Is the East really strong or not strong at all?


Update, 1:20 p.m.: Colton Orr, perhaps because his new mohawk is affecting his immunity, has a touch of the flu and is questionable for tonight. Should he be unavailable,  Jason Strudwick would skate at forward. Marc Staal has declared himself fit to play. All this “courtesy of Zipay”:, who was at the morning skate.

It should be mentioned that every time I’ve questioned whether the Rangers should be setting their sights higher than just qualifying for a playoff spot, they’ve fallen into another slump.

Well, don’t look now, but that ‘s “exactly the topic of my story in today’s paper”:

The point isn’t that the Rangers are necessarily going to cruise into the postseason just because they picked up a couple of impressive wins over the weekend. The point is that the way the East is right now, this team can somehow be sitting on the playoff bubble and contending for a division or even conference title at the same time.

Whether that’s a testament to the conference’s strength or weakness is open for debate.

“It’s a little bit of both,” Brendan Shanahan said.

The Rangers’ opponent tonight seems to be a case in point. The Canadiens, after all, are tied for the best point total in the conference, and yet they’re also a team the Rangers have beaten in all three previous meetings this season. The Devils are another example: they’re tied for the best record in the East, and the Rangers have knocked them off five times.

What is this all point to — other than the fact that I’m pretty good at basic arithmetic? That should the Rangers continue on the track they’re on, there’s little that says this has to be a short spring.

Of course, I just placed a hex on the team by writing the words above, so let’s revisit the topic next week when the Rangers have lost five straight and are mired in 11th place.

More later…

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  1. longtimerangersfan on

    Hope you haven’t jinxed them Sam.

    Ante, my post wasn’t directed at you, in fact I think the “Potvin sucks” chant is getting very old. I also think that booing Malik, not my favorite Ranger, or the team is conterproductive.

  2. The reality is that there is parity across the board in the East (and maybe the NHL generally) as the salary cap has leveled the playing field to a degree.

    That being said, I can’t think there is a team out there (esp in the East) that wants to face the Blueshirts in a 7 game series.

  3. longtimerangersfan on

    I just hope Dubi doesn’t over extend himself trying to protect Jagr. He doesn’t have the best fighting skills yet and we need him in the lineup every day.

  4. Do you think that having not signed Avery yet with the tradeing dead line 1 week away, suggest that the Rangers are planning on moving him this week?

  5. Too many variables to tell what’s gonna happen.

    Hank is the biggest factor… if he starts putting up shutouts… or near shutouts… with constistency the play-offs should be attainable (easily???).

    How bout’ Drury? Keeps playing like this or busts out the vanishing cream (points and goals wise) again?

    Can Dubi sustain (he has for the past few months)?

    Will Avery’s “shut up and play” mentality keep working?

    Callahan keep working hard every shift and getting rewarded with points?

    The defense limit Hank’s workload and quality chances?

    Will Jagr ever score a goal again?

    On, and on, and on….

  6. I think the league-wide parity is based on something Sam touched on in his article today. It’s a thin talent-pool in the nhl. Too many teams. You could almost start your own league with guys from each team that don’t belong in the nhl.

    agravaine – thanks for the link. I actually watched it yesterday and had a good laugh. Just wanted to pass along the info.

    I agree about the ‘potvin sucks’ chant being old.

  7. The east flatout sucks. I think parity is a buzz word for medicority. The cap has dilated the talent base so much. Getting a point for a loss has kept so many teams in the race. Look at the Sabres they lost ten straight but got 5 points in that stretch. That is just the absurdity of Buttman’s Nhl. Because of that the Sabres are still in the playoff race. Look at Ottawa they’ve got one good line and two shoddy goalies and as flawed as they are they’re still likely the best in the East. Have you seen the Devs defense? Nevertheless loook at where they are. This will be the quiest trade dealine ever because only two teams will be sellers.

  8. Another word….Expansion.

    Do Columbus, Nashville, and Phoenix need teams and Florida 2 teams?

    Right there is over 100 guys that would otherwise be gym teachers.

