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Reader Ryan Hastings checks in with his take on Casino Night (Note that he mentions the stiff drinks, which leads me to wonder how he remembered any of this).

Best Dressed:  Hollweg (white tuxedo with black hat)

Friendliest:  Callahan (was willing to talk about anything at length)

Least approachable:  Jagr (had a body guard plus the Rangers PR guy with
him for most the night)

Most likely to hit on a girl:  Orr (his guest was his brother and they
were enjoying themselves)

Least likely to have laryngitis:  Avery (he was talking just fine)

Dawes was even shorter in person.  A women took a picture with him and
she had to kneel down to get both faces in the photo.  Valiquette was
hysterically laughing at Nigel during this sequence. 

A signed worn Lundqvist jersey from Brian Leetch Night was auctioned off to the
winning bidder (a women) at a price of $3,300.  Sam and Joe were extremely friendly all night and Sam did an amazing job on the microphone.

Straka was only around at the beginning and Hossa did not attend (I assume because he is with Hartford). 

All around, it was a great event.  The food was excellent (and the drinks were quite stiff as well).

Thanks, Ryan. OK, more tomorrow…

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  1. longtimerangersfan on

    “Our highlight of the night was talking to Adam Graves—he is even nicer in person than one would think from watching all that he does for charity and the community on TV. He was the only one who asked us how we were doing and was interested in hearing about our Rangers family stories. I don’t know how else to describe him, other than him being a true “mentsch” and it’s a well-deserved honor the Rangers are giving him by retiring his number. He is certainly a role model.”

    I can bear this out…my daughter and I happened to be at Rye Playland when the team returned from a road trip in the ’94-’95 season and talked with Adam Graves for about 20 min. til his then fiance (I don’t think he was married yet) came to pick him up. We have photos of each of us shaking hands with him. There is NOTHING pretentious about him. Truly a very nice and caring individual.

  2. LTRF, when was this? You up north right now?

    Hope they honor both Graves and Bathgate. The older Ranger generation has been long neglected by the ownership

  3. Bring back Lohan on

    You all are pretty funny. We need more games, more often. For the last 3 days we got to play GM again, secondguess our coach a zillion times, and talk about the city of Montreal including their loyalty, hockey knowledge, etc. Pretty effin sad if you ask me. NYC is a baseball town, always will be. Rich people or corps will always buy the most expensive seats in a city like this, get over it. Just hope its a Ranger fan they are giving or selling the tixx to. There is nothing we can do about it. Get over Tuesday’s game too, its over with. If you want the players to rebound maybe you guys should set the example.

  4. Bring back Lohan on

    So the way I see it, there are 3 spots for 5 teams. We all agree that 96 points will probably get us in. So its between Bos, Buf, Fishsticks, and Philly and us. Im excluding Wash and Atl and everyone below them. We play these 4 contenders a total of 10 times. So lets assume we can manage a 5-3-2 in those 10, which I see as a fair assumption given everyone is around .500. That will give us 80 points. We need to come up with another 16 points with the remaining 10 games (7-1-2). I guess my point is……THIS ISNT EASY!!!!

  5. Jagr wasn’t friendly?

    From what i heard he just didnt want you asking him any questions so he had the body guard there just in case you came up to him :p

    I kid!

  6. Lenny

    Completely agree on Bathgate, but knowing Graves I have a feeling he will ask/demand that Bathgate be there to share in some small way his ascension to the rafters.

    The major disappointment I had with Leetch Night was Brian’s neglect in accepting the honor to cite the other great Rangers who have worn the #2 — most significantly Brad Park but also Doug Harvey and Babe Pratt.

  7. Jagr is clearly a head case right now. I have a feeling the bodyguard was there to fend off what Jagr assumed might be a hostile crowd given his paltry goal stats this season. In all, a pretty sad metaphor for the weakness of his mental state in dealing with adversity. I am an admirer of the guy, but the failure of his confidence, given the greatness he has shown over the long haul, is astonishing. It’s as if he has no deep, certain place within him that tells him it will all be OK. In a word? He’s a panicker.

  8. Damn, a good report, but nothing about Shanny? I have heard that he’s a good guy when dealing with fans. Let this girl have a little bit o’fantasy, please.

  9. In addition to Bathgate, what about Harry Howell, Ron Greshner, Jean Ratelle and Brad Park. They all need to be recognized for their accomplishments.

  10. Regarding Jagr being a head case. Do you blame him. How would you feel if you realized you’re 60% as good as you were 2 years ago. Why Renney allows him in the shoot-out is beyond me. You could take it to the bank that he wouldn’t score. He’s absolutely pathetic. His days should be numbered. He was an absolutely great player. Getting old sucks.

  11. Valiquette was probably laughing because he’s about 3/4 of a foot taller than Dawes. I’m disappointed that Valiquette is not starting in goal on Saturday.

  12. yeah spiderpig you are dissapointed the rangers are not playing there backup goalie with like 12 or 15 career wins instead of there franchise goalie who at 25 has almost a 100 wins including 7 shutouts this yr.

    you can be the gm or coach of my team anytime.

