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Some notes from practice:

<li>A lot of questions about Tuesday night’s meltdown in Montreal, but players and coaches didn’t have much interest in dwelling on the subject long.

“You can’t beat yourself up over it,” Henrik Lundqvist said.

“We’ve had longer video sessions after wins,” Tom Renney said.

So there. The Montreal game never happened! You hear that? IT NEVER HAPPENED!

(We’ll see if that holds up if the Rangers miss the playoffs by a point).

<li>Petr Prucha skated and was subjected to contact. Whether he’s available for Saturday remains to be seen.

“It’s still sore,” Prucha said. “I can’t shoot 100 percent but the last few days it’s gotten much better. I wish I could play on Saturday, but I don’t know yet.”

<li>Sean Avery’s efforts to not talk to the media are at least getting creative. Today came a claim that he has laryngitis, with the left wing even summoning Rangers PR chief John Rosasco to relay as much. Later, when I passed Avery in the hallway, he merely pointed to his throat and shook his head.

Miraculously, Avery has had no problem speaking to his teammates, so it must be a very rare form of the ailment induced by tape recorders and notebooks.

<li>You’ve heard how Brendan Shanahan is good in the dressing room. Today was clear proof, with the right wing standing and offering Nigel Dawes shooting tips in the center of the room.

<li>The Rangers have their annual Casino Night in the city tonight, so players and coaches were busy arranging rides for one another. If any of you out there are going, shoot me an e-mail at if you want to pass along the highlights, and maybe I’ll post something tomorrow.

More later…

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  1. OH it happened alright… I’m even more angry today than yesterday. Seething is I guess the only word for it.

    Glad pro athletes shake things off easier… they’re gonna need to.

  2. stopwiththefourthlinealready on

    Renney… we have had longer game tape sessions after wins… is this jerk off for real. Maybe he saw too many coaching blunders on the tape to show his players.

  3. Riche do you remember the last game when the NYR came back from 3-0 & beat them 5-3? That was Feb 3rd. Did you expect them not to put up a fight this time? Good win, bad loss, end of story.NYR fans tend to make too much out of most things.

  4. I hope they’re not dwelling on that game. If they don’t move past it they’ll be in trouble. Is that what you want hanging over you down the stretch? You want a team moping around b/c they gave up for the last 1/2 of a game? Personally I’d rather them focus on games that they’ve WON, and draw from that.

    Maybe shanny can invent some sort of leg stretching device for Dawes to make him taller.

    Sam – I went to casino night last year…but I guess that doesn’t mean crap huh? haha

  5. stopwiththefourthlinealready on

    I would’ve payed money to hear his speech to the players with a 3 goal lead at the second intermission.

    Renney: “Um guys we are gonna trap and sit back, we kept pressing and they got 2 goals, so just sit back guys. So anyone have any good stories to tell”

    Malik: “Someone actually asked me for my autograph the other day”

    Avery “Was he an islander fan?”

    Malik” Shutup Sean”

    Renney: “Nice come back big guy, Oh i love it when they play rough”

    Malik” Thanks coach”

    Renney “Betts I hope you are ready because I am going to play you a lot in the third”

    Betts “Coach, I appreciate the ice time but wouldnt it be a better idea playing some of our better players more often then me”

    Avery ” Nope thats why malik plays so much”


    Renney ” Nice job big guy”

    Malik ” I try”

    Renney ” So lets review, sit back and dont take ANY offensive chances, heck just dump it in and set up the trap, lets take the ice boys”

  6. Here’s the difference between last year’s stretch run and this year’s: Last year the defense was as good as Lunquist’s ability to play well whereas this year Lunquist is only as good as the defense in front of him. He’s not stealing any games this year. Many great games but also many games with very soft goals. Last year in every shoot-out you just felt he was going to make the safe no matter who the player was. This year he doesn’t have that confidence and we as fans certainly don’t have that confidence. He’s needs to be far more consistant to have an impact during the remaining games.

  7. Sam,

    I’d be happy to send you highlights if you feel like fronting my admission fee…oh yeah, and I’ll need a white tux to match Hollweg’s.

