Are 84 points back in play for Jagr?


OK, maybe it’s not even worth bringing up.

But that’s three four assists for Jaromir Jagr on the night. He would need 32 31 points over the final 20 games (not including tonight) to hit the magic number.

Not likely. But not impossible either…

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  1. Is it me or are the Habs playing dirty?
    Dubinski is officially my new favorite Ranger. What a player. What a shot. And what Balls!

  2. Doodie Machetto on

    “The natural Gordie Howe hat trick, Doodie”

    Not natural. He had 2 assists before the fight.

  3. Well, a natural hat trick is when three goals are scored by a player in one period, so I think this would be a natural Gordie Howe, since the three qualifiers all occurred in the first. You’re thinking of a different meaning of natural.

  4. If Jagr can play like this, he would probably ask for more than his $4,940,000 cap hit to us to come back if he doesn’t hit the 84 points, so we’re probably better off if he gets there.

  5. Doodie Machetto on

    I suppose it is on how you define a natural Gordie Howe hat trick. Hell, I love Dubinsky, I’ll give it to him. The natural GH hat trick.

  6. I think the Habs are playing dirty, fine Spider I won’t anymore, I just thought you uys might liek a chat room instead of always refreshing, obviously I keep doing both, but I was giving the option.

  7. Where’s our *strange bedfellows* edition? Florida over Pittsburgh, Ottawa over Philadelphia, Carolina over Boston. OK, that’s not so strange because we’re not rooting for any rivals to win.

  8. Doodie Machetto on

    I said he had two assists, I was mistkane. He had no part on Shanahan’s goal. So it’s only 1 assist instead of two, but the goal in between his goal, assist, and fight, so it’s not the natural. too bad. Still an Awesome achievement.


  9. To repost a question from the last thread, how come you guys get MSG and not FSNNY? It’s usually the other way around because of the Sabres. Do you live in CT, PA? What’s up with that?

    Yeah, Dubinsky only had one assist anyway.

  10. And here I am, regulated to listening to the Canadiens feed from

    Hooray Northern New York.

  11. Doodie Machetto on

    Carolina is getting killed in the faceoff circle without Brind’Amour. I wouldn’t be surprised to see if the goals Boston scored on the PP didn’t have something to do with an offensive zone faceoff win.

  12. it would make you happy sam as his biggest fan club member.

    why even bring up that individual crap now

  13. Doodie Machetto on

    Yeah, for a hat trick to be natural it has to be 3 consecutive goals, without interruption by anyone else. For a GHHT, the three goals are goal assist and fight, so the three would have to happen without itnerruption to be natural.

  14. Update from what else I am watching (I know nobody cares, but maybe you want a cheap laugh): *Paula Abdul* is definitely drunk or on some tranquilizers tonight, saying weird things and slurring some words.

  15. And I’m not even wearing my jersey because I wasn’t at my computer at the beginning of the game. Now I actually think we have a chance for first in the East. They better not let us down now!

  16. Doodie Machetto on

    Let’s not get carried away. They’ve had a few good games in a row, but that is easily erased with a few stinkers. If they can keep playing this well until the end of the season, I’ll feel really good about them.

  17. “I’m not sure how the Rangers give up a 3 on 2 there.”

    because jagr was loafing off the ice while they broke in 3-on -2. of course, he avoids the minus, it goes to the poor guy who had to come off the bench while he dogs it.

  18. If that’s right, hku, thanks, cuz I just caught the back end of the play.

    Doodie – I don’t think they can come back from 5-0, but we’ll see……

  19. Bring back Lohan on

    I have to say I take back some of what I said about Komisarek. The players did take note, he does play a bit dirty, and he is a marked man. At the same time, I would LOVE him on my team. BTW, my wife just asked me who is this Dubinsky guy and why do you keep saying you love him. HAH! She thinks I may go play for the other team……

  20. So the Habs are playing dirty and like Avery I’m starting to think these Canadian fans are a bunch a rejects.

  21. For all the Canadian “hockey knowledge” you’d think they would know a penalty when they see one. However if one of there players slips and falls on there shadow the fans go nuts…pathetic!

  22. It just feels inevitable that Montreal will score another one, especially if we give them a power play. The question is whether we will score first. I think we really need a goal because it’s gonna get *very* dangerous when they pull the goalie.

  23. Doodie Machetto on

    Dude, you can’t blame Malik for the fact that it’s 5-5. This is PATHETIC. Team can’t even protect a 5-0 lead. You think they’re gonna win the division? They won’t even win this game! This is probably the biggest single game collapse I have ever seen in the NHL.

  24. there’s your 7 million dollar goalie, I left the house to do something with the rangers winning 5-0 and i come back and turn on the tv to watch montreal score the tying goal to make it 5-5. I would think that lundqvist could hold that lead, like i said, over rated.

  25. Wow a few posts ago we were the best team in the world.
    Stop being pathetic fans and start rooting your team on.
    Shit happens. Last time the Canadiens gave up the lead

  26. This reminds me of the Carolina game where the other team just suddenly gets the shiz together and turns it on. It’s not that the Rangers started playing so badly, but Montreal came out and embarassed them by forcing the play so much.