  9. Yeah, expansion has been so bad for the NHL. It should have been how do we make this game better for the people who love it, rather than how do we expand it to a crapload of people who don’t really care. Damn you, David Stern.

    What up with Thomas Pock? How’s he been playing and would he be of any value as an add-in to a trade? Like Prucha and Pock and ___ for someone good?

    I think this parity/mediocrity situation is yet one more reason why Hank’s signing is a no-brainer. If we can, pardon the expression, skate into the playoffs, he could easily become the reason we succeed and would certainly be the reason any other team wouldn’t want to face us in a 7 game series. And I don’t remember any Cup winner or their fans remarking years later — “well, that Stanley Cup victory sucked because it had been a mediocre year around the league…”

  10. Another show of how dilated the talent is. Any given night a team can look like world beaters and the next night look like the worst team in the world. Rarely these days do we see games where both teams play well and one team just barely edges the other team out. TRoo manty times we see one team stink it up and the other one play really well. Going back to the trade deadline and the reason few trades will be made: look at the Oilers an utterly wretched team that is somewhat in the playoff race because they’ve got 12 shootout wins. That means that won’t be sellers because they’re good at something that in reality has nothing to do with Hockey or should have nothing to do with Hockey is more apt.

  11. I highly doubt Pock has any value at all. Teams could have had him for half price a couple of months ago.

  12. Chris F I agree. As flawed as the Rangers are they are no more flawed than the other teams in the East. They have a distinct advantage in net no question.

  13. I don’t know if I buy the expansion arguments.

    There are also good players on those teams, so if those players wound up on other teams, then everyone gets better, and points are still hard to come by.

    Think about if guys like Bryzgalov, Nash, Zherdev, Leclaire, Sullivan, Dumont, Suter, Weber, etc. were phased onto other NHL rosters. All the teams immediately improve.

  14. Yeah, I think the East is pretty bunk as well.

    The best teams I think are Washington, Ottawa, Boston, Montreal and Jersey. And none of those teams are better than the playoff teams in the west.

    After watching Detroit, Vancouver, Phoenix, Dallas, Anaheim you can just see the speed of the game is much more elevated in the west.

  15. Graves9 – Not half price, full salary. You only get charged half the contract on re-entry waivers.

  16. So is the Jagr dealing chatter pretty much over? Universally accepted that we keep him and wait for a spark? The “other Sam” had a good article about it but I’m not quite sure I’m completely buying what he’s trying to sell, in fact his article higlights Jagr’s downsides and comes off almost as a sob story.

    I also don’t see Jagr being had for anything less than $6M next year, and I surely don’t think it’s worth it to pay that much and run the show around him again.

  17. Prucha 27,

    Fair point about points being hard to come by if the league were tougher. I think there’s two questions about expansion. Have things become more mediocre? Yes. Is the playoff race more boring and tight? Yes, but maybe also, largely, due to this wack win-loss-OT-shootout debacle.

  18. Think about if guys like Bryzgalov, Nash, Zherdev, Leclaire, Sullivan, Dumont, Suter, Weber, etc. were phased onto other NHL rosters. All the teams immediately improve.

    Not to mention, Lecavalier, Richards, Jokinen, Norton, Bouwmeester, Boyle, St. Louis, etc.


    That would be *so* awesome.

    I am 1000% for CONTRACTION of the NHL.

    Whats that old quote, something like:

    “I’m not a drinking man, but I know if you add water to the whiskey is gets weaker.”
    -some old school hockey guy on the expansion of the NHL

  19. Yeah, getting a point for losing a game is just stupid. It IS better than 4 columns in the standings, but I’d like to see it go. And I like the idea of a 1min minor penatly in OT that was disscussed in the GM meetings.

  20. I think it should be 30 seconds. If you’re playing 1/4 of a period, a penalty should be 1/4 normal time.

    But you should be able to score as many times as you can in that 30 seconds.


  21. It depends on the deal.. as long as it’s something like Prucha + 2nd + Montoya, I wouldn’t object… BUT… Hossa is making 7m this year and about to go UFA… I guarantee he’d ask for 8m+… and we CANNOT have any more high priced players.. the cap won’t go up forever!

