a sideshow freak, which is extremely narrow minded. You obviously missed the point about me saying “find him making a mistake”. The point was that there is ZERO footage of guys like that, good nor bad, unless its some bizzare instance. There’s no video’s of “AHL guy makes good pass” OR “AHL guy gives up puck”.

    Maybe this will get the point into your head, go find footage of ANY 2004 first round picks (that aren’t in the NHL yet)… you probably won’t find anything no matter how good or bad they are. So yeah, I DARED you to find footage of him making a mistake just because I know you won’t find it. Not because it doesn;t happen, but because *no one tapes AHL games*…. this guy could be anything as far as you or I know, but I promise you that he didn’t get drafted 25th overall because he flings pucks around.

    Sorry for the personal attacks.

  115. *For everyone wondering about Schremp*

    “Talent Analysis

    Schremp is a wizard with the puck as a playmaker and stickhandler that loves to curl with the puck and find open teammates for a pass. Rob is an excellent passer on his forehand, he can thread the needle or make nice saucer passes but tends to make few passes on his backhand as he likes to curl back and stay on his forehand. Schremp has a wicked and accurate wrist shot in close and is very good at finding the corner or top shelf of the net. Schremp’s slapshot is world class in velocity and accuracy.

    His straight line skating is average at best, but he has an excellent first step and accelerates well out of the corner on the cycle. Rob most glaring flaw or areas of weakness are his strength and defensive zone play which both must improve before he is ready for the next level.

    Schremp is too offensively talented to be kept out of the NHL for long but unless he can considerably improve on his shortcomings his contribution at the top level is very much in doubt. At worst he should be a power play and shootout specialist but if he can one day play consistently on the top 2 lines of a NHL team he could be very dangerous.

    On the NHL/AHL bubble for the 2007-08 season. Schremp will definitely be given a long look in the fall but with a summer worth of training lost due to the knee injury a Springflied sweater may be in his immediate future, at least to begin with. Expect to see Schremp get some NHL action this season.”

    So the fact that, with the Oilers being as bad as they are, he still hasn’t seen NHL action, says A LOT.

  116. Going into the playoffs id take Kovalev over Jagr any day of the week. He always steps up in the playoffs, even when the two were on the same team in pitt, kovalev was always more impressive

    And I think it would be a mistake to trade Prucha unless you are getting a young talented defenseman in return. Prucha needs to play with a good center and on the powerplay and he will get 30 goals again. I am not sold on Dawes or Cally yet. I like them as third line wings, but I just dont think they have the upside of Prucha. And Beer, Prucha always throws his body around, he may not be the strongest guy but he is never afraid to hit. Don’t get me wrong Cally would be great on the third line but in the long run not much higher. And Jessiman could easily do the job of Hollweig and he actually has some scoring ability.

    It may just be me, but I dont get why we want dan boyle for the next 6 years at 7 million per.

  117. I guess, but I can’t see who would want to buy a Boyle jersey. For a powerplay specialist, he has never had really great numbers (Last year was his best with 63 points, which is respectable but he’s not leetch in his prime and thats the kind of money he wants)

  118. yea i got that salty i know sather and co rarely think about anything from a really sound hockey perspective.

    its definitely not just about winning with the rangers (ie Dolan), Dolan sees the playoffs as a chance to raise ticket prices for next season and expensive merchandise to sell. I don’t for a minute think he is really a hockey fan

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