  27. Doodie Machetto on

    Dude: IT WAS A FIVE GOAL LEAD. 5-0!!! Did you see the stat? THE RANGERS HAVE NEVER LOST A GAME THAT THEY LED 5-0! If they lose this game it will be the single largest collapse in Rangers history!

  28. tomg, always chiming in on the negative side. Like I said, where were you when it was 5-0?

    Doodie – Good call on Ryder. You’re on a hot streak yourself tonight, and I could see that goal coming on the power play, though I bet anybody could. Too many ties right now! Carolina already gave it up, Pittsburgh and Philly are tied in their games.

  29. Great, Pittsburgh finished ’em off with 23 seconds left in regulation.

    I still think Rangers can win in overtime. Montreal has backed off a bit. Forget this AIG commercial, get a Tums commercial in there, Pepto-Bismol as well.

  30. I’m not hating, I’ve said this before that I thought lundqvist was over rated. Than he gets paid like the top two in the league. Well, the top two in the league doesn’t give up a 5 goal lead and I don’t care how out played montreal played the rangers. The goalie has to come up with the saves.

  31. I don’t want to hear anything but the rangers win here. We have a 7 million dollar goalie who should stop all shots.

  32. Doodie Machetto on

    Agreed that he’s grossly overpaid, but he isn’t the reason they lost.

    They just stopped playing. You’ve gotta look at the leadership. Not just Jagr, but every single vet on the team, and the coaching. That’s just embarassing.

    They are headed down the toilet after that fucking dud.

  33. It doesn’t even matter whose fault the goals were. Lundqvist looks really bad in this spot. I can’t believe it. At least we beat them 3 out of 4 this season. Valiquette on Saturday for sure. Maybe I should have been wearing the jersey. It was an amazing game to watch, though, for non-Rangers fans.

  34. Spiderpig
    February 19th, 2008 at 8:55 pm
    If that’s right, hku, thanks, cuz I just caught the back end of the play.
    Doodie – I don’t think they can come back from 5-0, but we’ll see……

    I can’t believe I just saw that. There’s nothing else to say. Hell of a time for my Slingbox to be working again.

  35. Dr. Ogrodnick bows to Leetch on

    Seemed like they were coached to sit back in the third, from the moment the period started. Terrible shootout lineup from Renney too. Lundy didn’t look good, but the whole team sagged in front of him. This is the kind of loss you look back on when you miss the playoffs.

  36. Doodie Machetto on

    matt, I’m gonna have to disagree and say the worst part is that they dropped a 5-0 lead to lose 6-5.

  37. Wow that lost point hurts… Ouch……………

    Did not see the 2nd period listened to it on XM…

    Bad bad loss… That extra point lost hurts……

    they are not out of the woods yet and will need to pick it u on Saturday..

    Newsflash, Henrik will be in goal saturday, he is there main man……..


  38. Lundy was their best player during the 5 min OT.

    they sat back in the last half of the game, as Tom trap ’em Renney blows another one.

  39. Spiderpig,
    “It doesn’t even matter whose fault the goals were. Lundqvist looks really bad in this spot. I can’t believe it. At least we beat them 3 out of 4 this season. Valiquette on Saturday for sure. Maybe I should have been wearing the jersey. It was an amazing game to watch, though, for non-Rangers fans.”

    That’s all I was saying that this is on lundqvist and you attack me saying I’m not a fan, not sure why.

  40. That was a great Ranger Habs game. I wish they played them all that way. If hockey games were like this one everynight, the NHL would not be able to keep up with the franchise applications because every game in every city would sell out.

  41. Holy shit i can’t believe that just happened – what the hell did Jagr actually do tonight to get those assists – every time i saw him on the ice he was either missing a pass or standing still
    trade ’em

  42. stopwiththefourthlinealready on

    Renney has GOT TO BE FIRED…. we have 4 days… plenty of time… put anyone else in there he is clueless.

    HE overuses betts
    They sat on the lead as opposed to keep playing
    he played for ot at the end of third
    he played for the shootout in OT
    HE is a clueless Jerk and NEEDS TO GO.
    He doesnt even look angry on the bench he just scratches his head… maybe he should knock and see if anyones home in there

  43. I’m watching renney chew his gum like a cow during their time out saying”c’mon boy’s ‘ and they dont buy his crap.they totally quit tonite and he knew it.Why does he insisit on putting jagr in the shootout? Even jagr doesn’t want to be in shootouts.Take the point away from them ,they don’t deserve it.So the next time they have any sizable lead they’ll start to choke.

  44. that is why talking about individual milestones during a TEAM game is wrong, Sam.

    screw Jagr and his contract clauses. who cares if he hits his selfish points and money bonuses. it hurts the TEAM concept, and that is bad.

  45. Yes, lots of blame on Lundqvist.

    Drury in shootout. why? he hasn’t scored in one yet, and slapshots on breakaways = no moves knew he wouldn’t score

    I think Renney just signed himself goodbye for ’09.