  22. Agravaine – Good call. For some reason I couldn’t subtract. But I still think we have ample cap room for next season. Speaking of which, maybe Dubinsky, Avery, and Jagr could be our third line next season if Jagr would take $3-4 million. Fat chance!

    graves9 – Let’s remember what you said in case the Rangers look awful tonight because they could come back great next game.

    I’d rather see overtime expanded to ten minutes than have one minute penalties. Keep two minute penalties and don’t award a point for losing in overtime. Hopefully, less games will go to the shootout that way, which, even though it is fun to watch, was a pretty dumb idea for hardcore fans.

    Even Detroit just lost five games in a row, but the West is clearly better than the East, as it usually seems to be in the NHL and NBA.

  23. I’m surprised they showed Nisky’s license plate in that video because they are mostly blurred out in videos on TV for some reason, probably privacy. I’m glad I have Nisky on my keeper league fantasy team. He looks like he’s got some swagger.

  24. I’d like to get Hossa. Mainly due to the fact that he is under 30y.o. And we need a 1st line RW. I don’t know of any off the top of my head that are available this summer….key word there is TOP line. PROVEN top line RW. AND under 30. It’ll cost ya for sure. If he’s the only one, then you at least have to make the attempt. But in our case, not as a rental.

  25. I know it won’t get Hossa. I’m just saying those seem the only trade chips we should be shopping. If Sanguinetti, Cherepanov, Anisimov or Dubinsky are ever traded, I will stop supporting this team.

  26. Pavel – Dubinsky, maybe. But if you ever have the chance to get proven NHL talent for prospects, you have to do it. There are too may players who are stars at junior levels and don’t make the jump to the NHL.

    Are you telling me you wouldn’t give up Chere, Anisimov and Sanguenetti for say…Gaborik and Burns? I would.

  27. Just when I thought I had seen it all..

    Are these guys kidding putting the Isles logo there? Check out the image right below ‘Danger Rangers’ entry.

    longtimerangersfan, I appreciate your response – thanks!

  28. I wish the NHL would drop a couple teams, too, but I don’t see that happening any time soon.

    1) Think about how much the salary cap would go down after the total league revenues drop
    2) The league fought hard for the salary cap and it would be viewed as a major failure if they had cut back on the number of teams. The salary cap was supposed to save small market teams from folding.

    So both the union and league have a vested interest in keeping the league at 30 teams. Sadly, now that there is perceived financial stability, Bettman’s trying to expand again…what an awful idea!

  29. “The point is that the way the East is right now, this team can somehow be sitting on the playoff bubble and contending for a division or even conference title at the same time.”

    Which is exactly why the to-dump or not to-dump decision on Jaromir Jagr shouldn’t be viewed as a concession move.

    This team is competitive on most night’s despite their captain’s subpar season. Sure you can wait around for Jagr to snap out of it, at which point his added production should catapult the Blueshirts to contenders – but why would anyone (including you Weinman!) have any reason to believe that scenario is in the cards?

    Better to maximize your value on an expiring asset AND make a run at the postseason. There’s no reason that a team with Scott Gomez, Chris Drury, and Brendan Shanahan along with King Henrik in net and young talent like Dubinsky, Staal, and Dawes can’t make a run at this thing.

    But I digest…

  30. Doodie Machetto on

    No trading for Hossa. We simply can’t absorb another big contract. We have 21 million tied up in three players next season. That’s over a third of the cap on THREE players. If they sign up Hossa, figure it’ll be at least 7 mil/per. That’ll be HALF of our cap on FOUR players.

    We need mid price wings to surround our centers. I would’ve loved JP Dumont. As far as UFA wings go this summer, the only ones I can see making financial sense are Huselius, Cleary, and Vrbata. They are all capable scorers, but not elite talents, so if we can sign one or two of them for 2.5-3.5 million I’d be happy. Realistically, I don’t think Huselius can be signed at that amount, but it’s possible. He would probably take closer to 4. I wouldn’t want to max out years for any of those contracts to keep our options open in the future for when other high quality wings could potentially become available (Zetterberg, Gaborik, Kovalchuk, Nash, Frolov, etc).