  13. Yeah, I’m disappointed they’re not playing the goalie who’s allowed 3 goals in his last three games, with two shutouts, over the one who has allowed 7 in his last three

  14. With those injuries to Buf, we SHOULD take this one tonight. The only thing that can stop us (I believe) is goaltending. We chased Miller last time, and Hank’s coming off a game where he let in 5 goals. Give any reason you want for those goals, they went past the guy who’s paid to stop them.

    I don’t know if I’d go as far as playing Vally though. I don’t think you can let up on Hank at all. If we’re going anywhere this spring, (like any team) you need your ‘tender to be playing. Back to back this weekend, I’d go with Hank in both. HE makes the choice for the team on Sunday with his performance tonight. There’s another 3 days off after tomorrows game anyway.

  15. I hear what Spiderpig is saying re: Valiquette but these are must win games and Lundqvist is the present and future of this team. He is the better goalie right now and always will be. If he’s having a bad spell, he needs to work through it. He’s only in his 3rd season, I forget how young he is and I expect excellence from him every night. Show confidence in him at these points and he’ll grow and improve and be even better next season and beyond. Once he finds consistency in his game, he’ll be unstoppable. But he needs to play these games, he needs to play through the tough times and he needs to win tonight. Valiquette has done an admirable job but he could be gone come July. He might get one or two more starts this season. They win or lose with Lundqvist and they will for the next 6 years so he gets the start and if I’m the coach, he gets all of them for the rest of the year until the team locks up a playoff spot or is eliminated. Nothing against Valiquette, they just need Lundqvist on top of his game asap and I think he needs to play to get there.

  16. I have not seen Henrik be Henrik is a long time. He’s fighting the puck game in and game out, looks like he is wishing the puck would hit him instead of making the save.

    Come on Hank, get it together!

  17. You know, I’ll say this.

    As tight as this race is in the East and in the Atlantic. Just imagine if Hank had a normal season, Jagr scored 15 more goals than he has and Prucha and Straka each had 5 more goals than they have.

    The Rangers would most likely be sitting in first place and wouldn’t be worried about whether they would make the playoffs or not.

    Going into this season, I don’t think anyone expected Jagr to have the season he has had (lowest points since his rookie season), not did anyone expect Prucha to have 6 goals or for Straka to have the anemic point production he has had this season.

    I guess we should be happy we’re in the position we are given the sub-par point production we have gotten from many players on the team.

    Heck, Avery only has 9 goals doesn’t he? Callahan had a tough sophomore year.

    What I’m also hinting at is next season good be much better if players rebound.

  18. I just want to make one comment about MTL fans. THEY BOO THEIR PLAYERS ON THE PP AND WHEN 5 ON 5 ALSO. It is not just our fans. They did it when down 5-0. Maybe that did turn the game around, they did score 5 in a row.

    Now we move on. A repeat of the last Buff game tonight. LGR!!!!

  19. Vogs,
    I think Jagr, Straka and Prucha are just saving there “inevitable” scoring explosion for the playoffs.

  20. Loneranger: I agree. I think if the Rangers won the cup in 72 or 79, you’d see either 10&2 or 4 already hanging from the rafters. Greschner is my all time favorite, I really started following the Rangers in his rookie year. Get it done tonight!

  21. vogs, so true about hank’s & Jags’ performance. We thought we had a top 3 goalie this year. THIS year we don’t. For the next 6, I’d like to believe that we do. As far as Jags goes…for SURE an extra 10-15 goals from him would have changed the results of a lot of games. And I would confidently say that we could be at least tied for the atlantic lead. If not, in the lead ourselves.

    Unfortunately, we did not get those performances from the two players that were supposed to lead us to the div or conf title. Sure it’s not JUST their fault, but an extra save in a shootout, or Jags hitting net instead of posts or the backboards, could have changed more than we think.

  22. Umm Vogs and Beer Me!,

    This is EXACTLY everyone who knew anything about hockey picked the Blueshirts to win the East.

    But they have not gotten it done. In fact, I was discussing with a colleague of mine the other day this topic: What are the Rangers consistently good at?

    The answer: NOTHING.

    That is the problem. The follow up question is: Is it the coach or the players? I don’t know the answer.

    Flashes of brilliant offense, spectacular D at times, good physical play occasionally, decent goaltending for 1-2 games at a stretch…..The rest of the time they look like the Keystone Kops. It’s like a f-ing bad dream.

    In any case, we need a win tonight. LGR!

  23. That should say, “This is EXACTLY WHY everyone…

    The “This” I am referring to is your highlighting of the gross underperformance by some key players and what it means.

  24. I’d go for the Devils simply because we are playing so much better against them and i’d rather face them in the post season if it came down to it.

    Creating as much space between us and the Isles in the standings would be beneficial.

  25. Who on the Rangers would be a top three forward on most other teams? Who would be a top 6?

    Same for top 2 and 4 defense.