    What a *magnificent* bedshitting.

  46. Unfortunately, we have lost leading by 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 …. COME ON RENNEY!!!! I’M SICK OF YOU!!!! GET SOME TACTICS LESSONS!!! JEEEEZZZZ…. Hard to believe… JAGR SUCKS BIG TIME….

  47. tomg – You and I both know it’s not just about tonight.

    They’ll recover because it went all the way to a shootout. Much better than losing by having a real goal scored against you. I can’t question the players in the shootout. There was no Hossa or Prucha. Who do you want, Callahan? Maybe Dubinsky, but I think Drury is fine enough. No problem with the other two.

  48. I guess Lunqvist’s mind is on how to spend his money instead of hockey.And anytime your team f—-ks up a 5 goal lead ‘YOU SHOULD BE FIRED.

  49. Just when they convince me they might be putting it together they fall the hell apart. Boy I am glad renney stresses defense!!!!!! How the hell do you lose after going up 5-0. Do you think the defense ever heard of moving peop[le out from in front of the e-ffing goalie. Why did renney use drury and a hole jagr in the shootout and why do they insist on deking shoot the dam puck. Jar hasn’t scored a goal in 10 games he can’t hit the net and this moron uses him in a shootout. Yes he is a genius. NOT!!!!!!!!! jAGR EVEN HAVING 4 ASSISTS was lousy tonight 2 assists were weak and he never should ‘ve had them. This will send them in the toilet. Time to trade jagr and get some defenseman who freaking clear the crease.This game was sickening!!!!! Now I want to hear all the cheer leaders tell us why this game didn’t suck. All three shots in the shoot out were weak very weak just like renney.

  50. TOMG,

    You must not have been watching the game. To blame Henry you must be kidding. The team stopped skating, forechecking and hitting. Drury said it perfectly in the intermission. “If we skate and check we are a much different team. They stopped it all.

    Ryder’s 1st goal was Henry’s fault?? Ah no, Jagr slow change and he walked in from the blue line. Kovy on the PP for the 5th wide open in the slot? Yeah that was Henry’s fault, my arse. 2 goals were deflections off players in front and one goal (Ryder’s 2nd) went of Betts and Girardi.

    With all your so called knowledge of hockey you should at least be able to see what went wrong tonight. Mister negative spewing sh^t.

  51. wow, i dont even know what to say. i can’t see this team coming back from this, its an absolutely crippling loss. I would be surprised if they did not go into a shell on road to a season long losing streak. I RARELY point the finger at renney or jagr. but i think they and shanahan have to get the brunt of the blame for this one. even though they showed up on the scoresheet, they have to maintain the teams composure while another team storms back and they absolutely failed. it seemed like they tried to play the 3rd to just win by 1 goal instead of just sticking to their game and it cost them dearly.
    I dont think they can get off the mat after this one. Like what someone said earlier, they have nearly 4 full days for this to fester them. I could see a lot of finger pointing and dissention over that period. hopefully the rest of the east will continue to stay terrible so they can at least stay afloat.

  52. onecupin67years on

    Awful,awful,awful,no hitting,poor coaching and decision making ,jagr in a shootout,,Tom doesn’t want to win.And Lunqvist was average at best .He looks very shaky.

  53. Reading previous posters, and I’m drunk already… Johhnie Walker, you know…

    Renney has to go… DON’T EVEN ASK WHY…
    Jagr needs to be traded, he’s no Captain and CANNOT score in the SO… DAMN SAD… don’t give a s*** even if he had 4 assists previously…


  54. wow the kids are out in force tonight..

    yeah it was Renny’s fault they gave up a 5 goal lead.. why or how do you leave the middle open for long passes when you are winning at the end of a game??

    guys the world is not ending, before the game started if I said the Rangers would get 1 point tonight you all would be happy.

    the rangers got a reality check and at tleast they got 1 point while realizing in this NHL there are no freebies, none…

    they have given away many points this yr. becuase often they think they are better then they are and do not play hard and tough..

    hopefully it is a lesson learned…

  55. Holy crap, that was so awful I don’t even know how to react and yet it, somehow, seemed so inevitable after the 1st goal against. Disgusting. They looked tired and weak after the 1st half. They simply can’t sustain a panic game, nor have they at any point this season. And while Dubi did kick ass in the 1st half, getting into a fight that you will lose isn’t always so smart. We could have used Orr.

    Hank must win that game for us.

    And Jagr should never, ever have been the last man shooting. Dubi’s on fire, dammit.

    Grotesque. Just devastating.

  56. stopwiththefourthlinealready on

    IF anyone doesnt think renney should be fired I would like to hear your pitch for him to keep his job

  57. Renney gets the blame here 100%.

    When they went up 5-0 I said to my buddy that the need to start hitting everything in sight. Make Komisarek pay, make Kovy pay, etc. Jeez they could have taken a cheap elbowing or roughing penalty to Begin or some other a-hole.