    The only other wings I’d be interested in that are upcoming UFA are Malone, Hunter, Ryder, and Nagy. Malone and Hunter because they wouldn’t be very expensive, plus they add a lot of size to our very shrimpy wings. Ryder and Nagy because they could probably be had on the cheap because of how bad they have been this year, and potentially can turn themselves around as players and become steals. Otherwise, if we can get what we pay for (no more than 2 million for either), I wouldn’t be upset. I especially think Ryder has the career turnaround potential as some players just don’t do well in Montreal (i.e., Mike Ribeiro).

    Other wings to consider would be Prospal and Demitra, although I think both are too old and would want too much money. Demitra also is injury prone.

    Bottom line: stay away from Hossa.

  31. Gozer – I agree with you.

    Doodie – No to Hossa, but yes to Nagy? Kidding.

    In all seriousness, I get where you’re coming from, but our centers aren’t’ Crosby. They aren’t going to score 30 goals and assist on 90 more. That’s why we need the 100 point guy on the wing, we don’t have him at center. Unfortunately, we thought we had that in Jagr ($4mil cap hit), and we won’t get that deal again. That’s the truth in a salary cap world. As long as one of your top 4 salaried players is agoalie who’s worth it (and our is), we’re OK.

  32. haha – I was reading Ice Chips over at TSN.CA and they called Dubi “Steve Dubinsky”. Pretty funny if you ask me.

    I know Hossa is going to be looking for around $7-8mil. But don’t look at that salary in full. It’s really only $2-3mil more than what you’re paying your top-line RW now. Ya know? Who knows if he’s even the right guy, but there’s NO question that he is the ‘best’ RW available right now.

    Looking forward to tonights game. Last of the regular season vs. these a-holes. Should be a good one.

  33. No Colton in the line up. Does anyone all of a sudden read that and feel a little softer as a team? I mean I do. And that tells me that he is a guy you need out there to keep other teams in check. If Strudwick plays in his spot, I hope he throws his body around big time and gets in a scrap early. We need to announce our presence with a quick goal and a quick ass kicking.

  34. Newman – totally. Orr is da man.

    I don’t know if we want too many fights too early. Our hitting game is more important than our fighting game tonight. With hitters/fighters in the box, their skill can skate around undaunted. But if you can keep them thinking about who else is on the ice, you’ve taken an edge in at least one part of the game.

  35. Doodie Machetto on

    Prucha: First, our goalie is NOT worth 6.85 million. Second, Hossa isn’t really a 100 pt player either! He did it once last year, but his numbers have dropped considerably since.

    My point is, instead of tyring to load up on one line, why not have 2 very good producing lines, or 3 good producing lines, instead of one amazing line, 2 passable ones, and one purely checking line? Even if we did sign Hossa, our “loaded” top line wouldn’t even be that good!

    I mean, just think about it. 4 players taking more than half of your cap for the next 4 years (the remainder of Drury’s contract)? How do you round out the rest of your team? You just can’t. And it’s not like it would even be worth it. I say its better to go after some second tier talent instead, being patient until an elite player to become available.

    The thing that makes Hossa so valuable beyond his offense is that he is a GREAT two-way player. But we have a lot of two-way players. What we need is a dynamic offensive presence. I’d rather just bide our time for a season or two until that player becomes available. You’re telling me you wouldn’t want Kovalchuk instead of Hossa? Remember that we already have a good group of defensive forwards, and we’re looking purely for a goalscorer.

    As for Nagy, I’m saying if he can be had on the cheap, based on his current offensive performance, he couldn’t be any worse than some of the play we have gotten out of our forwards this year.

    As for Ryder, if he can be had for 2 million, I would jump at that. He’s having a bad year, but that happens to a lot of players in MTL. Just look at his numbers from his past 3 seasons. I think he could easily recapture that form and possibly surpass it. He’s a PP specialist and could really help boost our struggling PP.

