A simple blowout loss probably would have been better


Remember that hex I told you about?

I’m telling you people, I wield a lot of power on this here keyboard.

Meanwhile, I get a similar vibe from last night’s five-goal-lead, there’s-no-way-they-can-blow-this-one debacle as last spring’s Game 5, 7.7 seconds left nightmare in Buffalo.

Sure, the stakes here were much lower. But the common thread is that the Rangers probably would have been better served losing in a less dramatic fashion rather than having a crucial win dangling in front of them.

Because now it’s at least worth asking if there will be repercussions beyond just one game.

We probably won’t know one way or the other today. The team already had an off day scheduled, although a part of me expected to see Tom Renney call for his team to get right back on the ice today after such a demoralizing meltdown.

That part can be debated, but I’m of the belief the team endured enough punishment just having to leave Montreal with a measly point.

More later…

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  1. Lots of culprits last night starting with the coach.

    I have been calling for his firing ever since the late collapse two years ago. He cannot react to game situations. Why was Betts out there for that final faceoff? When the 4th line was out there for the 1st Montreal goal, why did he put them out there against the same line for the 2nd goal. His choices for the shootout were awful. He (Renney) was the biggest culprit out there. After getting fired in Vancouver, Sather should have passed on him but Sather’s ego wouldn’t allow him to hire a coach he couldn’t control so Sather’s name definitely on the culprit’s list.

    Malik and Rozival – Two biggest pussies on the team. Let them both walk after this season.

    Jagr – His 4 assists not withstanding, can’t get off a quick hard accurate shot any more. Had a beautiful chance and couldn’t put it home. Loses the puck much too often and when he does, doesn’t cover defensively.

    Staal gets a pass, still weak from the after effects of the flu and looked it out there.

    Lundqvist – made some nice saves but if he would have just stopped one of those 5 goals, the Rangers would have won. At least one, the 3rd goal, was definitely stoppable. An elite goalie, which he is getting paid as, gets two points for his team when they deserve to lose and HL hasn’t done that in quite a while.

  2. longtimerangersfan on

    My fault…I changed into my “sweats” to get more comfortable half way through the game! Whatta mistake!!!!!
    You probably DID help too, Sam.

  3. Hopefully they can use this game as ANOTHER reminder of the whole “need to put the nail in the coffin” bit that has gone on for two seasons now. KILLER INSTINCT

    Montreals first goal was absolutely ugly. Everyone was out of position and Ryder walked right in.

    Overall, depression last night for sure.

  4. Western Canada Survivor on

    Lenny-where have you been all my life. I’ve been saying the same thing about Renney since April ’06

  5. longtimerangersfan on

    I would have picked Callahan and Dubinski as two of my shooters. Can’t believe that Renney had Jagr go…but that’s his favoritism working.

  6. (repost)
    There is no one who is able to gain control of the situation (from behind the bench or on the ice) and pull the team together.



    and Shanahan is one of the last good ol boys in the NHL. He knows exactly what to say to the press in any given situation. That’s a dandy quote and everything, but it’s not going to sway the educated spectator into thinking that game comes down to “a point gained and lost”. The magnitude of that kind of collapse (biggest in franchise history….an original 6 team) will undoubtedly have some sort of effect going forward. Whether it be positive or negative is yet to be seen, but lets not act like this is the first “devastating loss” they’ve had and that they instantly learned a valuable lesson. This is just another epic loss in this nightmarsh season. *And I rather them get the full loss, than see them barely squeak by after letting MTL stage that type of comeback*. I’m flat out glad they lost that one, they deserved to, passionless fucks.

    And BeerMe, maybe I am unfaithful. Because I know better. I think maybe it’s you who fails to see “the big picture” sometimes. The organization is a cruel joke and an insult to the game from head to tail.

  7. Everyone complained when Jagr wasn’t taking a place in the shootout. Now people complain that he is? We can’t have it both ways.

    Though I agree, I expected Dubi or Callahan out there as a shooter, I was amazed (and not in a good way) at the line-up for the shootout. I’ve felt for a long time Jagr should not be out there for the shootout, he isn’t that type of player.

    As for pointing the finger, point it to Montreal too. They showed up after a period and a half, just as much as the Rangers decided to take a thirty-minute nap.

  8. REPOST:

    I just looked…in March and April, we play Philly 3x, Jersey 3x, Pitt 3x, and the Isles 4x. Therein lies the season. Buffalo 2x and Boston 1x also matter. There is still a lot of hockey left.

    After writing a few entries here, I am feeling less pissed off than I was.

    We took a point last night. Fine. We let one point get away. Not so fine.

    The lack of intelligence and all around game readiness of this team concerns me. There is no one who is able to gain control of the situation (from behind the bench or on the ice) and pull the team together.

