Hossa in, Orr out


A few updates from the Garden, where moments ago, John Amirante was again warming up in the bathroom:

<li>As reported earlier, Marcel Hossa is back from Hartford and will skate on the fourth line in Colton Orr’s spot at right wing. Orr has, according to Tom Renney, an “upper body injury,” although no one can say for sure when exactly he sustained it. This confirms my long held belief that Orr is obviously not very tough, and merely gets by on his playmaking skills.

<li>Paul Mara was examined today, but the exact status of his injury is unclear. The good news is Mara probably does not have a concussion, and is more likely dealing with some sort of damage to bones in his face. On second thought, I’m not sure how that constitutes “good news”, other than concussions are a far trickier predicament. Still, a potential broken face doesn’t exactly sound like a good time, either.

Meanwhile, you have to wonder the impact Mara’s situation might have on any sort of moves. This is not to say the Rangers were definitely looking to move him, although he certainly would be a candidate. But even if the Rangers were looking to deal another defenseman, the loss of Mara might force their hand a bit.

<li>Petr Prucha still hasn’t experienced enough contact to play, although Thursday is a possibility.

<li>Assistant coach Mike Pelino saw fit to put on a gold-colored tie in front of all us American scribes in the hallway, and then announced that it served as a lucky charm. “Six years ago today,” Pelino said. He was referring to Canada’s gold medal win over the U.S. in the 2002 Games, when  he was an assistant coach to Pat Quinn

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  1. Well-played by the Devils to win that game. Madden scores in overtime off a rebound from Elias. Emrick almost blew out his voice saying, “SCOORREOOROEOREOEOOOEORRRE!!!” at the end. :(

    At least Renney is not taking out Orr as a healthy scratch. Every time you think Hollweg has paved his way to the press box, he keeps getting a reprieve!

  2. Has anyone noticed Jags has used 4 different sticks this year?! I think he has found the one. Welcome to Nike/Bauer sticks Jagr.

  3. zg

    any sane gm would not expect to get a top offensive player in his prime in exchange for jagr. youd hope to get a good young player with potential and picks. you can’t really believe that trading jagr would be the equivalent of trading sakic or yzerman in the mid to late 90s. jagr is a shell of his former self, but i think sather is stubborn enough not only to not trade him unless he was offered a player like heatley but also to resign him for more than he’s worth. sure we are still in the playoff hunt but i dont even think trading jagr would be a signal that we are giving up on our season. if the best player on our team can only score 16 goals then sather ha

  4. sorry got cut off

    then sather has built a terrible team. i dont care if he is getting triple teamed, every star player gets that treatment from the opposing teams, but truly elite players find a way (like jagr used to) to still score 30+ goals at the very least. he is no longer a first line player, bottom line.

  5. “Orr is obviously not very tough” – Hey?
    “merely gets by on his playmaking skill” – Oh. Right.

    Things like these can be confusing when English is not your first language ;-)

  6. Unfortunately… I feel… like…

    Here comes you’re big letdown game folks.

    (No I don’t ever get tired of being wrong… here’s hoping)

  7. Man I just checked out the Blueshirt Bulletin for first time in awhile….they had a 20 or so line debate between people who argued about whether Hossa was “re-called” or “called up”

    I swear

    Thats why I love this blog..everything we talk about is super-intellectual….like Orr’s mohawk

  8. To add on what Pete was saying about elite superstars, the more I watch Blue Jackets games, the more Rick Nash looks like Jagr from the 05-06 post lockout season. The only difference is that Nash can skate faster, but he is the post-Pittsburgh Jagr prototype. Watch him. It’s uncanny.

  9. Kaspar – I think it doesn’t matter, either way. The NHL uses recall, I think, and the even say that for players who are coming up to play in their first game. Odd!

  10. Riche’

    I have similar feelings. They are due for their letdown game and it usually comes at the hands of a team we rarely play, like Florida. Besides, Florida usually plays us well.