  8. loneranger – that’s one of the reasons we need to make some deals before tuesday. no, not for a goalie. but we were built THIS YEAR to depend on scoring from Jags, and ‘tending from Hank. we’re not getting either.

  9. Doodie Machetto on

    As promised, part 1: scoring wings.

    First, let’s look realistically at which wings will be around next season:

    Avery, Prucha, Dawes, Callahan, Hollweg, and Orr. Jagr will probably resign as well, but it’s not guaranteed. That leaves one spot that requires filling, but we might need 2.

    How I would like the Rangers to fill that spot is with a large player who has some finishing ability. My favorite choices on the wing for this are 1) Ryan Malone, and 2) Trent Hunter. If we can’t land one of them, I’d like to see either A) Michael Ryder B) Radim Vrbata or C) Daniel Cleary. If Jagr goes, I’d prefer either 1 or 2 AND either A or B, but I would also find two of A,B, and C acceptable if 1 or 2 are not available. I would not accept 1 and 2. If none of those players are available, I’d like either Huselius or Demitra, under the right contractual circumstances.

    Of course, this assumes Cherepanov is not coming to North America next year. If that were the case, I would like to see him get a shot at making the roster.

    What I see the team ACTUALLY doing is either luring Straka or Shanahan (or both) back for one more season, or making a pitch for Marion Hossa, if he isn’t signed by then. If Shanny, Straka, and Hossa are all unavailable, I expect them to resign Marcel Hossa, and probably one of our old dregs like Rucinsky. Hey, maybe that’s why Slats wants to trade for him! God help us. Why not pick up Petr Nedved while we’re at it?

  10. vincea the reason a good D man could be had in a trade are numerous, like he’s an UFA that’s not going to resign with his present team, so they might want to get something for him. Like the many NYR fans looking for Jagr, Shanahan, Straka, Avery, Rozival, & more to be traded now, instead of just adding that D man.

  11. CASINO NIGHT!??!!? CASINO NIGHT?? ARE THEY SERIOUS??? HAHAH after a loss like that it doesnt matter what the casue for casino night is, they should cancel it….thats a joke…..pretty much rewarding the players for losing a 5 goal lead…..good job by the coaching staff, Gm , and whoever runs the PR dept…what a complete farce!!! Totally ludicrous!!!

  12. we have a winner!!! F’n Idiot of the day!!!!!

    congrats Kris. You bucket full of sh-t is waiting for you.

    The event is for the Garden of Dreams stupid. It’s more of a chore for the players to be there than anything. This is for sick kids you a-hole.

    I can’t believe I just wasted my time responding to that.

  13. Doodie Machetto on

    Part 2: size on the wing is partly covered by part 1. I would want to have either Malone or Hunter. If they aren’t available, and if one of our size players in Hartford doesn’t prove himself worthy (i.e, Moore, Jessiman[HA!]), then we need to get the absolute fastest forwards around. We should also really focus on getting bigger on defense, because our forwards are going to get pushed around, a lot.

    What I think the team will do is try and bring back Shanahan, and barring that, might give Greg Moore a chance. But don’t count out the possibility of doing something stupid, like signing Rucinsky, or something REALLY stupid, like signing Gary Roberts.

  14. Kris your comments are over the top, relax man. It is a hockey game, yes they blew it but the rangers are very good in the communitty.


  15. A chore??? My regards to the sick kids……Playing casino games all night long with fans that throw up $500-$2000 doesnt seem too much like a chore to me???? Wheres my bucket?? HAHAHA

  16. doodie………..

    come on yeah the rangers will sign roberts he is over 40!!!!!!!!!!

    those are your old beloved rangers this is the new rangers, they have 9 players under 25 that played Tuesday night…

    they have numerous prospects on the way(cherapanov, ansimov, sanguinetti, etc) they have not been this loaded in a long long time…

  17. kris – I was there last year, and let me tell you, with the exception of 5-6 guys, the rest of the team looked like they’d rather be at home laying on their golden couches watching their 500″ tv’s. Don’t let the interviews and pics fool you. I have some of my own pics that they look like they couldn’t be bothered. But again, not all.