  36. I’m on board with the Ryder thing. MTL can do that to anyone.

    I personally don’t like Kovalchuk’s attitude. Doesn’t seem like the kind of guy that fits in our lockerroom.

  37. What were Staal and Orr doing that Orr got the flu?

    That’s great that Sutton is out 4-6 weeks. We have a back to back coming up with them in 2 weeks.

    Getting pumped for the game tonight, even though we can’t move up in the standings. And as bad as I wanna catch OTT, they have to keep philthy off our backs.

  38. how could anyone who has watched the playoffs over the past decade say they want Hossa on their team?

    he is a lazy dog who does not care about getting his nose dirty to win at all costs in the playoffs.

    when he was on OTT they lost every year in the first round to Leafs because he chickened out and avoided the corners while tucker and roberts scared him off.

    then, look at last years’ games vs Rangers, he was PATHETIC in those 4 games. don’t give me stats. I am talking about his lack of desire, his loafing, his lack of hustle. his lack of leadership.

    his yawn, ho-hum approach to the playoffs is a death knell for any team, and it has proven out year after year with him.

    forget Hossa

  39. Bring back Lohan on

    kovalev maybe, I dont think the players feel like some of you guys do about Komisarek. They see him as a solid d-man. You guys made the “marked man” part up on him.

  40. Carey Price in goal for MTL tonight. We’ve never faced him. Not that goaltending has really been the difference in the first three beatings of MTL.

  41. Joe I agree 100% on Hossa. He just isn’t a winning player. Modry is an upgrade from dreck like Vandermeer and Jones for the Flyers.

  42. Rob the issue then is if Dubi drops em with Komisarek he’ll likely get pounded. Dubi is very willing to fight but at this stage he’s somewhat of a punching bag. I am sure he’ll improve in that area as time goes on.

  43. Doodie – I’d take Gaborik over Kovalchuk, but the point is that only Hossa is available this year. I’d rather *not* sign Jagr, and I doubt he’ll take a 1 year deal. I’d rather have Hossa than Jagr.

    The thing is, most teams only have one star studded line, or one or 2 true offensive stars. They fill their team with 2nd tier scoring by drafting well (Detroit). There’s no reason why we can’t look to Parenteau, Anisimov and possibly even Korpikoski to fill out some of the lines next year.

    Also, seeing how bad guys like Ryder and Nagy have been playing, there’s no reason that they won’t come cheap, anyway. Don’t forget, with Jagr, Shanny, Straka, Malik, Mara, Hossa and even possibly Avery off the books next season, that’s around $17-$19 million freed up.

  44. Joe – The playoffs aren’t about one player, they’re about a whole team. Are you saying you wouldn’t take Spezza or Alfredsson on your team? They got bullied the same way Hossa did.

    Same story against us last year. How many guys on ATL actually had playoff experience? Who was Hossa’s support cast? Where did secondary scoring come from?

  45. Just went over to and believe it or not but they’ve got a 16 page thread on Modry. Good lord they need to find a new hobby.

  46. No thanks to Nagy or Ryder. They are both soft as tissue paper and incredibly inconsistant. I rather see what guys like Cally, Dawes, Korpikowski, Ansimnov and Dubi can do going forward.

  47. you’re wrong prucha. spezza was not there then and alfredson, while he is somewhat responsible too, at least proved last year that w/o hossa,and with heatley, he can get to the finals.

  48. Doodie Machetto on

    Point is, Hossa has yet to carry over his regular season success to the playoffs, despite the fact that he has been provided ample opportunities to do so.

    As for Kovalchuk, I was naming him as another player on ATL. I’d take Zetterberg over all of those guys (although I know DET wouldlet him sign anywhere else).

    Prucha, you’re missing my point about Hossa. Sure, he might be the best available guy, but why does that mean he should be signed. Why not wait until there are better guys available? You say you would rather have Hossa than Jagr, but why have either? Do you think this team is going to win the cup next year? Not a chance. Why not just get our kids more experience, fill a couple of holes, and be patient for that superstar, franchise player who can carry our offense?