    But yes, here’s hoping you’re wrong. :)

  11. My thoughts are more along the lines of…

    they can’t ever win the games they should… or the “easy games” not there are any of those in the league anymore. Just seems like good teams win the “easy” ones and we never do.

    If we did we’d be in first in the conference… forget about the division.

  12. I guess Gomez will be centering Jagr for the next 15 minutes. Dubsinky looks like such a fool; I guess more experience will help him out, though. I’m not sure what Avery was thinking to get in between when the gloves were already dropped.

  13. I’ll be happy if the rangers make the playoffs. Once there in, any thing can happen with the way this season has been in the eastern conference.

  14. You know I love Dubinsky, the kid can flat out play. But he needs to learn to stay on his skates better, not that I should be critical of the kid, after the play he has been giving us.

    And we don’t need him picking up 10 minute misconducts for fighting.

    He needs to learn how to fight over the summer. Love the fact he’s a Ranger. Same with Dawes.

  15. The rangers young core from there farm system is looking pretty good. IMO the reason they have been playing better is because of Dubi, Dawes, Callahan, etc…

  16. spiderpig the Devils won because of the same reason they have for about 14 yrs. Brodeur ws insane… Wash. had tons of good opptys. Brodeur was Brodeur, I hate him but he is the best goalie of ALL TIME…..

    he dominates many many gaems..

    Ovechkin is so damn explosive it is crazy…..

    if Wash can get a young goalie and add some vet D men they are going to be real real good in the near future….

  17. Doodie Machetto on

    Dubinsky should just keep the gloves on. Forget about learning to fight. Just keep them on. He’s too valuable of a player to be lost for such long stretches of time. He wants to be tough? throw hard hits. Keep the gloves on the fists.

    He’s fighting so much now its like he is doing it to stay in the lineup. But his spot is safe, so why do it so much?

  18. Doodie. No player is safe. You always have to keep showing and proving yourself to your coach and GM, because the one day you don’t show everything you’ve got, you’re already traded.

  19. Comrade Doodie

    I just say same thing to Kasperette girlfriend,,,,we lose Dubi for 1 period…they lose a son of a colin…. we lose on that one

  20. these southeast div teams are so bad it is embarrassing

    they can’t even clear the puck out of their own zone.

    they look like a bad peewee team

  21. I’m not gonna get too excited because I know what happened when I was using too many exclaimation points during the Montreal game, but this is good! :)

  22. Spiderpig,
    I don’t know what it’s all about with you wearing the rangers sweater but keep wearing it when the rangers play!!!!

  23. Jagr is flying, maybe all he wanted to hear is Glenn Sather say that he wants to resign him, who knows but jagr is flying.

  24. Yeah, and I wasn’t wearing it during the Montreal game because I wasn’t at the couch to watch the beginning. I think if this game goes well, Kaspar and I would be 6-0-2 since the All-Star break.

  25. What we need is Jagr EXCITED to play again…. Who remembers the year after the lockout (pre surgery perhaps is why?) when he BUZZED at even strength, PP… always wanting the puck for one-timers…etc. I want that Jagr back (unless he’s over the hill now… one has to wonder)

  26. If you want the rangers to make the playoffs and if you are a die hard ranger fan, than you have to wear it for the rest of the season.

  27. Actually it’s 6-0-2 right now. I think Flyers, Devils, Canadiens, Flyers, Capitals, Sabres, Sharks, Sabres. Hmm, I’m mistaken, it’s really 7-0-1 as of right now. I don’t know where I came up with that extra OT loss, since I wasn’t wearing it on Tuesday.

  28. I guess we should expect Rangers regulation losses the next two Sundays since I will be on Spring Break skiing and won’t be able to wear it. I hope I don’t have that much power!

  29. Oh, I forgot to tell everyone I HAD A NIGHTMARE that the Islanders somehow acquired Marion Gaborik. Glad I woke up in a puddle of drool….. whew!