    That is a problem that will likely prevent us from going deep in the playoffs.

  9. Everyone complained when Jagr wasn’t taking a place in the shootout. Now people complain that he is? We can’t have it both ways.


    Uh? Yes we can? You play Jagr in the shootout when he’s scoring goals and oozing confidence.

    Dubi was the obvious pick for the shootout, kid is on fire.

    Drury, the man who always takes a tummy slapshot on a breakaway should never even sniff the shootout. He has ZERO moves…not that type of offensive player as we’ve all witnessed this year.

  10. the rangers lost because they let the crowd take over the game. the 5-4 goal pretty much sealed the deal and sent that place into a frenzy.

  11. Lots of talent + no heart = lack of leadership. Culprits: Renney and Jagr.

    Last night’s game was the enitre season in a microcosm. Up 5-0, I’m thinking, “finally, this is the team they were supposed to be all year.” And then just when they let that thought creep into your head, they collapse. It would be so much more merciful if they just sucked all the time, b/c at least then we wouldn’t get our hopes up about seeing the team we were supposed to have this year.

  12. 3-0-2 in our last five. 4 points ahead of last year’s 62-game pace. 13-6 against the Atlantic this year, with 13 more divisional games to go, including the final 10. We’re gonna be just fine.

  13. Hopefully the whole team takes this and realizes they have to stick with the plan throughout the game rather than play 1.5 periods no matter what the scoreboard says. If the flow of the game changes they need to respond to that without having to take a time out to figure things out– that break only fired up the crowd more and showed they were vulnerable even with a 5-2 lead.

    also surprised they let the physical side of their game slide during that entire onlslaught. What good is the hollweg-betts-strudwick line if they cannot follow their dump and chase w/ some checks?

    they still have alot of hockey and that is a good thing. the seven second meltdown in buffalo last year ended the season….sometimes strange shit happens in hockey, I remember nyr scored 5 in a row after being down 3-0 to get a W. that meltdown was worse in my book because unfortunately many of MTL’s goals last night were soft ones, sorry hank.

  14. Perfect example of sitting back, falling asleep after a good lead, only for them to wake up to realize it’s now 5-5!!!

    They should have used Malik as a shooter.

    The pain is going away slowly. We ended up with 1 point and there are plenty of divisional games left.

  15. After last night’s loss, did anyone else think about how nice it would be for Komisarek to be on NYR? He is exactly the kind of defenseman this team needs. The only times I didnt cringe watching the third period was when Girardi or Staal were on the ice. Roszival got burned every shift. Agree it was a tough game in a tough tough building, maybe the hardest to play in in the NHL. Would not want to play MTL in the postseason if they have home ice.

    As for blaming Hank, please. He had no chance on Kovalev’s goal, that was entirely the forward’s fault for not covering the slot. 2 goals were not his fault either through deflections.

    Seems like people here want him to him to stop 95% of shots every game because he is making 7 mil. Thats just idiotic. How can he stop pucks if the defense is giving him no chance? Read HockeyRodent’s rants and you will understand.

    Biggest thing I notice now is that we need another defensemen so Malik and Strudwick do not have to play regularly. I do not care what we give up so long as its not Girardi, Staal, Hank, Sanguinetti, Callahan, Dubinski or Dawes. Barrett Jackman would look very nice playing with Staal or Rosizval…

  16. favorite Renney quote in a long time, speaking about Jagr: “If effort and responsible play and attitude added up to points, he’d be leading the league.”

    Too bad in the real world that isn’t the case. Jagr got four points last nite, but at least two of them weren’t anything pretty. He needs to step up and score, bottom line, if this team is going to have a chance.

  17. I hope these guys were throwing chairs and breaking toilets last night in the Bell Center. This is not a time for rational – keep your composure Renney speak. I’d like to think that Adam Z has it right but I feel that last night is the tipping point. If this team truly has the character to bounce back they better come out ripping on Saturday and drill the Sabres.

  18. i still cant believe that game. i wonder at times if it bothers me more then it bothers the players.


  20. This is not a time for rational – keep your composure Renney speak.

    Exactly why Shanny’s quote is warm creamy baby shit. If anyone knows better than that, and that a historic loss like that means way more than the 1 point, it’s Brendan Shanahan.

  21. I don’t think there is one person/player to blame for last night’s team-wide meltdown, but I must say, I have been thoroughly unimpressed with Lundqvist. Other than his great stretch early in the season, he has been average at best. Both goals that went in over the weekend should have been stopped and while Montreal’s goals last night were pretty much all legitimate, an elite goalie, as Lennynyr said, who is now the best paid goalie in the league, should have stopped at least one of those.