  49. Hey Sam,

    What do we got to do to up your travel budget? I mean the ads on here have skyrocketed since the blog began, but what’s it gonna take? Subscription fees?

  50. Joe – Is it Hossa’s fault that Muckler didn’t acquire the proper support cast? Look at the teams stats for Ottawa those years. Tell me there are players on that roster you wouldn’t take in a heartbeat on this team. Redden? Chara? Philips? Again, Alfredsson?

    Hossa gets a bad rap for not getting it done in the post season. He definitely had a few seasons that he made some noise in the playoffs.

    Doodie – No way we go into next season without a top line RW. It’s either going to be Hossa or Jagr.

  51. Doodie Machetto on

    I’d take the one year deal for Jagr over the multiyear megacontract for Hossa. It just makes no sense to splurge on Hossa. We’re going to have a few expensive RFAs in a couple of years, and I don’t want to be handcuffed by Hossa’s contract.

    Besides, Hossa has only 4 more points than Jagr does this season. You’re willing to max out on him though, but won’t take a discount 1 year deal on Jagr and wait for a better option to emerge?

  52. Doodie – You’re assuming Jagr takes a one year deal. I don’t see it happening.

    Hossa’s having a bad year, but he’s still 29 (and doesn’t have a center to play with). I take him at 6 years, 8 million per. No doubt.

  53. Doodie – Just to add to that…The guys I’d really want (Gaborik, Nash, and to a lesser degree Zetterberg, only because he’s older) I don’t believe will ever reach UFA status when we want them.

  54. Doodie Machetto on

    You’re crazy. Absolutely crazy then. He isn’t that good of a player. He was on a superstar line with Kovalchuk and Savard and managed only 100 pts. Ludicrous.

    Forget Hossa’s value itself. You tell me how you fill out your roster in 3 years with half of your cap tied up in 4 players. Good luck.

  55. Why do they show the Knicks on TV at all anymore. There should be a rule, that if you have less than 25 wins in your past 2 seasons you should be taken off TV. Anyway, I think Modry is kinda soft, glad We didnt chase him. Scared of playing that kid Price tonight, Hes a pretty solid goalie, hope we dont make him look like Patrick Roy.

    Lets Go RANGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  56. There is no way in hell, I would give Hossa 8M per year, thats lunacy. I really don’t think He is that good to be honest. I dont even want Boyle. Hossa is gonna get that type of money, but I hope not from us.

  57. Doodie Machetto on

    Rob, I’m with you. On Boyle too.

    I posted a list a little while back of some UFAs the team should go after during the offseason, and Boyle, Hossa, and Campbell are nowhere to be found on those lists.

  58. Doodie – The cap is going up every year, that’s how. You draft well and fill out the roster with some younger guys, like Detroit does. Young, cheap talent.

    Tell me how you stay competitive with no top line players next year when Jagr, Straka, Shanahan and possibly Avery leaving next year.

    With Ryder and Nagy?

    You also say he “only had 100 points” like it’s nothing. I notice Jagr was on an All Star line With Gomez, what has he done? Also, Kovalchuk and Hossa rarely play on the same line, as Kovalchuk mostly played with Kozlov, Hossa with Savard.

  59. Doodie Machetto on

    Actually, we’re both a bit mistaken. The year he played with Savard, he had 92 pts. That year, I noticed Jagr racking up 123 points and the Lester B. Pearson, with Nylander and Straka, two guys who have done pretty much nothing without Jagr.

    As for the 100 pts year, he actually played on Kovy’s line with Kozlov as the center. Savard was no longer a member of the team. I saw Jagr earn 100 pts too, at times playing with Marcel Hossa and Brad Isbister.

    Jagr is having the worst year of his entire, 16 year HOF career, and he still only 4 pts behind Hossa.

    Most importantly, Hossa is having a bad year. How do you hand over a mega contract to a guy having a bad year?! How do you know it will turn around? It’s a mistake.

  60. Doodie Machetto on

    Now only 1 point behind Hossa!

    PS, does anyone else think that reuniting Jagr and Shanny on the PP is a little bit overdue?




