And now for the other half of the defensive pairing


Apparenty these are good days to be a Rangers defenseman. Because a day after the Rangers announced the re-signing of Dan Girardi, they’ll be doing the same today with his defensive partner, Fedor Tyutin.

Is there a correlation? Did Tyutin hold out until Girardi signed as well? Is there a clause in their contracts that they have to be paired together at all times? Has the team made up T-shirts for the two that says “DPF (Defensive Partners Forever)?


No word yet on terms, but I would imagine it’s slightly more than Girardi’s $1.5 million per season. Tyutin is making $1.025 million this season, but with a cap hit of $988,00.

Update, 2:35 p.m.: The News is reporting 4-year, $11.25 million for Tyutin.

In other news:

<li>Same lineup today as yesterday’s win against the Sabres. Both Marc Staal and Petr Prucha skated in Westchester, but neither are ready to return to the lineup. Staal lost 10 pounds because of the flu, and Tom Renney said the team has to take its time in fattening him back up. I offered some baby formula if the team is desperate.

Staal, however, is likely for Tuesday against Montreal.

<li>Although Stephen Valiquette was originally a consideration for today, Renney said it was important to allow Lundqvist to build on a strong showing yesterday.

“I had no problem with Steve, but I wanted Henrik to understand that by his performance, he had the net,” Renney said.

<li>Is there such a thing as a honeymoon phase for new linemates? It’s a fair question seeing how every time Renney mixes up his combinations, it seems to pay immediate dividends before tailing off.

That leads to windfalls like yesterday, but the real question is whether it can be sustained today.

<li>Scout alert: Atlanta GM and coach Don Waddell is in the house.

More in a bit…

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  1. Dr. Ogrodnick bows to Leetch on

    Fantastic job by Slats locking up all our pending RFA’s that teams would be interested in making runs at. Not only that, but I feel he got a bargain on Girardi.

  2. Let me just say how nice it is to hear this news about the Rangers signing their players. No let me add to that, let me say how nice it is that the Rangers are signing their own draft picks and homegrown talent.

    This is the first time in a long time that the Rangers have homegrown talent on their roster. Staal, Tyutin, Henrik, Girardi, Dawes, Callahan, Dubinsky, Hollwegg are all homegrown Rangers are will most likely be on this team for some time.

    Orr was picked off waivers, Avery’s got a new beginning.

    Sauer, Sanguetti, Anisemov, Moore all have legit shots at making this team next season.

    I’ve been waiting a long time for this type of team.

    For a long time we’ve watched the Fluery’s, Kamensky’s, Lefebvre’s, Skrudland’s, LaFontaine’s, Lindros’s, Quintal’s, Driver’s, Ulanov’s, you name it, don the Ranger sweater season in and season out, while the Savard’s, Lundmark’s, Amonte’s, Kovalev’s, Zubov’s, York’s, Malhotra’s were ushered out of town for “better” talent.

    Countless season’s, high priced UFA’s were the main ingredients throughout the lineup, and the last two seasons were no different. Nylander, Jagr, Niemenen, Malik, Hall, Rozival, Mara, Shanny, Straka, Gomez and Drury all players not drafted by the Rangers, but those days are hopefully changing with the trend towards signing our own picks.

    I don’t mind UFA’s, they play a role on all teams, but your core team should be your own picks, Ranger picks, and we seem to be moving towards having a strong core of players that were drafted by the Rangers.

  3. “Staal, however, is likely for Tuesday against Montreal.”

    Do you mean Prucha? I’d love to see the kid back.

    Also, great news on Tyutin resigning.

  4. whats the story with P.A. Parenteau? anyone know about him?
    He’s leading pack in scoring but I never hear him mentioned for Rangers future team…

  5. Big game today (though I suppose they all are now). But it would go a long way towards proving yesterday wasn’t just another MIRAGE and this team isn’t as bad as they’ve seemed to be ALL SEASON LONG.

    They need to get the western confernce monkey off their collective backs.

    They need to play some seriously stingy defense and Hank needs to have another 1 goal or fewer performance.