  22. I am not blaming Strudwick, but just making an observation.

    He is a so-so D-man, at very best. He is a worse forward. How can he be inserted into Orr’s spot on the lineup and then not fight anyone? I just don’t get that one.

    Hollweg was the invisible man last night. Did he hit anyone or get in anyone’s grill?

    The team looked so emotionless in the final 30 mins last night.

  23. New Newman, actually Holly did have a hit towards the end of the 3rd period where he boarded someone from behind into the dasher….It wasnt called..

  24. Doodie Machetto on

    KPH: you can’t just point at Jagr. It’s not like because he wears the “C”, no other player on the team is capable of saying or doing something to rally the troops. Where were l of the other veterans? Where was “Mr. Clutch?” I’m not saying Renney and Jagr don’t deserve blame, just not all of it.

    As for poster stuart, I just had a chance to read some stuff you said about me last night, and I must say you could not be more wrong. First, you say that I’ve been negaive for three years. Plainly untrue. In fact, I was one of the people that some used to refer to as “drinking the kool-aid” because I was being so positive. Last season I supported giving Ozolinsh a chance. That’s not the idea of someone who is negative. I believe in the players and the team.

    I was even positive to start this season. But there comes a point when you need to stop and evaluate the situation. I believe Renney to be the reason why the Ragers aren’t 10 pts clear in the Atlantic Division as they should be. If you think it’s something else, I’d like to hear what that is. And if you say it’s Jagr as captain, you couldn’t be more wrong. So what if he’s captain. Does that mean that Shanahan, Drury, Straka, or any other person in the lockerrom doesn’t say or do anything? Absolutely not. Besides, Jagr is a lead by example captain, and the guy is working harder than I have seen him work during his entire time in New York, and maybe in his entire career. Since when does he go to optional skates? Since when does he stay late on the ice to work on his game? Since when does he drive to the net? The guy is working hard.

    You had mentioned a trade that I had suggested of Jagr to the Sharks, but you said that I had suggested it be a package of Jagr, Malik, Montoya and 2 picks for “Parleau” (who I will assume to mean Marleau) and Erhoff. Again, you are mistaken. I had suggested Jagr for Bernier and possibly Erhoff. Or some combination of throwaways like Malik and Mara to get the deal done. Bernier and Erhoff. Certainly not Marleau. And certainly not any of our youth or draft picks. Trade our impending UFA vets for two very promising young players. Selling. I am advocating selling our vets. After the collapse last night, do you really think this team has ANY chance of succeeding in the playoffs? The time to sell is now, and start looking towards next season.

    Finally, you called me some childish names like moron.

    For mistaking all of these things about me, and for calling me names, I believe you owe me an apology.

  25. I was getting so frustrated about how irrational the habs fans were. You would think if the team has been around for 91 years that their fans would know the rules. According to them, the rangers should have had about 20 penalties in the third including a delay of game that banged of the glass twice. I will admit, when their team got down they stayed behind them. When we get down the boo birds arrive fast and suck out any chance of a comeback. We missed Orr last night. The HBO line looked very slow and out of place. Our D is way too slow for their forwards.

    I wish everyone would give jagr a break, he is 10th all-time. I don’t care if he scores another goal if avery and duby keep banging in his rebounds. If they make the playoffs, no one is going to say “yeah but in game 63 jagr should have had 2 goals..”

  26. After last night’s complete meltdown, it is now time to to trade Malik away for a back up Equipment Manager and send Mara and Tyutin to “Hitting the Net-101” “How to shoot from the point and hit the side of a barn”. Honestly, being in Washington DC which is not a Hockey Town, unless the Caps are winning that is, it has been a very difficult night after night watching this team self implode. Thank God for Tivo so I can fast forward through the nonsense.

  27. Salty – you know I’m comfortable shoveling sh-t your way cause you know how to handle it right? I’ve said it before that I like your passion for the team, but your outlook and mine are in 2 completely different places. The ‘creamy baby sh-t’ is a funny line, but he’s right. Maybe with a different choice of words you may see it differently, but the principle is there.

    Ian – Hank has to share the blame on that stinker. 5 goals dude. 5. I don’t want him to stop 95% of the shots. 93% is fine with me. If you’re making that much dough, your save pct BETTER be around .930 But I still don’t hold any single player or staff member responsible for the loss.

    adam Z – Very reassuring to know that last nights collapse hasn’t spoiled all that was good in the last 2-3 weeks here amongst ALL of us. Just some.

  28. I think I was less pissed last night than I am right now…I had time to sleep on it.
    After the Habs came out with a quick start, the Rangers took control of the game, and Montreal started to play dirty, it looked like they were going for knees, and head hunting. That dirty play increased there level of play and the Rangers stopped hitting, and controlling play.