    Do the Rangers have 3 top 3 forwards? Do they have 6 top 6 forwards?

  26. Newman and Beer!

    For me, Renney gets another season, unless of course this team completely collapses in these last 20 games, but I don’t see it happening.

    I would like to see what his team could do without some of the players who are not as fleet as foot. Like Jagr, Shanny, Malik, Mara and even Strudwick.

    When the Rangers are on their game they cause turnovers in the other teams zone and in the neutral zone. The Rangers are off their game when the other team is allowed to dump the puck in because our defense isn’t the quickest to the puck. And that goes for Rozival, Malik, Mara, Struds and even Toots.

    Replacing Jagr and Shanny with two players who will force the puck at the other end of the ice and not allow the other team to get over the red line might equate to more wins.

    So I wonder what kind of team and how much more consistent they will be next season if indeed Renney has the players in place that are more of a fit for his style of hockey.

  27. Can someone answer me these questions?

    I remember watching Classic Rangers Games during the lockout like the 86 playoff run. Why was Gresch scratched so much from like 84-86? Was his back in that bad shape?

    Also, what’s the deal with Mike Rogers? Dude scores like 102 points and then doesn’t play in the playoffs during those years for the Rangers and gets no recognition ever. Is it discrimination against bearded men?


  29. I find it amusing that the Devils fans have to watch MSG and see the *Magic Moments* commercials like the one before the game that was all about Messier. That must make them sick. I am rooting for the Islanders because I don’t want the Devils to be leading the East or leading us by nine points, and the Devils have a game in hand. We will be right back ahead of the Islanders after a win tonight, and we’ll have played the same number of games.

  30. Nasty 1 – Also, when I responded to your *Sam Woo* comment, I forgot that the Rangers had also scored five unanswered goals against Montreal in their previous game. So the Rangers did it twice, Montreal did it once, so the Devils writer has to criticize the Rangers for the time they give it up.

  31. What is even more disgraceful than blowing a 5-0 lead, is management not canning someone’s ass, in the aftermath. In the NFL, when a team blows it on Sunday, someone is GONE, on Monday. If the left tackle permits his opposite number to sack the QB three times in a game – HE IS GONE!

    Stupid, moronic Rangers management did not send a signal that jobs are at stake, connected with horrendous, nightmare results. So these players can just skate around with no concern that their job is at risk. Renney said it all a couple weeks ago – management is COMITTED to the guys who started the season, here. Yikes!

  32. zg –

    Drury, Gomez, Jagr, and probably Dubinsky and Dawes and possibly Shanahan could all be top six forwards on many teams if not just about anywhere.

    It’s the defense where we’ve always had the problem, and a HUGE part of why the Rangers win much more often when they think defense first. It is imperative on this team that all the forwards play defense because frankly the defensemen can’t really make the plays that are needed to give the forwards more leeway offensively. And that’s a huge part of where the goal scoring problems come from. You’re instructing Jaromir Jagr to think defense first because Michal Roszival, 3 or 4 out of 10 times, will be knocked off the puck easily or turn it over. Hey Gomer, get back on D, Malik is back there and if you don’t get it from him the other team will. When I was watching the Ducks game it occurred to me that we didn’t have a single defenseman that could crack their top four (Niedermayer, Schneider, Pronger,Beauchemin). Malik and Strudwick are pretty much not NHL players, Mara has been steady but is probably a great third-pair to decent second-pair guy, Tyutin and Girardi would make the best 3rd pair in the league and I think ultimately second but are both young and still developing. Rozie is a #3 at best but MUST be paired with someone like Mattias Norstrom who is such a superstar defensively that it covers his behind.

  33. Doodie Machetto on

    I’m disappointed about Hunter being locked up for 5 years. That guy is gonna be really good. Ryan Malone should now be one of our top priorities in the offseason.

    Rangers must win today. The Isles have been really hot and are nipping at our heels, and with the way they usually play agains us, I wouldn’t want 8th place to come down to us or them. That’s why it is so important to place above 8th. LET’S GO RANGERS!!

  34. I sit on my duff and write from Vermont….here we have Montreol Radio and newspapers and Canadien TV….The Canadien fans are just as crazy and just as frustrated as My friends here on this blog….15 years since they won a cup ( remember yankee fans during 80’s and early 90’s…and maybe these days too) Some are open minded, some narrow minded and listening to TEAM990 AM radio ( english all sports radio station in Mont.)you get to hear the ups and downs…just like this blog…when Habs are winning “they are going to win the cup, the coach is doing a good job, Komisareck is the best defenseman in league…when thy lose a couple “the coach has no clue and Komisareck takes stupid penalties”… hey; the difference is they are the only game in town up there..the NFL is more popular than their CFL and all they really have are their Habs…in NY the Yanks, Mets, Giants, Jets and even the lowly Knicks get more attention then the Rangers….You ever hear Mike and idiot Mad dog talking NHL?
    maybe when there is a serious injury but thats about it… are fans…there the same anywhere……….
    except Boston that is..those creeps are the worst

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