    What did they do? Went into a total shell. The first hit thrown after they went up 5-0 was by Toots at the blue line in the 3d period when Micheletti said, “That was the first hit in a long time.”

    WTF is Renney doing behind the bench? F-ing asleep at the wheel if you ask me.

    If I am in that position, I tell everyone outside of Gomer, Jagr, Straka, Drury, and Shanny (the old guys, the finesse players) to start hitting everything in sight. Finish checks, make them move the puck, force the plays, forecheck, dump and chase, hit everything that moves. Why is that so f-ing difficult?

    Instead they poke check, dump and barely chase, let the Habs breakout unimpeded, and don’t hit a damn thing?

    Avery, Cally, Dubi, Betts, Struds, Hollweg, Dawes all were basically invisible in the final 30 mins.

    We gave a point away. I really want to see what Renney says about this effort.

    Just like someone said earlier on this blog, “The New York Jekyll and Hydes.”

    No one was there to tell them this is a 60 minute game.


  58. BTW, Renney isn’t going anywhere. If Isaiah can bang workers in the MSG bathrooms and his players can shag interns and all of it goes to court and MSG loses and Isaiah can STILL have a job, Renney is not going anywhere.

    I know that.

  59. How can you blame Renney for this when it worked perfectly fine against Buffalo? Maybe Buffalo is a worse team, but they were playing extremely well at the time. This one is on the players mostly. I know Beer Me! will be here to back me up eventually, once he’s done drinking, haha.

  60. stopwiththefourthlinealready on

    It is his fault he is an awful coach…. we have goood players we win despite him… What coaching decisions does he make that are so shrewd???? ANYONE????? HE SUCKS and he NEEDS TO GO

  61. I just HATE RENNEY!!! HE JUST LOST US A GAME… You simply CANNOT lose after leading 5-0 in the middle…


  62. New Newman – How can you say blame Renney 100%, then blame the players for not hitting. I’m sure that’s what Renney told them, “Don’t hit because the fans might boo.” Get real. At least you know he’s not being fired.

    (Should I change my name to Beer Me!? I sure am sounding like him.)

  63. No reason not to pull Lundqvist after the 4th goal. Whether you think those 4 were on him or not, you still have to do something to turn the tide.

    Renney got into a situation where he had to think, and that’s why the team lost.

  64. someone also tell shanahan that he might want to try making a move in the shootout and not shooting. my grandmother knows that he’s going to shoot so my guess is that the opposing goalies know it also.

    this loss is making me sick.

  65. stopwiththefourthlinealready on

    we are not gonna lose them all simply because he sucks… Think about how we have underachieved… Think about all the points he allowed teams in our conference to get by playing for overtime…. HE has me ripping my hair out

  66. and how disgusting is that casino night ad that begins with a picture of that fat cake-eating Sather and his butt buddy Renney above everyone else, waving from on high.

    that is gross misconduct

  67. Richard S.,
    ‘”Ryder’s 1st goal was Henry’s fault??”,
    enough said, you just spewed your own s@@t!!!

    According to your knowledge the rangers than should have won 5-4.

  68. I’m still in shock…glad the league still offers the mercy point. Bad idea to change strategy in the 3rd IMO. Rangers had another hard lesson for not playing a full game.

    Look at the bright side (however small that side is), we earned 7 out of 8 possible points against what is now a top team in the East standings.

  69. and how disgusting is that casino night ad that begins with a picture of that fat cake-eating Sather and his butt buddy Renney above everyone else, waving from on high.

    that is gross misconduct


    holy shit

    its so true and funny

  70. Stuart, I admire your composure, but this is literally a monumental loss that a lot of teams would go in to a shell afterward. with 4 days before they can right the ship, and avery seemingly pouting about his contract, it seems like its the perfect storm that could divide the team or something like that. i do not in anyway look at this as earning one point, instead they lost one.
    a not so wise man once said, “We had them, and we let em off the hook.” The rangers are not who i thought they were.

  71. yea its a bad loss but i just want to see how the rangers respond on saturday before i say the season is over, they did at the very least get a point in the game

  72. 100% on Renney? The coach didn’t adjust, and has a ton of problems, but the players — including at least two hall of famers — didn’t adjust themselves or raise their game. It’s as if this team’s opinion of itself fluctuates with even the smallest deviation — a lot like our opinions, I suppose. We scored 5 goals? We’re a high scoring team that can ignore team defense! We won a game 2-1? We’re all about quality team defense! We won two games in a row! We’re hot, hot, hot and probably gonna win the division! We got outworked a period? Let’s lay down forever!

    THAT WAS PATHETIC but it’s not more a clear indication of anything that a 5-0 victory would have been.

  73. TomG…next time you leave the house, go play in traffic you loser.

    “We have a 7mm goalie, he should stop everything.”

    That has to take the cake as the stupidest comment heard on this blog….EVER. Ignorance at its finest.

    I am not saying Lundy played well. He did not. But expecting a shutout every game is moronic. A 3 on 2 and 2 deflections are not surely not Hank’s fault. Kovy’s one-timer, slapper to tie the game could have been broken up by the guy on the top right corner of the box (not sure, maybe it was Drury). The defense collapsed and everyone stopped hitting.

