Renney thinks the Rangers can win as is. Or at least that’s what he’s saying.


Tom Renney was asked today if the Rangers needed to make any moves before the trade deadline. This is a no-win question for a coach because it does him no good to sell his current team out. And if he insists the Rangers are staying pat and they end up making a move anyway, he’s being dishonest.

With that in mind, Renney handled the question as deftly as he could.

“I think we can win with what he have and if someone has a different opinion I’d be willing to listen to that,” he said. “But if we did nothing we’d still go after our playoff spot and give it a good shot when we get there.”

My translation? “It’s Glen’s call, but here’s hoping he’s got something cooking.”

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  1. “Tom Renney was asked today if the Rangers needed to make any moves before the trade deadline”

    yeah, Schonfeld for Renney

  2. Maybe Beer Me! was expecting, “Yeah Montreal fans for our fans….They helped them win that game the other night.”


  3. Yeh, thats a good point…..Their fans are looiuder than our fans….Too many corp head honchos take up the p-urple seats thats why….True fans are the ones that go to every game….not the ones that sell their season tickets on ticketing websites (ie stubhub) for so much more than face value…..ROBBERY!@!!!

  4. right. that was a not subtle at all slap in the face of Ranger fans. Renney is a jerk, and that just cements it.

    media is in the tank for him because he co-operates with them, gives them quotes.

  5. Kris and Brad make great points. We have been season subscribers since the 70’s and I never see the same people sitting around our seats. The couple on my left, the old couple behind me and a few other people I do see at every game I attend. It is always people that could care less about the game and always stand up during play that buy tickets off these ticket sites. Will the real true Ranger fans that show up when we make the playoffs start attending more games. This will make thew atmosphere much better for us fans and the team. However, since MSG has that dumb ticket exchange where you can sell tickets at any price I do not see anything changing.

  6. Dr. Ogrodnick bows to Leetch on

    The same Montreal fans who don’t understand the icing rule? Sure they were loud, but I came away from that game shocked at their lack of hockey knowledge.

  7. Riche’, I do realize that you get all the major US channels. Was not taking a shot at you all north of the border. I liked what Montreal and Windsor have to offer for nightlife… ;-).

  8. Renney is right. I would LOVE for a high majority of Rangers fans to be traded for Montreal’s fans. You will NEVER see NYers get behind their team the way the Habs’ fans did and do. I noticed this last year too in a game over there. Rangers were down by like 3 goals they got it down to 1, but with every goal the Rangers scored, the fans over there cheered louder. This is what a real fan does. In this city, too many people WANT to boo. They want to secondguess everything as if they actually know more than an NHL coach what to do. I have been to maybe 60 games at the Garden averaging a few per season. This season, after game ONE when fans actually chanted “we want the cup”, I knew what kind of year it would be with the fans there. Disgusting!

  9. Tom,

    Are you sure they can win “as is?” Sixty-two games is a very large sample size, and your team hasn’t won half of those games. Also, in the playoffs, the seven worst teams in each conference won’t be there for easy fodder.

  10. Richard… just to settle things…

    I didn’t mean anything by it, or that you meant anything… I was just clarifying. I grew up in New York (Newburgh) but my family is from Hamilton (left when I was 5 yrs old).

    Montreal is great (spent many a new years eve and one really good bachelor party there!!!)… so is Toronto as far as night life. Never been to Windsor.

  11. Funny… I now live in Orlando… so I’m certainly not one of those NORTH of anything lol…

    except Cuba.

  12. yeah, those mtl idiots throwing crap on the ice, those brilliant fans booing obvious icing calls, those fans booing cancer survivor Saku Koivu and wanting him stripped of the C because he doesn’t speak french.

    yeah, THOSE brilliant, great montreal fans.

    screw renney, he is getting his just desserts from the NYR fans.

  13. How about trading Strudwick, Hollweg, Orr, Betts, Mara, Malik, Valiquette, and Straka for…. let’s see…Sanguinetti, Anisimov, Moore, Korpikoski, Baranka, Montoya, and a couple others, to balance the numbers, that would at least put some young studs with passion, ability, and an NHL future, on the team. It’s called promoting from within, an unheard of concept in the 2 Penn Plaza executive suite.

  14. Are you sure they can win “as is?” Sixty-two games is a very large sample size, and your team hasn’t won half of those games. Also, in the playoffs, the seven worst teams in each conference won’t be there for easy fodder.



    dont you get it!? they learned the *big lesson* from giving up against Montreal and now they are going to “really” start playing a full 60 mins!

    pathetic. this team doesn’t deserve solid fans, it deserves exactly what it caters to: fans down close who are not watching the game and on their cell phones.

  15. Salty,

    It’s pessimistic but true (about the BIG LESSON). They keep saying they’re gonna turn it on. WHEN?

    1st it was “give it time to jell”.

    Then it was “plenty of hockey left”.

    “after the All-star break” or after this 5 day lay-off while the rest of the league catches up”.


