Boyle on Rangers’ radar?


That’s what Larry Brooks is reporting, saying the Lightning’s new ownership situation “might be a break for the Rangers in their ability to acquire dynamic defenseman, Dan Boyle”:

As a puck-mover and certainly as a power play quarterback, Boyle would be a huge addition for the Rangers, although one has to wonder at what price. If I were running this team, I’m certainly not in seller mode, and I’m obviously open to moves that could push this team over its current hump. But not if it means parting ways with any of its most important young assets.

That list definitely includes Brandon Dubinsky, Marc Staal, Ryan Callahan, and Bobby Sanguinetti, and it probably includes Nigel Dawes and Petr Prucha as well. If teams want to talk about Al Montoya, Greg Moore, Lauri Korpikoski or Alex Bourret, that’s a discussion at least worth having. But my guess is with the exception of Montoya, whose star might also be fading, those aren’t the players other teams are targeting.

Meanwhile, Brooks is also reporting that Glen Sather is making headway in his contract discussions with Sean Avery; and that Marek Malik has been dangled in front of St. Louis president John Davidson as a way to bring back Martin Rucinsky for his gazillionth fourth stint in New York.

A self-indulgent note: congratulations to my older brother Josh, who led his Keio Academy boys basketball team to a thrilling buzzer-beating win yesterday in the Section 1 Class C playoffs.

The win means a second trip to the County Center for Keio in three years. Not bad for a coach who actually played hockey in high school….

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  1. Liles is a better move then Boyle. He is better, faster, and younger ….

    Liles or Jay Mckee for toughness if they go the tough route instead of the speed route…..

    pass on Ruscinsky I hate him…

  2. Repost

    Problem is I doubt they are going to put Rucinsky on the fourth line if we get him. They will probably play him with Jagr because they are buddies. And moving Malik leaves us thin on D. I know we all hate him, but we need a D man. From somewhere, and not from Hartford. We need a proven first line guy.

  3. Yes for Boyle. He has a no trade clause and has expressed a desire to play in NY. Wait until July 1st then sign him.

    Heard JD likes Malik, forget about Ruchinsky. Throw Montoya or Rosival in there too and get Jackman. Boyle and Jackman would be welcomed additions next season . Staal, Tyutin, Girardi and one of Baranka, Sauer, Liffiton as the 6th defenseman.

    There are at least two big hitting defenseman in the June draft. Hopefully have enough draft picks and hope they are available.

    Brian Campbell really stunk up the joint the last time the Rangers played Buffalo. No to him.

    Kaberle would require the Rangers giving up too much.

  4. stopwiththefourthlinealready on

    I live in buffalo and see campbell all the time… I truly believe he is better than boyle… that one game was an abberation. IF the rangers are trying to bring in somebody to spark the team how about moving possible guys who will be our UFAs at seasons end like i brought up yesterday. Straka is a nice player but by no means is essential. If dangled he might bring back a nice return. A team looking for a forward like an anaheim that has a lot of good defenseman wouldnt be a horrible way to go.

  5. stopwiththefourthlinealready on

    Obviously Jagr and Shanny (UFA’s at seasons end) are staying because they are essential to this years playoff run. Rosival is most certainly not, especially if we pick up that PP QB we are looking for. While we could definitely use that I am more interested in seeing us get a mean defenseman that can move someone from the front of the net.

  6. I’d move Dawes if it netted the Dman we’re looking for. Prucha too. Lightweight wingers are a dime a dozen in the league. Puck-moving Dmen are the ones that are hard to come by.

    I’m on the fence if Campbell or Boyle is our guy. Campbell is a year or so younger. Boyle seems to have a better shot from the point. Most of Campbells points are assists. Add that to a PP that doesn’t get in front of the net…and you won’t see a change. I guess I’d lean towards Boyle. But at the end of the day, if Pearn can’t get guys in front on the PP, it doesn’t really matter who you bring in.

  7. stopwiththefourthlinealready on

    Campbell is 3 years younger than boyle…. His goal scoring is down a little bit this year but normally is good for 15 and he is someone who can carry the puck end to end which is severely needed.