    Let’s not forget that Montreal will be wanting blood after losing to us last time after coming out to a 3-0 lead.

    Tuesday’s game gonna be super difficult.


  6. Trust me Doodie, you don’t want it, no matter what the weight loss implications.

    Today is the first day out of bed in 3 days.

  7. Damn, 10 pounds in less than a week sounds really bad. No wonder Staal couldn’t play this weekend. Good thing we still have Malik! haha. So much for our preseason predictions of Strudwick only playing in half of the games. That’s cool that Girardi and Tyutin were both signed up on the same weekend.

    Listening on radio (got my jersey on), that girl singing the National Anthem sounded older than 13. That’s not to say she was too good; sounded really flat over the radio through the computer.

    Kaspar – We traded for Parenteau, so he’s not one of our draft picks and has only been here since the beginning of this season, so he’s not on our radar much. He was called up for one day earleir this season, but didn’t play because Shanny did.

    Lundqvist is actually *the highest paid goaltender* in terms of average yearly salary over the length of the contract. Kiprusoff will be higher in the next three individual years and Luongo is higher in ’09-’10.

  8. So is Callahan back for good?! This might only make a case for him to be traded, since Prucha is injured. That was kinda a power play goal, lol. Aren’t we due for one?

  9. Sam,

    I know a lot of peole here don’t like Rozsival, but well.. I do so I am wondering if you have any idea on whether his contract is going to be continued. Looking at Girardi and Tyutin’s contracts and knwoing what Rozi might be able to demand, I am guessing not… any word? Thanks.

  10. Is it me or has Avery picked up his game since playing with Jagr and Dubi? Still not worth $3M a season. If they can get him for about $2-2,5M, sign him.

    See Jagr (unless he signs for less), Straka, Rozi, Shanny, Malik, mara, Hossa and possibly Hossa not being with the team next season. That means about 4 rookies, barring any UFA signings, competing for spots next season. With all the talent at Hartford, that should be no problem and that doesn’t include Anisimov and Cherepanov (if he comes over hopefully). Animisov is 19 and needs a little more bulk to be the 1st or 2nd line power center for the Rangers. Both he and Cherepanov should make Hartford a definite threat for the cup and both might come up for a cup of coffee next season, same for Sanguinetti on derense..

    Right now, looks like 3 defenseman are playing next season, Staal, Tyutin and Girardi. If they don’t sign a UFA, there’s Sauer, Baranka, Potter, Hutchinson, Pock, Liffiton competing for those spots.

    Future looks good.

  11. Tyitin $3 mill a yr. not bad for the rangers. there # 1 D pair at about $4.5 per yr. Not bad….

    Roszi is a good player but he is not elite, he is a nothc below if he wants $6 mill. per yr. say adios…..

    Paranteau has been around a while I think.

    good win, add prucha to the lineup and they have a lot of secondary scoring…….

  12. WOw…am I going crazy I agree with everything Lenny said…..

    I do think the rangers can sign 2 UFA’s a big scorer and 1 D man.. they will be fine with the cap next yr. Shanny, malik, mara, and others will be gone…..

  13. They just need to lock up Avery. IMO Rosi will be gone becuase he will be asking to much. They need to move Malik and someone esle before the deadline for defenseman that is a big or one that can qb the powerplay

  14. Yea that is why I think Rozi will be gone, because he can demand to much. His numbers are similiar to others demanding 4-6 mil.

    I would really like for him to stay, obviously, and have plenty of kids to take over in a few years. I just want one older d-man besides TYutin on the defense. Because right now Rozi is our top pk defenceman and I don’t know, besides Staal who else will take over that duty next year… I suppose the kids but that will be a lot of pressure on Staal and rookies. SOrry I like them, but I have little faith in Tyut and Girardi on the PK, they put the puck in our net to often…

  15. Needless to say I hope Rosi and Avery are next, but with 13 players possibly getting almost 35 mil (I didn’t do the math someone else did) that puts us at pretty much no room for either.

