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The Rangers have recalled Marcel Hossa from Hartford, most likely because of the head injury sustained by Paul Mara last night.

I would assume Jason Strudwick takes Mara’s place at defense, and Hossa would only be a scratch tonight. But I’m just guessing.

Answers later…

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  1. He didn’t have that great a stint in Hartford. Would it hurt to give Potter or Baranka another shot as a #6?

  2. I would like to see a defenseman called up because this injury to Mara could be long-term. Also, I hope Hollweg sits for Hossa, as I’m sure many of us do.

  3. Who knows if it’s true or not but it makes sense. I saw Stan Fishler today on the show press box and he said that Sather is going to trade for the Columbus blue jackets defensemen Ron Hainsey. This would make sense since Columbus has plenty of defensemen and Sather has a good relationship with the gm of the jackets according to dellapina and the jackets have been scouting the rangers for a while during the season.

  4. Tomg Stan Fischler is an older version of Eklund. He never ever gets any rumors halfway right. It is a joke that Hossa was recalled instead of a dman. Renney made a good move last night sitting the struggling 4th line for the majority of the third. Don’t be surprised if Hossa takes Hollweg’s spot.

  5. Good win last night the top line dominated in the offensive zone but did struggle in their own end. I’m sure Jagr had a huge load taken off his shoulders with his goal last night. Avery has been playing like a man possesed the last few weeks. What can you say about Dubinsky anymore? He just gets better nightly. He dominated the Sabres d. After Kotalik had a dominant shift to take the lead Dubi did the same to tie it up. The Rangers d had all kinds of trouble with the Sabres speed(particulary Staal and Malik) Staal did a good job sticking up for Mara but otherwise struggled mightily. He seemed to be fighting the puck all night. Malik as fairly wretched as well. Lundqvist made some big saves none bigger than the one of Vanek(one of the years best) Tyutin and Girardi were very solid in their own end. They’ve been inconsistant so who knows how they’ll play tonight. Quiet night for Drury and his line. Drury did though win some big face-offs late. Dawes had a lot more jump than he has had lately. He drove to the net got off some quick release wristers. He got a gift goal when Miller missed the puck. The pk was it’s usual solid self while the pp continued to stink. Shanny had a pretty quiet night till he shanked a shot leading to Avery’s game winner. Shanny also did a good job late by killing time along the board. Another big game against a not yet dead Panthers team with plenty of speed. With Strudwick and Malik in the lineup Henrik is gonna need to be on top of his game. The Panthers d other than Bomester and Allen is terrible so hopefully the top line can stay hot.

  6. I second that idea Pavel. Potter has been a solid defenseman this season for the Wolfpack and I am really curious to see how he can transfer his efforts from the Pack to the Rangers.

  7. Sather did an interview with the Edmonton Journal where he said he’s not trading Jagr and he wants him bsck next year.

  8. Ron Hainsey would be a good addition because he plays the power play and we won’t likely have to give up too much, but I don’t trust Fischler either.

    Maybe Renney will want Pöck up if Sather doesn’t trade for a defenseman because if we call up Pöck after the deadline and a team claims him, they can’t use him in the playoffs. Maybe because of that it would be better to recall Hutchinson if he is any good because his contract expires after this season while Pöck has another year to go, and we wouldn’t want to be on the hook for that if a bad team who’s not making the playoffs anyway claims him.

  9. Just an FYI:

    The Pens were up on the Sens 3-0 last night and the Sens came back to win 4-3.

    Not on par with the 5-0 meltdown the Rangers had this past week, but nonetheless, another come from behind victory in the NHL.

  10. Haha, Donald Brashear just fought Sheldon Brookbank of the Devils after fighting Wade Brookbank of the Hurricanes yesterday. What a silly guy he is! He won both fights, too.

  11. czechthemout!!!!! on

    It is incredible how Marcel Hossa has been given more lives than 10 cats.He’s done nothing as a Ranger,and now he’s done
    nothing as a Wolfpack and even though he’s on a conditioning stint,he should not have been called up.I heard Sam Rosen say he’s got some more time available down there.Instead,we get to see Strudwick who for all his lockeroom presence has the skill set and speed of an echl player.

  12. spiderpig – pretty insightful re Pock and Hutch. not sure if we try to bring one up after the deadline if we can use them in playoffs. would be smarter to try hutch of the two since as you say a team can claim Pock since he has another yr left. I don’t think Hutch has another yr left but could be wrong. If healthy Baranka might be the best choice of all.

  13. Got to love the Strudwick, Mara, Malik rotation. As we know, there are no better options in the system. LOL. Maybe you REALLY can get Chelios at the deadline, Satanic Sather – for Prucha and Dawes – what a bargain!

  14. I think if I remember it correctly from last year, a player has to be in your *organization* before the trade deadline to be eligible for the playoffs. That’s why we were allowed to use Dawes in the last game against Buffalo, having that whole taxi squad of Hartford players with the Rangers.

    “Alex Ovechkin can make a salad out of dandelions and crab grass.” – Chico Resch

  15. we can’t bring up hutch or pock unless we want to risk losing them while paying half there salary. They have to clear re-entry waivers since they have one way contracts.

  16. Johhny D- true but if Hutch is at the end of his contract then the cap hit to us is extremely small. if he has another yr like Pock then it’s not worth it.

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