  8. The guys have been going to the net more lately. They stopped playing after the 5-0 lead and they got burned. Hope they learned an important lesson.

  9. Sam I agree, trade guys from Hartford, not from the NHL roster unless it’s Malik, Mara, or Hossa. All they really need for this season is a D man, but not a rental unless they plan on signing him long term.

  10. stopwiththefourthlinealready on

    Also we do have a lot of undersized wingers so do not be surprised if one of them moves… and do not be shocked if its prucha because in this salary capped world of the NHL, his production is significantly too low for his salary. While its tough to blame prucha when renney doesnt allow him to play the pp where he has proved successful, dawes gives comparable production for a third of the price. I love pruchas heart and his love for NY and would hate to see him go, but Salaries are so important these days and his big contract could turn out to bite him

  11. I’d like to see Jackman, but JD is too smart to deal him. In my world, I’d make this my offer to JD…

    Malik, Prucha, & a draft pick for Jackman. Thus, replacing Prucha with Dawes/cally (full time) and Malik with Jackman. That pick would probably have to be a 2nd rounder at least. But once again…if you want something good, you have to give something up.

  12. stopwiththefourthlinealready on

    If you go out and pay what its going to take to get boyle or campbell or anyone significant for that matter, youve got to think that they’d be targeting signing them long term

  13. A note on Campbell that I actually typed yesterday and did not post: Remember Cally’s goal where he crushed Campbell behind the Buff net and then beat him to the front of the net for the tip in. If that had been a Ranger D man who got beat like that, we would be calling for his head.

    I know it was a one off game and I have seen Campbell skate (anyone remember his 360 move coming out of his zone one of the last times we played them?) and I think he is good. I am just pointing out both sides…

    Rucinsky again? Come on, we can do better than that. But moving Malik would be a huge plus.

  14. Is there a way we could get Hossa and Exelby from Atlanta? Exelby always seems like a snarly D man when we play them. Just a thought. Malik, Prucha, Montoya, and Hollweg for Hossa , Exelby, and a pick?

    I don’t know. Or do we focus more on a legit #1 offensive Dman?

  15. stopwiththefourthlinealready on

    Moving malik really would be addition by subtraction. Even if all you can get is rucinsky. Maybe he takes strakas role then and you dangle marty straka for that d-man. I know it sounds like i hate straka. I dont, but realistically he is old, is underproducing offensively, would fetch a nice return and probably wont be back next year anyways.

  16. newman – I remember the spin move. Great skater, no size though. I’d hate to get even smaller than we are now.

    I personally think the price for Campbell is too high. I’m not discrediting his ability, just don’t know if it’s worth it.

  17. stopwiththefourthlinealready on

    how about straka for Matthieu Scneider. It would be a great complement to a potential malik for rucinsky swap.

  18. I’d pass on Rucinsky even if it does include getting rid of Malik. Have to disagree with Sam though on the Dawes and Prucha comment. If we can bring back a puck moving defensemen who can quarterback the power play, I’d be willing to part with one of them. Duby and Staal are definate untouchables and I’d be on the fence with Callahan.

  19. stopwiththefourthlinealready on

    Beer me i dont know what he is worth but we should at least find out since we will probably lose him for othing at years end

  20. 4thline – Personally, I don’t see him as much more as a ‘throw-in’ guy in a trade. I’d rather hold onto him and his playoff experience for now. He only likes 1yr deals, so next year he’d be even cheaper.

  21. Dr. Ogrodnick bows to Leetch on

    I would like Liles, and I would like to pass on everybody else mentioned, except for maybe Jackman. Boyle can be had over the summer, and enough other teams are interested to force us to part with a prospect that should be untouchable to make it happen.

  22. I’d do a Malik for Rucinsky swap in a heartbeat if we had a good defenseman to bring up so that Struds could be used as a #7 d-man. Of course if we can pull of both deals without losing too many picks or prospects then great. I’m not set on either Dawes or Prucha this season so i would be willing to let them go to get Boyle (if we can re-sign the guy to an extension).
    I would love to see us go after Hossa senior.