  30. There’s no doubt about it, Dawes has a great wrist shot. If you got a good wrist shot you can score allot of goals, I don’t care who is goaltending.

  31. I can’t believe that people are still suggesting that Prucha should rotate with Dawes when he is healthy. Find another spot for Prucha or just have him sti for a while.

  32. I wonder if I don’t have sense for irony but I’ve got a sense for how a defenseman should play and I’ve got no idea why Marek Malik continues the most booed player on the team.

    Nice to see the Rangers nail the coffin shut tonight.

  33. If the rangers could only play like this consistently for the rest of the year and in the playoffs they would be dangerous.

  34. ya know, if I’m Jokinnen and Hank has frozen the puck, I turn around only to be eye-to-eye with Strudwick’s moustache, I believe I might lose it right then and there.

  35. Rangers are now 40-17-11 with Avery playing

    and they are under .500 w/o him

    and some posts on here were pissing and moaning about his value in a new contract?

    give me a break.

  36. Ya know, I hate to say it… but, Prucha really IS trade bait at this point for a D-Man. I love the guy, but we’re log-jammed. I would wish him nothing but success for whomever we’d unload him to. A great team guy who gives it his all and the potential to be a dangler.

  37. Does anyone else think Lundqvist should just pick somebody to hand the stick to instead of throwing it into a crowd?! It’s amazing that he does that after shutouts and doesn’t want to use the stick again. I like having non-superstitious sports stars. I’m almost afraid to get too happy since both of these teams had many injuries, but there’s no denying that the Rangers have been playing very well. As so many of us have asked, why can’t they do this for more than a third of the season? If they keep playing like this, Lundqvist may be on his way to another Vezina nomination, especially with all those shutouts and Hasek injured. I hope we can somehow manage to overtake the Devils, who have a goaltender playing similarly well, but still better and who has started 22 games in a row. And here I thought they signed Weekes to give Brodeur more rest. Nice to see Malik with his standard awkward hand-clap skating onto the ice; he has really been playing a sold game recently. It almost makes you think Rozsival and Malik will be back together next season, but I hope Sather doesn’t fall into that trap with so many prospective defensemen in our pipeline. 8-0-1 in this jersey!

    It will be interesting to see what happens before our next game, what our roster looks like. Maybe Prucha wil be shipped out, but I still think he is valuable because another top-six wing could get injured, necessitating a good, experienced player to play important games.

  38. Spiderpig —- meaning they let him get away cause they didn’t resign him!!! Sather is an asshole for allowing this to happen. he was a Ranger thru and thru and Sather let that go.

  39. Just think, we’d be tied with Montreal right now (even though they’d have a game in hand) if we didn’t blow that particular game. I can’t believe we still haven’t reconciled those games in hand, of which Boston has three. It just means those other teams are going to have to pack in more games towards the end.

  40. Maybe save Crazy kid Prucha for next year ( assuming the Straka-Shanny exits)

    My jersey 7-0-2 ( didnt wear it for Ducks and Kings losses, wore it for Caps OT loss and the Montreol meltdown OT loss)
    wins are (backward chronologically);FLA,BUFF,SJOSE,BUFF,PHILLY,MONT-superbowl sunday and NJ.

  41. rgr2 February 24th, 2008 at 9:45 pm

    prucha to columbus for Hainsey.

    I like that trade, why not!!!!!!!!!!

  42. onecupin67years on

    Hey spiderpig-sather did the right thing by trading leetch except they should have done years sooner for more value.Just look at the devs thelose a lot of stars and get better every year.

  43. Way to go Hank… Way to go Jagr!!!

    Where’s this team been for the past 5 months?!!!

    I still want a solid D-MAN by the time Thursday rolls around… but at least they won a game they should have.