    I’m still filling you bucket! haha

  18. doodie – funny you put [HA!] next to jessiman’s name. I sent my brother an email like that this a.m. with the same thing.

    Makes you think why you would want to trade for draft picks in the 1st place. Of course there are exceptions.

  19. Beer me, right on.

    And I totally agree with most of you — we should trade absolute crap for some awesome players. Silly Slats, doesn’t he know anything?

  20. Doodie Machetto on

    stuart, our “old beloved Rangers” are still being run by the same old beloved GM. Just because he hasn’t recently doesn’t mean he isn’t capable of doing so.

    And by the way, Roberts is 41.

  21. Isn’t it weird that in 32 games this season, Cally has 5 goals and NO assists? Geez, what a puck-hog!

  22. I wasn’t being sarcastic… I’m glad they don’t react like I do.

    bklynblue… I do remember NYR coming back from 3-0.

    Personally I’d have rather lost that game and won when we were up 5-0.

    Just an opinion. I realize that not everyone is with me on that. Seems to me like blowing a 5 goal lead in 20 somwthing minutes is a big deal.

  23. ……Playing casino games all night long with fans that throw up $500-$2000 doesnt seem too much like a chore to me????



    If I was Lundqvist I wouldn’t even want to spend 5 seconds with dopes like myself and everyone else who posts here or goes to the garden! The fact some of these guys have to literally pull models heads out of their laps and put pants on for a few minutes to go to these things says enough about how much they want to be there.

    BeerMe, I would love to see pics from last year, probably some hilarious shots of players looking as miserable as animals in the zoo…and Jagr probably actually safe behind some chickenwire…

    I can’t believe that dude thought this was some treat for the players! Trust me dude, if youve made it to that level, you value your time away from the scenes when you get to actually cash in on everything a little bit.

    Purell stock probably jumps a bit on days like this when these guys know theyre going to be meeting and greeting “garden faithful” all night.


    Beer Me, for real, are your pics up anywhere?

  24. Speaking of sick kids, I have one.
    My 16 year old grandson Cam (Cameron) is going back to the hospital again.
    Remember awhile ago I mentioned him getting heart surgery. You all were so very kind to send him your best wishes. And you guys really cheered him up – the Ranger community is the best ! Well the heart is not responding like we hoped.
    On Feb 25th he’s going to have a temporary pace maker but back in until all the infection around the heart is cleared. After 6-8 weeks he’ll get a permanent pace maker . This is the 7th surgery he’s had in his short life.
    The kid can’t attend school, can’t be involved in sports & spends most of his time with doctors. Great life for a 16 year old young man, eh !
    Here’s where I need help.
    The kid, like all of us loves the Rangers.
    I’m trying to get some autographed pictures of some of the players for him. I’ve tried mailing & e mailing the Rangers, but have yet to get a response.
    Any one know how I can get some autographs made out to Cam ?
    It doesn’t have to be Jagr or Shanny. Hell the kid loves them all. Even Malik, he feels sorry for him and how the fans boo him.
    Sam – can you help me ?
    It’s not for me – just trying to get a sick kid to smile.


  25. salty – funny you should say jagr was behind chickenwire. He was the ONLY ONLY ONLY player that was behind a velvet rope. I saw him take a pic with some hot chick and a lady in a wheelchair…that’s it. I didn’t waste my time with him. There was a group of rozy, cullen, straka, malik that were hysterical. They were laughing at malik b/c someone asked if he was Marty Straka. still makes me laugh.

    I don’t have pics up anywhere, but there was one on the rangers website. They had like 8 pics from the event after a week or so. I’ll try to find the link.

  26. “Personally I’d have rather lost that game and won when we were up 5-0.

    Just an opinion. I realize that not everyone is with me on that. Seems to me like blowing a 5 goal lead in 20 somwthing minutes is a big deal.”