  23. I’d like that Liles trade rumor we’ve heard for months. Wonder why Slats didn’t make the deal. Unless it was the COL side that wouldn’t go for it.

  24. Prucha was once an untouchable. You can’t go by one season to determine if a guy will flourish in the NHL. Prucha needs to bulk up, and gets some protection while learning to play smarter. The other teams aim for him, similar to what they do Jagr. He’s scored 30 & 20, and can play 2 way hockey. To me he’s better than Dawes right now. Renney has not put him in spots to prove it. But I think both Sather & Renney know Prucha is a good NHL player.Sather didn’t give him $1.6 for the fun of it. He’s a future 1st or 2nd liner hopefully for the NYR .

  25. Doodie Machetto on

    How about this: Not trading for either Boyle or Campbell since they are both not worth what we would have to give up to get them, and still don’t address our number 1 need on defense, a shutdown defenseman.

    stuart, you still owe me an apology.

  26. stopwiththefourthlinealready on

    NO way is straka limited to a throw in at this point, while his market value is debatable is available he would be in high demand. And yea you can not trade rosival until you pick up someone better whether it be in the same deal or a seperate one. But if for arguments sake you get campbell, then you can shop rosival for a nice return. Teams would love him based on his goal totals alone. He wouldnt fetch as much as a campbell or boyle would but he would command a significant return.

  27. bklyn – “Sather didn’t give him $1.6 for the fun of it.”

    I totally see what you’re saying in that post. But $9mil for holik should tell you that Slats can make salary errors of giganitc proportions. He could have simply overpaid him. Do we know why Prucha is always smiling now??

  28. The problem with Liles is Colorado wanted too much in return from what i remember reading a few weeks ago when it was first mentioned.

    I read earlier that the Blue Jackets might be ready to let Adam Foote go as they are so far out of 8th. He’d create some space in the crease for Hank to see the puck.

  29. 4thline – I guess we’re looking at straka in 2 different ways. I’d be happy with a prospect in return. He’s toyed with retirement for the last few years. He’s just a rental at this point, and one that’s had an unproductive season. And if you can land a dman 1st, then you can shop rozy for sure.

  30. You can’t trade Malik unless you get a D back. Strudwick is a great team player but horrible, slow hockey player. I know Malik is slow, but I’d take him over Struds. I’d get a bruiser on D rather than another puck mover. I’ve seen too many goals scored on 2nd and 3rd shots while the D are trying to stick check. Remember Gaborik from Minnesota having a field day without a scratch? Remember Prucha getting plastered into the boards by Brent Burns without retaliation? I want a bruiser back there to lay some people out.

  31. stopwiththefourthlinealready on

    This is a Sellers market. While the rangers should not and will not be selling off their entire team, smart decisions need to be made. Now anyone who is a UFA and you do not think is essential to our playoff run or future should most definitely be shopped to see there worth. OUR UFA’s are Shanny, Jagr, Avery, straka, rosival, malik, mara. Shanny, Jagr and Avery are all going nowhere. It is more than concievable that the other four are playing their last seasons as rangers. Not saying you give them away, becuase you would need to fill those holes but see what they would bring back and reevaluate.

  32. zg – because that’s the excuse we’re going with on why the PP isn’t working. Opposed to not being able to hit the net or have the guts to stay in the slot long enough to bang in rebounds. (shanny & dru excluded)

  33. Salty, why is that trade proposal that I mentioned so unbelievable? I am just curious?


    no offense Nast… but you want to offer basically shit and an uproven potential starting goaltender for one of the NHL’s Most Elite players AND a good toughguy AND THEN a pick?

    The meat of that trade is Montoya for Hossa, but does ATL even need a netminder? We’ve seen this all year… you cant trade your minced clams for a lobster tail.