    Lundqvist gave up a few softies I don’t know how anyone could see it different, sure there were deflections but thats part of the game, and most elite goalies make the saves.
    You could see the team deflate right in front of our eyes, and I agree if all it takes is a few runs, and cheap shots of our guys to deflate the team we aren’t going to go far in the playoffs.
    I agree with previous posts that our shootout lineup was pathetic and Hank is now pretty beatable in the shootout.
    Jagr has always been a poor choice. He doesn’t have the moves he once did and he always looses control of the puck at the same point.
    Shanny is a good choice but Drury should have been Dubi, Dawes or Callahan
    The shootout line up should be this…
    Shanny, Dawes, Dubinski or Callahan anything else is just bad.

  29. Newman – I see what you’re sayin about struds being in at forward and not dropping the gloves. but right around the time Dubi dropped his, was when MTL started to turn the game around. I don’t know if it woulda helped. I also don’t think there was much of a choice other than to have him take orr’s spot.

  30. Beer Me, what is the Shanny quote you guys are referring to? I’ve been way too angry this morning to read any of the articles, so I haven’t seen any post-game quotes. What was the attitude of the team like? What were they saying, and what was Renney saying?

  31. Doodie Machetto on

    All that was good over the past 2-3 weeks? The team has just shown over the past 2-3 weeks that they are a maddeningly inconsistent team that can play .500 hockey! Since the All-Star break, they are 6-3-2. They have followed up a 3 game win streak against the Flyers, Devis and Canadiens, in which they outscored their opponents 12-4, with back to back losses against LA (the worst team in the league) and Anaheim, by a combined score of 8-3. And let’s not forget last night’s game, which is the season in a nutshell: Play great and get a 5-0 lead, play like crap to lose the game. They are inconsistent. Inconsistency does not win in the playoffs.

  32. Move on … forget about the loss … Montreal has more talent anyways … anyone that has to play Hollweg and Strudwick vs. a speedy team is not good enough … I cannot understand why Hossa or someone else could have played in Orr absence ….

    The new signees-Tyutin and Girardi were a combined -4 … Tyutin continues to regress, hopefully Slats can get some D at the deadline.

    They got a point, scored 5 goals … forget about the loss and move on.

  33. Doodie Machetto on

    “He doesn’t have the moves he once did and he always looses control of the puck at the same point.”

    Jagr never actually had moves. You know how when you were little, you might be pretty good at one on one, but not really be good at 5 on 5 because you never really did that? Jagr is the opposite. He sucks on breakaways, and pretty much always has. Jagr has scored most of his goals with his shot, not his moves. THAT is why he is a poor shoot out choice, not because he has “lost” anything, it’s because he has never had it to begin with.

    I agree that Dubinsky should have been a shooter. I also think either Gomez or Dawes should have shot instead of Drury.

    As for Dubinsky fighting, that wasn’t when they turned it around, because the Rangers added 2 more after that. But I do think Strudwick should have fought, and the guy he should’ve fought was Begin. SOMEBODY should have fought him, or taken a run at him (Hollweg) or something.

  34. Doodie: I’ll happily take a 6-3-2 stretch over the next 11 games too. Wouldn’t you? Sure we’re inconsistent. The whole conference has been this year. The playoff teams will simply be those who are less inconsistent than the others. I like our chances.

  35. It’s not on lundqvist, he was left completely alone for half of that game. I’ve played goal for 15 years, so I consider myself to know a few things about it, and one thing people never realize is that shots mean nothing. It’s all about how much time is spent in your zone. If the puck never leaves the zone, you are CONSTANTLY tracking the play and moving laterally, and you never get a chance to breathe. Then if your defense allows those crazy 4 and 5 shot flurries, that they did MANY times last night, you basically expend all your energy during those, and again, the puck doesn’t leave the zone, so you don’t get a chance to compose yourself. Even a “routine” save isn’t routine at all when you haven’t had a breather in 8 minutes, and if your offensive guys can’t even break the zone and take play away from your end for a solid minute while you re-compose yourself, your basically as good as dead in net

  36. Lets not get ahead of ourselves here…after that 5 day break, this team has been on fire, and while the 30 minute brain fart is totally unacceptable (everyone is to blame, lets not point fingers at the coach, captain, goalie, or whoever else we feel is responsible), the team has come together following the lay-off. Its incredible how in 2 of the last 3 games (against red-hot teams no less), this team has been able to score in bunches…something we all know was lacking earlier in the year and an element the Sabres used to dominate teams last season. The line combinations finally seem like the correct ones, and Renney has to control his stubbornness and leave them as is, at least until they start to go south again. I love Prucha (Hossa, not so much), but he has to stay scratched as long as this team is scoring goals and certainly should not be put into the lineup at the expense of Callahan or Dawes.