    I LOVE IT WHEN I’M WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  44. keep Prucha.. He plays hard, can shoot, and is 25…

    the rangers are dealing from a position of power.. they are playing well, are healthy, have alot of talent in the minors, and have UFA’s they will not resign so have some budget flexibilty for next yr..

    The guy who wants to trade pruch for hainsey, how many games have you seen Hainsey play? I bet you have not seen him play 20 total games………….He may be great for all I know but I know one thing we have no clue about him…………We know our team..

  45. for all the abuse that Malik has taken from the Garden crowd all season I thought he showed a lot of class coming out as the second star and saluting the fans like he did.

    He’s been the whipping boy for 2 years now and has been playing some good hockey of late.

    I can’t believe I just defended Malik…

  46. Malik’s been fine; that long layoff and these 3 to 4 day breaks have kept him fresh. I remember listening to WFAN on the ride home from opening night, where Steve Sommers who is a very knowledgeable and funny Rangers commentator said that Malik will be a key in the Rangers success this year. Remember him in the Atlanta series last year with those Bobby Orr moves? If Malik plays well, the Rangers will be that much more dangerous.

  47. Cause for concern: Three of the Rangers top 9 forwards have missed significant time this season (Straka, Shanahan, and Avery).

    This is only not a reason to trade for a top 9 forward because the Rangers have several players in their forward group than can be combined to form a plausible top and plausible second unit.

    If Sather trades a forward (Prucha, Callahan, or Dawes, or to a much lesser extent, Hossa) then they are a bad break away from a one to one and a half line team. The forwards, in my opinion, are set for the playoff run.

    So this begs the question: what assets are expendable to procure a top six defensemen for the playoffs?

    Any ideas?

  48. Montoya comes to mind of course. I also wouldn’t be surprised if a forward such as Korpikoski, DuPont, or Pyatt is included. I don’t think anyone has any interest in Jessiman, Bourret, Paranteau, or Moore. I wouldn’t be surprised if a second round draft pick or a third goes in a deal too.

  49. Guys, how about Gomez, he eclipsed his total points from last year with his 3 points tonight, making it 61 points in 64 games opposed to his 60 last year. AND he has scored 14 goals opposed to the 13 he had last season. He isn’t worth 10 million dollars, but this guy has given it all and has been the best player on the Rangers this season, if Jagr doesn’t cmoe back next year, i vote for a co-captain switch off of home and road games between Gomez and Drury because Gomer has been that good.

  50. If Jagr doesn’t come back, if Shanny doesn’t come back, if Straka doesn’t come back, we are in trouble. No team can survive 3 of its top forwards leaving in one year.

  51. Right, what a disaster not to keep washed-up, old guys too long, instead of getting rid of them in timely fashion. You should be Sather’s coffeee gopher.

  52. I guess if Shanny, Jags & Straka leave, we kinda need prucha. But he’s our best bargining chip at this point.

    Hard to want to move anyone when you win like that. But fla is a sh-tty team anyway. If that was vs a playoff bound team, then I think you have to stay the course with this squad. And if you switch out Mara(when healthy) with Struds, you get even better.

    Glad to see the O hit their stride. And Hank tighten up. Though there were some questionable rebounds given up, he’s getting his game back.

    And what can you say about Avery’s play recently? Is he playing for a contract or what? I’d still try to make it a 1-yr deal. His wrists/hands make me nervous.

  53. It doesn’t matter what they are. If they be washed up, then at least their clean, eh?

    Seriously, though, they arn’t being kept because of their looks, their being kept because A) than can still play on par with thier paychecks, and B) because they are already here.

    If next season is Shanahan’s last in the league, that is fine, and it will be fun sending him off.

    If Straka is done in two seasons, by which time he will be a tireless third/fourth liner, the Rangers will be proud of him. So should we.

    When Jagr retires, it will be because at no time during a season did he produce top line numbers. This season, that wasn’t the case. Make up all the reasons you want, but for about a month he played at 1.2 points per game, and recently, he has played at 1.75. Few players who can do that, even on occasion…who never miss a game…and happen to wear the “C” will be shipped out of time, or not resigned, or retire, as long as they are meaningfully productive.