    It’s always a lesson about working hard too! How many lesson’s do they need? How many missed opportunities? How many games against the dregs of the league do they have to blow?

    This team used to be the hardest working in the league… where did that go? Taking shifts off… or periods… or entire games. What the hell!!!????

  16. i dont know the only player buck mentioned who really has performed a vital role this year is betts. the rest have been a real disappointment straka included so i dont think the team would be hurt by switching them for young kids…it aint gonna happen, but would be fun

  17. Good lord, do I hate the Devils. They are leading us in the standings again. We HAVE played will against them, but still, I would love to beat them.

    How much would I add to my cap total to make sure they don’t resign their number one center? Lets just say I have veto power. I pay an amount, and veto a deal that keeps a player in a Devil’s uniform.

    What would I pay a year to prevent the Devils from keeping their best line together? 500K? Rangers play the devils 8 times this season, 6 or 7 next. Maybe 250k a game? I would be willing to pay 1.5 million dollars just to keep the Devils from keeping their top line together.

    By this argument, the Rangers are paying Gomez 5.5 in cap dollars to be a top line center, and paying 1.5 in cap dollars to F*&K the Devils.

    Deal of the decade!

  18. Some of you guys have got to get off the edge of the cliff. The Rangers are 6-2-2 in their last 10 and 3-0-2 in their last five. Its not like they’ve lost 8 in a row like the Flyers. If we keep going at this rate over the last 20 games we’ll go 12-4-4 giving us 96 points on the season which will absolutely get us in the playoffs.

  19. So you guys can get a laugh. I’ve been a season ticket holder since the lockout and this year clearly has the dumbest fans that know nothing about the game. One of the games before Leetch night, some woman asked me why Adam Graves #2 was behind the net. I laughed so hard and just walked away.

  20. the dumbest fans IMO are the ones that think getting into the playoffs is the holy grail and are happy to just see the rangers squeak in.

    this is by far, the most frustrating season i’ve ever had as a fan.

    “we can win with what we have”

  21. Salty, I have to agree. Playing to be in the playoffs is the same as playing to win the division — lame. The only thing that matters, outside of just enjoying the games as such, is winning the Cup. Not watching one or two rounds of the playoffs.

  22. salty the east stinks, make the playoffs and the rangers have chance..I disagree on your stance of making the playoffs is not big deal..

    the rangers are young and have many good young players on the way you build teams….

    get Mckee for Malik and some picks and leave it at that……………Improve the d, improve toughness, get more veteran presence do not give up good young players…

  23. Don’t foget about Edmonton a couple of years ago entering the playoffs in 8th place and giving Carolina run. Getting i and peaking is the key–not building up points in the first 40 a la Ottawa

  24. Agreed Salty. Question for you though, if they dominate these next 20 games and are tops in the division while looking like a top 2 or 3 team in the East, does that change your opinion?

  25. no, makes me madder really.

    look i wont act like i wouldnt enjoy that, but it would really piss me off to see that a team that only reacts with a gun to their head. fucking pathetic.

  26. if the team looked like they were trying really hard and just couldn’t manage to pull out wins, it’s a different story to finally turn it around…. buut what we’ve seen this year is a lack of effort all around and a coach that has let EVERYONE off the hook.

    there idiots, you like them so much Chris and anyon eelse go trade in your citizenship and move to Canada.
    they bitch cry and moan even when there players run into each other whining for a penalty.


  28. salty you are a piece of work. You must be a psychologist, where do you have your degree from?

    I am sure you thought the Giants were lazy underachievers also….

    give it a rest, you know what will happen the rest of the season?? You know as much as me, NOTHING..

    I am wrong a week ago you thought the fishies would win 6 in a row and philly lose 9 in a row, we have no clue…

  29. “I am sure you thought the Giants were lazy underachievers also”


    I don’t usually go this route, but stuart:

    You’re an idiot, Shut up.

  30. salty good comeback MORON…

    continue your whinning, bitching, and standard BS…

    Your the standard no solutions whiner….The good news is you have plenty on knuckehead followers, maybe you can lead the group of knuckleheads, it may be a promotion for you!!!!

  31. MikeyNJ,

    Are you retarded? Did I hit a nerve? No I don’t need to move there because as much as I love the Rangers, I am not pathetic enough to let it control my life like some people. Probably yourself.

    Everything I said is true. And anyone getting mad and disagreeing is just incorrect. I don’t care about booing the refs like the Montreal fans did. I hate to break it to you but they do that in NY too. This city is ridiculous. This is why they chant “we want the cup” after ONE GAME in the season. This is why they boo and want the firing of an NFL coach during a freaking winning super bowl season. No patience. It’s just about win now. Here’s the other thing. A high majority of NY fans are bandwagon fans. This is why I NEVER saw Mets gear before a couple of years ago. Now everyone has it. You can’t deny how dedicated Montreal’s fans are. Not just some, but ALL of them. If you can’t handle what I’m saying, tough luck with that.