  16. Where is everyone? Caught up in pitchers and catchers or the Roidger Clemens saga? Anyway this was a gritty as all heck win. This was a playoff type game. Plenty of hitting plenty of hard work, mucking and grinding etc. This was a game where you showed up with your working shoes. The Sharks aren’t the most creative team in the world but they drive as hard to the net as anyone. The Sharks seemed to have a mosh pit in front of the Rangers net the entire third period. Lundqvist other than the somewhat weak goal was fairly sharp. I don’t think there was a signature save but he stayed on his feet and fought through traffic. How bout Ryan Callahan one day after another kid comes up big Cally has a monster game. Cally threw at least half a dozen hits drove to the net and used his terrific speed. He looks better lately than he did last year. Straka seemed revived. Drury’s all around game has kicked into gear the last month or so. The Sharks just couldn’t handle that line. You have to be happy with only one penalty against and the pp looked better and actually scored. Jagr’s line wasn’t as good as it was yesterday but still pretty solid. Jagr was just robbed but Nabokov in the second funny thing is he was way offside. Ahh the Hockey Gods giveth and taketh away. Tyutin played a sterling game threw the body and moved the puck well. Girardi on the other hand was skittish on the pp and somewhat soft in his own end. The pair has been so up and down the last six weeks. Nice game again by Malik. The Rangers are now in the coveted 6tth spot in the East and only 4 points out of first. Not to long ago we were talking fire sale. Kudos to Renney I thought matching up the Betts line in the third vs Thornton was insane but it worked out guess so crazy it worked huh? Tough game vs the Habs coming up they must stay out of the box. The Habs are pretty average 5 on 5 but nearly unstoppable on the pp.

  17. I gotta give the team credit down 1-0 against a good defensive team they stuck to their gameplan and got more shots than most teams do. SJ imo just doesn’t have enough offense or defensive depth to go very far imo.

  18. I’m beginning to wonder if Mara might be back next season. He has been steady recently and is not afraid to throw the body. The radio announcers made a good point today that he plays better when he is accumulating consecutive games. He will clearly be cheaper than Rozsival and is still only 28. In my opinion, there is going to be a choice between those two, and a free agent from another team. I don’t think Mara would be the right person to play with Staal, but if Rozsival is too expensive and we can’t get a free agent, then Mara will probably be back for around $2-2.5 million, opening a spot for Pöck and a rookie. I can’t see the Rangers having three spots up for grabs next to the guys who are already signed. I figure Strudwick will also be back, since he is the oldest of our defenseman besides Malik.

  19. Let Rozsival go he’s been awful in his own end and putrid on the pp. I am surprised Tyutin got that good of a contract. I wouldn’t have locked him up for the most and that ling considering how inconsistant he is.

  20. Will have cap room next year when shanny, malik, and mara gone. Straka will be gone too giving us room for Avery. A crazy move, but could work is getting rid of Rozi at the deadline for a dman with a contract that we can have under the cap……def crazy but also a posibility

  21. Malik needs to be dealt at the dealine for somebody in a pakcage deal or for a prospect anything. He is not terrible just doesnt fit the core guys we have on d. We need a big man who is faster and physical or qb for the pwrplay. He just slows down the d, but im sure some team will want him.

  22. Mara will not be back no way. He made over $3 this yr. and makes to many mistakes in the defensive zone.. He is a c d man who always had potential to be more, he is 28 or 29 now and I say adios…

  23. Mara is a goner. Marcel Hossa is gonna score 20 goals before the Rangers tie up Mara. Renney is no fan of his.

  24. As I said last week, the division title is well within the Rangers grasp if they continue to play the way they have been and the way they are capable of (8-3-1 in their last 12). I understand that teams have games in hand but those only count if those teams win all of them.

    Furthermore, I’m going to go out on a limb and float something else out there. This team is just now finally playing like we all knew they could (and let’s face it, that’s what gets people so riled up all the time – them not living up to expectations. They’ve never been the Leafs for example). With the Rangers only 4 points out of the division lead, and apparently beating up on both the Eastern Conference (29-17-5) and Atlantic (13-6), they are also, you may notice, only 6 points out of the Conference lead. And Ottawa looks bad. Their goaltending is atrocious, and frankly it looks like their best hockey was played in the first 20 games of the season (the Rangers will be in their last 20).