    I can’t agree with that. Respect your opinion and all, but you learn nothing from winning 5-0. You learn a hell of a lot more from blowing a 5 goal lead and losing. It looks horrible to most, but it might just be the best thing that could happen to this team. It should teach the players that they can’t take any lead for granted so next time they are up 5-0 they’ll keep trying to skate and score instead of packing it in. Then again Renney has to learn that too. He should. If he doesn’t then I don’t know what to say about his intelligence. haha.

  27. sorry, the link is no longer good. Without being able to copy/paste them here, no can do.

    guys that looked like they didn’t care…

    hollweg, avery, jagr, for sure. Shanny was out with the concussion at the time, so he couldn’t take pics(flash), so he played hold’em facing a wall. Orr was one of the friendliest. Mara & Vally too.

  28. Beer Me I’m sure there’s quite a difference between the candid pictures you took and the hand selected ones used on the website! That’s what I was hoping for, you catching a guy like Mikey Nylander looking like he’s about to slit his wrists open or something.

    What else can you tell us about this event? Open bar? Do the guys get swarmed or what? Does anyone not go? Do fans show up in typical fan gear or does everyone dress up a little bit? About how many in attendance?

  29. Tony, my best to your family and especially your grandson.

    This, tonight is a charity function, bottom line, gives the fans a chance to mingle with the players. One loss is not going to make players not go or people not go. Its in the past let the game go. Ugh tired of hearing it.

  30. surprised hollweg and avery didn’t care… considering he climbs around the stands like a monkey..hollweg I also thought would be one of the clowns making a drunken show out of himself for attention. he disgusts me, he’s like a foul being. cut your hair. shave once a week at least. learn to talk like a human. damn dude. when they were doing that guitar hero thing in his apartment they did a close up of him talking and you could see this string of white saliva connected between his two lips when he was talking for a like… a good while. SO FOUL. I would use purell after shaking his hand.

  31. I love to reminisce about that event. To get the cheezy part out of the way first, I proposed to my (now) fiance that night. All the players around shaking hands and stuff was cool. (yes, she’s a fan too).

    I think they sell about 500 tickets, and usually sell out. I think that was the 6th or 7th year of it. I think toots may have been the only guy missing, he was out with a knee I think. Otherwise if they’re healthy, they’re there.

    Hank was mobbed, couldn’t get to jags, who was oddly paired with weeks at a roulette table(dealing). Some of the guys were dealing, some playing, some just chillin.

    Sam Rosen was awesome to talk to, and his retarded side-kick micheletti spent his night going up to people and introducing HIMSELF.

    Spoke to nylander for a little bit, he had that big gash on the side of his face at the time. We talked about his stick-handling practice habits. Don’t remember much…yes…open bar.

    At first it’s hard to get to everyone, but it’s the fastest 4 hours you could experience. Especially when you can’t get adam graves to stop talking. I thought he was going to ask to borrow money or something! haha

    attire is like a ‘casual formal’ if that makes sense. They say ‘black tie’, but only the players were in tuxes. I felt overdressed in a black suit. But a collared shirt was a must.

    Gotham Hall is gorgeous. Food wasn’t very good, just hors d’oeuvres, wasn’t really there to eat. Grabbed dinner at cafe31 before it anyway.

    oh yeah, orty was pretty cool too. he had just come back from his condition so it sounded like he talked about it all night.

    A lot of rich kids there that had no idea who these guys even were. Don’t get me wrong…i’m not rich by any stretch of the imagination, but given the circumstances(proposing), it was a nice way to spend my tax return last year.

    happy to answer any other questions.

  32. *BY THE WAY*
    Theres a great article on right now about how *high risk, high reward trades* MADE the ’94 cup team. It’s specifically about the Rangers in 1994 and how they raised an eyebrow with those questionable deadline moves, but in the end, they were obviously the right choices.


  33. Hugh has in no way developed as he was expected to (tho the rangers expectations ie don maloney were off the mark here) he would definitely be an improvement over hollweig on the fourth line and he could probably handle third line as well…id be surprised if he sticks around with the rangers after this year if he has any say in the matter

  34. Doodie Machetto on

    “Grabbed dinner at cafe31”

    I LOVE that place. My friend’s uncle owns it and it’s a must before and after every game that I go to.