    The guys in front of Hank lost this game and Renney looked clueless behind the bench. It’s like he said to them, “Play defensively, go into a shell, stop hitting, and let them get the puck out of the zone untouched. Also, let them bully us around, take liberties with us, and cheap shot us without trying to fight back.”

    They followed his instructions perfectly.

    I think you gotta make a trade now. Montoya, Malik, and someone (Hossa, Prucha?) for a monster D-man.

    BTW, do you think we miss Orr in this lineup? F-ing Strudwick should have fought someone.

  74. Lets all blame Malik, Jagr, and Lundqvist. Its the easy way out.

    Malik played pretty well, I dont care what anybody here says. He wasn’t great, but he didn’t do anything that dumb. He had to take that one penalty or else risk having someone go in on a breakaway pretty much. Bash Jagr too even though he was skating hard most of the game and coming back and backchecking. Blame Lundqvist even though he was being hammered with shots and facing pressure by Canadiens that were crashing the net and not being cleared out by the defense.

    Point is its a TEAM loss. Everybody from the players to the coaches can be blamed for this and you can’t say OMG TRADE MALIK JAGR AND LUNDQVIST!!!!! Trading guys isn’t going to make this team any better or worse if the attitude of most of the guys, starting with the coaches, doesn’t change. You can’t sit on a 5 goal lead. They did it against Buffalo and got lucky, but when you play very good teams like Montreal, it doesn’t work. Also I give a lot of credit to the Canadiens for staying in there and finding a way to come back after the Rangers looked like the strangled the life out of them. They are definately a team to watch out for in the playoffs.

  75. u guys are all wasting time sitting here blaming renney they all are pathetic henrick jagr gomez drury they can get all the points they want its means shit they all shut down completely. it absolutely pathetic and im actually sick over it. I JUST DONT GET IT. every player every coach they alllll need to take the blame.

    AFTER IT WAS 5-3 it would have been nice to have a capt taske control OFF the ice and settle his team down. he never opens his mouth the C needs to be given to someone that can GET HIS TEAM GOING and Settle them down when they need it,

    im just sick goodnight

  76. “He had to take that one penalty or else risk having someone go in on a breakaway pretty much”

    and guess why it was a breakaway. because he blew by, you guessed it, your boy Malik.

    he also got away with a similar penalty on the same type of play just into OT

    he is a pylon with a long reach, but it is tough to poke check from the penalty box

  77. Look, I missed the game because I was at my stupid job but found out about it because of my friends who i told NOT to text me and the arrogant Islanders fans I know who had to rub it in, I’m pissed but look; it happens. Better now than the playoffs. Sure it’s funny to the rest of the league but this was no miracle at Manchester from waay back when, Rangers beating the Caps in December 91 (who remembers that game?), Mets meltdown 07, Yankees meltdown 04, or does anyone remember the current Super Bowl champs (and I am a Giants fan) being in complete control in a game in San Fran in the playoffs in 03 or against Minn in 97 and coming up short. It happens, at least they got it out of the way.

  78. stopwiththefourthlinealready on

    The players definitely take some fault no doubt about it but it does not excuse the most responsible person …TERRIBLE TOM RENNEY. Maybe if we had a coach with some fire or brains he could of stopped our freefall. A competent coach doesnt change the game plan to sit on a lead with 20 minutes left. HE is an ass. A system coach. HE has no adaptability to his players. We should be playing a system more like the sabres. Yeah if we trap we will win some games tom but you are not close to maximizing our potential. I want schoenfeld

  79. All I’ve heard since Sunday is how dynamic the Rangers were in shutting down the Sharks in the 3rd period in their 2-1 victory. Hello? Look at the tape — if San Jose had had any luck they might’ve scored four in the last 20 minutes.

    I agree with those who lay this one at Renney’s feet. He has no whip hand, and without a whip hand he is useless if you are trying to win a championship.

    Hideous loss, but as somebody wrote, it didn’t happen in the playoffs, and believe or not they will recover from it. With a really good coach, this experience could actually end up being made a positive. Sadly, renney is not that guy.

  80. Renney’s not horrible. I don;t think the guy’s a genius, but he’s either the 3rd or 4th best coach the Rangers have had since I’ve been watching full-time. (Keenan, Nielson, Campbell, and Renney either as 3 or 4). He needs to grow and adapt. I didn’t like Tom Coughlin heading into this year and I used to call him “the old guy who yells” but the dude just won the Super Bowl. As Mr. Spock once said in the best movie ever “there are always possibilities…..”

  81. Billy C you don’t get it.. the players need to man up from there disaster and if they don’t then they do not deserve to make the playoffs.

    my prediction is the Rangers will bounce back well, they are strong and committed… again they blew the game but it is game 61 not the game against the sabres lst yr. when drury killed us with like 13 seconde left, remember that game peanut gallery????????

    all the negatives you all are writing you were not daying with 10 minutes remeaining in the 2nd period tonight!!!!!!!Remember back then when you though they were going to the stanley cup!!!!Little changed since then exceot the rangers blew the biggiest lead in there history, how do you think they guys will react???Cry like babies? quite? Or learn from it and come back stronger….

