Sather says Jagr isn’t going anywhere


I’d be happy to tell you that Glen Sather sat down with a handful of New York writers and announced Jaromir Jagr won’t be going anywhere. Instead, the GM’s “most expansive comments of the season on his team were to Jim Matheson in the Edmonton Journal”:

“Trade Jagr? Nobody’s called me on him. Why would I want to do that?” Sather said.

“Jagr is still the best player on our team. He’s got two guys all over him most nights and he still draws lots of attention. I absolutely want him back next year.”

This isn’t a new dynamic of Sather saying little to the New York press, although it seems to have gotten worse over time. Truth is, I’ve been covering this team for two seasons and I could count on one hand the number of meaningful exchanges I’ve had with the Rangers GM. That could easily be a reflection of my inexperience on the beat, but it’s more a reflection of Sather, who hasn’t been saying much to my direct competition, either.

But that’s not the important part, or at least not to you. More important is that Sather has said that not only won’t Jagr be traded by Tuesday’s 3 p.m. deadline, but that he even wants to re-sign him at season’s end. At what cost is another question. But I’m sure the Edmonton Journal will have the answer to that fairly soon.

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  1. Here’s something interesting that I hadn’t looked up before: Rangers have the worst shooting percentage in the league at 7.8%, a half of a percent behind the Islanders and Blue Jackets. We’re still high in GAA (6th) and low in GFA (5th worst).

  2. Being high in GAA means being high in the standings. If their GAA continues, the Rangers will continue to climb the standings. If it wavers, TTYL!

  3. Sounds like trade talk to me. At first I really thought Sather was going ot kepe him because the Eastern Conference is so tight, but this sounds like a trade might be in the works already.

  4. Seamus O Riley on

    The more I think about it: This sounds like a set up.

    Glen Sather, Tuesday, Feb 26 “Man, I am so surprised to have learned that Jamomir wasn’t interested in signing for next year, so at the last moment, I began to listen to some offers and felt a responsibity to the team, and to this great athlete, to find a good fit. What we receieved in return may not pay dividends for quite a while, but our committment is still to rebuild. Our program of rebuilding remains solid. We wish Jamomir much success; and should he decide to play in the NHL next season, we will be making him a very solid offer”

  5. Seamus O Riley on

    with all the press about Jagr being traded and the “ESPN Insider” stuff; does ANYONE on this board believe that NO ONE has asked about Jagr? NOT a single GM from the West has had a cigar with Sather and asked about Jagr?

    I don’t.

    Here is the quote again:

    ““Trade Jagr? Nobody’s called me on him. Why would I want to do that?” Sather said.
    “Jagr is still the best player on our team. He’s got two guys all over him most nights and he still draws lots of attention. I absolutely want him back next year.”

    I just don’t believe he is telling the truth. I just don’t beleive that a single team with an upcoming UFA HASN’T been asked by SOMEBODY what it would take to pry him loose; but when it comes to someone of Jagr’s status AND that he is having a bad year, you know that many more than a few have at least ASKED about availability…I would be surprised if but a few GMs DID NOT ask.

    I just don’t believe it. Jagr may be here on Feb 27, and we may well get nothing for him as he leaves NY next year, but I will look back to this quote and not believe an inch of it.

  6. Yea, because everyone is calling Detroit and asking about Nick Lidstrom? I bet GMs are banging down the door to talk about Dan Alfredson. There is a log jam of people wanting to talk to the Canes about Brind’Amour (before injury). In most situations, where finances are not an issue, teams DO NOT TRADE THEIR CAPTAIN while in playoff contention. What on earth would other teams be able to offer for Jagr that would make sense for both teams?

    Your a GM for a playoff bound, cup contender. And you feel you need an extra top flight right wing for your run to the cup. Is there any way your have the marbles to call up a fellow GM, who’s team is in playoff contention, and ask him for his number one right winger? Without exchanging one of your number one right wingers? Which still leaves you a right wing short of a cuddle up with the cup?

    If Sather didn’t trade Malik because he couldn’t get a defensemen back to fill the hole in the roster LEFT by Malik, what do you think the odds of finding a team willing to TAKE Jagr of the Ranger’s roster, and REPLACE him, with an equivelant player from theirs?

    This isn’t Heatley for Hossa. Thinking that Sather would trade Jagr would be equivelant to thinking that Anaheim and New Jersey would swap netminders. Or, in the 1990s, swapping Sakic for Yzerman!

    Not, never, no way gonna happen.

  7. The Grammar Police on


    If you wish to criticize a poster for his or her spelling, please use proper grammar. “are you serious” should read: “Are you serious?” Thank you for your attention to this matter.

    The Grammar Police

  8. Well-played by the Devils to win that game. Madden scores in overtime off a rebound from Elias. Emrick almost blew out his voice saying, “SCOORREOOROEOREOEOOOEORRRE!!!” at the end. :(

  9. sather is a lying pig anyway. and what press corps would put up with a team GM refusing to talk to them.

    he is almost as much a paraiah in NY as he was 4 years ago, when Ranger fans wanted to lynch him, and rightfully so.

    he did the worst job in his first 4 years here than anyone in the league, and with an unlimited payroll.

  10. Good. Nice to hear Sather wants Jagr back not only this year but next. Of course do I trust Sather? I dunno about that. I hope he’s telling the truth.

  11. does anyone actually believe that NO ONE said A SINGLE thing to Glen Sather about Jagr’s availability?

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