    As for last night, hopefully this will be the final wakeup call needed for this team to make a push…and luckily they were able to salvage a point from it. Hopefully they will learn to go for the throat next time and never let up. This only comes back to haunt them if they completely collapse, miss out on the playoffs, or lose significant home-ice advantage or the division by a single point. And with the way the East has been all year, there will be a game down the road where the Rangers steal a point from another contender.

    Call it foolish optimism, realism, or whatever you would like…but I’m reserving judgment until I see how they respond in the next few games

  37. What’s up with Tom Renney! I blame most of this loss on his “lets be calm attitude. How about hitting some guys and taking some momentum back after beeing beaten around like a red headed stepchild. Heck he plays Strudwick for Orr and when he does need toughness he dosent play Hollwig. No wonder his players got tired going with 3 lines most of the night.

    Second, why put Jagr in the shootout. At least if you win in the shhotout you can save some face and least feel pretty good. But by puting Jagr in, who dosent;’t want to be in that position
    servrs no purpose.


  38. Lenny you got it right on, but we’ve been on the same page for awhile now. I’m just worried that the idiot sather will keep ball the eruos and renney and not go more North American . Aren’t you glad renney is a defensive specialist? LMAO

  39. Western Canada Survivor on

    DanNYC-valid point, but you’re also not the highest paid goalie in the NHL. We could have re-signed Kevin Weekes to lose in shootouts and give up 5 goals in 30 minutes

  40. wow, head over to blueshirtbulletin and read them rip hank for the loss. ouch.

    Everybody collecting a paycheck from the Rangers let eachother down last night. I think it’s that simple.

    Jeff L – you’re better off not reading anything! Sorry, the quote is on the previous thread.

  41. How about someone saying something new now? Blame Renney! Why was Jagr in the shootout? Enough already. Sounds like a broken record and if you hadn’t noticed, the horse is dead, so stop beating it. What do you all think is going to happen once Hossa and Prucha are healthy? Who sits? Anyone have any serious thought as to what the rangers might do before the deadline. I’m not asking you all what YOU want them to do, I am asking what do you think THEY will do.

  42. Ian,

    Lundquist is now being paid like a goaltender who should be able to make those big saves when his defense leaves him out to dry.

    I’m not saying he should make every big save, but on this night, stopping at least 1 of those 5 goals is now expected more than ever. The one that squeaked thru his pads is the one that comes to mind in particular.

    All in all, this was a team failure. The offense played perfectly for 30 minutes, then the entire team stopped playing. I remember reading after the game last Saturday that during 2nd intermission the Rangers were talking about getting ready for the San Jose game – about conserving energy. Looks like they did the same thing last night.

  43. Doodie Machetto on

    “Doodie: I’ll happily take a 6-3-2 stretch over the next 11 games too. Wouldn’t you? ”

    I would, but I think I was making the larger point of the fact that 2-3 weeks doesn’t make an entire season. We went 9-1 at one point only to be terrible for the next 2 months. And the 6-3-2 doesn’t show me a team that is consistently playing hockey at a 6-3-2 pace, but rather a team that could potentially be 9-1-1 losing games it shouldn’t because they don’t play as hard as they should every night.

  44. Do I need to call the Waaaaambulance for some of you? I have my phone out, just tell me where you are and I will call and send someone for help.

  45. Doodie Machetto on

    Nasty, I’ll respond to you question with what I think they will do as opposed to what I think they should do.

    1) When Prucha is healthy, Dawes sits.
    2) When Hossa is healthy, he rotates with Hollweg, with Hollweg seeing a majority of the action.
    3) They try to buy at the deadline, but fail to find any good deals.

  46. Sure, 2-3 weeks doesn’t make an entire season. But we don’t need to make an entire season now. All we need to make is a 20-game season. As long as we keep taking points like this, I’m not going to panic. For all the teams chasing us, after all, a three-point game was the worst possible outcome last night, and that’s what happened.

  47. By the way, Brian, you make a good point about Sam’s headline. I’ll take this kind of loss over a ‘simple blowout loss’ any day of the week.

  48. Doodie,
    getting a little technical there with your “expert opinions”.
    The way I see it…
    Jagr skates in with the puck goes to “make a move” and the puck slides off his stick.
    Whether he has moves or not is definitely debatable.
    however he does loose the puck on each and every shoot out.

  49. New Newman – Kinda hard to be visible when you basically have one shift in the final 25-30 minutes…Basically, after the score was 5-2, the 4th line didn’t play at all, it ws the rest of the forwards that collapsed and didn’t do their job…(DOn’t know whether to fault Renney or not because that 2nd goal was all Strudwick, everybody else was doing their job right)

  50. Doodie Machetto on

    Staal, I’m not saying that the puck doesn’t come off of his stick. I’m saying that he has no moves, and that’s probably why.