  62. Adam and his apple on

    hahahahaha im glad were in prices head, hes gonna be the montreal goalie for a while, man i am just lovin how were playin right now!!! and king henrik looks like the king again! i have the biggest man crush on our first line hahahaha DING! anybody hear micheletti?! “why cant they play like this all the time?” hahahaha

  63. Real classy from those fans to cheer Price getting pulled when he got a shutout in his last game there. What have you done for me lately?

    I’d take Jagr for two years over what Hossa probably wants

    How can you guys get MSG and not FSNNY? Usually it’s the other way around because Buffalo plays on the other version of MSG upstate. Where do you guys live? CT?

    Doodie – I was kinda listening but missed it. What happened?

    I have to admit, and you’re all gonna hate me, I gotta go with my man *Kornheiser* and keep an eye on _Idol_ tonight. I can admit it, too, haha.

  64. Doodie Machetto on

    Gordie Howe Hat Trick for Dubinsky, despite the fact thathe took a beating.

    Good for him. He’s been amazing.

  65. Adam and his apple on

    damn i love dooby, hes got some big juevos, and damn if the refs dont start makin calls this game is gonna get reaaaaaal chippy

  66. Doodie Machetto on

    That quote on Komisarek is awesome. I have a mancrush on Dubinsky.

    SP: They were supposed to cut to commercial, and it was quiet for a while. So Joe figures they’ve cut to commercilal and you hear him say to Sam “Why can’t they play like that?” to which Sam replied “They’re doing it right now!” and then Joe was like “Yeah, but why can’t they do it all the time?”

  67. The *natural* Gordie Howe hat trick, Doodie.

    Agravaine – About time you stopped pimping that site here. I think we like it here better, and there seems to be more posts here, too.

  68. Adam and his apple on

    dont wanna jinx anything and the mere fact that im saying i dont wanna jinx it means it wont be jinxed, ok anyway haha, malik has been playing his best hockey as a ranger in my humble opinion, as long as he plays within himself hes a pretty good NHL D-man, no way he gets traded

  69. this just shows again about the rangers turning on the switch

    they spend 2/3 of each season dogging it, and then the standings, i.e. 9th place, forces them to start actually playing hard, and things then start to go right and fall into place.

    season ticket holders should only buy the last 14 games, because if the ranger players don’t consider the season underway until Feb, then why should the fans

  70. Ah, I had it on mute then, but I saw that it took a while to cut to commercial. Haha. He has said that purposely on the air though a couple times this season in the third period of games, I think. It’s like someone mentioned a couple months back when the game was on My 9 that they leave the mics open during the break, and he could hear what the announcers were saying because Center Ice didn’t have the commercials for some reason. They should put an audio track of those conversations together!

  71. maybe we can get a motel room for malik and his lovers on this board.

    get rid of his selfish pouting ass

  72. Doodie

    Orr is scratched with the flu.

    What a great period. Gotta keep it up, stay out of the penalty box, Habs will take runs at us but we need to turn the other cheek until it’s 4-0.

  73. Adam and his apple on

    ive been hard on malik when hes played bad, but for us to trade for a boyle or campbell just doesnt make sense, why do you guys wanna give up our young talent, we have one of the best farm systems in the league, i think we dont need to make one trade, we knew at the beginning of the season that we had a team to make a serious run, the way were playing now, our D looks like it did at the beginning of the season and now were actually scoring goals in bunches, im 100% confident in the team we have now

  74. Adam and his apple on

    watching studwick out there really makes you appreciate how far orr has come, he is a servicable NHL player and not just a goon anymore

  75. Where’s the delay of game for fans throwing things on the ice? That should calm them down…

  76. Clive D – re your post this afternoon – in the unlikely event of contraction there would be less revenues yes but less players too so the cap number would not come down. it would probably comeup since the per player revenues would go up. less teams to spread out the measly national contracts as well.

    Prucha – we want nothing to do with the other Hossa. both from the cap huge hit and he is Mr October and in hockey that’s not a good thing. For a change I agree with Doodie on that one.

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