  34. stopwiththefourthlinealready on

    Assuming you target campbell, a guy like girardi could be someone to build the package around. He is 24 with nice offensive upside and locked up for 2 more years at a reasonable price and then after that he is still an RFA. A team like buffalo with a cheap owner would greatly value someone like girardi. I like him and by no means do i give him away to anyone but the rangers do have a plethora of young defenseman prospects. If you could trade dawes and girardi for campbell you have to make that deal. And you know what, buffalo would have to seriously consider that offer.

  35. figure8 – Hard to argue the point of needing a bruiser.

    But looking at next year…staal, toots, & girardi are the only guys that are locked up. We need to fill 3 spots. Whether its guys in the system or not, we need to fill them. Not only do we need that bruiser, but the puck-mover as well.

    I didn’t mention Sanguinetti there b/c at this point he is a prospect playing in the juniors. “Don’t count your chickens before they hatch”.

  36. stopwiththefourthlinealready on

    and Campbell is only 4 years older. It would not be a mortgaging the future for the present kind of deal.

  37. Better than Gomez? Hmmm. Apparently the whole Habs squad. They carried the puck the length of the ice with ease the other night. Ha, I am just being a prick. I think Gomez is one of the best in the league at that.

  38. stopwiththefourthlinealready on

    Kind of off topic but its just been killing me. HOLLWEG DOES NOT NEED TO PLAY EVERY GAME. Especially as we as a team are hitting more, he becomes more useless. He is a fourth line player that cant/doesnt fight, has ZERO offensive upside, and doesnt kill penalties. You cannot have a fourth line where only one guy kills penalties. Orr has a defined role and is definitely needed as tuesday showed so you can live with his limitations but what exactly is hollweg providing. I think the answer is a tired brendan shanahan who is way overused on the pk when he should very rarely if ever be out there.

  39. Is there any player in the league better at carying the puck up the ice than Scott Gomez?


    I really doubt it. If we can find someone to run and gel with Gomez’s offensive game, I think we become a very, very serious threat.

    Has Gomez ever had a sniper wing who kept up with him? Was this Gionta?

  40. Prucha took a discounted contract for the next two years, so if anything he is underpaid based on his past success. I have heard that buffalo wants a first rounder and prospect/player at least for campbell…no thanks. And if we get back rucinsky, then mostly likely two of dawes,prucha,cally have to sit….again no thanks. I don’t think we should trade any of our top 3 picks as this is supposed to be a deep draft and in reality, is one player gonna instantly make this team a cup contender? I’d say no.

  41. Salt, I know what you are saying, but do you think there is a fair trade that we could make that could land those two players? Do you agree or disagree that Exelby is a decent enough physical defenseman? From what I have seen of him he is like Avery but a dman. Always gets under peoples skin, and doesn’t seem to take too many penalties.

  42. stopwiththefourthlinealready on

    If you count the number of forwards over 6 feet on our roster you have betts, dubi, orr, hossa, shanny and jagr. There is no room for a midget tough guy on our fourth line especially when even most of our big forwards are not too tough.

  43. Making a move on Rucinsky (if true), looks like nothing more than an attempt to boost Jagr. And if that’s the case, then Sather would be openly admitting that letting Nylander go was a mistake. But it would be wrong for Sather to assume that Rucinsky is the answer.

    On the other hand, Rucinsky would fit right in with the Rangers. I mean, his offensive output this year is abyssmal! Only played 30 games, too. Has he been a healthy scratch or just hurt a lot?

  44. So Gomez is (as we agreed) in the top 3 in the league lugging the pill up the ice. And now, we want to pay through the teeth for a defenseman with the same job description? After paying for Gomez, we don’t have that many teeth left!

  45. gomez and hossa looked pretty nice together in the all star game. I know it was the all star game, but still. Hossa has some great speed for a big man.

  46. Exelby is garbage. Boyle is gonna be too expensive. Rozy is playing himself into an affordable contract and I bet Slats resigns him sooner than later. We need a Brendan Witt type (whom I lobbied for two years ago). Witt would have done more for us in Montreal than Boyle or Campbell. This team is Eurosoft. MTL beat us because they could walk right up to our doorstep and let it rip with no fear of physical defense. We are barking up the wrong tree pursuing Boyle & Campbell.