    Sometimes we just meet there to watch the game if we don’t have tickets.

  35. Beer Me, thats awesome.

    Some day I’m sure I’ll venture to one of them, when I’m really in love with the roster and am feeling proud of the organization.

    There’s an 80%+ chance I would leave with at least a broken jaw if it’s open bar and Renney was mingling about.

  36. I kinda liked it the old way more though. I know they spent loads of $ to renovate it, but I still like the old bar.

  37. haha – Notice I didn’t mention anything about Tom? I’ll save that for another day. Though, I’ve posted here before the whole interaction I had with him. That meeting is a large part why I support him.

  38. Doodie Machetto on

    “I kinda liked it the old way more though. I know they spent loads of $ to renovate it, but I still like the old bar.”

    I agree with you on the bar, but they did that to increase their restaurant business, which I think is vastly superior to what it used to be.

  39. There is now fevered speculation that the Rangers and Blues are close to completing a blockbuster 5 player swap that would see Martin Rucinsky and Christian Backman going to New York in exchange for Marek Malik, Petr Prucha and rookie forward Nigel Dawes. Sources close to the deal are saying the deal has been submitted for review and is pending final approval on both sides. The nexis of the deal appears to be struggling blueliner Backman, and promising youngster Dawes. The Rangers were loath to include the diminutive Dawes, and instead were pushing Marcel Hossa but the Blues were having no part of the enigmatic Hossa. Prucha, a small but feisty winger who has scored 30 goals in the NHL, has struggled to recapture his rookie numbers and has become a bubble roster player. Malik and Rucinsky are basically a wash, as two aging vets who best days are clearly behind them. In Backman, the Rangers are getting a player who similar to Prucha, has struggled to find the promising game he showed as a rookie, though he has remained solid in recent weeks. The Blues could clearly wind up winners in this deal, if Dawes can turn his AHL success into NHL success.

    If Sather makes this deal, he should be shot.

  40. doodie – I never really ate dinner there until they re-did it. So I guess the idea really worked. And the new tv’s are sweet.

  41. Doodie, got it from another blog. I classified it a rumor but knowing Sather as I do, figured it was a good rumor and posted it here.

  42. Doodie Machetto on

    I don’t think he would give up both.. it’s too steep of a price. Maybe one, definitely not both.

  43. That deal would be a disaster. Rucinsky is at the end of his career, and Backman is not proven like a Boyle.

  44. Doodie Machetto on

    Rob, he is nothing like Boyle in style of play either. Boyle is not what the Rangers need. Backman is the type of player who is. The only thing is, that’s MUCH too much to pay

  45. You sure you have the right Backman? Why in hell would we went Christian Backman? If its Barrett I would do that in a heartbeat. I am all for Prucha being traded. Dawes I would rather hold onto personally but Prucha is expendable, whether anyone here agrees or not. Callahan does what he does but better.

  46. Doodie Machetto on

    Oh yeah Ian, I’m with you. Barret Jackman, not Christian Backman. If it’s Backman, the trade is horrible.

    Backman is currently out with foot problems (I think it’s broken bones) and has another year on his K at 3.4 million (although the cap number is 2.3). I imagine if there is any truth to it, it has to be for Jackman, who is an impending UFA.

  47. terrible trade idea, prucha and dawes for ruscinsky and backman… Presently Backman stinks….

    Again get a dman and trade the likes of montoya, malik, mara, picks, and other 2nd tier type talent that is it(moore, byers, koripokoski,etc.)…..

  48. Jackman won the Calder in 2003.. Drury and Gomez won it their rookie years, so this guy MUST become a Ranger.. :)

  49. jay feaster, the Tampa GM ,is shopping Brad Richards, and he is saying he will keep Boyle and re-sign him.

    top sellers from Kevin Allen of USA Today—

    Top sellers

    1. Columbus Blue Jackets: Officially the Blue Jackets are undecided about selling because they are still in the playoff race. But it seems likely that they will be the belle of the ball on trade deadline day. If they don’t re-sign Adam Foote, it would seem logical to move him. Sergei Fedorov, Mike Peca, Ron Hainsey, David Vyborny and Jan Heyda are all potential rental players.