  32. Chris there are bandwagon fans everywhere. I live in LA most fans are bandwagonners .. mos tfans have the patience of my dogs, nothing new nothing unique to NY.

    NY fans care that is more then most fans…Ranger fans are as good as anywhere check out the other local teams, how are the wings drawing this yr.? WInning 50 games and losing in the 2nd round is not enough for them…

    Fans are generally fans.

  33. Glad to see my name brought up when the coaches name is mentioned. Actually Stuart said it…we know nothing. I know I’ll never be an NHL coach. I’d have to believe that every single coach in the history of the NHL knows more about the game than I do. The problem is, most of you don’t realize that.

    This is one of those times that I’m just going to ignore the topic. It was also a poor decision for a reporter to even ask such a stupid question. Coaches have little control over player trades. That’s why they’re the coach and the GM is the GM. An equally poor decision for Sam to even post something like that. It’s like saying “Here’s the news, there is no news”.

    Newman, I don’t mind when others bring up my ‘name’, but if you do, make sure your interpretation is correct. MTL fans are 10x more passionate than NYR fans are. Sorry if you don’t see it. I wish that quote fell upon understanding ears, but I’m sure you’ll be right back there booing after 20seconds goes by without a PP shot. The quote from Renney was not about the fans ‘helping them win’. If you can’t see it, I don’t know man.

  34. salty – “team that only reacts with a gun to their head.”

    CLUTCH is bad? By that theory you should hope that we get in the postseason by any means necessary. Every game in the playoffs there’s a gun to your head.

    So the ’94 team was “F’n pathetic” too? By reacting the way they did when they “had a gun to their heads” in 2 straight series. Very few want to see this team fail more than you.

  35. onecupin67years on

    What the rangers seem to lack is Heart..A few players have showed it in the past Shanny fighting Brashear,and um Colten Orr fighting anyone but Prucha ,Jagr and others get hammered and no one defends them.But as a whole it aint there.

  36. Chris Drury went Ape$hit at X L B when he took advantage of Jagr. And it was a preseason game! Dubinsky said loud and clear “I like to get my butt kicked for the team” when he challenged Coma-Sarik to a fight!

    Realize this: GMs build there teams through cost/benefit analysis. Trades are made to improve the team, and for no other reason. The reason Malik hasn’t been traded, and you can bank on this, is that it would have made the team WORSE!

    I promise you, if there was a deal that could have moved Malik, and made the team better, it would have been done. Maybe even a 50/50 deal, like Mara for Ward would have been done. But Malik as a top 4 defensemen on this team would not return a top four defensemen from a team that wants Malik. Why? Because a team that wants Malik doesn’t have a spare top four defensemen!

  37. only you and renney consider that useless pylon malik, that selfish oaf, a top 4 dman.

    get a clue. he has not been traded because he is not worth his salary or the players or picks wanted in return in the eyes of the rival GMs. get it?

    some dolt will pick him up now if he can give up very little and now that his salary is down to a fraction of the outlandish $2.5M he is being handed

  38. One thing I would say about Habs fans is this:

    Hockey is the Canadian national sport. It most likely is the only true professional sport in Montreal. I don’t know if they have a CFL team or a basketball team, but I can assure you hockey is that cities sport.

    In NYC you have just much too much to chose from to entertain yourself, and cities like LA and NYC are indicative of the “win now” “satisfaction now” attitude of some “fans” that is pervasive through this country.

    I myself would never, ever boo a Ranger unless I really see him doggin it on the ice. I enjoy watching my team “grow” and have said numerous times on this blog I am excited about having so much homegrown talent on this team and enjoy watching this team develop.

    I’d like to know the cost of Habs seats in relation to the cost of Ranger seats and see if they’re comparable. That might give me an idea as to who is attending games.

    I am 35 years old now. My father and I had season tix my sophomore year in high school, 1988. I loved every minute of that season, even though we just missed the playoffs. Another reason i despise Darren Pang.

  39. SavePangReboundScore! on

    Please trade for Barret Jackman and Ruutu….the Hawks will get back Prucha , Malik, a prospect in Hartford and a draft pick. Thanx Mr. Sather

  40. “…Salty the East stinks.” What – that doesn’t include the Rangers? You know, that moribund team which is carrying SEVEN AHL floaters on the parent club roster. SEVEN PLUGS! Mara, Malik, Strudwick, Orr, Hollweg, Betts, and a glorified Eastern League goalie named Valiquette. And some here think that picking up this trash can veteran or that refuse bin veteran “will put the team over the top.” Over the top of what, the Charlotte Checkers?

  41. Wow, a bunch of grown men sounding an awful lot like whiny emo kids. Win or Lose aren’t we all Ranger fans? Some of you really should find another ORG to root for because you obviously hate the NYR.

  42. tom renney is a clueless jackass that needs to be fired asap. this team has been an underperforming, underachieving embarassment, in large part due to renney’s moronic coaching. FIRE THIS LOSER ASAP!

  43. 1. Fire Renney AND Sather;
    2. Get to talented kids up here from the farm to replace the dregs.

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