  47. Beer,

    he is by no means having a good year, but for a guy playing less than 12 minutes a night with different linemates every other game and limited and now no power play time (where he is at his best) and no time in overtime, his numbers aren’t that bad.

    two years ago he showed what he could do if given a chance to succeed and last year despite renney screwing him over, he still scored 20 goals. so i would say he is underpaid.

    i mean jagr gets 8 mill (4 from us) to score 15 goals playing 20 minutes a night and prucha gets 1.6 to score 7 goals with under 12 minutes a night…who is overpaid? I think if Prucha was on gomez’s wing all year and playing the powerplay he would have 20+ goals already

  48. Salt, I know what you are saying, but do you think there is a fair trade that we could make that could land those two players? Do you agree or disagree that Exelby is a decent enough physical defenseman? From what I have seen of him he is like Avery but a dman. Always gets under peoples skin, and doesn’t seem to take too many penalties.


    I mean, sure a “fair trade” could be made, but what you posted is not fair at ATL at all. I honestly though it might have been a joke. A “fair trade” would cost us too much I think, and while Hossa is one of my favorite NHLers to watch, I don’t think we should go after him. He’s all talent and zero heart. And if you bring him here, he becomes “another leader” that doesn’t seem to do much leading. No thanksies. Wild as it sounds, the only way I take Hossa is if we somehow drop Jagr in the process. The way this team continues to revolve around Jagr makes me feel like I’m suffocating. I’m so pissed he got those 4 assists against MTL. God DAMN this team needs to fucking DROP HIM WHILE THEY CAN. LOSING JAGR IS A HUNDRED TIMES MORE ADDITION BY SUBTRACTION AT THIS POINT THAN MALIK EVER WAS.

    THINK ABOUT THIS: If it weren’t for Jagr controlling so much, your boy Malik would have been shipped out LONG AGO. Everything goes through Jagr. Thats fine if you’re putting up 50 goals. But if you’re not scoring, you should not still be allowed to run the fucking show and it’s ridiculous. I like Jagr but go to to ‘RADO and send back Liles. Christ this is such a simple equation. You have a couple of days before Jagr turns back into a pumpkin for REAL, don’t FUCKING BLOW another opportunity Sather you redfaced lipshit.

  49. stopwiththefourthlinealready on

    Gomez is a capable puck handler but since tom genius renney refuses to play forwards at the point beside straka becuase he is still shaking his head from matt cullen. I definitely think a rugged defenseman is more of a pressing need but we could use a top level offensive defenseman as well for our pp. I think the problem with our D is how they are coached. NONE of our d-men move the men out of the front of the net. That is on the coaching. Look at the devils, they even somehow get Karel Rachunek and Mike mottau to take out the man itself. I credit Larry robinson, a great defensman and a constant behind the devils bench in some capacity for years. That is another reason I would love schoenfeld behind the bench, becuase I do not think he would tolerate that.

  50. stopwiththefourthlinealready on

    Salty did you really try and say shipping jagr off is more beneficial than malik???? Are you stoned??? First of all Jagr is not running the show in the front office, if he was Nylander would of been back for sure. Second if that was the case it wouldnt be jagrs fault, it would be sathers for allowing it. Just like its neil smiths fault we traded Zubov and kovalev and nedved and Norstrom, not mark messiers.

  51. stopwiththefourthlinealready on

    wow wouldnt zubov and norstrom look nice… Im sure brett hull will want to give them to us… ha

  52. Youngster, Prime, Veteran
    Dubinsky, Avery, Jagr
    Dawes, Gomez, Shanahan
    Calahan, Drury, Straka

    These are the main lines for the rangers right now, and they have all had success recently.

    The fourth line doesn’t fit this mold. Betts would be the prime player, as he is a very strong checking center. Hollweg and Orr could both of them qualify as Youngsters. I think this line needs a veteran, someone with Cup experience, and the ability to kill penalties and his head screwed on straight. There are dozens of players like this.