  51. Pete:
    favorite Renney quote in a long time, speaking about Jagr: “If effort and responsible play and attitude added up to points, he’d be leading the league.”

    Too bad in the real world that isn’t the case. Jagr got four points last nite, but at least two of them weren’t anything pretty. He needs to step up and score, bottom line, if this team is going to have a chance.
    Actually if effort and responsible play added up to points, Drury would be far and away the leader, followed by Straka, Prucha, Girardi and Staal.

  52. I think….

    When Prucha and Hossa come back they have to fight Malik in practice to get their spots back.

    Seriously, when they come back expect some more lineup adjustments. It’s the nature of the game. How the players respond to it is the key. But you have to expect it.

  53. Malik needs to go first and foremost- his penalty late in the 3rd was horrendous. His play is so passive.

  54. Christ, you would think that Feb. 19 is now going to be a holiday in Canada. If you go to any Canadian based site they are acting like they won the Stanley Cup.

  55. Doodie Machetto on

    Nasty, we woul be just as excited if the Rangers did the same thing. Let them enjoy it, they’ve earned it.

  56. screw them. And I’d give props to their fans if they didn’t do the whole throwing sh-t on the ice thing. but rozy is on the list too of saying that their ears were ringing afterwards.

    but yea nasty, I saw a poll asking if it was the ‘greatest habs victory’. You won over 20 Cups, but beating the rangers in February is the best? come on.

  57. I know they deserve it. And I also believe that they have fans that are just as passionate as ours. But the throwing things on the ice was pretty damn lame.

  58. Doodie Machetto on

    I agree with the throwing stuff on the ice. I forgot about that. Why wasn’t that a delay of game penalty?

  59. And I can understand Pens and Caps fans booing Jagr, but in Montreal? Why? I don’t get it when other teams boo him. Doesn’t make sense to me.

  60. I am not sure why there wasn’t a delay penalty. But I will tell you this. As obnoxious and annoying as some NYR fans are, I have never seen them throw things on to the ice.

  61. Look what Sam Woo, the Devils loving reporter from Eklund’s site, has to say about the Rangers.

    What a wacky night in hockey! Is it surprising that the New York Rangers blew a five goal lead to the Montreal Canadians? Not really. This Rangers theme all season has been inconsistency, lack of team chemistry, excuses, and underachieving. Maybe a few of the players that have signed extensions in the past few days have a false sense of security and the urgency to finish off their opponent diminished in the third period. I’ll be blunt: the New York Rangers are overrated and played a team on a mission this season. Allowing five unanswered goals is inexcusable and the only reason why the Rangers are still in the playoff race is because the unbelievable first half of the season of their netminder, Henrik Lundqvist. No matter how many team building exercises they have done, like shown of the MSG network of their paintball excursion in the woods, they need to play with a mean streak and do it consistently. Moreover, this team is not making the playoffs if this trend continues.

    What a douche.

  62. And here is Scott Gallof’s response.

    Oh, Sam Woo… Sammy, Sammy, Sammy, your precious Devils are only a mere 5 points ahead of The Rangers in the standings. Yes, yes I know, 2 games in hand, but remember ole fellow blogger of mine, games in hand are completely meaningless unless you actually win them.

    If I was you Sammy boy, I’d be hoping and praying for The Rangers to make the playoffs. That way if they happen to play The Devils in the playoffs at least some team’s fans would actually show up to that new technological terror of an arena. ;)

  63. You can not sit here and possibly blame one person for this loss. I will take the point and the rest of the complainers can sit here and cry, but bottom line it was a loss a sad one, but a loss. We have a point from the game. Thank God.

  64. Canadian reporter tries to say that throwing things on the ice was showing support of their team. Listen to this crap.

    “This team came back in the game, because the fans showed how much they cared. Throwing those ‘Go Habs Go’ signs on the ice, as Mike Komisarek was sent to the box for his penalty on Mara, was a much needed wake up call, and it showed the team that they were being supported…we have the greatest crowd in all of hockey.”

    What a load of shit!

  65. I didn’t say he was wrong. I guess what I meant was, if you are a devils writer, then write about the devils. There was no reason he had to go there. And if we were ahead of the devils in the standings, he wouldn’t have gone there.

  66. I was just thinking about it more (“stewing on it” is maybe a better phrase), but Renney said, “Give the Canadiens’ fans a lot of credit.”

    Does anyone else find that to be maybe the stupidest, most moronic thing to ever come out of a coach’s mouth?

    “Their fans beat us….”

    I am still flabbergasted by that one. Could you ever see Pat Riley or Phil Jackson or Joe Torre saying, “Their fans are really tough….”