    Don’t be surprised if Montreal or, also very possibly, the Rangers wind up with the top seed. I’m not predicting it. But don’t be surprised. It is definitely possible.

  25. Yeah, watching Strudwick, Mara and Malik skate like their feet are stuck in sand, makes me long for next season when we should be much more fleet of foot in the backline.

  26. Something to chew on:

    Each additional goal for per game should translate to a .12 increase in winning percentage.

    Each additional goal against per game prevented (lowered GAA) should transalte into .15 increase in winning percentage.

    Ask yourself: If the price of increasing winning percentage on office is 1.3 times higher than increasing winning percentage on defence, which do you want the rangers to pursue?

  27. I’m on board with letting Rozi go… if he asks for too much. I really believe that a lot of his goals this season have been of the “lucky” or “seeing eye” ilk and it won’t happen again next season.

    But he may stay… if his head isn’t too big from the goal total.

    Big if.

  28. “Don’t be surprised if Montreal or, also very possibly, the Rangers wind up with the top seed. I’m not predicting it.”

    Peter, why not predict it? Are you afraid?

  29. Bring back Lohan on

    ZG, i chewed on that and spit it out bro. That made no sense!!! Anyways, good win today. Malik actually plyed pretty well. He didnt hit AT ALL, but he made a large handful of good outlet passes. Since we shit on him all of time, its only fair to praise a solid game…

  30. give me a break with the malik played good crap. HE was the guy who did not cover Cheechoo properly, and allowed him to jam in that thornton pass at the doorstep. it was MALIK who was the biggest minus on that goal.

  31. what the last couple games show me is that the Rangers take the first 2/3 of each season off, go on vacation, kick back, stay around .500, hang around 9th place, and then when things get dicey they turn on the switch, start playing up to their ability and talent level, and make a run.

    that is more maddening than having a poor team that struggles. it is more angering to see a talented bunch float and dog it for 60 games each year and then decide to earn some of their pay at the final stage of the season.

    it also says volumes about Renney and Jagr, especially that their supposed leadership is non-existent. the other players only decide to turn it on when THEY feel like it, and Renney and jagr are nothing but figurehead spectators in the leadership dept.

    it is nice to see the Rangers finish strong, but it begs the question, why act like Scott Niedermayer and take the first 2/3 of the season off?

  32. joe, I disagree. No team peaks all year long. Buffalo last year, and Ottawa this year, are examples of teams that peaked too early and never ended up going anywhere (though Ottawa this year is obviously incomplete). The Rangers will wind up peaking at just the right time. The key is not to be the best team but to be the team that’s playing the best. The Rangers very well may be both come April.

  33. Uh oh. Let’s hope Marion Hossa isn’t coming to the Rangers. That guy stinks in the playoffs.

  34. my crystal ball says….a big time prospect to ATL for Hossa, and that we may regret 2.8/per for toots.

    But my crystal ball also said that I’d have a million bucks in the bank by now. And I’d be a scratch handicap golfer.

  35. Buffalo went to the 3rd round. they BEAT the Rangers. they only lost to ott

    and ott may well be there again this year in round 3.

    as far as teams peaking early, no, it is more about teams with poor playoff performers, especially dogs like Hossa. i.e. ott years ago, det in recent years

  36. Wonder how much Tyutin would have gotten if he actually played well the past 2 months … he has been soft on the puck and can not hit the net to save his life …

    Good win by the Rangers …They are going to have to create more chances vs. Montreal on Tuesday.

  37. Rozi will be gone after July 1, as he wants to be paid as a 1/2 and he is really no beter than a solid #3. Frankly if Sanguinetti can make the jump in October or Campbell can fit under the cap, Rangers will be better off w/ two competant (reasonably priced) D-men filling the 5/6 slots.

  38. Is it not clear that this team needs a puck moving defensemen like a hole in the head? If we do shell out for one, it would be to stand behind the net and hold the puck for Gomez, OR, play on the second power play unit. The best puck moving defenseman in the league is Scott Gomez.