    The rangers have not one stanley cup winning defenseman. They have no defenseman over the age of 32. This wont work. They don’t need a puck mover, they need a defenseman who has won the cup, and is reasonably healthy, and over the age of 34. There are many people who qualify.

    The top three lines are working, don’t mess with them. Improve the fourth. The defensive pairs usually work, but the group is younge, without winning experience. We don’t need a power play defenseman, or a scoring forward, we need a fourth line veteran and a third pair defensive veteran. If they have years left on their contracts, that would be great. Anyone fit the criteria?

  53. Can we stop trying to trade for guys that sucked here before? Can we stop trying to trade for guys who have chronic injuries?
    How about we trade for players who have never played for the Rangers. Are under 30. And do not have a history of being injured?

  54. stopwiththefourthlinealready on

    ZG, you make too much about age and cup experience. It is important to have experience but not the most important thing. Remember Aaron ward. The patriots were more experienced in the super bowl and look what happened.

  55. messier wasn’t on the team when they traded kovalev, that was all colin campbell. but i have heard messier wanted zubov gone….to think having that guy on our team for the last 12 years instead of the crap like poti, mara and rozsival

  56. zg – I wasn’t in that conversation, and I know your point wasn’t just what the line combos are. But make sure you expect them to change today at practice, and probably tomorrow too. With Prucha coming back (assuming) they have to change. And someone has to sit.

  57. stopwiththefourthlinealready on

    I would keep the lines as is except replace dawes with prucha on the gomez shanny line. Then i would move dawes to the fourth line instead of hollweg where he could try and be creative with the puck knowing that Orr an Betts are there to protect the little smurf. Also dawes can actually hit the net which noone on that line can and if orr stands in front reaking havoc while dawes shoots at the net and betts works the boards, it would definitely work

  58. I think hollweg was going to sit in MTL until Orr got the flu.

    Dawes wouldn’t be a bad choice to play with betts and orr for your reasons. And betts would be able to bail him out of his defensive short-comings. I can’t count how many times betts has carried the puck around the O zone and there’s been no shot on goal. Perhaps that could work. Who knows?

  59. Doodie Machetto on

    How about we not trade ANYTHING. Just stand pat. We are not just one or two players away from a cup. Why not hang onto what we’ve got, hopefully make the playoffs, get our younger players some experience, and then fill our holes through free agency during the summer? I made a list of potential free agents a week ago or so, and I really stand by it.

    Let’s look at our needs:

    1) Scoring wings
    2) Size on the wing
    3) A bruising, shutdown defenseman
    4) A PP quarterback
    5) A backup goaltender

    Because I don’t feel like working today, I’m gonna address these things throughout the day, how I hope the team addresses them, and how I realistically think that they will be addressed, if at all.

    But most importantly, a trade is not the answer to any of this. In fact, I don’t see Slats making any deals, at all. He can’t move Malik without getting a D in return, which he won’t. He also won’t trade any youth, because our farm doesn’t have any available (i.e., not Sanguinetti) guys that other teams want enough to give us something decent in return.

  60. Lets trade for players that actually play quality minutes . Here is a list of the top players by minutes played per game. If The Rangers are going to improve for real. Then players off this list are the ones to trade for.(with the exception of Rosival)
    1 Chris Pronger
    2 Jay Bouwmeester
    3 Nicklas Lidstrom
    4 Francois Beauchemin
    5 Dion Phaneuf CGY D
    6 Zdeno Chara
    7 Andrei Markov
    8 Tomas Kaberle TOR
    9 Duncan Keith
    10 Paul Ranger
    11 Brian Campbell BUF
    12 Michal Rozsival NYR
    13 Filip Kuba TBL
    14 Martin St. Louis TBL
    15 Tobias Enstrom ATL
    16 Brad Richards
    17 Adam Foote
    18 Ruslan Salei
    19 Sergei Gonchar PIT
    20 Dennis Wideman
    21 Rostislav Klesla
    22 Brian Rafalski

    24 Dan Hamhuis
    25 Mike Green
    26 Lubomir Visnovsky
    27 Vincent Lecavalier
    28 Kimmo Timonen
    29 Brent Burns
    30 Wade Redden

  61. Doodie Machetto on

    stopwiththefourthlinealready ,

    you betray your handle by providing suggestions about the fourth line.