  82. More optimism; they scored the quickest goal ever at MSG this weekend and blew the biggest lead ever in franchise history; that’s called Ying and Yang, now they’re even.

  83. Doodie Machetto on

    “they are strong and committed”

    Yes, that performance tonight SCREAMS strong and committed.

    “when drury killed us with like 13 seconde left, remember that game peanut gallery????????”

    Yeah, I remember it and the Rangers being eliminated from the playoffs as a result.

  84. Doodie lucky they lost so you can continue your endless whining. I think you are going on about 3 yrs….

    blah blah blah, fire him, trade them etc..
    It ain’t happening…. man you most have been pissed at about 8 pm eastern time, thank god they blew that lead…

    you are a clown….they need to add prucha get rid of one of the 3 stooges(4th line) sit malik or strudwick and deal with it.

    they have 4 legit d men that is the bottom line… Jagr cannot shoot any more so they need to not feed him the puck and count on almost 4 linesto get some addtl. scoiring.. this is there team, they are not trading the farm nor should they…

    they need to not take there foot off the gas as they did tonight, the players thought the canadiens would just give up they did not and that is why they lost…..

    the world is not coming to an end and yes Doodie continue your endless whining and bad ideas, MORE THE MERRIER.

    This is a stndard Doodie moron trade; jagr, malik, motnoya, and 2 piks for parleau and Erhoff.

    Or Jagr. montoya, and malik for jody shelly, since doodie and other knuckleheads obsese on tough guys………

  85. actually the sky IS falling.

    they are going to shoot down an out-of-control satellite

    if jagr is the shooter, he will miss wide

  86. On Lundqvist, the first goal would have had to be stopped by a great save….the second was a deflection….the third I pin on Henke….the fourth was deflected and in no way the King’s fault, esp. given the collapsing D….the fifth was questionable — not terrible, but not good either. He wasnt on his angle, was on his heels and of course deep in his net.

    Girardi, to my mind, has regressed significantly. He has been pretty pedestrian to mediocre to shitty on the defensive end. A good puck carrier with some offensive skills, but guilty of truly unreal lapses, both physical and mental, in his own end. (Think back to the short-handed attempt that he enabled vs. SJ just before Drury scored to make the sfore 2-1)

  87. Only Ranger Fans can suffer this crap. From 2/3’s of way through the 2nd. period after the score was 5-2 the Rangers started to play not to lose. They stopped being aggressive: no checking or hitting just trying to sit on a lead. This, historically, never works. Where was Orr to ward off the tough stuff and why does Hollweg still play for this team. What a freeken waste. He happens to sing better than he plays and he got an awful voice. It seemed he was out there everytime the Habs scored. Malik has to go too. God, does he suck. Too much money for Lunquist. Real bad nite. Ray Charles stood a better chance.

  88. the rangers need more mobility on the blue line. screw the need of a big scorer if they had more speed on D there style could be a little less rigid . mara, struds., and malik, are plane slow as molasses.

    if they could get more speed in the D zone it would really help against the canadiens of the world.

    how abour montoya,mara, and 2 other prospects (not the Jewels) for Bowmeester??/ Montoya is Cuban(sell tickets) Vokuon is fading already and they are going no where. Mara’s contract is up in weeks and montoya has potential to be a starting goalie..
    I doubt Florida would trade Bouwmeester but that is the type of mobile D man they need.

  89. Does anybody think that the two points on the table Saturday in Buffalo are not the biggest points of the year. How are so many guys on Montreal able to sit in the slot w/out getting hit. There is no character on the back line.

  90. pig – I’m here to back you up now.

    ugh, I had to give up raeding those posts. Some of you are just retarded. You could take a few posts here and there and you’d think people were watching different games. Someone brought up a great point about Drury saying that stuff about “can’t stop skating…different team when we move our feet”. Ok, so if they KNEW that after 1, and KNEW that after 2, do they really need someone to hold their hand in the 3rd!!! Are you F’n kidding me?!? This one is on the players. It’s on the D, it’s on the 7 million dollar man in net, it’s on the fwds for slowing down. You think they really needed someone to tell them what to do?!?

    I’m so happy I fell asleep in OT and didn’t have to go through the torture of the shootout. The lineup was right. Execution was wrong.

    There will be no coaching change. Believe that. This team has won something like 8 or 9 of their last 13 games. That’s a nice stretch. That point put them in 6th place. Don’t stop thiking ‘big picture’.

    I’m gonna try to stay away from here today cause it’s just going to be the same garbage being spewed over and over, and some of you make me sick and embarassed to root for the same team.


  92. So Jags should just a free ride b/c his poor wittle confidence is hurt? waaahhh

    gimme a f’n break a-hole.

  93. “I give the Montreal fans a ton of credit. That’s what you’re supposed to do. You’re behind your team and they did a great job of that, and this hockey team, which is very dangerous, certainly fed off of that and took what we gave them.” – T. Renney

    Supportive fans…what a concept.