    2. Toronto Maple Leafs: General manager Cliff Fletcher has the top prize of the trade deadline season in Sundin. Most of the top contenders would like Sundin. My hunch is that the price for Sundin will match or exceed what the Nashville Predators paid for Peter Forsberg last spring, top prospect Ryan Parent, everyday player Scottie Upshall and a first-round pick. Fletcher would like to move other players, but the contracts of Pavel Kubina, Darcy Tucker, etc., make them difficult to trade.

    3. Los Angeles Kings: Rob Blake has said he doesn’t want to waive his no-trade clause, but my hunch is not all of the cards have been played in his scenario. Essentially, Blake can dictate where he wants to go, and he might still do that. Considering his affinity for the West Coast, the Ducks and Sharks seem like a good possibility. Although the Kings have shown a desire to re-sign Brad Stuart, there is no deal done yet. Stuart also would draw considerable interest, particularly with the lack of available defensemen.

    4. Atlanta Thrashers: General manager Don Waddell would prefer to re-sign Hossa, but that appears unlikely to happen. He will reluctantly trade him, even though he’s still fighting to win the Southeast Division. He undoubtedly try to get someone back who can help him in that mission. He will want a young player who can play immediately.

    5. Tampa Bay Lightning: Presuming the Lightning will sign Dan Boyle, their top rental will be Vinny Prospal, a player with good hands. But is reporting that new ownership is asking GM Jay Feaster to explore what kind of deal he could make to trade Brad Richards. The only problem is that Richards has three years remaining at $7.8 million a season. But there are teams that would like to add a big name to their mix, such as the Edmonton Oilers.

    6. St. Louis Blues: If a team is looking for defense, St. Louis is the place to shop. Barret Jackman and Bryce Salvador are both going to be unrestricted free agents this summer, and negotiations between Jackman and the Blues haven’t yielded success thus far. Jay McKee might also be a defenseman of interest, although his $4 million salary in each of the next two seasons puts him on the long-shot list.

  50. prucha’s shoulder doesn’t need to be healthy enough to shoot. it just needs to be healthy enough to allow him to be steamrolled, knocked down and taken out of the play since thats all he does

  51. BeerMe… no wonder you support Renney so much, you’re a victim of his spells!

    This guy is a charisma merchant. He gives you a licking with that golden forked tongue and you get those hypnotic spirals in your eyes…. must….believe….renney……….such…..nice….guy!

    The dude is a pickup artist, a snake oil salesman, all talk, no substance there.

    I’m not kidding when I say I woul dprobab;y get in trouble if I was drinking and we crossed paths. I would start off so innocently and then start throwing him curveballs.

    “Why exactly do you think you have such a hard time handling and instructing talented, proven hockey players? Do you ever feel ashamed of being given a ferarri and crashing it into a brick wall all season? How does Jagr’s pen fifteen taste? “

  52. If Sather moves Dawes in the rumored deal to St. Louis, Sather will replace at long last John Ferguson as the worst trademeister since Ferguson gift-wrapped Rick Middleton to the Bruins for a comatose Ken Hodge. Middleton simply went on to stardom in Beantown as will assuredly Dawes in Bluestown! Trade Rangerbill94 instead.

  53. Dawes is no star. he will be a small, decent scoring winger with backchecking flaws. but a star, no way.

  54. You learn NOTHING from winning, 5-0! Right, like Bill Gates learned nothing from founding MSFT.

  55. If the Rangers would just stand pat – not make any trade. Making a trade for old vets just further holds up the promotion of legimate AHL prospects, next year. Straka, Malik, Jagr, and Shanahan are enough old guys to phase out. We don’t need to keep bringing in more trash from other organizations, it just holds up our own natural systemic talent flow. This club should look ahead, it is dead in the water for this season, and picking up a couple more veterans won’t change a damn thing.