  62. Trade Prucha over Dawes. Both are fast, small and can shoot. But Dawes can pass and stick handle. Every time Prucha tries to move thru the offensive zone he either loses the puck or has it checked away. Neither is great on D yet and Dawes seems to be able to avoid the big checks that Prucha gets crushed on.

    I’d rate Prucha below Dawes and Callahan right now.

  63. More than half that list are guys that are locked up already or players that won’t be traded. I am confused.



  65. Well then it isn’t worth a trade for useless retreads is it? Just spinning our wheels by moving A to B and then moving B back to A is worthless. In my opinion.

  66. stopwiththefourthlinealready,

    The only reason to move Malik is to get something of value back or to clear cap space. Malik can be benched if they don’t want to play him, and he’s a UFA after this season.

    Trading Malik for Rucinsky would free up just under $500K. Not worth it as a cap move. Plus we’d still need another D.

  67. Doodie Machetto on

    John M, congratulations, you’ve compiled a list of 29 players that are NOT going to be traded by the trade deadline.

    The only player on that list that stands even a remote possibility of being traded is Campbell. But I don’t think Campbell is going to be moved. Buffalo is not going to trade him because they are too close in the playoff hunt. They are going to keep him and keep hoping to resign him. After losing Drury and Briere, it would send a REALLY bad message to the fans not to try their damndest to keep Campbell around, especially when they are in the playoff chase.

    By the way, what happened to number 23?

  68. imnogm – word up. I’ve also seen Dawes at least TRY to throw a hit. I don’t recall any from Prucha. And if someone does, it’s not good that you can remember that ONE time.

  69. stopwiththefourthlinealready on

    well im not sure if it would definitely work but it would certainly be intriguing. I also like the idea of having our smallest player with our biggest …. scratch that, that would be malik, toughest player

  70. John M, congratulations, you’ve compiled a list of 29 players that are NOT going to be traded by the trade deadline.


  71. doodie

    Thats my point of providing the list. Lets stop trying to move sideways with brainless trades. And wait for a real gutsy ballsy move for real players.

  72. stopwiththefourthlinealready on

    Just because they dont log the biggest minutes in the league doesnt mean that someone is incapable of logging those minutes… A lot depends on the oppurtunity provided to the player…. See petr prucha

  73. Rucinsky is still in the league? Why in God’s name would we want him? For what? Give us Jackman for Malik and maybe we’ll throw in a bag of chips ahoy! Maybe.

  74. Doodie Machetto on

    I think if you’re gonna swap Prucha or Dawes, Prucha is the choice for a lot of reasons, not least of which is that Dawes is currently outplaying him. But the biggest reason is that Prucha has some value, as a 30 and 20 goal scorer, whereas Dawes has yet to score 10. Of course, the trade is a double edge sword, as Prucha could potentially blossom into a consistent 20 or even 30 goal scorer given the right environment.

  75. stopwiththefourthlinealready on

    Rucinsky for malik wouldnt be bad if he was used properly upon arrival as a fourth line/penalty killing winger. The problem is tom renney will use him wrong. Just like he uses everyone else wrong.

  76. Doodie, sorry just after a loss you negativity is too much.

    Liles is 27 a better player then ampbell or Boyle!!!!!!

    I think Dawes is a player not a dime a dozen small forward..

    Guys the rangers are young. they have 3 0r4 old guys; jagr, straka,and shanny. The rangers have a bright future 3 good d men 24 or younger and 1 Staal who I think will be great in 2 or 3 years……

    Liles or jackman would be good pickups… They hve no D man that makes forwards look up ala; komisarek, white, even vishnesky(not that good but big hitter) and others they need wither the hitter or the puck mover..

    Forwards are not happening for them and they can score by committee. I say the puck mover who can help the PP and that in turn will help scoring…

  77. “double edge sword” I guess unless it’s a salary dump they kind of all are.