  39. people… Kim Johnnson, Kim friekin Johnnson makes $4 million per season… so let’s dispense with the $2.8 million is too much for Tyutin. I’ll take Toots over Johnnson any day.

    $2.8 is peanuts, it’s what all these guys are getting paid now. If you’re a NHL regular, get top 4 ice time and 24 yrs old, you get $2.8 million.

    And I offer Rozival 3 seasons also at $3 million, no NTC though. Rozy can skate, has a good shot and gives us minutes each season.

    And if you can skate, win the fights, put the puck in the net and generally be the sparkplug your team needs some nights, yes, you give Avery $3 million for 4 years.

    Avery runs over Martin Brodeur, he beats up Darcy Tucker, he beats up Mike Richards and is generally the biggest Pain in the A$$ in the league and should never leave NYC unless of course he effs it up.

  40. Joe,

    You’re basing this on the fact that the Rangers are in the playoffs and out of trouble.

    Both are not true… yet.

    I feel for what you’re saying though. If it’s true I agree… but at the same time I understand that coming out gangbusters in Oct. and faultering in the spring is worse.

    I hope we can have the luxury of chastising them for what you’re saying.

    As far as the puck moving D-man… agreed ZG that gomer can go wheels up and be the best at that job…

    But wouldn’t it be nice to see the same kinda rush when he’s not out there (Dubinski has show it too)… or when he doesn’t have the puck?

    I for one would rather have the “big, stay at home, kill the puck carryer” type… but I I do think the Defense is where the upgrade should be made. Scoring winger is a close second though.

  41. vogs re your post at around noon. you used young talent and included hollweg and hope he stays around quite a while. i totally disagree the man has zero hockey IQ. he sat during the Atlanta series last yr. enough said.

  42. Vogs, I’m torn. I sorta agree with you… but…

    Avery can’t stay healthy… in a cap system… you give him an extention for 1 year… or a modest upgrade (there’s no way if the Rangers make some noise this year it’ll ALL be due to him).

    If he balks, you upgrade a bit more… if he still won’t do it you let him walk.

    3M for his attitude and for the lack of calls he gets due to that attitude is probably too much. Dubi can be the new “sparkplug”.

    Avery wants to be here and getting off the boat now would be stupid for him.

  43. Fun fact of note:

    The lines from the past two games according to age:

    Avery (27), Dubinsky (21), Jagr (36)
    Dawes (22), Gomez (27), Shanahan (39)
    Calahan (22), Drury (31), Straka (35)

    There are three older players, Shanahan, Jagr, and Straka (all three wear letters). They are far beyond their peaks of production, and have as much experience as any three players on one team in the league.

    There are three veterans, Drury, Gomez, and Avery. They are at or near their peak of production. Two are our best players, and the third could be considered as more valuable than a regular old top six scoring forward.

    There are three younger players. Dubinsky, Dawes, Calahan. They are all very younge. Their production will increase each year for the next several years.

    By my math, this leaves Hossa and Prucha as spare forwards. This team can not afford to have any players out for any amount of time, except a younger player. Theoretically, if there was a player who played regularly on the fourth line, but could swing up to either of the upper lines in a pinch, that would be a forward to pick up.

    However, the problem of next season is blindingly apparent. Without three veteran forwards, the rangers are going to be a little wet behind the ears. Are all three of them going to be back? Probably not. They COULD be, and at a discount, but they probably wont be.

  44. again the Tyutin contrCT IS A good one. $3 mill a yr. for a pretty good D man who is 24 is a good deal.

    Prucha if played regularly and on one of the PP units next yr. can score 25 +.. he plays had and his D is much better. when he is healthy sit hollwegg except against philly type teams…

    then they have literally 10.5 forwards with skill. betts gets a 1/2 and Orr does not count…….

  45. Pointless post but I figured id let you guys know that this blog’s poll has about 4 times the votes of the poll on the rangers website

  46. I blame renney for hollweg. Renney had always done this. he grabs a no talent and brags on his effort. I just don’t think guys who cannot put the puck in the ocean should be forwards in the nHL. Especially when they cannot fight.

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