  56. i dont think i would stand pat, the east is so up for grabs right now the right trade could put us over the top

  57. salty – haha, no. but nice try. I’ve never asked anyone to see it my way. Just state my thought process on it.

    You know, or at least have an idea of the answers you would get though. They’re fair questions for sure. But the man to answer those questions won’t speak to the NY media, so we’re all s.o.l. If you asked every person that collects a NYR paycheck, you’d probably get tons of different answers too.

    Salty, if you ever thought to do anyone a favor, try this one. Don’t say this season is over until the last game is played.

    What would constitute a ‘failure’ this year? (again, remember that there is 20 games to be played.)

  58. I wonder if it would take much to get Adam Foote from Columbus. Seems like a perfect pickup. Offer Prucha and a pick or some other b level prospect and a 3rd round pick. Maybe even Malik,if they want an expiring contract. Sheesh, starting to sound like an NBA trade. I wonder if in 5 years the most valuable commodity at the trade deadline will be expiring contracts, like in the NBA.

    Foote for Malik and a 2nd rounder, or Prucha and a 3rd rounder, or Bourret and a 4th rounder…

  59. Going back couple threads…

    Staal Wart – It’s funny that in that video of Jagr that you posted, the only real breakaway move he had was the same one he tried Tuesday, but the puck slipped off of his stick on Tuesday.

    Nasty 1 – It’s funny how Woo (the Devils writer you referenced) mentions how horrible it was that the Rangers gave up five consecutive goals, but fails to notice that Montreal had given up five consecutive goals in the first half of the game.

  60. hold on are we getting backman or jackman. if so backman sather should be hung. this trade is god awful

  61. Tony from AZ: I don’t know who you’ve been emailing, but try snail-mailing someone at MSG. All the best to your grandson for a speedy recovery!

  62. Ian – I had posted a link on the last thread that quoted Foote saying he won’t waive his no-trade clause to go anywhere and he plans on signing a contract soon with the Jackets.

  63. If it’s Jackman, Dawes is a fine price to pay, I think. I’m not convinced he’s going to a great NHLer.

  64. the team has already failed in my eyes.

    it’s one thing to lose/be a losing team.

    it’s another thing to not play with any heart.

    and it’s a completely different thing to be a losing team that doesn’t play with heart. that is what the Rangers somehow are, yet again. and people are now calling for marion hossa to be the savior. holy shit.

    the only way i will see this year as a success is if we somehow lose Jagr, Renney, or both.

    I feel bad for the people that expect this team to suddenly start caring. It’s pathetic how the fans keep making up excuses.

    “We lost after being up 5-0, but I think they really learned a lesson this time!”

    what about the lesson they learned from getting shitkicked by the Coyotes? How about the review in effort the Kings dealt us a couple of games ago?

    -All- *most* of it comes back to Renney IMO.

  65. BRIEF TANGENT!! Did anyone watch the Devils game last night? The GMs meet last week and Emerick said they were going to go report some new goalie equipment rules and regs that hopefully will increase scoring next year. Did anyone read or hear about the new rules??

  66. Jagr seems like such a distraction for the rest of the team, and if hes not being an elite player, he ends up “costing” the team more in a variety of ways. Whether you agree or not, I assume you know what I’m saying?

    Bottom line = the old “as jaromir goes, so go the rangers” idea that renney has touted for so long really bothers me, its like right off the bat the team is being conditioned to rely on this guy.

  67. I give credit to Bettman for standing firm against the phony goalie bs from guys like brodeur, who resigned from the committee in whiny protest.

    during the all star game, manny legace was miked, and he was protesting to bettman, who was in the booth, because bettman said the goalies have to cut back on the equip. legace started to complain in only half kidding. and bettman stood firm, and said they were going to reduce the size of the ridiculous goalie michelin man look.

    it has hurt the game. look at the goalies from 1979. JD and Dryden were both huge guys. but their equipment was tiny, and there was plenty of net to see.

    now, guys like nabokov, half their size, has way bigger equip than they had. it is outrageous.

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