  67. 20 games. 40 points left.
    lets just move on and concentrate on the rest of the season.
    YEs last night sucked big time ass, but it’s over, we got a point, lets move on to Saturday where we HAVE to beat the Sabres.

    PS Yeah Montreal has loyal fans, but I have never, in 25 years of watching hockey, seen an audience be so completely ignorant of there own country’s sport. They throw stuff at there own team? Call for penalties when there own men bump into each other? Are you kidding me? I guess this is why everyone I have ever met whose been to Montreal says how horrible the locals are, BECASUE THERE FUCKING FRENC IDIOTS!
    stupid French. LAzy, fat, smelly, dirty frenchmen. You think on our worst day at MSg we’d be throwing stuff at our own team.
    Parle vue mother fuckers!!

    Sorry for the rant!

    Anyway, Hossa and Prucha return, Hollwegg may sit a little, just not sure hwo much ice time Hossa will actually get.
    PRuchs comes in for Dawes on rotation. Other lines tay in tact.

    Trades _ i really dont know if any will even happen for us.
    Brian Campbell would be one of the few I see Sather going after, I but I could also see Sather doing nothing

  68. newman – I think you’re looking a little to deep on it. I think it was a jab at us. And if I’m right and it was, he’s right. We’re not even close to helping out team when they need it.

  69. Doodie

    Jagr has no moves? Please. He only patented the cut to the middle of the ice from the off wing, with power and speed and remarkable puck control.

    No one can dispute that he is currently a shadow of what he was in his heyday. But the unique thing about Jagr is exactly what you mistake —- he is one of the few players in the history of the game who singlehandedly created his own shot from a prime scoring area due to his ability to bull and cut and dart by himself from a totally unthreatening position of the ice (ie. the wall).

    Don’t you remember the goal he scored late in Game 5 of the ’92 playoffs vs. VBK that essentially won that series? His move on Beuk (I think it was Beuk) was simply unstoppable: 250 lbs. of hockey player completely defying the laws of physics. A goal that Lemieux, for one, did not have the sheer strength to replicate, much less Gretzky.

  70. how can this game hurt the Rangers:
    -if they miss the playoffs by one point (possible)
    -confidence killer (unlikely)
    how can it help them
    -a BIG LESSON especially if we meet MTL in playoffs

    a big win Saturday and i think this game would be a good lesson.

  71. Yes but Beer Me! that is exactly my point. The best he can do is say that the Fans are the cause or the blame? Give me a break!

    Why doesn’t he say that the team stopped playing, he didn’t drive them hard enough to hit people and finish checks, etc.

    Instead he has the gall to say, “Their fans are really great,” right after they threw all that crap on the ice. Unreal.

    Bathgate I am torn about Jagr right now. But are you really singing Jagr’s praises because of two moves he made on the ice 15 years ago? Please don’t tell me you also think Leetch should have come back this year.

  72. newman – I still think we’re seeing it a different way. I think it was more of an ‘observation’ that a ‘reason’. That observation was made by a lot of guys there. Must be nice to hear fans go to a game to root for their team instead of try to boo a guy out of town. Regardless of what city they’re from. That’s what I was taking from it.

    I think I’m ready to move on from that game. MikeyNJ, right. 40pts available, and we only anticipate needing about 27-29 or them. Completely within reach.

  73. New Newman

    I was simply responding to Doodie’s statement, and I quote, that “Jagr never actually had moves.” Couldn’t let something that dramatically mistaken pass without comment.

  74. We need 26 of the possible 40 points to reach last year’s total of 94 pts, which of course got us the 6th seed a year ago. That means going 13-7 down the stretch. Extremely doable.

  75. Doodie Machetto on

    Bathgate, I think you’re missing my point, and with your argument, helping me prove it. I think you misunderstood what typed of moves I was talking about. He has no breakaway moves. He’s an in-game player. It goes to that one on one compared to five on five analogy. He’s the first uy you would want on a team, but he’s lousy on a breakaway.

    His moves that use his power, speed, and control against defenders don’t apply to a shootout. I was talking purely breakaway on goaltender moves. He doesn’t score his goals that way, and what you’re saying is only supporting that.