    Shanahan should and will get a small pay cut, with appropriate bonuses.

    Straka should and will get a small pay cut, also with appropriate bonuses.

    Jagr will not get a “Rangers” pay cut. He will lose out on the four million from the Capitals. But, honestly, is between 4.5 and 5.5 million too much for Jagr? Maybe, just maybe, his confidence in him self, and his confidence (other use) in Shanahan will convince him to take it year at a time, with automatic renewal based on performance?

    What kind would you want from him? How about at least 25 goals or 80 points, plus a playoff series win for automatic renewal?

  54. the only one I’d keep out of the 3 is jagr and I don’t even want to keep him. Every day its becoming more and more obvious that shanny doesn’t have it anymore. Sure he still got the great shot, but outside of that his game has declined a lot since his collision with knuble last season. Straka still has the speed but I’m not sure how much more of a beating his small body wants to take. And jagr is still the only one out of the three that can still be a difference maker when he’s skating hard like he has been these last couple games/weeks.

    And I find it funny that the rangers are actually shooting less and scoring more. For once they realized its not quantity but quality and when you crash the net a lot more shots go in. I’m not big on this Florida win, but the buffalo one was definately a solid one. Let’s see how they perform against real teams now.

  55. Doodie Machetto on

    Larry Brooks has some news on Slats’ moves. He says Slats is actually trying to negotiate a sign and trade with Boyle (or trade and sign) and also looked at Barret Jackman, but JD wanted too much in return. Also he says we were looking at Robbie Schremp, but Kevin Lowe wanted more thn what we offered (Jessiman).

    I don’t want Boyle, but I do like the other things that Slats was allegedly looking into and that he is playing hardball for them.

  56. Was at the game last night. Florida looked terrible, but it made for a fun night. I love watching Dubinsky, the kid plays his butt off. I haven’t watched too many games this season b/c of school, but the energy level was much higher from what I remember seeing at the beginning of the season.

  57. I like that Slats is playing hardball too. And apparently trying to move the right players.

    If the right deal could be made, there’s no harm in bringing in Boyle. But it won’t be easy to get the deal done. Brad Richards could help us a lot by not waiving his NTC, and staying in TB. TB would have to pull the trigger on the Boyle deal.

  58. Andrew – As for Gomez, where’s Yenner Mot now? Trade him before he played a game with us, right? What a bozo that guy was.

    Beer Me! – That’s why I figured we needed to win this year because even if two of those guys leave and we don’t replace them through free agency or a trade, whether it’s due to not being able to get someone or wanting to bring up more rookies, then next season i wouldn’t expect much in a learning and somewhat “rebuilding” process. Then again, even if those guys stay, their numbers have been declining anyway. I would like to see Jagr back if he proves that he can keep putting up points, if there is no better and younger free agent out there for the right price, and Straka would be good to have back, too, if he plays the third line, maybe keeping together the line he’s on now, and not on the power play.

  59. Word is that Dubie started the fight with Campbell by asking if he’d “run to Daddy” if he (Dubie) were to slash Campbell. Funny stuff.

    The reason Jagr is playing well lately is because he’s on a line with Avery and Dubie, whose energy is infectious. I call it the Attitude ADJustment (ADJ = Avery-Dubinsky-Jagr), because that’s exactly what it does for the so-called “captain.” If Renney breaks up that line for any reason other than injury, he should be let go immediately.

  60. “The reason Jagr is playing well lately is because he’s on a line with Avery and Dubie, whose energy is infectious. I call it the Attitude ADJustment (ADJ = Avery-Dubinsky-Jagr), because that’s exactly what it does for the so-called “captain.” ”


    exactly. it is Dubi and Avery who are lifting Jagr, NOT the other way around.

    that is why he is no captain, but a selfish, me-first head case.

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