  94. You wouldn’t guess NY had ANY supportive fans if you read these posts.


    “It’s not every day you blow a five-goal lead,” Shanahan added. “But we got one point and we’re not going to make any more of it than that.”

    So if the guy most would love as a captain says this, why can’t the rest of you look at it that way?

  95. Spiderpig
    February 19th, 2008 at 10:44 pm
    How can you blame Renney for this when it worked perfectly fine against Buffalo? Maybe Buffalo is a worse team, but they were playing extremely well at the time. This one is on the players mostly. I know Beer Me! will be here to back me up eventually, once he’s done drinking, haha.

    It did not work perfectly fine on Saturday against Buffalo. I was at the game and commented to my friend after the 4th goal that they were going to sit back. They were letting Buffalo back into the game. The main difference is that Buffalo only potted one goal. They should’ve had more.

    The Rangers were sloppy, despite the 4 first period goals and I wrote this strategy off because it was their first game in 5 days and the first game of a back to back (and three games in four nights.) This better be a wakeup call for Renney because it’s becoming more and more apparent that he is not the right guy to take this team to the next level. Great guy, good coach — but not good enough to get this team past the second round.

  96. New Newman,
    there’s no reason to throw insults at me, it’s just a blog with opinions. I don’t understand why people on this blog don’t like what somebody posts and than they have to start throwing insults, act your age not your shoe size.

  97. C’mon everyone!
    Yeah it’s upsetting to lose a 5-0 lead
    butl ook at it this way. The habs have been completely embarassed all season by us, they were desperate to get this win. We sat back too much, probably Renney’s fault (cause if you heard drury suring the 2nd intermission, he pretty much said he was going balls to the wall.)
    Gomez and Shanny almost won the game for us before overtime, and we still got a point.
    What does that make our record as of late 8-3-2? thats not bad

    YEs not a great game, 20 min lapse of reason, but the first two periods are the way we will be playing hockey the rest of the season. ANd can everyone shut up about Jagr, sorry 4 assist’ isnt good enough for everyone.

    Were fine and still in 6th., just need another huge weekend.
    Start Vally oon Sat, put Hank in on Sunday

  98. yay mikey! I’m with you dude(for the most part). But hold onto your hat, cause people around here would rather tear the team apart after every loss, and rebuild 4 times each year. And have coaches stick around for 25 games or so until the team hits a rut.

    I know that the last 10 we’re, 6-2-2. Only Dallas has a better last 10.

  99. It’s an embarrassing point, but it’s still a point. I hope this is used as motivation that you have to play intense hockey for 60 mintues. I’m sure Buffalo will be motivated.

  100. I am as pissed as anyone, but I do not think that this is going to deflate the team to the point of not making the playoffs. I really don’t. They fell apart. The whole team did. The coach, the players, Hank. Everyone! I am over it. It is unfortunate that it happened, but I am not going to put my car in reverse and drive in to negativity town with a lot of people on here. I waited until today to leave a post because I was irate last night. I am chalking it up as a point lost and a point earned. No more, no less. If we go on a losing streak you can pinpoint this game as what ruined our year, but until that losing streak happens, I am not going to let it get to me too much. Plain and simple. Thanks to some of you who made me laugh with such predictable and stupid comments. You never let me down. The first half was a team effort and the second half was a team meltdown. And if you want to start anywhere it is because we got pushed around, and beat to every lose puck after we went up 5-0. They played physical and we went in to a shell. It is times like that in a hockey game where I was wishing Hollweg would do something questionable to maybe get them off their game or something. But nothing happened, and nobody made any of their players pay a price. Oh well. See you on Saturday.

  101. Settle beer me… not saying Jagr should get a free ride. Just that he had no chance of scoring in the shootout. Yeah he played a great game and had four assits. Go Jags. Just think there was a better guy to take that last shot. Like Dubi or Dawes or anyone that has been hot of late. Jags is playing better but he still has no scoring confidence and Renney should have given the puck to another guy.

    I think you brain is melting from all the negativety on this blog. Hey I’m happy they got out of there with a point! Lots of hockey left this year. Go Rangers!

  102. TomG….act your age, not your shoe size….That is a f-ing classic for the ages. Have not heard that for about 2 decades. But it’s a good one.

    You are right, it is an opinion forum. I shouldn’t insult people. My bad. Frustrations from what I witnessed btwn 730 and 1030.

    But people should also not think that they can throw out clown-like opinions into the forum and not be grilled for them.

    BTW, how much do we love Beer Me! At 8:03 he says, “I am going to try and stay away from here today.” Then in less than 1 hour he has 3 more posts. Hilarious!

    This blog is like a car wreck. You just can’t avoid looking at it. Much like the NYR…

  103. So if the guy most would love as a captain says this, why can’t the rest of you look at it that way?


    Because we’re smarter than that and know it’s a bullshit soundbyte?

  104. “Just that he had no chance of scoring in the shootout.”

    Why not? Every shooter has the same chance.