  76. In the end the look on Jagr’s face said it all. I’m not sure how one team can throughouly dominate the first half of the game and then not do anything right the next 30 minutes in a epic collapse. You have got to give the Habs all the credit in the world. They could have mailed it in after it was 5-0 like Buffalo did over the weekend. Their fans were shameful throwing crap on the ice and boo begging for penalties every time one of their players get hit. Kovalev looked like the best player in the world last night. Then again he always has against the Rangers. Lundqvist had a very bad night. He made some nice saves in the first and ot but otherwise he did not make the big save that you need from your franchise goalie. Once again we saw how flawed the Rangers d is. They don’t have anyone resembling a lockdown dman or a defensive pair. Staal will be one but he’s not quite ready. Tyutin and Girardi have struggled mightily the last two months. They were beyond awful last night making soft plays backing up so far they were almost in their own net before the puck was there. Malik and Rozsival were nearly as bad. The Habs went to the net with impunity nobody and nobody clears the front of the net on this team. The forwards so brilliant the first half did nothing to take pressure off of the d or the goalie. They seemingly didn’t have one good shift the last 30 minutes. Jagr and Shanny would looked good early were nowhere to be seen when the chips were down ditto Gomez and Drury. I felt earlier in the year they needed a Dan Boyle instead it seems like they’re dying for a Barret Jackman or Adam Foote type.

  77. I personally rather loosing the way we did last night than getting blown out. If we are to try and take anything positive out of the game was the way we clicked and skated in the first 30 minutes. I think that part reinforces the good feeling about this team we had since the mini break. The second half was an embarrassment, inexcusable, and pathetic, but the lesson here is that no game is safe and at no time should we take our foot off the gas. I’d like to think we have learned the “not showing up ready to play and getting blown out lesson already”. It’s better to blow a 5 goal lead than blow a 2 goal lead and use the excuse “we made 2 mistakes” or “we missed a couple of assignments” and still think our 60 minute effort was at an acceptable level.
    Only time will tell but the optimist will tell me this won’t happen again. I can’t compare it to the Buffalo defeat last year as that was a playoff series and the loss took the wind totally out of our sails at a time when we thought we had finally got the upper hand. I think this loss doesn’t damage our season as much as the Buffalo loss does. Lets hope we use this to come back stronger when faced with this situation in the future.

  78. I dunno guys (and gals). That one was tough to swallow…

    While I agree that’s it’s only one game and we still got a point (THANK GOD). It goes beyond that. HOW MANY WAKE UP CALLS DOES THIS TEAM NEED?!!! How many “hard lesson’s learned”? How many times does than fan base try to stay positive in such an embarassing showing? What are you gonna do… we were pumped when we came back from 3-0 against the Habs… they one-upped us… squared.

    Everyone is to blame and trades aren’t gonna fix it.

    When Jagr went out for the final shot… I knew we lost too… but Renney put Jagr out there in the shootout to get him going… you know he did, and if he didn’t we would have lambasted him for that too. “He’s the Captain… he should have the game on his stick”.

    This whole season Renney has zigged… when he should have zagged.

    But his team has underpreformed in EVERY situation they’ve been in. I really believe that everyone looks around that lockeroom and thinks “Look at all this talent… someone will come through… someone will step up.”

    Problem is… when everyone is saying that… no one does.

    Jekyll and Hyde baby.

  79. what are hollweg and co doing aout there against top lines. renney’s obsession with muckers is disgusting

  80. “he is one of the few players in the history of the game who singlehandedly created his own shot from a prime scoring area due to his ability to bull and cut and dart by himself from a totally unthreatening position of the ice (ie. the wall).”

    A goal that Lemieux, for one, did not have the sheer strength to replicate, much less Gretzky.”



    that is total garbage. he can’t carry the jockstrap of most of the great players in NHL history, because he is NOT a clutch player, and he is NOT a leader. period

    I notice you did not mention him loafing off the ice to create the 3-on-2 for the first Habs goal, that got their comeback started, or his embarrassing failure to even control the puck on his shootout move.

    or the fact that of his 4 assists, only the pass to Shanny was a real setup, the rest were routine outlet and perimeter passes that others created into goals, i.e. second assists of the most had-little-to-do-with-it lucky kind

    or the fact that he disappeared in the second half of the game, showing his lack of leadership once again.

    and guess what pal. they showed the pens champ playoffs from the early 90’s on NHL network recently. and it was nothing but Mario in all the highlights of all the key pitt goals. jagr was a minimal factor in those series. it is right on tape for all to see. maybe you should check it out before you yap crap

    what, are you getting paid by his agent to post here?

  81. reginald dunlop on

    Boy Girardi looked pretty dang good standing around on the third and fourth goals………..getting very good at backing up…….. has he forgotten how to hit???? maybe a trip to hartford would be a remedy????? heck look at Callahan…….planes are alot nicer than buses and the ritz carlton is much nicer than the Best Western………send him down so he can get hungry…….

  82. Beer Me, exactly

    The game is over, get over it everyone.
    We got a point, it sucked ass, we got embarassed, IT”S OVER Move on.
    We’ve got Buffalo on Saturday.

    POints for us to make the playoffs are there for us to take.
    we can realistically think about finishing anywhere from 7th to 1st in our conference depending on how we play these last 20.
    No one, Ottowa and Pittsburgh included, are unbeatable and I think we have our best hockey of the season left to play.

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