    Look at the stillman trade 2 weeks ago. I don’t think he’s even had a goal yet, and they’ve been losing. At this point, Carolina actually got the better of that deal. Eventhough on paper it would show different…imo.

  78. John M are you apologizing to me or to Doodie? I was just restating what Doodie said and laughing about it. You are confusing the shit out of me today.

  79. stopwiththefourthlinealready on

    Brian Burke is actively looking for offensive help and they have alot of defenseman. They have more than a few PPqb’s(schneider, neidermayer, pronger) and rugged d-men(see everyone of them except schneider and neidermayer). I think this is the team we should target for a trade. Realistically we could see any team from the east in the playoffs so lets not ship away something to a team that could come back to bite us.

    I proposed Straka for schneider before….which i would do but some of you didnt seem to like.

    How about if we go after one of there more rugged guys like Kent Huskins?

  80. Doodie Machetto on

    Beer Me!, there’s something going on in Ottawa beyond that deal.

    And I mean double edge sword over a long haul, not immediately. If Prucha recovers into a consistent 20+ goalscorer, that deal would bite us in the ass. Of course, if he doesn’t, then we make out like bandits because the other team was trading for his potential.

    Perfect example of this is Joffrey Lupul. He had value when traded as part of the Pronger deal. He sucked it up in Edmonton, was traded for pennies on the dollar, and is now scoring at the highest rate of his career (if only he could stay healthy).

  81. John M I’ll be happy with just getting one fast, tough, and physical D man.While the stars on this TEAM hopefully get back to the top of their game, especially Jagr & Lundqvist.

  82. no thanks to Rucinsky. He is about as washed up as a player can get. I highly doubt Prucha and Dawes are untouchables Sam.

  83. i find this interesting on chris holt’s facebook his status is “called back up to hartford…” im assuming he was playing in charlotte and now he will be backing up wikii ? does this mean montoya could be on his way to tampa ??

  84. I see someone mentioned Blue Jackets d-man Ron Hainsey. I saw that the Blue Jackets were interested in trading him. He has 7 goals and 21 assists on the season. He also has 20 power play points including all 7 of his goals. We could use that type of production on the power play. Plus at age 26 he’d be more than a rental. If the Rangers decide not to resign Rozsival and Mara we are going to need some offense on the blueline next year. He might come cheap (Prucha). Could be hard to put a trade together with Columbus after last trade tallks broke down. Link:

  85. stopwiththefourthlinealready on

    montoya got hurt last night that is why holt is up…. leave it to alvaro to get hurt before we try to trade him… USELESS

  86. Dunlop Staios would be a really solid pickup. Stuart Liles is not nor has he ever been better than Boyle.

  87. bklynblue. wouldn’t we all want that but who out there fits that description? The other thing is why would someone trade a guy like that?

  88. Liles is 27 and Boyle is 32, they do not need to trade good assets for a renta a player who will get a crazy contract…..

    Liles is a damn good player and a upgrade for a puck mover on the ranger blueline….

    I live in LA Schneider will not be moved he has Burke’s word and Burke keeps his word look at Bryzgalov……….

  89. Montoya really looks like a wasted 1st round pick right now. He’s #4 on depth chart behind Hank, Vally and Wiikman. He’s been hurt each of his 3 years in the AHL and is 4 years removed from the draft.

    Unless he becomes the #2 next year and shows he can play in the NHL, doesn’t look too good to get anything for him. He’s also a restricted free-agent this off season and he was making close to $1M, so he’s going to cost more than Vally would.

  90. anyone who thinks that Boyle is good in his own end is sadly mistaken. yes, he can carry the puck great, but when the opp team has the puck in his end, he is not a great defender.

    just be aware of what you are getting. a small Dman, great puck carrier, great PP point man, yes

    who gets out of position a lot, and is just avg checker deep in his own end. and especially cannot clear the front of the net, neither boyle nor Campbell are good at clearing the front of the net physically

  91. What happened to kasparitus? Is he not worthy of another shot, being a “bruiser” and all? He lasted a long time in the NHL for a reason.

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