  105. Salty – AKA Capt. Negativity

    You have less faith in this team than any Ranger fan I know.

    He is saying exactly what should have been the thought when all these lame-brains were posting that garbage above.

  106. I hear what u are saying beer man – but when you saw Jags about to take the last shot in the shootout where you pumped Renney picked him or where you like oh shite! I was like oh shite… that’s all i’m saying. Just thought Renney would pick someone with scoring touch. thought Drury and Shanny were too good calls. And they both missed… so what do I know.

  107. We are 6-2-2 in our last 10. Stop crying people. Only New Jersey has as good a record of us as far as teams in the top 8 spots go in the East. So relax a bit. It is not like Montreal is some pee on team. They are a great team. I think one of the best in the East. I would be more scared to face them in the playoffs than Ottawa.

  108. Would you rather the ‘ol Jags line “you know, sometimes…i don’t know…we just can’t finish…i don’t know…i don’t know” ??

    that’s what you want to hear?

    what makes it BS? cause I’m totally missing that.

  109. parros – I said in a prev post that I fell asleep just before OT started. (I get up pretty early). I wasn’t pissed off about anything until I read the absolute nonsense on here this a.m.

    Salty – don’t worry about replying to me. I’m not going to read it anyway.

  110. If Jagr is going to have assists and make other people on his line better, even though he is not scoring goals, I have no problem with him. Sorry to rub some of you the wrong way folks. Nothing wrong with being a set up man. Look at Joe Thorton. I wouldn’t pay him 8 million to be a set up man though. If he continues to put up points and makes assists, it is fine by me. You all bitch that he was so awful last night, but if we won the game you would all be praising him for the assists. Very very typical. I don’t think he should have gone in the shootout, but such is life.

  111. jags just needs to keep doing what he is doing. keep playing hard and getting points. his goal scoring touch will come back. it has to …..right?

    And I agree with Nasty… the season has not been what we expected – but we are still in the hunt. And to be honest last night was the first time in a while the Rangers played well… and got outplayed.

  112. When you have a big lead like that teams get too comfy. You see it all the time. The dreaded 3 goal lead. Well I don’t know what to call last night. Someone come up with a slogan for last night. Let’s try to put some humor in to it, because we are all feeling very pissy today.

  113. I just looked…in March and April, we play Philly 3x, Jersey 3x, Pitt 3x, and the Isles 4x. Therein lies the season. Buffalo 2x and Boston 1x also matter. There is still a lot of hockey left.

    After writing a few entries here, I am feeling less pissed off than I was.

    We took a point last night. Fine. We let one point get away. Not so fine.

    The lack of intelligence and all around game readiness of this team concerns me. There is no one who is able to gain control of the situation (from behind the bench or on the ice) and pull the team together.

    That is a problem that will likely prevent us from going deep in the playoffs.

    Beer Me! another 3 posts in 6 minutes. Dude, you are the man!

  114. to be honest last night’s game was just plain weird. it felt like it was a tight 1-1, 2-2, 3-3, 4-4 game all night but instead the Rangers ripped off 5 straight and then the Habs followed with 5 straight of their own. I really don’t think either team played that poorly. I’m calling it a point for the good guys and lets move on.

  115. Western Canada Survivor on

    Beer Me and Others-I certainly agree that sometimes people do spew nonsense and whine on this board, but quite honestly we all love the team in different ways (many of us have a love hate relationship) and when you blow the largest game in franchise history and the other team, the most historic and storied team in the league, has its largest comeback in franchise history, I think it’s ok to get a little angry. I still think we’re the most underachieving team in the East. Yes I know we’re in 6th, but Boston, Buffalo, and Philly could pass us by early March because of games-in-hand.

    Not to belabor last night, but Lundqvist is indeed now the highest paid goalie in the league. You can’t pin the loss on him, but a big goalie needs to make a big save and he still hasn’t done this since late November. He has also won only 2 shootouts this year (I know part of this is because we have very few shootout goals, but still)…

    That’s my two cents.

  116. I’ve given up on reading all of these posts. i’ll wait for Sam to post from Casino night later. “Lundquist, Tyutin, Girardi all win big at casino night after signing new contracts the rish get richer, Avery wins new contract on the flop”

  117. There is no one who is able to gain control of the situation (from behind the bench or on the ice) and pull the team together.



    and Shanahan is one of the last good ol boys in the NHL. He knows *exactly* what to say to the press in any given situation. That’s a dandy quote and everything, but it’s not going to sway the educated spectator into thinking that game comes down to “a point gained and lost”. The *magnitude* of that kind of collapse (biggest in franchise history….an original 6 team) will undoubtedly have some sort of effect going forward. Whether it be positive or negative is yet to be seen, but lets not act like this is the first “devastating loss” they’ve had and that they instantly learned a valuable lesson. This is just another epic loss in this nightmarsh season.

    And BeerMe, maybe I am unfaithful. Because I know better. I think maybe it’s you who fails to see “the big picture” sometimes. The organization is a cruel joke and an insult to the game from head to tail.

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